[Top 12] BEST Free CD Burning Software For Windows And Mac

Review and comparison of the top CD Burning Software with their pricing and features. Select the best free CD Burning Software from our list:

The term “CD Burning” literally refers to burning the data onto a writable compact disk. It also refers to copying or writing the information to the compact disk.

CD drives that can copy and write information to CDs use a laser to burn the information situated underside of the CD and thus allows users to read it easily in CD players or CD-ROM Drives.


CD Burning Software

The primary function of the CD burning software is to copy or write the information from the computer to the writable compact disk. Several computers have already installed the software of CD Burner, which makes the process of burning simple and straightforward.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best free CD burning software to help you identify which software is best to be installed in your system.

Fact Check: Customers in the age limit 55 and older were well on the way to buy CDs, with 36 percent of Americans matured over 55 having purchased CD in the year 2019, up from 35 percent in 2018. More youthful ages were more averse to have bought a CD, with just 4% of those matured somewhere between 13 and 17 in the year 2019, down from 5% the earlier year.

The following graph shows the Distribution of CD buyers in the United States in the year 2018 and 2019, by age group:

Distribution of CD buyers

[image source]

Pro Tip: The selection of best CD burning will depend upon the various factors such as how much data can be saved on the disc, the writing speed of the CD-drive, and the type of CD you are burning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is there any difference between copying or burning a CD?

Answer: Yes, there is a slight difference between copying or burning a CD. Copying a CD refers to copying the information from your computer to the writable compact disk whereas burning of a CD refers to the use of a laser to copy the content into your compact disk.

Q #2) Is the burning of a CD legal process?

Answer: Yes, the process of burning a CD is a legal process. The copyright law allows the distribution of a copyrighted material to be done by a copyright holder. However, the law doesn’t allow you to burn a CD and then pass the copy to others.

Q #3) While Burning CD, does it cause harm to the contents of the CD?

Answer: The CD burns the data at a very high temperature. While reading the CD, the temperature will rise as laser light bounces off the metal surface of the CD. Due to the excessive heat, the CD corrupts the data located inside the discs, although it burns very slowly.

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List Of Top CD Burning Software

Here is the list of popular CD Burning tools:

  1. CDBurnerXP
  2. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free
  3. NCH Software Express Burn Disc Burning Software
  4. Wondershare UniConverter
  5. BurnAware Free
  6. DeepBurner Free
  7. InfraRecorder
  8. DVDStyler
  9. Free Audio CD Burner
  10. Burn
  11. iTunes
  12. Express Burn

Comparison Table Of CD Burners Tools

The following table provides you the comparison between the CD Burners software

CDBurnerXPBurns all kinds of disksWindows 2000 XP, Vista 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10Free software
Ashampoo Burning Studio FreeBurn, copy and rip your CDs which also includes Blu-ray discsWindows 7, 8, and Windows 10Free software
NCH Software Express Burns CD, DVD and blu-rays disks easilyWindows and MacFree version available
Premium Version charges $60
Wondershare UniConverterCompress CDs at the right size and in good qualityWindows 7 64-bit or later.Free trial available. Premium Version charges $39.95 per year for the annual plan and perpetual plan charges $55.96 per year.
BurnsAware FreeBurns all kinds of disksWindows 10 and M-Disk supportFree software

Review of tools:

#1) CDBurnerXP

Best for burning all kinds of disks such as CDs, DVDs which also include Blu-rays and HD-DVD.


This is one of the best free cd burning software that has a multi-language interface and creates ISOs while burning CDs.


  • Burns audio-tracks CDs with or without gaps between tracks and creates IOS files.
  • It verifies the data after burning a CD.
  • It creates bootable discs
  • Burns all kinds of CDs

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, this is a powerful tool that burns data smoothly and is ideal for users who don’t require advanced features but only want tools that will help them to burn data from CDs.

Price: This software is free for its users.

Website: CDBurnerXP

#2) Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

Best for burning data from CDs, back-up data, rip music discs and create audio discs for their users. This is free cd burning software for Windows 10.

Ashampoo burningstudio

The tool has an intuitive interface and burns data from CDs very smooth and hassle-free. This tool is ideal for beginners who want to burn data fast from the CDs and achieve the best results out of it.


  • Burns data with ease and free of charge.
  • The tool offers lots for music lovers. It extracts audio songs from ripped CDs and does album detection to avoid manual file naming.
  • It copies the data and burns HD movies.
  • It provides password-protected backups technology to burn and store data on your external drives.
  • It works comfortably with disc images.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, this tool provides advanced features to their users and helps them to modify data, create encrypted discs, and to restore them. It even creates different types of audio discs and even creates images for them easily.

Price: This is the free software

Website: Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

#3) NCH Software Express Burn Disc Burning Software

Best for creating and recording discs quickly and easily.

NCH burning

This software is the fastest. It is a user-friendly software that saves a lot of time while burning CDs and creates MP3 CDs and Audio CDs for traditional CD players.


  • It burns CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.
  • It creates menus and chapters for DVD authoring.
  • It creates and records ISO images while using ISO Burner.
  • The Audio CD burner supports a variety of formats such as WAV, Mp3, WMA, Ogg, FLAC, and much more.
  • This software is perfect for creating backup discs and supports dual-layer/DVD/Blu-ray burning.

Verdict: As per customer review, this software has a simple interface and performs tasks efficiently for its users without any fuss.

Price: Free version available and Premium version charges $60 with a lifetime license. The users according to their needs can buy the plus addition.

Website: NCH Software Express Burn Disc Burning Software

#4) Wondershare Uniconverter

This is the one-stop video converter, best for converting all the media files with original quality.

wondershare uniconverterr

This tool converts video and audio in more than 1000 formats and converts it for different devices. It converts the video and audio at the fastest speed.


  • This tool compresses videos with customizable settings.
  • It compresses videos in multiple batches and up to 8K videos.
  • It has easy-to-use software and a simple interface.
  • It downloads videos from popular UGC sites and converts online videos to MP3.
  • It provides a perfect DVD and Blu-ray experience to its users.
  • Burns DVDs and Blu-ray videos. It also burns audio files to CDs.
  • It copies DVDs files to other DVDs and converts DVDs to any format.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, this software provides reliable solutions while converting audio and video formats and provides essential features to their users.

Price: Free trial available. The Premium version charges $39.95 per year for the annual plan, and the Perpetual plan charges $55.96 per year.

Website: Wondershare Uniconverter

#5) BurnsAware Free

Best for being the top-rated burning software that has super-intuitive interface software and supports Windows 10 and M-Disc.

Burnware new

BurnsAware Free is the burning software that burns all kinds of disks, including Blu-ray and M-Discs. It provides advanced features to its users such as control of boot setting, UDF Partition, and ISO level, data recovering, discs spinning, and much more.


  • Easy-to-use software
  • High-DPI monitor support
  • Stable burning process
  • Supports all Windows versions
  • Multilingual interface
  • Copy discs to ISO image
  • Burn data across multiple discs

Verdict: As per customer reviews, this tool provides excellent burning utility for CD/DVD.

Price: This software is free for its users.

Website: BurnsAware Free

#6) DeepBurner Free

Best for burning data from audio CDs and DVDs and creates videos for DVDs.


This is one of the powerful and advanced CDs and DVDs burners that burn the data, copy the discs, make ISO images, create beautiful photo albums and videos for DVDs.


  • It converts music tracks from Audio CDs into audio files such as MP3, WAV, and OGG.
  • It is capable of creating Video DVDs from any video and audio content.
  • It creates and prints your labels and booklets.
  • Create backups for the data.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, this tool is handy and easy to use. It works well and provides systematic support to their users in burning the data from CDs.

Price: It has two versions as DeepBurner Free and DeepBurner Pro. To buy the DeepBurner Pro, the users have to pay $24.95.

Website: DeepBurner Free

#7) InfraRecorder

Best for burning CD/DVD for Microsoft Windows.


This tool provides a comprehensive burning solution for CD and DVD for Microsoft Windows. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides powerful features to its users.


  • It creates the data and stores them to physical discs as well as disc images.
  • It creates discs copies and records discs images.
  • It displays discs information
  • It saves audio and data tracks to files such as WVA, ema, Ogg, mp3, etc.
  • It supports dual-layer recording of DVDs.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, this tool is considered a great product for recording CDs.

Price: This is the free software

Website: InfraRecorder

#8) DVDStyler

Best for DVD Authoring and helps in designing their DVD menu.


This tool is completely free for its users and supports all kinds of file formats such as AVI, MOV, MP4, OGG, WMV, etc.


  • Create DVD videos and burn the data out of them.
  • Users can design their menu and select the templates from the list
  • It adds multiple subtitles and audio tracks for your videos.
  • It has a simple interface with a drag-and-drop option.
  • It assists in all types of audio and video formats.
  • It has a flexible menu creation that is based on vector graphics.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, this tool is easy to install and provides an easy interface slide menu design. It provides an easy complication of DVD movie shorts.

Price: This is free software for its users.

Website: DVDStyler

#9) Free Audio CD Burner

Best for converting Youtube videos to MP3 or MP4 and extracting audios from YouTube playlists.

Free Audio CD Burner

This tool is famous for free YouTube download and converts YouTube videos to MP3.


  • Extracts videos from YouTube playlists.
  • Convert YouTube videos to MP3, AVI, WMV.
  • Available for both Mac and PC.
  • Downloads videos in the best quality.

Verdict: As per customer review, the tool is easy to burn videos and data to discs.

Price: This is free software for its users

Website:  Free Audio CD Burner

#10) Burn

Best for providing simple and advanced burning for Mac OS X.


This tool burns files of your discs and you can access them later on your system. You can easily share your files with different operating systems. It burns audio and videos in the right format.


  • It shares the burned files with people having different operating systems.
  • Create Audio-CD discs with higher quality and with ease.
  • It offers advanced features to its users, such as CD-text and mp3 tag editing.
  • It creates interactive menus for DVD-Videos discs.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, this tool is simple to use for beginners.

Price: This tool is free for its users

Website: Burn

#11) iTunes

Best for: If you want to update your Mac or any iOS device, you can install iTunes in your system to back up, sync, or restore your iPhone,iPad, or iPad touch.


iTunes can also be installed in your computer system for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store, and it automatically updates to the latest version when released by Apple.


  • Manually update your iOS devices.
  • You can access your media library from Music App, Apple TV App, Apple Books App, and from Apple Podcast App.
  • iTunes is also available for Windows 10 and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, the Apple iTunes Music Store for Windows delivers good jukebox capabilities and provides a good white-themed interface to its users.

Price: iTunes is available at three price points such as 69 cents, 99cents, and $1.29, and with albums priced at $9.99.

Website: iTunes

#12) Express Burn

Best for burning data from CDs and DVDs.


This software creates and records discs quickly and easily. It maintains the perfect audio quality through digital recording.


  • It is perfect for creating backups of data stored in the discs.
  • It records ISO images to discs.
  • It creates MP3 CDs for traditional CD players.
  • It helps in all types of audio and video formats.
  • Create and manage chapters on DVDs.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, this tool is simple and has an easy-to-use interface for its users.

Price: It provides a free trial available and the pro version price is $59.99

Website: Express Burn


When all you need is an easy tool for you to handily make audio CDs, getting a Free Audio CD Burner is the best choice for you. It just empowers the writing of CDs, it very well may be utilized to decode WMA and MP3 records in real-time, hence it saves you time and hard drive space as well.

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For proficient output and additional subtleties on a burned CD, you should get Wondershare UniConverter to complete the work well.

With all these tools for CD burning accessible online, you can be sure that the burning process will be done effectively and easily with you facing no issues.

Research Process

  • Time taken to research and write this article: 8-9 hours were spent in researching so that we can provide a useful summarized list of tools with the comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total tools researched online: 20
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 12
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