11 Best Phone Call Recorder App In 2023 [Android And iPhone]

Explore our list and comparison of the most popular Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone to select the best Phone Call Recording app:

A call recording app is basically a mobile application that allows its users to record their outgoing and incoming calls. There are several valid reasons one might want to record their calls.

How many times have we put down an important call, only to wish later that we had it recorded? You never know after all when such records may come in handy.

Call Recorder Apps

Phone Call Recording Apps

Now although there are some Android phones that allow you to record your calls, however, those are rare and lack additional features that you may also need while recording a call. For example, most android phones don’t allow you to record calls automatically. This can be a problem, as it is quite common for us to forget to switch on the recorder before receiving a call.

Fortunately, smartphones today are graced with a number of robust and intuitive call recorder apps for android and other cellular devices, which really makes the recording process considerably more convenient.

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In this article, we will look at some of the best phone call recording apps available for smartphone users today, delve into the features they offer, look at the price at which you can download them in your device, and finally let you decide on installing the app that best suits your requirements.

Pro–Tip: First and foremost, the cell phone recorder must have a clean and mobile-friendly user interface, which is easy to navigate. It should be capable of automatically downloading all the incoming and outgoing calls on your phone. It should also be intuitive enough to organize and manage a log of all the calls recorded for easy access whenever you need them. Finally, opt for a tool that comes well within your budget. If you are looking for a free phone call recording app, then make sure it doesn’t have adware to disturb your user experience.

Fact Check: A recent survey published in OrecX claimed to find the following reasons, as enlisted in the below image, behind businesses and the large organization’s recording calls.

As shown in the image, many organizations overwhelmingly stated that they recorded calls for quality assurance and agent assessment. Some also claimed dispute resolution and coaching to be an important reason behind call recording.

Survey published in OrecX

[image source]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is it legal to record calls?

Answer: It is required by law today to record calls only if you have the consent of at least one of the parties involved in the conversation. So technically, you are allowed to record a call as long as you are a party to the conversation you are recording.

Q #2) Can Android users record their calls without installing an additional app?

Answer: Android 10 users can record calls very easily by simply pressing the ‘record’ button that appears on their smartphone’s UI whenever they receive or make a call.

Q #3) What are the features one must mandatorily look for in a third-party call recording app?

Answer: The ability to record calls automatically and management of recorded calls on your device are the two major features every third-party call recording app must-have.

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Our TOP Recommendations:

mSpy LogoMobilespyuMobix Logo
• View call logs
• Review text messages
• Screen recording
• Provides detailed call log
• Monitor browsing history
• GPS tracking
• Provides detailed call history
• Allows restricting calls
• View text messages
Price: $48.99/month
Trial version: Available
Price: $19 per month
Trial version: Available
Price: Reasonable price
Trial version: Available
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List of Top Call Recorder Apps

Here is the list of popular Call Recording Apps for Android and iPhone:

  1. mSpy
  2. Phonsee
  3. Spynger
  4. eyeZy
  5. Cocospy
  6. uMobix
  7. MobileSpy
  8. Call Recorder-Cube ACR
  9. Automatic Call Recorder with RSA
  10. Automatic Call Recorder
  11. Blackbox Call Recorder
  12. Just Press Record
  13. Rev Call Recorder
  14. Auto Call Recorder
  15. Call Recorder Automatic Call Recorder callX
  16. Call Recorder- ACR
  17. Boldbeast Call Recorder
  18. TapeACallPro

Comparing Best Phone Call Recording Apps

NameBest ForOperating SystemRatingsFees
mSpyRemote phone tracking solution.Android and iOSStar_rating_5_of_5It starts at $11.66 per month for the 12-month plan.
PhonseeCall and SMS MonitoringAndroid and iPhoneStar_rating_4.5_of_5Starts at $8.85/month
SpyngerRemote cell phone trackingAndroid and iPhoneStar_rating_4.5_of_5Starts at $10.83/month
eyeZyCell phone monitoring with special focus on parental control.Android & iOSStar_rating_5_of_5$9.99 for 12 months, $27.99 for 3 months, $47.99 for 1 month.
CocospyRemote Surveillance and Location tracking Android and iOSStar_rating_5_of_5Android: Starts at 39.99/month,
iOS: Starts at 99.99/month.
uMobixMonitoring everything on smartphones/tablets in real-time. Android & iOSStar_rating_5_of_5Get a quote
MobileSpyAdvance phone monitoring featuresAndroid & iOSStar_rating_5_of_5It starts at $19 per month.
Cube - ACRAutomated Call RecordingAndroidStar_rating_5_of_5Free
Automatic Call Recorder by RSACloud synchronized Automatic Call Recording AndroidStar_rating_4_of_5Free
Automatic Call RecorderGoogle Drive and Dropbox IntegrationAndroidStar_rating_3_of_5Free
Blackbox Call RecorderModern Sleek InterfaceAndroidStar_rating_4_of_5Free
Just Press RecordCall recording for Apple devicesiOSStar_rating_5_of_5$4.99

Let us explore in detail the features of the above-listed apps.

#1) mSpy

Best for a remote cell phone tracking solution. It works out of the box and is easy to use. It will remain invisible and there will be no app icon.


mSpy is a cell phone tracker and monitoring tool. It lets you find out what the children or employees are doing on their phones and online.

They remain uninformed about this monitoring. You can monitor WhatsApp messages, sent/received SMS, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Current GPS location, etc. It provides all the information you need with bank-grade security.


  • mSpy has capabilities of Social Media monitoring (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), Screen recorder, etc.
  • It has Keyword alerts, Remote blocking of websites/apps/contacts, etc.
  • With mSpy, you can monitor every keystroke and every tap.
  • It allows recovering deleted messages.
  • You can keep an eye on the pictures that were sent and received.

Verdict: mSpy parental tracking app helps you to keep children safe online as well as in the real world. It is a remote cell phone tracking solution and easy to use. You can start using the mSpy in just three simple steps: create a free account, choose a plan, and start monitoring.

Price: mSpy offers a demo. There are three pricing plans, 1-Month ($48.99 per month), 3 Months ($27.99 per month), and 12 Months ($11.66 per month).

Visit mSpy Website >>

#2) Phonsee

Best for Call and SMS Monitoring.


Phonsee isn’t exactly a call recorder. However, it is a tool you can use to monitor call logs and messages going in and out of a phone you are spying on. The tool helps you monitor all outgoing, incoming, and missed calls.

Along with the calls, you also get contact details that can help you sort out the calls on the basis of when they were made and who was contacted. You can also count on this tool to monitor sent and received text messages as well.


  • Access Contact List
  • Scan Text Messages
  • Geofencing
  • Email tracking

Verdict: You are not going to get a full-fledged call recorder with Phonsee. What you do get, however, is an app that lets you track complete logs of outgoing, incoming, and missed calls with associated contact details.


  • Annual: $8.85 per month,
  • 3 Months: $24.79 per month,
  • Monthly: $42.51

Visit Phonsee Website

#3) Spynger

Best for Remote cell phone tracking.


While Spynger doesn’t record calls, it does provide you with detailed logs of all calls made on a phone you wish to spy on. You’ll get to monitor the entire call history. Each call made comes with attached timestamps so you have an idea of when the call was made, who was contacted, and how frequently someone was contacted.

Besides calls, the tool also helps you monitor all ongoing and incoming SMSs along with timestamps. You can also count on Spynger to snoop into a target device’s social media activity. The platform lets you hack into almost all popular social media applications installed on a phone.


  • Keylogger
  • Screen Recorder
  • Social App Tracking
  • GPS location tracking

Verdict: While not exactly a call recorder, the tool lets you monitor all calls, SMSs, and social media activity along with attached timestamps and relevant information.


  • Annual: $10.83/month,
  • Quarterly: $26/month,
  • Monthly: $45.49/month

Visit Spynger Website >>

#4) eyeZy

Best for Cell phone monitoring with a special focus on parental control.


When it comes to phone call recording applications, none possess the phenomenal usability and functionality that eyeZy possesses. The platform can be used to record and listen in on all incoming and outgoing calls. The platform can be installed on Android and iOS devices in 3 simple steps.

Aside from call recording, the platform can also be used to track activity on applications like Whatsapp, Viber, and Facebook, track sent and received messages, and pinpoint the GPS location of the device you are monitoring. You can also rest easy knowing that all information relayed to your dashboard from the target device is updated every 5 minutes.


  • File Finder
  • Web magnifier
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Keyword tracking
  • Geofencing

Verdict: eyeZy is easy to use, install, and an affordable cross-platform cell phone tracking app that will allow you to keep an eye on almost all activity transpiring on the device you want to spy on. The platform is also safe and offers 24/7 customer support.

Price: $9.99 for 12 months, $27.99 for 3 months, $47.99 for 1 month.

Visit eyeZy Website >>

#5) Cocospy

Best for Location tracking, remote surveillance, and parental control through real-time cell phone monitoring.


Cocospy features one of the best call tracking features among phone spy apps of the modern generation. It can easily track all calls that are made and received remotely and present the same information to users via a visual web-based dashboard. Cocospy allows you to view all popular contacts on your target device.

It even logs information like timestamps, call frequency, and call duration, which give you more perspective on all the calls being made by the target device. Aside from call tracking, the app is also ideal if you want to track all sent, received, and deleted SMSs, track cell phone locations, and monitor online activity.


  • Detailed Call Tracking
  • SMS Monitoring
  • Online Browser History Tracking
  • Social App Spying
  • Stealth Mode

Verdict: With Cocospy, you’ll be able to track every call that is being made and received on the device you wish to spy on. Moreover, you get crucial information that highlights timestamps, call duration, and call frequency attached to prominent contacts in the targeted device. As such, this is an ideal call tracking app for parents and employers as well.


Android: Premium – 9.99/month, Basic – 39.99/month, Family – 69.99 (when purchased annually)
iOS: Premium 10.83/month, Basic – 99.99/month, Family – 399.99 (when purchased annually)

Visit Cocospy Website >>

#6) uMobix

Best for monitoring everything on smartphones/tablets in real-time. It is specifically made for modern parents.


uMobix is an advanced cell phone tracker that can monitor smartphones and tablets in real-time. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It can monitor more than 30 popular apps and social media platforms. It will let you monitor calls, messages, GPS location, photos & videos, etc.


  • With uMobix, you can monitor all incoming as well as outgoing calls.
  • It provides timestamps, duration, and caller information.
  • Sent and received messages through Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. can be read.
  • It has a keylogger feature that logs everything that is typed on the devices including passwords and keystrokes.

Verdict: uMobix is an advanced tool for monitoring and tracking smartphones and tablets. It is made for modern parents to keep watch on their children under 18. It contains a lot of functionalities, including viewing deleted messages and getting access to the camera & microphone of the target device.

Price: You can try uMobix. As per the review, the price of the tool starts at $29.99 per month.

Visit uMobix Website >>

#7) MobileSpy

Best for providing advanced features like live access to cameras and microphones.


MobileSpy is a smartphone monitoring application for parents, schools, and businesses. It will let you spy on calls, messages, and other data on the phone like photos and pictures. It provides access to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. It gives live access to the camera and microphone.


  • MobileSpy provides a detailed call log of the target device.
  • It can monitor all kinds of data and track GPS.
  • You can access the front & back camera as well as a microphone in one-click with the help of Live-access to the camera & microphone feature.
  • The application is 100% invisible and undetectable.
  • It contains many more advanced functionalities like app blocker & scheduling restrictions.

Verdict: MobileSpy is a phone monitoring app with more than 42 unique features. With this tool, it will be easier to monitor the phone in real-time. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Price: MobileSpy offers the solution with three pricing plans i.e. 1 Month ($19 per month), 3 Months ($16 per month), and 6 Months ($13 per month).

Visit MobileSpy Website >>

#8) Call Recorder-Cube ACR

Best for Automated Call Recording.

Call Recorder-Cube ACR

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Call Recorder Cube ACR positions itself as one of the most technically advanced call recorders in existence today. Now that we have taken it for a test drive, we can agree with its tagline. The tool has a very comprehensive interface that allows users to conveniently record their call and VoIP conversations.

The tool offers users both an automatic call recording and a manual call recording option. Arguably the best part about this tool is that you can make a list of all the contacts you would like to automatically record every time you are in a conversation with them. You can also make a contrary list that excludes contacts you don’t want to record.

Moreover, the tool also comes with an in-built file explorer that manages your recorded files, deletes them, or exports them to another device as per your command.

Cube Apps also offers the app version for iOS – Cube ACR for iPhone. The free app can be used to record voice memos, whereas its Premium version enables the recording of incoming and outgoing calls, audio cloud backup, text notes on recorded calls and memos, and more.


  • Automatic Call Recording
  • Mark list of contact to record automatically all the time
  • Smart speaker switching
  • In-built file explorer

Verdict: If you seek a robust and intuitive application that proactively overtakes your call recording responsibility, then this app was tailor-made for you. It is definitely one of the best automatic call recorder apps out there.

Price: Free call recorder app

Website: Call Recorder–Cube ACR

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#9) Automatic Call Recorder by RSA

Best for Cloud synchronized Automatic Call Recording.

Automatic Call Recorder by RSA

As its name suggests, it is an app that allows you to automatically record all of your incoming and outgoing calls. However, that is not the only reason why it is so high on this list. It is a very simple application that grants you some same features that made the former entry on this list so great.

You can whitelist calls you want to automatically record and make a list of those you want to exclude. It is also very easy to manage your recorded files and listen to them whenever you want. Perhaps the best part of this tool is its ability to synchronize with the cloud.

The cloud backup feature allows you to store your recorded logs in a secure cloud database, thus you can easily access them anytime from any device you like.

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  • Automatic Call Recorder
  • Whitelist contact to automatically record
  • Cloud backup
  • Play audio recorded conversations

Verdict: The cloud backup feature is a defining feature of Automatic Call Recorder, so much so that it alone warrants its installation in your device. However, it is also very simple, and advanced enough to record your calls in high quality.

Price: Free call recorder app

Website: Automatic Call Recorder by RSA

#10) Automatic Call Recorder

Best for Google Drive and Dropbox integration.

smrt pps

Although it shares its name with the previous title on this list, Automatic Call Recorder is a different beast altogether. There are specific features that make it a unique offering in an otherwise crowded space for automatic call recorder apps.

The tool operates on three default settings.

There is the ‘Record Everything’ setting that you can choose to record all your incoming and outgoing calls, then there is the ‘Ignore Everything’ setting that you can use to record no calls with the exception of those contacts you have pre-selected for recording, and finally the ‘Ignore Contact’ setting wherein you can choose which contact you want to exclude from automatic recording.

Alas! the tool does not work so well with all handsets. Some users have reported a lack of quality in the voice recordings, while there are others that seem to like their experience with the tool.


  • Integrate with Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Automatic call recording
  • Listen to the recording, add notes and share file
  • Blacklist and Whitelist contact for recording

Verdict: Despite being technically impressive, we cannot recommend Automatic Call Recorder to everyone because of its mixed response. Users may experience a poor quality of voice recording. However, it is free to use, so giving it a try won’t cost you anything.

Price: Free phone call recording app

Website: Automatic Call Recorder

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#11) Blackbox Call Recorder

Best for the modern sleek interface.

Blackbox Call Recorder

The very first thing you will notice upon installing a Blackbox call recorder on your phone is how sleek it is to look at. Graced with a modern UI, it is perhaps one of the best-looking recording apps on this list. Fortunately, it is also a great call recorder as well.

It automatically records your incoming and outgoing calls, whitelists contacts for automatic recording, allows you to integrate with Google drive to back up your recorded files online while also helping you sort your recordings in an organized fashion.

The tool also allows you to block people from using the app and the recordings it helps you collect. The recordings themselves are of pristine quality, making everything you record audibly crystal clear.


  • Backup and restore recorded data
  • Whitelist contacts
  • Sort files by name, date, and size
  • Block unauthorized access

Verdict: Blackbox’s call recorder should satisfy users who want a simple phone call recorder to record their incoming and outgoing calls easily. It is without a doubt the best-looking app on this list.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Website: Blackbox Call Recorder

#12) Just Press Record

Best for voice recorder for Apple devices.

Just Press Record

Just Press Record is one of the finest phone call recording apps for iOS devices. The tool offers you a one-tap recorder, transcription, and iCloud syncing feature, all in one app. The best part about this tool is how it allows you to turn your recorded voice into text, which you can use to tweak the audio in the app itself.

The recording itself is pretty smooth, just press the red record button and you get unlimited recording time to record your voice. The audio quality is also great as you get up to 96 kHz/24-bit voice quality with an external microphone.

You can also easily sort your recorded files based on their title, date, and time. These recordings can also be shared via email or text directly from the app. Finally, you can also view the audio wavelength of your recorded audio, and edit it to cut the parts you don’t want.


  • iCloud Syncing
  • Organize and share files
  • One-tap recorder
  • Audio editing
  • Transcription

Verdict: Just Press Record has a great-looking UI and is ultimately very simple to use. The recordings on this app have a sharp audio quality which you can organize, share or even turn into transcripts for easy editing. It is one of the best call recorder apps to have on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Price: $4.99

Website: Just Press Record

#13) Rev Call Recorder

Best for transcribing recorded audio.

Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder is another one of Apple’s finest call recorders, which allows you to record calls, and voice as much as you like without any limits. You can record all your incoming and outgoing calls with the help of just one tap.

The quality of the recordings on this app is also unquestionably top-notch. The best part, however, is its integrated transcription feature wherein you can get your recorded calls transcribed by Rev’s team of expert human transcribers within 12 hours.

This feature alone makes the tool worth it for professionals like content creators, journalists, podcasters, and authors. Apart from transcription, the tool also gives its users a chance to edit their recorded audio, so they can conveniently remove parts they don’t like.


Verdict: Rev provides a great application that can execute voice and call recording functions with high-quality results at absolutely no cost to its users. Plus, the in-built transcription service makes it an ideal tool for professionals who need to keep texts of their recorded audio.

Price: Free

Website: Rev Call Recorder

#14) Auto Call Recorder

Best for Automatic Call Recording

auto cll recorder

Auto Call Recorder is another in a long line of free and easy to use phone recording app android has to offer. It is also arguably one of the best of its kind, which is why it is on this list. The tool grants you 5 default options for recoding.

You can choose to record everything, record nothing unless specified, mark contacts to exclude from recording, record outgoing calls only, or record incoming calls only. This makes your job a lot easier, as you can simply rely on any one of the above default settings and let the app take over your recording duties.

The tool also helps you save your recorded files automatically on a cloud drive, sort them according to time, title and date, while also helping you save audio files like mp3 to be saved on an SD card later.


  • 5 default settings for recording
  • Convert recorded files into mp3 format
  • Save files in a cloud drive
  • Organize recorded call logs

Verdict: Call recording doesn’t get any easier than this. With Auto Call Recorder, you get an app that is free, easy to use and comes with all the features you will need to record your calls and store them for future references.

Price: Free

Website: Auto Call Recorder

#15) Automatic Call Recorder – CallX

Best for Automated Call Recorder with Caller ID.

call recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is a standard call recorder for android with all the features you’ve come to expect from such applications. To distinguish itself, however, the tool also comes with a spectacularly intuitive caller ID, which helps you identify the number that is calling you.

You get to choose between manual or automatic voice recording, and the call is recorded in high-quality MP3 and WAV audio formats. You can also upload the call conversations to google drive and Dropbox to have a backup of all your files.


  • Record Manual and Automatically
  • Record in high-quality MP3 and WAV formats
  • Whitelist contacts for the recording
  • Organize and share files

Verdict: Remarkable simplicity and a modern UI are cornerstones of this little gem of an application. The voice recording itself is top-notch, and the caller ID feature feels like a nice little addition to make the tool more appealing and useful.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Website: Automatic Call Recorder – CallX

#16) Call Recorder – ACR

Best for Advanced Call Recording.

Call Recorder–ACR

Call Recorder by ACR is a free tool that is quite advanced in its functionality. It allows you to record calls in both an automated and manual manner. It also helps you smartly sort your recorded files without requiring any effort from you whatsoever.

The tool integrates very well with Google Drive and Dropbox to make Cloud Backup possible. Apart from this, you can also whitelist the contacts you want to automatically record when receiving or making a call, automatically delete old voice recordings and password protect your recordings to prevent unauthorized access.

The call recording itself can be done in multiple high-quality audio formats including MP3, M4A, FLAC, 3GP, and many more. Your recordings can also be transferred very easily from one device to another via mail or applications like Skype or Whatsapp.


  • Automatic and Manual Call Recording
  • Google Drive and Dropbox integration
  • Record in multiple high-quality formats
  • Password protection for recorded files

Verdict: ACR is indeed way more advanced for a tool that is free to use. The quality of recordings is top-notch while there are tons of features that automate both the recording and organization process of recorded calls.

Price: Free

Website: Call Recorder – ACR

#17) Boldbeast Call Recorder

Best for auto and manual Call Recorder for Android.

Boldbeast Call Recorder

Boldbeast Call Recorder’s biggest accomplishment, apart from being a phenomenal call recorder, is its wide compatibility with almost all Android handsets. It allows android phone users to easily record their calls in both manual and automatic fashion.

You can whitelist or blacklist calls to exclude or include contacts you want to record, manage the recorded clips, record voice memos pertaining to a lecture, meeting, or podcast and save files in multiple high-quality audio files.

The software also takes care of your disk space by automatically deleting old files to make room for new ones. Plus, you can easily back up your files on a drive for easy accessibility or share them via mail or other apps at your convenience.


  • Automatic or Manual Recording of files
  • Automatically delete old files
  • Whitelist or blacklist contacts for the recording
  • Share and organize recorded files

Verdict: Boldbeast Call Recorder provides a full-service call recording experience with all the features you will ever need to record calls and manage them on an Android handset. For no cost to you, it is definitely worth checking out.

Price: Free

Website: Boldbeast Call Recorder

#18) TapeACallPro

Best for Clean UI for call recording on Apple devices.


With a beautiful AI, and an exhaustive list of features to boast of, TapeACallPro is one of the best call recording apps to grace an Apple device. You can easily record an unlimited number of incoming and outgoing calls with just one tap.

It also integrates very well with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud drivers to make the storing and access of recorded files more convenient. You can also share your recorded files via mail or messaging apps to transfer files from one device to another very easily.


  • Record Incoming and Outgoing calls
  • Sort files easily
  • Share files via mail or messaging apps
  • Save files on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Verdict: TapeACallPro has one of the best-looking user interfaces for a call recording app. It is also very abundant in features to provide an array of services that make a recording of outgoing and incoming calls exponentially more convenient and fun.

Price: $10.99/year

Website: TapeACallPro


Call Recorder Apps are basically cautionary tools that keep you prepared for an unforeseen and uncertain future. You never know when you might need a recording of a particular conversation you had on the phone. Businesses are already using call recording tech to record all kinds of conversations they have with their clients and customers.

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There are simply way too many legal and security reasons behind why one would want to keep a call recording app installed and active on their smartphones. Luckily, there are so many great tools at your disposal, each bringing something unique to the table when it comes to phone calls or voice recordings.

As for our recommendation, if you are looking for a phone call recorder for Android, then ‘Cube ACR’ or ‘Automatic Call Recorder by RSA’ will give you just what you are looking for. Apple users can opt for; Just Press Record’ for a robust call recording application.

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Research Process:

  • We spent 12 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on what Call Recorder Apps will best suit you.
  • Total Call Recorder Apps Researched – 22
  • Total Call Recorder Apps Shortlisted – 11
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