Top 8 Buy Now, Pay Later Apps, Websites & Companies in 2023

A Complete Review of the Top Buy Now Pay Later Websites & Companies with Comparison. Select the best Buy Now Pay Later Apps of your choice:

Buy Now Pay Later or BNPL is a purchase arrangement between a seller and buyer for the latter to own goods and services immediately but make a down payment and installments later on over a fixed repayment schedule. The buyer pays the first installment as a down payment at the time of purchase and the rest is split into equal repayment amounts.

Buy now pay later purchases can happen directly between seller and buyer, but in most cases, they are mediated by a third-party payment platform that facilitates the loan.

The platform can also work with other providers of the loan such as banks as partners while on the other hand allowing merchants to offer goods and services to a client independently. The merchant or seller, in this case, is paid upfront in full amount, in most cases, from the loan advanced to the buyer by a third party.

Buy Now Pay Later Apps – Detailed Review

Buy Now Pay Later Apps

The buyer, through the facilitating platform, uses the loan to cover the purchase and then makes the repayment in installments. The installments, in most cases, last a few weeks to several months. The common practice is to have the buyer pay in 4 installments spread across six weeks. The repayment is done through a bank, check, credit, or debit card.

Buy now pay later terms and conditions vary from one seller to another. Most providers of the service do not do a hard but only a soft credit check to pre-qualify a person for the credit. Some charge lateness fees, convenience fees, and no interest for installments lasting for a few weeks, but almost all will/charge interest for payments lasting more than two months.

This tutorial provides the best after-pay companies or websites to buy now pay later, no credit check instant approval, no money down.

Market Trends:

  • The buy now pays later market size was estimated to reach around $22.86 billion in 2022 and $90.51 billion in 2029. It would grow at a CAGR of 21.7% from 2021 to 2029. As shown below, the consumer electronics, banking, health, and insurance sectors are expected to expand the most.
  • Buy now pay later apps let you buy goods slowly without risking your credit rating. Most of them require a 25% down payment and the installments can be paid 4 times over 6 weeks, or spread over a repayment duration of between 2 months to 6 months and sometimes a year or two.

Buy now pay later US market share:

US buy-now-pay-later market share by category

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Expert Advice:

  • Buy now pay later apps are chosen based on the credit terms they allow for their products or services, including interest rate charges, repayment terms, and a variety of plans offered, among other things.
  • Most apps charge an interest rate between 0% and 30%, but some may have late repayment fees, reactivation fees, facilitation or connection or registration fee, and convenience fees, among other types of fees.
  • All buy now pay later apps like Afterpay allow you to return and can refund repayments made, but some will deduct some amount before refunding. All apps allow rescheduling repayments at a later date.

How Buy Now Pay Later Works

Here are the steps:

Step #1: A seller registers with a buy now pay later platform or app like Afterpay. They will then offer the products for sale to a customer through the platform.

Step #2: A customer will need to browse to find merchants or sellers accepting buy now pay later terms. This is done through the buy now pay later platform. The customer will then choose a product and continue to checkout. The customer will need to select the buy now pay later platform as the method of payment during checkout.

Most platforms have a minimum purchase amount that they allow the customer to make. The platform will also require a customer to register. The customer will also need to choose a payment plan, for instance, 4 installments in 6 weeks, or monthly payments.

Step #3: The platform will do a soft credit check to pre-qualify the customer for the purchase loan. The customer is notified of the check result. After this, they will let the customer proceed to checkout if he or she qualifies for the purchase loan.

Some platforms only work with just a credit card where they will pre-authorize (hold) the full order purchase amount on the credit card balance and the authorization remains until the customer pays for the purchase in full. Others issue a virtual card to allow the customer to pay for goods and services with credit.

The customer will also be required to pay a down payment, which is 25% of the order value in most cases. After the purchase is made, the customer then pays the rest of the amount due in installments.

Advantages of Plan

  • Many lenders do not charge any interest at all. In many cases, there is no interest for payments lasting for a few weeks.
  • Many lenders do not charge late fees.
  • Easy repayment structure and terms. All allow customers to spread payments over some period, making it easier to pay. Some even allow customers to extend the repayment period and reschedule payments.
  • Most have quick approvals at pre-qualification. Most also offer to buy now pay later guaranteed approval for most users.
  • It can help when there is a need for emergency purchases and no available cash to pay immediately.
  • It is a great alternative to credit card loans that charge high interest.
  • Many allow for auto payment.
  • Help those without access to a credit card to access purchase loans. This is the case for many young people.
  • Most platforms allow clients to purchase a wide range of products and services from many merchants.

Disadvantages of Plan

  • They may encourage impulse buying when customers realize it is easier to buy in credit terms.
  • Some charge fees on late repayments. There may be other fees such as convenience fees. Some also have hidden charges and other unusual types of fees. These and other fees increase the purchase expense.
  • Interest is usually charged on payments lasting for months. Sometimes the interest is higher than on credit cards depending on the amount of loan and period of payment.
  • Late and missed payments can impair credit scores.
  • These purchases may lead to unsustainable debts.
  • Some platforms have repayment dates decided by the buy now pay later platform, which can affect the repayment plan.
  • Some platforms do not refund the entire amount paid on a product after it is returned to the merchant for one reason or another.

When to Use Buy Now Pay Later Apps vs Credit Cards

Credit cards are expensive for buy-now-pay-later purchases because of the high APRs charged by banks as well as the per-transaction costs.

Banks also require a minimum credit score (mainly 670 FICO Score on minimum) and will do a hard credit check. They are not the best option for those looking to buy now pay later with no credit check. Most will also limit credit based on many other factors.

Additionally, failing to pay or pay late with a bank credit card may affect your credit rating. Many people struggle to find buy now pay later guaranteed approvals.

If you do not qualify for a credit purchase due to a low credit rating/score, buy now pay later apps to offer relief. The majority also do not do hard credit checks, and late payments do not affect your credit rating in many cases.

Some, however, do charge heavily for late repayments. Most apps charge relatively low APRs compared to banks, and the minimum credit limit is comparatively higher for those with a low or high FICO credit rating.

FAQs on Best Afterpay Companies

Q #1) What websites allow you to buy now pay later?

Answer: Hundreds of apps allow you to buy now and pay later including Affirm, Afterpay, Klarna, PayPal Pay in 4, Sezzle, Splitit, and Zip. They mostly let you buy up to 4 installments within 6 weeks as a repayment period, but some extend repayments up to 24 and 36 months for monthly payments.

Q #2) Is buy now, pay later a good idea?

Answer: Buying now and paying later is a great option but for those who need emergency purchases and cannot afford to raise funds to cover the purchase. Otherwise, beware that some apps charge interest, late payment fees, convenience fees, or others, which makes the purchase more expensive than cash purchases.

Still, some buy-now-pay-later purchases are expensive because if you pay with a credit card, the charge may incur some charges. Additionally, for those that report late payments on their credit cards and other purchases, your credit score may be at risk.

However, buy now pay later is excellent when there are no risks mentioned above, and quite a few apps eliminate those risks.

Q #3) Which app lets you buy now and pay later on bills?

Answer: Willow is a great optional app for those who have emergency bills to pay but do not have the money. You will be required to upload the bill, the company then pays for it, and you can reimburse the amount later.

Otherwise, Affirm, Afterpay, Uplift, Klarna, PayPal Pay in 4, Sezzle, Splitit, and Zip buy now, pay later apps are for those who want to buy goods and services now and pay later.

Q #4) Does Amazon allow buy now pay later?

Answer: Yes, through multiple buy now pay later apps like Uplift, Affirm, Afterpay, Klarna, PayPal Pay in 4, Sezzle, Splitit, and Zip buy now, pay later apps, you can buy now and pay later through multiple merchants.

For those buy now pay later websites or apps that do not support Amazon, there are multiple other merchants that you can use.

Q #5) Is buy now pay later a trap?

Answer: No, despite many customers missing payments to buy now pay later companies, the plans are a great option for many merchants to earn new customers and customers’ loyalty, increase sales and make more profits. The plans also assist hundreds of millions of clients to afford products that they cannot at the moment.

However, you need to check what buy now pay later apps you are using because some are a trap. Check those that do not charge hefty interest, hefty lateness fees, registration or access fees, and do not have hidden fees.

Q #6) How much credit score do you need to use a buy now pay later app?

Answer: The majority of buy now pay later apps do not do a hard but soft credit qualification check on a profile before one can apply for a purchase credit.

Most do not have a minimum credit score required. Examples include Klarna, PayPal Pay in 4, After Pay, and Zip Pay buy now pay later websites. Others, such as Affirm, do require a credit score for large purchases.

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List of the Best Buy Now Pay Apps

Popular and best apps list:

  1. Uplift
  2. Afterpay
  3. Sezzle
  4. Affirm
  5. Splitit
  6. Klarna
  7. PayPal Pay in 4
  8. Zip (Quadpay)

Comparison Table of the Top Buy Now Pay Later Companies Websites

App/company/websiteAPR Credit limits Down payment Minimum and maximum purchase requiredPayment period
Uplift 0% to 36%. Up to $15,000 but multiple loans possible. Based on credit score. $100
Max: $25,000.
Afterpay 0% to 35.99%.$600 to $2,0000.25$35
Max: $1,500 per transaction, $2,000 per account.
6 or 12 months’ installments, or in 4 interest-free payments
Sezzle 0%. Fees apply. $50 to $2,500.25%. $354 installments for 6 weeks.
Affirm 0% to 30% No minimum or maximum but spending upper limit is up to $17,500.Dependent on customer scenario.$504 installments for 6 weeks. Can go to months.
Splitit0% with card. Dependent on merchant (sometimes up to $65,000 possible).25%. Dependent on merchant. Monthly. Up to 24 months.

Detailed reviews:

#1) Uplift

Best for travel and hospitality credits.


Uplift lets you buy a tour, vacation, hospitality, travel, and holiday package in credit terms and spread the payments in fixed monthly installments. The platform works as a payment method allowing you to purchase services and products on their partner websites where you can select them as a payment method.

It does not charge credit purchase fees, late repayment fees, or even pre-payment penalties.

The platform does not support a huge number of travel brands from whom you can purchase, but they include Air Canada, Southwest Airlines, etc. First, search for services and packages on the partner website and then apply for a loan through Uplift. You can sometimes be required to make a down payment.


  • The amount of loan given depends on your credit score and other factors.
  • Monitor payments online and set up auto pay.
  • Sometimes issues refunds or returns to your account or through the Zelle platform.
  • Do not provide information or details about possible payment plans without having to shop at a partner site.
  • A higher credit rating qualifies for lower APRs; otherwise, you could end up with a higher APR.

How to buy now and pay later with Uplift:

Step #1: Visit the website and search for partner sites.

Step #2: Search for a vacation package on the partner website and continue with checkout. Select Uplift as the payment method at checkout. Provide your contact and Social Security number information and they will let you know within minutes if you are approved for the loan.

Step #3: If approved for the loan, you will be presented with the choice and terms and after accepting them, proceed to check out the purchase.


  • No late payment fees or other fees.
  • Auto-pay settings are available.
  • Quick application process online.


  • Only mostly for travel-related purchases.
  • Allows purchases through partners only.
  • High maximum APRs. It is higher than the average credit card rate sometimes.
  • Fixed repayment schedule.

APR: From 0% to 36%.
Minimum Purchase/Credit Limit: $100. Maximum: $25,000.
Late fees: $0

Website: Uplift

#2) Afterpay

Best for international buy-now-pay-later arrangements and has support for in-app brand purchases.


Afterpay allows customers to buy products and services and spread the payment over 6 or 12 months or in 4 interest-free payments. A customer must make purchases of over $35 to be approved, they must pay 25% of the cost upfront, and should be a holder of a credit or debit card. However, there is no buy now pay later credit check.

Afterpay is integrated with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magenta, Wix, Nike, Target, Macy’s, and Square. Otherwise, it partners with thousands of brands of all types, from which clients can buy products now and pay later. It is also available in more countries than the United States including Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.


  • Earn rewards when you shop.
  • Reminders were sent on payment.
  • Pay in four installments over six weeks. No fees on timely payments or when you pay in four weeks, meaning the loan is interest-free. Late fees apply.
  • Android, iOS, and web apps.
  • In-app, online web, as well as physical stores, are available for Buy Now Pay Later arrangements.
  • See the spending limit on the app from the Orders tab.
  • Returns possible.

How to buy now and pay later with Afterpay:

Step #1: Download the app. Sign up.

Step #2: Search for brands. Go for those with the In-App Only mark (some are available on mobile apps only). Search for your products and items to buy.

Step #3: Place the order and continue to check out and select the Buy Now Pay Later option. Select Afterpay, accept the terms and place an order.


  • A huge number of brands to buy from.
  • Fast and easy approval process.
  • Attractive for young people who are reluctant to and cannot use credit cards.
  • Longer payment plans of up to 12 months.


  • High late fees – $8.
  • Tax charges, shipping charges, and charges to prevent order declines.
  • The payment plan is picked for you.

APR: 0% – 35% depending on eligibility.
Minimum Purchase/Credit Limit: $35. Maximum: $1,500 per transaction, $2,000 per account.
Late fees: $8

Website: Afterpay

#3) Sezzle

Best for 0% APRs and repayment rescheduling.


Sezzle also allows clients to make purchases in 4 interest-free payments spread over 6 weeks. The order amount needs to be at least $35 although some merchant-dependent exclusions may apply. The initial installment is at least $8.75 with the Sezzle virtual card.

Customers can meet their spending limits by joining Sezzle Up, which shares their shopping history with credit bureaus, or by setting up a bank account as the default payment method. The limit is accessible from the app.


  • Rescheduling repayment is allowed once.
  • Soft credit check before you can get a repayment plan. This does not affect your credit score and the app does not require a minimum credit score to be used.
  • Due dates are rescheduled automatically when a repayment fails after 48 hours grace period.
  • Convenience fees are charged when using credit, debit, or prepaid benefit cards for scheduled payments.
  • Returns are possible through retail stores or merchants.
  • Refunds are returned through the initial payment method.
  • Order dispute and fraud resolution mechanisms available.
  • Android and iOS apps are available.
  • Up to $40,000 loan or spending limit.
  • 0% APR.

How to buy now and pay later with Sezzle:

Step #1: Sign up and browse to choose a product from over 47,000 brands.

Step #2: Continue to checkout and select Sezzle as the method of payment.


  • A huge number of brands to purchase from.
  • Credit reporting opt-in.


  • Rescheduling repayments ($5) is once otherwise there will be a fee. A reactivation fee ($10) is added when a payment fails after the grace period of 48 hours. Due dates are rescheduled after failure. Convenience fee charged for using credit and debit cards in payments.

APR: 0% though a fee may apply.
Minimum Purchase/Credit Limit: $35. Maximum: $2,500.
Late fees: 15% reactivation fee for late payment after two days.

Website: Sezzle

#4) Affirm

Best for saving and earning on savings while buying now to pay later.


Affirm partners with popular online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. It does not charge any late payment fees or other hidden charges and there is no interest in your purchase payments depending on the size of your purchases.

Unlike some other buy-now-pay-later platforms where what you see is not what you pay because some fees are added, you pay exactly what you see on Affirm.

The app allows you to purchase quite a huge range of items including apparel, accessories, auto, beauty, and health items, electronics, events and experiences, fitness and gear, home and furniture, shoes, luxury items, wedding items, travel packages, and items, and toys and gaming items.


  • One-time-use virtual card to make buy-now-pay-later purchases at stores that do not offer Affirm as a payment method. You can get the card by signing up on the website or the mobile app.
  • Android and iOS apps.
  • Pay with a debit or credit card.
  • Earn 3.25% APY by opening an FDIC-assured savings account and saving money on the app. Another way of earning is by referring to a friend. You can track your savings as well as earnings. No minimums or fees.
  • Available in the US, Australia, and Canada.
  • Where interests are charged, they range between 0% to 30% APR.

How to buy now and pay later with Affirm:

Step #1: Download the Android or iOS app or Chrome extension. Search for your favorite store from Affirm website or app and continue to purchase the product.

Step #2: Choose your payment terms. This allows you to pick your preferred payment frequency. They offer 4 interest-free payments every 2 weeks to monthly installments. There is the option of activating AutoPay using the same card or a different payment method.

You will see the APR and interest charged for the product depending on the duration of payment.

Step #3: Choose Affirm at check-out. They will approve the application and you can proceed with the purchase. They will do pre-qualification based on your credit rating so they will do a soft credit check.


  • Zero interest on some merchants and amounts.
  • No fees for weekly payments.
  • No late fees or other hidden charges.
  • Thousands of varied items can be purchased.
  • Interest-earning savings account.


  • On-time repayments are not reported to credit bureaus.
  • High-interest rates on some items and repayment terms. Sometimes they are higher than credit card rates.
  • Credit checks are required. No pre-qualification for those with low credit ratings.
  • No refunds for the interest paid on returned items.

APR: 0% to 30%.
Minimum Purchase/Credit Limit: No maximum or minimum, just an upper limit of $17,500 on purchases.
Late fees:

Website: Affirm

#5) Splitit

Best for 0% pre-authorized credit card payments on buy-now-pay-later arrangements.

Splitit - Buy Now Pay Later Apps

Like many other buy-now-pay-later methods on the list, Splitit is integrated into online stores for checkout. This is done using a plug-in but also has an enterprise merchant-branded white-label solution for those brands that like it. The solution even integrates with POS and other enterprise platforms via an API.

Through the buy now pay later plug and play and enterprise solutions, it allows merchants to earn and keep more customers while increasing conversions.

For a shopper, there will be thousands of merchants from where they can shop. They are allowed to pay for the product in installments after checking out with a credit card, all without adding a new loan on top of existing ones. The shopper does not need to create any additional accounts or install apps, just need a balance available on their credit card.

In other words, the full amount of the purchase is held on the credit card to guarantee future payments so it must be available for credit on the credit card. It will read as pending payments on your credit card statement.


  • No additional interest or fees.
  • Pay in installments with a credit card and earn credit card rewards. Splitit pre-authorizes the payment and allows you to pay off your balance over time. No interest will be accrued. Paying with a credit card also has the benefit of transaction insurance and fraud protection.
  • The shopper is free to choose the number of installments.
  • 0% interest when you pay your card statement balance in full each month.
  • Authorizations are renewed every 17-21 days. Authorization reduces with each payment installment until the purchase payment is cleared. You can then get new authorization on the credit card.
  • Merchant-supported returns are possible. Splitit will refund all the money paid for a returned purchase once the merchant confirms that you have returned the product.
  • Shopper portal to view and manage your plans.

How to buy now and pay later with Splitit:

Step #1: Search for a merchant from where to buy products. Proceed to purchase and select Splitit as the payment method at checkout.

Step #2: Choose the number of monthly payments that suit your budget. Enter your credit card details. The company is implementing a buy now pay later no credit check policy.


  • No interest is charged. Authorizations are also not charged as long as you keep up with the payment plan as per the dates chosen.
  • No fees for late payments.
  • No credit card checks.
  • All money refunded in case you return the product.


  • Does not allow debit card payments. Only credit cards are allowed for payments.
  • You must have the full balance of the purchase available for credit on your credit card and it will be held until you make the full payment.

APR: 0%
Minimum Purchase/Credit Limit: $500. Maximum: $10,000 or contact them for a custom limit.
Late Fees: 0%

Website: Splitit

#6) Klarna

Best for in-app merchant-to-merchant price comparisons for various products, and 0% APR branded card-based buy-now-pay-later purchases.

klarna - Buy Now Pay Later Apps

Klarna is available globally and allows users to shop at more than 45,000 merchants across 45 countries.

It manages over 150 million active consumers, according to its website. It allows you to pay in 4 installments, the first being an upfront purchase and the rest collected automatically every two weeks. Merchants are paid upfront in full and Klarna assumes credit and fraud risks.

The platform allows you to not only buy now and pay later but also compare the prices of products from different merchants before you can decide to purchase. You will also get rewards from your purchases.

You can pay in 4 interest-free installments or choose to extend the due date as wished. The 30-day payment plan does not carry interest. The 4 interest-free installment plan requires a 25% down payment at the time of purchase.


  • Klarna Card allows you to pay with 0% APR. 0% to 24.99% APR on monthly payments up to 24 months.
  • Pay via the mobile app, browser extension on a desktop or other, or in-store with a Klarna card.
  • Shops or merchants can offer an extra 30 days within which clients can complete to pay for the purchase, without the client incurring extra fees. They can also offer a 24-days repayment period or allow them to pay instantly using the card.
  • Pick point rewards on shopping and redeem the points at the store of your choice.
  • Get new deals every day when using an app.

How to buy now and pay later with Klarna:

Step #1: Download the app and sign up. You can sign up on the website. The platform will do a soft credit check to determine the maximum you can spend.

Step #2: Choose what to buy from a select merchant store.


  • Shop from a wide range of merchants and product categories. It supports outstanding brands like Nike, H&M, etc.
  • Businesses can get clients from the audience through the company platforms.
  • No repayment, annual, or membership fees.
  • Multiple ways to finance purchases.
  • Create virtual card numbers for other stores.
  • Set price alerts in the app.
  • Up to 24 months repayment plan.
  • Earn rewards and redeem them.


  • A soft credit check is required.
  • You may report missed payments to credit bureaus, which affects your credit score.
  • Late fees apply. The amount was not disclosed.

APR: 0% to 24.99%.
Minimum Purchase/Credit Limit: $10. Maximum: No limit based on approval.
Late Fees: $7 per installment.

Website: Klarna

#7) PayPal Pay in 4

Best for 0% APR and no late fees for those already using an online payment gateway in the United States.

paypal - Buy Now Pay Later Apps

Available in the United States only, PayPal Pay in 4 lets you pay in 4 interest-free payments or extend the payment for up to 24 months. The latter features monthly installments while the former is in one down payment and three installments each paid in two weeks. Monthly payments are charged an interest of between 0% and 29.99%.

Those choosing to pay in 4 installments can shop up to $1500 while those choosing to make monthly installments are free to shop up to $10,000 in value. The methods are available online and not in stores.


  • No late fee is charged.
  • No interest hence better than PayPal Credit.
  • 4 installments or monthly for 6, 12, or 24 months.
  • 25% down payment required.
  • A soft credit check is done at the prequalification stage.
  • View and manage plans and payments on your PayPal account.

How to buy now and pay later with PayPal:

Step #1: Choose a merchant that supports PayPal. Continue to choose your product and go to checkout. Choose your method of payment.

Step #2: Choose Pay Later and the payment term. It will give you a decision on whether you qualify. You can then proceed to checkout. You can view your pending payment plans from the app and even set up auto payments.


  • PayPal is accepted at millions of stores.
  • No interest is charged and no late fees.
  • Instant decision on approval.
  • Great choice on a payment plan.
  • Wide range of merchants and products to choose from, including top merchants.


  • Not available in all US states.

APR: 0% to 29.99%
Minimum Purchase/Credit Limit: $30. Maximum: $1,500.
Late Fees: $0

Website: PayPal Pay in 4

#8) Zip (Quadpay)

Best for payment rescheduling and merchant API and store integrations.

zip - Buy Now Pay Later Apps

Zip lets you buy at multiple stores including popular ones like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. Customers can pay in 4 installments for six weeks and can also reschedule their payments to a future date. The platform does perform soft credit checks during the pre-qualification stages. The decision, however, was instantaneous.

It works through a mobile app (iOS and Android), Chrome extension, or web app.


  • No interest in purchasing loans. You, however, could pay fees associated with the card. No hidden fees for transparency.
  • Late fee depends on the state but is $5, $7, or $10.
  • Refunds are possible for payments made on returned goods. Returns are handled by the merchant and you get them.
  • Referrals pay $10 every time a person makes a purchase.
  • Pay later online, in the app, in-store, or even at the physical store.
  • The minimum purchase is $35.
  • Installment fees are charged as $ for purchases between $35 and $99.99, $5 for purchases between $100 to $199.99, and $6 for purchases of $200 and above.
  • API and plug-ins for e-commerce platforms.

How to buy now and pay later with Zip:

Step #1: Sign up, log in, and choose a merchant from whom to purchase. It allows you to purchase online or in-store. You can search for the retailer on the app.

Step #2: choose Zip as the payment method at checkout when buying a product with the chosen merchant. The company will create a virtual credit card within the app and this can be used to complete the purchase.

You will need to link a card. Pay a 25% down payment.


  • Available at multiple stores.
  • Varied products and services are available for purchase.


  • The approval process varies from order to order and from time to time. It is not consistent. Each order requires approval, for instance.
  • Spending balance can also be readjusted for a variety of reasons. This ranges from the repayment history to other economic issues.
  • Late and convenience fees apply.

APR: 21.9%/23.9 depending on whether you applied before 1 December 2022 or afterward.
Minimum Purchases/Credit Limit: $35. Maximum. Up to $1,000 but can ask for up to $2,000.
Late fees: $5, $7, or $10.

Website: Zip


The tutorial discussed the top or best after-pay companies or websites for buy now pay later, no credit check instant approval, no money down.

Most support payments are in 4 installments spread across six weeks, or installments spread over one or more years. Quite a number offer 0% APRs including Seezle, which, however, also asks for a rescheduling repayment fee in case of late payment, reactivation fee, and convenience fee. Afterpay charges an $8 late payment fee.

While Uplift specializes in holiday packages, each of the platforms on the list allows you to shop for quite a wide range of products. In fact, the likes of Paypal, Klarna, Seezle, and Splitit integrate with popular online e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Research Process:

  • Total Companies Listed for Review: 15
  • Total Companies Reviewed: 8
  • Time Taken for Research: 2 days
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