68 Essential Resources To Be A Successful Tester (Don’t Miss!)

It takes a lot to be a successful QA.

Technical strength, Core functional area expertise, excellent communication and positive working/team playing attitude play a critical role.

Even with all that and more, it can take a toll on the best of us if we are not prepared and armed with some tricks, tips and tools that make things easier and enjoyable.

STH brings you the 68 most important testing resources that all we testers should endow in our crowns.

resources for QA testers

68 Most Important Resources for Every Software Testing Professional

Learn experiment and stay informed of the updates happening in the QA field- is a pretty good motto work by.

The following are some of our go-to resources:

#1) The best free software testing resource conglomerate

#2) uTest University

#3) Cem kaner

#4) James Bach’s blog

#5) Google testers’ blog

To stay current, regularly check out our blog or online magazines such as:

#6) LogiGear Magazine

#7) Better Software Magazine

Free video tutorials/training sessions:

#8) Software Testing free Video training: SoftwareTestingHelp YouTube Videos

Books (both free and not):

#9) Practical Software Testing – New FREE eBook

#10) Software Testing Career Package

#11) Gerald Weinberg

#12) Software Testing ebooks

#13) Freelance Software Testing Job Opportunities + Chance to Win 10 Copies of this eBook

Online software testing free courses:

#14) Free QA Testing Course

#15) Free JIRA Course

#16) Free Selenium Course

#17) Free QTP Course

#18) Free HP ALM/QC Course

#19) Free LoadRunner Course

#20) Free SoapUI Course

#21) Useful Tools: Team Communication or interfacing facilitators:

Learning guides for different testing types:

#22) Mobile testing guide

#23) Learn UAT

#24) Learn Crowd Sourced testing

#25) Learn Database testing

#26) Learn Multivariate – A/B testing

#27) Usability testing

#28) Learn Security testing here and here

#29) Learn Pair testing

#30) Learn Localization and Globalization testing

#31) Guide to start Automation Testing on your project

#32) Learn System testing

#33) Agile scrum guide here and here

#34) Penetration testing guide

#35) Web Accessibility Testing guide

#36) Web Testing complete guide

#37) ERP testing guide

#38) Learn ETL testing

#39) Learn Integration testing

Software QA and Testing Tools:

#40) Penetration Testing 

#41) Performance Testing 

#42) Web Application Testing

#43) Test Management tools and TestLink getting started guide

#44) Cross Browser Testing

#45) Android Applications testing

#46) Bug Tracking Software

#47) Configuration Management

#48) Accessibility Testing

#49) Tool for automated testing of Java application

How-to guides for some common practices:

#50) How to write test cases

#51) How to write test plan from scratch

#52) How to perform test documentation reviews

#53) How to create Requirements Traceability Matrix

#54) How to manage Risks

#55) How to report status

#56) How to perform decision table testing

#57) How to do FMEA analysis

#58) How to write a good defect report

#59) How to estimate QA projects

#60) How to be a good tester:

#61) Software Testing QA Templates:

#62) Quick check and diagnostic tools:

#63) Testing QA Certifications:

Below is a listing of the popular certification choices:

STH’s resources on certifications:

#64) QA testing job, interview and career resources:

#65) Checklists:

#66) Non-testing Tools for Tester

We published an earlier article about tools that come under Common multi-utility tools

  • MS office suite
  • Compressor, decompressor: winzip or winrar
  • Sticky notes
  • Snipping tools: snag it, paint.NET

#67) Software testing service providers

#68) Cross functional knowledge and training:

Tester’s also need some cross functional knowledge and training from time to time. UNIX, SQL, Web Security are the most commonly used ones. The following are a few of our bookmarked places that we often reach out to:

Now, a bonus:

Finally and most importantly: healthy and inspired state of mind.

Now, you have no excuse not to be an exceptional tester. The world is your oyster….

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