HP QTP Certification Exam Complete Guide

HP QTP Certification Exam Guide:

The aim of this article is to provide proper guideline to those who really want to know and clear the set of HP QTP certification exams effectively with good result. Also, this article will help you in knowing other details (like; type of exams, exams fee, courses related to the exam, etc…) related to HP QTP certification exams. Read the full article will surely help you in your way.

QTP Certification Exam Complete Guide

HP Certifications:

HP certification exams are aimed to examine your knowledge enhanced from your past hands-on experience on many platforms and technologies. HP helps examines (technical person) in increasing their overall knowledge by delivering many course guides and training programs, these exam course guides are exist with every certification exam.

Usually, the exam guide contains required content that describes the particular exam, type and topic of the exam, experience required to give exam, questions related to exam, passing marks to clear the exam, etc…, also encourages examines by providing training programs, references, and extra study materials.

HP QTP certification Overview:

In July 2011, QTP 10 certification exam was replaced by QTP 11 Certification exam. Initially, Prometric center was handling the whole process, but since 1st Feb 2012, Pearson VUE acquired this. HP conducts this exam and gives certificate like other certification exams with the help of PearsonVUE.  QTP certified people can easily boost their resume and career, get good company and good position in the company. Organizations automatically get to know the QTP certified person will be having good testing knowledge.

Now, HP provides two types of QTP Certification software program,

  • HP AIS – Functional Testing v11 (HP0-M47) and
  • HP ASE- Functional Testing v11 (HP0-M98)

Let us know, what these two certifications are? HP AIS – Functional Testing v11 (HP0-M47) is a basic level certification exam and HP ASE – Functional Testing v11 (HP0-M98) is an advanced level certification exam conducted by HP.

Basically, these two certificates examine that how much examine is friendly with automation testing tool (or how well he/she can play on automation testing platform).

HP recommends that the training courses and study materials provided by HP are more than enough to clear HP QTP 11 certification exams, just you need to go through the training programs and course materials involved with a particular exam. Yes, your past experience matters while giving exam.

Fresher also can give and clear this exam with good knowledge on QTP automation testing. It’s really good, if any fresher gets this certificate, he/she (fresher) can get job easily at good position.

QTP 10.0 Certification Exam vs QTP 11.0 Certification Exam:

Earlier, with QTP 10.0 (or other versions), to get certified in HP AIS, people were giving two certification exams – QC exam (Code: HP0-M31) and QTP exam (Code: HP0-M39), but after releasing QTP (ALM)11, you just have to give single exam to get certified, e.g. HP AIS – Functional Testing v11 (Code HP0-M47) or HP ASE- Functional Testing v11 (HP0-M98), etc.

Why to Choose QTP Certification?

Although, we all know, QTP (UFT) is an advanced and very famous functional and performance testing tool, most of the testers and developers like to learn UFT to develop and test the application effectively & efficiently. So, these two HP QTP certificates can boost your resume as well as your knowledge too. If, you clear these two exams, you will acquire good position in the organization and online market place.

Earlier too, people had given the certification exams and cleared too, but that was not so easy, they had gone through many difficulties. But now, HP provides many course materials and training programs that make very easier for users to prepare and clear the exam.

HP AIS, Functional Testing v11 (HP0-M47)

This certification exam checks your basic understanding on HP QTP automation testing tool, like; planning & designing to initiate the test automation process, QTP and ALM integration process, test troubleshooting technique, knowledge on QTP objects, functions, variables, test Scripting, test verification and validation, expert view, web applications testing.

Process to Get Into and Clear QTP 11 Certification Exams

To register your-self for QTP 11 certification exam, you need to have two major things,

  • HP Learner ID and
  • An account in PearsonVUE

Let’s see, how to proceed step-by-step to win QTP 11 certification exam,

First Step: Visit the HP ExpertOne Learner ID page

HP Learner ID is an entry point to get into HP ExpertOne certification and other training program.

So, if you want to create a new HP learner ID, choose any one of them as per your requirement,

Guide to QTP Certification(2)

Here, I have chosen Get started – for customers.

If, you have forgotten your HP Learner ID, fill this form.

Second Step: Get started – for customers HP ExpertOne page opens

Once “Get started – for customers” page opens, click on the link “Register for HP ExpertOne

Guide to QTP Certification(3)

Third Step: HP ExpertOne Registration – Citizenship Verification page opens

Choose an appropriate option from this page and click on Continue button.

Guide to QTP Certification(4)

Fourth Step: HP ExpertOne Registration – Personal Information page opens

This page provides you a personal detailed form with all required field, fill the form with correct information and click on Continue button.

Guide to QTP Certification(5)

Once you successfully submitted the personal detailed form, you have to wait for 1-2 days to get your HP Leaner ID.

Fifth Step: Open the Pearson VUE HP ExpertOne exams type page

Once you successfully received your HP Learner ID, open the Pearson VUE HP ExpertOne exams type page and under the “HP0- Protected exams” type click on the sign-in button to create your profile at Pearson VUE.

Guide to QTP Certification(6)

Sixth Step: The Pearson VUE HP ExpertOne Testing portal opens

This page provides you a link to create a new account in PearsonVUE and facilitates you to retrieve username and password of already created account. So, to create a new account in PearsonVUE, click on the “create profile” button.

Guide to QTP Certification(7)

Seventh Step: The Pearson VUE welcome page opens

In the Pearson VUE welcome page, click on continue.

Guide to QTP Certification(8)

Eight Step: New candidate detailed record form

New candidate detailed record form opens, fill all required details with HP Learner ID and click on the submit button.

Note: The personal details that you provide here should match with already created HP Learner ID account details. To ensure your-self, check an acknowledgement (HP Learner ID account details) that you received in your email.

Guide to QTP Certification(9)

Ninth Step: Activate your account

Next, your will receive an acknowledgement in your mail. The acknowledgement contains   a link and an authorization code; click on that link, the profile activation page opens.

In the profile activation page, mention the authorization code you received in your mail and then click on Submit button. Here, you activated your testing profile.

Tenth Step: Login to PEARSON VUE

Login to your PEARSON VUE account by giving username (HP Learner ID) and password and then click on Login.

Eleventh Step: Candidate record page

In candidate record page, update your profile by clicking on Verify button, then click on “Schedule Proctored Exam” from left hand side HP ExpertOne Exam pane.

Guide to QTP Certification(10)

On the next page, click on the “View Proctored Exams”.

Guide to QTP Certification(11)

Once you click on “View Proctored Exams”, the page will display list of the exams provided by HP with exam code. Form the list, click on “HP0-M47 HP Functional Testing 11.x software”.

Guide to QTP Certification(12)

HP Functional Testing 11.x software page displays cost, test center, available date and time, language, etc.

  • HP QTP Certification Cost: Varies for different regions.
  • Date & Time: Displays various date & time. You can choose your suitable date & time and can change later (before 24 hours of the scheduled test).
  • Test Center: It also displays many test centers. You can choose any one of them that you can change later (before 24 hours of the scheduled test). PearsonVUE provides various test centers across the world, just go to PearsonVUE test centre locator and choose the test location that is nearby your place.
  • Supported Language: English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Choose the options mentioned in the HP Functional Testing 11.x software page as per your requirement and convenience, and then click on the button “Proceed to Checkout”.

Guide to QTP Certification(13)

At last, enter your payment details. HP accepts payment through American Express, JCB, Master or VISA credit/debit cards and then click on Next and Submit Order.

Here, you have successfully registered for the QTP certification exam.

Twelfth Step:

After registration, HP suggests you to go through the main training course recommended by HP. It is not mandatory for you to go through this training course, but yes; passing chances increases due to this course.

Also, HP recommends some other study materials,

Thirteen Step: At last, give the exam on a particular time and date you mentioned while registration.

Fourteen Step: After you successfully completed your exam, the Learning center will show your status “acquired” and you will receive an exam status through your mail after 2 – 3 days of giving exam.

Minimum Requirements:

HP recommends this certification exam for software testers, developers who parallel work with testers, test automation engineers, services experts, and technically sound people who work on test automation tool (HP QTP Functional Testing 11) by building, improving, and running tests and examining run results. HP also recommends that people who have planned to give this exam should be having minimum 3 – 6 months of work experience on the test automation tool (HP QTP Functional Testing 11). You don’t need to show your degree certificate to give this exam.

Exam Details:

  • Number of questions: 69
  • Question types: multiple choice (multiple responses), multiple choice (single responses), drag-and-drop, and point and click
  • Exam time: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Passing score: 75%
  • Supported language: English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

Syllabus Pattern of QTP 11 certification exam (Code: HP0-M47):

Let’s see, QTP 11 certification exam (Code: HP0-M47) syllabus pattern,

10% Automated test planning

  • Plan for general testing and automation.
  • Plan for QTP testing.
  • Identify and describe features and settings.
  • Explain QTP licensing and packaging.

Automated test troubleshooting

  • Troubleshoot Object Recognition problems.
  • Use Recovery scenarios.
  • Use the Debugging Tool.
  • Measure System Performance.
  • Configure log tracking.
19% Basic test creation and how QTP works with objects·

  • Create the basic test.
  • Explain how QTP works with objects.
  • Add steps without recording.
  • Explain the purpose and operation of Smart Identification feature.
24% Basic test verification and enhancement·

  • Add standard and custom verification points.·         Enhance tests with parameters.
  • Add custom checkpoints.
  • Add database checkpoints.
  • Add bitmap checkpoints.
  • View test results.
11% Modular automated test builds·

  • Explain how to build modular QTP tests with Actions.
  • I Use a Shared Object Repository.
7% QTP and ALM integration·

  • Explain the QTP/ALM connection.
  • Define ALM management of QTP resources.
  • Explain versioning features in QTP.

Expert View

  • Describe Expert View features.
  • Describe dynamic object programming.
  • Identify and describe VBScript elements.
4% Advanced QTP Scripting·

  • Import and export Excel sheets.
  • Get and set object properties.
  • Identify descriptive programming to bypass repository.
8% Web applications·

  • Recognize Web Add-in Extensibility.
  • Describe Web event recording use and configuration.
  • Identify new web testing capabilities.


HP ASE- Functional Testing v11 (HP0-M98):

This exam test examines, how much you are practically sound in installing and managing QTP with other applications, platforms, objects, functions, etc…, or in other word we can say; this test checks how good you are in QTP’s Object Repository and custom objects, checkpoints, parameterization, ExpertView, Run Results, passing and managing data across multiple tests environment, record and playback function, ADO databases connectivity, creating and managing procedures, functions and libraries, descriptive programming, interacting with ALM/Quality Center, Service Test, BPT basics, multi-action test script, testing fundamentals, and script evaluation and debugging?

Also, checks how much you are friendly with Web, HTML, SQL, and VBScript?

Minimum Requirements:

People who like to give this exam should be having at least 6 months of hand-on experience on test automation scripting and software testing lifecycle. Although, this exam is based on industry standard knowledge, people who like to give this exam should be practically sound in teaching, conducting, running, and managing software testing applications/services, functions, objects, parameters, variables, etc…

Exam Details:

  • Number of questions: 90
  • Question types: Multiple choice (multiple responses), multiple choice (single responses), and other
  • Exam time: 3 hours
  • Passing score: 70%
  • Supported language: English
  • Exam Cost: Varies for different regions

Syllabus Pattern of QTP 11 certification exam (Code: HP0-M98):

Let’s see, QTP 11 certification exam (Code: HP0-M98) syllabus pattern,

% in 12 minutes Install and configure QTP
% in 12 minutes Configure and manage the Object Repository
% in 15 minutes Add checkpoints
% in 10 minutes Parameterize the script
% in 12 minutes Pass data across multiple tests
% in 8 minutes Configure recording modes and custom objects
% in 5 minutes Access databases using ADO
% in 8 minutes Build new procedures, functions and libraries
% in 5 minutes Descriptive programming
% in 3 minutes Interact with ALM/Quality Center
% in 8 minutes Service Test, BPT basics
% in 30 minutes Performance based activity #1 – Create a multi-action test script
% in 20 minutes Performance-based activity #2 – Evaluate an existing script
% in 20 minutes Performance-based activity #3 – Debug a script
% in 8 minutes Enhance the ExpertView
% in 3 minutes Run Results


HP Recommended Training Courses and Study Materials:

HP recommends some training courses and study materials are helpful in getting certified in QTP 11 certification exam (Code: HP0-M98). HP doesn’t force you to go through those training courses and study materials, but your contribution increases chances of clearing the certification exam.

HP gives more consideration on training courses,

Other study materials,

Important Things to be Noted Before Giving Exam

  • While giving exam, you can give your own comment on a particular item of the test or on whole test. HP takes your comment as a suggestion for future improvement.
  • Before presenting certification exam questions, HP presents you the ExpertOne Candidate Agreement – read it carefully before accepting. After reading the Agreement, if you click on accept, you will get certification exam questions, but if you won’t accept the Agreement, you won’t get any certification exam question and money which you had already paid for the exam.
  • Yours exam ticket will be legal for 12 months from the date of buying, but you can’t return, exchange or sell your ticket to others because your ticket had been registered with your name and other identities. Once ticket expired, you can’t reactivate and extend the same ticket.
  • In first attempt, if you don’t clear the exam, no problem; again you can give the same exam in 15/30 days after giving first attempt of exam, but in second attempt too, you have to pay full amount.
  • HP provides different cost for different regions, just visit PearsonVUE HP Vouchers to check the cost for your region.
  • You can’t give this exam online.
  • At the test center, you only have to carry xerox copy of 2 identity proof.
  • Once you have cleared your QTP certification exam, immediately you will get the certification exam result in hard copy from Pearson center and also you can re-print the same copy of exam result from HP login site after 7 days.

We tried to provide complete information on HP QTP certifications. Hope this is useful for registering and taking QTP certification exam.