Sample bug reports for web and product applications

On request from may readers I am updating sample bug report on separate page. Here are couple of sample bug reports and treat them as samples only. You can always make the changes in bug report format as per your requirements. It’s not mandatory to use same fields in same sequence as specified below. You can find out your own working template.

Read below articles on more guide on writing good bug report:

Bug Reports

Bug report sample 1: Web Project bug report

Summary: In CTR (Click through ratio) ‘Total’ row calculation is wrong

Product: Example product
Version: 1.0
Platform: PC

URL: (Provide url of page where bug occurs)
OS/Version: Windows 2000

Status: NEW
Severity: Major
Priority: P1
Component: Publisher stats

Assigned To:
Reported By:

Bug Description:

Reproduce steps:

1) Go to page: (Provide URL of page where bug occurs)
2) Click on ‘Publisher stats’ link to view publisher’s revenue detail stats date wise.
3) On page (Provide URL of page where bug occurs) check CTR value in ‘Total’ row of CTR stats table.

Actual result: Calculation of ‘Total’ row in CTR table is wrong. Also Individual row CTR for each publisher is not truncated to 2 digits after decimal point. It’s showing CTR like 0.042556767.

Expected result: Total CTR= (Total clicks/Total searches)*100

[Attach bug screenshot if any]

Please fix the bug.


Sample bug report 2: Application product Bug report sample

Application testing scenario:
Lets assume in your application you want to create a new user with his/her information, for that you need to logon into the application and navigate to USERS menu > New User, then enter all the details in the User form like, First Name, Last Name, Age, Address, Phone etc. Once you enter all these need to click on SAVE button in order to save the user and you can see a success message saying, “New User has been created successfully”.

Now you entered into your application by logging in and navigate to USERS menu > New user, entered all the information and clicked on SAVE button and now the application crashed and you can see one error page on the screen, now you would like to report this BUG.

Now here is how we can report bug for above scenario:

Bug Name: Application crash on clicking the SAVE button while creating a new user.
Bug ID: The BUG Tracking tool will automatically create it once you save this.
Area Path: USERS menu > New Users
Build Number:/Version Number 5.0.1
Severity: HIGH (High/Medium/Low)
Priority: HIGH (High/Medium/Low)

Assigned to: Developer-X
Created By: Your Name
Created On: Date
Reason: Defect

Status: New/Open/Active – Depends on the Tool you are using
Environment: Windows 2003/SQL Server 2005

Application crash on clicking the SAVE button while creating a new user, hence unable to create a new user in the application.

Steps To Reproduce:
1) Logon into the application
2) Navigate to the Users Menu > New User
3) Filled all the fields
4) Clicked on ‘Save’ button
5) Seen an error page “ORA1090 Exception: Insert values Error…”
6) See the attached logs for more information
7) And also see the attached screenshot of the error page.

Expected: On clicking SAVE button should be prompted to a success message “New User has been created successfully”.

Save the defect/bug in the BUG TRACKING TOOL.