Sample Test Cases For Pen: How to Write Test Cases For A Product

Sample Test Cases for a Pen:

This article will help you in answering the most common interview question – ‘Write the test cases for pen’.

The scenario is simple but yet difficult to answer during an interview.

When we write test cases for a product, we have certain requirements for that product. If we have the product in front of us and if we need to test, then we perform exploratory testing. The same thing has to be done here as well with the pen.

If you are just told to write the test cases for a pen, then this article will be of immense help to you.

How to Write Test Cases For Pen

General Test Cases/Scenarios for all Types of Pen

Prerequisite for performing all these test cases is, a Pen must have a refill and the refill must have ink.

  1. The grip of the pen: Verify if you are able to hold the pen comfortably.
  2. Writing: Verify if you are able to write smoothly.
  3. Verify that the pen is not making any sound while writing.
  4. Verify the ink flow. It should not overflow nor get a break either.
  5. Verify the quality of the material used for the pen.
  6. Verify if the company or pen name is visible clearly.
  7. Verify if the pen color or text written on the pen is not getting removed easily.
  8. Verify, whether the width of the line drawn by the pen is as per the expectations or not.
  9. Verify the ink color, it should be consistent from the start till the end.
  10. Verify if a pen can write on a variety of papers like smooth, rough, thick, thin, glossy etc.
  11. Verify for the waterproof ink. [Not for gel and ink pens].
  12. Verify if the ink will not get dried easily by keeping the pen open for some time. [Not for ink pen]
  13. Verify if any other refill fits in the pen or not.
  14. Verify that the pen doesn’t have sharp edges or corners.
  15. Verify if the ink and external assembly of the pen is made of non-toxic material.

Negative Test Cases/Scenarios

  1. Put the pen in water and then try to write. Verify if you are able to write with this pen. The pen can get wet because of the water spill on the table or during the rainy season. It can be due to any reason.
  2. Drop the pen from some height (Table height) in the upside-down position. Verify if you are able to write with this pen. By mistake, the pen can any time fall on the ground. So testing this possibility to know its impact, will help us in knowing the quality of the pen.

For both the above test cases, the frequency that these scenarios will happen may not be very high but it is not even very low. So by knowing its impact, we will be able to know more about the quality of the pen.

Performance Test Cases/Scenarios

  1. Verify how fast you can write with this pen.
  2. Verify if the pen will perform the same even though you use continuously for hours.
  3. Verify ‘How much can be written in one refill/ink sac?’
  4. Verify if the tip or nib of the pen is not destroyed after continuous writing for hours.

Out of Scope Test Cases

  1. Verifying the pen for working in different gravity.
  2. Verifying the pen for working is different temperatures (Especially at 0 degrees).

Now we will take a look at the different type of pens. We will write some special test cases for each type of a pen depending on its function.

Types of Pen

There are totally 5 types of Pen. Let’s take a detailed look at each of them.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Ball Pens with Cap:

ball pen with cap

image source

Test Cases:

  1. Pen Cap: Verify if the pen cap is tight enough so that it will not get removed easily.
  2. Verify while holding in a pocket, if the pen cap is not getting removed.

#2) Tick Tock ball pen:

Tick Tock ball pen

image source

Test Cases:

  1. Pen button: Verify when the pen button is pressed, if the refill comes out and when pressed again it goes in.
  2. Verify the on and off modes of the pen.
  3. Pen button: Verify if the pen button will not get stuck if pressed continuously for 5 to 6 times.
  4. Verify the pen clip, it should be tight enough to hold in a pocket.
  5. Verify the tip of the pen, if you write by putting some pressure, then it should not get broken.
  6. Verify if the tip is easy to open and close.

#3) Gel Pen:

Gel Pen

image source

Test Cases:

  1. Verify if the ink should not get overflowed.
  2. Verify that the ink should be dark enough. But at the same time, it should not be too dark that it will make an impression on the other side of the paper.
  3. Ink should get dried quickly. It should not get spread easily with hand.
  4. Verify if the Tip and End plug are getting opened and closed easily and correctly.

#4) Ink Pen:

ink pen

image source

Test Cases:

  1. Verify the ink flow through the nib.
  2. Verify that there is no ink leakage through the section.
  3. Verify while refilling ink, the sac is getting full.
  4. Verify for ink leakage by holding the pen in horizontal, vertical, and upside-down positions.

#5) Multi Refill pen:


image source

Test Cases:

  1. Verify all the buttons.
  2. Verify if the button color (if the pen has different color buttons) is matching with refill color. [We are testing for the ease of use]
  3. Verify if you can change the refill easily. It should not be a complicated process.
  4. Verify the grip of this pen. Verify that the pen is not too bulky to hold.


When you are asked this question, first identify the type of pen and then append those specific test cases to general test cases.

The General test cases given here can be used for any type of pen, which includes negative test cases and performance test cases. Later, depending on the type of pen you can add the mentioned test cases.

Hope you will be confident enough to write test cases for a Pen!!