Web Testing Complete Guide (Web Application Testing Tips and Scenarios)

In this article, we will learn web application testing with test cases for testing a website.

I always love to share practical knowledge, which in a case can be useful to several users in their career life. This is quite a lengthy article, so sit back and get relaxed to get most out of it. 

Web testing checklists

1) Functionality Testing
2) Usability testing
3) Interface testing
4) Compatibility testing
5) Performance testing
6) Security testing

#1) Functionality Testing

Test for – all the links in web pages, database connection, forms used for submitting or getting information from the user in the web pages, Cookie testing etc.

Check all the links:

  • Test the outgoing links from all the pages to specific domain under test.
  • Test all internal links.
  • Test links jumping on the same pages.
  • Test links used to send email to admin or other users from web pages.
  • Test to check if there are any orphan pages.
  • Finally, link checking includes, check for broken links in all above-mentioned links.

Test forms on all pages:
Forms are an integral part of any website. Forms are used for receiving information from users and to interact with them. So what should be checked in these forms?

  • First, check all the validations on each field.
  • Check for default values of the fields.
  • Wrong inputs in the forms to the fields in the forms.
  • Options to create forms if any, form delete, view or modify the forms.

Let’s take an example of the search engine project currently I am working on, in this project we have advertiser and affiliate signup steps. Each sign-up step is different but its dependent on the other steps.

So sign up flow should get executed correctly. There are different field validations like email Ids, User financial info validations etc. All these validations should get checked in manual or automated web testing.

Cookies Testing:

Cookies are small files stored on the user machine. These are basically used to maintain the session- mainly the login sessions. Test the application by enabling or disabling the cookies in your browser options.

Test if the cookies are encrypted before writing to the user machine. If you are testing the session cookies (i.e. cookies that expire after the session ends) check for login sessions and user stats after the session ends. Check effect on application security by deleting the cookies. (I will soon write a separate article on cookie testing as well)

Validate your HTML/CSS:

If you are optimizing your site for Search engines then HTML/CSS validation is the most important one. Mainly validate the site for HTML syntax errors. Check if the site is crawlable to different search engines.

Database testing:

Data consistency is also very important in a web application. Check for data integrity and errors while you edit, delete, modify the forms or do any DB related functionality.

Check if all the database queries are executing correctly, data is retrieved and also updated correctly. More on database testing could be a load on DB, we will address this in web load or performance testing below.

In testing the functionality of the websites the following should be tested:

i. Internal Links
ii. External Links
iii. Mail Links
iv. Broken Links

i. Field validation
ii. Error message for wrong input
iii. Optional and Mandatory fields

Testing will be done on the database integrity.

#2) Usability Testing

Usability testing is the process by which the human-computer interaction characteristics of a system are measured, and weaknesses are identified for correction.

• Ease of learning
• Navigation
• Subjective user satisfaction
• General appearance

Test for navigation:

Navigation means how a user surfs the web pages, different controls like buttons, boxes or how the user uses the links on the pages to surf different pages.

Usability testing includes the following:

  • The website should be easy to use.
  • Instructions provided should be very clear.
  • Check if the instructions provided are perfect to satisfy its purpose.
  • The main menu should be provided on each page.
  • It should be consistent enough.

Content checking:

Content should be logical and easy to understand. Check for spelling errors. Usage of dark colors annoys the users and should not be used in the site theme.

You can follow some standard colors that are used for web page and content building. These are the commonly accepted standards like what I mentioned above about annoying colors, fonts, frames etc.

Content should be meaningful. All the anchor text links should be working properly. Images should be placed properly with proper sizes.

These are some of the basic important standards that should be followed in web development. Your task is to validate all for UI testing.

Other user information for user help:

Like search option, sitemap also helps files etc. The sitemap should be present with all the links in websites with a proper tree view of navigation. Check for all links on the sitemap.

“Search on the site” option will help users to find content pages that they are looking for easily and quickly. These are all optional items and if present they should be validated.

#3) Interface Testing

In web testing, the server side interface should be tested. This is done by verifying that communication is done properly. Compatibility of the server with software, hardware, network, and the database should be tested.

The main interfaces are:

  • Web server and application server interface
  • Application server and Database server interface.

Check if all the interactions between these servers are executed and errors are handled properly. If database or web server returns an error message for any query by application server then application server should catch and display these error messages appropriately to the users.

Check what happens if the user interrupts any transaction in-between? Check what happens if the connection to the web server is reset in between?

#4) Compatibility Testing

Compatibility of your website is a very important testing aspect. See which compatibility test to be executed:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Operating system compatibility
  • Mobile browsing
  • Printing options

Browser compatibility:

In my web-testing career, I have experienced this as the most influencing part of web site testing.
Some applications are very dependent on browsers. Different browsers have different configurations and settings that your web page should be compatible with.

Your website coding should be a cross-browser platform compatible. If you are using java scripts or AJAX calls for UI functionality, performing security checks or validations then give more stress on browser compatibility testing of your web application.

Test web application on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape Navigator, AOL, Safari, Opera browsers with different versions.

OS compatibility:

Some functionality in your web application is that it may not be compatible with all operating systems. All new technologies used in web development like graphic designs, interface calls like different API’s may not be available in all Operating Systems.

Hence test your web application on different operating systems like Windows, Unix, MAC, Linux, Solaris with different OS flavors.

Mobile browsing:

We are in the new technology era. So in future Mobile browsing will rock. Test your web pages on mobile browsers. Compatibility issues may be there on mobile devices as well.

Printing options:

If you are giving page-printing options then make sure fonts, page alignment, page graphics etc., are getting printed properly. Pages should fit to the paper size or as per the size mentioned in the printing option.

#5) Performance testing

The web application should sustain to heavy load. Web performance testing should include:

  • Web Load Testing
  • Web Stress Testing

Test application performance on different internet connection speed.

Web load testing: You need to test if many users are accessing or requesting the same page. Can system sustain in peak load times? The site should handle many simultaneous user requests, large input data from users, simultaneous connection to DB, heavy load on specific pages etc.

Web Stress testing: Generally stress means stretching the system beyond its specified limits. Web stress testing is performed to break the site by giving stress and its checked as for how the system reacts to stress and how it recovers from crashes. Stress is generally given on input fields, login and sign up areas.

In web performance, testing website functionality on different operating systems and different hardware platforms is checked for software and hardware memory leakage errors.

Performance testing can be applied to understand the web site’s scalability or to benchmark the performance in the environment of third-party products such as servers and middleware for potential purchase.

Connection Speed
Tested on various networks like Dial-Up, ISDN etc.

i. What is the no. of users per time?
ii. Check for peak loads and how the system behaves
iii. Large amount of data accessed by user

i. Continuous Load
ii. Performance of memory, CPU, file handling etc..

#6) Security Testing

Following are some of the test cases for web security testing:

  • Test by pasting internal URL directly into the browser address bar without login. Internal pages should not open.
  • If you are logged in using username and password and browsing internal pages then try changing URL options directly. I.e. If you are checking some publisher site statistics with publisher site ID= 123. Try directly changing the URL site ID parameter to different site ID which is not related to the logged in user. Access should be denied for this user to view others stats.
  • Try some invalid inputs in input fields like login username, password, input text boxes etc. Check the system’s reaction to all invalid inputs.
  • Web directories or files should not be accessible directly unless they are given download option.
  • Test the CAPTCHA for automating script logins.
  • Test if SSL is used for security measures. If it is used, the proper message should get displayed when user switch from non-secure HTTP:// pages to secure HTTPS:// pages and vice versa.
  • All transactions, error messages, security breach attempts should get logged in log files somewhere on the web server.

The primary reason for testing the security of a web is to identify potential vulnerabilities and subsequently repair them.

• Network Scanning
• Vulnerability Scanning
• Password Cracking
• Log Review
• Integrity Checkers
• Virus Detection

Points to be considered while testing a Website

The websites are essentially client/server applications – with web servers and ‘browser’ clients.

Consideration should be given to the interactions between HTML pages, TCP/IP communications, Internet connections, firewalls, applications that run in web pages (such as applets, javascript, plug-in applications) and applications that run on the server side (such as CGI scripts, database interfaces, logging applications, dynamic page generators, asp, etc.).

Additionally, there are a wide variety of servers and browsers with various versions of each. They include small but sometimes significant differences between them in terms of variations in connection speeds, rapidly changing technologies, and multiple standards & protocols. The end result of which testing for websites can become a major ongoing effort.

Sample test scenarios for testing a web application

Few other considerations to be included while testing a website are given below.

  • What is the expected load on the server (e.g., number of hits per unit time)?
  • What kind of performance is required under each load condition (such as web server response time, database query response times)?
  • What kind of tools will be required for performance testing (such as web load testing tools, other tools already in house that can be adapted, web robot downloading tools, etc.)?
  • Who is the target audience? What kind of browsers will they be using? What kind of connection speeds will they be using? Are they intra-organizations (thus likely with high connection speeds and similar browsers) or Internet-wide (thus with a wide variety of connection speeds and browser types)?
  • What kind of performance is expected from the client side (e.g., how fast should pages appear, how fast should animations, applets, etc. load and run)?
  • Will the downtime for server and content maintenance/upgrades be allowed? If so, then how much?
  • What kind of security (firewalls, encryption, passwords, etc.) will be required and what is it expected to do? How can it be tested?
  • How reliable is the site’s Internet connections required to be? And how does that affect the backup system or redundant connection requirements and testing?
  • What process will be required to manage updates to the web site’s content?
  • What are the requirements for maintaining, tracking, and controlling page content, graphics, links, etc.?
  • Which HTML specification will be adhered to? How strictly? What variations will be allowed for targeted browsers?
  • Will there be any standard requirements for page appearance and/or graphics throughout a site or parts of a site??
  • How will internal and external links be validated and updated? And how often? will it happen?
  • Can testing be done on the production system, or will a separate test system be required?
  • How are browser caching, variations in browser option settings, dial-up connection variability, and real-world internet ‘traffic congestion’ problems to be accounted for testing?
  • How extensive or customized are the server logging and reporting requirements; are they considered as an integral part of the system and do they require testing?
  • How are CGI programs, applets, javascript, ActiveX components, etc. to be maintained, tracked, controlled, and tested?
  • Pages should be 3-5 screens max unless the content is highly focused on a single topic. If larger, provide internal links within the page.
  • The page layouts and design elements should be consistent throughout a site so that it’s clear to the user that they are still on a site.
  • Pages should be as browser-independent as possible, or pages should be provided or generated based on the browser-type.
  • All pages should have links external to the page; there should be no dead-end pages.
  • The page owner, revision date, and a link to a contact person or organization should be included on each page.


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@ Jignesh Automation tool selection is purely based on the project which you are going to test. I suggest what all factors should be considered while choosing automation tool for your project in this article :

Still I will try to cover in my posts about the main automation tools like WinRunner and QTP.



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About your query – To change cookie settings in Internet Explorer: Open IE-Go to Tools-Internet Options- Click on Privacy tab- then ‘Advanced’ button. Here you can enable or disable the cookies.
For Firefox Go to Tools-Options-Privacy

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@ Ramdev Sharma
Yes to explain about Load testing I need to write a article on it as this topic itself is a big one.

@ Trupti Gandhi
For regression testing using automation tool is the best and efficient method. However you need some test cases written on the module you are going to test for regression. You can use old test cases to record the scripts on.
For performance testing tools mentioned here http://www.opensourcetesting.org/performance.php
First decide your performance criteria and then apply the test cases accordingly

@ lavanya
On every page there are some links pointing to some pages. So we can differentiate all these links.
The links pointing to same domain are said to internal links. e.g The link https://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/jobs/ is pointing to same domain softwaretestinghelp.com so it’s a internal link.
Links pointing to other domain are external links. E.g See the above link pointing to opensourcetesting.org domain.
Broken links: If clicking on any link displays 404 page not found error then that link is said to be broken or unreachable link.
Orphan link: If no internal link is pointing to any particular web page on your domain then that web page link is said to be orphan link i.e not having any ancestor and no way to reach that link from your domain !

for Cookie testing you can refer the article

@ pradeep mathew
You can use load or stress testing automation tools to simulate n number of virtual users accessing particular web page or site simultaneously.

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Cookies testing:
if the cookies are encrypted before writing to user machine. If you are testing the session cookies (i.e. cookies expire after the sessions ends) check for login sessions and user stats after session end.

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Cookies testing:
if the cookies are encrypted before writing to user machine. If you are testing the session cookies (i.e. cookies expire after the sessions ends) check for login sessions and user status after session end.

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Please check and correct the spelling mistake for the word others status in the last line of the second case in security testing

6) Security Testing:

Following are some test cases for web security testing:

Try directly changing the url site ID parameter to different site ID which is not related to logged in user. Access should denied for this user to view others stats.

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Web directories or files should not be accessible directly unless given download option.
Test the CAPTCHA for automates scripts logins.
Test if SSL is used for security measures. If used proper message should get displayed when user switch from non-secure http:// pages to secure https:// pages and vice versa.
All transactions, error messages, security breach attempts should get logged in log files somewhere on web server

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@ bhavya, i am not a tester yet but i would try to answer you. for example in a bank’s website, there should be a link to download a loan application pdf file and any user should not be able to access this or any other file by directly typing the address in the browser.
If it is accesible, it is non-secure and vulnerable.

CAPTCHA are challenging questions generated by machines to be responded by humans and not by machines, to make sure that the attempt to access is by a human and not by a bot. If CAPTCHA is enabled in a web login, it has to be tested.

SSL is a cryptographic protocol for securing HTTP communication over the internet. When user switches from HTTP to HTTPS or vice-versa, a message window is pops up to inform about this switching and do you want to continue.

Log files should be maintained to recording and future analysis of all web activities, so that corrective and preventive measures could be taken.

@ For Vijaya and all testers, please correct my knowledge, where wrong.

#97 atiw

@ manjula (manu), i am not a tester yet but i would try to answer you.

Builds are program codes which developers deliver from time to time to the testers, while version is the complete application delivered to the end users.

Adding to this, there are also multiple releases with slight improvements in a version.

@ For Vijaya and all testers, please correct my knowledge, where wrong.

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call: 09830704327
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Hi All,

Hope this helps…

Q: What is the difference between client-server testing and web based testing and what are things that we need to test?

Ans: Projects are broadly divided into two types of:
2 tier applications
3 tier applications

[a] This type of testing usually done for 2 tier applications (usually developed for LAN)
Here we will be having front-end and backend.

The application launched on front-end will be having forms and reports which will be monitoring and manipulating data

Eg : applications developed in VB, VC++, Core Java, C, C++, D2K, PowerBuilder etc.,
The backend for these applications would be MS Access, SQL Server, oracle, sybase, mysql, quadbase

The tests performed on these type of applications would be
– user interface testing
– manual support testing
– Functionality testing
– compatability testing & configuration testing
– intersystems testing

[b] This is done for 3 tier applications (developed for Internet / intranet / xtranet)

Here we will be having Browser, web server and DB server.

The applications accessible in browser would be developed in HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript etc.,
(we can monitor thru these applications)

Applications for the web server would be developed in Adv Java, ASP, JSP, VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, Cold Fusion, PHP etc.,
(all the manipulations are done on the web server with the help of these programs developed)

The DBserver would be having oracle, sql server, sybase, mysql etc.,
(all data is stored in the database available on the DB server)

The tests performed on these type of applications would be
– user interface testing
– Functionality testing
– security testing
– browser compatability testing
– load / stress testing
– interoperability testing/intersystems testing
– storage and data volume testing

A web-application is a three tier application.
This has a browser (monitors data) [monitoring is done using html, dhtml, xml, javascript]-> webserver (manipulates data) [ manipulations are done using programming languages or scripts like adv java, asp, jsp, vbscript, javascript, perl, coldfusion, php] -> database server (stores data) [data storage and retrieval is done using databases like oracle, sql server, sybase, mysql] .

The types of tests which can be applied on this type of applications are:
1. User interface testing for validation & user friendliness
2. Functionality testing to validate behaviors, i/p, error handling, o/p, manipulations, services levels, order of functionality, links, content of web page & backend coverage’s
3. Security testing
4. Browser compatability
5. Load / stress testing
6. Interoperability testing
7. Storage & data volume testing

a client-server application is a two tier application.
This has forms & reporting at front-end (monitoring & manipulations are done) [ using vb, vc++, core java, c, c++, d2k, power builder etc.,] -> database server at the backend [data storage & retrieval) [ using ms access, sql server, oracle, sybase, mysql, quadbase etc.,]

the tests performed on these applications would be
1. User interface testing
2. Manual support testing
3. Functionality testing
4. Compatability testing
5. Intersystems testing

01. Application runs in single memory (Front end and Back end in one place)
02. Single user only

01. Application runs in two or more machines
02. Application is a menu-driven
03. Connected mode (connection exists always until logout)
04. Limited number of users
05. Less number of network issues when compared to web app.

01. Application runs in two or more machines
02. URL-driven
03. Disconnected mode (state less)
04. Unlimited number of users
05. Many issues like hardware compatibility, browser compatibility, version compatibility, security issues, performance issues, etc
see friend when we consider the security testing, both application should well secured to internal and external threat.

As per difference in both the applications come where, how to access the resources. In client server once connection is made it will be in state on connected, whereas in case of web testing http protocol is stateless, then there comes logic of cookies, which is not in client server.

More for client server users are well known, whereas for web any user can login and access the content, he/she will use it as per his intentions.

so, there are always issuses of security and compatibility for web application.


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In fact, the one mentioned in the material are what I know about. Is there really such models as K, A and L (or others)?

What about terms like “invasion” or “non-invasion”, and not to mention “stub” and “smart monkey”? Are they really using these terms on daily basis? I mean, these terms are so alien to me. Hope you could enlighten me on this one.

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User Acceptance Testing…is a testing by the cleint’s team at the end of testing before the code goes to production. The main AIM of this testing is Testing the Major functionality of the application is functioning as per User Acceptance Criteria (the functionality should be derived from the Requirements, based on the importance)…For UAT also testers can write the test cases (not exactly writing test cases..just picking up the major functionality test cases from the Test Cases you have prepared for execution, and giving them to the UAT team along with the screenshots for those test cases and proper data used)

#135 Krish

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Please correct me if i am wrong…

There is no difference between these two…Because in testing terminology Build is the term used for particular code for that particular release…Once build (or code)goes to production, then we call it as Version…

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For performance testing, the best tool can be used is LOADRUNNER…

Web testing and mobile testing is totally different. Web testing experience may be helpful for testing web applications, but not for Mobile Testing…

Testing methodologies are same for all kinds of applications but the domain knowledge is different from each other…

Please find more details about mobile wireless testing from the below link:


#137 Krish

Office SharePoint Server2007.

Its just a server where you can upload, download, create, delete uploaded files…like yahoo…

Please get the book from the below link and go through it..if it is not proper please reply back me…


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Testing Levels or positions involved in testing:

Junior Test Engineer-> Software Test Engineer->Senior Test Engineer (Test Analyst)->Test Team Lead-> Senior Test Lead->Associate Manager->Manager-> Senior Manager->Delivery Unit Lead…..

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8. Exhaustive Testing is

a) Is impractical but possible
b) Is practically possible
c) Is impractical and impossible
d) Is always possible

Ans C and not A

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In Security testing we can also check,

# By direct pasting the link

# Login as one user and paste the link of another user

# Logout the session, use browser BACK button and try the access

# On view source, it should not display the scripts. (only html code can allowed to display)

# Password field should not allow the user to copy or paste data

#236 Aleksey Nudelman

A web site load tester tool at http://csharpcomputing.com/LoadTester will calculate web site response time and throughput as a function of the number of simultaneous users. Chart the results displaying statistical errors

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1. Block the cookies in internet options, many websites doesn’t work
2. Check for error console and java script console. Many website (Popular websites) report error objects…

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Addnl things wat i want to share:

# There is no generic way in testing a web application. It may differs from one application to another.


If you are going to test a simple web page with some basic applications like blog, forum, etc. There won’t be much typical functionality, so just check basic functionalities, usability and compatibility.

If you are checking some social networking application, you must perform compatibility test. Because now a days lot of toolbars are available on site based (orkut/fb…). If the end user is passionate about the site, surely he/she will search for best toolbar for that site (regardless of browser). On such case we cant judge the user’s browser.

# On usability, your system should be friendly for both mouse and keyboard. Coz based on the people’s profession and practice they are majorly addict with specific input device.

Eg: Designers will majorly use the mouse, hardware based peoples majorly play with Keyboards, beginners or Non-IT people will use both.

#241 Mayasen

Maintaining consistency among the site is more important. This only please the user to stay in your site for longtime and to suggest others.


# Title font: Style- Size – Color – Location – Alignment
# Text font: Style- Size – Color – Location – Alignment
# Images: Border – Size – Position – Resolution

For tables:
# Pagination: Number of items per page – Pagination style – Alignment – Color – Font(text/image)

# Link color: Before and after click
# Link opening style: In same window/new window/new resized window

# Cursor style for links
# Cursor style for pop-up image/links
# Cursor style on text and other elements

#242 Mayasen

For typical e-com site:

# Check the display options (images-contents-price-etc.)

# Zone based Pricing (Eg: some product should display for US, some are only for south Asia)

# Encryption of link and date while sending them to payment gateway (third party)

# In URL, expect main page’s names all other items should be encrypted

# Handling of sending/receiving data to/from third party page (Eg: Payment gateway)

# No cookies should save the sensitive records

# All cookies must be encrypted

# Privileges of registered (login) user and unregistered (guest) users must be handled properly

#243 Mayasen

Suggestions about User Messages in web application:

# All success messages should be displayed with Green color – Bold face (Don’t use all caps/Italics/underline)

# All failure messages should be displayed with Red color – Bold face (Don’t use all caps/Italics/underline)

# All alert message should be thrown in a pop-up window with “OK” button. (Which is the best way to alert the user attentively)

# Error / Confirmation message should be displayed in the respective page only. Confirmation or error message in pop-up is not advisable.

# Maintain consistency in the message displaying area.

Eg: If you are showing the error/confirm message at the top of the page, then maintain the same all over the system.

# Message focus should be maintained consistently.
At the bottom of the page you are clicking the “Submit” button for a form and confirmation/error message is displaying at the top of the form. Then move the page focus to top of the page to show the confirmation/error message to the user.

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#246 Mayasen

Hi Chetan, #248

Already such tips and methods are explained in comment numbers 239,243,244,245 and 246. I am sorry to say, here there is no option to upload file, so we can’t share screen-grabs.

If you’ve any specific requirement, feel free to query. Surely we’ll discuss. Because lot of knowledgeable people are there in this forum, so i hope that we can get good and best suggestions.

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I have one more query; what are the checking you perform in web server and DB server. (as my understanding is the above checklists are mostly performed in client system).
Appreciate your help.

#259 Mayasen

Welcome Tanu.

Few more tips:

# Check the URL’s encryption. Except main page all other branches and sensitive pages should be encrypted in URL

# Check the Cookies, all sensitive cookies should be removed automatically when the application get closed

# Sensitive information stored in the cookies must be encrypted

# For authentication kind of site, the cache must be cleared on exit

# If we edit the cookies while the application is on run, then it should not affect the system; instead it should restore its original (proper) state when the next action happens in the application

# All password and user’s sensitive information transaction should be encrypted

# Encryption should be in the simple way to identify. Typically it should be the mix of special characters, numerals and alphabets(both cases A/a)

# Folder level access should not be allowed. Eg: if the url opens a page inside a specific folder, then if any one deleted the file name and tried with that folder name should not be able to open that folder

# Internal and external IP address mapped with the URL should be secured.

#260 Tanu

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The above steps really cleared my doubt. It would be great if you provide me a real time example and how you practically perform those steps.


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This is an excilent site…. I Love it.

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This web site is very helpful. I need to know what are the problems the testers faced during cross browser testing? Are they going to test the application with different versions of same browser and different browsers on the same box? Please let me know..Thanks in advance.

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Recently we faced one new kind of issue in cookies testing. During the time of testing an application (ASP.NET/IIS 7/MS-SQL 2008/XP-SP2) i found a expiry time of cookie (authentication cookie) get varied from browser to browser.

In Firefox it shows 3hrs; for the same time period in IE (6.0/7.0/8.0), Opera 10.6, Chrome 5.0, Safari – it shows 1 hr time period.

#270 sunitha

How we can find cookie expiry time…
Actually i am writing my first test plan for website testing may be your answer will mean a lot for me Mayasen……

#271 Ranjith

Hi frds……….
Let me introduce my self , I am ranjith working as a Test engineer since 2007, I am completely in to IVR(Interactive Voice response) Applications here we test application using sip voip phones it is completely in to VUI(voice user interface)… Now I what to work on GUI application (either Web, Windows)…Please helpme any one, where do i start testing for web applications..
I have lot of doubts..like
1)fist will we test GUI or Functionality..
and I read the above article it is too good,
2) How do we test spellings and sentence formations in pages.
3) How do we test Each page will they give any snap short for that page as per we do our testing or any other approaches…
Please help ASAP thanks in advance

#272 Mayasen

Hi Sunitha (#274)

For IE 8, Press F12 -> Cache -> View Cookie information (Information will get opened in IE Browser)

For IE 6, Tools -> Internet options -> Browsing History settings -> View files -> (Temp internet files) there you can find that cookie file

For Firefox, Tools -> Page info -> Security -> View Cookies (By selecting the appropriate cookie file name, you can find the expiry time)

#273 Sunitha

Thanks Mayasen…. actually 1st time am trying this testing on my own… lets me understand this little more later if i get doubt which then i vl come back to you thanks for ur basic info:)

Hi Ranjith,
As i have already told i am planning for website testing first time and collecting all the info, whatever info i get , if i feel that helps you, i vl share with you , give me some time:)

#274 Mayasen

Welcome sunitha. Surely will help you.

#275 Mayasen

Hi Ranjith (#275)

# 1. Functionality testing will be the first level

# 2. Basically we people are using some readers for spell and grammar check. Typically user only provide all the textual information, developer won’t change them. They simply copy-paste the item. Possibly the typo error will come only on the messages, button, page titles, etc.

# 3. Based on SRS (Software Requirement Spec) our business people will prepare the BRS. On that time the project’s functional spec get designed by the managers. That doc will help you to test the each and every page and its functionality.

#276 Ranjith

Thank you very much both of u Sunitha and Mayasen…

I am looking for u r further help…..

#277 Mayasen

Sure ranjith. You are welcome.

#278 Ranjith

hi sunitha, when u r going to start web testing plz let me know……..if u don’t mind at this mean time what ever u have collected the info for the project, if could u share with me that will be very help full to me. this is my mail id ranjithks@assyst-international.com, ranjithkumar_s@yahoo.co.in., Once u send that doc’s i will go through that and will give inputs any uncleared requirements and different thoughts to u…
Hi Mayasen, If u don’t mind if u have any small web app testing projects plz share with me..it will be more and more help full to me… now i am on bench until we get new project i want use this time very effectively…
thanks in advance… both of u

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#281 shubhangi

Please guidene me how to test website

#282 vish

@shubhangi: Pls let me what type of web application or website you are going to test, also what sort of testing you need to perform. Mail me all your queries: bishalchaperia@gmail.com

Many Thanks

#283 Sunitha

Hi Ranjith,

rite now i have prepared one checklist which covers almost all types of basic testing….that i can share with u.
you are telling now u have bit free time so try to find out some tools which vl be helpfull for website testing (like spelling check, broken link etc….) and share with me :-)
1.i have to test dynamic data in my website , for dynamic data we are using WCM tool… if u have any idea of how dynamic data can be tested with 3rd paty website(webservise testing)..what if , while testing 3rd party websiteis not available?
2. Now i am planning to starting testing by page wise(i.e in each page that cheklist needs to be executed ) , but we have requirement doc also, so plz tell me from ur exp which approch is good executing chk list or writting scenarios from req doc??

#284 Mayasen

Hi Suni, (#286)

For first run go ahead with the requirement spec. and then with your checklist.

Reg dynamic data you can use either web service or can handled by the code itself. It depends on your proj requirements.

#285 sunitha

am not clear….:( k let me try…
u do one thing insted of answering my quest …
u only tel me what u have done in website testing, which might help me:) …
Not urgent , reply when u r free…..

#286 rajesh

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Would you please let me know… is there any open source tools for D2K from supports application -Client server and Web application…

Thank’s & Regards,


#287 rajesh

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i Would like to know and kindly let me know… is there any open source tools for D2K from supports application -Client server and Web application…

Thank’s & Regards,


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#292 @shashank

I am new to this site. And I am really very impressed with above article. This is very useful to me, as I am new to web-application testing. so,plz if any body can guide me on web portals(dummy) testing and if possible some test cases related to it, i’ll be very thankful to those who could help me asap..if possible send it to(shashank.raju076@gmail.com)

#293 Snehasish

Mayasen Please let me know what type or sorts of tests we have to do in web testing. Actually i have joined a web developing company. So i am get confused what i have to do. Please send me test case along with website if possible at :- snehasish.career@gmail.com .Please its urgent.


#294 Mayasen

Sure. Will try to send soon. Same time check all the comments in this page, so that you can get some additional info.

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Could you please help me answering the below questions for UI/GUI Website testing manually

1. What are the chanllenges in testing GUI application manually

2. How do you test manually
a) Links
b) Images
c) Banners
d) Flash
e) Javascript and plugin

3. Popular Interview questions for GUI Website testing & Blackbox manual testing

4. How do you test the web pages or UI/GUI Website testing

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I am fresher in testing domain . In my comany not provided any requirements so how can i test the web application . How can i ensure myself that i am tested product completely without leaving any Bugs in application .

#328 vishal

Hi Vijay,
I am working on website automation testing project using QTP but facing one problem.
Website is simple Content Management System (i.e CMS). My query is as bellow.
Currently I am able to add any record from admin side but then How to check integration of that record in frontend?
For more clear idea, I am giving you an example.
From admin area, I am adding one new record in product section. after added product, that record should be display in frontend in to listing and then while click on that record name it should redirected to product details page.
Now, my query is What should I do to check that title is displaying in listing in frontend or not?
Please note that, I am using data driven also to add record with different different data in page title in admin.

Looking forward for your positive reply.


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Thanks for such a great information…I have 1 question…take for example rediffmail.com we are testing then where all the data is stored(Server that i know)but as such a large data what these kind of site use to store data (SQL or access)

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#332 Aparna


Thanks for the information. When we want to perform compatibility testing ie., browser compatibility and OS compatibility … do we need to have separate set of test cases for each browser testing?

And for OS compatibility, do we need to test the same set of test cases on different systems having different Operating systems?


#333 parag

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Ur information are really very usefull to me..well my request to you is can you plz tell me how to do “Integration Testing”. With the help of some example..

Plz Kindly revert me back as soon as possible.


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I am requesting u explian me on this topic.

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I don’t know, i feel that in security testing , It would be nice if you give some more information reg. where data should be encrypted and stored in which logs in web applications.

Thanks very much Vijay

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1>automation testing (qtp)
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If possible, please share what all questions are mostly asked in an interview.


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I tried it while Testing a Web site in my office,hope it will help :
Tests for a web site (Generic tests/check list)
Manual Testing coverage
*color combinations used for page body,logos,arrows,menus etc.
*thoroughly check all the Spellings used on page
*check for any gramatical mistake as such
*page title must match the information given on page
*the page URL must be proper (avoid abbreviations if any on url)
*check the web site behaviours against varying window sizes (size in pixels)
*Text sizes & fonts must match with specifications/or must be proper(suitable)
*the text box,dropdown lists,radio buttons,buttons etc. must be properly Alligned,
*the text box,dropdown lists,radio buttons,buttons etc. must be properly Sized,
*navigation between menus,pages must be provided properly
*”alt” text must be used for graphical images where ever needed
*there should not be any “Orphan Page ” as such
*check web Sites behaviours against various types of Browser Software(s) & their versions(IE,Mozila,Opera etc.)
*check the web site with disabled ” Plug ins ” (Flash /Java) required navigations and text must work here
*check whether any avoidable scroll bars on web site pages
*Height and width attributes of the web page contents must match Specifications/be Appropriate
*check Print outs of page (use of CSS features such as “@media print” or “@import print” )
* Help menu must be there to guide any new user of web site
* check for the presence of any broken link(s) ie.link is there but either it’s unused or pointed wrongly.(on _click it leads us to page not found)

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What could be the possible test cases scnarios to find out vulnerabilities. The complete lify cycle. This would really help us.

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How many types of testing can be carried out in Web-based application.

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How many types of testing can be carried out in web application.

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i am going for a interview . They are asking for web based project testing but i dont know about web load testing.

so is this necessary to have knowledge on web load testing
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can any one give ans to this question ?

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I really appreciates your work for the testing professionals. The tutorial you provided is crystal clear and very simple to understand.
And thankful to you and all the persons who participates in solving people’s doubt regard testing.
I have a problem regarding test cases i mean to say i don’t know the proper approach to write high level and low level test cases. If u guys are having any test cases documents which you prepared for any website or any software product, kindly forward me at “aditya.soni66@gmail.com”
I am a game tester and want to switch my career to software testing.
thanks and regards

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very good work guys, you both have helped a lot of QAs till more than half way through in the comments, i know its very hard to keep up with all comments. Your dedication is very much appreciated, there are still many open questions which if answered will kind of help all the people who have commented so far .

Please can you take time to reply to them, its to much to ask but helping fellow QAs to get through huddles in their career will be an achievement and appreciation by them.

Looking at comments, people are following your foot steps, you should feel very proud of yourselves.

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Some more information
-Disable of right click after login ..i.e. if an user is right clicked on the web page after login there are possibility of viewing the page source save the web page or print the web page.
If it is required to enable the right click , then do check that if after saving the web page to pc , if user wants to open that directly double clicking that ,it should not open without credential
-Check for the session timeout
-Check the password is encrypted properly
-check “sql injection ” is disabled or not.

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Can any1 give me idea about the task which is given to me for webtesting as follows:
“As developer I want the system to include configurations for different environments so that I don’t need to handle different configuration files for different environments”
How to test this task???

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I have seen Qtp Tutorial, Quality center tutorial.
Is it possible keep Manual Testing tutorial step by step, Database testing tutorial step by step,
Load runner tutorial step by step,
Selenium Step by step and
Jmeter step by step

As Manual Testing needs
1. Manual testing
2. Quality center
3. Database testing

Functional Automater
1. Qtp
2. Selenium

Non Functional Automater
1. Load runner
2. Jmeter

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Hi everyone my self saritha im fresher in testing.I saw ur article it is really helpfull for me. im beginner also can u help me about diffrent types testing how to do? and test cases how to write each and everything step by step .thanks.bye.my email id speak2sari@gmail.com.

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web testing is kind of specialization in manual testing???

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There is a simple typo mistake in this line

Some functionality in your web application is may not be compatible with all operating systems.

I truly appreciate your efforts.

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Can u also explain me the difference between integration and interface testing.

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In an Webapplication So many Navigations (hundread of links)are there .how to test it manually.if we check each and every page it will take so much time. how to test it manually with out using Automation tool.One of the interviewer asked me.(dont use Automation tool).Can you please tell me the answer.

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Go ahead, try it yourself. And, then (especially) continue on to print/save the page in PDF. The bloody box is still there, even with the FS committed data! It’s especially annoying when a user didn’t notice the situation initially, and had generated several such documents. They end up with several docs, that all have a RR box predominately overwriting the information that they are interested in.

Such behaviour should have failed tests within a Functionality, Usability, Interface, Web Applic Test Suite, in lieu of actual user reporting, don’t ya’ll think? Try practicing what you’re trying to preach here! Where can I file a bug report? Oh, your site doesnt’ even allow for such feedback? What’s going on here?

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I want to test the translations for different languages like (italian,german,spanish..etc) ..

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Hi, i am a beginner in the pen testing field, want to know the in & out of Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing(VAPT), i.e want the knowledge of OWASP listed vulnerabilities, how to find them(step by step detail) in thin and thick client using automated & by manual process. please email me regarding the same.
my Email ID: prajakata.patil189@gmail.com

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Well, as an SEO consultant and certified software tester, I must say that, knowledge of SEO factors (specially on-Page) are considerably important in web application testing. And the need for it becomes more important if the project is an eCommerce portal.

As, in case of eCommerce projects every aspect of a webpage including code, images, content, meta tags, scripts, page structure etc. is highly important.

So, I think, web application testers should also possess SEO knowledge for developing a quality web application for their customers.

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I don’t did whether you missed it so intentionally, in the Web Testing checklists,
1) Globalization Testing
2) Localization Testing

These things also might need to be tested sometimes, i think so.

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It ll be great if u can clear my doubt…
In the case of functional testing of banking application, how the outgoing link(fund transfer to another bank) is tested in testing environment?

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Please let me know .Its urgent..

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hi i want all the test cases example in excel format
for example

1)login- (user name password)
2)registration -(username /pass/contact no/image uplode /email etc.

3)file upload /map view/list view/ etc

4)other all

plz help me

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1) Pls explain about frame work briefly?

2) a web table contains 4 rows and 3 columns,in 4th row 3rd column i have sub cells,how can i retrieve the sub cell values?
Please help me friends

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I have one project to test one E-commerce website. so how can i test this project. How can i initiate to test this. Need Checklist for it.


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got a query while reading the article,regarding “Validate your HTML/CSS”..Please elaborate this with an example.

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hey vijay,awesome artical i want exactly same kind of information.very usefull information.i want information about how to do performance testing of images included in our web application.please help me guys if anyone know the solution for this.

thank you.

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Hi, in my experience in real software testing, a version has its own builds. When there is/are some changes (some bugs have been fixed or some new functions have been finished) in the code, the development team would like to resease a new build to be available to test or even to release to the customer, we will have a new build. A version is a build which is created when the change is big or for other reasons. Normally, the build name is generated automatically but the version name is ganarated manually on purpose.

#587 dhaval

provide which type of website test and provide all website
test case.

#588 Mittal

All the above information is very helpful.I am new to testing field so if any one can please email me standard test case or checklist for web or Client server application.
Email: MQA1025@gmail.com

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plz write article for cookie testing ,we all waiting for this .
thanks Bhai

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How to test ecommerce Website with Multiple users on a Single Machine.

#595 vijay

what is W3 Consortium ?

#596 jerry

You can opt for crowdsourcing testing which is basically testing of apps and its compatibility on various devices by testers. Mobile app testing helps the developers analyse bugs, predict the acceptance of app in the market etc.
for mobile app testing I suggest Qualitrix which allows you to select your crowd among the community of testers and tests the app in a real world environment, among other sources such as http://Utest.com and http://Passbrains.com which are also a very good source of QA testing.

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Want help on Qtp basis or one best article on that . .
Email id- SANDIP.gadade90@gmail.com

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I have already implemented functional testing and security testing.Now i get an idea about various testing but i need detailed explanation about other 4 testing which is most useful for my career, excepting more things related to web testing

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I am in a class where they want us to figure it out, but I either go too deep or not deep enough. For example we are looking at the expedia site and I need to write recommendations for the account link, My Scratchpad, and rewards links in the nav bar. I have excel sheets. The first is for recommendations. The second has requirements covered and tabs for tabs for test scripts, test purpose, test data required, test steps, and results and the third sheet is for each scenario and data. I asked for an example and was told it would be better if I figure it out. Can you shed any light on what this would mean. I know it might be too long of an answer, take too much time, and be hard to answer without seeing the sheets. If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

#609 way2x

This is very useful!


#610 Help

Do you have useful link for Videostreming testing? OTT products?
Qa for OTT?
Any help?

#611 help

video-driven OTT apps and a solid working knowledge of QA tool

#612 hello

video-driven OTT apps and a solid working knowledge of QA tool

#613 misharohra

information is vry useful.. i wanna ask about website testing.. if you can give information regarding tht

#614 Shrey Choudhary

Hi Team,

I just want to know in test cases preparation when we are describing our test steps, every time do we need to start from the installation of the application in every test case.

#615 geffen

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Thank you for ua info and am very new to testing so its will be very useful to me…:)

#617 chirangi

please suggest me the whole web testing automation tools link.beacuse i want to test the web site so plz give me some suggestion

#618 Eran kinsbriner


If you were to place the leading web testing tools in the test pyramid (Unit, Integration,UI), which would you put where? Protractor, Nightwatch, RobotJS, CasperJS, Chimp, JSDOM, Phantom, Buster.JS, WebDriver.IO,Codecept?

#619 Alpa

Hi i recently start my study in manual testing.Can someone give me an example of test cases please email me on alpa_charan111@yahoo.com Thanks in Advance

#620 Alpa

Hi i recently start my study in manual testing.Can someone give me an example of test cases please email me on alpa_charan111@yahoo.com Thanks

#621 Mary

Hi, Thanks very much , I will use this as testing guide for my future web development project. Ive seen someone is asking for sample test cases,if you could share some it will be lovely, marygracmeojales@gmail.com.
Thanks so much.

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thank you very much for sharing useful information about web application testing thanks for sharing.

#623 Pratik Godambe

Respected Sir,I have just completed my MCA SCI.I am doing an internship in testing(fresher) .I have given an mobile application manual testing work.I just wanted to ask you,shall we have to write different files for that app
for eg. functional testing test cases in diff file,compatibility testing test cases in diff file ….????

#624 sonu

how do to test for database connection in functional testing in web app

#625 Ruchi


Can i have definition of smoke testing & sanity testing

When to perform smoke,why so

thanks in advance.

#626 Ruchi

Your articles are really great.

Good job guys, it really helping us.

thank u so much..

#627 Ruchi

when we test a new application first time then what we calls to that testing
E.g: we perform regression on an enhanced/updated application.

please advise

#628 Jenny

Hello, Thanks for sharing this knowledge. I would like to know that how should I test a website manually without any tools? I do testing by randomly visiting all the pages and check for errors like architectural errors, 404, 3xx redirects and page loading time. I would like to know if this work of mine can be made easier.

#629 shankar

this article is use full for me
send me the all templates test case template,bug report template.
my mail id : shankar.piccosoft@gmail.com

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Very useful article. Several times however it refers to the writer “I”. Who wrote this?

#631 Navanithya

Very good article. It helped me a lot. Thank you.

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My Information
Very fun scientific
v v v v v v very gooooooooood excelenttttttttttttttttttttt

#633 niti


Client/server and web based testing u describe in #100 which is very helpful. Never think that bottom of topic but thank you so much.

Only one thing i wont understand which is
“As per difference in both the applications come where, how to access the resources. In client server once connection is made it will be in state on connected, whereas in case of web testing http protocol is stateless, then there comes logic of cookies, which is not in client server.”
Client server connected made will be “in state” and web “stateless”.

Can you please explain me?

#634 Shruti

I want to test an application as a part of my testing project to add in my resume. Please suggest me some web or mobile apps

#635 Amy

Nice summary. You might consider adding something about accessibility for disabled users.

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