Web Application Testing Guide: How To Test A Website

Complete Web Application Testing Guide: Learn How To Test A Website

We all have to agree that in today’s ever-changing and competitive world, the internet has become an integral part of our lives.

Most of us make our decisions by searching the information on the internet these days, hence hosting a website is no longer optional but mandatory for all kinds of businesses. This is the first step in becoming and staying relevant in the market.

Just having a website is not enough. An organization is needed to develop a website that is informative, accessible, and user-friendly. To maintain all these qualities, the website should be well tested, and this process of testing a website is known as web testing.

Web Application Testing: A Complete Guide

Web Application Testing

What is Web Testing?

Web testing is a software testing practice to test websites or web applications to find potential bugs before making them live.

A web-based system needs to be checked completely from end to end before it goes live for end users.

By performing website testing, an organization can make sure that the web-based system is functioning properly and can be accepted by real-time users.

UI design and functionality are the captains of website testing.

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Recommended Website Testing Tools

#1) BitBar

BitBar Logo

BitBar ensures you are providing your customers with the best web and mobile experience on the latest and most popular browsers and devices with their cloud-based real device lab. Easily run manual and exploratory tests across a range of real browsers, desktop, and mobile.

Ditch the hassle and allow BitBar to reduce the burden of cross-platform testing by offloading the setup, ongoing maintenance, and browser/device upgrades.

#2) LoadNinja

LoadNinja lets you load test your web application with real browsers at scale, using test scripts that can be replayed immediately after recording, producing actionable browser-based performance data to isolate issues and debug errors in real-time.

LoadNinja - Banner

Web Testing Checklists – How to Test a Website

  1. Functionality Testing
  2. Usability testing
  3. Interface testing
  4. Compatibility testing
  5. Performance testing
  6. Security testing

#1) Functionality Testing

Test for – all the links in web pages, database connections, forms used for submitting or getting information from the user in the web pages, Cookie testing, etc.

Check out all the links:

  • Test the outgoing links from all the pages to the specific domain under test.
  • Test all internal links.
  • Test links jumping on the same page.
  • Test links are used to send emails to admin or other users from web pages.
  • Test to see if there are any orphan pages.
  • Finally, link checking includes checking for broken links in all the above-mentioned links.

Test forms on all pages: Forms are an integral part of any website. Forms are used to receive information from users and interact with them. So what should be checked in these forms?

  • First, check all the validations in each field.
  • Check for default values in the fields.
  • Wrong inputs in the forms to the fields in the forms.
  • Options to create forms, if any, form deletes a view or modify the forms.

Let’s take an example of the search engine project I am working on. For this project, we have advertisers and affiliate signup steps. Each sign-up step is different but it’s dependent on the other steps.

So the signup flow should be executed correctly. There are different field validations like email Ids, User financial info validations, etc. All these validations should get checked for manual or automated web testing.

Cookie Testing: Cookies are small files stored on the user’s machine. This is basically used to maintain the session – mainly the login sessions. Test the application by enabling or disabling the cookies in your browser options.

Test if the cookies are encrypted before writing to the user machine. If you are testing session cookies (i.e. cookies that expire after the session ends) check for login sessions and user stats after the session ends. Check the effects on application security by deleting the cookies. (I will soon write a separate article on cookie testing as well)

Validate your HTML/CSS: If you are optimizing your site for Search engines then HTML/CSS validation is the most important one. Mainly validate the site for HTML syntax errors. Check if the site is crawlable to different search engines.

Database Testing: Data consistency is also very important in a web application. Check for data integrity and errors while you edit, delete, modify the form or perform any DB-related functionality.

Check if all the database queries are executed correctly, data is retrieved, and also updated correctly. More on database testing could be a load on DB, we will address this in web load or performance testing below.

In testing the functionality of the websites the following should be tested:


  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Mail Links
  • Broken Links


  • Field validation
  • Error message for wrong input
  • Optional and Mandatory fields

Database: Testing will be done on database integrity.

#2) Usability Testing

Usability testing is the process by which the human-computer interaction characteristics of a system are measured, and weaknesses are identified for correction.

• Ease of learning
• Navigation
• Subjective user satisfaction
• General Appearance

Test for Navigation:

Navigation means how a user surfs the web pages, different controls like buttons, boxes, or how the user uses the links on the pages to surf different pages.

Usability Testing includes the following:

  • The website should be easy to use.
  • The instructions provided should be very clear.
  • Check if the instructions provided are perfect to satisfy its purpose.
  • The main menu should be provided on each page.
  • It should be consistent enough.

Content Checking: Content should be logical and easy to understand. Check for spelling errors. The usage of dark colors annoys the users and should not be used in the site theme.

You can follow some standard colors that are used for web pages and content building. These are the commonly accepted standards like what I mentioned above about annoying colors, fonts, frames, etc.

The content should be meaningful. All the anchor text links should be working properly. Images should be placed properly in the proper sizes.

These are some of the basic important standards that should be followed in web development. Your task is to validate everything for UI testing.

Other user information for user help:

Like the search option, the sitemap also helps with files, etc. The sitemap should be available with all the links on websites with a proper tree view of navigation. Check for all the links on the sitemap.

The “Search in the site” option will help users to find content pages that they are looking for easily and quickly. These are all optional items and if present they should be validated.

#3) Interface Testing

For web testing, the server-side interface should be tested. This can be done by verifying that the communication is done properly. The compatibility of the server with software, hardware, network, and database should be tested.

The main interfaces are:

  • Web server and application server interface
  • Application server and Database server interface.

Check if all interactions between these servers are executed and errors are handled properly. If the database or web server returns an error message for any query by the application server then the application server should catch and display these error messages appropriately to the users.

Check what happens if the user interrupts any transaction in-between. Check what happens if the connection to the webserver is reset in between?

#4) Compatibility Testing

The compatibility of your website is a very important testing aspect.

See which compatibility test to be executed:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Operating system compatibility
  • Mobile Browsing
  • Printing options

Browser Compatibility: In my web-testing career, I have experienced this as the most influencing part of website testing.
Some applications are very dependent on browsers. Different browsers have different configurations and settings that your web page should be compatible with.

Your website code should be cross-browser platform compatible. If you are using java scripts or AJAX calls for UI functionality, performing security checks or validations then give more stress on browser compatibility testing of your web application.

Test web applications on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape Navigator, AOL, Safari, and Opera browsers with different versions.

OS Compatibility: Some functionality in your web application is that it may not be compatible with all operating systems. All new technologies used in web development like graphic designs and interface calls like different APIs may not be available in all Operating Systems.

Hence, test your web application on different operating systems like Windows, Unix, MAC, Linux, and Solaris with different OS flavors.

Mobile Browsing: We are in a new technology era. So in the future Mobile browsing will rock. Test your web pages on mobile browsers. Compatibility issues may be there on mobile devices as well.

Printing Options: If you are giving page-printing options then make sure fonts, page alignment, page graphics, etc., are getting printed properly. Pages should fit the paper size or as per the size mentioned in the printing option.

#5) Performance Testing

The web application should sustain a heavy load.

Web performance testing should include:

  • Web Load Testing
  • Web Stress Testing

Test application performance at different internet connection speeds.

Web Load Testing: You need to test if many users are accessing or requesting the same page. Can the system sustain peak load time? The site should handle many simultaneous user requests, large input data from users, simultaneous connection to DB, heavy load on specific pages, etc.

Web Stress Testing: Generally stress means stretching the system beyond its specified limits. Web stress testing is performed to break the site by giving stress and it’s checked as to how the system reacts to stress and how it recovers from crashes. Stress is generally given to input fields, login, and sign-up areas.

During the web performance test, testing website functionality on different operating systems and different hardware platforms is checked for software and hardware memory leakage errors.

Performance testing can be applied to understand the website’s scalability or to benchmark the performance in the environment of third-party products such as servers and middleware for potential purchases.

Connection Speed: Tested on various networks like Dial-Up, ISDN, etc.


  • What is the no. of users per time?
  • Check for peak loads and how the system behaves.
  • Large amount of data accessed by the user.


  • Continuous Load
  • Performance of memory, CPU, file handling, etc.

#6) Security Testing

The following are some of the test cases for web security testing:

  • Test by pasting the internal URL directly into the browser address bar without login. Internal pages should not open.
  • If you are logged in using a username and password and browsing internal pages, then try changing URL options directly. I.e. If you are checking some publisher site statistics with publisher site ID= 123. Try directly changing the URL site ID parameter to a different site ID that is not related to the logged-in user. Access should be denied for this user to view other people’s stats.
  • Try using invalid inputs in input fields like login username, password, input text boxes, etc. Check the system’s reaction to all invalid inputs.
  • Web directories and files should not be accessible directly unless they are given the download option.
  • Test the CAPTCHA to automate script logins.
  • Test if SSL is used for security measures. If used, the proper message should get displayed when users switch from non-secure HTTP:// pages to secure HTTPS:// pages and vice versa.
  • All transactions, error messages, and security breach attempts should be logged in log files somewhere on the webserver.

The primary reason for testing the security of a web is to identify potential vulnerabilities and subsequently repair them.

  • Network Scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Password Cracking
  • Log Review
  • Integrity Checkers
  • Virus Detection

Types of Web Testing

A website is classified into about 20 types. All of these are shrinking under static and dynamic types. Among them let’s discuss 4 types and their testing methods in a detailed manner. Before that, I just want to bullet those types.

  • Simple static website testing
  • Dynamic web application testing
  • E-commerce website testing
  • Mobile website testing

#1) Simple Static Website

A simple static website will display the same content for all visitors who are visiting the website at different times. It is also known as an informational website. On a static website, only developers can make changes that too in code only. This type of website will not have any major functionalities and it purely depends on UI design.

Testing a simple static website is very easy, you have to consider only a few things while testing. Some of them are mentioned below:

Points to Remember:

#1) Testing the GUI design is a must because a static website purely depends on it. You need to compare the approved PSD files with the web page developed. Check if all the elements in the design are present on the actual page.

#2) The other part of GUI design is to check the font size, font style, spacing, and color everything has been reproduced.

The image below explains the spacing alignment issue in the desktop view of a website.

#3) Secondly, you need to check the links (page links) to see whether it is working properly or not. Also, find out if there is a broken link?

#4) Verify the spelling and content in all web pages by comparing the content given by the client.

#5) In some cases the image will not display properly, it may break or sometimes the image gets duplicated, and wrong images may display. It has to be checked keenly. Because for a static website, only content and images will give lives.

#6) Check the scroll bar carefully, and in my experience, I have faced issues with the scrollbar. The issue you will face is unwanted scrolling appearing or scrolls getting hidden (it may hide the content). The above issues are applicable to both horizontal and vertical scrolls.

#7) If there is a contact form check it is working properly by sending some dummy messages.

Things to check on the contact form are:

  • Is the message being sent properly and a successful message appearing?
  • Check if the email received to the concerned person is in the proper format as designed.
  • Check email should not land in spam as junk mail?
  • If a reply email trigger is activated then check whether the sender receives the email.

#8) Check whether it is an error-free web page and validate it with the W3 validator or other related software.

#9) Some common website testing check points:

  • Check if the favicon is present on the tab bar.
  • URL should contain the correct page title.
  • If copyright information is there, it should be displayed.
  • If there is a contact form, Captcha is a must. [It prevents junk email].
  • Check the loading speed of the website. [A static website should not take much time for loading]. If a gif image is used while loading then track its functionality.

Apart from these, there are huge things that have to be tested at the backend of every website such as system testing, security testing, interface testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, etc.

For this, you need to have technical knowledge. In a simple static website, you will not find more functionalities if there you need to do functionality testing too.

#2) Dynamic Web Application [CMS Website]

This is the type where the user can update and change their website content regularly. From here I am going to use the word “web application testing” instead of dynamic website testing. The web application is a combination of front-end and back-end programming.

The front-end will be HTML and CSS whereas the back-end uses programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, ASP, etc. With this backend, users/clients can add or change the content on the website.

Testing a web application is not as easy as testing a static website but not much more difficult than testing an e-commerce website. Functionality testing is the most important thing to be performed while testing a web application. The web application may contain much-complicated functionality so the tester needs to be very careful while testing.

There are two different types of web applications there, one is that no action will be carried out by the user on the front-end (i.e. only back-end changes will reflect on the front-end), the other is the end-user will work on the front-end itself (for example login, signup, newsletter subscription, and other similar actions). So testing should be done accordingly.

Points to Remember:

The points I mentioned in static website testing are to be included while testing a web application also. In addition to that, the following things are to be noted.

#1) In the GUI section, the tooltip is compulsory for all fields and buttons, field alignment (spacing) should be done properly, disabled field/ buttons should be greyed out, fields/ buttons should be in standard format as in SRS, error message should be displayed if something goes wrong, the pop-up message should only display at the center of the web page, a drop-down menu should not be truncated.

Tab shortcut key should work in all fields and more.

#2) In the functionality section, if your web application is having login or sign-up functionality then check the mandatory field validation, form validation (i.e. number fields should only accept numbers and not alphabets), and character restrictions on fields (i.e. only these many characters can be entered).

Special characters and negative number restrictions on fields, testing the email functionality, testing the document upload (i.e. only specified document type can be uploaded), timeout functionality, sorting functionality, JavaScript is working on compatible browsers, etc. should be tested.

#3) When coming to the back-end functionality section, test image uploading for broken images, whether text entering in the fields is working or not. The back-end update should reflect front-end and database testing (i.e., whether you can add new fields or delete unwanted fields) and all these things are to be performed.

Performance is not much necessary for a web application (dynamic website) since it has very little content. If you need you can do it with the tools with which you are familiar. Pick up some standard online performance tools if you want to do simple performance testing.

#3) E-commerce Website

An e-commerce website is somewhat complicated when compared to the above two. The tester needs to be very cautious while testing an e-commerce site. There is a huge amount of things to be checked on e-commerce sites out of them, I just covered some of the issues I experienced with e-commerce website testing.

In the GUI section, you need to check all the features as in SRS and the same with the functionality. The functionality will be almost the same for all commercial websites.

Functionality-wise you need to check all pages such as the main page (which includes featured products, special offers display, log-in details, search functionality), product detail page, category page, placing an order, payment gateway everything that has to be tested.

Points to Remember:

#1) Check if the shopping cart is getting updated when you buy or increase the quantity. Check this functionality in all pages and circumstances.

#2) Check if special coupons and offers are applied to correct orders and you see whether the discounted price is displayed or not.

[This image explains free shipping and how it is applied in the payment section]

#3) Sometimes while updating a single product it will get multiplied by considering the number of variations in the product. So check whether the single product is displayed and its variations are displayed correctly. (I faced this problem)

#4) Check if the filter option is working exactly. If filtering is been done, based on the category & pricing chosen?

#5) While signing up, super validation should be done. Only new users can sign up.

#6) If an existing user, added a product to the shopping basket, the wish list section during their previous login should be saved and displayed during the next login too.

#7) Compare products should work by comparing the products based on some specifications assigned in the back-end.

#8) Check whether the Currency converter is working fine. Based on the country chosen, the currency converter should display the relevant price and tax rates.

[On choosing the language Currency will be converted, here USD is meant to be the default]

#9) Generally many Plug-ins are used in an e-commerce (WordPress & similar) website. The plug-in installation may conflict with or affect any other major functionality. So follow up with the plug-ins installation and its usage.

#10) Check whether the social sharing option is working on the individual product or not.

#11) Shipping cost should be generated based on the region selected. Also check the tax rate generation. (It may cause some legal problems, during the end-users purchase).

tax rate
In this image Shipping and tax rates are calculated for the French region.

#12) Payment gateway should only work if valid card details are given. Validation should apply to the Card number and CCV code number. [It is better to keep validation on the card number field itself].

#13) Email generation on each and every process during purchase should happen (sign up, product ordering, payment successful, order canceled, order received and other email triggers if any).

#14) Check the live chat with some dumpy emails.

Note: Generally, e-commerce websites will not be developed for mobile compatibility and when coming to the mobile version an app will be generated. In some cases, they will not create an app instead a mobile compatible website will be created. In such cases, you need to check carefully to see if there are any missing functionality and UI deviations.

These are some of the issues I faced and noted while testing an e-commerce website. Apart from this, you need to check all the general things related to an e-commerce website.

#4) Mobile Website

First of all, let’s be clear about the mobile website. Generally, people think both a mobile website and a mobile application to be the same, but in reality, a mobile website is developed with HTML pages and can be viewed only with an internet connection.

But the mobile app is nothing but an application that can be downloaded and used later without an internet connection. Here many of us get confused and raise a question: What is the difference between a mobile website & responsive website?

A responsive website means making the content fit into the mobile device size instead of creating a version whereas a mobile website is creating a new version that is not a reflection desktop version. On the mobile website, you will have limited pages, and unwanted functionalities will be removed here.

Testing a mobile website is somewhat tedious rather than other types of websites. It will have separate designs and you need to be careful while testing the functionalities.

Points to Remember:

Important points to consider while testing a mobile website:

  • Usually, we will use an emulator for testing a mobile website and we can get ideal results but I always prefer you to test on real devices. I have faced many issues when I tested in real devices [Especially apple devices]. Real device specifications may conflict with the web pages developed.
The image explains simulator testing and the backline issue appearing in it.
  • GUI & usability testing are more important as it is not the reflection of the desktop version.
  • Performance is another important factor to be considered for mobile website testing. Performance-related issues can be tracked when you test in real devices.
  • Check whether browsing normal web links from mobile is getting triggered by a mobile link.
  • Check page scrolling, page navigation, text truncation, etc. on the mobile website.

Best Web Testing Tools

There are a wide range of testing tools that are available for web app testing.

=> Check this comprehensive list of the Most Popular Web Application Testing Tools.

Points to be Considered While Testing a Website

The websites are essentially client/server applications – with web servers and ‘browser’ clients.

Consideration should be given to the interactions between HTML pages, TCP/IP communications, Internet connections, firewalls, applications that run on web pages (such as applets, JavaScript, plug-in applications), and applications that run on the server-side (such as CGI scripts, database interfaces, logging applications, dynamic page generators, asp, etc).

Additionally, there are a wide variety of servers and browsers with various versions of each. They include small but sometimes significant differences between them in terms of variations in connection speeds, rapidly changing technologies, and multiple standards & protocols. The end result of which testing for websites can become a major ongoing effort.

Sample Test Scenarios for Testing Applications on the Web

A few other considerations to be included while testing a website are given below.

  • What is the expected load on the server (e.g., number of hits per unit time)?
  • What kind of performance is required under each load condition (such as web server response time, and database query response times)?
  • What kind of tools will be required for performance testing (such as web load testing tools, other tools already in-house that can be adapted, web robot downloading tools, etc.)?
  • Who is the target audience? What kind of browsers will they be using? What kind of connection speeds will they be using? Are they intra-organizations (thus likely with high connection speeds and similar browsers) or Internet-wide (thus with a wide variety of connection speeds and browser types)?
  • What kind of performance is expected from the client-side (e.g., how fast should pages appear, how fast should animations, applets, etc. load and run)?
  • Will downtime for server and content maintenance/upgrades be allowed? If so, then how much?
  • What kind of security (firewalls, encryption, passwords, etc.) will be required and what is it expected to do? How can it be tested?
  • How reliable are the site’s internet connections required to be? How does that affect the backup system and redundant connection requirements and testing?
  • What process will be required to manage updates to the website’s content?
  • What are the requirements for maintaining, tracking, and controlling page content, graphics, links, etc.?
  • What HTML specifications will be adhered to? How strictly? What variations will be allowed for targeted browsers?
  • Will there be any standard requirements for page appearance and/or graphics throughout a site or parts of a site??
  • How will internal and external links be validated and updated? And how often? will it happen?
  • Can testing be done on the production system, or will a separate test system be required?
  • What are browser caching, variations in browser option settings, dial-up connection variability, and real-world internet ‘traffic congestion’ problems to be accounted for in testing?
  • How extensive or customized are the server logging and reporting requirements; are they considered an integral part of the system and do they require testing?
  • How are CGI programs, applets, JavaScript, ActiveX components, etc. to be maintained, tracked, controlled, and tested?
  • Pages should be 3-5 screens max unless the content is highly focused on a single topic. If larger, provide internal links within the page.
  • The page layout and design elements should be consistent throughout the site so that it’s clear to the user that they are still on the site.
  • Pages should be as browser-independent as possible, or pages should be provided or generated based on the browser type.
  • All pages should have links external to the page; there should be no dead-end pages.
  • The page owner, revision date, and a link to a contact person or organization should be included on each page.

Web Testing FAQs

Below mentioned should be the various questions coming to a tester’s mind while thinking of a website that is already developed and can be exposed to the public:

  • Is the website functioning as expected?
  • Will the end-user find the website easy to browse?
  • Is the website accessible on different devices possessed by end-users?
  • Is the website secure enough?
  • Is the website performance up to the mark?
  • Is the data entered on a website stored accurately and if it persist across sessions?
  • Is the website integrated well with other interfaces in the workflow?
  • Will the website perform as expected even after going live?

To answer these questions, different testing techniques have been identified that can be used to test a web application.

Let’s take an example of an e-commerce website that has been recently released to the QA team for testing.

We’ll go through each one of the above-specified questions in detail to understand the scope of the test and see how website testing can be performed.

website testing

#1) Is the website functioning as expected?

To confirm that the website is functioning well, QA needs to perform functional testing. During functional testing, different features of an application need to be validated against the requirements mentioned in the functional specification document.

Below are a few generic scenarios a QA is expected to cover while performing functional testing of any website even if they are not mentioned in functional specifications:

  • User navigates to different pages of the website and completes the end-to-end workflow
  • If the user can select/deselect checkboxes
  • If the user can select values from the Dropdown fields
  • If the user can select/deselect Radio buttons
  • Different navigation buttons like Submit, Next, Upload, etc. buttons are working well
  • Calendars are loading properly and allowing the user to select a date
  • Calculations are happening as implemented
  • Search functionality is working if any
  • Correct Information display
  • Various internal & external links to other pages
  • Correct Tab Order of the fields on web pages
  • Mandatory and Optional fields should be verified for positive and negative inputs
  • Default values for each web field should be verified
  • Email functionality is implemented for some action on the website

It’s important for websites to be compatible with search engines. Hence, we should review websites for HTML syntax correctness, format & compliance standards like WS-I, ISO & ECMA.

Considering cookies, which are used to maintain login sessions, the website should be tested by enabling/disabling cookies or by using the mismatched domain. Testing can also be performed across sessions by resetting cookies to bring browsers back to the vanilla state.

QA should also validate that website cookies are always stored locally in an encrypted format.

Considering our e-commerce website, there are various links like Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Kid’s Fashion, Home Accessories, Electronic Appliances, Books, Movies & Music, etc. available on a web page, it should be clicked on and verified if the user navigates to the expected page.

Similarly, different functionalities like Login, Signup, Search Options, Filters, Sort Order, Add to Cart, etc. should be verified on different web pages like Login Page, Sign up Page, Product Details Page, Shopping Cart, Order Review, Payment, etc. The website should be checked for session/cookie management like session expiration, session storage, etc.

#2) Will the end-user find the website easy to browse?

Usability testing has to be performed to measure the website’s ease of use for an end-user in the context of accessibility, searchability, usefulness, etc.

Usability testing

Below mentioned are a few of the test scenarios that should be verified while performing usability testing for a website:

  • Website content should be informative, structured, and linked logically so that users can understand it easily
  • Web page controls should be easy for users to navigate
  • The website should have Help & Instruction documents uploaded
  • The website should have a Search feature for end-user convenience
  • Access to/from the Main menu to all pages should be there
  • Website content should be verified for any spelling mistakes
  • The website should follow defined guidelines in the context of background colors, patterns, styles, fonts, image placements, frames, borders, etc.
  • The website should be accustomed to the translation feature considering the fact that it can be accessed by users from different nations with different languages, currencies, etc.

A few tools that can be used to perform usability testing are User Zoom and Reflector.

An e-commerce website should be customer-friendly, easy to navigate, and attention-grabbing. All web pages should be verified for accessibility, fonts, styling, images, spelling mistakes, and product-relevant information. A website should be equipped with relevant help documents and customer support facilities.

Considering the increase in touchscreen-based interfaces, we need to validate the accessibility of both key inputs and touch screen inputs. Similarly, images and website content should be validated for usability on different screen sizes (mobiles, laptops, tabs, etc.).

#3) Is the website accessible on different devices possessed by end-users?

Assuming that our website can be accessed by a range of users with a different set of devices, we need to ensure that the website runs well on all of them without any glitches.

To ensure the same, website compatibility checks should be done which comes with Compatibility Testing. During the compatibility testing of a website, it is ensured that the website runs well on different browsers, Operating Systems & Devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets, printers, etc.

Browser Compatibility (Cross Browser Testing): The website should work well with different browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. All active versions of these browsers should be verified with different browser features turned ON/OFF.

Also, while performing cross-browser testing, QA should also check for optimal website performance across browsers.

Operating System Compatibility (Cross Platform Testing): In order to identify potential user experience issues, a website should be tested on various platforms like Windows, Linux, and Unix.MAC, Solaris, etc. in order to be sure of the OS compatibility.

Device Compatibility (Cross-Device Testing): A website can be browsed through different devices like laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. with different OS available like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Hence, testing should be performed on the devices to cover the below scenarios.

  • Website screen size should be adjustable as per the device
  • A device should be screen rotation featured
  • The website should not show up any loading issues on different devices with different network speeds
  • Verify the website behavior when the device is in/out of network range
  • Verify the website behavior on low CPU and Memory to support different form factors

For an e-commerce website, the compatibility check is one of the most important testing types. The customer base will be large and will access our website from different browsers, operating systems & devices.

Considering mobile platforms are becoming popular, we should ensure website load on small form factor under acceptable load time. It is also important to validate the use of different network speeds to ensure it is usable for all customers.

#4) Is the website secure enough?

Security testing is performed to uncover vulnerabilities in a system and ensure a website is secured.

Below is a checklist that can be verified while performing security testing:

  • The website should only be accessible to authenticated users
  • Website users should only be able to perform the tasks for which they are authorized
  • The website should be verified for CAPTCHA fields for user identification
  • Browser security settings should be verified while moving from secure to insecure pages
  • Web Server protection should be there for inaccessible web directories or files
  • Ensure restricted files should not be downloaded without appropriate access
  • Sessions that got inactive should automatically get killed after a certain period of time
  • All invalid and unauthorized attempts by end-users or intermittent system errors/failures should get logged for analysis purposes

Tools like Vulnerability Management, Veracode, and SQL Map can be used to perform security testing of your website.

As part of security testing, an e-commerce website should be validated for

  • Website Access Controls
  • No leakage in the user’s personal information
  • Secured Payment Methods

#5) Is the website performance up to the mark?

To check the performance of a website, performance testing can be done. It will evaluate the behavior of an application under a variety of workload conditions which could be a realistic scenario. If the system goes live without conducting performance tests, it may end up with issues like a slow running system or poor usability which likely will affect the brand image as well as market sales.

A website can be tested against load & stress.

Below given is the checklist for web performance testing:

  • Website behavior should be observed under normal and peak load conditions
  • The website’s performance should be examined by measuring response time, speed, scalability, and resource utilization
  • Proper RCA (root cause analysis) should be done with a solution if the system breaks down or gets unstable at any point in time
  • Network latency issues should be identified if any

An e-commerce website should be tested thoroughly using a set of simulated users during normal as well as peak load conditions which can be during ‘Sale Season’.

During the sale, users accessing the website will multiply. Also, website behavior should be examined while multiple concurrent users are accessing the same items or performing the same actions (like transactions or placing orders) on the website.

There are various tools available in the market for performance testing. A few of them are LoadRunner, WinRunner, Silk Performer, JMeter, etc.

#6) Is the data entered on a website stored accurately and persist across sessions?

The database is one of the critical components of a web application that holds the complete information entered through a website. Hence, to ensure that the correct user data is getting saved in database tables without any manipulation and to maintain data integrity verification should be performed.

  • Verify data consistency across user interfaces i.e. Website UI and Database
  • Verify that DB tables are updating properly whenever insert/update/delete actions are performed by a website application
  • Verify the response time of technical queries and fine-tune them if required
  • Check for DB connectivity and access permissions

As a QA team member testing an e-commerce website, you can perform the below activities and validate the changes each time in the corresponding database tables. This will ensure that the website UI and DB are consistent.

  • Placing an Order for a product
  • Canceling Product
  • Opt to Exchange Products
  • Opt to Return Product

#7) Is the website integrated well with other interfaces in the workflow?

Interface level testing is performed to check on the smooth interaction of the website with different interfaces like Web Server & Database Server.

During interface testing, the tester needs to make sure that the application requests are being sent properly to the database and correct information is displayed to the client as output. A webserver should not throw any denial exceptions at any point in time and the database should always stay in sync with the application.

#8) Will the website perform as expected even after going live?

Once a product moves into a production environment, a regular inspection should be done to keep a check on quality control.

Below are scenarios that can be considered while verifying the product in production:

  • Web application tests should be executed periodically and test logs should be saved as proof of Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliant
  • Auto-scaling systems and load balancers should be checked if in place and functioning
  • Keep a check on the end-user experience and try to uncover defects or malicious attacks that typically go unnoticed during QA testing
  • Monitor product response time during peak loads
  • Execute edge-level test cases in real-time to identify network failures, connection failures, or interruptions by an unexpected call


I have drafted this detailed tutorial with years of experience testing different websites.

Hope this article helps you understand the different facets of web application testing. Next time you sit down to write a test plan for your website, do remember to validate various aspects beyond the functionality of the website.

Hope this article was informative for you!

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    Broken links: If clicking on any link displays 404 page not found error then that link is said to be broken or unreachable link.
    Orphan link: If no internal link is pointing to any particular web page on your domain then that web page link is said to be orphan link i.e not having any ancestor and no way to reach that link from your domain !

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  37. Cookies testing:
    if the cookies are encrypted before writing to user machine. If you are testing the session cookies (i.e. cookies expire after the sessions ends) check for login sessions and user status after session end.

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    6) Security Testing:

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    Try directly changing the url site ID parameter to different site ID which is not related to logged in user. Access should denied for this user to view others stats.

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    All transactions, error messages, security breach attempts should get logged in log files somewhere on web server

  90. @ bhavya, i am not a tester yet but i would try to answer you. for example in a bank’s website, there should be a link to download a loan application pdf file and any user should not be able to access this or any other file by directly typing the address in the browser.
    If it is accesible, it is non-secure and vulnerable.

    CAPTCHA are challenging questions generated by machines to be responded by humans and not by machines, to make sure that the attempt to access is by a human and not by a bot. If CAPTCHA is enabled in a web login, it has to be tested.

    SSL is a cryptographic protocol for securing HTTP communication over the internet. When user switches from HTTP to HTTPS or vice-versa, a message window is pops up to inform about this switching and do you want to continue.

    Log files should be maintained to recording and future analysis of all web activities, so that corrective and preventive measures could be taken.

    @ For Vijaya and all testers, please correct my knowledge, where wrong.

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    Builds are program codes which developers deliver from time to time to the testers, while version is the complete application delivered to the end users.

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    Q: What is the difference between client-server testing and web based testing and what are things that we need to test?

    Ans: Projects are broadly divided into two types of:
    2 tier applications
    3 tier applications

    [a] This type of testing usually done for 2 tier applications (usually developed for LAN)
    Here we will be having front-end and backend.

    The application launched on front-end will be having forms and reports which will be monitoring and manipulating data

    Eg : applications developed in VB, VC++, Core Java, C, C++, D2K, PowerBuilder etc.,
    The backend for these applications would be MS Access, SQL Server, oracle, sybase, mysql, quadbase

    The tests performed on these type of applications would be
    – user interface testing
    – manual support testing
    – Functionality testing
    – compatability testing & configuration testing
    – intersystems testing

    [b] This is done for 3 tier applications (developed for Internet / intranet / xtranet)

    Here we will be having Browser, web server and DB server.

    The applications accessible in browser would be developed in HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript etc.,
    (we can monitor thru these applications)

    Applications for the web server would be developed in Adv Java, ASP, JSP, VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, Cold Fusion, PHP etc.,
    (all the manipulations are done on the web server with the help of these programs developed)

    The DBserver would be having oracle, sql server, sybase, mysql etc.,
    (all data is stored in the database available on the DB server)

    The tests performed on these type of applications would be
    – user interface testing
    – Functionality testing
    – security testing
    – browser compatability testing
    – load / stress testing
    – interoperability testing/intersystems testing
    – storage and data volume testing

    A web-application is a three tier application.
    This has a browser (monitors data) [monitoring is done using html, dhtml, xml, javascript]-> webserver (manipulates data) [ manipulations are done using programming languages or scripts like adv java, asp, jsp, vbscript, javascript, perl, coldfusion, php] -> database server (stores data) [data storage and retrieval is done using databases like oracle, sql server, sybase, mysql] .

    The types of tests which can be applied on this type of applications are:
    1. User interface testing for validation & user friendliness
    2. Functionality testing to validate behaviors, i/p, error handling, o/p, manipulations, services levels, order of functionality, links, content of web page & backend coverage’s
    3. Security testing
    4. Browser compatability
    5. Load / stress testing
    6. Interoperability testing
    7. Storage & data volume testing

    a client-server application is a two tier application.
    This has forms & reporting at front-end (monitoring & manipulations are done) [ using vb, vc++, core java, c, c++, d2k, power builder etc.,] -> database server at the backend [data storage & retrieval) [ using ms access, sql server, oracle, sybase, mysql, quadbase etc.,]

    the tests performed on these applications would be
    1. User interface testing
    2. Manual support testing
    3. Functionality testing
    4. Compatability testing
    5. Intersystems testing

    01. Application runs in single memory (Front end and Back end in one place)
    02. Single user only

    01. Application runs in two or more machines
    02. Application is a menu-driven
    03. Connected mode (connection exists always until logout)
    04. Limited number of users
    05. Less number of network issues when compared to web app.

    01. Application runs in two or more machines
    02. URL-driven
    03. Disconnected mode (state less)
    04. Unlimited number of users
    05. Many issues like hardware compatibility, browser compatibility, version compatibility, security issues, performance issues, etc
    see friend when we consider the security testing, both application should well secured to internal and external threat.

    As per difference in both the applications come where, how to access the resources. In client server once connection is made it will be in state on connected, whereas in case of web testing http protocol is stateless, then there comes logic of cookies, which is not in client server.

    More for client server users are well known, whereas for web any user can login and access the content, he/she will use it as per his intentions.

    so, there are always issuses of security and compatibility for web application.


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    In fact, the one mentioned in the material are what I know about. Is there really such models as K, A and L (or others)?

    What about terms like “invasion” or “non-invasion”, and not to mention “stub” and “smart monkey”? Are they really using these terms on daily basis? I mean, these terms are so alien to me. Hope you could enlighten me on this one.

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    User Acceptance Testing…is a testing by the cleint’s team at the end of testing before the code goes to production. The main AIM of this testing is Testing the Major functionality of the application is functioning as per User Acceptance Criteria (the functionality should be derived from the Requirements, based on the importance)…For UAT also testers can write the test cases (not exactly writing test cases..just picking up the major functionality test cases from the Test Cases you have prepared for execution, and giving them to the UAT team along with the screenshots for those test cases and proper data used)

  128. Hi All,

    Please correct me if i am wrong…

    There is no difference between these two…Because in testing terminology Build is the term used for particular code for that particular release…Once build (or code)goes to production, then we call it as Version…

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    For performance testing, the best tool can be used is LOADRUNNER…

    Web testing and mobile testing is totally different. Web testing experience may be helpful for testing web applications, but not for Mobile Testing…

    Testing methodologies are same for all kinds of applications but the domain knowledge is different from each other…

    Please find more details about mobile wireless testing from the below link:


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    Junior Test Engineer-> Software Test Engineer->Senior Test Engineer (Test Analyst)->Test Team Lead-> Senior Test Lead->Associate Manager->Manager-> Senior Manager->Delivery Unit Lead…..

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    # By direct pasting the link

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    # Logout the session, use browser BACK button and try the access

    # On view source, it should not display the scripts. (only html code can allowed to display)

    # Password field should not allow the user to copy or paste data

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  220. In web site testing,

    1. Block the cookies in internet options, many websites doesn’t work
    2. Check for error console and java script console. Many website (Popular websites) report error objects…

  221. Hi sai,
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    Addnl things wat i want to share:

    # There is no generic way in testing a web application. It may differs from one application to another.


    If you are going to test a simple web page with some basic applications like blog, forum, etc. There won’t be much typical functionality, so just check basic functionalities, usability and compatibility.

    If you are checking some social networking application, you must perform compatibility test. Because now a days lot of toolbars are available on site based (orkut/fb…). If the end user is passionate about the site, surely he/she will search for best toolbar for that site (regardless of browser). On such case we cant judge the user’s browser.

    # On usability, your system should be friendly for both mouse and keyboard. Coz based on the people’s profession and practice they are majorly addict with specific input device.

    Eg: Designers will majorly use the mouse, hardware based peoples majorly play with Keyboards, beginners or Non-IT people will use both.

  222. Maintaining consistency among the site is more important. This only please the user to stay in your site for longtime and to suggest others.


    # Title font: Style- Size – Color – Location – Alignment
    # Text font: Style- Size – Color – Location – Alignment
    # Images: Border – Size – Position – Resolution

    For tables:
    # Pagination: Number of items per page – Pagination style – Alignment – Color – Font(text/image)

    # Link color: Before and after click
    # Link opening style: In same window/new window/new resized window

    # Cursor style for links
    # Cursor style for pop-up image/links
    # Cursor style on text and other elements

  223. For typical e-com site:

    # Check the display options (images-contents-price-etc.)

    # Zone based Pricing (Eg: some product should display for US, some are only for south Asia)

    # Encryption of link and date while sending them to payment gateway (third party)

    # In URL, expect main page’s names all other items should be encrypted

    # Handling of sending/receiving data to/from third party page (Eg: Payment gateway)

    # No cookies should save the sensitive records

    # All cookies must be encrypted

    # Privileges of registered (login) user and unregistered (guest) users must be handled properly

  224. Suggestions about User Messages in web application:

    # All success messages should be displayed with Green color – Bold face (Don’t use all caps/Italics/underline)

    # All failure messages should be displayed with Red color – Bold face (Don’t use all caps/Italics/underline)

    # All alert message should be thrown in a pop-up window with “OK” button. (Which is the best way to alert the user attentively)

    # Error / Confirmation message should be displayed in the respective page only. Confirmation or error message in pop-up is not advisable.

    # Maintain consistency in the message displaying area.

    Eg: If you are showing the error/confirm message at the top of the page, then maintain the same all over the system.

    # Message focus should be maintained consistently.
    At the bottom of the page you are clicking the “Submit” button for a form and confirmation/error message is displaying at the top of the form. Then move the page focus to top of the page to show the confirmation/error message to the user.

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  227. Hi Chetan, #248

    Already such tips and methods are explained in comment numbers 239,243,244,245 and 246. I am sorry to say, here there is no option to upload file, so we can’t share screen-grabs.

    If you’ve any specific requirement, feel free to query. Surely we’ll discuss. Because lot of knowledgeable people are there in this forum, so i hope that we can get good and best suggestions.

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  240. Welcome Tanu.

    Few more tips:

    # Check the URL’s encryption. Except main page all other branches and sensitive pages should be encrypted in URL

    # Check the Cookies, all sensitive cookies should be removed automatically when the application get closed

    # Sensitive information stored in the cookies must be encrypted

    # For authentication kind of site, the cache must be cleared on exit

    # If we edit the cookies while the application is on run, then it should not affect the system; instead it should restore its original (proper) state when the next action happens in the application

    # All password and user’s sensitive information transaction should be encrypted

    # Encryption should be in the simple way to identify. Typically it should be the mix of special characters, numerals and alphabets(both cases A/a)

    # Folder level access should not be allowed. Eg: if the url opens a page inside a specific folder, then if any one deleted the file name and tried with that folder name should not be able to open that folder

    # Internal and external IP address mapped with the URL should be secured.

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  250. Recently we faced one new kind of issue in cookies testing. During the time of testing an application (ASP.NET/IIS 7/MS-SQL 2008/XP-SP2) i found a expiry time of cookie (authentication cookie) get varied from browser to browser.

    In Firefox it shows 3hrs; for the same time period in IE (6.0/7.0/8.0), Opera 10.6, Chrome 5.0, Safari – it shows 1 hr time period.

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    and I read the above article it is too good,
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    3) How do we test Each page will they give any snap short for that page as per we do our testing or any other approaches…
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  253. Hi Sunitha (#274)

    For IE 8, Press F12 -> Cache -> View Cookie information (Information will get opened in IE Browser)

    For IE 6, Tools -> Internet options -> Browsing History settings -> View files -> (Temp internet files) there you can find that cookie file

    For Firefox, Tools -> Page info -> Security -> View Cookies (By selecting the appropriate cookie file name, you can find the expiry time)

  254. Thanks Mayasen…. actually 1st time am trying this testing on my own… lets me understand this little more later if i get doubt which then i vl come back to you thanks for ur basic info:)

    Hi Ranjith,
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  255. Welcome sunitha. Surely will help you.

  256. Hi Ranjith (#275)

    # 1. Functionality testing will be the first level

    # 2. Basically we people are using some readers for spell and grammar check. Typically user only provide all the textual information, developer won’t change them. They simply copy-paste the item. Possibly the typo error will come only on the messages, button, page titles, etc.

    # 3. Based on SRS (Software Requirement Spec) our business people will prepare the BRS. On that time the project’s functional spec get designed by the managers. That doc will help you to test the each and every page and its functionality.

  257. Thank you very much both of u Sunitha and Mayasen…

    I am looking for u r further help…..

  258. Sure ranjith. You are welcome.

  259. hi sunitha, when u r going to start web testing plz let me know……..if u don’t mind at this mean time what ever u have collected the info for the project, if could u share with me that will be very help full to me. this is my mail id ranjithks@assyst-international.com, ranjithkumar_s@yahoo.co.in., Once u send that doc’s i will go through that and will give inputs any uncleared requirements and different thoughts to u…
    Hi Mayasen, If u don’t mind if u have any small web app testing projects plz share with me..it will be more and more help full to me… now i am on bench until we get new project i want use this time very effectively…
    thanks in advance… both of u

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  263. @shubhangi: Pls let me what type of web application or website you are going to test, also what sort of testing you need to perform. Mail me all your queries: bishalchaperia@gmail.com

    Many Thanks

  264. Hi Ranjith,

    rite now i have prepared one checklist which covers almost all types of basic testing….that i can share with u.
    you are telling now u have bit free time so try to find out some tools which vl be helpfull for website testing (like spelling check, broken link etc….) and share with me :-)
    1.i have to test dynamic data in my website , for dynamic data we are using WCM tool… if u have any idea of how dynamic data can be tested with 3rd paty website(webservise testing)..what if , while testing 3rd party websiteis not available?
    2. Now i am planning to starting testing by page wise(i.e in each page that cheklist needs to be executed ) , but we have requirement doc also, so plz tell me from ur exp which approch is good executing chk list or writting scenarios from req doc??

  265. Hi Suni, (#286)

    For first run go ahead with the requirement spec. and then with your checklist.

    Reg dynamic data you can use either web service or can handled by the code itself. It depends on your proj requirements.

  266. Mayesen,
    am not clear….:( k let me try…
    u do one thing insted of answering my quest …
    u only tel me what u have done in website testing, which might help me:) …
    Not urgent , reply when u r free…..

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  275. Sure. Will try to send soon. Same time check all the comments in this page, so that you can get some additional info.

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