Career options for Software Test Professionals

This is a guest post from author Gunasekaran Veerapillai, Bangalore

Over the last one decade the profile of software tester has undergone tremendous changes. Testing has become show-stopper for several application/product implementations and business has realized the importance of structured testing of applications before release.

Testing has created several levels and types and specialization in these various types of testing has increased the intrinsic value of a software tester. From being a

monotonous test case executor, several career options have evolved in front of the testing community. The following diagram depicts the various options available to a software tester.

Career options for software test professionals:

Software testing career options

Of late, testing is looked after as a good professional career for many of the aspiring youths. As mentioned above, from being test engineer one can move to senior test engineer, test lead to test manager; else can become QA lead, QA Manager. The options available in the testing tools side are enormous. There are numbers of functional, performance, security testing tools besides test management tools like Quality Center from HP, CQTM from IBM etc.,

The demand for niche skills like SOA testers, Security testers are on the increase. There is a dearth of skills in test automation areas – scripting skills in the tools languages like VB, Java and other scripting languages like Perl, Shell, Python etc., Technical resources with capabilities to evaluate automation tools, create automation framework and reusable components are on demand. Always there is demand for good performance testers who can analyze the performance test results, identify the bottlenecks and suggest tuning techniques.

Specialization has come to stay in the testing career – following are some of the key areas where one need to specialize to move ahead in a career path in testing apart from good knowledge in the software lifecycle testing process.

1) Domain Knowledge

– Good knowledge in domain area of the application adds value to the testing professionals. There are ever living domains like BFSI, Telecom, Healthcare, manufacturing, embedded etc. Numbers of certifications are available for each of these areas where the tester can get them certified.

2) Automation Testing Tools Knowledge – There is great demand for automation and performance testers. A good skill on scripting languages of these tools is the basic necessity for succeeding in test automation. Knowledge on creation, validation, and enhancement of test automation framework is very much required.

3) Certifications – QAI, ASQ, ISTQB and several other institutes are offering testing specific certifications. These certifications improve the confidence of the clients on the testing professionals. CQTM, PMP are some managerial certifications, which help the testers to scale up in the professional ladder. Certifications on the testing tools offered by vendors like HP increases the technical competency of the individual.

4) Niche areas in Testing – Experts predict that the niche areas like SOA testing, Security testing are gaining momentum in the testing space. Many tools are emerging in these areas. As testing professionals, we should be aware of where the industry is heading and update our knowledge in those areas.

Knowledge updating is a continuous process. Several websites like stickyminds, QAForums offer excellent insight into various facets of the testing arena. I always request my team members to spend at least two hours in a week in these selected websites to update themselves to the current happenings and events.

As the saying goes “you need to run continuously to keep yourself in the same place”, as testing professionals we should always work towards sharpening our testing skills to succeed in this competitive environment.

What is your career goal?

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#1 sudeepa

Nice article to know the future of s/w tester…..

#2 Mohit Khatri

In the testing profession position is the main concern this article is really worthful which is providing different paths of testing career.

Thanks Gunasekaran Veerapillai for providing such good information.

#3 sivam

This is a superb topic, it really helped me a lot.I need to know more websites where i can develop my skills.Thanks a lot

#4 Arun kumar

Hi I like this Article ..Really it is useful for the testers…………Thanks for posting such an Article……

#5 Ali Asgar

Hi, This is really good topic coverd testing future and various options,that one can go towards them.

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This is a nice article which help in growing our career path as a Software Tester.

Enjoy Testing,

#7 Swapnil

It really helped me a lot.I need to know more websites where i can develop my skills.Thanks a lot

#8 Kavitha

Hi, This article has given a right path for my testing career. Can you please provide some of the best open source defect tracking tools for a web application. Am working for a developing company. Right we are just tracking in the Excel sheet.

#9 Shrinivas

This is a great direction for software testers.

I want to know what is the average experience required to get these positions.
I mean if I am a Test engineer then how many years will it take to become Sr. test engg->test lead->test manager…

I know there are many factors on which this promotion depends, but want to get some idea in average years..

#10 Gunasekaran V

kavitha –

Please refer the following link for the various open source defect management tools –


Two to three years as Test engineer – 3 -4 years as STE and 5 years and above as Test Lead and after 7-8 years as Test manager would be ideal. But all of us does not get that opportunity. we can always work towards that by improving our skills and showing out-of-box thinking in testing.

#11 Inder P Singh


I would say that in order to progress in one’s career path, one should explore the diversification option too. The responsibilities of testing professionals will increase on a continuous basis. Different skills may be (and usually are) required in new projects. A well-balanced and increasing skill set (testing skills (documentation/ execution/ reporting/ communication), knowledge of the current tools and techniques, domain knowledge in multiple domains, soft skills etc.) should definitely enable one’s faster progress up the career path.

#12 Sujatha

Hey good one!!!

#13 Raj

It is useful article to plan your career in testing/QA/SCM

#14 sugan

Yeh its very good article,
Actually i have a great confusion whether going to development side r be in testing side itself.
Some of my friends saying jump to development side and some of my friends saying be in testing itself… so tel some suggesstions, i am a test engineer

#15 Prashanth

the above article is good and useful for the Testing Professional.

#16 Rajesh

Good article for those interested in s/w testing

#17 Madhavi


I am Madhavi. Currently working as a software Engineer(Developer).I want to change to Testing(QA) domain.Please can anybody guide me . How can I shift to Testing domain. What kind of questions will be asked in interview.

#18 Kavitha

The last wordings u have written here are very true!!! Thanks a lott!!!

#19 Mallikarjun

Hello Madhavi, I am Mallikarjun working as a s/w engg on testing.if u change ur carrier to testing side u ll get gud future, bcoz u hv developing knowledge.
u ll take coaching on testing.u go and join in MindQ institute which is SR Nagar, Ameer pet.
All doubts ll be clarrified there. carry on
All the best

#20 san

Hey guys can u pls tell me wat r the problems or issues of using JIRA bugtracking system?

#21 Duong

Brilliant article!!! there is another path called Technical Writer, the one who write specification and user guide, all kinds of doc for product. can it be right?

#22 sirisha

I have a question..Please answer it my dear frnz!!!

What is the job/role of a Technical Writer in real-time scenario? Is that a good job for the people who want to shift their career from Test Engineer position to Technical Writer?

#23 vivek

This information provides me more helpful, keep posting this kind of artical

#24 Beena


#25 Tiger2K

Hi Sirisha,
A Technical writer designs, creates, maintains, and updates technical documentation—including online help, user guides, white papers, design specifications, SRS and other documents by interacting with customers, developers, and support.

Technical writing has very good scope in India because there are plenty of software companies and the clients are mostly from US and Europe and the prefer india ( for technical writing) because technical writing is done in a very systematic way, were standards, conventions, style guides, processes etc are followed. It also goes through various stages were a draft is prepared and approved, and a QA review, technical review, editing, signing off etc are done.

Hope its clears your doubts.


#26 pankaja


#27 selvam

clears the path of testers.
keep going…good luck

#28 Mahender Reddy

Nice article….

Hi Vijay,

Please give the detail answer for the below question.

What is Localization(L10N), and Internationalization(I18N)?

#29 gm

I’m an MCa graduate passed out in 2002. i’ve done a course in software testing and looking for a job in the same. i dont have any real time experience so far. whats the probability of getting a job now . please let me the various ways in which i can land into a job

#30 R.Prakash, SQA Lead

Hi Gunasekeran veerapalli,

Nice article, it would be nice to post articles at least monthly once.

#31 elango

what u mean by test matrix

#32 Ravi Sharma

It’s really useful, thanks a lot!!

#33 Syam

i had completed my MBA with system specialization in the year 2004 .Now i want to join in software testing . is this qualification is sufficient to enter that professionals and in future career growth .please help me to resolve the situation .

#34 Mayur

Really nice article. Please elaborate more on performance testing and how to begin carrer in PT, Courses to be done for knowledge gathering

#35 sunder

hello ,
i am wanted to know wheather it is possible to enter into software testing job with MBA ( System ) pass out in the year 2004. if yes then what is thge procedure for it .

bye sundar

#36 bharath

hi ,
It’s really useful thanks a lot


#37 pooja

This information provides me more help, keep posting this kind of articals.

#38 Shubhi

It’s a very nice article , I came to know so much about scope in testing field. Can you please provide me some scenario based examples for writing test cases.

#39 Joy


Thanks for the excellent article.
I wanted some advise from you on my career.
I am an expert in Japanese language and have good knowledge of C, C++, and Dot Net.
Currently I am thinking of doing a course in software testing.
What are the career prospects with my qualification?
Please could you also suggest some practice resources for the same.

Thanks in advance,


#40 Jeevitha


I am working as a software test engineer. I would like to do certfications in Testing. I don’t know whether i should do the certification in Software Testing or in Quality Analyst.. Can you please tell me on what basis QA is different from Software Testing and which one has more advantage from the future perspective..

Thanks ,

#41 zhang

This is a good information for testers. I have worked as testers for 4 years and at present i am a test lead. but seems so difficult to exptend my carrier to test manager. i also like test consultant, but i did not find that position in real life

#42 sharad kulkarni

Nice article.

#43 mahalakshmi

Hi vijay,
I hav around 3 yrs exp in manual teseting… i would like to know about SOA testing… and also wil i be eligible for SOA testing?

#44 sharad kulkarni

Hi vijay,

could you tellme what is the STLC Cycle. and What are the stage of STLC.

Thanks in advance.

#45 Kapil


Test design and analysis
Test execution and control.
Test closure

In each and every phase we have several tasks to be done.
For more details u can get them from ISTQB meterials in yahoo group

#46 sharad kulkarni

Thanks kapil for enlighting me on this topic.

#47 Shrikant

It’s good article. The key areas listed must be practiced by each QA. No doubt, There are plenty of opprtunities but for that we have to take pain of updating ourself.
It’s a good practice to allocate 1 hr a day to browse sites on s/w Testing.
All the best to all !! Let’s Grow and Glow !!

#48 M'siaGreenApple

This is good article actually. By the way, a functional tester career path also similar with above diagram(software tester)??

#49 Leena

I have completed my BE and currently working with MNC as a software developer.
I have completed my certification in SQTL.
I have around 3 years of IT (developement) experience.
now I am planning to switch to testing.
please let me know if anybody of you have openings in your current company. I will send my resume then.
thanks in advance

#50 jiya

I realy want to start my career in software testing .Reading this article I realy found it very much beneficial for me.I did bsc-it can u plz suggest me from where I should do s/w testing in gurgoan ( or learn) .plz help me bcoz there is no one to guide me.after bsc-it i should go for mca or I can directly switch to s/w testing.Thanks

#51 vipin

I have completed my Graduation in IT and currently working with MNC as a software Tester.
I have around 3+ years of Testing experience.
now I am looking for job change
please let me know if anybody of you have openings in your company. Please contact me through my personnel mail id:

thanks & regards

#52 fifie

i got job in software testing field by chance.i found this kind of job is really challenging and need art skills plus creative to break the system.



Thanks for the excellent article.
I wanted some advise from you on my career.
I am an expert in Japanese language and have good knowledge of C, C++, and Dot Net.
Currently I am thinking of doing a course in software testing.
What are the career prospects with my qualification?

#54 Rahul

send your sesume to
I will do needful tgo you.

#55 Ashish Dugal


I have 5.9 years of total IT experience including 1 year of automation(QTP) experience.
I have done MCM and cleared QTP (HP certification exam). I have majorly worked in Banking, Insurance and Advertisement domains.

Right now, I am working with Synechron Technologies. I have a valid B1 visa and travelled onsite for 3 months.

Please let me know if there is any suitable opportunity for me

#56 naveen

hi everyone….

i am BCA proffessional, looking for a career in s/w,
so pls suggest options available, i am planning for s/w testing course so how far it is good for career growth , is there any better option than tat a…pls let me know….or even mail me for

#57 murali

It is better to learn technologies and try to get one year of dev exp, then choose testing side…. and then only you can survive in this field. because u need to do some programing while doing automation testing.

#58 Vaishali Gaikwad

Hi All,

I am working as Software Test Engineer in Manual Testing and I have 2 years experience in testing. Please let me know if any opening in testing.

#59 Neha Aggarwal

Its really beneficial. Before redaing this, I was really confused with my testing carrer but know i got what to do next, how to proceed
thanx a lot!!

#60 Sandy

Thanks a lot for this good article,
I have 5 years of experience in QA, mostly automation and web. Recently I lost my job and trying to fit in any position but not working out.

So, I am trying do some certification, kindly some one guide me which is good a networking or analyst.

#61 Greeshma

I am working as a Tets Engineer in a product based company and i have 2 years of experience in manual testing.In our company we are preparing the test cases using the design document and with the help of the product which is of the pervious version. Here the SRS document is not up to date. We are not preparing any test plan and the testing is done not according to the testing life cycle. Whether this problem affect my career?

#62 Reshu

hey I am working as a Sr. test engineer, I have 4 yrs of exp., but now, I am really bored of this testing job, can anyone please tell me what are the other job profiles available for me, where my testing experience will also be counted.

#63 Narayan

I am having 6Years of experience in software industry. This website is very good for those who want to join for the software testing, at least you have to go through this website twice or thrice, this website is very useful for freshers as well as experienced professional. Thanks for providing the useful website for the users.

#64 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Ms.Greeshma (#62),
As you are working on product based company, During the time of interviews, Just say that “Based on PRDs (Product Requirement Document(s)), We are going to write test plan”. Don’t say that, Based on Design Document(s), We are going to write test plan.

In max cases, SRS or PRD(s) won’t get updated, May be because of several reasons. One among those reasons is due to lack of time, or unavailability of the resource(s), or may be not actually required due to very few minor changes or whatever.

So, Even I too agree that, Its bit difficult to enhance the existing test plan for the up-coming new releases.
Forget about “doing testing as per testing life cycle”. Because its not possible in real time to follow. Moreover all the releases (projects/products) are under sustenance/maintenance/support etc., But not getting started from the scratch.

Please remember that, You need to know “V” model of software testing life cycle before facing the interview. And even you can say the interviewer as “We are following “V” model for software testing life cycle.

Simple, Keep throwing your worries aside. Just relax. Not following perfect process of software testing life cycle for doing software testing “will never affect your future”.

Keep smiling.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the right way”.

#65 balaji

I am G.Balaji working as a test engineer for 10 months
i am testing only the web applications developed in php and mysql
in our company they are handling both the products and projects ( which is developed only in php and mysql)
we are not preparing the test plan, and test cases , in our company
by refering the website the testing is carried out, and using bugtracking tool ( mantis) we are reporting the bug.
my doubt is without referring the srs ,without preparing both the test plan , and test cases testing process is carried out in our company
is it necessary to write the test cases for testing web applications
reply , will this testing process will affect my carrer ?

#66 balaji

as i have already told i have been testing web applications only,
if the company recruitment is 2 years of experience in testing which is desktop or client server application
shall i apply for that position
will the company consider my resume

anyone please

#67 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Mr.Balaji (#66 & #67),
You said, “In our company by referring the website the testing is carried out”….
If you would have explore on this – it will be good.
However, I feel that, You are going to test (Menus/Sub Menus/Buttons/Links/Spell check/ Page Naviagation (paging)/ Compatibility (with different browsers), Usability (help documented properly or not).. etc.,

Ok, Its all depends on the Client. Hope its your own product (your company’s product / project)! Strictly speaking, Test Design Document & Test Plan(s) are must for testing an application (desktop application or web application) /product. And this process is often referred as exploratory testing.

Even for web applications also TDDs and TPs are required (necessary). Its the process that your (you) company is following (not having proper TDDs & TPs).

How it affects your future?
No, It won’t affect your future. But don’t disclose this testing procedure (process) with the interviewer(s). But mention that, You are authoring test design documents and test plans, And once build get ready, You are going to execute the same.

Yes, Just go ahead and apply for any kind of requirement. You need not to worry, Except making sure that you are thorough about “all basic definitions and testing process of software testing”.

Good luck.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Admit mistakes, But learn from them”.

#68 balaji

thanks a lot Govardhan reddy for reply

actually i am testing
functionality testing
browser compatibility testing
user interface testing
security testing
content checking ,spelling, page navigation and so on manually by referring the web applications and reporting the bug in bug tracking system
i am not preparing the testplan because i am the only one tester in the team
how to write the test cases for webapplication testing without refering the srs

but now i am writing the test cases for the webapplications by referring the website not referring the srs
ex : sign up ( by referring the sign up page)
my doubt is it a correct process of writing testcases i think the correct process is referring the srs
expecting reply from govardhan reddy
and also i need email id of you

#69 sreej

guys wanted 3
+years must exp(2+) must in testing send resumes,location..chennai,noida,uganda,malysia certified candiates prefer…no need apply for contract working, good offer sal 5-11L P.A…..intersted candi…apply……

contract guys appy for this 3+exp 1.6 must in testing loc..goa,pune…noida..contract hire…basis 1 year based on perform change contract sal 3-5.5L p.a send resumes…,

#70 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Mr.Balaji (#69),
What you are testing is correct. But usually the same kind of testing will be done with proper (reviewed and approved) test plan. As you mentioned, You are the only test engineer, May be due to lack of resources/time etc., You (your company) is not following of that process (authoring of test plan, sending it for review, updating test plan as per comments/suggestions, again review and approving).

But your guess is correct. Proper (here I refer proper as “up to date and complete”) SRS is required for authoring test plan (for corner coverage of the
DUT – Device Under Test or
SUT – System Under Test or
AUT – Application Under Test.)

Purely speaking, That is not the correct process or ways to follow (Currently what you are following). But just leave all worries aside, Because when you once step in to different company (or may be in the same company in future (not sure)), For sure, We are going to be provided with proper documents for authoring test plan.

Hope now you are cleared – I guess!

Good Luck.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Success is meaningless unless it is translated in to

#71 balaji

hi govardhan reddy thanks for continious reply

you have cleared my doubt , my other doubt is If i go for the interview what i should tell to the interviewer whether i should tell (in our company not preparing the test plan not having the upto date srs for writing the test cases ,by referring the web application only i am writing the test cases ) or preparedtestplan,prepared testcases by referring the srs
expecting reply from Mr.Govardhan reddy

#72 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Mr.Balaji (#72),
Its pleasure to share my knowledge/experience with you. You are welcome.

Fine, Here are my suggestions to you.

1. We have to say that we are going to get HLD (High
Level Design document(s)) from client – If we are working
for Client, If its our own project (Company’s project
only), We have to say that, we are going to get HLD
first either from Technical Writers (in maximum
cases) or from Development team.

2. Based on HLD (whether we get from Client/
Internally), LLD/LLDs is/are going to prepare

3. Based on this LLD (Low Level Design document(s)),
We are going to write/author test plan.

4. Whenever enhancement happens to the project, HLD
gets updated followed by LLD (Means that LLD also
gets updated based on the updated HLD).

5. During this time, We are going to enhance the
existing test plan covering all corners of the
enhanced feature(s)/Module(s) etc.,

6. Note: If required/needed, May be there is a need to
author new test plan for each feature/module –
However this task depends on Client/

7. We have to say that, Apart from test plan, We are
going to test…
System Navigation (To test any links broken?)
Application Flow (To test help documented properly?)
Build is compatible for upgrade and degrade.
Cross Platform:
Test with different browsers in Windows OS.
Test with different browsers in Linux OS.

Note: This will be done, If these (miscellaneous) are not
covered under test plan.

1. Never ever say that, We don’t have test plan.

2. We are not going to author test plan.

3. We don’t have HLD/LLD

4. SRS is not up to date.


Hope now you are cleared.

Don’t follow this proverb (“A harmful truth is always better than a useful lie”) that too when you are asked for these kind of basic question(s).

If the question(s) are complicated like …
1. How do you prepare a report in QC/Test Director by filtering with the below fields..
Designer = Mr.Balaji
Status = Passed And Failed
Version = 3.0
Platform = GUI (WebUI)

Ans: Just say answer if you know, If not, Just follow the above proverb. Means that, Just say “No”, I never did this.

Note: Don’t confuse HLD, LLD, SRS.
SRS may be HLD or LLD
SRS may be HLD and LLD

Good Luck.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Smooth roads never make a Good Driver, Problem free life never makes a Strong Person”.

#73 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Mr.Balaji,
If you want to know answer for my question (in my reply to you), Just refer the below link and read out the question asked from Ms.Madura (comment number #127) and the answer from me (Mr.Govardhan Reddy M) (comment number # 128).

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Results matter, Efforts won’t”

#74 balaji

hi mr,govardhan reddy

can you please explain about the HLD and LLD document in detail.
I think
HLD is screenshot details and flow diagram details for modules (ex : sign up form,login form)
and LLD is code related details for modules if i am wrong let me know what is HLD and LLD.
you told that SRS may be HLD and LLD
and SRS may be HLD or LLD
so using this we should prepare the test cases right

#75 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Mr.Balaji (#74),
HLD: Information in brief.
Information is concise (expressing much in few
LLD: Clear and indetail explanation.

Use Case: Graphical representation of business flow.

If it is the product (and not the project), Then we refer them as PRD (Product Requirement Document) instead of SRS.

Don’t get confused. This is just for your reference.
You may just mention as “Based on the updated SRS – We are going to author/design/write test plan.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Read more books than you did last year”.

#76 Amruta

This article is really nice.
But i want openings for Tester(Fresher)

#77 balaji

hi govardhan reddy since i am the only one test engineer in my team the company is gng to recruit two people in our team , if i am leader for them how i should write the test plan.
can you please tell me the steps for writing test plan,

#78 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Ms.Amruta,
1. Don’t wait for someone to send you the email with
regard to the openings.

2. Upload your profile in major job sites, Like naukri,
monster (, etc.,

3. Don’t forget to update your resume on daily basis (if
you’ve internet access), If not at least keep updating
for couple of days once.

4. Moreover you can create a job messenger in naukri,
wherein you’ll be keep getting emails based on your
search engine(s) that you’ve created.

5. Do some R & A (Research & Analysis) on naukri and
monster, So that, You’ll come to know, How to
search the jobs based on Company, Location,
experience, technology, latest/a week back, a
month back, new jobs, etc.,

6. Most of the jobs are there for entry level test
engineers in different locations in different
companies that too with reasonable salary package.

7. Please remember that, No one can play your role
well except you.

8. In between, Try to cover maximum definitions in
testing, And moreover all the basic concepts of
testing, STLC, SDLC, Bug life cycle, (and also, very
basic knowledge of automation like, why
automation, what for automation, when to go for
automation, etc.,).

9. Try to register in which is the
dedicated website for testing jobs.

10. Don’t wait for emails to come to your email from
naukri or monster or testingken etc., instead keep
logging in to those sites daily/couple of days once,
So that you’ll end up with n number of jobs related
to testing.

By the way, Just pen down your email id, So that, If I come across with the jobs for entry level, Then I route/forward that information to you.

Have a great day ahead!

Good luck.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Impossible is nothing, If your heart is willing”.

#79 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Mr.Balaji (#78),
Just leave your worries aside, As without SRS, No one can ask you(us) to write test plan. If SRS is provided, Then you’ll easily identify the test cases that you need to cover in your test plan.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Don’t over do, Keep your limits.”

#80 balaji

hi Govardhan reddy
can you please tell me any good institute in chennai for qtp training

#81 vikram


I have small query and need your help bloggers.
I have 1 year of experience as .Net developer later on i joined a company where my role got changed. Currently,i’m writing Performance Script.
Though i’m writing script in still some time i confused about where i am ?
Please guide my about.
i.performance testing carrer
ii.How it will benefitial for me ?

waiting for reply

#82 Kapil Bhargava

i am working as DBA trainee in SQL Server at Icronex Technologies and i got an offer from nagarro for software testing . Pls suggest me which profile is better from growth point of view

#83 ashok

i want to learn the testing rools course..which modules i need to learn..and how can i learn perfectly..which one is the best institute in bangalore..i must settle in software field and i have to get good position in this field..can any one be in contact to rectify my mistakes and enhance my skills..please….

i have decided what ever will be happened i should learn this twsting tools course..but i need to know from any one how to start and where to start…

#84 Arun

Hello Ashok,
Please let me know your requirements.
I am ready to help you to learn testing tools.Please contact me i will tell you in details.
I am in bangalroe

#85 Pradeep

Hei Ashok,

I did testing from Cegonsoft Pvt Ltd, Chennai.
They provide Manual & Automation tools.
Now im working a concern as a test engg.

But my suggestion, get trained in QTP automation, even do a project in it. Which helps you to get a career.

#86 Nagaraj

Hi all,
I’m staying in bangalore.I’ve been worked as a java developer for 2 years then they put me in to performance tuning and testing side.I have learnt some online tools,plugins and IBM Rational performance tester tool which is related to performance testing.I have around 6-8 months in this.This is purely technical testing.Now i’m confused whether i have to continue into performance testing itself or again going to developing side.can anyone tell me which is best? Performance tester carreer is better than developer?
Please reply as soon as possible.I’m planning to switch other company.If performance testing carrer is good then do i need to take any course.

Waiting for your reply,
“We won’t get anything without we try it”

#87 dwaipayan saha

Iam Deploma in cse,having 18 months of work exp in mnc.I am diploma in java(sun certified) from NIIT,also at present iam diong diploma in Software testing(including all the IBM rational tools,IBM rational manual tester,IBM rational Robot,Essential IBM rational functional Tester,Java script.NET 2005 scripting).What is my carrer option.

#88 vinay

I am 2009 passout recruited in tcs. they have kept me in testing(manual). How can i build my carrer to go on to development side? please………
else how can i go to build my carrer in testing?

#89 shekhar

i am having 3 years of exp in manual testing could u any one help me in automation qtp and load runner which would be good as per career point of view and which tool provide more job option in the software industory

#90 raasi

Hi All,
I need a career advice regarding the testing field. I have completed BE Computers and worked for Siebel support for 2yrs. In that job I couldn’t get much scope for learning Siebel. After that I had a career break for 2 years because of my daughter. Now i want to start my career again and I am feeling that testing would be a better choice instead of Siebel. Currently I am staying in Pune. I need all of yours valuable suggestions in this regard.
Thanks in advance,

#91 swanand

What are the prospects of testing as career with respect to s/w development.
I have just passed out in 2010

#92 veena

hi.. im a fresher, 2010 passed out..
i wanted 2 knw if software is a gud carrer option….?
if i do s/w testing den wt r d job opportunites….?
im confused bwt doing a SAP course r a s/w testing course…
kindly help me out wit dis…
ur relpy wil b appreciated..
thankQ…. :-)

#93 vinod

Hi i am 2009 passed out..I have done my MBA….I am planning to get into S/W field.
Now i am doing a S/W testing course from one of the training centres in bangalore…Presently i am undergoing manual testing….
Can anyone suggest me after manual testing what are the tools i should learn to get a job in S/W testing

#94 ankit mishra

hiiiiiiii i am 2007 passout ,i have done c-dac from pune in 2009 now i am doing software testing course from pune

an anyone suggest me after manual testing what are the tools i should learn to get a job in S/W testing

i attended a lot of interviews call from IT companies ,they always ask me ….what have done in between 2007 and 2009.????????

please suggest me answer for this question..

my second question is (2) why do you want to make a carrier in software testing ??????

give me some tios about that

#95 manjunatha s

my name is manjunatha. i am a BE graduate in E&C. In Bangalore, which institute is good to learn software testing?

#96 Saurabh

I wanted to know whether a person can change his/her career stream from Testing to Deveoplment?

#97 anju

i am a BE in cse .this is useful for me

#98 Suganya

I have completed my B.Tech IT (2010) passed out..
I was placed in hewitt associates.but am having lots nd lots of questions nd doubts abt testing field……

which one is good?whether testing or development field?Cud i able to shine in testing field…….?
wat tings i shud learn to cope up in dis field?

pls anyone guide me……

Do anyone kno abt SAS?wat shud i do to improve my coding efficiency in SAS?…..

#99 maggie

hi, i’m working as a jr. test engineer for a start up in bangalore. i got jus 2 months of experience. i’m the only member of the testing team. i need some career advancement help so as to wht would be my next designation


#100 maggie

hi, i would also like to know if i could develop as a QA Engineer.

#101 Karuna Kailas Rane

I have done Bsc (Computer Science) ,and currently I am doing a job in data transcription if i will doSoftware Testing ,then in IT my experience will count or not.Please guide me.

#102 uday

hi, i would like to know about the future of ibm mainframes with software testing. whether telecom testing is included in it or not? please guide me.

#103 karthikeyan

hello sir his is karthikeyan doing my final sem in mba (systems)not in a good institute.I got a job in HCL for .net programmer using my B.E the question is that can i shift to some other job profile using my systems degree after working in HCL for two or three years..will it be a bad idea???reply as soon as possible sir…

#104 Suresh babu.p

Dear Mr.Govardhan Reddy M,

I P.Sureshbabu completed my B.tetch in EEE (2009 pass out) and was been as a site engineer for the past one year. Now due to some personal problem want to switchover to software field. i am in a confusion about what to study. If it is in testing which one is prefferable either functional or performance testing?. rite now am un empolyed.. awaiting for your reply…
thanks and regards,

#105 kiran

Iam a fresher just joined a s/w company a week ago.Iam very worried about my career as most of the people arround me are saying that there is no growth in testing field and pay is very less.Actually i got selected for developer position but i requested them to post me in testing side.After shifting i got to know all these things.Now i regret for this?Please explain to me the test engineer growth from starting level specifying the salary structure in india.One thing i mention is that i hate programming but if i force myself i believe that i will get through that..To become a successful developer what skills are required?

#106 Vignesh

Hi All,

I’m a fresher and now I’ve joined in a MNC as a Performance Engineer, obviously my job profile is performance testing using Load runner tool. I just want to know the scope of my designation in the long run and what and all I have to learn like the tools, languages..etc.,. to shine well in my future. Senior people please clear me on this as most of the people are simply saying, only development has a good scope.

Thanks & Regards,

#107 jeevan mahamuni

am a bca 2010 pass out i want to plan career in s\w testing can it is good for me pls suggest me ……..
in the institute STQAC………

#108 Mahesh


Can someone help me with more details about software testing? I don’t have any computer background. At moment, i’m in the Travel Industry and would like to shift my career to Software Testing.

Your valuable suggestion/advice in this regard would be of great assistance and support to me.

Thanks and rgds,


#109 santhosh


#110 Naim

I am feeling as if i have selected a wrong option as testing . I am test lead with an MNC and have good exposure in manual testing . I have done all ISTQB papers. But in automation i have worked only on company specific tools not on QTP or othe well known tool.I am frustrated as i am feeling that lest experience testers are preferred over other just bcos of less CTC.
my question is that is there no scope for manual tester.

#111 Shreyas


I have done diploma in c.s passed out year 2011. Am looking forward to software testing course. In this field is the growth is good?
plz suggest me .. soon!

#112 abhishek sabharwal

i m pursuing master of computer management , i have done projects on .net & studied c#,c languages & doing, i m confused what to choose in between software testing and .net development,which has a scope,my college is providing 2 months training on live project in testing and .net ,& after that according to performance they will give the i m confused what to choose for my career,please help me out ,i will be grate full to you….my email id is

#113 balaji

Wow wat a post, you really inspire us sir to grow more. You always rocks. !

#114 madhuri

I am new in testing job ,now just started to learn that what the testing is? I was feeling insecure about my career ,By reading your Suggestions and blog ,now i am feeling fine ,i can have great career in testing thank you.

#115 OldGrumpyTester

So where do you go when you have done all these things? What if you mostly like thinking of ideas and solutions and new ways of doing things? Is there an IT job where you can do that?

I was a test manager several times and don’t like managing people. Can’t stand writing so BA is out. Security is the most boring area to me. PM is out. I am really good at keeping projects on track but find the nonsense of others intolerable.

I have about every domain experience you can think of. Health, Insurance, Finance, Government, Engineering, Manufacturig, Mining, etc. etc.

Consultant, is a joke. I used to be a consultant years ago, a real one but now they are just contractors where you go in and do the same job as everyone else. They aren’t interested in your ideas or expertise.

So now I am drifting along as a consultant flavored senior test lead and am bored to tears.

So where to now? Should I write books? Give seminars?

#116 Abhinav

I am new in the testing line and I have electronics background. I want 2 know whether its necessary to have knowledge of languages like C, C++,java, oracle etc.
Please provide some guidelines how 2 begin as a testing engg.

#117 sudhakar


I am working as a tester for past 3.5 years.I am doing automation using shell scripting and stability testing(partial performance).Now I would like to enhance my knowledge further by learning some tools.Can U guide me which side is in more demand and more challenging now like automation,performance or SOA testing.

#118 rajesh

Hello sir,
Tis s rajeh from bangalore, am working as an software testing engineer from 2011 august, our company work for defence so we test softwares used for aircrafts. I just want to know how will be my my scope in manual testing after 2 years? because in automation we use some rational tools which is not used by MNCs. so please give an brief answer sir.

#119 neeta


I am currently working for BPO. But i am a M.Sc Graduate with testing certification. Can i go ahead and look for a testing carrer now?

#120 mit madhavan


I’m a B.E graduate, i have worked as donet software developer for past 7months but due to some problem unfortunately our company was closed. I don’t like to continue in development side i want to switch on in testing, so I’m thinking to do a valuable course in tat because i don’t have any idea about that…

Is my decision is right? i need some suggestion sir… I don’t want to waste the time help me…

#121 Ram Kumar

i’m a mca student ,i have done manual testing already and now i want to do automation testing in a 6 month training . can u tell me exactly from which place and who give the perfect training for this .

how many language we want to know about automation testing.

Sir,please help me immidiately because i have a shortage of time to registration my self in a college….

#122 Pradnya S

I have done my BCS in 2002 and i am planning to get back into software. thinking of doing some testing course. pls suggest me a good one in mumbai and also is there a scope for me to grow in this field as i am totally blank about computers now.

#123 Mahak sharma


I am 2006 batch passout and having background as Lecturer, but after 5 years I want to go to testing field , right now Got ISTQB cerification. But I am not able to find job. What else I have to do?
Kindly suggest me .
Thanks in advance


#124 Jayakumar Ramachandran

Hi Guna,

The article is really good and informative. This will be a good guidance for the freshers who are starting their career into testing. This gives lots of hope to testers.


Jayakumar R

#125 Karnika

HI , nice artical and nice followup to all comments..

I want to ask questions
1)can i directly jump to automation testing rather geting manual testing 1st..
2)can u tell me from wher i can get informtion about domain certification?

#126 Arjun Singh

Hi All
I am from IT backgound bt rite now m wrkin’ in Testin’,m nt satified with this . I m thinkin’ to switch frm Testin feild to Oracle or SAP field, bt m little bit confused tat should i continue with testing only or i should move to other domain…:( can’t figure it out can u help me wht is better option…..

#127 waheedul haq

Govardhan Reddy M

Dear sir

I’m BBA graduate and confused in doing SAP or testingtools so please any1 could help me in this…….

#128 SiddalingaReddy Namwar

hi ,
I have 1.6 experience in Software Testing (manual).. i have knowledge of DB testing, & C# Dot net…

now i want to enter into a product based company…

please suggest me will it be good or me with 1.6 1.6 experience in Software Testing (manual) to enter into a product based company…please suggest me any coures to enter into a product based as per my experience…

thanks in advance …

#129 Snehal

Hi,this website is really very informative and helpful.I am a fresher and I have done software testing course.I want to know for database testing which things should I know in prior?Which study material to prefer for preparation of database testing.I come from Electronics background,so I don’t know even a single word from database.What skills are required for automation testing.Plz reply this query,its urgent!!!!!!1

#130 ritesh gupta

hi,i have a question “how many scope in softwere testing after compeleted

#131 Roopa

Hi Tiger 2k,Lakshmi,zakir
All you are providing valueable information and its very useful to improve our knowledge in S.T field.
Please tell me weather the bug tracking tool is used by both developing team and testing team?? I think both team is using this tool Pls clear my doubt…!!

#132 Sathish Simon.S

I want to build my carrier in software field now am working in admin process(6 Years Experience) if i will choose testing it will help me?
How will be my future can u suggest some good training come placement center in bangalore.
How many years the scope will be there.
Basically am from commerce back round M.B.A (2011batch correspondence)

Please guide me and suggest me weather i can jump or what?
I want to do testing engineer in that i will get job or what?
After that how will be the growth?
How much salary package i will get?

#133 Bhavya Hegde

Sir I want a piece of advice from you.I am Bsc-IT graduate having 1.3 years of experience in Manual Testing.Can you suggest me what qualification or studies can make my career strong in Software Testing.


#134 sagar

nice one,thanks.

#135 Dev

Thanks for you above post.

Currently I am working as a application support analyst in wipro Bangalore but I don’t like the work at all because I am not getting any kind knowledge in the work and already 1 year passed. I need to move in testing can you please tell me on what point i need to concentrate more and what are best institute in Bangalore so that I need to join that will help me to build my career.

Thanks ,

#136 Prashanth

I am mechanical engineer but, i am doing job in Testing domain, my career is safe? please reply

#137 sandeep

I just want to know that what is the basis requirement or knowledge to join the software testing Domain.
and also give me a guidance about top 10 s/w testing institute in Delhi NCR.

#138 k Srinivas

I am a teacher teaching computers in school for the last 15 years(last 7 years teaching java). Most of the core java concepts are handled. I would like to shift my career to testing field. How are the chances? I did my BSc in 1990. Also pl guide me if I can take guidance from good institutes from Hyderabad.
Thank u

#139 Hemanth

Hi i am B.Sc discontinued candidate but i am very much interested in Software testing. Is there any possibility to build my career in Software Testing field also i ve knowledge about neworking kindly guide me…

#140 Sneha

Hi !!!
I have completed my engg. in E&E and currently i’m looking for job in IT sector….many of my frenz asked me to join software testing course to get a job in the above sector…I would like to know if it’ll be worth for a person like me who is not having CS/IT background..?!!!

#141 Mayuri

Its a very good article…
I am Mayuri and i have a total 4.6 years to Manual Testing experience. I have done PG in Biotechnology and had domain knowledge of E-learning and Healthcare.
I wanted to shift to Technical Writting career…is it advisable?…what will be the pros and cons of this change in career path…can anyone pls guide me on this?

#142 punk

hi guys,
i have completed my engg. with ECE depart this year,
i got n offer from Thinksoft under testing field. they are asking me to sign 2 yrs bond and 1L bank gaurentee with a pay of 10K/mon..
suggest me guys wat shuld i do..
pls do reply,,

#143 ashutosh gupta

hey..thanx for this article,i want to start my career in S/W testing. can som1 will help me by telling from which institute in delhi and ncr , i need to go with ….

#144 senthil

am working as a BA for 1 yr ,what can i do to change my career in testing

#145 Avneet

thanks for the above info really help full

#146 Stalin

I did MBA in HR, , Am I eligible to learn testing tools with background qualification of MBA (HR), I am interested in tester carrier,
1. Will I get a job if I learn testing tools?
2. Will the companies recruit for testing who has MBA background?
3. Is there a scope for testing tools in the future?
4. What would be the salary for fresher and the experienced candidate?

Can you please someone answer to my questions and suggest me what to do ?

#147 nshah

What is the difference between the TEST ENGINEER and TEST ANALYST roles shown in the diagram? What are the key roles and responsibilities of a test analyst?

#148 Mohan

gud one

#149 aksharan


#150 sham


I have sent a mail, let me know when you are starting new batch.

#151 sham

Hi harish

I have sent a mail, let me know when you are starting new batch.

#152 chetan

Hi..I’m chetan from bangalore.I have done MCA and i know core PHP. And i want to do some other course to get a good Job. But my problem is my programming skill is not so good.So please advice me those courses in which i can give my 100%

#153 ams

what knowledge i should have to become software tester,
which languages should i know ,
tell me about requirments for software tester.

#154 Ardhendu

Dear ALL.
I got message from all from different back ground with diff exeperince levels. Many of them having tesitng experince. Many of them having many doubts. As per my understanding in testing if u r very strong in english written and verbal communication they can grow like any thing. Apart from that if some one is specialized in any toll then they can demand good salary for that. Otherwise only in manual testing exp it will not create big difference with yr of experiences.

#155 Sonam

Can any one please give me a fair suggestion and scope of software testing as a career option.Currently i am working as a QA for payment module and testing the admin as well using cyber source. Please suggest me if i can enhance ma career by pursuing any extra course which will add up in my career.

Awaiting for a reply

#156 Gaurav Rawat

I am a graduate looking to make a career i Software Testing.
Please suggest me the way that I can become a Software Tester.
Currently i am working in an IT company for the last 6 months.
Is there any possibility that i can get job in the desired field???
Suggest me What to do??

#157 Pracheer

Hi ,

Please help me out my brother has done his MBA in marketing and finance. If he wants to pursue his career in QA testing then please let me know that whether its going to help him out.

#158 Sanath Jaysurya

Bhai Pracheer.. Tuze aur tere bhai ko BABA JI KA THHULLU!!!

#159 Sangeetha

Hai sir
Am completed B.Tech(IT) in 2014.I want to know the scope of testing career.please give suggestion about testing

#160 pankaj kumar

i did my bca and having 2 year gap till now will testing couse help me furture. does it have scope in market ??

#161 Neharika Agarwal

Hi everyone,
I am presently on training for testing profile and have an option to choose between database testing and automation testing. As coding part is concerned I am not that too good. So please any one who have good knowledge provide me a some suggestion on what should i opt as my career option.

#162 Sunny singh

I am just copleted in ece. Now i want to go.on it field. Desid to in software testing. To learn sw testing ,any other progg language need to to learn?

#163 chaitra

I need serious guidance.
Am a software tester (manual) for 5 years.Have ISTQB certifications(Test analyst).I dont see much of a future in my career unless i develop some new skillsets(automation/Database testing).
Need to discuss with someone who could guide me through….

#164 Maveric


Nice post, Software Security Testing is also very good option.

#165 Ish

Great Article

Very helpful.


#166 Radha

Hi…I am into functional testing for more than 5 years. Now i got into Performance Testing. Is it a good idea or do i need to continue as functional tester only? I am in a great dilemma. Please help me…

#167 sharad

I am looking for people with 4-6 yrs exp in testing, for a giant involved in medical software testing.

Interested people could contact me at 9742104143 or email me at

#168 sofia

Hi, I was working as a lecturer 3years back….I resigned my job after marriage, so 3years break….so now I would like to start my carrier in software ……particularly in software testing…..till now I don’t have any expreience in IT….my qualification is MSC information technology… I m 2009 passed out..
Anyone plz help me…if I do course in manual testing and any tool like sellinium,or informatica…. Is it possible to get place …..or am I wasting my time….

#169 kartikesh kumar

I’m kartikesh kumar having knowledge of java I want to learn Software testing.
So I want to know that What is the scope of software testing.

#170 Aruna


I just want to know that to have a software testing course, is it compulsory that one should have a background of engineering or anybody can do it?? Please answer.

#171 Deepak

which institute is good for tesing tools in hyderabad ??
im from ece stream….
and including placements also….

#172 Rajanarasimha

I am narasimha I have some information.which course is better for Present competition world please inform sir I am interested courses automation and Oracle DBA

#173 Avni Patel

This is the exact question that arises in the Software tester’s mind. While, persuing any of the web field this becomes a question of worry that Is it a good career option that we are persuing?. Your blog helped me alot. Thanks!

#174 Devpal

nice post Sotftware SOA Testing and performence Test and Security Testing

#175 Rishi

Any One know about Selenium with F# automation or BigData Testing courses .



#177 VK

Nice discussion on testing … I have 10 + yrs exp in both Manual and Automation testing. I don’t see great career in testing after 10 yrs though I’m working as a Test Manager. As per current trend, anyone can survive for max 10 yrs in test career even with sound automation knowledge. This doesn’t mean testing is having low priority, rather it means corporate world don’t want experienced candidates. Any Test Lead can play Test Manger’s role in half of the test manager’s salary … or a resource having testing exp of 3 -4 yrs can do test lead’s job … and if we refer to latest trend of DevOps … there is no concept of test manager, Test lead and test automation is expected from developers … So, remaining testing team need to do minimal manual/exploratory testing for which organization don’t need testers with 10+ yrs exp… choose your career wisely .. do some research before starting career .. think of next 5 yrs now .. I am not pessimistic … however just want to highlight current market situation and latest trends … All the best !!!

#178 sriram

Thankq for sharing such a great information and mentioned websites is great helpful for building my career

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