How to Prepare for Software Testing Interview

A colleague of mine recently asked me, “Where should I start with for preparation for an interview? It’s almost 2 years I have faced any interview.”

My answer was straightforward: (This will help for fresher as well as working professionals who want to switch the current job)

How to Prepare for Software Testing Interview!1

What do you need to know about Software Testing?

First basic thing – Testing Concepts: One needs to be very good at this especially the Manual Testing methodologies. But only knowing different testing concepts is half work done. The next – most important thing is to know which type/technique/concept of testing can be applied at what stage of SDLC.

“What should I test and when?” is very important. There might be some concepts, which do not apply to what we, professionals test in our company, but it’s always better to have an idea of all testing practices.

Many freshers and working testing professionals have might not work on various testing domains like Localization Testing, Time Zone Testing, etc.

But knowing more than what you have worked on will help you better answer the different questions from the interviewer. I always try to keep my testing knowledge updated besides my current project work. This helped me a lot while switching my job some years ago.

What if an interviewer asks you a question on the topic, which you have never worked on? For example, you don’t have any experience on web-based projects or Client-Server Testing and the interviewer asks you to test the “Yahoo mail application”. Will you be able to answer this question? You can.

Even if you have not worked on this type of project. How? Your curiosity to learn the things you never have done before will help you in this case. To broaden your thinking area, be curious about every work and every query you face in your daily work routine.

Knowing more is harmless and will help you at least to give your thoughts on the questions asked by the interviewer.

If you don’t know any testing concept, For example, “Localization Testing”, then try to learn the concepts first, like – what would be Localization Testing?

It’s simple: Test if the application looks local for you while using. Then go on exploring. See for used colors, content, images, culture, etc, different countries, locales have it differently.

Consider a web site that reads from right to left, is it accepted in countries other than the Middle East? Obviously NO. Or, can you display the same geo-specific content in India what you can display in the US? Again NO. This is just a simple example of how you can learn unknown testing concepts.

The very essential part of a test engineer is “Thinking out of the box”. If you are not capable of thinking out of the box, believe me, testing is not for you.

What do you mean by thinking out of the box? Don’t just follow the traditional methods. Implement new things in testing. Try to summarize, automate the routine testing work. Think from a user perspective. Think about how the user will use your application.

What are the common mistakes that he can make or which tasks he can perform on your application? This way you will get an insight into any application and will also help to answer the questions in depth.

Besides from “curiosity to learn” you should upgrade your skill in the following areas:

  • Some hands-on basic Database/SQL queries and concepts.
  • Any basic scripting language (for Automation Testing).
  • Networking and system administration concepts will help you in system domain projects.

Do not just write the UI test cases, check what is happening inside the application. For application having database connection check for data updating, retrieving and in any case there should not be loss of data.

Get hold on the project. Know the application under test before starting to test it. Instead of looking in the requirement document, look into the architecture doc, design doc, sequence diagram, and activity flow diagram.

Most importantly you need to be perfect in what you have mentioned in your CV. All the questions the interviewer asks will be based on what you are specifying in your CV. So do not mention the skills you have not worked on, just for the sake of decorating the CV with multiple skills.

The key point in the interview is, You should make the interviewer feel that it was a complex application you were testing and had a lot many challenges in it for a tester!

And one last thing – If you don’t know the answer to a question, say so. Don’t fool around and get into trouble.

If you have any queries on “Preparation for a Testing interview” then comment it below.

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151 thoughts on “How to Prepare for Software Testing Interview”

  1. Hi I am going to have face to face interview in capgemini . In the final round they are going to give me a case study for testing. Can u provide some book name, or other material so I can prepare for different test case study.its urgent. Looking forward for ur reply.thanks in advance

  2. Hello,
    I have done mainly manual testing and have not worked in automation testing. Can anyone please advise what are the skill sets required for a QA tester with automation. Automation testing I beleive cannot be learned without working on any specific tool, if this is the case where do we need to start for learning Automation. I know core java which may help in learning selenium but don’t know how it can be implemented. Do we need to know scripting languages like perl python and upto what level?

    • Hi,
      You don’t study another Language for running Selenium. As you know Java, you can start automating. Although Selenium also accepts language like Python, C#, etc. You just have start coding with using Selenium library. As you know Java, it will ease a cup of tea for you.

  3. Hi can anyone plz share documents for manual and automation testing… I’m a fresher in testing and want to build my career in software testing

  4. as I m fresher,
    I know the details of testing but I m not sure about the details of vb scribt is any best way to study the details, and tell me how to prepare for an interview, which is the most important are to cover for interview

  5. Hi Vijay,This is Renuka…there is a vacancy ,there are doing digital navigation data standard….lokking for ETL process complex query handling….as u told in before article there is a demand for ETL/Datawarehouse testing….can you help me out to prepare for this interview.

  6. Sir,
    I have 5 + years experience in Manual Testing but from last one year I m out of job. Please help me how and where I have to work hard so that I can crack the Interview.

  7. Please can anyone tell me ..about the interview question that needs to be faced for 1 year of experience as a manual tester ..Dealed with php..can i shift in any Automation like QTP/QA??

  8. Hi,

    I have 3 years of experience in software testing. But, I have a break of 2 years (Quit the job 2 years ago). It would be helpful, if you can give me some tips and guidance to prepare for the interview.

  9. In one interview Interviewer ask me wht is ur approach while you test applications on Android and iOS . I tell him difference between android and iOS . But he was asking my approach how to test on both platforms and i wasn’t able to answer it. Can anyone tell me answer of this question

    • You can install simulator or emulator in your mobile it acts like virtual tool so you can easily test different operating systems simultaneously

  10. hi, i completed my graduate in 2013.after 2years i am interested to do job in a fresher what skills i have to upload in my cv?

  11. Hi Friends..

    Iam 2013 passed worked in non-technical side for 1 year..after that I quit job and started doing testing course…I got good knowledge in testing and also iam learning selenium..when Iam attending interview ,unable to crack it..iam trying from the last 8 months….please suggest me friends what I have to do????

    Thank you in advance

  12. hi sir, im regular reader of software testing, i completed mca in 2012 & also in my education some gaps is there, present iam searching for job in software testing, what skills can i improve to face an interview, pls suggest me. im looking for your reply, thanks once again for giving upto date information.

  13. I am a java developer having 3 years of experience. I am planning to shift to testing career.Could i tell in interview that i have development experience when trying for testing jobs?

  14. hi , i have completed mca in 2015 now i am searchingjobs in testing. i have started learning manual testing.can u plz tell me how do i prepare for testing interviews .

  15. Hello all,
    I Am graduate working in IT MNC for last 2.5 Years as a Manual Tester & looking for a switch to my current jobs,
    what are the challenges that i going to face while facing interview or any other challenges that i would going to face, please let me know.
    Its important for me to know before leaving my current job.

  16. Hi All,

    I am a Fresher and i have recently done MCA. I am looking for Software Testing Job and i have given lots of interview for testing but i dont know why i dont crack the interview till now. i am prepare with all the concepts of testing.

    So anyone can help me to crack the interview ?

  17. Hi..
    I am a fresher. I have done and I have done software testing course.I have a dout that every software company will conduct aptitude test for testing freshes or not and what type of questions asked in the interview for testing fresher.

  18. Hi,
    I have experience of totally 4 years in a company. But for 3 years I was in BPO domain and 1 year with Apps tower in testing field. Now, how should I consider my experience in my resume since I’ve only 1 year of experience in Manual testing. Please assist me on this.

  19. Hi I have 6+ years of total work experience. 4+ year of automation test experience in Dot net framework. Worked on printer domain (product based). Now i am preparing for interview and required your guidance on the same.

  20. hello guys,
    This site is very useful and all are very helpful to each other.
    i need one favor that I am having 2 years of experience in software testing i.e 2015-2017 in startup company.
    since from my passout yr 2012, I dont have any experience in software industry due to personal reason.
    now I want to switch a job, and Intervier is asking for that gap.
    so what do you think what reason should I give for yr gaps.
    if i say i did lecturership then do they ask me for experience letter for lecturership.
    please help me out.
    thanking you

  21. How can we have realtime experience project knowledge as a fresher.ofcourse its not mandatory to have knowledge on realtime for a fresher but im interested to have real time experience

  22. these days some companies are hiring developers as testers and training them on testing methods .

    most of the questions will also relate to development

  23. Hi, I have completed Selenium Webdriver class and after 2yrs switching from non technical to testing domain. Can you please suggest how should I start preparation?? so that I can cover all topics in few weeks.

  24. Hello ,
    I am FRESHER and i have recently done MCA. I am looking for Software Testing JOB.i want to learn test cases so that I crack the there any book or any other referl then please let me know.

  25. Looking for interview questions . can you help me please ? also,if there are a real time projects on both manual and automation can u please provide the info.
    thank you

  26. Hi i have 1+ year experience in web development during this period i also test web application and got passion in testing. know i want start my career in testing but dont know what to do ? how to attend the interview. Please need help and guide me.

  27. Hi there,

    I’m recruiting for a QA Test lead who is currently running on Agile methodology, highly critical thinker with effective skills proven through preparing test strategy, test plan, status report, defect, documentation and reporting, sign-off and other test related documents.

    Experience in Test automation involvement on Selenium, setup an Automation framework for Regression Pack

    Do reach out to me :)

  28. Hi all,

    I m currently in Support services but having a good experience in software testing.
    but i bit confused how to start my career and what should i learn in software testing.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Satyam S

  29. A small clarification regarding BUILD & RELEASE… We all knew that ONE RELEASE HAS MANY BUILDS. But my question here is DOES ONE RELEASE HAS/CONTAINS MANY BUILDS?

  30. i m 2017 passout …but previous 2 years . i m doin work in non tech…so i want to join in software testin fileds can i do that plz sugest me good reply…

  31. HI,

    I wanna change my profile from Production support engineer to Software Tester.
    I have 2.8 years of experience in support(linux/oracle/sql/shell scripting).
    So, kindly let me know how will i change my profile.

  32. Hi,
    I wanna change my profile from Non technical field to Software Testing
    I have 2.8 years of experience as a Call Quality Analyst. But then I m looking to make my career in testing (IT) field. I am MSc computer degree holder in year 2016 passout
    So, kindly let me know how will i change my profile… Thanks in advance

  33. Hi ,
    i have worked in different different profile like banking, social marketing, administrative and management field work ,Android development , networking support and software testing (manual and automation) . totally i have 10 year experience and worked in following company like (third party in Bank of Baroda ) ,Naaptol ,Genpact ,dot square and SAG etc . now i am in software Testing profile from 2017 to till date , so kindly let me know how to improve my financial growth and save my career.

    pls any one suggest me….. thanks
    Aashish Sharma

  34. Hi ,
    i have worked in wordpress maintenance and design .and i have more then 1 year (1.4) experience. Then i quit my job and study and complete courses on manual testing and also automation testing(self learning) currently searching job in testing domain pls any one suggest me

    testing domain (fresher) salary as per company standard
    current location: medavakkam chennai

  35. Hi can anyone plz share documents for manual and automation testing… I’m a fresher in testing and want to build my career in software testing


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