Freelance Software Testing Job Opportunities eBook

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This is my second eBook recently published on Amazon. This eBook is handling a hot topic – Freelancing opportunities for software testers!

Yes, I get many questions on how to find freelance testing QA job opportunities and even questions like ‘Is it really possible to earn some extra income working as a freelance software tester?

My friend, there is a huge opportunity in this crowdsourcing market. Now even companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have started believing in crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing has a bright future but you need to keep your eyes open, and be ready to grab hold of new opportunities.

The eBook Introduction:

(Contest rules at the end of this post)

Freelance software testing jobs eBook

Why This Book?
With recession still wreaking havoc in many countries and jobs getting tougher, more and more testing professionals are looking for opportunities outside of regular day jobs and freelancing is one such avenue that has gained a lot of traction, of late.

Working as freelance tester always provides you financial support and moreover it also help to keep your technical skills sharp.

Learn how you can make money from home working as a freelance software tester!

There has never been a better time to break into freelance software testing. With thousands of small businesses and fortune 500 companies looking for Crowdsourcing solutions, there is a high demand for freelance testers.

This book will show you how many amazing opportunities you have to make money working as a freelance software tester and how quickly your life can change if you are serious to work for yourself! Most importantly, you can get started as a freelance tester with very little knowledge of software testing. And if you are an expert software tester then there are endless opportunities for you.

In the beginning you could be working very hard to get your first few clients. But once you get to know the process it will be very easy for you to get more freelance testing work with your work experience and strong testing portfolio on various freelancing sites, which we are going to see shortly.

What Makes This Book Different?

There are lots of books on learning software testing but no one will teach you how to make money working as a freelance software tester. You will notice that this book is shorter than many other testing books available online. Because I don’t believe in providing an eBook of 100 pages which has only 10 pages of useful information. You will find this book useful providing the exact actionable information needed for you to get started earning your first dollar as quickly as possible.

The only thing you need to do is start taking action right away. Test all the resources mentioned in this book and see what works best for you.

In next few chapters you will learn:

  • How to maximize your chances of getting freelance testing work
  • Where to find freelance testing jobs? (most important chapter)
  • Beta testing opportunities
  • Game testing opportunities
  • plus one hidden opportunity for all of you!
  • Our recommendations

The Fact:
Though it takes hard work and patience to see some real money, it’s not impossible. Many testers quit before seeing the real benefits of these opportunities. If you follow good work practices it’s not hard for you to get a good freelancing work or move to a better paying freelancing job.

How to Get this eBook?

This is simply a small 21 page information-packed eBook that anyone would like to read!

=> Grab this very very low priced eBook on Amazon here. You can read it on any device or even online in your Internet browser.


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Wish you good luck!



The Winners:

Thank you so much for taking part in this contest. There are over 100 awesome comments and it took me longer than expected to go through all those.

The another good news is that – when announced eBook release on Amazon, within 24 hours it soared to the #1 Best Seller position in Software Testing Category.

Amazon number 1

Now, I can officially say that I’m the best selling author ;-)

As mentioned in this contest, I’m giving away 10 copies of this “Freelance Software Testing Job Opportunities” eBook to 10 winners. The winners will also get 50% discount coupon to our premium “Software Testing Career Package” eBook.



#1 pavel

I am an experienced quality assurance engineer and I am interested in this book because I never used my skills on freelance projects. I hope this book helps me to open new opportunities and get more fun from my job.

#2 Mima

I’m a newbie in QA, this would be very helpful for my future carrier.

#3 Akim

Working skills have to be permanently trained. This is like workout in the gym. You need to change exercises from time to time to be always in the good shape.

P.S. I want a cruiser bike :)

#4 sandhya

I am not a novice tester nor an established bug reporter, but still i want to explore my knowledge in freelance projects which are a great source of knowledge, thereby understanding what exploration testing really is!!

#5 Jamiu Kola

Am still new to software testing. Am intrested in this book as it will boost my confidence in the industry.

#6 Hanaa-alali

i work as quality assurance engineer for almost three years, and i never say no to any opportunity that adds knowledge and experience to me, this book will certainly add knowledge and i will use it to add experience to my self, plus i never worked as freelancer QA so i will use it as to be my guide and my corner stone

#7 Ruchi

i am regular reader and read almost all posts. U dng gr8 job giving providing so much knowledge. I am new in Testing environment but i would like to know more about new testing technologies and also, like to keep myself up-to-date. This book will definitely will help me to explore myself in testing environment…..

#8 Pradeepa

I’m Quality Assurance Engineer. I would like to get experience on freelance projects. I believe this book will provide a ladder to sharp my Knowledge and experience.

#9 Satish

First of all thanks for this wonderful idea to give free e-Book to them who are really in need.

I am passionate towards Testing. I want to grow as an expert tester. I have skill to think out of box and want to use my good work for Testing and not able to afford money for this book.

I am Testing Novice, I know about some of the crowd sourcing testing communities which pays money for filling bugs!

I think the book which you are going to give us free gives us the clear insight about freelancing testing jobs and helps in building the career in software testing.

I will be very much thank full to you!

If I will get a free copy of it!

#10 Pavan Deavrapalli

being a tester, performed all levels of testing and faced client challenges along with dev team war. let me try to test freelancer software testing job opportunities and their process.
if i get opportunity to test this freelancer process, then i’ll take honor to certify freelancer software testing jobs and will give free publicity.

#11 Suchismita

it is a golden opportunity for a passionate tester to show his/her talent, had been worked in the industry for 4.5 year but now had to left for shifting abroad, i miss my work, my passion for testing and would love to do freelance for my work which gives me immense pleasure.

#12 Deepak

I have a belief that the future looks a bit different for testing and here I’d like to talk about something that we will probably see alot more in the future.

#13 Joe

I am passionate about testing. I have been working in this area more than seven years. This is my first time to hear Freelance Software Testing. I believe the book will be very beneficial for readers who keen to start this kind of opportunity. And I am one of those people who keen to know. It will be a new challenge in my life if I become freelance software testing in the best way which is provided in your book. I am sure that I will develop my knowledge, my attitudes, and motivate myself by reading your book. Thanks

#14 Manoj

I have necessary skill and experience in Testing, but looking at the recession impacts, one has to be ready for all options to survive in same field. With this book, I should be able to get some insights and a way forward to get testing related work and also to understand the latest testing technologies which I need to be ready.

#15 Pallavi

Hi thank you for this opportunity…………
I am working as manual tester and i have 2 years experience from last few months i am trying to start freelancing job in testing.but i did not get proper guidance for this so i am not able to get work from different freelancing web site.I have good knowledge of manual and automation testing.I am sure your book will guide me start good career in freelancing.I am really looking forward for start freelancing job.

#16 Raman

Hi thank you for this opportunity…………
I am working as manual tester and i have 3 years experience from last few months i am trying to start freelancing job in testing.but i did not get proper guidance for this so i am not able to get work from different freelancing web site.I have good knowledge of manual and automation testing.I am sure your book will guide me start good career in freelancing.I am really looking forward for start freelancing job.

#17 kavita

Nice Book

#18 swati.peesapati

Thanks a lot for the oppurtunity.I’m passionate about testing and freelance testing would be great oppurtuntiy to balance both my family life and my knowledge utilisation.

#19 Anuja

I am Experienced Software Testing Engineer. I am seriously looking for Freelancer jobs as i like to work from home so that i can use time taken for commuting to office in testing some applications or products.

#20 pushkar

I am very much interested in software Testing and fresh into this industry. So to gain experience and accumulate more knowledge on different topics intesting this would be of great help….

#21 Zalak

As my income is too low and I have so many responsibilities, I need to work as freelancer apart from the job. So I think this will be a great opportunity for me if I get a free book. Also seems its recession time so there are lot of chances of loosing job so being independent and secure I want to work as freelancer.

#22 kavita

I m working as a Quality Analyst…
this book is very helpful for females to do freelancing job…

#23 Alla

I think it is a great idea to come up with such book. There isn’t many out there. I really would like to get it as well as I am going to mat leave and looking for any option on how can I continue to work from home as QA once I am with the baby. This is a perfect opportunity and I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

#24 Ranjita

In today’s fast paced world, there is just no guarantee when you will end up losing your only source of income. It is always advisable to have an alternate source and what better than using your own skill over which you you have spent some quality years honing.
I have been looking out for such opportunities in various Testing WFH websites where I can make best use of my free time and earn some extra bucks to secure my future.
Looking forward to own a copy and make best use of the tips provided to make my online work profile get the much needed attention and desired job.

Thank you Software Testing Help Group for all the information you have shared and I have so far used in all my interviews and have been successful.

#25 sobin

This opportunity will help every one to explore the world of testing.

#26 srinivas kadiyala

Hi Vijay,

This is very interesting concept, for those who are in testing – to do a freelancing job. But every time when we search google, we see lots of websites.

You are right, Right now market is so dull.Even getting for a job for 1 year exp is no where.

But there is no reason, why and how we have to approach to do the freelancing work on Testing.
Hope i can get some learning about freelancing for testers.

As you know, I have written the Book Review on the Software Testing Career Package.
Hope, I get the same chance to learn and Give you a honest Feedback and advise the book to other testers as i did last time.

Waiting for your reply.

#27 sree

Basically am new to testing having exp of banking, working in smal company and i need to improve my knowledge and gain experience through Freelance Software Testing Job Opportunities.

Please help me out by providing Freelance Software Testing Job Opportunities



#28 Suresh Varma

I am QA professional working as both automation & manual tester.
Hope this book enhance my skills and interests in Testing.
To explore new ideas technically apart from my regular work.
Will gain both knowledge and money.

#29 pratik

Hello dost,

currently i have just 2 year experience in testing field. so i am always aiming and looking for something new , want to transform myself from a raw engineer to expert.

These is your good initiates to all of us, to aware about freelancing testing. Thanks for those 10 lucky person , hope i would be one of them.

comment only as its your req.

thanks in advance!

#30 Gaurav khurana

I would like to know the new things that i might have missed while exploring this topic on internet and would like to share it will all so that everyone can get benefitted from it.
This is the most general question everyone has and a book for this is really a very good option you have thought of, So that a person has the guide to start and things to consider and
in this way people will get betrayed by some fake site. Its a very good learning opportunity.
This will help people in setting up their own business like this as the research part about the domain is already covered by you.

#31 Emma Pham

I’m a new tester and I want to improve my skills in Software testing.

#32 Recruitment Online

That is a great book, i would recommend it to all.

#33 Md

I am a new certified tester based on USA , looking for clear guidelines on how to penetrate into the competitive job market. Hence any information to make my next steps would be highly appreciated

Thanks in Advance

#34 Pankaj

Working as a Freelancer is my dream, and with 5+ yr Exp in QA I am very eager to move for freelancing job as this would my life’s Turning point with new challenges which everyone love to face.

I have already registered too many Free Lancer sites like Elance, uTest etc but was not enough successful.

I want this book which I think might help me for becoming and QA Free Lancer and to compete with others in the market.

#35 Soumya Ranjan Nayak

“Though I am trying my luck in the field of Software Testing, becoming a freelancer is my dream and I am a hardcore tester.I am very much sure this master piece will guide me to become a successful freelancer.”

“Test to break” attitude that i ve learnt can be refined further by this book.

#36 Hetal

I am ISTQB Certified Tester with Good Experience.I am working as Freelancer in Software Testing Training and interested to work on Software Testing Projects on Freelance basis. In today’s life it is much more comfortable to work as Freelancer and I want to earn much more too, so I am sure this will be really a precious gift for me.
I need to utilize my skills in full, and i think this book will guide me better for that.

#37 Lohitha

I am QA professional with 5 plus years of experience.
Being would be mother freelancing is the best platform for me to concentrate and carry on with my career and also baby care which cannot be neglected.I believe freelancing is the best oppurtunity for working women to take care of kids without sacrificing their careers and this helps me in building my future as well as the kids.

#38 Ved

1. Helps in finding opportunities for showcasing testing skills across different domains

2. Helps individual to gain exposure & work on varied products of his interest

3. Soft skills by interacting with different clients across the world

4. More Independent & agile approach

5. Win – Win Scenario i.e. Individual would not only gain technically but also financially

#39 Sairam

I need this book because as i am desperate in earning more, i am undergoing SAP BW training which is completely new and i dont even have clue whether i can get a job on SAP BW that to by loosing 4 years of Software test engineer Experience. If i can earn by utilizing my unproductive hours then i would enjoy this testing job by working more on freelance work. Thanks Vijay for coming up with this book, looking forward.

#40 Guadalupe Torres

I am ISTQB Certified Tester with Good Experience working as a teacher of Software testing fields, I am interested in the book to show my students NEW ways to apply the testing knowledge and encourage them to deep more on software testing fields. Thanks!

#41 shreyas

It would obviously increase the knowledge about client interaction and personal confidence level .How to deal with clients,understand their actual business requirements when we directly work for them. Initial efforts in service providing would increase the chances of increase in client base.
Thanks for showing right path and guidance to all people who are new to freelancing , like me.

#42 Priya

I am a professional tester with Functional testing experience of around 3 years.. I would like to move on to the freelancing side and excited to know more about it and how the work there actually is..

#43 Diana

This is such a wonderful opportunity for testers like us to know more about work from home options. I have been working as a QA tester for past 8 years but had to take a break after having a baby. I miss my passion as i loved the career as a QA tester. I am sure that with the guidance of this book I would be able to both take care of my baby and still follow my passion. You have been a great motivation to us and reading your posts and even the content of the book makes me feel that nothing can be a barrier when it comes to following your dreams

Also if this book is useful for me, I will be suggesting the book to others so that 1000s of those mothers who have difficulty between choosing their option as a stay-at-home-mom or a working mom can follow their career without having to hurt the baby’s heart.

You are such an inspiration Vijay!

#44 Arvind

Enhance my skills and utilize my time better. I require the path to do so.that’s why i require this ebook.

#45 Sivaganesh

I am passionate on testing and want to learn more on testing and how its used in Freelance too…

Learn Testing Learn Learn….

#46 sathish

i have good experience in testing but want to know what you ll written in this book?.. small nail also useful for all one day

#47 Amita

I am a working mother in the field of both manual and automated software testing. This ebook may help me understanding the basics of freelancing and an opportunity to groom myself for the same. If i atart freelancing, i woyld be able to handld my professional and personal life better. Hope to win the free copy

#48 Sai

I am a craver of knowledge having 6 yrs of testing experience this ebook will add more for sure .Never tried freelancing projects before . Will appreciate to try for something new which seems to be worth it too

#49 Eashwar

Hello Mr.Vijay

This is Eashwar,
i’m confused about following different sites or books for software testing which are available in the internet, i’ve been following ur blog which is very understandable and easy way to learn n explore., so i think this ebook will help me out to get an opportunity to start my career.

#50 Bohdana

I had been working in the bank for 2 years when i decided to quit. I realized that that was not what i want to do for all my life. I had no idea what QA means but i started to learn it. Because it’s so interesting and creative! I’m going to start my new career from freelance job and i know that this book would be very useful for me.

#51 Sichem

Since I was on school I had the dream or idea to develop software for a big company, when i graduated I had the opportunity of working in a really big project performing V&V activities and there I realize the importance and the sweet part of testing activities, now I have over 5 years of experience in testing projects and it is so much the love I have now for testing that I am thinking on creating my own testing company, so, starting as freelancer will help me to make the first step.

#52 Christine

I have been testing for 12 years and I am a single parent and I have two sons and a daughter. I have been trying to find freelance jobs to help further my career and to help my children learn something they can use to start a career. My younger son will just be starting college and he would like to work part time while going to school. My older son is starting to go back to college since working for a few years at a fast food restaurant. My daughter is still in high school but, she is interested in learning about testing. I had cancer and have been cancer free for two years, so the extra income will help to pay off the doctor bills. This will help my family if I am one of the people that get selected for the book.

#53 CindyG

I have 10+ years experience in Software Quality Assurance Testing. I have been out of the Software Q A Industry for the past 12 years raising my family as a Single Parent. I am interested in returning into the workforce, returning to an industry that I enjoyed, yet have the flexibility to be able to meet the needs of my family. I have experience in both manual and automated testing and therefore would like the ability to be able to find freelance work in software testing to provide more resources to meet my families financial nees. I have a Bachelors degree in CIS too. Software Testing usually comes in phases during a project and therefore many testers could be needed for a short period of time, perfect for freelancing. I need to know more about how to help companies to see the benefit. Please the book would be very valuable to me and my family.

#54 Gustavo Rivera

I would like to have this ebook because Im always eager to learn new things, be current and I would like to learn how to sell my working time better, talk better to clients and it would help me to improve my skills, find jobs that will help me to earn more money and be more productive with my time.

#55 Gopi

So curious to understand how different is the Freelance Software Testing from the actual Software Testing, I cant unlock it unless I read this.

#56 jcockerel

i have traveled the entire US working in telecomunications, and since i ripped my back up my company put me working at a computer at home. i do not like my job at all, but i realy realy do like working out of my home, also able to take care of my Mother.
back in the early to mid 70s i went to a computer programing institute in Kansas city, MO. called ECPI. learn about 6-7 languages. this is before PCs were invented. i dont know why but just out of the blue. something said to me why not try software testing. i have been at it everyday triing to learn software testing. then you emailed me the QTP tutorials. and with that and everything else i have been learning. i know that working out of my home is what i am going to be doing

#57 Andrew

Need to learn more about QA.

#58 Asha Shyam Sundar

I am a technical writer and a QA. Understanding user specifications in the right perspective, one of the most challenging task is very close to my heart. This pre-requisite when clubbed with documentation clarity smoothens the SDLC and STLC mitigating project and product risks. This book will really be a boon to software testers like me to get into the arena 100% and create a mutual value addition to the client and myself. Can’t wait to see what’s in!!!

#59 Junior

Hello there,

I’m interested in this writing, as I’m planning to go into professional testing. Demand for it is huge, and I believe it’s not just in my region. Freelance opportunity is even greater accross regional boundaries.
I’d like to know what you think of it.

#60 Senthilkumar

Hi Friends,

I have 3+ years of experience in software testing.

I’m so curious to know how to get the freelance opportunities to enhance and apply my testing knowledge.

I hope this ebook would be the best to know about it as all the content posted in this blog is useful and true.

#61 Parul

You will always need extra income in this fastest growing world and if you believe in your self every thing is easy. you can always have your dreams come true if you have right path chosen to lead your life. Though It may be some more difficult but if you have made your mind to make your dreams come true then “Nothing is impossible”. Always be a leader for your path and also for others. You also can be a roll model for every one just you need one thing is “To believe in your self”. I have also saw many questions like “where do i make classes for testing certification?” or “Which coaching class is better for this certification?” but you never need any coaching when you can guide your self to make your best. You are the only “Guru” of your self.
Just make your mind, do hard-work with smartness and you can win anything.

#62 Bhushan Patil

There’s 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week, so we can make the most of our time by using this Great opportunity to do work in ‘Freelancing Projects’.

This book will open new opportunities for experienced like me or the newbai.This is a great plus for lot of early risers or late risers.

Thanks Mr. Vijay for providing such great eventuality to us and showing the right way for career as the freelancer.

#63 Harshal Shinde

I am new in software testing field and I think exposure would be limited for the new tester in the company. So, this ebook will help me find some projects which can be very useful to gain the knowledge and also good exposure in testing field.
And I think this will benefit both the company and me as they will get their project tested at very less cost compared to the companies offering testing service. And I will get know and learn the software testing in details, which will give me experience and exposure and make me a good tester….. :)

#64 Jayasimha R

I am an experienced Test engineer and I am interested in this book because I never used my skills on freelance projects. I hope this book helps me to open new opportunities and get more fun from my job.

#65 Nagarajan

To make another income source through ‘Freelancing Projects’ .

#66 Irene

Firstly, thanks for nice idea of encourage people to find and read books!
I’m working as a Software Tester for 4 years and always trying to find new information, improve myself. I’ve been thinking and dreaming about job as a freelancer. I see a lot of benefits, but I really do not know milestones and specifics of this job, I hope this book could give me more info and new opportunities.

#67 shireesha

Hi Vijay,

How are you?? Hope you remember me. Good to read your post and it would help lot of woman all around in testing including me in family-profession balancing. I would defenetly move to freelancing if this book helps me to know more about it, so that i can spent time in my kids growth, which i am missing now..

Hope you give me one!!!!

#68 Siddhant Raut

“An opportunity is full of Space” so i don’t want to miss this one as it belongs to my job & my passion for testing.

What else fun to earn money from our extra time, from our interest & from “what we love to do”.
With the help of this book.

Thanks for arranging finest Contest in & giving great opportunity to encourage all testers.

#69 Gourav Soni

Hello Sir,

I have one year of experience in manual testing and i want to include one more step in my testing career through this book.

#70 saravana

Hi Vijay,
warm greetings,having 3+years as a testing trainer, would be really interested in knowing how to become a freelance tester, eager to work in real time projects, with the guidance stipulated in your e-book.Expecting your help in this regard by way of providing the same to me, which would help me to learn and earn with projects , enhancing my training exposure, to serve better for learners in software testing.I am really impressed by way of acquiring knowledge in automation testing concepts through your various articles, including manual testing methods.I take this opportunity to express my humble gratitude towards you.I am very much eager to learn your recent e-book on free lancing testing career.
Kindly help me by providing the same to me.

#71 Harshil

I am working as a software QA since last 2 year and want some freelancing work to get more exp and money.

#72 sharada

I am working in software testing field since 8 years. Bcos of working in office 4 9 hrs & traveling time we cant spend time with our family so now i wud like 2 utilise this freelancing opportunity and one more reason is i can b the owner of my work which provides u more satisfaction

#73 sherine

hai vijay ,
thanks for freelance software testing opportunity .
before reading of this article I don’t think this much opportunity in freelance software testing ..
I am very much thankful to you . .

but i have one doubt in future more or increase vacancies available in freelance testing

#74 Fasal

Hi Vijay,
I am desperately in search of a job. So I think this book will do a lot of benefit for people like me. This is a great effort from you to help the people to find out more hidden opportunities.

#75 Radi

Hi. I’m Radu and I have almost two years in software testing. This is the first time I’ve heard of freelancing software testing and it an interesting idea. I would like to win one of those ten copies, because I want to learn about this testing, and also, in the future I would like to have the chance to test different types of projects, ideas and working as a freelancer in my free time is a good alternative to do that

#76 Ankush sirohi

hi ,I m new in s/w testing industry having 1 year of experience. I m working in a small firm. I want to update with every new technology regarding testing.I hope your ebook will help me to update n providing good opportunity in big MNC.
How will I get freelance testing work to enhance my knowledge ,work experience and money.
how can I win this book?

#77 Umesh Padte

Having some extra bucks working at home at your own comfort zone is good. I love software analysis and this is something that would not only teach me but earn me extra. I would definitely love to read on further…

#78 Arun

I want to create a small revolution saying that Unemployment can be abolished. Software testing is a field any one fresher to experienced can enter and succeed with good introduction and limited exposure. Let me see how this books help me to achieve this

#79 AMIT

i have been following this blog right from the day i started to read testing. Each and every post here is highly helpful. I have read all the posts here so now i need to implement my knowledge practically and this book would certainly help me in this regard.

#80 shaukath

i have read your STCP eBOOK really its amazing and its very helpful to me to learn real time software testing concepts and skill and how to learn skill and how we will use those skills in real time scenario. Really grt details about how to attend and crack software testing interview.

Am new for testing and certainly this new ebook will help me to earn money and prove my skill in testing.

Honestly appreciate your hard work for testing community.

#81 Kumar

Hi Vijay,
I am working as freelancer but having local clients. May be i am not aware about the opportunities which i can achieve by working as freelancer. I was searching for something like this from long time. I appreciate your efforts for writing such a useful book for people like us.
Great Work Sir ji.

#82 komal agarwal

hello vijay sir,

i m a final year student of computer science and engineering. after reading your article on software testing during my 1 month internship on software testing, i developed my interest in this and wants to make my career in the same. kindly give this ebook to me so that i can make my future bright and prosperous with the help your ebook.
thank you.. :)

#83 Murli

It’s a much needed help for testers who want to earn more in their free time doing what they love to do. Additionally freelance projects add an extra dimension to testers who are not satiated with their daily and routine scope of work !!

#84 N Kumar

I believe on warren buffet quotes “Never get dependent on one source of income, try to create second source”. I never tried this, but i feel now its a good time to start on second source like freelance testing.
I have very good amount of exp in testing and management. Believing the exp will help full to grab the oppurtunities in freelance.

#85 Abha


I am new to software testing.I would like to have the apportunity to bag freelance software testing projects inorder to earn extra bucks as well as get handson experience in testing live software testing projects.Thanks for giving an apportunity for bagging a free book written by you on how to get freelance live software testing projects for testing.This book would be a great help to all newbie’s in the field of freelance software testing.


#86 Paramesh Nalval

Even though I have been consulting for some time, I have not done freelance. I’d like to know how.


#87 Dipali

Now enough ….I wanna become independent,I dont wanna depend on anyone for anything and to create my own world .Its my nature finding others mistake and learn from it and I am also intersted in software testing. I think to start my career from my field in Software Testing freelance software testing is good oprtunity

#88 Deepa

Freelancer jobs i heard about this. But not knowing much details about how to get the software testing projects. I am working as a tester, surely I would like to know more on how to get the projects, improve testing experience, use my time efficiently and also earn some extra money. This e-book will be very useful for me.

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First of all thanks for your idea to give free e-book.
I am sure that I have a good reason, why? Well..Now I am at home because of a surgery and I have just
discovered that I have lost my job position of test manager! The research center where I work is planning future activities and because of the economical crisis the testing is suspended and I will be included in other areas. The problem is that I really felt in love with testing activities and now I see that my expectations are flying away.
I need to give myself a challenge and this is the right time to consider new opportunities. So I believe this book will help me to get experience on freelance projects giving myself a challenge in order to work with love.
Thanks :)

#90 madhava

i need this book because i am very interested in software testing.

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I would like to say Thanks to vijay for such a brilliant idea. …

Many people looking for the Freelancer Testing Positions, For them This is a good idea
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Thank you for this opportunity. I am a working mother with 6+ years of Experience in Manual Testing. I had heard of the freelance but did not get more information to proceed with. I need this book coz i believe it will show me the way to handle my career along with my personal life and keep me updated in my career.

#93 shaik

i’ve exp in s/w testing. I’d like to know about what’s the freelance software jobs, how we can earn money from home & its very helpful for my carrier development.

#94 sunil

I have more than 6 yrs experience as manual tester and Load runner from last few months i am taking classes through online, trying to start freelancing job in testing but I did not get proper guidance for this so i am not able to get work from different freelancing web site. I have good knowledge of manual and automation testing. I am sure your book will guide me start good career in freelancing. I am really looking forward for start freelancing job

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I wanted to do freelancing since i heard about this but the question was “How and from Where to start?”
I see here is the answer i was searching for!
I believe “Freelance Software Testing Job Opportunities” eBook is the correct answer to it because i have read “Software Testing Career Package” eBook of Mr. Vijay Shinde (won in previous contest). I usually don’t like reading books but i found this eBook interesting and gained practical knowledge reading it thoroughly.

Definitely want to earn extra but don’t know whom to trust?

I am more passionate towards finding hidden issues in already tested application, i rarely get such opportunity in my current job, maybe i ll get it in freelancing job. :)

Desire to win the contest! :)

#96 hema

i am really crazy and passionate for testing hope this book helps me alot and to my friends as well

Thanks a Zillion for introducing :-)

#97 Apoorva

I want to do some freelancing job, I have manual as well as automation experience. I wish to win this contest sothat I can get a good idea about how to start. :)

#98 Eugenia

I like Vijay professional books. He has the talent to explain any problem in a simple and concise form.

#99 Viraj

Well, why I need this book? Here’s what I feel..

In today’s world, it’s important to keep updated. Learning and learning will make to stronger. (Hence this book.)

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#103 sudhir


I am having 11 yrs of exp into sw testing and looking for the freelance job in SW tsting.With this book I am sure that I will definitely come to know about the different ways to crack the hidden ways of Freelance Software Testing Job Opportunities.


#104 suneetha

hi sir,
i am suneetha ,i read all software testing topics in this blog these are very usefull for experience and freshers who are searching for job ,i am intrest work at home but i dont how to do work at home ,i have kid for him ,complusary to do job ,pls help me ,it would hepl my family

#105 Shareefha


I am a Software professional having 5 years experience on Manual Testing, after my kid born i have resigned for my job … now i would like to work from home. So, kindly help me out how do i approach for a Freelancer job.

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I Am Sruthi, I have 2.7 Years Experience in Manual Testing, I have knowledge on Quality Center, Jira, Jmeter, Selenium, Now i got gap in my professional job, Please i want job immediately, i don’t want to set ideal, i am trying for job but i am not getting interview calls, form may 1st 2013 on words i am not working, i need job immediately,So, kindly help me out how do i approach for a Freelancer job. Please Inform me Send details to my mail id:,
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So I am very hopeful to have your great book helping me in this regard.


#109 Ellie


I worked for 8 years in a startup company started as a Content Migration Specialist, did some php programming and then moved on to Software Testing, which I love and honed. But then the company changed direction and I got laid off. I know a handful of people who do the work I do and it’s not the most popular field in my country, so after 6 months of job searching, on and offline, i have nothing to show. It’s great being home for the kids but I feel like the talent I’ve spend over 5 years developing is of no use to me now. I’m hoping your book will be the guide to me find my space out there.


#110 Sandipon Goswami


I worked for 6-7 years in IT/Software industry as a web application developer / software professional in some software companies in Assam but I am not satisfied with the job opportunities that I got till now.
Also, due to some unavoidable circumstances regarding attending to the medical treatment of my parent, I had to return back to my Hometown in Dibrugarh from my workplace in Guwahati- the capital city of Assam. Now, either I have to work from my Home or found any other alternative job here in my local place. I think I can do better in Software Testing than any other related field in IT industry. So, I want to learn and grow in this software testing field in a gradual but systematic manner to become a better IT professional / Software Testing professional. So, I hope your books will be the perfect guide for me in this field to find my place in the world that I rightfully deserve .

With Thanks & Regards,


#111 thenghi

Hi all,

Anyone has crossed the book, please summarize here.



#112 thenghi

There is only kindle version on Amazon, please release another version.


#113 Uttam

I have almost 10 years in software related testing activities. I never done freelance software testing related activities. It is very exiting as I have opportunity to work various testing related activities as well as financial help.

#114 Rajesh Modi

I am interested to work from home. but don’t know the process can you suggest me.

#115 Latha

I am really passionate towards software testing and i wanted to show what i am to some folks who is not considering my profession as a respectful job. And i am eagerly waiting for a platform where i can prove myself.

#116 Yamini

Advantages to get a placement in software testing?

#117 Amarjeet Jayanthi

I am a freelancer and I work from home.I would like to have this ebook so that I can search for software testing job opportunities from home.Please help me by sending me the ebook.

#118 rajeev

I’m Test Engineer. I would like to get experience on freelance projects. I believe this book will provide a ladder to sharp my Knowledge and experience

#119 ageer abhilash

I have trained on testing,
Also istqb certified tester
Now I am in searching
I need to gain some extra information abt testing
So,I am requesting for ebook
Thank youu

#120 lavany

I’m QA Tester .I want to become a good expert in testing and to found new testing things in my career so this book ill improve my skills to work in freelance.

#121 Aravind

I appreciate this good idea. I would like to get this going and is looking for any option on how can I work on this opportunity. I have the necessary skill, experience and tools for software testing,Thank you.

#122 Kavitha

I’M interested to know more as I’ve rich experience in software and working in this sector for last 10Yrs.
Kind regards

#123 Md Adil

I Need this book because to learn how to make money, As i have studied the software testing to make money and this one is the first book ever to teach the testing as well as how to earn , so we can say its 2 in 1.
Every one needs money that’s why learn and people do all the activities.
So i Need to make Money :)

#124 Ravikiran M Talekar


Read all the comments and content of this page. I would need a copy of Freelance Software Testing Job Opportunities.



Hi Vijay,

In this day and age, it is actually very easy for stay at home mom’s like me to make money online and learn at the same time. This way, I can concentrate on my seven months old daughter and simultaneously express my passion of facing challenges as software tester.
I like that it’s different every day. One day I’m coaching someone and doing usability testing. The next I’m writing up some resources and updating the dashboard and doing some simple capability testing. Another I might be exploring some scenarios or doing some domain testing. And the last , I was teaching my daughter how to say Hello to grandparents on Phone.And each time I’m exploring, discovering, learning, communicating, creating, reading… I don’t think I could do all that in many other software careers.

That is the reason, I am eagerly waiting to read ebook published by the great author like you, and make my daughter software tester too.:)

#126 Harini

Hello Vijay,
I am very much interested in this field freelancing – software testing. I have worked as a BA , functional tester and also in a bank and have hands-on experience in software testing/banking. I have been on a career break but have learned a lot of automation testing tools too. Can you help me with what I can proceed on ??


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