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This is my second eBook recently published on Amazon. This eBook is handling a hot topic – Freelancing opportunities for Software Testers!

Yes, I get many questions on how to find freelance testing QA job opportunities and even questions like ‘Is it really possible to earn some extra income working as a freelance software tester?

My friend, there is a huge opportunity in this Crowdsourcing market. Now even companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have started believing in crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing has a bright future but you need to keep your eyes open and be ready to grab hold of new opportunities.

The eBook Introduction

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Freelance software testing jobs eBook

Why This Book?

With the recession still wreaking havoc in many countries and jobs getting tougher, more and more testing professionals are looking for opportunities outside of regular day jobs and freelancing is one such avenue that has gained a lot of traction, of late.

Working as a freelance tester always provides you financial support and moreover it also helps to keep your technical skills sharp.

Learn how you can make money working from home as a freelance Software Tester!

There has never been a better time to break into freelance Software Testing. With thousands of small businesses and fortune 500 companies looking for Crowdsourcing solutions, there is a high demand for freelance testers.

This book will show you how many amazing opportunities you have to make money working as a freelance Software Tester and how quickly your life can change if you are serious to work for yourself! Most importantly, you can get started as a freelance tester with very little knowledge of Software Testing. And if you are an expert software tester then there are endless opportunities for you.

In the beginning, you could be working very hard to get your first few clients. But once you get to know the process it will be very easy for you to get more freelance testing work with your work experience and strong testing portfolio on various freelancing sites, which we are going to see shortly.

What Makes This Book Different?

There are lots of books on learning Software Testing but no one will teach you how to make money working as a Freelance Software Tester.

You will notice that this book is shorter than many other testing books available online. Because I don’t believe in providing an eBook of 100 pages which has only 10 pages of useful information. You will find this book useful providing the exact actionable information needed for you to get started earning your first dollar as quickly as possible.

The only thing you need to do is start taking action right away. Test all the resources mentioned in this book and see what works best for you.

In the next few chapters you will learn:

  • How to maximize your chances of getting freelance testing work
  • Where to find freelance testing jobs? (most important chapter)
  • Beta testing opportunities
  • Game testing opportunities
  • plus one hidden opportunity for all of you!
  • Our recommendations

The Fact:

Though it takes hard work and patience to see some real money, it’s not impossible. Many testers quit before seeing the real benefits of these opportunities. If you follow good work practices it’s not hard for you to get a good freelancing work or move to a better-paying freelancing job.

How to Get this eBook?

This is simply a small 21 page information-packed eBook that anyone would like to read!

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