How to Write a Test Plan Document from Scratch (Download a Real Plan) – Live Project QA Training Day 3

After introducing our readers to the live application for our free online software testing training, we came to know about how to review SRS and write test scenarios.

And now it’s the right time to dive deeper into the most important part of the software testing live cycle – i.e. Test Planning.

Most Important Phase of Testing – Creating a Test Plan:

In today’s article, we are going to see how to write a test plan document. 

Write a Test Plan Document

At the end of this tutorial, we have shared a 19 pages comprehensive test plan document specifically created for the live project OrangeHRM, which we are using for this free QA training series.

We are now halfway into our live project series. Let us take a step back from the application and take a look at the Software Testing Lifecycle (STLC) process.

STLC can be roughly divided into 3 parts:

  1. Test planning
  2. Test Design
  3. Test Execution

test plan

In the previous article we came to know that in a practical QA project, we started with the SRS review and Test scenario writing – which is actually the step 2 in the STLC process – the test design, which involves details on what to test and how to test. Why haven’t we started with the Test planning?

Test planning indeed is the first and foremost activity that happens in any testing project.

How Test Planning Takes Place at Each Phase of the SDLC

SDLC PhaseTest planning activity
InitiateIdeally QA team should get involved while the scope of the project is gathered from the customer/client in the form of business requirements. But in the real world, that is not the case. From a practical point of view, the involvement of the QA team is NIL. At the end of this phase, BRD is finalized and a basic Project Plan is created.
DefineSRS is created from the BRD. Test plan's initial draft is created. At this point, since the QA team is not done with the SRS review, the scope of testing is not clear. So the TP at this phase will only contain information on when testing is going to happen, project information and the team information (if we have it).
DesignThe SRS review is carried out and the scope of testing is identified. We have much more information on what to test and a good estimate of how many test cases we might get etc. A second version of the Test plan is created incorporating all this information.

From the above table, it is clear that the test plan is not a document that you can create all at once and use it from then on.

Test Plan is a dynamic document. The success of a testing project depends on a well-written test plan document that is current at all times. Test Plan is more or less like a blueprint of how the testing activity is going to take place in a project.

Clear Information on some Aspects of Test Plan Template

Items in a Test Plan TemplateWhat do they contain
Scope =>Test scenarios/Test objectives that will be validated.
Out of scope =>Enhanced clarity on what we are not going to cover
Assumptions =>All the conditions that need to hold true for us to be able to proceed successfully
Schedules =>Test scenario prep
Test documentation- test cases/test data/setting up environment
Test execution
Test cycle- how many cycle
Start and end date for cycles
Roles and Responsibilities => Team members are listed
Who is to do what
module owners are listed and their contact info
Deliverables => What documents(test artifacts) are going to produce at what time frames
What can be expected from each document
Environment => What kind of environment requirements exist
Who is going to be in charge
What to do in case of problems
Tools => For example: JIRA for bug tracking
How to use JIRA
Defect Management => Who are we going to report the defects to
How are we going to report
What is expected- do we provide screenshot?
Risks and Risk Management => Risks are listed
Risks are analyzed- likelihood and impact is documented
Risk mitigation plans are drawn
Exit criteria => When to stop testing

As all the above information are the most critical ones for the day-to-day working of a QA project, it is important to keep the Test Plan document updated at all times.

Few Important Pointers Regarding a Test Plan

  1. Test Plan is a document that acts as a point of reference based on which testing is carried out within the QA team.
  2. It is also a document which we share with the Business Analysts, Project Managers, Dev team and the other teams. This helps to enhance the level of transparency of the QA team’s working to the external teams.
  3. It is documented by the QA manager/QA lead based on the inputs from the QA team members.
  4. Test Planning is typically allocated with 1/3rd of the time that takes for the entire QA engagement.  The other 1/3rd is for Test Designing and rest is for Test Execution.
  5. The test plan is not static and is updated on an on-demand basis.
  6. The more detailed and comprehensive the Test plan is, the more successful will be the testing activity.

Sample Test Plan Document for OrangeHRM Project

A sample Test plan template document is created for our “ORANGEHRM VERSION 3.0 – MY INFO MODULE” Project and attached below. Please take a look at it. Additional comments have been added to the document in Red to explain the sections. This Test plan is for the Functional as well as the UAT phases. It also explains the Test Management process using the HP ALM tool.

Download Test Plan Sample:

test plan template

Test Plan Doc Format => Click here to Download a test plan in Doc format which we created for the OragngeHRM live Project and we are using this for our software testing crash course.

Test Plan PDF Format => Click here to Download test plan in pdf file format.

Worksheet (xls) files referred in the above doc/pdf test plan versions => Click here to download the XLS files referred in the above test plan document.

The above Test plan template is a very comprehensive and detailed one. Please give it a thorough reading for best results.

Now, the Test plan is created and explained well. We will move on to the next phase in both SDLC and STLC.

SDLC’s Code:  While the rest of the project was spending their time on the TDD creation, we QA’s have identified the Testing scope (Test scenarios) and created the first dependable Test plan draft. The next phase of the SDLC is to check when coding occurs. Developers are the primary point of focus for the entire team in this phase. QA team also indulges in the most important task ever which is the “Test Case Creation”

If the Test scenarios were “What to test”, the test cases deal with “How to test”. Test case creation is a predominant part of the Test designing phase of the STLC. The input for the test case creation activity is the Test scenarios and the SRS document.

For Testers like us, Test cases are the real deal – it is the stuff in which we spend most of our times around. We create them, review them, execute them, maintain them, automate them- well, you get the picture. No matter how experienced we are and what role we play in a project – we would still work with the test cases.

In our next article, we will talk about how to create test cases? What are they? How we can make them work for us and the other aspects related to test cases.

QA Training Day 4: Writing Test Cases from SRS Document

=> See Also: One more Sample Test Plan Template and Test Plan Document

Please do keep us posted on how this series was helpful to you. 

Also, let us know your comments/suggestion about this article. For best results, work with us. :)


#1 swati sree

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one question I have is it written by one or two QAs or can be written by the whole team?

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#5 nandini

Hi ,
1. What’s the difference between “test plan” in “V model” and “Agile testing model” (where requirement is changing frequently)?
2. Is it best practice to change plan as requirement comes, what’s the best way to do it?

#6 Vinish

Thanks for sharing Test plan.

Didn’t able to open the excel files in Test plan.
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#7 Sathish BM

The test plan is so informative. Thanks for your post.

@ Swati Sree,

The Test Plan Can be written by a QA Lead [Single person]. He will verify some sample test plan documents if he need to refer.

#8 Smitha

Test plan document is very well explained.My doubt is where will be Test plan kept? Or will it be given to all the QA team members or will it be in shared drive ?
Am new to this please do explain. TIA

#9 satyajit mohanty

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#10 Swati

@Nandini: Test plan in any model of software development process in more or less the same. In the traditional model it is much more detailed in comparison to the Agile model. The basic principles are the same – it has to have the details guiding the testing process and it needs to be up to date(if requirement changes- test plan has to reflect it)

#11 Swati

@swati sree: As @satish BM answered, the Test plan is a document that is created by a Test Lead/Test Manager. However, inputs are taken from the QA team members.

#12 Swati

@smitha: Where the test plan is placed differs from team to team. Some teams, place it in a shared location. Others use a version controlling software. Which ever means is chosen, test plan is a doc that is made highly accessible to the entire team. However, changes to it are made by the owner(QA lead) only to preserve the integrity of the document.

#13 Vijay

@ Vinish
This might be the MS Word version compatibility issue. I have now uploaded the test plan in PDF format and also the XLS worksheets referred in the test plan are available to download separately now.

Please check and let me know if you still face any issues.

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Many tx Vijay

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@uthra:the next article is coming up in a day or two.please stay tuned

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#28 Sathish BM

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Thanks Swati. You are correct. But the test plan mostly written by Team Lead only. Some Cases it moves to Test Manager. They will get the support from testing team members.

Can I have few real time test plan documents?

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#34 Nanda

Purpose of making Test Plan is to derive

Test Strategy (Type of Testing will be carried out)
Testing Approach
Planning & Scheduling
Risk Analysis (Application risk like 3rd party integration etc, Organizational risk – e.g. if duration is 1 yr and mean time how we manage the attritions etc)
Entry Criteria
Exit Criteria
Resumption Criteria
Test Environment
Assumption / Assumption Criteria

Will share the TPD to Project manager / Delivery Heads for Review & Approval, incase of any discrepency on their planning they will conduct meeting with TL/TM and negotiate / discussion on Planning & Scheduling or additional Type of testing needs to be incorporated etc.

Hope this will help some clarity

#35 parul

In section 2.5.2 of test plan for live site Orange HRM (i.e. Functional Test), You are mentioning “Functional Testing Scope.xlsx”. So I need to refer it. Can u please tell me from where to download the same?

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Your site is very informative. Swati and Vijay both of you have done an incredible job. I have a question. Do you prepare a Test Plan for every requirement or the Test Plan will be common for all the requirements.


#42 Nirmal

Do you have a training program for Test Lead. For those testers who aspire to become a Test Lead. If you haven’t started a training program for Test Lead. My request to Swati and Vijay to start a training program for Test Lead. Your training will help lot of testers to turn themselves as Lead.


#43 Nirmal


Can you differentiate between Test Plan, Test Strategy and Project Plan in detail.

#44 Srinivas Kotha

Project Plan – Created by Manager (dev.) for the project/product.

Test Plan – High level document which includes all of the points.”Test Plan: the set of ideas that guide a test project”

Test Strategy – Part of test plan. Test Stratgey or Test Approach is a set of guide lines that describes test design.
“Test Strategy: the set of ideas that guide test design”

#45 Eric

Here is a great Test Plan Template:

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#66 Alloch william Akoll

It is amazing, out there, most schools operate by not preparing any test plans at all. this Web-site provides a very good incite to them. the challenge is that many of teachers do not access een this web site because when they open a computer, mos people look for exciting things and not professional building/capacity building information!
Teachers are encouraged to make the best use of information which others have bothered to post to the net to support them.


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what is the purpose & importance of test plans …?
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