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To keep our readers updated on software testing events and activities, I will compile a weekly list of the online resources found. No doubt these resources are quality resources in software testing and you will get an insight of software testing industry.

Microsoft last week launched software testing website – Microsoft tester center. James Whittaker Security Architect, Microsoft said: “The goal of launching tester center is to provide the community of software testers to share knowledge and learn from each other about software testing, day to day job work, testing tools and processes”.

Software testers and developers can view video’s, technical articles. You can interact technical experts from Microsoft via blogs and discussion forums.

I am always interested reading the expert views on software testing from Microsoft employees. Michael Hunter’s interview series with software testing experts is also a good resource for testers. Interview of Anu Arora – a test manager from Microsoft’s engineering excellence group is the best of this series.

One interesting question I like from this interview is:

Q. What do you think is the most important thing for a tester to know? To do? For developers to know and do about testing?
Anu Arora: Testers need to understand that testing is not just a lot of automation. Testers also need to understand that it is not the other extreme banging the keyboard.

Testing is a highly skilled and sophisticated discipline and testers are the last line of defense for the customer. For the same reasons, the testers need to continually learn and grow; learn new ways to test, learn about the customer and market, learn to be always on the cutting edge of testing.

Developers need to understand that testers are not babysitters. Developers need to be responsible for their own code. Developers need to ensure what they write, works. In the testing language, it is called unit testing. As a Test manager, I have been asked once in a while by the few ignorant ones; that if developers did all that, what will testers do? Testers can them move beyond unit testing to focus on integration, systems, scenario and user testing. These are absolutely critical from the customer point of view the one whom we are building this product for.

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#1 Pallavi

Hi Vijay,
Thanks for sharing the testing resources..
and I am completely agree with Anu Arora. I also faced similar comments like Anu. Some ignorant developers always comment on testers work and consider testing work as low profile activity. I really hate such people.

#2 Vikas

This stuuf is really good!!!
I really want 2 thank u for this….
bbye tc

#3 Thulasi Suresh

Hi Vijay
Once again a nice article, the time took to make it is high but acceptable for this kind.

@ Pallavi
Don’t ever think that testing activity is low profile activity,since we prepare and produce the evidence for degree of excellence. I.e Quality

All product and project so for developed in the market is called as Quality Products rather ever called as “Developed product”.

#4 bindu

Hi vijay,
This is nice to see the article and i want some information could u plz help me in that.

I am a software engineer in atiric software pvt lmt and i joined last month only we dont have real time expirence guy so we have a lot of problems with that issue so could u plz refer me which books to read to develop my knowledge and i want a brief description about manual testing and format of that .with out givingor feeding any knowledge to us they directly given a dummy project and told to write the testcases manually for i want a detailed format of manually testcases .hoping the reply soon and i want a brief description about the quality metrics topic.

#5 ankit

Really nice and true about

#6 Seshu

Hello all,

I am a test engineer in a product based company.
I do agree with the statements given by AnuAurora.
Let us recollect the points told by him.
1. learning 2. learning new ways of testing 3. knowing customer base and market.

I am raising a open ended session to all the readers shall we have the topic on how to get them into our knowledge base?

i am really interested to know new ways of testing the base products.


#7 aruna

thanks arora its really good

#8 zakir

Nice one anu arora. I agree with that. Also developers should keep in mind that testers are not the one who always pinpoint their mistakes often they come across any bug but the art of profession of testers is to deliver good Quality of the software and we really give developers a better chance to improve on their own by pointing to their errors which got slipped from their eyes. All the above Testers are quality driven people who takes no chance in giving any chance for defaming the product.

Cheers.. :)

#9 Nirmala

Hello Vijay,
Thanks a lot for sharing ur testing knowledge!
I have 2 years of experiance in manual testing, but i dont have chance to learn automation in our company.
Can i learn the automation tools like QTP on my own? Is it necessary to undergo training on QTP?
Is there any materials and books available to learn on my own?

#10 Baskar

Hi Vijay,

Very interesting article which was more innovative and encouraging all testers.

Thanks & Regards

#11 Mahe


Nice to see your site , tons of information in testing. congrats.

I would like to know different kinds of metrics and estimation techniques.

Pls inform me.

#12 shekhar

I want to know the different aspects and preocedures used while testing a website/web based application.

#13 Rahini

hi bindu,

even my condition is same like you.
we both are just starters.
i would request you to share your knowledge with me

even am writing TC’s for a dummy project.

#14 Mahe

HI all

I’m new to this site. anyway tons of infor on Testing .

Have any idea about testing metrics

Pls inform us



#15 Bob Bibly

Anu Arora rocks!

#16 lalit


#17 sanjay

Hi Vijay,
I always appratiate all articles of this site by u.
I need some help from u, can u please send me the written test cases and its format on dummy projects. I want the exact workflow of testing with examples..
I am waiting for ur reply………….

#18 Hoa

Hello Vijay

This is very helpful. I’m a a IV&V tester. When I’m testin I don’t care wht is developer say. I just want to perform my job, I do what I have to do, I will never let the developer tell me wht to do. If I found a bug, I documented step by step and show them.

Please keep up so we all can learn from each other.

#19 kamlesh

i think the motto of tester should be

“In a day, when you don’t come across any problems – you can be sure that you are traveling in a wrong path…. .” QA

What would you(Anu) think about this ?

#20 Harsha

Really nice one…

#21 vruti

I completely agree with Anu Arora. Infact, testers are much better than developers. the domain knowledge of testers is quite versatile than developers. Developers only kow copy paste and google search, while testers use the real brain to break the system. wat say???

#22 usman ali

good article anu arora…

#23 Devabrat

Awesome answer for the question :
# if developers did all that, what will testers do?

very nice……………Excelent

#24 deepali

nice to read all details

#25 Rohan

hi all..pls mail me some dummy projects for software testing..thnx in advance…pls help…

#26 soumya

Hi friends, can anybody help me.I want to get the practical experience of software testing..Would anybody be able to help myself get started by providing some sample projects …

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