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Some Interesting software testing resources

To keep our readers updated on software testing events and activities, I will compile a weekly list of the online resources found. No doubt these resources are quality resources in software testing and you will get an insight of software testing industry.

Microsoft last week launched software testing website – Microsoft tester center. James Whittaker Security Architect, Microsoft said: “The goal of launching tester center is to provide the community of software testers to share knowledge and learn from each other about software testing, day to day job work, testing tools and processes”.

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Interesting posts on Software Testing Help

Here is digg into some interesting posts on Software Testing Help. Hope you will enjoy it:

  • Difference Between Client server and Web application testing: The most frequently asked software testing interview question. What is a difference between Desktop, Client-server and web application testing? I have shortly addressed this question here.
  • Some interesting Software Testing Interview Questions: Here I addressed three basic questions like What is the most challenging situation in your testing career? What if one module is modified in the application, Is it necessary to test whole application? How to test the application without specifications?
  • How to improve Testers performance? You can find here answer to What measures can company should take to improve testers performance as for some companies it’s not possible to hire a required number of testers. Here you can also find an interesting debate in me and Pradeep S.
  • Will Automation Testing tool make your testing easier? Some ins and outs of Automation. Be sure to think these points before going for your project Automation.
    So after taking decision for Automation you will not be in trouble.
  • Why does software have bugs? A million Dollar question! The broad list of reasons like miscommunication, Software complexity, Changing requirements, programming errors and people egos which introduces common bugs. See some of the man introduced reasons and machine oriented bug reasons here.
  • What if there isn’t time for thorough testing? Find out some tips to complete testing in time if you don’t have time for detail testing. Points to be considered when you are in such dilemma of what to test first?
  • How to test complete Application? SQA processes to be followed in the testing life cycle. And guide on how to test complete application right from the requirement gathering to last step post release maintenance?

Reader Tips: 14 Aug 2007

Here are some web pages on Software Testing. Hope you will enjoy the blogosphere on Software Testing. Comment below If you know more web pages on testing.

Software testing resources (Speedlinking 05/2007)

These are some of the helpful links about software testing: