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68 Essential Resources To Be A Successful Tester (Don’t Miss!)

It takes a lot to be a successful QA.

Technical strength, Core functional area expertise, excellent communication and positive working/team playing attitude play a critical role.

Even with all that and more, it can take a toll on the best of us if we are not prepared and armed with some tricks, tips and tools that make things easier and enjoyable.

STH brings you the 68 most important testing resources that all we testers should endow in our crowns.
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Top 25 common programming bugs every tester should know

Just a quick note to share a useful resource with you. Just came across a good article 25 common programming errors for software programmers and software testers. Basically, this is more useful for programmers but I think software testers can get insight on how developers can unknowingly leave bugs in software programs.

Each bug listed in this resource can lead to serious software vulnerabilities if not fixed. The top 25 security bugs list will help programmers to avoid some common but serious coding mistakes. For software testers list will be useful as a security testing checklist for the Internet as well as for testing desktop application.

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Best software testing articles of 2008

The year 2008 was very productive for software testing help in terms of new subscribers and site traffic. We covered many interesting and (I hope) helpful articles in this year.

Here is the recap of some popular posts from the year 2008. I know it’s very difficult to select few posts to show here. Still, these are some most popular posts, in random order, you can enjoy. Don’t forget to bookmark this page :-) Continue reading →

Software Testing Book for Preparing Testing Interviews and Learning Basics of Software Testing [download]

I am in a process to compile a list of good books on software testing. Soon I will share this list with you. But lately, I am getting too many requests to share any book on software testing for preparing software testing interviews. So here is a quick post to share an online testing book I found “A Software Testing Primer” by Nick Jenkins.

Basically, this book is an introduction to software testing. So those who are new to software testing field can start their preparation by reading this book. You will get a basic idea of manual and automation testing.

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Software Testing Help: Best software testing articles of 2007

The year 2007 was a great success for Software Testing Help blog. This blog has grown tremendously in this year in terms of daily readers and email newsletter subscribers. We switched to our own softwaretestinghelp.com domain in around July 2007. In merely six months I can proudly show you a big list of our loyal readers.

It would be difficult to summarise the year 2007 for great software testing articles. I have picked some popular articles from last 6 months posts. Check them if you missed any of the articles.

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