How to Screen Record on Windows 10 or 11 [4 Simple Methods]

A Complete Step-by-Step Guide on How to Screen Record on Windows. Get to know the simple and easy methods to quickly screen record windows:

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. With Windows, you can easily record your screen to demonstrate how to use an important program or to demonstrate your gaming workflow.

The Xbox Game Bar tool in Windows 10 and Windows 11 includes built-in screen recording functionality, making it simple to capture your activities in any program.

Nonetheless, Game Bar has certain restrictions, such as the inability to record more than one app at a time, so if you need to capture more than just one app at a time, you should look into other options, such as OBS, for screen recording.

This post will tell you how to screen record on your Windows machine or how to Windows video capture or how to record clips on a PC using some useful software or how to screen record on Windows 7 and how to screen record on Windows 11 or how to screen record on a laptop.

How to Screen Record on Windows

How To Screen Record On Windows

What Advantages Does Screen Recording Offer

In the post-pandemic era, communication has evolved significantly, and many distant teams now rely on screen recorders to remain connected asynchronously. Modern screen casting tools can be used by remote, hybrid, and in-office team members to increase productivity and communication.

Are you curious about the specific advantages of screen recording your desktop for your company?

Here are a few concepts:

  1. Project Management: Use a screen recorder to keep everyone on task while you encourage them to work toward a common objective.
  2. Employee Onboarding and Training: Joining a group from a faraway location has never been simpler. Use video screen capture to welcome and present tutorials remotely.
  3. Sales Calls: Impress potential customers with intelligent sales calls by making them in person. It’s as easy as sharing your screen and showcasing your portfolio.
  4. Troubleshooting: Without an on-site specialist, quickly address IT problems via remote troubleshooting. Your support staff will remotely resolve the issue after you record your screen and walk through it.
  5. Collaboration within the team: For remote teams, forging deep ties is one of the biggest obstacles. Why not use screen capture’s personal touch to bring everyone together?

Methods to Screen Record on Windows

Below are some methods on how to screen record Windows or screen capture video, snipping tool for video, and how to record your screen with sound:

Method #1: Using Xbox Game Bar

Using the built-in Game Bar function, you may record your screen on Windows 10. It can be used to record other programs and activities, but its main purpose was to record Xbox and PC gaming sessions.

Step #1: Select Settings from the start menu by clicking on it. Select Gaming from the Settings window.

Turn on the game mode by going to the game mode. You are now prepared to record your screen.

Using Xbox Game Bar

Step #2: Open the recording-related app. Close any open Windows and check your recording for any extraneous audio that might be entered.

Step #3: Use your keyboard’s Windows + G combination. The Game Bar should now be accessible.


Step #4: To take a screenshot, select the Camera icon in the “Capture” window. Click on the dot-filled circle to begin the screen recording (or press Windows + Alt + R).


To end the recording, either click the stop button or press Windows + Alt + R once more.

Method #2: Using OBS Studio

You must first download OBS Studio from their official page before you can proceed. Since this program is used as a screen recorder in Windows or you can say is a Windows screen video recorder and has a ton of features, you should go through some basic setup and settings before you begin.

Step #1: After everything is set up, you can begin by making a simple screen capture. Put OBS in “Studio Mode” first, with “live” on the right and “preview” on the left.

scene capture

Step #2: Select Sources -> + -> Window Capture -> Create New to set up a screen capture. Select the window you wish to record from the drop-down menu that appears.

window capture

Step #3: Your window should now be in the “preview” panel after doing this. Click transition in the bottom-left corner of the screen if it appears as you had hoped. If not, move the red corners of the preview until it reaches the desired size.

preview panel - Screen Record on Windows

Step #4: To build your video, click Start Recording and Stop Recording. You can change this directory and save the type in the options. By default, these are saved as FLV files in the user/video folder.

Method #3: Using Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam is a Windows screen recorder that also enables high-quality video and audio recording. This recording device can be a fantastic option if you need to record a new video.

During the recording, you can add voiceovers, annotations, and webcam overlays to your movies. Using this application to record a video of yourself makes it simple to communicate and explain your views.

Step #1: Download Bandicam Screen Recorder from their official website. Install and launch the application.

Step #2: On the interface’s left side, select the button. In the drop-down menu, select “Select a recording region” or “Rectangle on a screen.”


Step #3: Click the “REC” button to begin recording after choosing an acceptable recording area.


Step #4: Click on the red button once more to end the recording. You may find your recordings by going to “Home” -> “Video.” Some websites allow you to play, edit, and upload them.

videos - Screen Record on Windows

Method #4: Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Step #1: Go to Insert -> Screen Recording in a new Powerpoint presentation after creating one.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Step #2: Your desktop will show up when the PowerPoint presentation has been minimized. If you don’t receive a window asking you to choose the area you wish to record, click Select Region and move your mouse over the desired area. The area you want to record is surrounded by a red, dashed bounding box.

record - Screen Record on Windows

Step #3: After defining the area, click Record Pointer to record (or not record) the pointer as it moves around the screen and Audio to turn on or off the audio. Click Record once you’re happy with your settings.

Step #4: There will be a brief countdown before your recording becomes live. You risk losing your recording’s control panel as well. The control box will reappear if you move your cursor to the top center of the screen.

recording's control - Screen Record on Windows

Step #5: You can select Pause or Stop from the Recording menu whenever you need to pause or end your recording. Click Save after finding the location where you wish to save the file.

How to Turn your Screen Recordings into Professional Videos Quickly

On their own, screen recordings provide excellent communication tools. They display to visitors just what they require in their entirety. And by using the methods listed below, you can ensure that your recordings are fluid, clear, and succinct and give them a professional appearance with just a little advance planning.

Mentioned below are some major points that you need to keep in mind in order to turn your recording into professional videos:

  • Create a Script
  • Do a Practice Run
  • Upgrade your Microphone
  • Add an Introduction
  • Use a Good Quality Screen Recording tool

How to Use Snipping Tool in Windows

Snipping Tool can be used to take screenshots of videos or how to clip on a PC or how to take screenshot video.

Mentioned below are the steps to use Snipping Tool for the video:

Step #1: Using Shift and S, press Windows. The desktop will grow darker as you decide where to place your screenshot.

Step #2: By default, the rectangular view is selected. You can change the shape of your snip by choosing one of the following choices from the toolbar: window, rectangular, full-screen, or free-form.

Step #3: The screenshot is automatically copied to your clipboard. When you’re done capturing the screenshot, a notification also displays. Select this link to access additional editing choices.

FAQs About Screen Record Windows

Q #1) Is there a watermark on the Windows 10 screen recorder?

Answer: No, there is no Watermark on the Windows 10 screen record.

Q #2) How do I alter my Windows screen capture?

Answer: On Windows, you can modify your screen capture using the Photos app. You can now proceed after selecting the Edit and Create option and saving a copy of your edited file.

Q #3) How can a computer screen be recorded with audio?

Answer: Choose the layout option that enables you to record a computer screen with audio at the beginning. You’ll need a tool with a screen and audio recorder. To get better-quality video and audio, use a webcam and an external microphone.

Q #4) Does the length of screen recordings have a limit?

Answer: Yes, all screen recordings with audio now have a 30-minute duration limit. You can always make many recordings and edit them together if you need to record something longer.

Q #5) How can I get a free screen recording on Windows 10?

Answer: To record your screen on Windows, use the Game Bar. Your PC comes with a built-in tool that you may use for free. The Game Bar dialogue box will appear if you press Win + G. You can select to record or capture screenshots of the apps on your Windows PC from this point.


On a Windows 10 or 11 computer, screen recording with the audio or how to screen record on Windows 10 with audio is simple to achieve.

Use a built-in screen recorder for Windows 10 called Xbox Game Bar. It is capable of screen and audio recording. You don’t have to spend time downloading a program, it’s free, and it’s easy to use. But there are a number of drawbacks. There is a 2-hour recording time limit, you can’t record more than one window at once, and you can’t record the entire screen.

Please proceed with the Xbox Game Bar if none of these issues bother you. It is the simplest method of screen recording is on Windows 10 with the audio or how screen record on Windows 11 with audio.

In this article, we’ve covered a number of techniques for how to clip on PC, quick desktop video record or capture screen recording or how to do a video screenshot efficiently, how to screen record on Windows 10, or how to screen record on Windows with audio.