Wondershare Anireel Review: Create Animated Explainer Videos Quickly

Explore the features of Wondershare Anireel and understand how good this software is at creating Animated Explainer Videos through this tutorial:

Visuals speak way louder than words. Businesses realized this a long time ago and are now using videos to market or promote themselves. Needless to say, promoting a business via videos has emerged as one of the most common and easiest ways to get the word out about one’s product and service.

The sheer number of explainer-type videos floating all around social media is a good testament to this trend. With how effective these types of videos are at attracting and retaining an audience, it would be foolish to not take advantage of this medium.

We have a plethora of software out there that makes the job of creating them almost effortlessly. One such software that is all the rage right now among marketers, content creators, educators, and digital marketing professionals alike is Anireel.

Wondershare Anireel: An Overview

Wondershare Anireel

Anireel has been around for quite some time now. In that period, it has created a formidable reputation for itself.

Now that Wondershare has graced us with Anireel V2.1.1, we thought it was about time we jumped on the hype train to determine once and for all whether this animator/video editing software deserves the admiration it has garnered ever since it was first launched.

After spending days with the software, browsing through its massive templates gallery, playing with its features, and pondering over its pricing structure, we are finally prepared to share an honest opinion with you.

So, without much further ado, let’s get started.

Wondershare Anireel

Anireel has to be one of the simplest animated explainer video editing software we’ve had the pleasure of using. It allows you to make visually arresting and comprehensive explainer-type videos with the help of a plethora of convenient customization options.

The software is ideal for businesses, freelancers, or casual users who want to create visual presentations in a quick but efficient manner.

The content you create via Anireel can serve as a valuable engagement tool or source of information. There is a massive template gallery for you to exploit. This, along with a drag-and-drop interface, makes the process of creating promo videos, e-learning material, corporate announcement content, etc. look as easy as taking a morning stroll.

There are tons of elements like characters, props, audio, and video templates for you to choose from. That being said, the MVP here is undoubtedly Anireel’s magnificent user interface that gives the software both its aesthetic and functional appeal.

Create Animated Videos With Wondershare Anireel

One thing that is most admired about Anireel is how easy it is to create an animated video with the tools this software provides you.

Actual creation is a simple 3 part process:

  1. Either choose from Anireel’s collection of pre-made templates or opt to create a video from scratch.
  2. Now customize your video by adding audio, scenes, props, footage, etc.
  3. Once you’re satisfied with the work done, simply hit the ‘Export’ button to download the project on your device or share it online.

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System Requirements

Supported OSWindows 8, 10, 11 (64 bit OS)
ProcessorIntel i3 or better, 2Ghz or above
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 5000 or later; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later; AMD Radeon R5 or later.
Disk Space2 GB free hard disk space needed
PriceStarting at $12.99/month
Official WebsiteWondershare Anireel


User-Interface - Wondershare Anireel

Anireel’s UI will hook you up from the very moment it is launched on the system. The UI strikes the perfect balance between user-friendly functionality and simple aesthetic appeal. The software uses colors sparingly without getting too indulgent, like most tools of its kind tend to do. The overall look is easier on the eyes.

All of its major features are right in front of you, thus making navigation extremely simple. The home page greets you with its massive template library right off the bat. There is a “New Project” button present at the very top of the page, allowing you to jump straight into the editing action.

Just above the ‘New Project’ button, you’ll get the option to adjust the aspect ratio of your project. You get to choose between the usual Widescreen ratio (16:9) which is ideal for desktop, Instagram-centric ratio (1:1), and portrait mode (9:16).

The home page also gives you direct access to current or recent projects, Voiceover/TSS, and Creator Academy. There are some new features you can directly access from the home page as well (we’ll be taking a deeper dive into them later).

The primary editing interface is an instant delight. If you are someone who has used video editing software before, then you are basically entering familiar territory here. Similar to any traditional video editor, Anireel’s editing interface is divided into three key sections.

Anireel’s editing interface

Right in the middle is the storyboard. This is where you’ll be reviewing the progress of your project as it is ongoing. On the left-hand side of your screen is the action library, where you’ll have access to all the elements you need to create your presentation. Here you’ll get access to different types of scenes, characters, props, text, and audio assets.

You also have the option to import your own videos, images, or audio files for inclusion in the project.

You can drag and drop assets of your choice from the library section directly onto the storyboard. Finally, at the bottom, you’ll find the timeline section. This is where you’ll be able to cut, merge, or sync video with audio to achieve the desired effect.

Once you are satisfied with the work you’ve done, simply hit the ‘Export’ button above to save the project on your system.

Overall, its UI was a blast to use. Its meticulous design and impressive visuals ensured I was never lost or confused even a bit. Developers can take a page out of Anireel’s book on how to design the perfect UI.

Wondershare Anireel – Top Features

The new Anireel V2.1.1 introduces a whole host of new features while greatly improving upon its existing capabilities. The following are some features that make Anireel really shine:

#1) Template Library

Template Library - Wondershare Anireel

The massive gallery of pre-set templates and effects is hands-down one of the best aspects of Anireel. You get access to hundreds of ready-made templates that allow you to create animated explainers, visual presentations, social media posts, GIFs, and infographics in just a few clicks.

There is a template on offer here catering to all types of target audiences and serving every kind of specific theme and purpose.

From sales and marketing to education and product promotion, there are enough templates available here to have you covered. The new version has added over 70 new types of ready-made video templates for you.

#2) Rich Customizable Assets

Another thing that makes Anireel a cut above the rest is the wide range of customizable assets it offers you. There are again a plethora of rich assets like props, characters, scenes, text, and audio, which you can readily employ to make your videos stand out. You can drag and drop these elements directly onto your ongoing project without any hassle.




Furthermore, each of these assets can be edited and customized in multiple interesting ways as per your preference. If any of the available assets aren’t to your satisfaction, then you can import your own picture, video, and audio assets to be included in the project.

#3) Customizable Branded Character

character custom - Wondershare Anireel

Anireel has enough pre-set characters that you can employ in your video. However, if you feel that the available list of characters isn’t sufficient, then you can simply create one for yourself. Yes! You heard it right.

Anireel provides you with all the tools you need to create your own custom character in just a few clicks.


You get the option to choose the gender and age of the character, then distinguish the character by customizing the character’s facial appearance, hairstyle, eyebrows, mouth, nose, and ears. You can further style your character by dressing them up with different clothes and accessories.

This aspect of Anireel makes the tool really fun to use. It allows you to be really creative – an aspect that has always been appreciated in other tools before and is no different here.

#4) Text-To-Speech

Anireel offers a dedicated Text-To-Speech interface that allows you to vocalize written text. This is a fascinating feature that shows the emphasis developers of Anireel have put on user convenience. The software uses deep learning technology to create clear audible voiceovers that you can later implement in your video project.

You have a wide range of male/female voices and languages to choose from. You also get the option to adjust the speed and pitch of converted speech to facilitate simple dubbing.


To Convert Text To Speech, all you have to do is simply follow the steps below:

  • Select the voice, gender, and language of the text you want to vocalize.
  • Start typing.
  • Preview the voice generated from your written text. Adjust the speed and pitch of the voice if you wish.
  • Once satisfied, click “Add to Timeline.”

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#5) Lip Sync

To make the dubbing process even more polished, Anireel also offers you an intuitive lip-sync feature. The voice-over you add to your project can easily be synchronized with the lip movements of your character. This feature really makes you feel like an ace animator, albeit with very less effort.

#6) Animation

The USP of Anireel is of course its capability to create videos that can be animated effortlessly in a variety of ways. There are two features here that really make Anireel an outstanding explainer – video editing software for animation.

a) Flexible Camera Movements

camera movement - Wondershare Anireel

The camera plays an important role in capturing your audience’s attention. Anireel knows this and thus provides you with a feature that depicts camera movements in a manner that makes your videos appear more visually arresting.

To add flexible camera movements to your video, simply click on the small camera icon available above the timeline section of Anireel’s editing interface.

You can then move the cursor and place it on the timeline where you want to add the camera effect. If you want, you can scale the size of the camera frame and even move it throughout the video. You can add multiple camera effects on your timeline to breathe life into your video.

The tool also allows you to stretch the length of the added camera clip on your timeline to adjust the camera movement’s duration. This is a fantastic feature if you want to make your videos more engaging.

b) Motion Path

motion path

Motion Path is another very useful animation feature on Anireel. With Motion Path, you’ll be able to move the location of an object in your video from one place to another. While originally Anireel users could only move objects in a line path, the new version introduces 12 different motion paths for you to choose from.

Motion Paths you can now set the objects in your video include:

  • Down
  • Arc
  • Circle
  • Bounce
  • Square
  • Wave
  • Curve
  • Stairs
  • Write
  • Decaying

#7) Script to Animation

Script to animation - Wondershare Anireel

Have you ever imagined how easier your life would be if you could just manifest your thoughts into a tangible reality?

Well, Anireel kind of does that for you by converting a script into an animated video. Anireel provides you with tons of script templates. You can use these scripts to automatically generate scene-by-scene videos with seamless dubbing.

You simply choose the script template, fill in the scene information, make further character elements and audio settings and let Anireel take it from there. The script you feed the software instantly turns into a rich animated video with compelling voice-over work.


Anireel users benefit from a pricing structure that is competitive, flexible, and affordable.

The standard plan costs $12.99/month and $77.9/year. The bundle plan that comes with the Text to Speech feature added will cost $19.99/month and $119.99 per year. A separate Text-to-Speech add-on will cost $11.99/month and $71.99/yr.

There is a free plan available as well. However, there’ll be an Anireel watermark imprinted on all videos exported.

Pros and Cons

70+ Ready Made Templates to Choose fromNot available for Mac users
Very easy to use
Drag and Drop Editing Interface
Rich Customizable Assets
Customizable Characters
Convert text to speech in various voices and languages
Flexible camera movement
Set Motion Path for Auto-object movement
Competitive pricing

Wondershare Anireel Alternatives

We will see how Anireel fares when compared with other animation tools. Anireel faces some tough competition from many of its contemporaries who also claim to be the best-animated video creators in the market today. So let’s take a look at four of its primary competitors and find out how Anireel fares when pitted against them.

NameTop FeaturesSupported PlatformFree TrialPrice
AnireelTemplate library, customizable assets, script to animation, Text-to-Speech.WindowsAvailable with limited featuresStarts at $12.99/month
Adobe AnimateAudio integration, template library, character customization, Asset panel.Web-based, Mac, Windows7 Day Free TrialStarts at $20.99/month
AnimatronCreate explainer videos, Whiteboard animation style, HTML5 Animation, HTML5 BannersWeb basedFree with limited featuresStarts at $15/month
AnimakerMassive Asset Library, Character Builder, HTML5 Engine, Lip-SyncWeb-basedFree with limited featuresStarts at $10/month
VideoScribeWhiteboard animation, template library, drag-and-drop editorMac and Windows.7-day free trialStarts at $20.65/month

#1) Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is a fantastic software that allows you to create interactive animations for TV shows, games, and movies. The software provides you with all the tools you need to sketch and draw your own characters, design e-learning content, and create interactive web and mobile gaming content.

The software is extremely advanced and isn’t suitable for non-animators like the way Anireel is.

=> Visit Adobe Animate Site

#2) Animatron


Animatron is similar to Anireel in a few aspects. Just like Anireel, Animatron provides you with a traditional editing interface along with several customizable assets to make the task of editing and repurposing animated explainer videos very simple.

However, when it comes to the sheer options you have pertaining to templates and assets, Anireel has an Animatron beat.

=> Visit Animatron Website

#3) Animaker


Just like Anireel, Animaker is a platform made for beginners and non-professional animators. The software allows you to create both eye-popping animated videos as well as live-action videos in just a few clicks. You can edit characters and use up to 100+ stock images to design your videos. This one can go toe-to-toe with Anireel in a battle of simplicity.

=> Visit Animaker Website

#4) VideoScribe


This is yet another animated video-creating software that is ideal for beginners. It offers some of the same features that you’ll find in Anireel. You have tons of templates at your disposal that you can use to create a plethora of marketing, educational, and creative videos.

Aiding the creative process further is the drag-and-drop interface, which makes the entire design endeavor seem effortless.

=> Visit VideoScribe Site

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is Anireel actually good for?

Answer: Anireel software ideal for creating animated explainer videos in a quick and simple manner. The tool provides you with a ton of options in the form of scenes, characters, props, images, and templates, which you can use to create interactive videos.

It also helps that the software harbors some unique features like setting a motion path or conjuring flexible camera movement to breathe life into a video. These capabilities combined make the software great for animation.

Q #2) Is Anireel safe to use?

Answer: Anireel software is developed by the very reputable Wondershare. You can be rest assured that it is safe to use. The software is lightweight and allows you to store your projects locally on your device. You have absolutely no reason to worry about safety when using Anireel.

Q #3) Is Anireel free?

Answer: Anireel is a subscription-based software with a monthly and annual license. Although the subscription fees are reasonably affordable, you can still opt for the free trial version if you wish to take the tool for a test drive before deciding whether to spend money on it. It is important to note, however, that the free version has some limitations.

First, many of Anireel’s advanced features will be inaccessible to you. The project you export will carry Anireel’s watermark on it.

Q #4) What are some prominent applications of Anireel?

Answer: The application area of Anireel is quite vast.

You will be able to create explainer videos for:

  • Business Publicity
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Education and Teaching
  • Product Promotion
  • Corporate presentation.

Q #5) How does Anireel’s Script-to-Animation feature work?

Answer: Anireel comes equipped with a powerful AI, which helps the software generate an entire video based on the script you feed it. To make use of this feature, you’ll have to first fill in the script provided to you scene-by-scene.

After making some character and voice adjustments, the AI will take its time in processing and create the best possible explainer animated video for you.


Wondershare Anireel is a godsend for marketers, freelancers, and content creators who aren’t really proficient at video editing or animation. With a plethora of customization options at your disposal, the software allows you to create riveting animated explainer videos without breaking a sweat.

Thanks to a plethora of templates, a drag and drop interface, and rich customizable assets to play with, you can use Wondershare Anireel to create a variety of marketing, e-learning, and knowledge-sharing videos.

Moreover, Anireel quickly sets itself apart from editing tools in the market with intuitive features like Text-to-Speech and Script to Animation features. The software makes you feel like an ace animator, even if you aren’t really good at it. That is Anireel’s biggest achievement.

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Anireel is Recommended for:

  • Who wants to animate but doesn’t possess the necessary skills.
  • Who is bothered by the long production cycle that plagues typical animation processes.
  • Finds Professional Animation Software costly.
  • Finding hiring professional animators and voice-over artists really expensive.
  • Seeks convenience when animating videos.

Suffice to say, Wondershare Anireel is recommended to anyone who wishes to create animated explainer videos without a hassle.

=> Buy and download Wondershare Anireel V2.1.1