15+ Best Snipping Tools for Mac [2023 Review & Comparison]

Read our review of the top Snipping Tools for Mac and compare their features, pricing, etc. to identify the best Mac snipping tool:

We don’t like to take screenshots of the entire Mac screen when all we need is just one small section, like an image or just a sentence. Or, take multiple screenshots of a page because it doesn’t fit the screen. We are sure you don’t either.

And that’s why we have researched and handpicked some snipping tools for Mac.

In this article, we have put together a list of Mac snipping tool and their features. You can try them and pick the ones that fulfill your needs from a snipping tool.

Let us begin!!

Snipping Tool For Mac

Best Snipping Tool for Mac

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Expert Advice: When picking a snipping tool for Mac, look at what features it is offering. If you often need a screenshot of the entire screen or long chats, go for one that can take a scrolling screenshot, otherwise, pick a nice free tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is the Apple version of the snipping tool?

Answer: Apple devices don’t have snipping tools inbuilt in them. But there are several options you can try, like Snagit, CloudApp, Skitch, SNapNDrag, etc.

Q #2) How do you copy and paste a snip on a Mac?

Answer: To copy the entire screen, click on command+control+Shift+3. This screenshot will be copied to the clipboard. Open the application where you want to paste the screenshot and then press Command+V.

Q #3) Where does the Snipping Tool save to?

Answer: It saves the screenshots to the clipboard by default.

Q #4) How do I cut part of a screenshot?

Answer: Usually, the app you are using to take the screenshot comes with a crop tool as well. You can use the crop option to cut part of a screenshot.

Q #5) Can I edit a screenshot?

Answer: Yes, you can edit the screenshot using the same tool you have used to capture your screen. You can crop, annotate and sometimes, even beautify your screenshots easily.

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List of Top Snipping Tools for Mac

Here are some impressive Mac Snipping tools:

  1. Setapp
  2. Snagit
  3. CloudApp
  4. Lightshot
  5. Skitch
  6. Greenshot
  7. SnapNDrag
  8. Monosnap
  9. Droplr
  10. Apowersoft Mac Screenshot
  11. Loom Screen Recorder
  12. Jing
  13. Recordit
  14. Snip
  15. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder
  16. MacSnipperTool

Comparison Table of the Best Mac Snipping Tools

Tool NameBest ForCompatibilityPriceOur Rating
SetappSimple and affordable access to snipping tools like SnapMotion and Swish.MacStarts at $9.99/month4.5/5
SnagitTaking a scrolling screenshot of the entire page.macOS Monterey (12) or macOS Big Sur (11) $62.995
CloudAppEnhancing your screenshots with annotations.macOS 10-11Basic- Free, Pro- $9.95, Team(for 3 users)- $8 per user, Enterprise- Price available upon inquiry.4.5
LightshotTaking customized screenshotsmacOS 10.7 or laterFree4.3
SkitchTaking and marking the screenshots and integrating them with Evernote.macOS X 10.4,7 or laterFree, Evernote Personal- $7.99/mo, Evernote Professional- $9.99/mo, Evernote Teams- $14.99/user/mo4.1
GreenshotCopying the screenshot to the clipboard and send directly to cloud-based programs.Requires macOS 10.12 or later$1.994

Detailed reviews:

#1) Setapp

Best for Simple and affordable access to snipping tools like SnapMotion and Swish.


Setapp provides you with a comprehensive collection of applications, out of which some feature excellent screen-snipping capabilities. Two of the very best you’ll find on this platform are SnapMotion and Swish.

SnapMotion, for instance, allows you to capture your Mac’s active screen in 4K quality. The app also allows you to capture multiple screenshots on your Mac in bulk. You can also create GIFs and MP4’s out of your captured images with this app. You get access to this app and many more snipping tools like it for Mac for a monthly fee as low as $9.99/month.


  • Capture Live Screenshots in 4K Quality
  • Edit Captured screenshots.
  • Convert captured images into MP4 and GIFs
  • Supports numerous image and video formats

Verdict: If you want to have options between multiple snipping tools while not paying for each tool individually, then Setapp is basically a godsend. Just subscribe, search for the snipping tool of your choice, install and run it on your Mac system. It is simple and extremely affordable.

Price: Mac: $9.99/month, Mac and iOS: $12.49/month, Power User: $14.99/month, 7-day free trial available.

#2) Snagit

Best for taking a scrolling screenshot of the entire page.


Snagit is one of the best snipping tools on Mac. It allows you to take scrolling screenshots of vertical & horizontal scrolls. So, you can use it to capture web pages, long chats, and everything in between. You can also alter hotkeys using this app. And it comes with a powerful editor with handy tools like arrows, rectangles, blurs, etc.


  • Inbuilt image editor
  • Templates to help you create tutorials and guides faster
  • Capture Screencasts
  • Convert screen recordings to GIF
  • Capture text from images
  • Scrolling screenshots
  • Annotate screenshots

Verdict: It is definitely one of the best snipping tools for Mac. Few tools allow you to take scrolling screenshots.

Price: Standard single license, one-time fee of $62.99(Mac & Windows), 15 days free trial

Website: Snagit

#3) CloudApp

Best for enhancing your screenshots with annotations.


CloudApp is yet another amazing mac snipping tool. It comes with powerful annotation features and allows you to take full-screen screenshots using its menu bar utility. You can even configure its keyboards shortcuts. And if you don’t want to download it to your Mac system, you can also use it on the web.


Verdict: If you want to enhance your screenshots with basic annotations, and don’t want to download the snipping tool for your device, this is the tool to go for.

Price: Basic- Free, Pro- $9.95/mo, Team(for 3 user)- $8/user/mo, Enterprise- Price available upon enquiry.

Website: CloudApp

#4) Lightshot

Best for taking customized screenshots.


Lightshot is one of the most user-friendly and free Mac snipping tools. You can take the screenshots and customize them with shapes, texts, and colors. You can also share the screenshots easily by uploading them to the server and sharing the short link. It also allows you to search for similar images on the internet.


  • Easy screenshots
  • Many editing options
  • Screenshot sharing
  • Search for similar images
  • Configure hotkeys

Verdict: If you want a screenshot that you can customize and share easily, go for Lightshot.

Price: Free

Website: Lightshot

#5) Skitch

Best for taking and marking the screenshots and integrating them with Evernote.


Skitch is the best snipping tool for Mac if you like to mark your screenshots. Owned by Evernote, it delivers the best results when integrated with its parent app. It is a simple and effective snipping and markup tool for Mac. You can highlight texts, add colors, shapes, and blur the areas you need.


  • Integrates with Evernote
  • Annotate screenshots
  • Elegant, effective, and simple
  • Supports various formats
  • Cloud storage and syncing
  • Various capture modes

Verdict: Skitch can do the job right in the easiest possible way. It is as efficient as simple.

Price: Free, Evernote Personal- $7.99/mo, Evernote Professional- $9.99/mo, Evernote Teams- $14.99/user/mo

Website: Skitch

#6) Greenshot

Best for copying the screenshot to clipboard and sending directly to cloud-based programs.


Greenshot comes with a handful of features like copying to clipboard, hotkey combinations, sending directly to your printer, or cloud-based applications like Dropbox, Picasa-Web, Flickr, Confluence, JIRA, Box.com, or Imgur. It even allows you to edit screenshots and allows you to blur the areas you want. It is a lightweight program and extremely easy to use.


  • Lightweight
  • Screenshot annotation
  • Change hotkeys
  • Cloud upload and storage
  • Supports several formats

Verdict: It is indeed one of the most impressive snipping tools for Mac with a bucket-load of features and light for downloading.

Price: $1.99

Website: Greenshot

#7) SnapNDrag

Best for taking screenshots without hotkeys.


SnapNDrag is a handy snipping tool for Mac that you can use for taking a snapshot of an entire window, fullscreen, or just a section. And you don’t have to worry about hotkeys. With the pro version, you can use additional features like image resizing, avoiding advertisements, customizing hotkeys, etc.


  • Easy to use
  • Many options for sharing
  • One-click snapshot
  • Sort screenshots by folders
  • Supports various formats
  • Customize hotkeys

Verdict: The pro version of SnapNDrag is the best mac snipping tool you can get your hands on. The Pro version comes with a lot of many features along with what you get in its free version.

Price: $7.99

Website: SnapNDrag

#8) Monosnap

Best for customizing, sharing, and storing snapshots.


Monosnap is an extremely efficient Mac snipping tool that also allows you to store screenshots on the cloud. You can use its very functional editor to customize your screenshots according to your needs and preferences. And you can share them with others and save them on the cloud.


  • Capture the screen with one click
  • Annotate and blur screenshots
  • Cloud and local storage
  • Video recording and creating GIFs

Verdict: If you want an extremely functional snipping tool with the editor, this is the app you can rely on. It also allows you to share your screenshots easily.

Price: Free, Non-commercial- $2.50/mo (Billed yearly) & $3/mo (Billed Monthly), Commercial- $5/mo (billed yearly), $10/mo (billed monthly)

Website: Monosnap

#9) Droplr

Best for recording screen and creating a GIF.


Droplr is a snipping tool for Mac that is rich in features like creating GIFs and recording the screen. The screenshots are saved automatically to the cloud with a link that you can share with others. You can also quickly and easily annotate the screenshots with this tool.


  • Various screen capturing modes
  • Annotate screenshots
  • Direct cloud storage
  • Short link creation
  • Extremely secure
  • Full page screenshot

Verdict: Droplr is easy to use, convenient, and full of features snipping tool Mac. Definitely, it is worth trying.

Price: Free Trial, Pro Plus- $6/mo, Team( for up to 15 members)- $7/user/mo, Enterprise (for 16 members and more)- Price available on request

Website: Droplr

#10) Apowersoft Mac Screenshot

Best for a perfect screenshot and snapshot editing on Mac.


Apowersoft is an extremely useful tool for snipping your Mac screen and editing it right away. With every screenshot, you will see the Apowersoft tool you can use to annotate your snip. You can also upload this screenshot to the cloud or save it to your device.


  • Annotate screenshots
  • One-click share and upload
  • Screen magnifier
  • Supports various formats
  • Smart window detection

Verdict: This is a perfect solution for snipping screens and editing screenshots right away on Mac. The screen magnifier allows you to take a clear screenshot of a smaller section as well.

Price: Free

Website: Apowersoft Mac Screenshot

#11) Loom Screen Recorder

Best for quickly and effectively taking screenshots and shooting videos on all Windows, Chrome, Mac, and iOS.


Loom screen recorder is one of the best snipping tools for Mac that also records video. It is also available as an extension for Chrome. This app is easy to use, comes with a simple user interface, and is extremely lightweight. With Loom, you can enhance your productivity, boost customer satisfaction, and streamline your work easily.


  • Rich Interface
  • Quick recording
  • Share instantly
  • Annotating screenshots
  • Controlled viewing

Verdict: If you are looking for a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use snipping tool for Mac that also records videos for you, look no more.

Price: Starter- Free, Business- $8/user/mo(14-day free trial), Enterprise- Available on request

Website: Loom Screen Recorder

#12) TechSmith Capture (Formerly Jing)

Best for screen recording and capturing a part of your Mac screen.


Jing, now known as TechSmith Capture, is yet another outstanding Mac snipping tool from Techsmith. You can record your screen for up to 5 minutes, select a part of the screen to snip, or take a screenshot of your entire screen. It is extremely user-friendly, has smooth, and has a modern interface.


  • New and modern video recording
  • Longer video recording
  • Supports MP4 format
  • Fullscreen and section screenshots
  • Cloud support
  • Image Annotation

Verdict: It is indeed an outstanding snipping tool for Mac since it allows you to record your screen and take fullscreen screenshots.

Price: Free

Website: TechSmith Capture

#13) Recordit

Best for multitasking while taking screenshots on Mac.


Recordit is an easy-to-use and fast Mac snipping tool. You can use it to take a snapshot of your entire screen or just a section of it. And you can also keep doing other work on your Mac while taking screenshots.

With Recordit, you can also create tutorials and share them easily. The free version comes with some handy tools, but the paid version extends the possibilities of what you can do with this app.


  • Lightweight
  • Can be pinned to the Mac’s taskbar
  • Many options for uploading and sharing
  • Cloud storage
  • Supports GIF and Twitter
  • Allows multitasking
  • Scrolling screenshot

Verdict: If you are the kind of person who loves to do a lot with little, this is your kind of app. You can take screenshots and make tutorials too.

Price: Free, Pro- $29(one time)

Website: Recordit

#14) Snip

Best for capturing the active Mac window or custom areas.


Snip is a free snipping tool for Mac that was developed by Tencent Technology. With this tool, you can capture custom areas of your Mac or the entire active screen. It is a lightweight program that doesn’t use much memory or storage on your system. And you get to annotate your screenshots as well.


  • Drag zoom-in and zoom-out
  • Annotate screenshots
  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly interface
  • Add and edit tags to screenshots

Verdict: If you are not willing to spend anything on a snipping tool, go for Snip. It’s free and comes with various features.

Price: Free

Website: Snip

#15) AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Best for capturing screen movements and actions.


This is one of the best snipping tools on Mac that you can also use for recording screen actions and movements. It comes with a terse and intuitive interface that’s very easy to use. It is a powerful snipping tool that can record everything you play on your mac screen, including videos, gameplays, and sounds.


  • Scheduled recording
  • Record everything on your screen, including videos, games, sounds, etc
  • Annotate screenshots and recordings
  • Logo addition
  • GIF recorder
  • Set quality for audio and video

Verdict: If you are looking for a snipping tool that does a lot more than take screenshots, then AnyMP4 screen recorder is the one for you.

Price: Free, 1 Month License- $26.25, Lifetime License- $44.25

Website: AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

#16) MacSnipperTool

Best for taking instant screenshots of your Mac screen.

MacSnipper Tool

MacSnipper Tool is an extremely accessible, easy-to-use tool with a simple user interface. With it, you can take screenshots of your Mac screen with just one click. And if you want to share it with your friends and colleagues, you can do that easily as well. And it’s free.


  • One-click screen capture
  • Crop anything on your Mac screen
  • Easy sharing
  • Save it anywhere
  • User-friendly

Verdict: It’s free, easy to use, and user-friendly. What more anyone can want from a snipping tool.

Price: Free

Other Snipping Tools Worth Considering

Here are some of the other snipping tools for Mac you can consider.

#17) Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast

Nimbus is a tool that’s available as a Chrome extension. You can create screencasts, screenshots, and videos and share them with your friends easily. It also allows you to capture web pages. And you can also annotate them with just one click.

Price: Pro- $3.5/mo, Team- $3/user/mo

Website: Nimbus Capture

#18) ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud offers you access to the tools that allow you to do a lot with your screen. You can take a screenshot using one of three hotkeys or by clicking on its tray icon. It uploads your screenshots to your server or a cloud service automatically. And you get the shareable link on your clipboard.

Price: Free

Website: ScreenCloud

#19) Morphic

With Morphic, you can take screenshots of any section of your screen. You can then easily share these screenshots with others via email, documents, or shareable links. You can also record the screens of your Mac systems with this tool.

Price: Free

Website: Morphic

#20) WidsMob Capture

WidsMob is not just an efficient snipping tool for Mac but is also a screen recording tool. It is extremely easy to use. You can take a screenshot or record a selected section of the screen. You can also record video and your voice using your microphone.

Price: Free

Website: WidsMob


There are some of the most amazing snipping tools for Mac like Snagit, Skitch, CloudApp, etc. Understand their features and if they fulfill all your requirements from the snipping tool. You can also use several of them depending on your need.

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Research Process:

  • Time taken to research and write this article – 25 Hours
  • Total tools researched – 38
  • Total tools shortlisted – 19
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