Top 10 BEST DVD Copy Software [DVD Copiers For 2021]

Here is a list of the best DVD Copy Software that you can use to copy, clone, or burn a DVD on Windows or Mac systems. You can easily use any of these paid or free DVD Copier tools:

DVD copy software sometimes gets a bad rap especially because of piracy. However, these are tools that can be used to create multiple copies of original content DVDs for distribution or storage.

DVD copy tools can be used to store content that may be required after a long time. If you do not have much storage capacity left on your computer, you may also create DVDs as a means of external storage and free up system resources.

Top DVD Copy Software

DVD Copy Software Review

Creating accurate and high-quality DVD copies to store crucial data requires having the best DVD copy software. In this tutorial, we will look at some of the top paid and free DVD copier tools available.

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Fact Check: Contrary to current trends, that show the use of the DVD has fallen drastically, Netflix’s still manages a magnificent DVD-by-mail subscriber base. According to their 2019 4th Quarter figures, the company generated $37.3 million in profits thanks to its 2,153,000 users, which averages approximately $17.34 per user.

This was more revenue per user than their streaming service generated within the same period. According to their 2020 1st quarter figures, the average DVD subscription revenue per user was approximately $13.09 for every user. This is probably due to those subscribers who have poor broadband access and cannot use the streaming service.

Projected Video, DVD, and game rental market size in USA 2014 to 2019 is shown in the image below:
Mrket size use

[image source]

Pro Tip: When choosing DVD copy software, make sure that it is a cross-platform tool that works on all operating systems and can read and write all regional DVD formats.

FAQs About DVD Copiers

Here are some important questions asked about the top such tools:

Q #1) Is it legal to copy DVDs for personal use?

Answer: It depends on whether the DVD contains Copyright work. You cannot legally copy Copyright material, but you can make copies of your work.

Q #2) How do I protect my DVD from being copied?

Answer: When compiling your DVD content, use a DVD encryption tool to create an encrypted file of the material that you are writing and then finally write it to your DVD. Thus it will be encrypted and cannot be copied.

Q #3) Can I copy a DVD to another DVD?

Answer: Yes, this is quite easy with the DVD copy software tools listed in this tutorial. Simply create a copy of the DVD on your hard disk, and then insert an empty DVD and write the copied content once more.

Q #4) How many minutes can I fit on a DVD-5 and DVD-9?

Answer: A DVD-5 has a capacity of 4.7GB of data equal to 120 minutes of video. A DVD-9 has a capacity of 8.5GB data or a 240-minute video.

Q #5) How do I tell if a DVD is a copy-protected?

Answer: When you load a DVD to be copied and hit the copy button, a warning will appear telling you that the disk is copy protected and cannot be copied. Hit the “explain” button to see more information on the protected rights of the owner.

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List Of Best DVD Copy Software

Here is a list of the most popular DVD Copiers:

  1. WinX DVD Copy Pro
  2. Wondershare DVD Creator
  3. BurnAware
  4. DVD Cloner
  5. DVDFab
  6. Magic DVD Copier
  7. OpenCloner
  8. Ashampoo Burning Video Free
  9. Wonderfox Free DVD Ripper
  10. DVD Shrink

Comparison Of Top DVD Copiers

Tool NameMain FeaturesUsability/ReliabilityStarting PriceOur Rating (Out of 5 Stars)
WinX DVD Copy Pro-Copy DVD to DVD, ISO, Video_TS.
-Copy DVD main title with all chapter, audio and subtitle tracks to MPEG2 files.
-Mount ISO file.
-Burn ISO image/Video_TS folder to DVD.
Support 9 copy modes,
Support latest DVD, 99-title DVD, regional DVD, protected DVD, etc.
Handle scratched, worn and minor cracked DVDs.
1 Year/1 PC $39.95 (33% off),
Lifetime/1 PC $47.95 (30% off),
Lifetime/2-5 PCs $69.95 (35% off).
Wondershare DVD Creator-Burn multiple file formats.
-Burn to DVD, Blue Ray, ISO.
-Three simple steps to burn discs.
-High speed and accurate DVD writing.
Intuitive interface for easy use.
Very accurate and never worry about errors.
Single user
$39.95 - Annually
Lifetime license one user
$89.95 – 2 to 5 computers
$234.95 – 6 to 10 computers
Custom Quote for more than 10 computers
BurnAware-Fast and accurate burning.
-Supports multiple DVD types, Blue Ray, M-discs, ISO and others.
-Burn different file types, whether data, pictures, or video.
Variable function icons on the home page for function selection.
Different functions color-coded for easy recognition.
$19.95 - annual license
$49.95 – lifetime license
$39.95 – annual license
$99.95 – lifetime license
Custom Quote based on your needs
DVD Cloner-Fast copying of all Disc types, Blu Ray, DVD, ISO, etc.
-Allows for easy ripping of DVD to computer.
Easily create copies of movies, games and other disc types.
Simple interface for new users to understand.
Standard license
$59.95 – annually
Lifetime license
DVDfab-Copy a wide variety of discs.
-Has the ability to rip DVD to computer.
Nice interface for novice users.
The rip feature is one of the main tools that make it attractive to users.
Free-to-try – 30 days
Annual license
Lifetime License
DVD Copier + Ripper
$129 lifetime license
Magic DVD Copier-Copy and Rip DVDs without loss of quality.
-Compress DVD-9 to fit in DVD-5.
Simple interface but powerful features.DVD Copier
$49.95 Lifetime license
DVD Copier + Ripper
$59.96 Lifetime license

Review of the top tools:

#1) WinX DVD Copy Pro

Best for lossless backup of DVD to other disc or hard drive.

WinX DVD Copy

WinX DVD Copy Pro is a powerful DVD ripping tool that has been around for quite a long time. You lose no quality when you use the tool to copy or rip DVDs.


  • Fast and lossless ripping and cloning of DVDs.
  • Creates a handy media library in one organized place.
  • Converts files according to your needs.

Cons: It can use a lot of system resources.

Verdict: This is a great tool for ripping DVD media and saving to a media library. It also allows for quick backup of files onto blank discs. It handles a wide range of data files, making it a versatile one-stop-shop for all your DVD needs.

Price: Free 30-day trial after which you normally pay $59.95. There are regular and seasonal offers also.

Lossless backup of DVD

#2) Wondershare DVD Creator

Best for copying DVDs and Blu Ray discs for personal and professional purposes.

Wondershare DVD Creator

Wondershare DVD Creator is a great tool for fast and simple writing to DVD in just three simple steps.


  • Copy a DVD in three simple steps.
  • Supports writing of more than 150 different file types.
  • You get more than 100 free DVD writing templates.
  • Contains virus and malware protection so your DVDs are fully safe.

Cons: Getting the license can sometimes take a long time as the email may delay.

Verdict: This is a fabulous DVD copying tool for both personal and professional use. The simple interface makes it easy to create and write DVD content.

Price: $39.95 for a single year license, $55.95 for a lifetime license for a single computer, and a multiuser license of $89.95 for 2 to 5 computers and $234.95 for 6 to 10 computers. You can get a quote for a multi-user license for more than 10 computers.

Wondershare DVD creator pricing

Website: Wondershare DVD Creator

#3) BurnAware

Best for an excellent tool for creating and copying a wide variety of DVDs, Blu Ray and even M-discs.


This is a simple tool for creating a wide range of DVDs and Blu Ray discs. All these can be done from a single simple interface.

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  • Easy selection of the process you want to use.
  • Writes a wide range of DVD formats.
  • Very fast and accurate writing process.

Cons: The interface can be confusing to first-time users.

Verdict: When you want to write a wide range of DVD types, this is the best tool to have. You may even create M-discs.

Price: There are three licenses available; Premium which goes for $19.95 for a one-year license and $49.95 for a lifetime license, Professional which goes for $39.95 for an annual license and $99.95 for a lifetime license and the business version which requires a custom quotation.

BurnAware price

Website: BurnAware

#4) DVD Cloner

Best for simple cloning and writing of DVD and Blu Ray discs.

DVD Cloner

It is a powerful DVD cloning tool for creating a wide range of disc types. It is accurate and fast, making cloning quick and easy.


  • Several disc writing features.
  • Fast and accurate DVD cloning is the main feature.
  • Writes a variety of disc types and file formats.
  • Can easily clone game discs for PlayStation and other game boxes.

Cons: There are too many separate versions, such as Blu Ray, Gold, and Platinum making it confusing for first-time users to decide which is best for their needs.

Verdict: Although the tool offers a wide variety of features, some of them come in separate bundles that require extra costs. This can be discouraging for those looking for an all-in-one DVD cloning tool.

Price: DVD cloner is available for a Standard license of $59.99 and a Lifetime license of $299.99.

DVD Cloner price

Website: DVD Cloner

#5) DVDFab

Best for cloning and writing of DVD and Blu Ray discs.


Fast and easy ripping and cloning of DVDs. You may even clone those with disc protection.


  • Clone all types of discs even those with protection.
  • Quick and accurate ripping of all types of discs.
  • Easy interface makes quick creation of disk content.
  • Remove Cinavia watermarks when ripping Cinavia protected discs.

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Cons: The tool is not recommended for extreme writing tasks. Slow writing works best.

Verdict: This is a great DVD cloning tool for those who are non-technical users. The simple interface makes it easy to select the function, disc type, and other features without much of a challenge.

Price: DVDFab comes with an annual license of $54.9, a lifetime license of $79 and you can get a Cloner and Ripper bundle at $129 as a lifetime license.

Cloning and writing

Website: DVDFab

#6) Magic DVD Copier

Best for quick copying and writing of DVDs. You may also compress DVD-9 into DVD-5.

Magic DVD Copier

This tool helps to copy or clone DVD files from disc to hard drive with no loss of quality.


  • Clone discs with no loss of quality.
  • Compress discs from DVD-9 to DVD 5 with ease.
  • Write DVD files from a wide range of source files.
  • Copy movies and subtitles with a simple click of a button.

Cons: The cloner comes as a spate bundle from the ripper.

Verdict: The tool has a simple interface that hides powerful cloning power. You can compress files with ease to fit DVD-5 from DVD-9. This is a small tool that has very powerful features for cloning a wide range of DVDs.

Price: Magic DVD copier comes with a lifetime license of $49.95. If you want to have the Ripper and Copier Combo, you will have to pay $59.96.

Magic DVD Pricing

Website: Magic DVD Copier

#7) OpenCloner

Best for cloning DVDs into various playback formats for a wide range of devices.


The tool is great for cloning DVDs without loss in image quality. It is also used to decrypt DVDs which you can later copy to a blank DVD.


  • Decrypt DVDs for use on Hard drive or copy to other disc types.
  • Lossless copying of DVDs.
  • The Gold version allows you to clone and write Blu Ray discs.

Cons: It lacks some of the advanced features that you would find on premium versions of competing DVD copying tools.

Verdict: This is a tool that serves basic DVD copying tasks. It has some advanced features such as being able to clone Blu Ray media and also clone streaming movies to burn later to DVD.

Price: This is an open-source tool and forever free DVD Copier.

Website: OpenCloner

#8) Ashampoo Burning Video Free

Best for burning, copying, and ripping DVDs at high quality.

Ashampoo Burning Video Free

This is a great tool for those who want advanced DVD closing features without having to pay a dime.

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  • Burn all types of disks without losing quality.
  • Rip DVDs to your hard disk with ease.
  • Clone one DVD to another at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Easily Rip Artist information from Music discs when saving to your hard disk.

Cons: Disks written at high speeds may become unusable when scratched unless you purchase the premium version with scratch protection.

Verdict: For basic DVD burning, cloning and ripping, this is an ideal tool. When you use the premium Burning Studio 21, the data is written deep such that it is readable even when the surface of the disc is scratched. It is a versatile tool and it is free.

Price: This is a free full DVD Writer, Cloner, and Ripper.

Website: Ashampoo Burning Video Free

#9) Wonderfox Free DVD Ripper

Best for speedy burning and cloning of DVDs.

Wonderfox Free DVD Ripper

When you want a speedy DVD writer, then this is the optimal option for you, and it will not cost anything.


  • Burn discs at high speed without losing quality.
  • Rip discs and create your own media library on your hard disk.
  • A simple three-step process to create your media.

Cons: When ripping or cloning at high speeds, the resulting media files may lag or skip.

Verdict: When you want to create a media library from a variety of DVDs or streaming media, then this is the best tool to use. You may then burn the media library into your DVD. This is powerful for people who have a hard time keeping track of the media they have on their computers.

Price: This is yet another free DVD copy software that comes with great features.

Website: Wonderfox Free DVD Ripper

#10) DVD Shrink

Best for simple backup and copying of one DVD to another.

DVD Shrink

If you simply want to copy one DVD to another, then this is the best tool to use. It is a free DVD copier and open-source. This tool does not have a lot of bells and whistles, making it quite simple to use.


  • Quick 1:1 copying of DVDs.
  • Allows you to decide the compression ratio so you can compress DVD-9 to DVD-5.

Cons: It has a lot of bugs, such as data redundancy, poor decryption, and cannot copy protected DVD files.

Verdict: Although this is a free DVD Copy software, it also comes with quite a lot of challenges. It is ideal when you simply want to back up a disc that has no protection. There are times when it will give you redundancy issues making you lose the DVD entirely; otherwise, this tool is great for simple cloning tasks.

Price: This is an open-source free DVD copying tool.

Website: DVD Shrink


When creating backup discs for important data, or creating a home DVD for friends and family, you need a reliable DVD creation tool that will do so without having errors. Data created on a DVD permanent and the quality of writing will ensure that you have a lifelong copy of important data.

We suggest the Wondershare DVD creator tool for those looking for an intuitive way to create DVDs.

When it comes to usability vs. price, Magic DVD Copier is a great sell given that it has low-priced lifetime licenses for unlimited computers. If you want quality, you should ideally choose a premium tool over a free one, although Ashampoo gives you a fabulous free full version for your immediate use.

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Research process:

After 50 hours of testing the features of various DVD copying software tools available in the market, we have come up with the top 10 DVD copy tools.
Tools researched online: 20
Tools Shortlisted: 10

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