How to Trim Video on Windows 10/11 or Online [Quick Ways]

This is a complete guide to walk you through the different effective methods describing the tools to Trim Video on Windows 10 or 11:

Sharing our happy moments with loved ones via social media is a common practice in today’s digital age. People today are living in a time where videos are increasingly important in their daily lives. Nevertheless, because our videos are inevitably littered with superfluous details, it’s impossible for us to capture the perfect shot.

It’s the simplest solution to this problem because we can completely avoid everything that we don’t like by directly trimming out the unnecessary parts of our videos.

In addition, since videos can be trimmed to a shorter length, we no longer have to be concerned about the length restriction imposed by social media platforms. However, one of the most common questions we get asked is how to trim an MP4 on a Windows 10 PC.

Trim Video on Windows 10 or 11

How To Trim Video On Windows 10 Or 11

In this article, we will talk about the various methods by which you can trim videos in Windows 10 or 11.

Tools Used for Trimming Video

We have covered the following tools in this article:

Tool NameDescription
FilmForthThe free but feature-rich video editor FilmForth enables users to edit or trim videos without any special expertise. Additionally, it allows for the saving of videos without a watermark, facilitating global video sharing.
Techsmith CamtasiaYou can create professional-quality videos for yourself with Camtasia, which is simple to use. With the click of a button, it offers intricate video trimming or editing.
VideoEditor AppWith the tools available in the Video Editor app, you can edit and create videos with music, text, and effects.
Photos AppYou can do more with your photos and videos thanks to the Photos App. View, edit, compare, make albums, and create movies with ease of your priceless memories.
Online-video-cutterYou can cut, edit, or trim a video file using this web application. It functions in your browser and doesn't require installation. is a straightforward online video editor and GIF creator. GIFs and videos can be created, edited, reversed, optimized.

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Trim Video: Effective Methods

Method 1: Trim Videos Using FilmForth Application

You can get FilmForth for free on the Microsoft Store. After downloading and installing the program, follow the given steps to trim or crop a video on Windows 10 using this application:

Here’s a quick video guide as to how trim mp4 videos using FilmForth:

Follow the steps below:

#1) Click on New Project.

#2) Click on Add Photo/Video clips.

Add Photo

#3) After importing your video, select the timeline of the video and press the Trim button.

Trim button

#4) Using the buttons on the end of the blue slider, select the part of the video that is to be saved and trimmed; press the back arrow button on the bottom left of your screen to go back to editing.

blue slider

#5) Once you are done, you can click on Save Video on the bottom right of your screen and, after selecting the desired video quality option in the window that appears, click on Save.

Method 2: Trim Videos Using TechSmith Camtasia Application

#1) You can download the TechSmith Camtasia application from here to trim or crop a video on Windows 10.

#2) After installing the tool, click on the New Project.

#3) Click on Import Media to browse through and select your video to be trimmed.

Import Media

#4) Drag your imported video on any of the Tracks at the bottom.

In Camtasia, the red and the green slider present are used to trim down selected parts of the video.

imported video

#5) Move the Green and Red Sliders around to select the part of the video which is to be deleted

#6) Click on the Cut button [Scissors icon] to remove the selected part of the video.

[Tip: In case you have to remove the beginning or end part of the video, you can simply drag and reduce them]

#7) When you are done, select Export in the top right corner and select Local File to save the edited video.

Local File

Editing in Camtasia is highly non-destructible i.e., whatever you trim or crop out will be saved in the session, so you can simply drag it out to bring the edited part back.

Method 3: Trim Videos Using Video Editor App

Windows 11 Video Editor allows you to trim videos, merge multiple videos into one, change the video speed, apply filters, add 3D effects, and more.

#1) To find the Video Editor app, type the video editor into the search bar.

Trim Videos Using Video Editor App

#2) To open the Video Editor app, click on the search result or press the Enter key on your keyboard. To create a new video project, click the New video project button.

New video project button

#3) Specify the name of your project and press the OK button. You can also skip it by pressing the Skip button.

OK button

#4) To open your video clips from your PC, my collection, or the web, click the Add button under the Project library. Alternatively, you can drag and drop any video files from your PC into the project library.

project library

#5) Place the Project library video on the storyboard by right-clicking on it. Alternatively, right-click the video files and drag and drop them onto the storyboard.

Project library video

#6) To begin trimming the video, click the Trim button.

Trim button1

#7) To cut the video, drag the start and end sliders in the trimmer window. Trimming will result in the video’s blue area. To complete the trim, click the Done button.

click the Done button

#8) To save your trimmed video, select the Finish video button.

Finish video button

#9) Select the video quality with which you want to export your video. To make exporting faster, go to More options and check the Use hardware-accelerated encoding option.

#10) To begin exporting your video, click the Export button.

click the Export button

Method 4: How to Trim Videos on Windows with Photos App

Here are the steps:

#1) Search Photos on the Search Bar.

Search Photos on Search Bar

#2) Select the video that you wish to trim

Select the video that you wish to trim

#3) To open the video trim window, either click the Video Trim button on the top menu or press Ctrl + E on your keyboard.

press Ctrl + E on your keyboard

#4) To cut the video, drag the beginning and ending sliders in the trimmer window. The blue area of the video will result from trimming.

#5) To save the trim, press Ctrl + S on your keyboard or click the Save a Copy button.

#6) Wait a few moments for the saving to complete.


Method 5: Trim Videos Using VLC App

Here are the steps:

#1) Launch VLC.

Launch VLC

#2) You may either use the “Open File” option under the Media menu to add the video or simply drag and drop the video into the VLC media player.

Open File -Trim Video on Windows

#3) Then you should begin playing the video and recording the segment with the underlying decoder. Try to get into a position where you can start recording while pressing both the Play and Record buttons at the same time.

Play and Record buttons - Trim Video on Windows

#4) Now click Ctrl+R to save the video and save it wherever you want in your local drive.

Method 6: Trim Videos Using

Follow the steps below:

#1) Open Video Cropper in your PC, Mac, or mobile device’s browser. Open or drag-and-drop the file. Uploading depends on the file size and internet speed.

Trim Videos Using

#2) Now click on the scissor icon in the top left corner to trim your video.

scissor icon - Trim Video on Windows

#3) Choose the Start and End point of the video you want to trim and click on save in the bottom left corner.

Choose the Start and End point -Trim Video on Windows

#4) Now click on save to download the trimmed video on your local machine.

download -Trim Video on Windows

Method 7: Trim Videos Using

Follow these steps:

#1) Open and upload a video by dragging and dropping it into the processing panel. You can also select a video file directly by clicking “upload.”

online video crop1 -Trim Video on Windows

#2) After your video is uploaded, click on the Cut video in the top right corner of the window.

video cutter - Trim Video on Windows

#3) After that, you will get the option of Start and End Time at the bottom where you can trim/cut the video according to your requirements.

cut video

#4) Click on the Cut video to proceed further.

#5) After this your video is ready and now you can click on Save in the bottom right corner to download the video.

processed video

save video -Trim Video on Windows

Trim Videos Online Vs Trim Videos on Windows 10/11

Name OnlineWindows 10/11
InternetRequiredNot Required
File Size100MB-500MBNo Restrictions
QualityBadGood Quality up to 4k
SecurityNot SecuredSecured

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Why trim videos?

Answer: Trimming ensures that your video starts promptly and keeps viewers’ attention. The initial five seconds of a video should entice people to watch the rest. Strategic video editing removes extraneous content, leaving only what viewers want.

Q #2) How is trimming different from cropping?

Answer: Trimming removes a portion of a video’s beginning or end. Whereas cropping a photo or video removes unnecessary pixels. Crop mode is non-destructive, so you may undo your adjustments.

Q #3) How can we trim mp4 videos on Windows 10/11?

Answer: We can easily trim mp4 files or edit videos on Windows 10/11 using their inbuilt apps like Photos, Movies & TV, etc.

Q #4) Can we Trim Videos Online?

Answer: Yes, we can trim mp4 or edit any kind of video online, but there are certain restrictions as the file size cannot be large and also there are security issues.

Q #5) Which Software using which we can trim videos?

Answer: There is a lot of software using which we can trim mp4 videos, but some of the most popular ones are VLC Media player and VSDC Video Editor.

Q #6) How do I trim a video clip?

Answer: There are a lot of options available in-built into your Windows 10 system, available online tools, or downloadable software which can help you trim mp4 clips.

Q #7) What is the easiest way to trim a video clip?

Answer: Provided that you have to do the simple and plain trimming of an mp4 video clip, the in-built Windows Tools – Windows Photos Application or Windows Video Editor is the easiest method to trim mp4 videos quickly.

Q #8) How to cut a clip of the video?

Answer: Using any of the methods explained above in the guide, you can select the part of the video which is to be saved or which is to be removed, as per your needs.

The method is using TechSmith Camtasia uses a trim method by which we eliminate parts of the clips that are not needed. On the other hand, in other methods, we select the part of the clip which is to be saved afterward. Based on your trimming needs, you can cut a clip or trim mp4 videos using any of the tools mentioned in this guide.

Q #9) How do I trim a video on my phone?

Answer: You can use Google Photos, which is available on both Android and iPhone, to trim mp4 videos on your mobile phone. After opening the video through Google Photos, trim the mp4 video to your desired size, adjust the trim handles and then click on Save copy to save your video.

Q #10) How can I trim video on windows for free?

Answer: The best online tool to trim mp4 videos for free is Adobe Express Online Tool. Go to the online tool by clicking here and click on ‘Upload Video’.

Click Browse on your device to select the video to be trimmed. Use the purple slider to adjust the part of the video that is to be saved. Once done, click on Download.

download - Trim Video on Windows

Q #11) How do you trim videos on Android?

Answer: To trim mp4 videos for free and without any watermark, we will be using FilmoraGo.

  • Step 1: Download the application from Google Play Store
  • Step 2: When done, open the application and click on Create New Video.
  • Step 3: You can select videos from your gallery and then use the white sliders to adjust the trim extent to save the video.
  • Step 4: When done, click on ‘Add+’ to add the trimmed video to the editing panel.
  • Step 5: Finally, click on Save to save the final trimmed output.


There are a variety of tools included in Windows 10 and 11 that can assist you in editing your own videos or creating new ones. To reduce your films, you don’t need to look any further than Windows 10/11’s Photos application.

In addition, you can use third-party applications and online resources to meet your objectives and perform any video editing or trimming tasks you desire.

To trim mp4 videos, there are several methods available across all platforms for paid/free utilities and interfaces. Over the top, we can use online tools which will require uploading the video first and then operating on it, and then downloading the edited output.

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Apart from this, in-built tools available in Windows or other downloadable software can trim mp4 videos.

As for the tools available for free – VLC, TechSmith Camtasia, and FilmForth are some easy-to-use tools available to trim mp4 videos. As for free online tools –,, and Adobe Express Tool are some methods to trim mp4 videos as per your need.

For Android, using the in-system video editor (if present) can be a first resort. Using FilmoraGo or Google Photos app can be useful to trim mp4 videos on Android.

A pro of these apps is that they don’t leave a watermark or corner mark without taking their paid subscription. There are other software and applications which put a watermark on the final output after free usage of their services.