10 BEST YouTube Video Editors in 2023

This tutorial reviews and compares the best YouTube Video Editor Software for editing YouTube videos easily:

Nobody could have imagined the level of success YouTube would go on to enjoy as it grew in popularity over the years.

Apart from being the most widely used content platform online; it is also a premier hub for independent content creators who engage in catering to a variety of user preferences pertaining to entertainment and information.

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Software for Editing YouTube Video

These YouTubers (as they were now being eponymously labeled) proved that one doesn’t need a large production crew or heavy tech gear to produce and disseminate content. All they needed was their computer system, a good camera, an Internet connection, and most important of all – powerful video editing software.

As time progressed, video editors evolved to serve all kinds of users, especially those who didn’t possess exceptional editing skills. Needless to say, the ecosystem we enjoy on YouTube today would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the plethora of video editing tools at the disposal of aspiring creators today.

So if you also seek to invade the very crowded space of YouTube and make a name for yourself, you need a video editor for YouTube that will help you accomplish this goal. In this article, we will take a tour down the rabbit hole to find some of the best video editing software for YouTube available for wide use today.

We will dive deep to study the plethora of services each of these tools offer, the price at which you can avail their services, and leave you with the decision to whether choose a tool that has won you over or push ahead in pursuit of a better alternative.

Pro – Tip: First and foremost, make sure the video editing software has built a good reputation for itself and caters to a loyal user base. The tool should have a pristine and user-friendly interface that is devoid of any clutter. Each and every feature it offers should be visible and easy to access by the user. Find out whether the tool offers an exhaustive gallery of royalty-free images, transitions, and special effects to assist you in the editing process. Finally, the YouTube video editor must be within your budget regarding cost.
Fact Check: As of 2020, YouTube is considered being the second most visited website by users to watch video content, falling behind Netflix by a short margin.

Most used video platform

Moreover, according to an article published in Variety, YouTube now experiences almost 2 billion new users every month, which is a 5% increase from what the numbers were in 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How long does it take to edit a video meant for YouTube?

Answer: It depends on the length of the video and your skill as an editor. Video editing is normally a time-consuming endeavor that requires patience. A 5-minute video can take up to 30 minutes to 1 hour to edit, depending on your editing preference and skills.

Q #2) How do you begin with video editing as a complete beginner?

Answer: Beginners should start with simple video editing tools such as Windows Movie Maker and Apple iMovie. Once you are used to the simple premise that the above tools offer, you can move on to more advanced tools.

Q #3) Should I download clips and images online for video editing?

Answer: There is always a risk of violating copyright laws when using online video clips and images. Fortunately, many tools today come with a vast gallery of their own, consisting of a plethora of royalty-free images and clips that you can use to enhance your YouTube video.

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List of Top YouTube Video Editor Software

Here is the list of video editing software for YouTube:

  1. Nova AI
  2. Apple iMovie
  3. Shotcut
  4. Adobe Premiere Rush
  5. DaVinci Resolve
  6. Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  7. Lightworks
  8. Blender
  9. Final Cut Pro X
  10. Filmora
  11. HitFilm Express

Comparing Some of the Best Video Editors for YouTube

NameBest ForOperating SystemFree TrialRatingsFees
Nova AIFree online video editingMac and WindowsFree plan availableStar_rating_4.5_of_5Starts at $10/month
Apple iMoviePowerful video editing for all apple devices.Mac and iOSNoneStar_rating_5_of_5Free
ShotcutFree and Open Source Cross Platform Video EditingWindows, MacNoneStar_rating_3.5_of_5Free
Adobe Premiere RushEditing video and sharing on social platforms on the go.Android, iOS, Mac7 daysStar_rating_4_of_5Free, Premium version - $9.99/ month
Davinci ResolveFast Video Editing with Motion GraphicsWindows, Mac, Android, iOSNoneStar_rating_5_of_5Free, $295 Onetime fee
Adobe Premiere Pro CCAutomated and Advanced Editing for Video of all formatsWindows, Mac, iOS, Android7 DaysStar_rating_4_of_5Free, $20.99 per month

Let us review each YouTube Video Editor in detail:

#1) Nova AI

Best for Free online video editing.

nova ai

Nova AI is a simple and easy to use video editor. This makes it an ideal option for YouTubers and independent video creators looking to start their journey on the popular content platform. You can use Nova AI’s visual drag-and-drop interface to edit, cut, trim, split, and merge videos of almost all formats.

Besides this, you get a sizeable library of templates, effects, filters, and transitions to play with. You can add this elements to your video with just a single click. Plus, the software also help generate subtitles for your videos, which has become an essential feature for every YouTube video. Plus, you can also rely on the tool’s powerful AI to translate your audio and video in more than 75 languages.


  • Video splitter and merger
  • Video resizer
  • Library of templates, filters, effects, and stock images
  • Subtitle generator
  • Audio-Video translator

Verdict: Affordable and easy to use, Nova AI is a video editor I would recommend YouTubers who have just started their channels. This tool is especially ideal for creators who wish to expand their audience base worldwide, thanks to the tools AI-powered language translator.

Price: The basic plan costs $10/month, the pro plan costs $18/month, and the business plan costs $55/month. A free plan is also available.

#2) Apple iMovie

Best for powerful video editing for all apple devices.

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is a remarkably efficient tool that helps users edit their videos on apple devices that operate on Mac or iOS systems. As with everything Apple, this video editor comes with a super sleek and immaculate interface that gives it a modern and futuristic appeal.

Despite its modern look, however, it is still a very simple tool to use and is highly recommended for editors who are just starting out. The tool supports 4K video editing and offers a multitude of audio, video, and transition effects to make your video editing process relatively more dynamic.

There are 13 video filters and over 80 soundtracks for you to fiddle within Apple iMovie. With the added background and green-screen effects, the tool gives you the feeling of a pro editor while being simple to use throughout.


  • 4K video editor
  • Easy and immaculate interface
  • Vast gallery of soundtracks, transition effects, video filters, images, etc. to choose from
  • Easily add and manage green screen effects.

Verdict: Apple iMovie is a great launching pad for YouTube content creators who are just starting out as editors. Unfortunately, this tool is only available exclusively for Apple users. On the other hand, we do consider Apple users blessed because of this free tool.

Price: Free

Website: Apple iMovie

#3) Shotcut

Best for free and open-source cross-platform video editing.


Speaking of simplicity, Shotcut is a tool that flirts with this idea the most on this list. As such, you get a tool that is advanced, despite being free and open-source. Shotcut provides users with an interface that mimics the well-established look of a typical video editor.

It has a library section, where your raw footage will be visible, multiple timelines that make editing easier, and the actual progress window wherein you can see the results of your editing in real-time.

Shotcut supports native editing, wherein it doesn’t require you to import files from your device. It also supports editing in the resolution that goes up to 4K in quality.


  • Sleek and comprehensive user interface
  • Drag and drop feature to manage files on the interface and timeline
  • Multiple timelines to incorporate a variety of editing features
  • Multiple dockable and undockable panels

Verdict: Shotcut is a tool that has no business being as advanced as it is despite being free. Fortunately, it is and will satisfy users who want a simple tool to practice their editing skills without wasting a dime.

Price: Free

Website: Shotcut

#4) Adobe Premiere Rush

Best for editing video and sharing on social platforms on the go.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is an ideal video editing tool for people who like to quickly edit their shot videos and instantly share them on their social media profiles. As such, it is highly recommended as a mobile tool and ideal for vloggers who are constantly on the move.

It provides a very smooth and comprehensive interface that allows you to add transitions, create custom titles, add stickers, soundtrack, and make the video ready for YouTube in no time.

It does not bombard users with advanced features and a clutter full of functions on your editing interface, choosing instead to rely on simple edit and share metrics to cater to content creators that do not like to spend a majority of their time editing videos on their mobile or computer devices.


  • Fast editing and user-friendly interface
  • Ass transition, audio, and custom titles
  • 100 GB Cloud storage
  • Supports editing of high-quality videos

Verdict: We can only recommend Adobe Premiere Rush for casual editors who want a simple tool for quick editing of their videos. As such, it offers users a handful of features that can make your videos look professionally edited and ready for YouTube.

Price: 7-day Free trial, Premium version – $9.99/month

Website: Adobe Premiere Rush

#5) DaVinci Resolve

Best for fast video editing with Motion Graphics.

Davinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve first wins your heart with its modern and sleek interface that screams state-of-the-art. However, once you look further, you realize it more than matches up to its aesthetic with a powerful tool that is abundant in features and super-fast to use.

It combines functions like color grading, audio post-production, and motion graphics to offer a full-service editing experience that covers every aspect of editing one would hope to find in a tool such as this. The latest tool supports videos in almost all resolutions.

Plus, you will also find the tool’s high-performance audio engine very impressive as it supports over 8000 tracks to really amplify your experience working on the tool. Added features like AI-based magic masks and smart reframing are also something to rave about.


  • Sleek user interface
  • Powerful audio engine
  • A vast gallery of transition and visual effects
  • Color correction
  • AI-based magic mask

Verdict: It wouldn’t be a stretch to call DaVinci Resolve a Hollywood-grade editing tool, but that is exactly what its advanced features position it to be. From color correction to appropriate implementation of motion graphics, DaVinci Resolve can do it all with absolute convenience.

Price: Free, $295 onetime fee

Website: DaVinci Resolve

#6) Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Best for automated and advanced editing for video of all formats.

Adobe premier pro

Adobe Premiere Pro CC takes the premise well established by Adobe Premiere Rush and adds more features to cater to a wider user base, especially advanced users. The result is a tool that is sleek and simple but now allows you to edit videos on a professional level with added power.

You can edit any format video without question on Adobe Premier Pro. The tool also integrates seamlessly with other Adobe tools to directly take videos and images from After Effects and Photoshop in order to make editing more agile.

The tool automatically reformats your videos, detects edits automatically, and provides users with an exhaustive gallery of soundtracks to make the video more appealing.


  • Integrates with other Adobe tools
  • Simple video editing of almost all formats
  • Semi-automated
  • Vast library of audio, visual, and transition effects.

Verdict: If Adobe Premiere Rush was ideal for beginners, Adobe Premiere Pro is for advanced users for whom editing is a thing of joy. It provides them with a plethora of exciting features to fiddle with and enhance a video in the process.

Price: 7-day free trial, $20.99 per month

Website: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

#7) Lightworks

Best for fast and simple cross-platform video editor.


Lightworks seeks to provide a full editing package with a simple and intuitive user interface to propel users into an unprecedented experience. As such, it does succeed in creating an atmosphere with its tool, which is both simple and powerful while being incredibly fast.

The tool has an exhaustive gallery of royalty-free images, audio, and video clips that make the video editing experience relatively more convenient. Plus, all of its various editing features are well placed on the interface and readily accessible with just one click.

You can easily edit or trim your videos, try different audio and visual effects in real time, and implement them on videos with resolutions reaching 4K in quality.


  • Vast library of royalty-free media
  • Edit videos up to 4K resolutions
  • Simple and smart user interface
  • Wide file format support

Verdict: Lightworks is simple, works on almost all tools, and incredibly smart in its offering of software that guides you throughout the editing process. There is something for everyone to gain from this tool, which includes beginners and advanced users alike.

Price: Free

Website: Lighworks

#8) Blender

Best for open source 3D creation and animator tool.


If you check the stats closely, you will find animation videos doing remarkable numbers on YouTube. Well, Blender just so happens to be one such tool that not only assists you in video editing but also helps you render 3D creations.

Blender is a great tool for modeling, animation, rigging, motion tracking, and a slew of other functions in order to create a video that comes to life on your computer screen. If experts are to be believed, it comes with one of the finest advanced motion trackers that can easily track the objects marked on your editing interface.


  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Open source
  • Motion tracking
  • Modeling and Rigging

Verdict: If you are an animator or create animated videos online, then this tool is for you. It is free and comes with everything you can hope for in a 2d and 3D creator. However, we cannot recommend this tool to casual users.

Price: Free

Website: Blender

#9) Final Cut Pro X

Best for advanced and powerful video editing for Apple devices.

final cut

Final Cut Pro is for editors who seek a familiar tool with a few advanced features to amplify their editing experience. Apple users are in for a treat with a sleek-looking interface that supports video editing for videos that can go up to 8k in resolutions.

The tool is also smart enough to know which social media platform it is creating a video for. As such, it automatically adjusts its frame size to be compatible without your input. It can analyze your clip on its timeline and also automatically crop or trim it to your satisfaction.

You also get access to its vast library of visual and audio effects to help enhance your videos. Plus, the addition of custom overlays and transition effects make it a full video editing package that will satisfy all preferences across the board.


  • Metal accelerated performance to render graphics in real-time
  • Sleek and easy to use
  • Vast library of royalty-free media
  • Add custom transition, visual effects, and custom overlays

Verdict: Apple users are blessed with this tool that is incredibly powerful, superfast, and abundant in features. The fact that it allows you to transcode high-resolution video alone makes it a tool that all video editors with an Apple device should try. However, it is still very expensive. As such, we recommend this tool for advanced users and professionals.

Price: Free trial 90 days, $299

Website: Final Cut Pro

#10) Filmora

Best for simple video editing with advanced features.


Filmora is perhaps the most popular editing tool on this list, and rightfully so. It is the number one choice of content creators looking for a video editor for YouTube. It has a very welcoming appeal with an interface that makes editing incredibly simple.

You have a library section where you access features and import your video to edit, multiple timelines to make your trimming and other editing endeavors seamless, and finally a preview window in the center from where you can witness the progress of your work in real time.

The latest Filmora goes a step further in offering users with a tool that also helps users color-match their videos and track objects with an impeccable motion tracking feature.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Vast library of visual, transition effects
  • Access to royalty-free media
  • Easy color match and motion tracking upgrade with the latest version

Verdict: Filmora even after years of being in the industry finds a way to be relevant, thanks to its willingness to evolve with changing times and demands. It is still a fun tool to use and especially great when using to create YouTube content.

Price: Free version, $39.99 per year, $69.99 for the lifetime plan

Website: Filmora

#11) HitFilm Express

Best for easy video editing for novice users.

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express combines everything that makes Filmora so appealing and adds some distinct flavors of its own to make the tool incredibly easy to use and smart. It has the same interface that editors are familiar with – a library section, the timeline section, and the preview window to make video editing simpler.

It is phenomenal how HitFilm combines features like an in-built voice recorder, professional-grade VFX generator, and 3D compositing in a tool that is ultimately free to its many users. You also get showered with over 400 effects and presets, which can be employed to make editing videos for YouTube more dynamic.


  • Easy to use and free
  • 2D and 3D compositing
  • 400 effects and presets available
  • Built-in voice recorder

Verdict: HitFilm express contains an infrastructure that is sleek but caters to all kinds of video editors. It is free to use, and very simple in the execution of its features. If you are lost, you can always find your way back with the help of the free tutorials it provides.

Price: Free, $9 for beginners, $19 for professionals, and $39 for VFX artists.

Website: HitFilm Express


You can literally strike gold with good YouTube content, which is created in your home, on your system, with the assistance of robust video editing software. All of the above tools have something or the other to offer and cater to varying needs and requirements.

Whether it is to create gaming videos, videos pertaining to news, or simple vlogs, each of the above-mentioned YouTube Video Editor is more than capable of enhancing the quality of your YouTube videos to make them more arresting.

As for our recommendation, we recommend going for Apple iMovie or Adobe Premiere Rush if you are a beginner with no experience in video editing. For more advanced users, DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro CC will prove sufficiently satisfying.

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Research Process:

  • We spent 12 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which YouTube Video Editor will best suit you.
  • Total video editors for YouTube Researched- 22
  • Total video editors for YouTube Shortlisted – 10
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