10+ Best DVD Decrypter Software For Windows And Mac [2023 Selective]

This tutorial reviews the top DVD Decrypter tools with their feature and comparison to help you select the best DVD Decryption software:

We usually do encryption on a DVD to protect a DVD from being illegally replicated and curb piracy, especially in the entertainment sector. However, there are many legitimate reasons to have a DVD decrypted. Encryption can scramble data on the disk, thus making it impossible for a DVD player to recognize its content.

DVD Decrypter

So if you do come across such a DVD, and you are struggling to decrypt it, then you might have questions about how to go about decrypting it. Thankfully, there are a plethora of DVD decrypter software options out there to help you play your DVD. Moreover, it is completely legal in most countries for the purpose of personal use.

What Is DVD Decryption Software

A DVD decryption software is a solution that can enable users to copy files from an encrypted DVD, bypassing through its content scrambling system.

In this article, we will be looking at some top-performing DVD decrypter tools that are relevant in the market today, understand the features they offer, look into their pros, cons, and pricing while finally making an assessment on whether the concerned tool is worth your time or not.

Pro Tips: The first and the most important thing to consider while opting for a particular Decryption software is to find out about the intellectual property protection laws in place in your resident country. Second, carefully assess the features the tool offers. There are certain tools that do not offer encryption of DVD’s protected by DRM, while some do. Make your decision wisely. Last, do not go for a tool that surpasses your acceptable budget limitations.
Fact Check: Due to the Pandemic, many regions of the US saw a 75% increase in Netflix subscriptions. Many densely populated regions of the country also experienced a significant boost in DVD and Blu-Ray sales. So it is safe to assume that although Blu-Ray and DVD sales were declining initially, the pandemic has played a key role in bringing them back in fashion.


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FAQs About DVD Decrypter

Q #1) Is DVD Decryption Software legal?

Answer: The answer varies from region to region. If you reside in countries with lenient intellectual property protection laws, then you can use a DVD decryption software for personal use. We advise you to find out the laws that will affect you depending on where you reside.

Q #2) What are the system requirements for a DVD decryption software to work smoothly?

Answer: Almost all decryption software can work with a typical Mac, or Windows Laptop or PC available at hand. Minimal requirements of 1 GB RAM and above with substantial hard disk space are enough to run the software smoothly.

Q #3) What formats can a DVD file be decrypted in?

Answer: A DVD can be ripped into a variety of formats including FLV, MP4, MOV, and over 200 other format outputs. We can then enjoy the copied DVD content on the phone, laptop, and other compatible devices without any loss in quality.

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List of Best DVD Decrypter

  1. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
  2. Leawo DVD Decrypter for Mac
  3. DVDFab HD Decrypter
  4. Vidmore DVD Ripper
  5. DVDShrink
  6. DVDSmith Movie Backup
  7. Handbrake
  8. MakeMKV
  9. DVD Decrypter
  10. Free DVD Ripper
  11. VLC Media Player
  12. Aura DVD Copy
  13. Any DVD Shrink
  14. DVD43
  15. iSuper DVD Ripper for Mac

Here is a list of popular DVD Decrypter tools:

Comparing Best DVD Decryption Software

NameBest ForOperating SystemFree TrialRatingsFees
WinX DVD Ripper PlatinumDVD ripping, backup and shrinking.Windows, macOSNone5/5Free trial and premium starting from discounted price $29.95.
Leawo DVD Decrypter for MacDecrypting CSS-DVDs and making DVDs region-free.MacNone5/5Free
DVDFab HD DecrypterDVD Decryption and Copying Windows, macOSNone3.5/5Free
Vidmore DVD RipperFull DVD Conversion, Editing and Decryption for WindowsWindows,None5/5Free trial then $29.95 per month for 1 PC
DVD ShrinkMaking Copies of Dual Layer DVD’sWindows macOSNone3/5Free
DVD Smith Movie BackupDVD Decryption for Windows and MacWindows and macOSNone4.5/5Free

Review of the DVD decrypter software:

#1) WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum – Best for DVD ripping, backup, and shrinking.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

WinX offers an easy-to-use tool that is phenomenal when it comes to the process of editing, archiving, and backing-up of DVD files in almost all available format outputs.

The tool provides users with a unique title check mechanism feature that can process old and new DVDs alike. This also includes hard-to-crack encryptions like Disney’s notorious 99 titles code and damaged DVDs.

The tool is known for its ability to perform at unmatched backup speeds while consuming very little CPU usage. WinX can create an impeccable DVD to ISO copy that keeps all of its original quality along with its content intact.


  • Rip DVD in 5 Minutes
  • 1:1 quality ratio
  • Ability to make DVD to ISO copies with the quality intact.
  • 210+ video audio codecs
  • Title check mechanism to bypass encryptions.
  • Convert scratched and damaged discs.

Verdict: WinX is a very powerful and DVD decrypter that offers a lot in terms of ripping and making copies of even the most scrambled discs without compromising on the discs original content quality. This tool has our highest recommendation.

Price: Free trial and premium starting from a discounted price of $29.95

#2) Leawo DVD Decrypter for Mac

Best for decrypting CSS-DVDs and making DVDs region-free.

Leawo DVD Decrypter for Mac

Leawo DVD Decrypter in combination with Leawo DVD Ripper HD can decrypt CSS-DVD discs and perform the conversion of DVDs to video file formats. The tool improves the performance of Leawo DVD Ripper HD by enabling it to work directly with encrypted DVD discs and convert protected DVDs to common video file formats.


  • Leawo DVD Decrypter will give you powerful performance while decrypting DVD discs.
  • It has the capabilities of decrypting DVD discs with CSS protection and region restriction.
  • The tool will help you with DVD playback on portable devices such as iPad, Apple TV, iPhone, etc.

Verdict: Leawo is a very powerful DVD decrypter that works spectacularly across all Apple devices. It can decrypt CSS DVD encryptions and make the disc region free. Unfortunately, the tool does not perform decrypting on its own; it has to be used in combination with the Leawo DVD ripper.

Price: Leawo DVD Decrypter is available for free.

#3) DVDFab HD Decrypter

Best for DVD Decryption and DVD copying.


DVDFab is basically the stripped-down free version of DVD copy. It lacks many of the core features that made DVD copy so viable to users. However, it is still sufficient for the purpose of decryption and copying. The fact that it is absolutely free only makes the software more enticing.

The tool comes with two core features, ‘Main Movie’ that allows you to focus on copying the main video file and skip other files in the disc, and the ‘Full Disc’ feature that allows you to replicate the content of the entire disc. Other than the above-mentioned distinction, ‘Main Movie’ allows you to also select audio, subtitles, and chapter during the copying process, which is absent in the ‘Full Disc’ mode.


  • Copy and convert DVDs and Blu-ray.
  • Full disc to copy everything on the disc.
  • Main Movie feature to only copy the main video clip.
  • Works for Mac and Windows 10.

Verdict: DVDFab is a cost-free and convenient way to copy and convert DVD and Blu-ray files. Sadly, however, it can only work for discs that were released before the year 2018. It supports almost all format outputs, with the key exception of 4K.

Price: Free

Website: DVDFab HD Decrypter

#4) Vidmore DVD Ripper

Best for full DVD Conversion, Editing, and Decryption for Windows.

Vidmore DVD Ripper

Vidmore is considered being one of the best DVD ripping tools in the market today, with its ability to convert DVDs into an array of video and audio format outputs at unparalleled speeds. However, not many know of its ability to decrypt DVD’s and make a competent disc image of your DVD discs while keeping its original content intact.

Plus, the fact that it supports batch conversion, multi-core CPU, and GPU acceleration only makes the tool super-fast and extremely convenient to use. It also offers advanced encoding and decoding technology to ensure the original quality of the DVD isn’t lost.


  • DVD Conversion
  • Audio Extraction
  • 1:1 copy mode to protect the content quality
  • Copy DVD to ISO
  • Video Editing

Verdict: Apart from being an efficient decryption tool, it also offers a whole lot more in terms of full-scale DVD processing and management in terms of conversion, audio extraction, and video editing. If you are looking for a full-service DVD management software, then Vidmore is the tool for you.

Price: Free Version, $29.95 for 1 month and 1 PC, $39.95 for 1 year and 1 PC, $59.95 for lifetime use, and 3 PCs.

Website: Vidmore DVD Ripper

#5) DVD Shrink

Best for making copies of dual-layer DVDs.

DVD Shrink

DVD shrink is a free DVD ripper software which is primarily available for use on Windows 10. The fact that it can shrink copies of dual-layer DVDs around the size of 8.5 GB is perhaps its most enticing selling point.

As far as DVD decryptions go, it uses a DeCSS decryption algorithm which makes it useful to decrypt old DVDs but is futile when tackling new encryptions like AES. It is also able to read folders and ISO files for the sake of physical discs.


  • DVD Decrypter with DeCSS decryption algorithm
  • Video compression
  • Able to read ISO files and folders

Verdict: DVD Shrink is great for shrinking dual-layer DVDs, but there is not much else to the tool when it comes to decryption, as it is useless against new DVD and Blu-ray discs. Plus, it is important to note that there are many scam versions of the tool floating on the Internet. The last authentic versions were (English) and (German)

Price: Free

Website: DVD Shrink

#6) DVDSmith Movie Backup

Best for DVD Decryption software for Windows 10 and Mac.

DVD Smith

DVDSmith is an intuitive and advanced decryption tool that can not only bypass DVD encryption but also create folders out of these discs. The folders that are created can be later played on media players like VLC and MPC.

DVDSmith is known for its two salient features. First, it can copy encrypted DVD to any hard drive via the ‘Full Disc’ mode or the ‘Main Movie’ mode. Moreover, the DVD’s are also copied in a lossless 1:1 ratio.

Secondly, it can remove a plethora of DVD encryptions, which include CSS, RCE, UOP, APS, etc. Interestingly it also supports the decryption of many new DVDs and Blu-ray discs out there.


  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Remove old and new DVD encryptions
  • Copy DVD to Hard drive in 1:1 ratio
  • Create ISO folders out of DVD copies

Verdict: DVDSmith has our highest recommendation because of its ability to decrypt both old and new DVD encryptions, a quality which is rare to almost non-existent in today’s day and age.

Price: Free

Website: DVDSmith Movie Backup

#7) HandBrake

Best for DVD ripping and conversion.


HandBrake is free and might appear a tiny bit complicated to use by the way its interface appears. However, it is a very simple tool to use. HandBrake comes with a number of ready-made preset options to choose from to bypass DVD encryptions.

You can however manipulate the settings according to each ripping session if that’s what you prefer. If you are operating on ISO images and disc folders, you get the option to queue up multiple encoding jobs all at once, thus making the job all the simpler.


  • DVD Ripping
  • Convert DVD’s into multiple formats
  • Ready-made presets
  • Queue up multiple encoding jobs at once

Verdict: Although complicated in its look, it is very simple and worth trying for the batch encoding feature alone. Plus, it is free to use, and worth a try before you move on to another possibly paid tool.

Price: Free

Website: HandBrake

#8) MakeMKV

Best for comprehensive ripping of DVDs and Blu-rays.


MakeMKV has so much in common in terms of looks with DVD Decrypter, one of the oldest DVD decryption software available in the market, that it can be very easy to mistake this tool for the former. Similarities apart, MakeMKV is a great decryption software for both DVDs and Blu-ray discs. In Fact, it can bypass Blu-rays protected with the latest encryptions like AACS and BD+.

The process to bypass encryptions in this software is perhaps its most appealing selling point. Initiate the program, analyze your DVD or Blu-ray disc, choose the track you would like decrypted, select where the output file is to be saved, and finally hit the ‘MakeMKV’ button. Your job is done.


  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Superfast DVD and Blu-ray decryption
  • Devoid of complex configurations
  • Preserves meta information
  • No adware

Verdict: MakeMKV is perhaps one of the simplest decryption software to use out there, which primarily has to do with the fact that it doesn’t assault its user with complex configurations. Definitely worth a try.

Price: Free

Website: MakeMKV

#9) DVD Decrypter

Best for simple DVD decryption.

DVD Decrypter

There was a time when DVD Decrypter was a major tool for the purpose of decrypting discs. Alas! That is not the case anymore. However, its current mirror version has enough power to decrypt old discs protected with outdated encryptions.

Its current version does promise to turn Blu-rays, DVD, and HD-DVD into MKV files, the results have been mixed with varying degrees of success.


  • DVD and Blu-ray backup
  • DVD burning
  • Provides tools to create, inspect and alter .mkv files

Verdict: DVD Decrypter is a serviceable tool for offering simple DVD decryption for old discs and encryptions. Beyond that, there is not a lot more to it.

Price: Free

Website: DVD Decrypter

#10) Free DVD Ripper

Best for step-by-step easy DVD decryption.

dvd freemake

Freemake has been killing it in the freeware DVD processing market ever since its inception. While many know it as a robust conversion tool, it is also pretty great when it comes to bypassing encryptions. As far as free DVD decryption tools go, Free DVD ripper by far has one of the most comprehensive user interfaces.

Complementing the clean interface is its austere decryption process. Simply initiate the program, switch to the DVD section, select your drive from the displayed list, analyze the disc, select which track you want to be copied, and select the folder you would like it saved in.

Moreover, you can also choose to perform decryption in small segments. Finally, you also get to decide the format output of the end result from a plethora of options to choose from.


  • Clean Interface
  • Fast DVD decryption
  • Convert in multiple formats
  • Undergo full or segmented decryption of the track

Verdict: Freemake is a joy to use and is one of the best free DVD decrypters out there. Its ability to allow segmented decryption alone makes it worth a try.

Price: Free

Website: Free DVD Ripper

#11) VLC Media Player

Best for multimedia player that plays discs of any format.

vlc media player

VLC is one of the most widely used multimedia players in circulation today, and it is no secret as to why that is the case. It is free, can play almost any video and audio file, irrespective of format and runs on almost all available platforms, Windows, MAC, or otherwise.

Apart from this, the tool is fairly simple to use, extremely fast, and devoid of any annoying adware or malware to ruin your experience.


  • Plays discs, devices, streams and webcam files
  • Runs almost all codecs with no codec packs needed
  • Simple and fast
  • Easily customizable

Verdict: VLC can play almost any disc, irrespective of the decryption protecting its content. It constantly updates to meet current requirements and is a solid multimedia player to play all kinds of DVD, Blu-ray, and audio content.

Price: Free

Website: VLC Media Player

Other popular DVD Decryption Software

#12) Aura DVD Copy

Aura DVD Copy focuses its abilities on making impeccable copies out of DVD’s that become damaged due to scratches or other reasons. It can make perfect 1:1 copies of the disc content being copied. Apart from the above merits, the tool also offers features like Enhanced Copy Method to bypass even the toughest DVD encryptions.

Price: Free

Website: Aura DVD Copy

#13) Any DVD Shrink

Any DVD Shrink is a simple and free to use DVD decrypter that can bypass encryptions such as CSS, RCE, UoPS, RCE, and ArccOS. It can make perfect 1:1 copies of disc content and provides unique features like the ability to burn ISO images and folder to many other disc types, mainly single and dual-layered discs which can be played on standard DVD players.

Price: $39.95

Website: Any DVD Shrink

#14) DVD43

DVD43 is a free plug-in for Windows that primarily works as a DVD decrypter for the operating system. The program was extremely useful in its ability to decrypt DVD encryptions that would otherwise have been hard to decrypt. However, the tool is now defunct because of being incompatible with the latest versions of the Windows operating system.

Price: Free

Website: DVD43

#15) iSuper DVD Ripper For Mac

iSuper is a free app for Mac that allows users to safely and easily rip or copy their DVD content for use across all Apple devices. The device is also great as a video enhancer, editor, and convertor. However, the tool can only rip unprotected DVD’s. So if you are looking to rip encrypted discs, then you should look elsewhere.

Price: Free

Website: iSuper DVD Ripper Free

#16) VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper

Best for blu-ray and DVD decryption, ripping, and converting.

VideoSolo Blu-Ray Ripper

VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper is a powerful and efficient DVD decrypter with an intuitive and easy-to-go interface. The most competitive feature of this tool is that it masters advanced decoding and decrypting technology to help you convert DVD & Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO to digital files with almost the same quality as original ones.

Another compelling feature you should never miss out on is that it allows you to keep all the audio tracks and subtitles when you convert DVDs to digital files. What’s more, you can even add external ones to customize your own videos. It’s also remarkable that it supports 300+ video/audio formats such as converting Blu-ray and DVD to MP4, MKV, MOV, and extracting disc audio to MP3, AAC, M4A, etc.


  • Support rip disc without region restrictions and rip into separate files.
  • Guarantees high-speed and stable ripping performance.
  • Supports up to 300+ video/audio formats.
  • Enables you to keep all original audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Supports to trim, crop, rotate, and merge video/audio before final output.
  • Offers snapshot feature when playing the video.
  • Bonus tool to allow you to edit metadata, compress/customize file sizes, create GIF files, 3D videos, and enhance videos.

Verdict: VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper is suitable for every DVD ripping beginner as it provides a straightforward and clear interface. Its professional and stable performance on decrypting blu-ray and DVD helps it accumulate a firm user base. The basic editing feature will definitely save you tons of time if you only want to rip highlights of your DVD.

Price: Free trial for 30 days and the 1-year subscription costs and US$49.95 for 1 PC.


With DVD and Blu-ray sales still doing exceptionally well, one might need a DVD decryption software to make backups, or play a DVD which is region protected. Thankfully, many of the above-mentioned tools can help you accomplish just that so you can use your DVD discs as you please.

As for our recommendation, if you are looking for a full-service DVD decrypter that also provides additional services like conversion and video editing then you can opt for ‘Vidmore DVD ripper’. Of course, if Vidmore is way beyond your budget then you can also try the intuitive ‘WinX DVD Ripper’ or ‘DVDSmith Movie Backup’ tool for their ability to bypass advanced encryptions.

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Research Process:

  • We spent 12 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on what DVD Decrypter will best suit you.
  • Total DVD Decrypters Researched – 30
  • Total DVD Decrypters Shortlisted – 15
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