Top 10 Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2022

A comprehensive list and comparison of the popular Audio Recording Software to help you select the best free Recording Software:

If you want to take notes really quickly, voice recording is perhaps the most efficient way of making sure that you have what you need for future references.

Thanks to smartphones, voice recording has become more convenient than ever before. You can simply install recording software on your phone, plug in a good microphone, and start recording your voice.

Whether it is for voiceover purposes, or making quick notes, Voice recording is the best way to do it. However, it is often the case wherein the recoded voice is barely audible or suffers from poor quality.

Now it is typical to find faults with a mic when stuff like this happens, but your microphone isn’t the only thing that is responsible for poor voice quality.

The vocal recording software you use also determines the quality you will receive. A good audio recorder software will record sound in pristine quality, whereas a bad one will do the opposite. So it is imperative to go only for the best recording software to capture your audio or voice.

Free Recording Software

Free Recording Software

In this tutorial, we will be looking at some of the best audio recording software in wide use today. We will look into the features they offer, the reputation they enjoy and ultimately let you choose the software you would like to record your voice in for notes, voiceovers, sound mixing, and more.

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Voice Recording

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Pro-Tip: The best recording software will allow you to capture voice or audio with multiple input sources other than the usual microphone. So it would be wise to consider the input sources you have before selecting a voice recorder. Look for additional features like automatic voice-enabled recording, timers, and schedulers to make your recording experience more convenient. The software should be compatible with all audio file types to avoid compatibility issues. Finally, make sure that the recorder has a clean and clutter-free UI.

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Stats on Interest level on Audio Recording

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What additional features perfectly complement Audio recording software?

Answer: The ability to edit, add filters and effects is a feature that most audio recording software today should have. The prospect of trimming an audio file, eliminating background noise, or adding filters and special effects can enhance the quality of your recorded audio.

Q #2) What are some of the most popular audio format types that a recorder must be compatible with?

Answer: Most sound recording software will have no problem playing audio file types such as MP3, WMA, and WAV. However, the best will also be capable of supporting other audio files like FLAC and AAC.

Q #3) What are the different audio input sources at your disposal that allow you to capture sound on a mobile or computer device?

Answer: Traditionally, sound or audio can be captured via a microphone. However, more advanced software allows you to capture sound through multiple input sources such as media playback devices like CD, DVD, USB, or with the help of direct phone recording, internet streaming, and sound card.

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List Of The Best Audio Recorder Software

Here is the list of popular Audio Recording Software:

  1. Leawo Music Recorder
  2. Audacity
  3. WavePad
  4. Apple GarageBand
  5. Ardour
  6. Ocenaudio
  7. QuickTime Player
  8. Adobe Audition
  9. Avid Pro Tools First
  10. Wavosaur
  11. Cleanfeed
  12. Podium
  13. Wondershare DemoCreator
  14. Hya-Wave
  15. Cakewalk
  16. Sound Forge

Comparing Top Voice Recording Software

NameBest ForOperating SystemRatingsFees
Leawo Music RecorderRecording music from computer audio as well as from online music sources.Windows & MacStar_rating_5_of_5$19.99/year or $29.99/lifetime.
AudacityOpen Source and Free Audio RecordingMac, Windows, LinuxStar_rating_5_of_5Free
WavePadAudio Recoding with tons of Special Effects and Filters WindowsStar_rating_3.5_of_5Free, $250 for commercial license
Apple GaragebandMusical Workstation for MacMac and iOSStar_rating_4_of_5Free
ArdourAudio Recording for Musicians Windows and MacStar_rating_4_of_5Free
OcenaudioAudio Editing and RecodingWindows, Mac and LinuxStar_rating_3.5_of_5Free

#1) Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder – Best for recording music from computer audio as well as from online music sources.

Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder is a tool for recording the music or audio from computer audio as well as input audio. The tool consists of various capabilities like task scheduler, album cover finder, etc.

It supports various music sources like YouTube, AOL Music, and many more. It will also let you record the music through the Mic or other built-in input audio stream.


  • Leawo Music Recorder has features of automatic splitting of the songs according to preset time duration.
  • Its advanced task scheduler will let you set the start time and duration for recording.
  • It has automatic music perfection functions such as adding & completing music information.
  • It has user-customized recording controls like setting the time gap between two music recordings.

Verdict: Leawo Music Recorder makes the music recording easier and friendlier by offering various features and functionalities. It provides a one-click facility to apply the recorded music to iTunes. You can manage and edit the recorder music files with this tool.

Price: 1-year license of Leawo Music Recorder will cost you $19.99 and a lifetime license will cost $29.99. Its free trial is available to download.

#2) Audacity

Best for Open Source and Free Recording Software.


Audacity is amazing audio recording software that provides tons of features to its users despite being open source and free to use. The tool is compatible with almost all operating systems like Windows, Mac, or Linux. It has a very clean interface that doesn’t assault its users with unnecessary graphics and outlandish aesthetics.

Despite being simple in its looks, it is phenomenal with regard to the features it offers. You can easily set up external equipment to enable recording, then use the software to conveniently record, edit and mix audio to your satisfaction. You can also use the tool to adjust treble and bass while also having access to frequency analysis.


  • Free and Open Source
  • Edit and Mix Audio
  • Frequency Analysis
  • Clean UI

Verdict: Audacity has a lot of fanfare behind it, and a lot of it has to do with its simple interface and advanced features, all of which can be accessed for free. You can record audio, mix it or even edit it to your satisfaction.

Price: Free

Website: Audacity

#3) WavePad

Best for Audio Recoding with tons of Special Effects and Filters.


As far as intuitive voice recording software goes, WavePad is very high on that list. It has a clean and basic UI but packs within itself a slew of advanced features that rightfully earns it a place on this list. You can use WavePad to record audio, mix it, edit silences and eliminate background noise.

The tool has a very customizable toolbar, which allows users to remove and configure tools within the software at per the users’ convenience. This allows the users to create a more personalized experience.

WavePad also comes with a plethora of filters and effects that can be used manually or automatically to enhance the quality of your recording. You can add effects like distortion, reverb, amplify, fade out while also tweaking and equalizing the soundtrack.


  • Mix and Split Audio Files
  • Over 20 Filters and tons of effects.
  • Customizable toolbar
  • Edit silences

Verdict: WavePad provides a ton of cool features that work together to make the recording experience phenomenal. You can add filters and effects to enhance video quality, and the customizable toolbar makes the tool have a personalized appeal.

Price: Free, $250 for commercial license.

Website: WavePad

#4) Apple GarageBand

Best for Musical Workstation for Mac.

Apple GarageBand

Although GarageBand is a good voice recorder, it is especially known in the music community as a robust musical workstation. That is primarily because it comes with a fully equipped musical software that allows you to create beats with natural-sounding Voices and a plethora of musical instrument effects.

The software comes with tons of presets for Guitar, Piano, Drums, and much more, which can be used to create unique musical numbers without the use of any actual instruments. The tool comes with a number of great amps and effects that can be employed with your recorded audio to create fantastic music.

It is a tool that can help you flex your creative musical muscles, and helps you conjure memorable tracks in a number of different genres such as Hip Hop, EDM, Indie, and many more.


  • Powerful Synths powered by shape-shifting controls.
  • Create music without an instrument.
  • The plethora of amps and effects to use.
  • Intuitive and Modern UI.

Verdict: We recommend GarageBand to creative minds who want to compose great music, but don’t have the instruments to create a piece they can be proud of. GarageBand is free, great to look at, and can be used to tweak and experiment your recorded audio with tons of great features and create beautiful music.

Price: Free

Website: Apple GarageBand

#5) Ardour

Best for Audio Recording for Musicians.


Now here is another great audio recording tool, which is ideal for musicians. Unlike GarageBand, which offers a complete musical workstation to edit both voice and music, Ardour is more focused on the enhancement of recorded voice alone.

It is free software that is compatible with almost all operating systems in existence today. It is packed with a clean interface and a plethora of intuitive features that help in enhancing the quality of recorded audio. You can easily cut, stretch, or split your recorded audio with ease here.

Ardour is also good for multi-track recording and editing of audio. You can also import MIDI files and audio from the free sound database or your computer hard drive to mix audio and get creative with your recordings.


  • Tons of Plug-ins and add-ons.
  • Multi-track recording
  • Audio editing
  • Drag and drop the audio file to edit.

Verdict: Ardour’s many advanced features and a modern UI make it ideal for musicians who want to fiddle with their recorded audio. It is free and comes with tons of plug-ins and add-ons that amplify the user experience.

Price: Free

Website: Ardour

#6) Ocenaudio

Best for Audio Recording and Editing.


Ocenaudio is one of those smart editing software that completely shoulders the responsibility of audio recording and editing. As such, it is a tool that begs attention from users who want a much more automated response from their editing tools.

Now Ocenaudio is a great audio recorder but works primarily as a fine and strong editor. The tool wraps its many advanced features in a fantastic-looking user interface that is easy to operate. The tool allows users to implement a ton of audio effects and preview them in real-time while the editing is still in progress.

You can also simultaneously select multiple different parts of the same audio to edit, listen or apply effects on. The tool is one of the best cross-platform audio editors in wide use today. It can work phenomenally well on Windows, Mac, and Linux without hassle.


  • Super fast and easy to use.
  • Listen, edit and apply effects on audio.
  • Multi-select files for simultaneous processing.
  • Real-time preview

Verdict: Ocenaudio is your answer to a tool that is smart, fast, and abundant in features that makes the dual purpose of recording and audio editing extremely simple. You can download this tool for free on your Windows or Mac device and get started with your audio processing work right away.

Price: Free

Website: Ocenaudio

#7) QuickTime

Best for Audio and Video Recording/Editing for Mac.


QuickTime is essentially a video editing tool for Mac that also allows users to record the ongoing audio and video on their mac for extra convenience. For recording, you simply have to navigate to the ‘files’ tab on your screen and select ‘new audio recording’ to begin.

The tool also works phenomenally well to capture video or audio on iOS devices as well. After recording, you can proceed to edit, trim or split your recorded audio conveniently with the help of QuickTime’s robust editing features.


  • Video and Audio Recording
  • Video and Audio editing
  • Sleek and Modern UI
  • Switch between high and medium quality when recording audio.

Verdict: QuickTime is primarily a video editing tool, and should be used as one. The audio recording comes secondary to the tool. So if you are looking for a video editor that also helps you capture the audio on your Mac or iOS screen, then this tool can help.

Price: Free

Website: QuickTime

#8) Adobe Audition

Best for Audio mixing and restoration.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is arguably one of the best audio workstations out there today. It is a tool that is often recommended by professional sound engineers. The tools are packed with features that allow you to record, edit, mix and restore audio to serve a variety of purposes.

The software is known for its robust multi-track display and waveform feature. Apart from the above, the tool also allows users to integrate multiple audio clips in one file, repair audio breaks, and create audio files in multiple formats.

The tool is ideal while mixing audio content for podcasts. You can say that the audio workstation offered by Adobe Audition was tailor-made to create professional podcasts.


  • Supports Multiple Audio file types.
  • Integrate audio clips in one file.
  • Cut, mix, and edit audio.
  • Multi-track display

Verdict: If you are looking for an audio workstation tool that provides features for ideal podcast creation, then you will fill right at home with Adobe Audition. It is undoubtedly one of the best workstations out there.

Price: Free, $20.99/month.

Website: Adobe Audition

#9) Avid Pro Tools

Best for Recording Audio and Composing Music.

Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools, just like Apple’s GarageBand is a pretty solid audio workstation that helps budding musicians create their own music without investing heavily in musical instruments. It is remarkable while capturing audio and composing music, which you can broadcast to the entire world!

The tool offers a pretty comprehensive user interface, that makes both the recording and composing aspects considerably easier. It allows cloud collaboration i.e. you can now work with multiple artists like yourself to create a piece of music together online.

Apart from the above, there are also features like MIDI editing, tons of musical pre-sets, loop recording, and auxiliary tracks that you can use to experiment and create awesome music.


  • MIDI editing
  • Tons of Musical instrument pre-sets.
  • Cloud collaboration
  • Share your music directly from the software.

Verdict: Although not quite as smooth as Apple’s GarageBand, Avid Pro Tools is still a solid audio recorder and music composer. It is a great tool for budding musicians to create and share good music with limited resources.

Price: Pro Tools Basic: $29.99 & Pro Tools Ultimate: $79.99

Website: Avid Pro Tools

#10) Wavosaur

Best for Free Audio Processing.


Wavosaur is another one in a long line of robust audio processing tools that mandatorily have a feature that also enables users to record sound. Wavosaur is quite basic in its offering. It is a tool that you can use to record audio, edit it or mix it to serve all sorts of purposes.

It has a very basic interface that doesn’t assault its users with unnecessary aesthetics. Apart from recording, the tool can also be used for audio conversion, producing music loops, sound designing, and much more.

The tool also supports VST plugins, multichannel WAV files, and real-time effect processing.


  • Basic and clean UI
  • Audio editing
  • Supports VST Plugins
  • Real-time effect processing

Verdict: The tool is one of the oldest audio recorders on this list, and is still being used by some professionals because of its simplicity. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Thus if you are looking for a tool with modern features, then you can skip this one.

Price: Free

Website: Wavosaur

#11) Cleanfeed

Best for Browser-based audio recording.


Cleanfeed is one of those tools that was tailor-made for live audio and radio recording. To start recording on this tool, you simply have to sign-up via your browser and start recording your audio. It is that simple. No need to download any additional software.

Cleanfeed basically operates on auto-pilot once you hit the record button in your browser. It will mix the audio; make adjustments to provide you only with the best quality audio. You also don’t need all the parties involved in your recording to sign-up with their own separate accounts.

Only one account is enough. You just have to send the web link to others so that they too can indulge in the ensuing recording process.


  • Built-in recording
  • No multiple sign-ups are required.
  • High-Quality Audio
  • Hosts remote guests

Verdict: Cleanfeed is a technically advanced audio recorder that allows you to instantly take your interviews and podcasts online with remote guests. There are no time limits to how much you can record, or limits to the number of guests you can host. It is absolutely remarkable.

Price: Free

Website: Cleanfeed

Other Audio Recording Software

#12) Podium

Best for Audio Workstation for Windows.

Podium is a pretty sleek-looking audio workstation, created solely for the Windows OS. It can be used to edit, record, mix and repair audio. The tool also supports MIDI recording & editing and offers a ton of effect plugins to enhance the quality and appeal of your audio track. It is also good for hosting VST instruments.

Price: Free

Website: Podium

#13) Wondershare DemoCreator

Best for Screen Recording.

Wondershare DemoCreator is a fantastically intuitive screen recording tool that captures every little moment happening on your computer screen.

You can easily capture the audio and video on your screen and edit it to create tutorials, gaming content, YouTube videos, and much more. Added to that, features like real-time screen drawing, and 100’s of templates make it a great editor.

Price: Free Version, Starting $7.99 per month.

Website: Wondershare DemoCreator


Best for Web-based audio recording and editing.

HYA.WAVE is a smart online audio recorder, which allows users to quickly record audio on their computer or mobile devices without downloading software.

The tool allows you to either export an audio file from your device or record one immediately for editing. It is very simple to use and is perfect for quick audio recording and editing on the go.

Price: Free

Website: HYA.WAVE

#15) Cakewalk

Best for Audio Production

Cakewalk is a tool that makes audio production very simple. It is a tool you that can use to quickly record, edit, and mix audio. It is also a tool that allows you to repair distorted audio files.

The tool also comes with tons of tools and instrument presets that allow you to compose great music. Apart from this, it also allows MIDI recording, exporting, and publishing of songs, etc.

Price: free

Website: Cakewalk

#16) Sound Forge Pro 14

Best for Audio Editing

Sound Forge is an extremely powerful audio editor that can help to cut and edit audio to enhance its quality to remarkable levels. The tool possesses an incredible feature that allows you to customize your audio in multiple exciting ways.

There are tons of effects at your disposal to amplify the quality of your recorded sound. It is one of the most advanced tools on this list and is also the most expensive one.

Price: $399

Website: Sound Forge Pro 14


With tons of robust software at our disposal and the convenience presented to us by mobile devices, voice recording has become extremely easy.

There are a number of reasons as to why one would want to record sound, from Podcasts to YouTube video creation and more, properly recorded sound is important. The above-mentioned tools are more than up for the task.

As for our recommendations, if you are looking for a simple voice recorder with advanced features, then you will love Audacity. If you are a musician who needs a fully equipped audio workstation along with the recording feature, then look no further than Apple’s GarageBand or Ardour.

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