15 Best Singapore IT Support and Services Companies in 2023

Review, compare, and select among the list of the BEST Singapore IT Support and Services Companies to meet your IT needs: 

We live in a world that is rapidly becoming tech-driven. Operating in such an environment has proved to be a challenge for many businesses. Many of these enterprises struggle to meet their IT requirements on a daily basis. This is especially true for small and mid-sized businesses, which possess limited funds and labor resources.

If a business wishes to succeed today, it needs to manage its IT department in an effective and efficient manner. This is perhaps why most entrepreneurs in Singapore today choose to outsource their IT support from a reputable third-party company.

Outsourcing IT requirements from such companies is evidently cost-effective and also affords entrepreneurs the time necessary to focus on other core aspects of their business.

Singapore IT Support

Best Singapore IT Support And Services Companies

IT support companies have especially become the need of the hour for businesses operating in countries that are as tech-savvy as Singapore. Businesses partnering up with such companies simply stand a better chance of succeeding and staying abreast of the constantly evolving nature of modern technology.

In this article, we would like to recommend such IT support companies in Singapore that you can approach to meet your IT needs.

IT support companies

So without much further ado, let’s get started.

Market Trends: According to Research and Markets, The Singapore IT support and services market was able to generate a revenue of $12.1 billion in 2020. It is expected to rise even further with revenues hitting $19 billion by the year 2025 at a CAGR of 10.5%


Expert Advice:

  • Understand your IT requirements and ensure that your chosen company is able to meet them.
  • Go with companies that have had substantial experience offering IT support in Singapore.
  • Perform background checks on the company by checking out reviews and testimonials left behind by their clients.
  • Prepare a set of tough questions to ask the IT professionals of your chosen company and gauge how they respond to them.
  • Finally, make sure the company you choose for IT support services in Singapore is able to offer its services at a price that is affordable to you.

FAQs on IT support in Singapore

Q #1) What does an IT support company do?

Answer: The primary role of an IT support company is to ensure that your IT infrastructure is operating smoothly 24/7. It is their responsibility to make sure that there are minimal downtimes. Their duties could entail fixing bugs and backing-up data. They are in charge of managing their client’s entire IT infrastructure and overseeing its security.

These companies are especially ideal for small businesses and start-ups that do not have the funds necessary to hire an in-house IT support team.

Q #2) What are the Best IT Companies in Singapore?

Answer: Singapore enjoys a tech-savvy population with a corporate sector that is almost entirely tech-driven. So there are no shortages of good IT companies in the country. The following 5 are considered to be some of the very best IT companies anyone will find in Singapore:

  • ScienceSoft
  • Cordeos
  • TechTIQ Solutions
  • Computer Guys
  • ACM

Q #3) What are the IT Services examples?

Answer: The following are a total of 7 examples of IT services:

Q #4) What is the difference between IT support and IT Services?

Answer: While both sounds similar, IT support services and IT services have different meanings. IT service organizations, for instance, offer solutions to address the IT-related needs of the organization and its customers. IT support, on the other hand, is more focused on urgent incident response and eventual resolution.

Q #5) How IT support companies benefit your business?

Answer: There are many compelling benefits to hiring an IT support company.

The following are just an example of a few of these benefits:

  • More efficient management of business data and resources.
  • Get access to expert IT professionals.
  • They will ensure that the security of your IT infrastructure is top-notch.
  • They leverage advanced solutions to effectively tackle complex technical problems.
  • They save you time, which can be better used by focusing on other core areas of business.
  • They will help you scale your IT services
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List of the Best Singapore IT Support and Services Companies

A popular list of IT support companies in Singapore:

  1. ScienceSoft (Recommended)
  2. Innowise
  3. IT Block
  4. Cordeos
  5. TechTIQ Solutions
  6. Computer Guys
  7. ACM
  8. Apixel
  9. MicroLogic Solutions
  10. Win-Pro
  11. Blazon Technologies
  12. Opus IT
  13. TeleAce
  14. Dynatrace
  15. Viperlink Pte Ltd
  16. IT Solution

Comparing Some of the TOP IT Support Services in Singapore

NameFoundedHeadquartersNo. Of EmployeesRevenue
ScienceSoft1989McKinney, Texas501-1000$32 Million
Innowise2007Warsaw, Poland1500+$80 million (estimated)
IT Block2018Singapore11-50Approx $5 Million
Cordeos2001Tokyo51-200Approx $5 Million
TechTIQ Solutions 2017Singapore5-10Approx $5 Million
Computer Guys 2010Singapore51-200$1-100 Million
ACM 2008Singapore11-50$ 1 Million

Detailed reviews:

#1) ScienceSoft (Recommended)

Best for stability and safety involving IT.

IT support in Singapore

With 14-year experience in ITSM, ScienceSoft helps businesses across 30+ industries enjoy secure and resilient IT workflows and reduce IT support costs by up to 50%. Appreciated for the value-based approach and great co-operation flexibility, the vendor is featured in the prestigious Global Outsourcing 100 listing.

ScienceSoft applies a mature quality management system and guarantees complete security of their customer’s data, which is proven by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates.

ScienceSoft is a professional team of true IT enthusiasts ready to provide 24/7 support for all your infrastructure components (apps, networks, data centers, cloud services, cybersecurity components, etc.).

Besides, ScienceSoft’s support engineers are known for their excellent soft skills. Open, friendly, attentive to detail, and proactive – this is how ScienceSoft’s customers describe its experts.

ScienceSoft stands for reasonable investments only. The vendor starts each IT support project by outlining specific tangible gains and possible risks so that their customers know the value behind each dollar. The basis for cooperation with the team is a transparent KPI system letting clients easily track service quality and compliance with SLA.

Founded: 1989
Type: For-Profit
Headquarters: McKinney, Texas
No. of Employees: 501-1000
Revenue: $32M
Clients Served: Walmart, IBM, eBay, Nestle, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Leo Burnett, T-Mobile.

Services Offered:

  • IT Help Desk Outsourcing
  • Managed Security Services
  • Application Support and Maintenance
  • Cloud infrastructure monitoring, management, and support
  • Cloud migration

Verdict: With ScienceSoft, you can rest assured that your IT assets are secure, highly available, and reliably support your business growth. This technical partner is chosen by Fortune 500 companies and can definitely be chosen for long-term IT support.

#2) Innowise


Innowise Group is a leading IT support and services company in Singapore that provides reliable and cost-effective IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company offers a wide range of IT services, including IT support and maintenance, cloud computing, cybersecurity, network infrastructure, and software development.

Innowise Group’s team of experienced IT professionals is committed to providing the highest quality of service to its clients, ensuring that their IT systems are running smoothly and efficiently at all times.

Innowise Group’s IT support and maintenance services include remote and onsite support, proactive monitoring, and system maintenance to ensure that clients’ IT systems are up-to-date and operating at peak performance. The company’s cloud computing services provide clients with access to a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure, enabling them to store and access data from anywhere in the world.

Innowise Group’s cybersecurity services include network security, data encryption, and vulnerability assessments, protecting clients’ IT systems from cyber threats.

Founded in: 2007
Revenue: $80 million (estimated)
Employee Size: 1500+
Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland
Locations: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA
Pricing Info: $50 – $99 per hour
Min Project Size: $20,000

Innowise Group’s network infrastructure services include network design, implementation, and maintenance, ensuring that clients’ networks are secure, reliable, and scalable. The company’s software development services include custom software development, mobile app development, and web development, providing clients with tailor-made solutions that meet their specific needs.

Innowise Group is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, and its team of IT professionals works closely with clients to understand their business needs and provide customized IT solutions that deliver tangible results. The company’s commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted partner for businesses in Singapore and beyond, helping them achieve their IT goals and drive business growth.

#3) IT Block

IT Block

IT Block’s services are focused on optimising the entire IT infrastructure of an organization. The company aims to serve as the in-house support team that can assist you with purchasing equipment, managing ISPs, administrating business emails, and ensuring there are no issues with how internal devices or the network perform 24/7.

Founded: 2018
Type: Private
Headquarters: Singapore
No. of Employees: 11-50
Revenue: Less than $5 million
Clients Served: Port Cities, CommSec, BDA, IDEAL, SBS Rail Transit, Nasdaq

Services Offered:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Email migration
  • Cybersecurity Services
  • Data Centre Colocation

Verdict: IT Block is a fast growing company in the IT Support space. Their services are ideal for satellite office, and small to medium sized companies that seek a customer-centric and maintenance-focused approach from their IT support partners.

#4) Cordeos

Best for a comprehensive suite of IT services.


Established in 2001. Cordeos has today established itself as one of the best IT support/outsourcing and software development companies in Tokyo, Manila, and of course, Singapore. The company is a highly-revered multi-lingual IT solutions provider in these regions.

They are often approached by people who seek quality IT help desks, network support centers, and software development solutions.

The company is great at offering a wide range of best-practice IT and computer support services. Besides this, Cordeos is also known for VoIP telephone systems, email scanning gateways, and managed security for its corporate clients and customers.

Founded: 2001
Type: Private
Headquarters: Tokyo
No. of Employees: 51-200
Revenue: Approx $5 Million
Clients Served: Oakwood Asia-Pacific, HIS Markit, Allied Telesis, Intercontinental Hotels Group.

Services Offered:

Verdict: Cordeos is considered to be one of the finest regional, multi-lingual IT support services providers in Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore. You can approach them for a broad range of IT support-related services, which they render in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Website: Cordeos

#5) TechTIQ Solutions

Best for Digital Transformation.


TechTIQ Solutions is yet another company on my list that is widely hailed as one of Asia’s leading IT support services providers. The company is especially popular for its deployment of digital transformation strategies and web development services. The company harbors a team of designers that can create a responsive, well-optimized website from scratch.

They also excel at IT staffing. The company will assist you in finding the best IT specialists in Singapore to take your business forward. In just 5 years of its existence, the company has already mustered an impressive track record of delivering cost-effective and high-quality IT solutions to small, medium, and large organizations.

Founded: 2017
Type: Private
Headquarters: Singapore
No. of Employees: 1-10
Revenue: Approx $5 Million
Clients Served: DMI, Abbott, Topicus, Stone Forest, Standard Chartered

Services Offered:

  • IT Staffing
  • Web Development and Design
  • Digital Transformation
  • App Development Services
  • Enterprise Software Development

Verdict: TechTIQ has earned quite a reputation for itself in just 5 years. Today it has established itself as one of the best IT consultancy firms in Singapore for its delivery of cost-effective and excellent services to companies both small and large.

Website: TechTIQ Solutions

#6) Computer Guys

Best for Managed IT Support and Services.

Computer Guys

Computer Guys made it to my list for their exceptional onsite and help-desk support. With them by your side, you can expect a lot more than just basic maintenance work for your IT hardware and software. They monitor your entire IT infrastructure and continue to make sure it is functioning optimally and with minimal downtime.

They are great at IT auditing and disaster recovery. They are also excellent at responding to both issues and queries raised by their clients. The solutions they offer to address technical issues are backed by state-of-the-art and modern resources.

Founded: 2010
Type: Private
Headquarters: Singapore
No. of Employees: 51-200
Revenue: Approx $10-100 Million
Clients Served: Cuckoo, Coopers Hill Singapore, Apex Business Advisory, SMJ Furnishing.

Services Offered:

Verdict: Computer Guys have served as one of Singapore’s finest IT support service providers for over a decade now with a strong track record of satisfying clients to boast. This is a company you can rely on for managed IT support and services.

Website: Computer Guys

#7) ACM

Best for cost-effective IT Maintenance.

ACM - Singapore IT Support and Services

ACM is an IT service provider that is capable of meeting the IT requirements of any business, regardless of its scale. The company specializes in acquainting businesses with the best IT practices and systems.

You can count on them for full cloud computing support. This includes support with its design, implementation, and eventual maintenance. They leverage an intuitive virtual desktop, which allows them to render their services via office 365.

Founded: 2008
Type: Private
Headquarters: Singapore
No. of Employees: 11-50
Revenue: Approx $1 million
Clients Served: KB Associates, Cuppa, HAO, Leica, Mercatus

Services Offered:

  • IT Maintenance
  • Cloud Computing Support
  • IT Staffing
  • Application development

Verdict: ACM is home to a team of IT specialists who possess the skills and resources required to deliver excellent IT maintenance and support services. The best aspect of their service is how flexible they are with their prices, which makes them ideal for small businesses and start-ups.

Website: ACM

#8) Apixel

Best for proactive IT Support.


Apixel made it to the list because of its adherence to a very effective proactive support model. The company indulges in offering continuous and preventive monitoring support, which is essential if you wish to detect and fix hardware/software issues before the situation worsens.

They are incredibly agile in their response to issues. They promptly assist you with IT-related issues via remote desktop support. They are home to an experienced team of engineers who are capable of identifying and resolving issues on time to minimize downtime.

Founded: 2004
Type: Private
Headquarters: Singapore
No. of Employees: 11-50
Revenue: Less than $5 million
Clients Served: NA

Services Offered:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Data Recovery
  • IT Asset Management and Documentation
  • Network Support and Management

Verdict: Apixel distinguishes itself from other companies on this list by following a proactive support model to effectively detect and respond to hardware and software issues. They offer a broad range of services for the excellent maintenance of both software and hardware IT infrastructure.

Website: Apixel

#9) MicroLogic Solutions

Best for Managed IT Support and Maintenance.

MicroLogic - Singapore IT Support and Services

MicroLogic is another IT consultancy in Singapore that excels with regard to its wide range of managed IT support services. They are great at providing online IT support. They have a team that can securely remote control a computer device to resolve issues plaguing it.

Besides online IT support, MicroLogic also offers phenomenal on-site IT services. They will send a specialist on-site as soon as possible to resolve problems with your desktop and laptops. You can also rely on them to troubleshoot network problems.

Founded: 2010
Type: Private
Headquarters: Singapore
No. of Employees: 100-500
Revenue: Less than $5 million
Clients Served: Sony, RSI, Pentax Medical, AGVA Technologies

Services Offered:

  • IT Support
  • IT Security Services
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Dedicated Computer Software Repair

Verdict: MicroLogic offers a comprehensive suite of IT-related services to businesses. They are also great in other areas like website design and development. This combination makes them a compelling candidate on my list of IT support companies in Singapore.

Website: MicroLogic

#10) Win-Pro

Best for on-cloud and on-premises support.


Win-Pro is an IT support company that has dominated the industry in Singapore and Malaysia for over 30 years. In that period, the company has more or less become the go-to destination for small and large businesses seeking IT support and maintenance services.

The company has a team of experienced IT specialists who know exactly how to efficiently deploy, manage, and support IT infrastructure. They can provide support on the cloud and on-premises without a hassle.

Founded: 1993
Type: Private
Headquarters: Singapore
No. of Employees: 11-50
Revenue: $ 9 million
Clients Served: Euraco Fine Food, LDR Technology, TK Chemical

Services Offered:

  • IT Security and Protection
  • IT Consulting
  • Server Room Design
  • SEO
  • Data Leak Protection

Verdict: Win-Pro is a company that cannot recommend enough IT support, consulting, and maintenance. They have a wide range of products and services to offer and also enjoy a massive client base in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Website: Win-Pro

#11) Blazon

Best for affordable Managed IT Support.

Blazon - Singapore IT Support and Services

Blazon is yet another company that delivers exceptional managed IT support to small businesses at an affordable rate. They are able to do this because of their team of IT specialists. I like that they appoint a dedicated engineer to be stationed at a company on a weekly basis.

This allows them to be prompt in responding to IT issues. Engineers will also proactively work on software/hardware maintenance to make sure there are no surprise downtimes that decrease productivity.

Founded: 2013
Type: Private
Headquarters: Singapore
No. of Employees: 2-10
Revenue: Less than $5 million
Clients Served: NA

Services Offered:

Verdict: Blazon Technologies arms your business with a team of tech experts that can considerably optimize your IT infrastructure’s quality. Their services are affordable, and as such, accessible to small and mid-sized enterprises.

Website: Blazon

#12) Opus IT

Best for Enterprise IT Support.

OPUS - Singapore IT Support and Services

Established in 1997, Opus is an IT service and support company that has grown rapidly in recent years. They have over 400 clients today, each very happy with the services being offered to them. The company is a substantial Gold Partner of Microsoft as well as a certified partner of Cisco.

They are an ideal option for businesses that seek quality enterprise IT support services and network integration solutions.

Website: Opus IT

#13) TeleAce

Best for full-service IT support.


TeleAce’s services are centered on boosting operational efficiency via robust IT implementation. They have a highly-skilled team of IT professionals who know how to handle almost all types of technical problems. They also deliver in terms of robust backup as well as disaster recovery.

Besides this, you can count on TeleAce for IT asset management, preventative maintenance, and resource allocation.

Website: TeleAce

#14) Dynatrace

Best for focus on automation.


Dynatrace is a company you can rely on to oversee the security of your IT infrastructure. The services they deliver are more focused on helping businesses yield better outcomes for themselves.

They use the most advanced solutions to deal with issues pertaining to hardware, software, and networks. Their platform is suitable for cloud automation and infrastructure monitoring.

Website: Dynatrace

#15) Viperlink Pte Ltd.

Best for Data Backup and Recovery.


Viperlink offers impressive data backup and recovery services. Their solutions are more focused on ensuring zero downtime, recovery process, and support. They are also a great help in tackling a wide range of cyber threats that are prevalent today.

Viperlink is also a great option if you seek custom IT services to meet your organization’s unique IT requirements.

Website: Viperlink

#16) IT Solution

Best for Managed IT Services.

IT Solution

IT Solutions can serve as your one-stop destination for a wide range of IT services. These services include disaster recovery, data backup, network monitoring, email hosting, asset management, etc. They assign dedicated project managers and engineers to the companies they work with.

The best part about associating with them is the fact that you can get all of their IT services for as low as $500 a month.

Website: IT Solution


Singapore is one of those countries that is rapidly evolving with regard to its technological landscape. Businesses in the country must have a strong IT infrastructure if they hope to stand apart from their competitors. This becomes a challenge for small enterprises that don’t have the funds to keep an in-house IT team on their payroll.

Luckily, there are a plethora of options at their disposal in the form of IT support companies. These companies specialize in delivering solutions that can optimize the entire IT infrastructure of an organization.

With their assistance, businesses can ensure the optimal health of their IT infrastructure to achieve minimized downtime at low costs. If you wish to be productive in today’s tech-driven Singapore, then hiring services from a reputable IT support company is the easiest way to do so.

As for our recommendation, we prefer ScienceSoft because of its global presence and strong industry experience.

Research Process:

  • We spent 15 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which IT Support and Services will best suit you.
  • Total Singapore IT Support and Services Researched: 35
  • Total Singapore IT Support and Services Shortlisted: 15
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