9 BEST Cassandra Consulting, Development & Support Companies

Explore the top Cassandra Consulting and Development Companies with Features & Pros and select the best Cassandra Consulting Company of your choice.

Cassandra is an open-source database management technology that ensures scalability and high availability without compromising performance.

It was first founded by Facebook in 2008 by taking inspiration from Amazon’s DynamoDB and Google’s BigTable to solve their problem of inbox search. It is now among the top 10 noSQL databases.

Many companies took an interest and adopted this technique to store their big data. According to a source from Cassandra’s official website, over 1,500 companies are using this technology, and among them are some popular ones like Apple, Netflix, eBay, etc that store 10 TB, 420 TB, and 250TB respectively.

Many companies provide Apache Cassandra consultancy services as it is an open-source technology. We researched and jotted down the best Cassandra Consulting Companies that are dealing with this technology.

Cassandra Consulting Companies – A Complete Review

Cassandra Consulting and Development Companies

Benefits of Using Cassandra

They are enlisted below:

  • It helps in sorting complex problems including the problem of centralized logging.
  • This ensures high performance by dealing easily with data complexity issues.
  • It is a highly available and fault-tolerant technology that provides data replication features.
  • It is a column-oriented and scheme-free database with lots of knobs and levers to optimize the workload.

Cassandra Consulting Companies

In the article on Cassandra Consulting Companies, we have explained the meaning of Cassandra, its origin, and some benefits of using this technology supported by a market trend, expert advice, and some FAQs.

A list of the best Cassandra consulting companies is then provided with a comparison of the top best among them. Each company is then thoroughly reviewed, and at the end, the conclusion & review process is stated.

Market Trends: According to the research by EMR, the market of Global Database Management Systems is expected to rise with a CAGR of 10.8% from 2023 to 2028. It was valued at $65.3 billion in 2022. North America and Asia Pacific countries are the main regions that will be expected to drive the DBMS.

market trends - Cassandra Consulting Companies

Expert Advice: To select the best company to use Apache Cassandra, you need to be sure of your company’s database, as it works best for big data. You should also check for certain essential features that it must provide, like support & maintenance, security policies, and certifications.

FAQs on Cassandra Consulting & Development Vendors

Q #1) Which companies are using Cassandra?

Answer: Many companies are using Cassandra for their database management. Some of them are Uber, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Accenture, and many more.

Q #2) Which company developed Apache Cassandra?

Answer: Apache Cassandra was developed by Facebook in 2008. It was developed to solve their inbox search by taking inspiration from Amazon’s DynamoDB and Google’s BigTable.

Q #3) Why is Cassandra so popular?

Answer: Cassandra is a very popular technology as adopted by many big enterprises like Netflix, Uber, Instagram, eBay, and many more to effectively store their big data along with proving various effective features like high availability, fault tolerance, noSQL database, etc.

Q #4) What is Cassandra best for?

Answer: Cassandra is best for writing and storing a large amount of data in a distributed system for applications that don’t want to lose their data. It can scale to hundreds of terabytes.

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List of the Best Cassandra Consulting & Development Companies

Some remarkable Cassandra Development Service Providers:

  1. ScienceSoft (Recommended)
  2. Cazton
  3. e-Zest
  4. Ksolves
  5. Algoworks
  6. Zencluster
  7. Instaclustr
  8. Digitalis
  9. Riseup Labs

Comparison of Top Cassandra Consulting Service Providers

CompanyBest forFounded InHeadquarterClients
ScienceSoftDesign, development and evolution of big data solutions based on Cassandra. 1989McKinney, Texas. USIBM, Deloitte, eBay, Walmart, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Leo Burnett, Lixar, and Viber.
CaztonProfessional services in the field of custom software development, consulting, training and recruiting.2013Austin, Texas USLinkedIn, Dell, Bank of America, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft, IBM, American Express and many more.
e-ZestManaging companies data needs with high-throughput, low-latency, reusable and extremely easy to manage data pipelines.1998Pune, India100+ industry-wide clients from USA, Canada, Europe, India and Australia.
KsolvesStoring time-series data.2012Noida, IndiaPromotix, Persistent, LTI, OnPoint, CountAbout, and many more.
AlgoworksCustom tuning that helps in optimising your workload and environment.2006Noida, IndiaDeGroot logistics, White Pine Diamonds, Crest Hill Capital and Mantis Funding and many more.

Detailed reviews:

#1) ScienceSoft (Recommended)

Best for the design, development, and evolution of big data solutions based on Cassandra.

ScienceSoft - Cassandra Consulting Companies

ScienceSoft is a trusted technology partner that helps enterprises and software product companies build highly effective solutions based on Cassandra technology. The company has 34 years of experience in software development, 12 years in IoT, and 10 years in big data development.

ScienceSoft offers a pool of 700+ professionals with all the tech skills and industry knowledge needed to deliver robust Cassandra-based solutions. Their high productivity, mature processes, and proficiency in Cassandra and related techs mean that ScienceSoft’s teams deliver 2x faster and reduce the development project costs by 30–50%.

The company is widely known for its quality-first approach. 62% of ScienceSoft’s revenue comes from its long-term customers that stay with the company for 2+ years.

Founded In: 1989
Headquarters: McKinney, Texas
Locations: 6 locations throughout the US, the UAE, and Europe
Clients: IBM, Deloitte, eBay, Walmart, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Leo Burnett, Lixar, and Viber
No. of Employees: 250999
Revenue: $32 million


  • Comprehensive Cassandra development services cover all aspects of development and deployment, including solution design, configuration, implementation, security, and performance tuning.
  • Hands-on experience in 30+ industries, including BFSI, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, telecommunications, and more.
  • 3,300+ success stories.
  • DevSecOps approach to create a strongly protected environment for data processing and storage.
  • Microsoft Solutions partner and AWS Select Tier Services partner.
  • Comprehensive Tech Stack: Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra, Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API, Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra), Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Spark, Kafka, Flink, NiFi, Docker, Kubernetes and much more.
  • Transparent processes, pricing, contracts, tangible service value, and effective collaboration.
  • Recognized by The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) – ScienceSoft has been on its Global Outsourcing 100 List for two consecutive years.


  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Low vendor and project risks: ScienceSoft is ready to conduct a feasibility study before the project start and promptly deliver a PoC. The company has ISO 9001-certified processes, and strong DevOps and Agile cultures. It guarantees healthy project processes, effective communication, comprehensive project documentation, detailed progress reports, and no risk of unplanned expenditures.
  • High Security: The company has over 19 years of experience in cybersecurity, retains top security experts on board, and follows ISO 27001, CIS, NIST, OWASP requirements, and best practices.

Verdict: ScienceSoft’s strongest point is its mature processes and the vast expertise accumulated by its talent pool. ScienceSoft’s Cassandra developers can handle the most complex Cassandra projects. ScienceSoft is a go-to partner for companies that need a reliable team that will carry out the project quickly and without compromising quality.

Pricing: ScienceSoft works with fixed-price, T&M, and monthly fee contracts. They are quick to provide a custom quote upon request.

#2) Cazton

Best for professional services in the field of custom software development, consulting, training, and recruiting.


Cazton is a global software consulting company that operates its business from many locations worldwide and serves many industries including construction, chemical industries, life sciences, healthcare, and so on.

It works with a team of high-level developers that helps their clients by providing proven technical and business strategies for making the right decisions for their business.

It offers a variety of consulting services related to big data & AI, database development, custom software development, etc. Database development includes services like polyglot persistence, SQL server, Cassandra, and more.

Founded In: 2013
Headquarters: Austin, Texas
Locations: Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; London, England; Berlin, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Brussels, Belgium; Rome, Italy; Sydney, Melbourne, Australia; Quebec City, Toronto Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, and Winnipeg as well
Clients: LinkedIn, Dell, Bank of America, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft, IBM, American Express, etc.
No. of Employees: 51-200
Support: Email, phone, and training
Revenue: $11.3 million


  • Experts are provided to understand the requirements and tackle your data problems.
  • Polyglot persistence strategy is provided along with integrations with other big data technologies.
  • Enables to expand, monitor and manage the Cassandra clusters to different data centres.
  • Assists in setting up Cassandra data models and working with its third-party libraries and plugins.
  • Both on-premise and cloud deployment is provided to deploy Cassandra.
  • Helps in optimizing and troubleshooting the Cassandra clusters and Cassandra performance issues respectively.
  • Other services include mobile development, web development, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and others.


  • Cost-effective rates
  • Cloud-based services
  • Custom Cassandra training
  • Automate deployments

Verdict: Cazton is one of the global Cassandra Consulting Companies that has been trusted by customers from all over the world. It served many big brands like Microsoft, LinkedIn, IBM, and many more.

Its team comprises high-level developers that have been awarded Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional as well as Google Developers Expert. They have taken part in top conferences conducted by Microsoft TechEd, Google DevFest, Azure Dev Days, NDC London, and more.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Cazton

#3) e-Zest

Best for managing companies’ data needs with high-throughput, low-latency, reusable, and extremely easy-to-manage data pipelines.


e-Zest is an agile digital technology provider for Enterprises and ISVs that offers various services like product engineering, data engineering, digital commerce, digital operations, and so on.

It provides tailor-made solutions as per the client’s needs and helps in consultation as well as in the deployment of Cassandra strategies to achieve the strategic business objectives. Digital data engineering includes services like big data analytics, business intelligence, cognitive computing services, and more.

Founded In: 1998
Headquarters: Pune
Locations: U.S., Germany, U.K., and India
Clients: 100+ industry-wide clients from the USA, Canada, Europe, India and Australia
No. of Employees: 1001-5000
Support: Phone, email, newsletters, and knowledge base


  • Helps in forming Cassandra strategies, their implementation as well as maintenance.
  • Helps in handling large amounts of data across various clusters of different servers.
  • Helps in back-end storage for messaging by providing cache support.
  • Effectively installs Cassandra on different platforms.
  • Offers various models and initiatives to establish the Big Data infrastructure and tools.
  • Intelligent algorithms are used to understand the customer’s needs and to predict, track, analyze, and present the data for making well-informed decisions.
  • Certified in ISO 9001:2015 to 27001:2013 Certified & SEI CMMi Level 3.
  • Other services include Outsourced software product development, Cloud computing services, Mobile application development services, Custom software development, and others.


  • Ensures high-quality deliveries
  • Result-oriented agile partnerships
  • Uses Business Intelligence (BI) tools

Verdict: e-Zest has been awarded the ‘Most Innovative Company’ award at D&B in 2017 and the Best Project in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ at Channel Leadership Summit 2021. It serves many industries including manufacturing, banking, travel, education, HCM, BPM, CRM, etc.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: e-Zest

#4) Ksolves

Best for storing time-series data.

ksolves - Cassandra Consulting Companies

Ksolves is an apache Cassandra development company that serves clients across several counties with 410+ in-house technology experts. It provides best-in-class IT services and innovative solutions.

It is suitable for industries like finance, healthcare, education, entertainment, and so on. It provides very effective Cassandra consulting services that include root cause analysis, suggestions for system architecture, etc.

Founded In: 2012
Headquarters: Noida, India
Locations: USA and India
Clients: Promotix, Persistent, LTI, OnPoint, CountAbout, and many more
No. of Employees: 353
Support: 24/7 live representative, phone and email


  • Helps in Cassandra architecture development with services like high availability design, cluster design, driver tuning, etc.
  • Provides Cassandra migration services including relational to Cassandra database, Cassandra to warehouse data, zero downtime migration, and so on.
  • Monitors application performance and detects problems with integrated alerting.
  • Provides SLA-backed support with performance tuning and 24/7 technical support.
  • Offers various consulting services including root cause analysis, capacity planning, and guidance for data migration.
  • Other services include data science, DevOps, Java & Microservices, OpenShift, Penetration Testing, etc.


  • 360-degree software solution provider
  • ISO Certified
  • Best-in-class IT services and innovative solutions
  • CMMI level 3 certified
  • 30TB data management efficiency
  • 10 years of Cassandra expertise
  • 24/7 technical support

Verdict: Ksolves is best for increasing resilience in the system with its productive Cassandra solutions like high availability design, zero downtime migration, application performance monitoring, and so on. It provides 24/7 technical support with readily-available maintenance. It offers flexible customization and cost-effective solutions.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Ksolves

#5) Algoworks

Best for custom tuning that helps in optimizing your workload and environment.


Algoworks is a global IT provider with clients in 17+ countries worldwide. It is enriched with a team of experienced and proficient developers with hands-on Apache Cassandra operations.

Various Apache Cassandra services provided by them include Cassandra consulting services, enterprise support, database migration services, and Cassandra OEM support. Any organization with a large database that needs centralized logging, high performance, data replication, high availability, and fault tolerance must opt for Cassandra.

Founded In: 2006
Headquarters: Noida, India
Locations: California, Canada, UK, and India
Clients: DeGroot logistics, White Pine Diamonds, Crest Hill Capital and Mantis Funding, and many more.
No. of Employees: 630+
Support: 24/7 enterprise-grade support, chat, phone, and email.


  • Provides scalable and flexible Cassandra solutions based on the needs of the customers.
  • Thoroughly investigate, design, and evaluate the solutions of the clients.
  • 24/7 Apache Cassandra support services are provided on the call with industry-leading experts.
  • Enables to migrate databases with zero downtime under the no-downtime migration feature to adopt a new database technology.
  • Provides special consultation services for OEMs and their customers.
  • Other services include UI/UX design, quality assurance, custom apps, salesforce services, and many more.


  • Horizontal scalability and distributed storage
  • 24/7 enterprise-grade support for OEMs and their customers
  • A team of experienced and proficient developers is provided
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • DMCA Protected

Verdict: Algoworks has got many awards and recognitions. It got the Globee Awards Gold Winner in 2022 for Business Excellence as well as top rated for app development software by Softwareworld. It has a wide span of technology experts that offer services in Industries like healthcare, manufacturing, gaming, education, transportation, logistics, and more.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Algoworks

#6) Zencluster

Best for developing and implementing high-performance solutions.


Zencluster is a cloud-based platform that helps in building applications with open-source technologies like Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, and Apache Kafka. It provides consulting services to guide clients regarding Apache Cassandra and evaluates their needs to design one on a case-by-case basis.

It also helps in implementing the application, reviewing the same, and the full migration process if needed. It helps the customers in getting the best performance and desired goals for scalability and reliability.

Founded In: 1981
Headquarters: Rome, Italy
Locations: Rome, Italy
No. of Employees: 51-200
Support: Email and newsletter


  • Provides consultation services along with an automated, tested, and reliable management environment.
  • A dedicated team with extensive operational experience is provided to keep the operating efficiency of your clusters at their highest peak.
  • Implements the best security standards including PIN/multi-factor authentication, Intrusion Detection System, and more.
  • Helps in designing the Cassandra data models, and implementing them to achieve high performance and maximum scalability.
  • Helps in identifying and resolving configuration issues by reviewing thoroughly the operational implementation of Apache Cassandra.
  • Guides to migrate databases to Apache Cassandra to minimize the risks.


  • 24/7 support
  • Storage capacity 500-4500 GB
  • End-to-end security
  • 100% open source

Verdict: Zencluster is best at eliminating operational team and technology costs, reducing risks, building cutting-edge applications, and providing security, scalability, and reliability to its customers with its integrations of Apache Cassandra with Amazon Web Services and Apache Spark.

Pricing: Apache Cassandra cluster prices are as follows:

  • Starter: From €29 per node per month
  • Developer: From €75 per node per month
  • Production: From €250 per node per month
  • Enterprise: €2.5K+

Website: Zencluster

#7) Instaclustr

Best for consulting services designed to accelerate the adoption of Apache Cassandra and other open-source technologies.


Instaclustr is a database infrastructure management platform that provides various consulting and training services. Under consulting it includes guidance related to Apache Kafka, PostgreSQL, Apache Cassandra, Redis, and more.

Its experts offer their services 24/7 and help in design, architecture, evaluation, or operations related to Apache Cassandra. It works in both cloud as well as on-premise settings.

Founded In: 2013
Headquarters: California, US
Locations: California US, Cambridge US, Bruce Australia, and England UK
Clients: Atlassian, Doordash, Hermes, ClearCapital, Genesys, SiteMinder, and many more.
No. of Employees: 251-500
Support: 24x7x365 Expert Support, phone, email, and tickets
Revenue: $10 million


  • Helps in evaluating, designing, deploying, and operating the most efficient data management technologies.
  • Saves time by quickly developing the right architecture, infrastructure, and effective solution.
  • Industry experts are provided to build a scalable and high-performing solution as per the needs of the organization.
  • Also provides various training services including standard workshops, Instaclustr-certified training, and so on.
  • Other consulting services include Cassandra operational procedures review, migration from closed source to open source, and more.
  • Provides transparent, fair, and flexible pricing for the data infrastructure.


  • 24/7 support
  • Experienced team of experts
  • 170 million node hours of experience
  • Provides utmost security to the customers data

Verdict: Instaclustr is recommended for its consulting services that help in adopting the Apache Cassandra technology into the organization and covers all stages of the project lifecycle. It works on a simple methodology that starts from evaluation then design deploys and then operate.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Instaclustr

#8) Digitalis

Best for deploying and managing Cassandra across all your environments and choices of infrastructure.


Digitalis is an open-source data platform that provides various productive services and technologies to make it easy for enterprises to adopt cloud-native and distributed data technologies like Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Kubernetes, etc.

It offers various effective Kubernetes, DevOps, data, and cloud services. It can deploy Apache Cassandra in all environments whether it is cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid environment.

Founded In: 2015
Headquarters: London, UK
Locations: London, UK
Clients: RSA Insurance Group, Vero, Atom Bank, and more
No. of Employees: 11-50
Support: 24/7 live representative, phone, email, and training


  • Helps in building Cassandra architecture with services like security design, data modeling, enterprise systems integration, and more.
  • Other services related to Cassandra are Cassandra development, implementation design, and DevOps.
  • Provides fully managed services with 24/7 incident support, monitoring & alerting, patch management, and more.
  • Provides training to the enterprise teams to use Cassandra at its best.
  • Training includes data modeling, planning & managing Cassandra, backup and restore operations, and many more.
  • Other services include Kubernetes services, DevOps services, and Cloud services.


  • 24/7 incident support
  • Monitoring, alerting, and patch management
  • SLA adherence

Verdict: Digitalis is best for providing fully managed Apache Cassandra services that help in providing high availability, scalability, and impressive performance to organizations.

It includes high availability design, application development, performance tuning, implementation automation, and so on. It has been featured as one of the top 10 Managed IT Services companies of 2018 in the CIO Applications magazine Europe edition.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Digitalis

#9) Riseup Labs

Best for offering a powerful and highly customizable database tool.


Riseup Labs is a global technology solution provider that provides a wide range of IT services including mobile app development, web development, software development, AR/VR/MR solutions, game development, digital marketing, and many more.

It provides leading Apache Cassandra services in the world to efficiently process the big data of enterprises. It includes Cassandra architecture development, migration, monitoring, consulting, support, and managed services.

Founded In: 2009
Headquarters: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Locations: Dhaka, Bangladesh, and New York, USA
Clients: LENTHO, UNICEF, WHO, Murka Games Ltd. a2i, McAfee Enterprises Inc., and many more
No. of Employees: 51-200
Support: Phone, email, forum, and knowledge base ( articles, blogs, newsletters, etc.)


  • Provides world-leading highly customizable Apache Cassandra Database tool with zero downtime.
  • Includes high throughput and low latency solutions.
  • Includes Cassandra services like its architecture development, migration, monitoring, etc.
  • Other services include mobile app development, web development, software development, AR/VR/MR solutions, game development, digital marketing, and many more.
  • Trusted by clients all over the world including McAfee, UNICEF, WHO, etc.
  • Has been featured in The Asian Age, The Independent, The Daily Star, Bangladesh Post, and others
  • Serves industries like finance & banking, E-commerce, Telecommunication, real estate, software, etc.


  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Ensures project security with NDA and zero spam
  • 30 TB Data Management Efficiency
  • Zero downtime and highly customizable database tools

Verdict: Riseup Labs has been recognized under Clutch, UpCity, GoodFirma, Truatanspilot, and Glassdoor. It is recommended for providing the highest quality with cost-effective services to businesses to navigate their digital transformation.

It is the world’s leading Apache Cassandra service provider. It provides leading Apache Cassandra services in the world.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Riseup Labs


Through the research, we concluded how essential database management technology could be to any enterprise. As discussed, Apache Cassandra is a technology that is open source and works as a noSQL database. It can store petabytes of data along with features like high availability, tunable consistency CQL, and a strong community.

There are many software development companies out in the market that provide consultancy services regarding Apache Cassandra. We thoroughly researched and mentioned the best Cassandra Consulting Companies dealing with Cassandra technology in the market.

All Cassandra Development Companies come with their distinct set of features and different pricing plans. We recommend ScienceSoft if you want to use Cassandra for projects like storing sensor data, messaging systems, user activity tracking, and fraud detection.

Our Review Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: We spent 11 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarised list of Cassandra Consulting Companies with a comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total Cassandra Consulting Companies Researched Online: 30
  • Top Cassandra Consulting Companies Shortlisted for Review: 9
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