TOP 11 BEST Enterprise Software Development Companies [2023]

Here you can compare the BEST Enterprise Software Development Companies to opt for the right one as per your requirement:

A software development company is a type of company that designs, develops, and executes software applications and systems by deploying the latest technologies (like JavaScript, AWS, TypeScript, Swift, Flutter, and more) as required and needed by the companies.

A custom enterprise software development company tailors the solutions as required by the company within its budget. It is of various types including web, mobile, desktop, real-time application, and big data application software.

Largest Enterprise Software Companies – Review

TOP Enterprise Software Development Companies

Benefits of a software development company

  • A custom software development company builds software that best fits your business and is designed exclusively for the company’s requirements.
  • Off-the-shelf solutions or custom solutions are more cost-effective as they can start with an MVP version to validate the idea.
  • Ensures high security and reliability as the software builds and is properly tested and reduces chances of intrusions.
  • Continuous support and maintenance are provided even after delivering the project.
  • Seamless integration is provided with a wide range of software tools to improve data accuracy and visibility.

In the article, we explained the meaning of custom software development supported by its benefits, market trends, expert advice, and some FAQs. A list of the best Enterprise Software Development Companies is provided with their detailed review and comparison of the top five among them. In the end, the conclusion and the review process are mentioned.

Market Trends: According to the research by Grand View Research, the US market share of enterprise software was valued at $68.4 Billion in 2021 and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 10.3% from 2022-2030. Its global market share was valued at $196.4 Billion in 2021 and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 11.5% from 2022-2030.

Grand View Research1

Expert Advice: To select the best software development company for your enterprise you should consider certain factors like searching for potential companies and then checking for their specializations and portfolios from there you can get an idea of how these companies work.

Select one that uses modern models like agile, kanban, etc. You should take into consideration your budget and compare the prices of different companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is an enterprise software developer?

Answer: An enterprise software developer helps in creating applications and systems with certain configurable technologies depending on the need and requirements of the business. It develops the software with proper design and implementation. Some also provide maintenance and tech support after delivering the system software.

Q #2) Which is the best company for software developers?

Answer: The best software development companies are:

  1. ScienceSoft
  2. OpenXcell
  3. BoTree Technologies
  5. Unified Infotech

Q #3) Why choose custom software development?

Answer: Custom software development has its own benefits like it is a unique solution that belongs to the company only where businesses on their own can operate the software functions, data, developing methodologies, etc. These types of software are more secure, there are fewer chances of any intrusion as they are closed-source projects.

Q #4) What are the ten 10 types of software development?

Answer: There are various types of software development. Some of them are front-end, back-end, full-stack, desktop, web, database, mobile, cloud, DevOps and security, and so on.

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List of the Best Enterprise Software Development Companies

Some impressive Enterprise Software Development Services:

  1. ScienceSoft
  2. Vention
  3. OpenXcell
  4. BoTree Technologies
  6. Unified Infotech
  7. Gorilla Logic
  8. Vasterra
  9. Mutual Mobile
  10. Boldare
  11. Red Foundry
  12. Powercode

Comparison of Top Enterprise Software Companies

SoftwareBest forFounded InNo. of employees HeadquarterRating
ScienceSoftLarge-scale enterprise software solutions that bring sustainable business growth.1989501-1000McKinney, US5/5
VentionOffering scalable enterprise software solutions.20023000+New York, US5/5
OpenXcell Innovative and robust digital solutions.2009201-500Las Vegas, US4.9/5
BoTree Technologies Providing an ecosystem for scalable and impactful IT consulting services.201351-200Gujarat, India4.8/5 Delivering a result-driven and best quality custom outsourced software development experience.2011501-1000Charlotte, US4.7/5
Unified Infotech Innovative and impactful digital solutions.2010101-250New York, Northeastern US4.5/5

Detailed review:

#1) ScienceSoft

Best for large-scale enterprise software solutions that bring sustainable business growth.

sciencesoft-enterprise-software-development (1)

Owing to 33 years of software development and hands-on experience in 30+ industries, ScienceSoft is a team of true professionals in automating complex, multi-step business processes.

Depending on the customer’s specific business needs, the vendor designs and builds highly integrated systems to transform corporate finance and accounting processes, sales and customer service, HR, supply chain management, operations planning and execution, and more.

ScienceSoft has a full-scale PMO able to handle the most complex projects and help achieve a 1.5-2.5x reduction in project costs compared to in-house development.

The company’s shrewd IT consultants and solution architects with 7-20 years of experience know all ins and outs of modern architecture (e.g., SOA, microservices, serverless), making enterprise software secure, resilient, easy to maintain, and integrate with the required systems.

Proficient in big data and advanced analytics, the vendor delivers enterprise software that drives company-wide decision-making. Holding ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 27001 certificates, ScienceSoft ensures top-notch service quality and complete security of its customers’ data.


  • Services: application planning, architecture design, front-end, and back-end development, testing and QA, software and user support, legacy app modernization, and enterprise app integration.
  • Risk-free cooperation starts. The vendor offers an in-depth feasibility study, free project estimates, and a Proof of Concept.
  • Well-established Lean, Agile, and DevOps cultures.
  • Partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and other tech leaders.
  • Focus on security. 19 years in cybersecurity services and partnership with IBM in security product and service delivery.
  • In-house compliance experts to ensure an enterprise solution meets GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other region- and industry-specific regulations.

Suitable for: Large-scale businesses in healthcare, BFSI, retail, telecoms, and 25+ other industries.
Founded in: 1989
Headquarters: McKinney, US
No. of Employees: 501-1000
Clients: Walmart, IBM, Nestle, eBay, NASA JPL, Deloitte, PerkinElmer, and more.

Verdict: By partnering up with ScienceSoft, you can be sure that your enterprise software will bring your company sustainable business growth.

Pricing: Contact for pricing

#2) Vention

Best for Offering scalable enterprise software solutions.


Vention, a leading enterprise software development company, provides a wide array of specialized engineering and consulting services. To help businesses achieve rapid and efficient growth, Vention assembles dedicated teams with expertise in cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain, and AR/VR. Their solutions have successfully served companies across 30+ industries, including fintech, healthtech, and ecommerce.

If you’re an enterprise business looking to scale with innovative products, rest assured that Vention’s web and mobile engineers work hand-in-glove with you to design and develop innovative products that keep your enterprise ahead of the competition. Contact Vention for an estimate and see how they can help your company stay nimble as you scale.


  • Software development
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Startup services
  • Cloud services
  • Blockchain
  • AR/VR
  • Salesforce
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet of things

Suitable for:

  • Enterprises looking for engineers who they can hire quickly
  • Senior-level developers with diverse and specialized skill sets
  • Engineering partnerships that are collaborative, constructive, and capable of rapidly scaling up or down according to your resources and needs

Founded in: 2002
Headquarters: New York, US
Number of employees: 3,000+
Clients: IBM, EY, PWC, Coca Cola, PayPal, Crown Castle, Mount Sinai
Pricing: Contact for details

#3) OpenXcell

Best for innovative and robust digital solutions.


OpenXcell builds cost-effective, functional, user-centric, and innovative technical solutions for companies with its highly qualified and unrivaled experienced team.

It helps in uplifting the presence of its clients in the market with its outsourcing and offshoring technological solutions. It offers a plethora of services, such as custom software, mobile apps, product engineering, UI & UX design, blockchain, and many more.

Custom software solutions include software conceptualization, design, product development, testing, maintenance, and support. The software development process goes with certain steps starting from research and ideation then design, development, testing, deployment, evaluation, and maintenance.


  • Includes more than 500 technical experts and software engineers for service.
  • Begins custom software development through proper research, consultation, and requirements gathering.
  • Offers three models of working: dedicated team, time & material, and fixed cost.
  • Result-driven custom software development services are provided.
  • Designs the software to meet demand cost-effectively.
  • End-to-end customer support is provided along with maintenance services.

Suitable for: Industries like retail & FMCG, healthcare, education, logistics, travel, manufacturing, etc.
Founded in: 2009
Headquarters: Las Vegas
No. of Employees: 201-500
Clients: Ajman Bank, Orderhive, Cin7, Alorica, Reliance, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and more.

Verdict: OpenXcell provides 24/7 technical staff after the deployment of the product. It has served more than 700 happy customers. It is recommended for expanding your digital footprint into custom software development with increased productivity and increased ROI.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: OpenXcell

#4) BoTree Technologies

Best for providing an ecosystem of scalable and impactful IT consulting services.

BoTree Technologies

BoTree Technologies is an enterprise software developer that provides scalable and secure IT solutions and software development solutions for digital transformation to help in achieving profitable results.

It includes customized software solutions, new-age redefined IT strategies, enterprise app development, offshore staff augmentation, and many more. It can be integrated with technologies like Python, Android, JAVA, React Native, and so on.


  • Designs need-specific software with a team of experts.
  • IT consulting services help in building modern technologies.
  • Enterprise app development services are provided to optimize the processes.
  • Offshore staff augmentation reduces costs and makes the business more profitable.
  • A dedicated team of developers will be provided.
  • Provides maintenance and support whenever needed.

Suitable for: Small businesses and enterprises and industries including Logistics, Insurance, Healthcare, and more.

Founded in: 2013
Headquarters: Gujarat, India
No. of Employees: 51-200
Clients: InspectDate, APPRUV, Magnificent, Butlr, Facebook Chatbot, Skype Chatbot, and more.

Verdict: BoTree Technologies is best for providing efficient, competent, reliable, and connected software for companies. Modification of UI/Functionality is needed. It has been awarded a top eCommerce development company by SelectedFirms.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: BoTree Technologies


Best for delivering a result-driven and best-quality custom outsourced software development experience. is a result-driven, quality-obsessed software development company suitable for all skill sets, complexity, and scale. It offers a plethora of services including cloud development, UI/UX design, blockchain development, application security, and so on.

It helps in designing and automating processes and ensures infrastructure security including threat prevention, data security, and compliance supervision. It creates highly competitive and unique differentiating factors in markets that make you stand out.


  • Includes continuous integration and continuous delivery of services.
  • Reporting solutions are provided for every type of industry including role-based access, mobile dashboards, etc.
  • Localizes the processes and reporting of different branches of enterprises located in different countries. Makes them use the same metrics, dashboard, and systems.
  • Eliminates the cost required for training, management, HR, etc, and increases the speed of dealings.
  • Can be integrated with software related to ERP, CRM, email servers, SCM, and HRM.
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies with compliance features.

Suitable for: Startups and enterprises of industries like Real Estate, Aerospace, Hospitality, etc.
Founded in: 2011
Headquarters: Charlotte, US
No. of Employees: 501-1000
Clients: Salessoft, Ria, Ambition, Popmenu, Xenial, Coinsquare, and so on.

Verdict: has been trusted by over 500 start-ups & enterprises from more than 50 countries across the globe. It is ISO/IEC 27001 Certified which ensures the security of your data. It is recommended for its transparent collaboration with the team and enterprise which includes regular code shipments to client repositories and weekly reviews.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.


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#6) Unified Infotech

Best for innovative and impactful digital solutions.

Unified Infotech - Enterprise Software Development Companies

Unified Infotech is a software development agency that provides impactful and innovative digital solutions. It offers services like custom software, web, consulting, UI/UX design, blockchain, eCommerce, and mobile apps.

Custom software includes custom-built, high-impact, secure, scalable, and meaningful products that take the brand to new heights. It ensures data security with ingress traffic filtering, access control, SSL security, and more.

This includes sincere testing of every step that they develop and performing testing like Unit, Manual, Regression to Security, and Google webmaster testing to produce bug-free and approved applications.


  • Creates a multi-platform strategy through proper research, competitive analysis, and feasibility studies.
  • A lightning-fast UI is provided through proper wireframing and prototyping.
  • Uses waterfall software development and Scrum software development approaches.
  • Provides both manual as well as automated testing for each milestone.
  • Provides the right deployment tools and integrations
  • Ensures security with application firewalls, bad bot protection, encrypted URL parameters, and more.

Suitable for: Startups and enterprises of industries like health & fitness, banking & finance, eCommerce, education, AR/VR, media entertainment, AI/ML, and blockchain.

Founded in: 2010
Headquarters: New York, Northeastern US.
No. of Employees: 101-250
Clients: London Rag, Oota, Sofy, OpenReel, and more.

Verdict: Unified Infotech is good at creating customized strategies that produce remarkable results. It includes agile methodology, scrum consulting, maintenance, and secured applications. It is best in producing custom software that is of high impact, secure, scalable, meaningful, and maximizes the ROI.

Pricing: Cost between $2500 to $95000 and more.

Website: Unified Infotech

#7) Gorilla Logic

Best for cost-effective nearshore software development services.

Gorilla Logic

Gorilla Logic is a platform that provides Enterprise Software Development Services with high-skilled developers. There are various types of custom software that it delivers like UX/UX, mobile, web, back end, agile, QA, DevOps & cloud, and so on.

It uses the latest capabilities and technologies like location-aware beaconing, gapless video playback, Swift, Kotlin, Objective-C, and more to develop custom software.


  • Highly skilled agile developers are provided to produce multi-platform solutions.
  • Builds custom mobile apps with the latest capabilities and technologies.
  • Designs software that powers security, data warehousing, and more.
  • Uses an Agile methodology that focuses on each task and integrates changes.
  • Includes quality assurance and testing services like manual testing, API test automation, and more.
  • A robust security plan is provided to prevent hackers and threats and is ISO-27001 certified.

Suitable for: Industries like hardware and networking.
Founded in: 2001
Headquarters: Broomfield, Colombia
No. of Employees: 11-50
Clients: Time Warner Cable, Zola, Weedmaps, Shutterfly, Medtronic, Oracle, Salesforce, and many more.

Verdict: Gorilla Logic is recommended for creating software with transparency, quality, and operational excellence. It does not mention the prices for building enterprise software as it varies based on complexity, integrations, and support. It has been listed under the top 100 companies that have sustained growth in 2021 in Clutch

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Gorilla Logic

#8) Vasterra

Best for a fully transparent process of work.

Vasterra - Enterprise Software Development Companies

Vasterra is a customer-centric enterprise software development company that creates effective software solutions. It produces outstanding custom software with proven processes starting from consultation, proposal, design, development, QA, release, and post-release.

It can be integrated with other systems like CRM, payment services, social media, etc. Vasterra has done 2567 successful projects in around 10 years. It provides full-service and personal guidance from the start to the end of the project or beyond.


  • Design attractive applications that facilitate excellent user experience and accessibility.
  • Customize the software as per the needs and requirements of the business.
  • Custom software development includes web solutions, mobile applications, and CRM/ERP development.
  • Ensures reliability by guaranteeing after-release support.
  • Uses the latest technologies including JavaScript, AWS, TypeScript, Swift, Flutter, and more.
  • Free expert sessions are provided with a free consultation.

Suitable for: Small and medium-sized businesses including industries like fashion, real estate, retail, finance, education, eCommerce, and healthcare.

Founded in: 2010
Headquarters: London, UK
No. of Employees: 51-200
Clients: Colliers, Etam Paris, Bank of Georgia, Graam, Fingo, ToneTune, and more.

Verdict: Vasterra has been awarded the Top eCommerce Developers in London by Clutch and with the Top Web Development Companies in the United Kingdom. It has also been listed among the Best Software Developer Service Providers by G2. It takes projects of a minimum of $1000 or more.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Vasterra

#9) Mutual Mobile

Best for speeding up processes and reducing downtime.

Mutual Mobile - Enterprise Software Development Companies

Mutual Mobile is a platform that helps in creating custom software development by collaborating with the company’s team in real-time. It offers plenty of services, including AR & VR development, artificial intelligence, blockchain, business consulting, digital transformation, loT development, and many more.

The web development services that they provide are cost-effective, increase scalability, and enhance automation.


  • Efficiently collaborates with the business to get ideas and harness user-centered designs.
  • Includes emerging technologies like AR & VR, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • Intuitive interface with a robust backend and exceptional user experience.
  • JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are used for front-end web development.
  • An innovation-centric strategic approach is followed to boost efficiency, improve business value, and generate new revenue streams.
  • Provides support and maintenance in the form of DevOps, test planning, and various types of testing.

Founded in: 2009
Headquarters: Austin, TX
No. of Employees: 50 – 249 employees
Clients: Under Armour, Flexdrive, Clorox, AccuWeather, and more.

Verdict: Mutual Mobile has been in the industry for over 10 years and serves more than 500 clients. It supports more than 20 industries including retail, wholesale, construction, utilities, financial services, and more.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Mutual Mobile

#10) Boldare

Best for lean start-up approach.


Boldare is a digital product design & development company that helps companies in their digital transformation with its vast services related to product design and development, CTO as a service, product strategist, and UI/UX design. It helps the company from its initial stages of development to its scaling.

Full-cycle product development includes services like product prototyping, MVP development, product-market fit, etc.


  • Evaluate business ideas with digital prototypes or minimal viable product applications.
  • Create a product design within 4-6 weeks.
  • Provides maximum business value by following the build, measure, learn, and repeat approach.
  • A free tool is provided for estimating the time and cost required for the project.
  • Includes technologies like Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, .Net, PHP, and more.
  • A dedicated product development team is provided like a prototyping team, MVP team, etc.

Suitable for: Industries like Information Technology and software.
Founded in: 2004
Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany
No. of Employees: 201-500
Clients: TeamAlert, The Elephant’s Trunk, Sonnen, Virgin, Mowaamah, and more.

Verdict: Boldare has been featured in Clutch, Awwwards, Nextgen, and more. It has a team of more than 200 members and is operating its business from 6 different offices across Europe. It is recommended for interdisciplinary experts in the role of distributed CTO.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Boldare

#11) Red Foundry

Best for years of experience, killer technology, and laser focus in developing mobile apps.

Red Foundry - Enterprise Software Development Companies

Red Foundry is a custom software development company that helps in building custom mobile apps suitable for both Android and iOS devices. It uses a mobile-optimized methodology that includes discovery, design, build, test, launch, and lastly maintenance.

It sponsors the i.c.stars which is a technical training program as a commitment to the IT community. It builds beautiful, simple, elegant, and unique user experiences and are the solution accelerators as it has a bundle of reusable software components that are proven and tested.


  • Have deep experience in designing mobile apps.
  • Knowledgeable experts are provided to discover phases to give you an estimated cost and timeline.
  • In the first stage, key deliverables are created including a requirements summary, UI designs, a project plan, etc.
  • Code the app with high-quality programming techniques.
  • A mobile-optimized methodology is used to develop the app.
  • AppCare Maintenance services are provided to upgrade mobile operating systems, APIs, etc.
  • Red FoundryMarkup Language (RFML) enables users to create their own modules.

Suitable for: Industries like travel, publishing, sports, healthcare, education, retail, business, finance, and more.
Founded in: 2010
Headquarters: Chicago, US
No. of Employees: 11-50
Clients: Clark Crown, Cooper’s, Hawk, RacketStats, and many more.

Verdict: It has been awarded the top mobile app developers award by Clutch in 2022 & featured in Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Forbes, and many more. It is best for maintenance services to proactively upgrade APIs, OS, etc to keep the users happy.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Red Foundry

#12) Powercode

Best for creating efficient and profitable MVPs.

Powercode - Enterprise Software Development Companies

Powercode is the ultimate software development company that provides effective mobile solutions for your business. It offers various services including web development, mobile development, design, business analytics, legacy code modernization, and so on.

It helps in making complex business processes smooth and simple with improved staff management, smooth-problem management, and optimize business processes.


  • Sold technologies like Python, PHP, etc are used.
  • Creates eye-pleasing designs with an intuitive interface.
  • Single Page Application or SPA can be created which requires less time and cost.
  • A customized stack of technology, servers, and databases is provided as per the requirements of the business.
  • Front-end development technologies include JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React.js, and more.
  • Has knowledge of essential design basics and trends.

Suitable for: Industries like eCommerce, Fundtech, healthcare, education, entertainment, real estate, hospitality, and enterprise solutions.

Founded in: 2015
Headquarters: Kyiv
No. of Employees: 51-200
Clients: IT nation 2.0, RicePass, Gemini Advisory, L3D,, Electric Miles, and more.

Verdict: Powercode has been recognized among the promising 500 web development companies of 2022 and has been ranked no. 1 as one of the leading hacker noon contributors of the year 2022 by Startech. It is recommended for providing a better customer experience and increase customer retention rates, brand loyalty, and revenue.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Powercode


Through the research, we concluded how essential it is to have good business software and a good software development company that would create custom software based on the needs and requirements of the business.

There are various Enterprise Software Development Companies out in the market that are doing brilliant jobs in creating custom software development. Each company offers its distinct set of features, follows different approaches and methodologies, and comes with different pricing plans.

We researched and reviewed the best and largest enterprise software companies out in the market and we recommend ScienceSoft as the best among them as it provides consulting services, is competent in advanced technologies, delivers end-to-end enterprise software development, and so on.

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Our Review Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: We spent 17 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarised list of Enterprise Software Development Companies with a comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total Enterprise Software Development Companies Researched Online: 15
  • Top Enterprise Software Development Companies Shortlisted for Review: 11
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