12 BEST Software Development Outsourcing Companies in 2023

Are you in search of a good platform to outsource software development for your business? This article explains the Best Software Development Outsourcing Companies in the market:

Whether it is a small business, a large enterprise, a locally operating firm, or a multinational company, its online presence has become quite a need in today’s times. The need of the hour is that the clients should be able to contact or assess the details of a company, at any time, from anywhere.

So businesses look for good platforms that allow them to outsource dedicated software development teams so that they can discuss their visions, features required, etc.

Outsourcing Software Development Companies – Review

BEST Software Development Outsourcing Companies

Why Outsource Software Development?

Software development outsourcing can benefit businesses in many ways, including:

  • It provides you with the industry’s best available talents, without making much effort.
  • You will be paying standard costs for the services (no unnecessary costs).
  • You can scale your development team up or down whenever you want to.

In-house vs Outsource Software Development

We have discussed the benefits of outsourcing software development companies, but it has some disadvantages too, like the risk of information leakage, or having less control over your project, etc.

So there are in-house software development services, in which you can just hire a software developer directly for your business and work with them the way you want. This way, you are not bound to work the way the outsourcing company wants you to.

If we look at all the aspects, we would find that outsourcing software companies are a better idea, as the risks involved with them can be minimized in the following ways:

  • You must look for the security features that the outsourcing company is offering you.
  • You must make a proper plan for your project and your visions, so as to make everything clear to the development team.

software development outsourcing

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In this article, you will find a list of the top best companies for outsourcing software development for your business. We have also provided detailed reviews and comparisons of the top 5 of them.

Market Trends: As per a report by Precedence Research, the global IT services outsourcing market had a net worth of $530.15 billion in the year 2021. The market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 8.06% over the years from 2022 to 2030, and reach a net worth of $1065.10 billion by 2030.

Software outsourcing fact1

Expert Advice: The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing a software outsourcing company is the security features that they offer. Plus, you must look for the company’s reviews beforehand, and check whether it delivers projects on time, returns good value for money, etc.

FAQs About Software Development Outsourcing Services

Q #1) What is developer outsourcing?

Answer: Developer outsourcing refers to allowing an outsourcing company to handle your software development process. This way, the company provides you with developers, as per your needs, and takes control of the project, so that your time and efforts are saved. This method comes out to be more cost-efficient as compared to in-house development.

Q #2) Is it better to outsource software development?

Answer: Yes, definitely. Outsourcing software development is better than in-house development. The outsourcing method allows you to rest for free while they work on your project. You just need to give them a clear idea of the final product that you want.

There should be good communication, assurance of data security and good value for money should be delivered.

Q #3) How much does it cost to outsource software development?

Answer: Outsourcing software development may cost you a minimum of $25 per hour. The total project costs start at a minimum of $10000 for small projects and can go to as high as $1 million.

Q #4) What are the 2 negatives of outsourcing?

Answer: Outsourcing can have the following shortcomings:

  • There can be a lack of proper communication between the parties, thus leading to dissatisfaction.
  • The outsourcing company takes full control of the project, thus, there is a possibility of some security breaches. (Talk about the security of your company’s information beforehand).

Q #5) Which are the best companies for outsourcing software product development?

Answer: ScienceSoft, Arcanys, e-Zest, Saigon Technology, Designveloper, Flatworld Solutions, Glorium Technologies, Tvisha Technologies, Gun.io, Evozon, Gigster, and Aalpha are the best companies for outsourcing software product development.

Q #6) How do you outsource software development effectively?

Answer: If you want to know how to outsource software development effectively, you must keep the following points in mind:

  • First, envision what your software will look like.
  • Then make a proper plan for the final product.
  • Choose a software outsourcing company wisely (keep in mind to look for the security aspects), they must deliver you a product that adheres to industry-specific compliance regulations.
  • Then there must be good communication between you and the company’s team so that they can understand well what you want.
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List of Best Software Development Outsourcing Companies

Some remarkable list of companies for software outsourcing:

  1. ScienceSoft 
  2. Itransition
  3. Innowise
  4. Vention
  5. Arcanys
  6. e-Zest
  7. Saigon Technology
  8. Designveloper
  9. Flatworld Solutions
  10. Glorium Technologies
  11. Tvisha Technologies
  12. Gun.io
  13. Evozon
  14. Gigster
  15. Aalpha
  16. Altoros

Comparing the Best IT Outsourcing Companies

CompanyBest forAverage per hour rateSecurity features
ScienceSoftSecure and high-quality software development with fast releases$50 - $99ISO 9001 certified quality management, ISO 27001 certified information security management
ItransitionPowerful and secure software development that drives business growth and fosters innovation.$50 - $99ISO 9001 certified quality management, ISO 27001 certified information security management
InnowiseDevelopment teams for startups and established companies who need to start and scale their product development.$50 - $99--
VentionDevelopment teams for startups and established companies who need to start and scale their product development.$50 - $99--
ArcanysOffers affordable and flexible software development solutions$25 - $45Automatic data encryption policy
e-ZestProvides innovative software development services for healthcare and other industries. Contact directly to know the fees. ISO 9001:2008 certified platform
Saigon TechnologyStartups and small businesses who want affordable software development outsourcing solutions$20 - $29ISO 27001 certification for Information Security
DesignveloperOffers fast and affordable services. $25 - $49ISO 27001 certification, data encryption

Detailed Reviews:

#1) ScienceSoft

Best for secure and high-quality software development with fast releases.

Software development outsourcing companies

With a track record of over 3,300 success stories across 30+ industries, ScienceSoft develops high-quality software and guarantees a user satisfaction score of at least 87% for enterprise systems and fast time-to-market for software products.

Adherent to mature software development and project management practices, ScienceSoft helps its customers reduce project costs by 30% and boost development speed by up to 40% compared to in-house development.

ScienceSoft’s team includes project managers, business analysts, architects, and developers proficient in all major programming languages (.NET, Java, Python, PHP, C++, Golang, JavaScript, CSS, etc.) and advanced tech (big data, blockchain, IoT, AI/ML, AR/VR).

With seasoned regulatory compliance experts on board, the vendor helps achieve software compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS/SSF, GDPR, and more.

ScienceSoft’s clients appreciate the vendor’s transparency in cooperation. Be it full or partial outsourcing, ScienceSoft covers all the essential aspects of software development (cost, quality, security, user satisfaction, etc.) with tailored KPIs and regular reports on project health and compliance with SLA.

As a holder of ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 27001 certificates, ScienceSoft ensures top-notch service quality and complete security of its customers’ data.

Founded in: 1989
Headquarters: McKinney, TX, USA
Number of Employees: 700+
Office Locations: North America, Europe, the Gulf
Clients of ScienceSoft: Walmart, IBM, Nestle, eBay, NASA JPL, Deloitte, PerkinElmer, and more.
Top Solutions Offered: Web, mobile, desktop, and cloud applications, as well as SaaS products.
Average Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 per hour

Features/Services Offered:

  • Services: software conceptualization and planning, architecture design, UX and UI design, coding, QA, software and user support, software evolution, legacy software modernization, and software integration.
  • A full-scale PMO is able to handle projects of any complexity.
  • Possibility to start cooperation with a feasibility study, proof of concept, or MVP development.
  • Quick project start (1–2 weeks) and frequent releases (every 2–6 weeks).


  • Well-established Agile and DevOps practices, transparent KPIs, and strict adherence to SLAs.
  • Partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, and other tech leaders.

Verdict: As one of the leading outsourcing providers by IAOP, ScienceSoft is a go-to tech partner for businesses that need high-quality, secure, and fast-paying software.

#2) Itransition

Best for powerful and secure software development that drives business growth and fosters innovation.


Itransition is an outsourcing software development company with over 25 years of experience in software engineering. Itransition serves startups, mid-size companies, and large enterprises across various industries (healthcare, fintech, retail, manufacturing, etc.).

Turning to Itransition, companies can be sure to get high-quality, secure, and transparent software development services with SLA-based KPI reporting and strict adherence to industry and government regulations (GDPR, FDA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.). Itransition knows how to
transform business needs and requirements into powerful solutions that help digitalize enterprises, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Founded in: 1998
Headquarters: Lakewood, Colorado
Number of Employees: 3000+
Office Locations: North America, Mexico, Europe, UAE, Asia
Clients: eBay, Toyota, GSM Association, IATA, the Economist, and more
Average Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 per hour

Main services:

  • IT and digital business consulting
  • Platform and custom software development outsourcing
  • Mobile, web, and desktop application development
  • Software testing and QA
  • Dedicated development teams
  • Cybersecurity management


  • 800+ satisfied customers.
  • 10+ development centers across the USA, Europe, and the CIS.
  • Well-versed in modern techs (AI, AR/VR, IoT, big data, blockchain).
  • Partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, Atlassian, Acumantica.
  • Experienced in major programming languages: Java, .Net, Kotlin, C++, Ruby on Rails, Python, Node.js, JavaScript, AngularJS, iOS, Swift, Android, Xamarin, and more.

Verdict: Itransition rightfully holds the position of a leading outsourcing software development company that relies on its qualified talents and utilizes cutting-edge technologies.

#3) Innowise


Innowise Group is a software development outsourcing company with extensive experience in delivering customized software solutions to clients across various industries. With headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, and several offices across different countries, including Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, Italy, Georgia, and the USA, Innowise Group is a global provider of outsourcing services.

The company has a team of over 1500 skilled professionals who have the expertise and knowledge to provide tailored software development solutions to clients.

Innowise Group understands that outsourcing software development can be a complex process, which is why they work closely with clients to ensure that their needs and requirements are met. They provide end-to-end services, from concept and design to development, testing, deployment, and support.

Founded in: 2007
Revenue: $80 million (estimated)
Employee Size: 1500+
Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland
Locations: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA
Pricing Info: $50 – $99 per hour
Min Project Size: $20,000

Innowise Group’s outsourcing services include custom software development, IT consulting, UX/UI design, and staff augmentation. The company has experience in working with various technologies, including Java, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, Angular, React, and more. Their developers follow agile methodologies to ensure that the development process is flexible, efficient, and transparent.

Innowise Group is known for their competence in managing and delivering outsourcing projects on time and on budget. The company’s project managers work closely with clients to ensure that they are kept up to date with project progress and that their feedback is incorporated throughout the development process.

Innowise Group also provides scalability, allowing clients to increase or decrease the size of their outsourcing team as per their needs.

Innowise Group is a reliable and competent software development outsourcing company that offers comprehensive services to clients across various industries. With their experienced team of professionals and proven track record of success, the company is a trusted partner for businesses looking to outsource their software development needs.

#4) Vention

Best for Development teams for startups and established companies who need to start and scale their product development.


Vention, a leading software development outsourcing company, provides a wide array of specialized engineering and consulting services. To help businesses achieve rapid and efficient growth, Vention assembles dedicated teams with expertise in cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain, and AR/VR. Their solutions have successfully served companies within fintech, healthtech, ecommerce, and 30+ industries.

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise business, Vention’s web and mobile engineers work hand-in-glove with you to design and develop innovative products that keep you ahead of the competition. Contact Vention for an estimate and see how they can help your company stay nimble as you scale.

Founded in: 2002
Headquarters: New York, US
Number of employees: 3,000+
Office locations: US, UK, Austria, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan
Clients of Vention: IBM, PayPal, Coca Cola, SeatGeek, Blackboard, Vimeo
Average hourly rate: Contact for details

Outsourcing services offered:

  • Software development
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Startup services
  • Cloud services
  • Blockchain
  • AR/VR
  • Salesforce
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet of Things


  • Access to 3,000+ engineers from the world’s top tech hubs
  • $15B raised in client acquisitions
  • 20+ client IPOs to date
  • 10+ unicorns
  • Can rapidly kick-start a project or partnership (2 weeks and sometimes even less)
  • $600K/year average client savings
  • Partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and Salesforce
  • 30+ industries served

#5) Arcanys

Best for offering affordable and flexible software development solutions.


Arcanys is a leading, award-winning software development outsourcing company from the Philippines, delivering its services to companies from all over the world. They offer their services to different industries, including Fintech, Media, Information Technology, Health, Infrastructure, and Management Consulting.

Built with the aim of providing transparency, adaptability, flexibility, value for money, and competitive advantage to its customers, Arcanys is undoubtedly a reliable outsource software development platform.

Founded in: 2010
Headquarters: Cebu City, Philippines
Number of Employees: 250+
Office Locations: Philippines, Australia
Clients of Arcanys: General Electric, BNP Paribas, Loreal, Novartis and more.
Top solutions Offered: Mobile apps, UI/UX design, Business Analysis, Manual & Automated Testing, and SaaS.
Average Hourly Rate: $25 – $45 per hour

Features/Services Offered:

  • Services include Business Analysis, UX Research, Customer Journey Mapping, Prototyping, and UI Design.
  • Leading software development capabilities include Javascript, PHP, Python, .NET, C++, and more.
  • Delivery and Support services including QA & Testing, SysOps, 24/7 Technical support, and more.
  • You can meet and interview developers, so as to make you meet up to your technical and attitude requirements.


  • A highly skilled, dedicated development team.
  • Comparatively affordable services.
  • 24/7 AWS and customer support.

Verdict: Arcanys is undoubtedly a highly trusted and one of the best outsourcing software companies. It delivers flexibility and cost savings to its clients. The company specializes in JavaScript, Typescript, C#, PHP, Swift, Python, MySql, and Java. We recommend Arcanys for small to medium-sized businesses.

Website: Arcanys

#6) e-Zest

Best for providing innovative software development services for healthcare and other industries.


e-Zest is a global, popular, one of the best software development outsourcing services providers. The platform currently serves 4 countries. Built with the mission of delivering innovative software development solutions to its clients, e-Zest is a trusted and admired platform.

The technology partners of e-Zest are Amazon Web Services, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Microsoft, and Snowflake. This result-oriented outsourcing software development services provider is highly reliable and recommended by its customers.

Founded in: 2000
Headquarters: Pune, India
Number of Employees: 1000+
Office Locations: Dallas, Detroit, Hanover, Vienna, London, Pune
Top Solutions Offered: Digital Engineering, Digital Data Engineering, Digital Commerce, Digital Operations, and Digital Experience Design
Average Hourly Rate: Contact directly to find out the fees.

Features/Solutions Offered:

  • Digital Engineering services include building innovative products, re-engineering evolved products, and more.
  • Business Intelligence tools for predicting, tracking, analyzing, and presenting information can help in business decision-making.
  • Digital Commerce development services including implementation, upgrade, and maintenance of e-commerce solutions
  • Digital Transformation Consulting services


  • Scalable, robust, and efficient services.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified platform.

Verdict: e-Zest is a complete software outsourcing services provider. Their services are scalable and affordable. Plus, they make sure that you stay compliant with standard industry-specific regulations.

They specialize in providing healthcare technology services and have delivered these services to healthcare institutions around the world.

Website: e-Zest

#7) Saigon Technology

Best for startups and small businesses who want affordable software development outsourcing solutions.


Saigon Technology is a leading and one of the best software outsourcing companies. It is a team of experienced personnel with expertise in ASP.NET application development, .Net core, PHP Web development, iOS, and Android app development, UX/UI design, REACT JS, Angular, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and JavaScript/ Node.JS.

The company works with the aim of delivering cost-effective and agile software development solutions to its customers coming from different countries including Europe, Australia, Singapore, and North America.

Founded in: 2012
Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Number of Employees: 400+
Office Locations: Vietnam, Singapore, USA
Clients of Saigan Technology: Abbott, Panasonic, Standard Chartered, USDA, Stone Forest, Surbana Jurong, and more.
Top Services Offered: Offshore Software development, Custom Software development, Web and Mobile application development, and Software QA Testing.
Average Hourly Rate: $20 – $29 per hour

Features/Services Offered:

  • Custom web application development.
  • Custom mobile application development for Android, iOS, and hybrid and cross-platform apps.
  • UX/UI designing.
  • Cloud migration services including data storage solutions and more.


  • Better security increased scalability.
  • Excellent communication capabilities.
  • ISO 27001 certification for Information Security.

Verdict: Saigon Technology is a Gold Microsoft partner and an award-winning platform. They have delivered over 180 successful, custom software development projects to date. We highly recommend Saigon Technology for the finance, banking, logistics, healthcare, marketing, and advertising industries.

Website: Saigon Technology

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#8) Designveloper

Best for offering fast and cheap services.


Designveloper is a renowned platform that allows you to outsource dedicated software development teams that are expert coders in Java, Python, GoLang, C++, PHP, Angular, NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native, and iOS as well as Android mobile app development.

The React Native development services offered by them are very popular among global businesses. LuminPDF, Swell & Switchboard, Walrus Education, Joyn’it, and Bonux are some of their successful projects.

Founded in: 2013
Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Number of Employees: 100+
Clients of Designveloper: Bliss, TalentWasabi, Gentley, Lumin, Bonux, and more.
Top Services Offered: Mobile and web app development, QA testing, UI/UX design
Average Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 per hour

Features/Services Offered:

  • Web application development services.
  • Delivers practical, feature-rich mobile apps.
  • UI/UX designing services.
  • Business management solutions include CRM, tasks, documents, project and time management, and much more.


  • Fast and cheap software development services.
  • Good quality customer support.

Verdict: Designveloper is a reliable and one of the best outsourcing software companies. It has delivered more than 200 projects to date, and the services are suitable for industries including manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, artificial intelligence, retail & e-commerce, and logistics. We recommend Designveloper for small businesses.

Website: Designveloper

#9) Flatworld Solutions

Best for offering a wide range of business solutions at cheap prices.

Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a 20-year-old software outsourcing platform, built with the aim of delivering high-quality, cost-efficient IT solutions to global customers.

The range of features offered by Flatworld Solutions is highly appreciable. Their services render different benefits to their customers, including margin uplift, flexibility, and seamless business continuity.

Founded in: 2002
Headquarters: Bengaluru, India
Number of Employees: 3500+
Office Locations: India, Philippines, US, and UK.
Clients of Flatworld Solutions: Fujitsu, MSN, Redwood e-learning systems, Korchina, The Loomis Company, International Career Institute, and more.
Top Services Offered: Software Development, Photo Editing Services, Research & Analysis Services, Healthcare BPO, and more.
Average Hourly Rate: $25 per hour


  • Innovative and custom software and mobile app development solutions.
  • Cloud Consulting Services.
  • Software testing services to ensure any bugs are removed from the software before its launch.
  • Research and analysis services for different sectors including finance, pharmaceutics, business research, market research, and more.


  • ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 certified platform, NASSCOM member.
  • Deliver cost-efficient solutions.
  • 10+ global delivery centers.

Verdict: Flatworld solutions has more than 18,000 customers from all over the world, which says much about its popularity among businesses. It is an award-winning and highly reliable platform. The customer reviews of the platform are highly appealing. The platform is suitable for all business sizes.

Website: Flatworld Solutions

#10) Glorium Technologies

Best for a wide range of services offered for the Healthcare and Real estate industries.

Glorium Technologies

Glorium Technologies is a 12-year-old, award-winning, one of the best outsourcing software development companies. They offer healthcare as well as real estate industries.

Their tech stack includes MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, MS SQL, MongoDB, Kotlin, Java, Swift, Xamarin, React Native, .Net, NodeJS, Python, PHP, and more.

Founded in: 2010
Headquarters: New Jersey, USA
Number of Employees: 200+
Office Locations: USA, Poland, Cyprus, Ukraine
Clients of Glorium Technologies: RealPage, FUEL, Doxy.me, BIOMODEX, Medlab, and more.
Top Services Offered: Software Engineering, Product Design, Quality Assurance, Software Compliance, and Certification.
Average Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 per hour

Features/Solutions Offered:

  • Mobile, desktop, and web app development solutions.
  • Quality assurance services include Beta testing, Functional testing, Regression testing, Security testing, Automation QA, Manual QA, and Sanity and smoke testing.
  • DevOps services include Infrastructure Management, CI/CD Automation, Performance Optimization, and more.
  • Big Data and Analytics features are offered through Data Modernization, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.


  • ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 27001 certified platforms.
  • A very helpful and dedicated team.

Verdict: The platform claims to reduce your costs as compared to in-house development, by up to 40%. It has delivered more than 100 successful projects to date and claims to have a 99% customer satisfaction rate. The platform is suitable for startups as well as enterprises.

Website: Glorium Technologies

#11) Tvisha Technologies

Best for delivering high-quality, cost-effective offshore software development services.


Tvisha Technologies is a leading software outsourcing services provider that offers solutions for different industries including Information Technology, Hospitality, Banking, Transport, manufacturing, Infrastructure, Education, Energy, and Financial Services.

They have expertise in many technologies including Natural Language Processing, Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchain Architecture, Image Processing, Image Depth Detection, and the Internet of Things.

Founded in: 2003
Headquarters: New Jersey, USA
Number of Employees: 50 – 249
Office Locations: USA, India
Clients of Tvisha Technologies: Cyient, Centro, Uchvaas, Blue Cross, Apolo, and more.
Top Services Offered: Mobile and Web app development, Website design, Hybrid app development, UI/UX designing, DevOps services, Digital Marketing
Average Hourly Rate: $25 – $49

Features/Solutions Offered:

  • Mobile app development and maintenance solutions.
  • Custom Software development, DevOps software development, MongoDB Mysql DB Management, CRM services, and more.
  • Strategic designing and consulting services.
  • Cloud Computing services.


  • ISO 9001:2015 certified platform.
  • A secure, economical platform that gives timely deliveries.

Verdict: Tvisha Technologies is a reliable web development outsourcing company. The customer reviews of the platform are quite appealing. They deliver value for money to their customers. The support team is highly professional and helpful.

Website: Tvisha Technologies

#12) Gun.io

Best for companies of all sizes, as well as the developers to find suitable work for themselves.


Gun.io is a 10-year-old platform that allows you to outsource dedicated software development teams. It is a team of more than 10,000 fully-vetted engineers.

They allow you to meet, choose and hire a developer on a flexible monthly basis or as a salaried employee. The rates start at $5,000 per month. Developers have earned more than $10 million to date, with the help of Gun.io.

Monthly Rate: Starts at $5000

Features/Services Offered:

  • Find talent as per your requirements.
  • Allows you to meet and choose the desired professionals.
  • Acts as a mediator between the developers as well as the businesses.
  • Developers can find work through the platform.

Verdict: Gun.io is a trusted platform for software development. Amazon, Cisco, Tesla, and The Motley Fool are some of its clients. The platform helps businesses as well as developers by handling the processes of billing, payments, contracts, and more.

Website: Gun.io

#13) Evozon

Best for delivering high-quality, feature-rich, custom software products.


Evozon is 17 years old, trusted, and one of the best platforms to outsource software development services. IBM, Auchan, Delticom, Adobe, and Valantic are some of its clients.

The platform delivers its services to businesses of all types. Their tech stack includes C#, Django, Python, PHP, JSP, Java, MySQL, .Net Core, Ruby, React Native, and more.

Average Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 per hour

Features/Services Offered:

  • Strategic consulting services, for understanding your goals and vision for the product.
  • Product prototyping and designing.
  • Quality assurance testing.
  • Infrastructure and application maintenance services.

Verdict: The platform is known for delivering quality services to its clients. The prices are a bit high, but you get value for your money. The customer reviews of the platform are outstanding. They offer good communication and fast results. The platform is recommended for startups as well as large enterprises.

Website: Evozon

#14) Gigster

Best for delivering quality products for complex project requirements.

Gigster is a popular software outsourcing platform that has delivered more than 5000 successful projects to date. It is a team of more than 1100 skilled developers, project managers, and designers. They have expertise in Blockchain & NFTs, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Custom Enterprise software development.

Average Hourly Rate: Contact directly to know the prices.

Website: Gigster

#15) Aalpha

Best for offering quality services at low prices.

Aalpha is a global IT consulting and custom software development outsourcing services provider. It’s an ISO 9001-certified platform. They have expertise in delivering quality solutions to different industries including Agri Tech, Education, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality & Travel, Retail, and more.

The platform has more than 900 clients coming from all business sizes and has delivered 5000+ successful projects to date.

Average Hourly Rate: $25 per hour

Website: Aalpha

#16) Altoros

Best for providing result-focused software engineering teams.


Altoros stands as a leading software outsourcing company with a global footprint, boasting headquarters in the United States and major development centers in Argentina and Poland. With over 400+ experts, they specialize in propelling businesses towards digital transformation, focusing on cloud-native applications, customer analytics, and blockchain.

Founded in: 2001
Revenue: $15-30M
Employee Size: 350+
Headquarters: Pleasanton, CA, USA
Locations: USA, Canada, Argentina, Poland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Turkey
Pricing Info: $40 – $65 per hour
Min Project Size: $20,000

Features Offered:

  • Result-driven teams: Able to deliver projects independently
  • Quick start: Get connected to a cohesive team ready to kick-off
  • Agile workforce: Scale up and down based on your immediate needs
  • Tangible results every two weeks: Sprint-based demos
  • Zero code waste: We use production metrics to ensure the highest code applicability
  • Success-based payment: Compensation aligned with the results achieved or exceeded


  • Quick project initiation within 72 hours of contract signing.
  • Expert engineers with over 8 years of industry experience on average.
  • High client satisfaction reflected in 95% trial-to-hire rate.
  • Risk-free trial period for service evaluation.
  • Proven track record with two decades in the IT industry.
  • Global presence for better time zone alignment.
  • Customer KPI-focused delivery to ensure quality results

Verdict: Altoros stands as a reliable choice for businesses seeking a mix of technical expertise, customer-centric approach, and proven experience in software outsourcing. With their flexible pricing and commitment to delivering value, they offer a tailored solution to meet diverse software needs.


The number of Software Development Outsourcing Services providers has increased tremendously in recent years, due to the digitalization of businesses and the necessity to keep the doors of your business open for your clients, 24/7.

The best software outsourcing companies, based on our research are ScienceSoft, Arcanys, e-Zest, Saigon Technology, Designveloper, Flatworld Solutions, Glorium Technologies, Tvisha Technologies, Gun.io, Evozon, Gigster, and Aalpha.

With the help of a software outsourcing service, a business can rest assured of the development and maintenance of its online presence. Most of the service providers allow you to have a direct talk with the developers and choose one for themselves on their own.

You must always choose the one that is reputed, delivers its projects on time, and gives value for the money they charge.

Research Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: We spent 16 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarised list of companies with a comparison of the top 5, for your quick review.
  • Total Companies Researched Online: 18
  • Top Companies Shortlisted for Review: 12
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