10 BEST Help Desk Software of 2021 (Top List with Comparison)

List of the Best Open Source Free Help Desk Software Solutions with Features and Comparison:

Help Desk software is a software application developed to capture, track and maintain customer queries online. It is a one-point contact for customer issues and their fixes.

It’s a software application which is developed for the service persons for keeping a track of their customer’s request, and as a result of which they can deal with the customer issues very easily.

This facility provided by companies to the customers, in turn, increases the customer’s interest in the business deals as a lot of work for the customer is being handled by this software application.

Back were those days when businesses were mostly done face to face and the client’s service persons had to visit each customer individually to resolve their issues and which indeed wasted a lot of time, money and effort.

However, the introduction of Help Desk Software has changed the way of doing business deals as it manages the issue tickets online, automates most of the suites and gains accuracy in reporting and optimization.

Help Desk software has become a single-stop point for the customers and employees for reaching out to any issues. It is designed with many good features to resolve the customer’s issues and nowadays it is becoming a necessity for every client.

Top Help Desk ticketing Software

There are many types of help desk ticketing software like basic help desk, enterprise help desk, open-source help desk, etc.

Features of Help Desk Solutions

Some of the important features are mentioned below for your reference:

  • It has a point of contact feature which basically tells how the customer can contact your support like community, social media, phone, message, emails, etc.
  • It has a ticket management system which is responsible for saving and maintaining the customer queries into tickets and follow up with them.
  • It also has an inbuilt knowledge base or self-service feature which will be consisting of many FAQs for customer queries.
  • It supports intelligent automation mechanism which automates the repetitive, and predictable tasks inclusive of some FAQ’s which the customers’ keeps on asking to save time.
  • It supports good integration process, hence companies can integrate with the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to know the feedback on their products.

Benefits Of Help Desk Ticketing Software

The Major benefits are:

  • Using the Help Desk System, the work progress can be more efficient as customers can submit their issues quickly and get their problems resolved much quickly thereby increasing productivity.
  • It is a multi-tasking software as it allows the staff to categorize and organize issues based on the priority.
  • It is highly customizable, hence the clients can make modifications as per their business requirements for improved business access.
  • It comes with an auto-assign feature, because of which the tickets get prioritized and automatically get assigned to the concerned team for resolution.


As we know, with every good thing there are certain limitations and weak points.

Help Desk applications also have certain demerits as explained below:

  • Sometimes the quality of the knowledge database has become a big question on the reliability of this software. Will it easily integrate with the existing knowledge database?
  • It may be difficult at times to use this software and their learning curves.
  • If the client is adding a new ticketing system then it might take the customer as well as the staff to get acquainted with the application flow to have a seamless process.
  • A large investment has to be made on this software and later, upgrading those will cost a lot of money.
  • Some software lags some essential features even after paying good money for it.

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Graphs of Help Desk Software

As we can see the increase in demand and efficiency of help desk software has drastically increased in recent years.

Increase in demand of help desk software in recent years.

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Top Help Desk Software in 2021

Get ready to explore the list of the best open-source free Help Desk Ticketing Software that is available in the market.

Comparison Table for Top 5 Help Desk Tools

Software NameUser RatingNo. of UsersFree VersionDeployment Type
monday.com4.9/5500000+YesCloud Hosted
Freshdesk4.9/540000+ CustomersYesCloud-based
ProProfs Help Desk4.9/5--YesCloud Hosted
ServiceDesk Plus4.8/5100,000+YesCloud and On-premises.
Hiver4.8/595,000 YesCloud Hosted
Zoho Desk4.6/5More than 50,000 companies.YesCloud Hosted
RemotePC4.7/5--NoCloud & Web
SolarWinds Web Help Desk Software4.7/5--NoOn-premise
HubSpot4.5/5More than 78,700 companies. YesCloud Hosted
FreshService4.9/5--YesCloud Hosted
Jitbit4.8/5--NoCloud-hosted & On-premise.
Zendesk4.7/5535000NoCloud Hosted
Happyfox4.2/544000YesCloud Hosted

Let’s Start!!

#1) monday.com

Best for helping teams to manage their tasks and workflows.

Price: monday.com offers four pricing plans i.e. Basic ($39 per month), Standard ($49 per month), Pro ($79 per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). All the mentioned prices are for annual billing and for 5 users. A free trial is available for the product.


monday.com provides the platform for IT professionals to manage their IT operations. This collaborative software will be a work operating system.

It provides the helpdesk functionalities that will let you streamline and execute requests. You will be able to automate your support processes. This application will help you to close more tickets with less redundant distractions.


  • monday.com provides a highly secure and reliable platform.
  • It provides various types of view like calendar view and map view.
  • It provides the features of advanced search, forms customization, and time tracking.
  • It has features of custom tags, private boards, automation, and dashboards.
  • It provides collaboration features for multiple employees.

#2) Freshdesk

Best For: It is mainly known for its intelligent automation features which automate repetitive help desk tasks and thereby increase productivity.

Price: US $19 – US $99 per agent per month. It offers a 21-day free trial version for its customers.

Freshdesk price

Freshdesk is a reliable help desk software. It is developed in such a way to meet the requirements for both small and large scale companies. It offers a wide range of capabilities like automation tools, multi-channel support, self-service portals, etc.


It keeps track of the tickets created by the customers. It is robust and comes with an all-in-one package for an improved customer experience.


  • Freshdesk is capable of converting emails to tickets and responds quickly to them. It also never misses any emails in the clutter.
  • It comes with an intuitive reporting system which is inbuilt to track the team’s performance, customer satisfaction and identify the pain areas.
  • It has an intelligent automation feature that automates the ticket assignment process and says goodbye to all repetitive chores.
  • It has an inbuilt knowledge base so the customer does not need to wait for a long time when they need an issue answered.

#3) ProProfs Help Desk

Best for easily managing all incoming customer communications with a user-friendly and intuitive ticketing system.

Price: ProProfs Help Desk comes with a forever free plan with limited features. To enjoy more features, you can go for the paid plans that start at $10/user/month. It also offers a 15-day free trial for its customers.

ProProfs Help Desk Software

ProProfs Help Desk makes it easier for support teams to organize, assign, and resolve all support-related conversations from a single dashboard. You can easily merge all your customer-facing email accounts (such as info@, sales@, contact@, etc.) into a shared inbox.

Agents can use collaboration features such as internal notes, parent-child ticketing, canned responses, etc. to quickly respond to customer requests or issues. Moreover, you can reduce your support ticket volume by creating a dedicated knowledge base full of self-help articles, FAQs, and more.


  • Discuss complex tickets internally using internal notes and share the most relevant response.
  • Avoid sharing duplicate replies with agent collision detection.
  • Use custom signatures to give your emails a professional look.
  • Track key metrics such as the average response time, number of open tickets, and more.
  • Share CSAT & NPS surveys with customers to capture valuable feedback.

#4) ServiceDesk Plus

Best For: It is best known for its asset management feature which includes asset discovery, agent scanning, system tools, contract management, etc.

Price: US $12 – US $598 per tech per month. It also offers a one-month free trial version for its customers.


ServiceDesk Plus is a complete ITSM suite with built-in ITAM and CMBD capabilities. With advanced ITSM functions, powerful automation, smart customizations, and easy-to-use capabilities, ServiceDesk Plus helps IT support teams easily deliver world-class service to end-users at lower costs.

It comes in three editions and is available in 37 different languages. More than 100,000 organizations across 185 countries trust ServiceDesk Plus to optimize IT service desk performance and achieve high end-user satisfaction. It offers various integration options for its customers and gives increased performance.


  • Strong incident management processes that help resolve incidents swiftly and improve agent productivity to effectively manage the full life cycle of IT tickets.
  • Comprehensive problem management features that can enable IT teams to classify, analyze, and close issues. It reduces repetitive incidents in order to boost productivity.
  • A change management system that allows IT teams to implement IT changes with minimal risk through streamlined planning, approval, and implementation.
  • IT project management features that help with creating projects, managing resources, and tracking progress.
  • An integrated knowledge management, a virtual assistant, and AI capabilities.
  • Effective SLA management with proactive and reactive escalations and escalation actions.

#5) Hiver

 Best For: Teams that use Google Workspace and are looking for an intuitive solution to manage customer queries right from Gmail.

Pricing: Hiver comes with a 14-day free trial, following which you can choose between 3 pricing plans. Growth ($22 per user/month), Pro ($37 per user/month), and Elite ($57 per user/month).


Hiver – Built for Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), helps teams deliver fast and empathetic customer service right from Gmail. Support teams can use Hiver to assign customer emails, track everyday workload, and collaborate smoothly on queries in real-time.

Hiver also offers advanced analytics and automations — to help further improve the efficiency of customer support teams. And because Hiver intuitively fits inside Gmail’s interface, teams can onboard themselves quickly and don’t have to spend a lot of time learning new software.


  • Use Hiver’s auto-assignment feature to automatically assign queries to team members in a round-robin format.
  • Leverage the workload distribution functionality to get a 360-degree view of what everyone in your team is working on and the status of all tasks, in real-time.
  • Agents get to collaborate with one another on customer queries by sending internal notes, instead of using forwards or Ccs that only add to clutter.
  • Setup highly customizable automations to save time on repetitive tasks and create efficient workflows. Automations can be used to assign customer queries to colleagues, categorize queries based on their nature, change the status of queries, and more — with zero manual intervention.
  • Leverage Hiver’s advanced analytics dashboard to track key metrics (average resolution time and first response time for instance) and view various types of reports for deeper insights into team performance.

#6) Zoho Desk

Best for: Zoho Desk is best known for robust ticket management across channels like phone, live chat, social media, email, web forms, etc., and it offers intelligent automation and productivity tools.

Price: Zoho Desk offers a 15-day free trial after which teams can continue with the free plan for 3 agents or choose from the paid editions ranging from US $14 – US $40 per agent per month.

Zoho Desk is the industry’s first context-aware software built to resolve everyday customer service challenges. It is easy to set up and broadly customizable. It has an intuitive ticketing view and makes team collaboration easier.

It packs all the automation and analytics necessary to scale to any volume of customers. It is widely extensible and offers integration options to connect with other business tools used by the team for context and continuity.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is an award-winning help desk built to help companies across sizes and industries. Teams can start small and scale as they grow.


  • It converts customer questions across multiple channels into tickets and puts them together in a single interface.
  • It comes with simple and advanced automation features to accomplish several tasks as configured.
  • It has a multi-brand and multilingual help center that promotes customer self-service through knowledge base portals and community forums.
  • It comes with Android and iOs mobile apps for agents and managers to keep on top of things.

#7) RemotePC

Best for security and ease-of-use.

RemotePC Pricing: There are four pricing plans with RemotePC, Consumer ($22.12 -first year), SOHO ($52.12 – first year), Team ($187.12 -first year), and Enterprise ($374.62 -first year). A 30-day free trial is available for Team and Enterprise plans.

RemotePC HelpDesk

RemotePC is a tool to remotely access computers. It will let you access the customer’s PC/Mac remotely through the web and provide the support. It has functionalities for managing files, transferring data, and printing documents remotely and effortlessly. It will help you to collaborate.


  • RemotePC provides the features of Video/Text chat.
  • It provides powerful integration and compatibility.
  • You will be able to provide a secure remote session as RemotePC provides Industry-standard TLS v1. And AES 256 bit encryption.
  • You can view multiple monitors of the customer’s computers on your screen.
  • It will let you record a remote session.

#8) SolarWinds Web Help Desk Software

SolarWinds HelpDesk

SolarWinds Web Help Desk Software comes with the features of automated ticketing management, incident tracking, SLA reporting, asset management, and remote support integration.

Its automated ticketing management system will allow you to automate tasks like ticket assignment, routing, and escalation. The system will alert you for the unattended or unassigned tickets. It provides a simplified project and task management with relational ticketing.

SolarWinds provides the features of incident tracking and asset management. By integrating the Web Help Desk software with Dameware Remote Support software, you will be able to support end-users. It will provide the reports to help you measure SLAs. It can be integrated with Active Directory and LDAP.

SolarWinds Web Help Desk is an affordable Help Desk Ticketing and asset management software. The price starts at $700 per tech. There will not be any monthly fees.

#9) HubSpot

Best for ticketing features of the service hub. It is best for CRM features.

HubSpot Pricing: For Service Hub, HubSpot offers three pricing plans, Starter (Starts at $50 per month), Professional (Starts at $400 per month), and Enterprise ($1200 per month). It also offers free service tools that have all features of HubSpot CRM plus Ticketing, Live Chat, Calling, etc.

HubSpot Dashboard

HubSpot offers a Help Desk and Ticketing Software that will help you to keep track of customer requests. You will get one platform to log, organize, and keep track of customer issues.

Based on the forms or emails by customers or through a live chat, HubSpot can automatically create a ticket. It will also automatically send the ticket to the right person.


  • You can create a helpdesk by adding routing and automation to tickets.
  • HubSpot helps you with resolving the critical issues faster by letting you prioritize the issues.
  • It provides the functionality to gather feedback so that you will be able to build better customer experience.
  • It provides many more features like Team Email, Conversations, Knowledge Base, etc.

#10) FreshService


FreshService is a part of Freshworks and it’s a service desk application that is actually simple. It is capable of Modifying IT to another level and various business methods with surprisingly simple usage, easy configuration, and service desk resolution in the cloud.

It is being preferred a lot by the customers due to the automated internal process, get most out of CMDB, and thereby make you on the top of KPI’s and also improve the employee experience. It supports a good integration mechanism.

#11) Jitbit


Jitbit is the only helpdesk ticketing system that is available both as a cloud-hosted SaaS and an on-premise solution.

It features a powerful automation engine that handles routing tasks, powerful SLA-rules, Live Chat, asset management, knowledge base, file management, and even live screen recording. But its primary feature is handing support email, and this is where it shines best.

Jitbit is also priced much less than the competition once you include all the features mentioned.

#12) LiveAgent

Best For: LiveAgent is best known for its lean live chat widget, which is the fastest on the market, as well as it’s an incredible support team that supports its users 24/7 through multiple communication channels.

LiveAgent Pricing: It is offered at a freemium pricing model. The paid plans range between $15 – $39 USD per agent per month. The software also comes with a free 14-day trial.


LiveAgent is a powerful help desk software that is capable of streamlining multiple communication channels into a single universal inbox. The software is easy to implement and utilize and offers more than 180 advanced help desk features and over 40 third party integrations.


  • A great ticketing system that transforms all incoming queries into tickets.
  • A native live chat solution packed with advanced features such as the real-time typing view or proactive chat invitations:
    • A built-in call center with IVR and unlimited call recording storage.
    • Social media integrations with Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and Viber.
    • Offers a vast knowledge base and customer portal complete with FAQs, how-to articles, forums, and feedback & suggestion boxes.

#13) Zendesk Help Desk

Best For: All customer interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel you can imagine, come together in one place.

Price: US $5 – US $199 per agent per month. It also comes with a one-month trial version for the users to experience its features.

Zendesk prices

Zendesk is more than a help desk software, it is customer service and engagement platform that provides support for Omnichannel. This means that all the customer interactions across emails, chats, social media, mobile, etc come all together in one place. It has everything which a customer needs to build good customer experience.



  • It provides highly flexible ticket management with automated workflows along with multi-channel support.
  • It has a strong knowledge base portal and community forum with a customer-facing web interface.
  • It provides robust reporting and advanced analytics with open API, thereby enabling seamless integration into your business.
  • It has both public and private forums with good mobile support for iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

Official URL: Zendesk

#14) HappyFox Cloud-based Help Desk Software

Best For: It is mainly known for its strong ticket management system service to its customers.
Price: US $39 – US $99 per agent per month. It does not come with a free trial version for its users.


HappyFox is a good cloud-based help desk system that is famous for providing services to its customers in an efficient manner. It is easy and simple to set up. It mainly focuses on small scale industries for its business. It has good automated features which in turn makes work a lot easier for the customers.

It is an all in one package for companies looking to implement the functionalities of large companies.


  • It can convert an email into tickets and comes with strong ticket merging as an escalation feature.
  • It has a powerful integration mechanism with social media accounts like Facebook, etc.
  • It has good support for emails, voice, chat, mobile channels and any social media accounts along with the support for mobile devices like IOS, Android, etc.
  • It has smart automation rules and support for more than 35 languages.

Official URL: HappyFox

#15) LiveChat

Best For: It is mainly known for its seamless integration mechanism with more than 130 tools.
Price: US $16 – US $149 per month when billed annually. It also provides a 30-day trial version for its customers.

LiveChat price

LiveChat is mainly a chat and desktop help application that is developed for the service teams. It comes with various features and tools that are essential for its customers.

Live chat

It is efficient in connecting clients and the users directly in real-time which thereby improves customer satisfaction. It is capable of integrating with other cross applications and platforms efficiently.


  • It has a powerful integration mechanism and is capable of seamless integration with more than 130 tools.
  • It is simple and easy to learn. It is very clean and clutter-free, hence it is preferred a lot.
  • It has an agent application that can request and manage a client’s desktop by simply using its remote desktop functionality.
  • It has a good statistic and analytics feature which gives information about pre-chat surveys, agents availability, etc.

Official URL: LiveChat

#16) Kayako

Best For: Kayako is best known for its customization feature. It has indeed made customization as never before.
Price: US $15 – US $100 per agent per month. It also offers a free trial version for its customers.

Kayako price

Kayako is a strong help desk ticketing software that is basically hosted in the cloud. It ensures that all the user service channels are put in one place for an efficient customer satisfaction process.


It is designed to satisfy the needs of small as well as big companies. As it supports live chat and help desk, it is able to manage the client requests or communication across multiple channels. It is an overall full suite of tools.


  • It has a good integration process and supports ticketing with email integration, slack integration, simple webhook integration, etc.
  • It is capable of setting SLA’s to keep on top of customer conversations, phone call tracking and recording.
  • It has rich customer and organization profiles with strong support for e-commerce to increase sales and loyalty.
  • It can offer customizable tickets, chats, customers and custom fields to collect all the required information.

Official URL: Kayako

#17) Jira Service Desk

Best For: Jira Service Desk is best known for its issue tracking features. It helps the customers to get to the root cause of each problem with the essential details.

Price: US $10 – US $20 per month. It offers a free trial version of 7 days to its customers.

Jira Service Desk price

Jira Service Desk is a famous help desk software which comes with tons of features to provide solutions to service management and customer service. It offers a complete end to end service to its customers. It has a good user interface and helps to resolve issues quickly.

Jira Service Desk

It comes with a good support team. It is one of the most used help desk systems in the world.


  • Jira has self-service features that allow customers to help themselves with any information. In addition to it, the user can add confluence to Jira for more information.
  • Jira helps to achieve complete control over assets as it allows us to reference, track and tie requests with assets directly from Jira.
  • Integrate with Jira software to get to the root cause of the problem before they get escalated.
  • Deliver on SLA’s and automates those repetitive tasks for faster execution of the process.

Official URL: Jira Service Desk

#18) Salesforce Essential

Best For: Salesforce Essential is best known for its 360-degree customer view. It has become very useful for tracking purpose on a small scale.

Price: US $25 per month. It also has a free trial version for one month for its customers.

Salesforce Essential price

Salesforce Essential is a popular help desk software that provides its service and support for small business plans. It is easy and simple to maintain.

Salesforce Essential

It comes with all the essential features that are required for customer’s needs. It provides an end to end implementation for the support process to the customers. It offers you a single view of important links. It is reliable and trusted by many organizations.


  • Salesforce Essential offers you a 360-degree customer view with lead contact account management and task management process.
  • It has a good hold on the activity feed, activity tracking with powerful collaboration tools that make the work easier for the customer.
  • It has a highly flexible customization process so that the customer can create their own custom profile as per their needs.
  • It has a good user interface with good features like case auto-assignment, trailhead, lightning app builder, etc.

Official URL: Salesforce Essential

Other Popular Help Desk Tools

#19) Vivantio Pro

Vivantio Pro is a powerful service management software that grows with the customers. Due to its enterprise-class, it is being preferred among many retail, healthcare, and government industries. It has good automation features which indeed save a lot of time and thereby allows the team to focus more on important and critical functions.

The best thing is that it is developed for both cloud-based and on-premise deployment.

Official URL: Vivantio Pro

#20) SherpaDesk

SherpaDesk is a package help desk tool. It is an all in one application for professional services automation that gives you more time for relationships. It is a powerful customer management tool that is developed for IT services or any software development for taking care of their issues.

It has strong automation support that can generate invoices automatically, and take decisions more accurately.

Official URL: SherpaDesk

#21) Wix Answers

Wix Answers is an all in one package for help desk software as it comes with a lot of inbuilt features. It comes with a complete knowledge base, built-in call center and multi-channel ticketing system for your business.

It has good customization options and a streamlined interface thereby making it more reliable, and effective for any business opportunity. It is a part of Wix, hence it is very robust and has a simple learning curve that makes it the choice of many users.

Official URL: Wix Answers

#22) Vision Help Desk

Vision Help Desk is mainly a user service application that is built out of extremely neat and effective functions. It simplifies customer support with its top-notch customer service software tools.

It is a help desk application that collects every incoming request from various channels like detail form, user email id, mobile phone, Chatting, social media like Facebook and organizes them at one location. This help desk application has branches like help desk software and service desk application software.

Official URL: Vision Help Desk

#23) ClickDesk

ClickDesk is known to make its customers happy on a click. It brings the conversations with customers to life by voice and video chats.

It supports most of the cross-platform, hence it gets easy for the team to support any issues instantly to improve customer satisfaction. It also has a powerful integration system as it integrates with a lot of different software. It can be said as a tool with rich features for improving customer relationships.

Official URL: ClickDesk

#24) TOPdesk

TOPdesk is a famous service management software. It comes with both on-premise and SaaS deployment process.

It is being preferred by many organizations as it is easy to use and quick to set up, suitable for any department like IT, FM or HR, comes with seamless integration with multiple other packages and has a lot of implementation experience.

It has a clean user interface and a simple learning curve. It provides 24*7 support for its customers.

Official URL: TOPdesk

Frequently Asked Questions

Given below are the answers to some of the popular FAQs on Help Desk Solutions.

Q #1) What is a Help Desk Software?

Answer: Help Desk software is a software application developed to capture, track and maintain customer queries online. It is a one-point contact for customer issues and their fixes.

Q #2) Why Help Desk has become so important these days?

Answer: As it is a multi-tasking software, it reduces the load on IT services and functions by quickly resolving customer issues. It emphasizes on end-user functionality and is available for 24*7 support for its customers.

Q #3) What is the purpose of using this Software?

Answer: It is developed to store customer issues, analyze them, prioritize them and fix them as soon as possible through the online ticket system.

Q #4) How does the help desk manage its request from customers?

Answer: It generally manages its requests through issue tracking systems.

Q #5) What is the CRM ticketing system?

Answer: This ticketing system helps in prioritizing support requests with customer service level agreements and real-time response reports.

Q #6) Which is the best Help Desk Software?

Answer: The best Help Desk includes Zendesk, LiveAgent, HappyFox, FreshService, Freshdesk, etc.

Q #7) What is the Help Desk system used for?

Answer: It is mainly used for asset management and IT Service management tickets raised by the customers.


We explored the list of the Top Help Desk Software systems.

We also learned – What is help desk software? Why did it come into existence? What are the functions and processes that Help Desk Software does? Why it has become a necessity for the clients these days? along with the important features and aspects, benefits and demerits of help desk systems, a comparison between the top software for improved selection as per the business requirements.

We came to know specific details about each software like dashboard look, description, features, benefits, pricing info, the best features of each tool along with the official URL. Without any doubt, it is very clear that this software has made the client-customer relationships stronger with improved customer satisfaction.

It has made the tasks so easy in such a way where just tickets have to be raised by the customers and the rest will be taken care of by the support team.

Overall picture can be stated as until now Help Desk Software has been proven beneficial to the companies and the customers as the work process has become much smooth and easy.

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