16 Best Quantum App Development Companies [2023 TOP RANKINGS]

Here you will find a review and comparison of some of the best Quantum App Development Companies available in the market:

The ever-growing field of science and technology has never failed to surprise us. One such brilliant invention is the world of quantum technology.

Research says that at the rate we are progressing right now, we could even end up having a quantum internet with the speed of light. The world could be a different place within a span of a decade if quantum technology is developed in the right direction.

The field of quantum technology and apps is a growing yet revolutionary sector. The quantum app development companies mentioned in the article are the best companies in the prevailing market and are the ones making a significant change in this field.

Quantum App Development

Quantum App Development Companies

Market Trends: The field of quantum computing, especially the global quantum apps market, was worth $320 million in the year 2020. The estimated figures for this from the market by the year 2024 is $830 million, with an increase in the CAGR at 27%. So, as this market is growing at such a rapid pace, it will serve as a very good investment option. So, investing in these app-developing companies might be profitable in the long run.

global quantum apps market

Expert Advice: Before you choose a Quantum App Development company, you need to consider a few factors. Check out the portfolio of the company you choose, see their prior experiences, and how they have treated and communicated with their past clients.

See the kind of technology the company is putting to use and see if they can deliver your project within the specified timeline. See the kind of design process the company considers and the customer service it offers. Don’t forget to consider the pricing quote the company offers and see if they have any free quantum app development services for their clients. Go through the customer reviews and see the process they follow to develop your app.

Benefits and Applications

The benefits of Quantum App Development are discussed below:

  • Productivity: Compared to classical or conventional computers, quantum implementation can make execution processes quicker.
  • Qubits: Qubits act as a catalyst in terms of speed. It can handle multiple calculations easily and makes the processes fast.
  • Algorithm Familiarity: Quantum Apps facilitate the calculation of classical algorithms as well as facilitate convenience.

Quantum app development is still young, but its elements are proving to be useful. Quantum app development services are implemented in several industries like AI, Agriculture, Cloud computing, Financial Services, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Which is the best quantum app developer company?

Answer: There are two ways in which you can answer this question. One is in regards to the normal mobile apps, and the next is with regard to quantum computing.

When it comes to normal app development, there are a lot of companies that can do it for you. The best companies among the list of quantum app development companies are as follows:

  • Intel
  • IBM
  • Google AI Quantum
  • Microsoft

Q #2) How much does it cost to develop a quantum app?

Answer: This question has multiple answers depending on the kind of app you need. If you need simple apps, then developing them might cost around $40,000 to $60,000. Medium apps cost a bit more, and they cost almost $61,000 to $120,000. Finally, the highest type of apps you can get comes for above $120,000.

Q #3) How do free quantum apps make money?

Answer: When we talk about free apps getting money, it is not just one way, but various means. It makes money through advertising, app purchases, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing.

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List of Top Quantum App Development Companies

The most popular quantum app development services/companies list:

  1. Quantum IT Innovation
  2. Atom Computing
  4. Microsoft
  5. QuantamCloud
  6. ColdQuanta
  7. D-Wave
  8. Quantum Mobile
  9. Nokia Bell Labs
  10. IBM
  11. Strangeworks
  12. Airbus
  13. Google
  14. Toshiba Quantum Information Group
  15. Intel
  16. HP

Comparison of the Best Quantum App Development Services

Name of the company LocationBest for Founded inOwned by
Quantum IT InnovationWestfield, Indiana Both small and large industries2010Privately Held
Atom ComputingBerkeley, CALarge industries2018Privately held
XANADUToronto, OntarioSmall companies and professionals 2016Privately held
Microsoft Redmond, WashingtonLarge industries1975Public company
QuantumCloud Dhaka, BDSmall and large business 2002Privately held

Detailed review:

#1) Quantum IT Innovation [Westfield, Indiana]

Quantum IT Innovation

Quantum IT Innovation is one of the best American quantum app development companies in the state of New York. The process in which they make the app is what makes them the best among all.

The company starts off with a non-disclosure agreement and from product design, coding, and product specification to finally the app release, one of the most important things that the company follows is the trust between them and the customer.

The company makes sure that they give their customers a project development estimate after they have got a clear definition of the product they are working on.

Founded in: 2010
Employees: 51-200
Location: San Clemente, Mountainside Dr, Noida.

Core Services:

  • Enterprise Mobile Solutions
  • Digital branding
  • Mobility Solutions consulting
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • WordPress
  • Titanium
  • HTML5
  • PhoneGap
  • Mobile App Marketing
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Salesforce development
  • Digital marketing
  • YouTube Promotion

Pricing: Contact for details.

Website: Quantum IT Innovation

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#2) Atom Computing [Berkeley, California]

Atom Computing - quantum app development companies

Atom Computing is another American-based quantum app development company that hasn’t been on the market for that long. Its primary focus is to excel in the market. The company wants to ensure that its customers get error-free and scalable quantum computing.

The company takes pride in being the creators of the first quantum computer, which is made of nuclear-spin qubits. They aim to make the world of quantum computing easier and much faster. They also aim to hire individuals that have an abundant interest in the field of quantum computing and make them a part of their team.

Founded in: 2018
Employees: 11-50
Location: Berkeley

Core Services:

  • Create and operate quantum computers.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Atom Computing

#3) XANADU [Toronto, Canada]


XANADU is one of the best Canada-based quantum app development service providers. The photonic hardware of the developer is what makes it extraordinary. The company aims to produce and distribute computers that are useful and available to everyone in the world, and for that, they have been taking the necessary actions.

The enterprises can now use the XANADU Photonic Harare by the XANADU Quantum cloud and Strawberry Field Application Library. The company is also trying to advance in the field of quantum machine learning by the development of PennyLane.

Founded in: 2016
Employees: 51-200
Location: Toronto

Core Services:

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: XANADU

#4) Microsoft [Redmond, Washington]

Microsoft - quantum app development companies

Microsoft is a software and hardware development company headquartered in Washington, DC. The development kit for Quantum computing by Microsoft works toward making hardware-accelerated computing resources that are powered by Azure tools. Even though the company has focused on software development, it is also trying to expand in the field of quantum computing.

To get involved in their Quantum Computing, a customer can just get started with Azure Quantum and the Quantum development kit. The company has also created a new quantum programming language, Q#. This is a programming language that helps in the productive development of complex applications.

Founded in: 1975
Employees: 10,000+
Locations: Portland, Honolulu, Chicago, Austin, Cincinnati, Las Vegas

Core Services:

  • Developing quantum applications to run in various environments.
  • Running complex quantum operations with Q#.
  • Teaching Quantum computing

Pricing: Request a quote

Website: Microsoft

#5) QuantumCloud [Dhaka, BD]


QuantumCloud is a Bangladesh-based mobile application development company. The best thing about them is that they offer hybrid app services that have a web-based admin area, which makes it easier for you to manage the app features, the app users, etc. They want to ensure that it can provide its services to both small-scale as well as large-scale enterprises.

Improving the performance of their mobile app is what they focus on. They also pay attention to mitigating any potential security risks. The apps they develop are compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. They do software testing and also real human QA testing, which enriches user satisfaction.

Founded in: 2002
Employees: 11-50 employees
Location: Dhaka, BD

Core services:

  • Unique web design and complex web development.
  • PHP/MYSQL-based large, complex, dynamic websites.
  • E-commerce
  • SEO and Internet marketing
  • Consulting and Project Management

Pricing: Contact for pricing

Website: QuantumCloud

#6) ColdQuanta [Boulder, Colorada]

ColdQuanta - quantum app development companies

ColdQuanta is a quantum technology and quantum app development company that aims to solve the world’s most difficult challenges faced in quantum computing.

The cold atom method, which was introduced by ColdQuanta, makes it adaptable for multiple applications across the quantum universe. They will have a wide variety of quantum devices and machines soon. Hence, they will be able to introduce high-precision clocks into the market too.

The company also invests in the research and development of quantum technology and has made many breakthroughs while doing so. At this pace of development, the company might introduce many things, such as radiofrequency receivers and navigation and positioning systems. The company aims to bring about the quantum revolution.

Founded in: 2007
Employees: 51-200
Location: Boulder, Oxford, Madison

Core Services:

  • Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Sensors
  • Quantum Information Processing
  • Quantum Machines
  • Quantum Technology
  • Quantum Computers
  • Quantum Defense
  • Quantum Commercialization
  • Quantum Devices
  • UHV Glass Cells

Pricing: Contact for pricing

Website: ColdQuanta

#7) D-Wave [British Columbia, CA]


D-Wave is a Quantum app development company that focuses on the manufacturing of real-world quantum applications. The company ensures that they design their applications in such a way that it is easier for customers to use. They also help people learn more about quantum computing, and they provide real-life coding examples, demos, and other tutorials for the same.

The company also has an entire community devoted to themselves. This community can help other users of the company with any query related to quantum computing or any other issues that they might be facing due to the app. Quantum applications also have a built-in customer plugin.

Founded in: 1999
Employees: 51-200
Location: British Colombia, Seattle, Washington, Palo Alto, California, Japan.

Core services:

  • Teaching Quantum computing.
  • Building Quantum apps.
  • Cloud platform.

Pricing: Contact for Pricing

Website: D-Wave

#8) Quantum Mobile [Kharkiv, Ukraine]

Quantum Mobile

Quantum Inc. is one of the best Ukraine-based Quantum app development companies in the market right now. It aims at helping its customers reinvent their business and also brings about innovation in the field of data science and also in software solutions. It has been almost 15 years since the company came into the market, and it already works with most of the market leaders.

The company has expertise in the field of software engineering, computer vision, and data analytics. The company has now completed almost 600+ projects and has an adequate amount of industry experience. Mostly, the projects handled by the company belong to the industrial sector, but they also contribute to the agriculture and healthcare sector.

Founded in: 2015
Employees: 51-200
Location: Lewes, Petah Tikva, Kharkiv, Berlin, Lviv.

Core services:

Pricing: Contact for pricing

Website: Quantum Inc.

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#9) Nokia Bells Labs [Holmdel, New Jersey]

Nokia Bells Labs

Nokia Bells Labs is the research wing of the company Nokia. Their innovative engine helps in accelerating technology development for the core company and the core service. Besides, some of their research work won them nine Nobel prizes, four Turing Awards, and many other international awards.

The foundational technologies which are being used by the company are setting standards for the future. They are also trying to look into the future beyond the 5G we have today. They try to integrate different networks.

Founded in: 1925
Employees: 10000+

Locations: Murray Hill, Espoo, Paris-Saclay, Munich, Stuttgart, Antwerp, Shanghai, Budapest, Aalborg, Cambridge, Oulu, Chicago, Tel Aviv.

Core Services:

  • Telecommunications
  • Research, Technology, Innovation, and Science
  • 5G, 4G, 6G
  • AI
  • Wireless
  • IoT
  • Cloud Computing
  • Network
  • Optics
  • Machine Learning
  • Augmented Intelligence
  • Experiments in Art and Technology
  • Deep Learning

Pricing: Contact for Pricing.

Website: Nokia Bell Labs

#10) IBM [Armonk, New York]


IBM is an American hardware development company and also one of the best quantum app development companies. They describe themselves as the quantum for developers and help to solve the problems faced by the quantum computing sector. They produce the world’s most powerful and popular quantum hardware.

It aims at integrating different systems and making its customers’ experiences frictionless while availing of its services. IBM also offers a course in quantum development, which also offers certification. The company is quite huge, and its primary focus is not on quantum computing.

Founded in: 1911
Employees: 10000+

Locations: New York, Al Jizah, Huntsville, Attica, Bangkok, Berlin, Bogota, Bratislava, Bucharest, San Francisco, Moscow, Madrid, Southbury, Washington, Delhi, Dubai, Tampa, Gauteng, Paris, Chicago, Jakarta, El Salto, Kuwait City, Rome, Durham, Sydney, Philadelphia, Prague, Rio De Janeiro, Selangor, Singapore, South Moravia, Southern Finland, Hortolandia, Dallas, Noida, Melbourne, and Montevideo.

Core Services:

  • Quantum Cloud
  • Consulting and Technology Support
  • Internet of Things
  • Industry solutions
  • Systems services
  • Financing and IT infrastructure

Pricing: Contact for pricing

Website: IBM

#11) Strangeworks [Austin, Texas]


Strangeworks is an America-based software and quantum app development company, which is used extensively by thousands of researchers, companies, and developers. The app aims to make the world of quantum computing easier, which is a mystery to the general audience.

They help to create and learn about the topic of quantum computing. The company deals with a software-inclusive environment for the development of quantum apps and quantum computing. The features of the company are what make it stand out from the other companies in the same field.

There is nothing to install, and it also supports all major quantum frameworks. Another thing is that the company gets all the experiments done beforehand and acts according to the results.

Founded in: 2018
Employees: 11-50
Locations: Austin

Core Services:

  • Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Computing Software

Pricing: Contact for pricing

Website: Strangeworks

#12) Airbus [Leiden, Netherlands]

Airbus - quantum app development companies

Airbus is a France-based Aviation and Aerospace Component manufacturing company that has recently gotten into the world of Quantum computing. They use quantum technology to bring about a change in the way we build and fly our aircraft.

The company aims to use Quantum computing to improve the quality of goods and services, especially in the aerospace field. It also aims at fixing most of the complex problems when it comes to that field.

Airbus collaborates with a lot of other companies, which helps them in research and in starting up their products for the user satisfaction with their products.

Even though the company is not primarily a Quantum app development company, it does put quite an emphasis on the quantum technology field and development. Their primary aim is to bring Flight Physics into the world of quantum computing.

Founded in: 2014
Employees: 10,000+
Locations: Blagnac, Manching, Toulouse, Herndon, Miami, Sydney, Beijing, Moscow, London.

Core Services:

  • Cyber Security
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IT
  • Engineering

Pricing: Contact for a quote

Website: Airbus

#13) Google [Mountain View, California]


Google, as we all know, is Multinational cooperation that deals with many things, starting from being a search engine to developing operating systems.

Recently, the company has introduced a section of the company called Quantum AI. This seems to be focused on improving quantum app development and quantum computing. They basically aim at making the field of quantum technology much bigger and more vast than it already is.

Quantum AI primarily does two things; the first one is to provide tools used for building these complex algorithms, and the second one is to manufacture hardware for quantum computing. Researching and developing the same has resulted in the world’s leading quantum processor and stimulator.

The company is also planning to release an open-source library for quantum machine learning.

Founded in: 1998
Employees: 10,000+

Location: Santa Barbara, Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Oslo, Moscow, Zurich, Bangalore, Bangkok, Dubai, Istanbul, Tel Aviv.

Core Services:

  • Operate the programming framework Cirq
  • Quantum Computing Services

Pricing: Contact for a quote

Website: Google

#14) Toshiba Quantum Information Group [Tokyo, Japan]

Toshiba - quantum app development companies

Toshiba is a Japan-based electrical appliances and hardware company that is also slowly entering and has its focus on the world of Quantum computing. Their aim is pretty straightforward; they want to improvise their IT department by applying the laws of quantum physics to network communications and computing.

The main two focuses the company has are Quantum Key distribution and Quantum devices.

The company is affiliated with its research work at the University of Cambridge. Another point where the company’s focus lies is environmental management and sustainability. This quantum app development company has thus contributed quite significantly to that field.

Founded in: 1875
Employees: 10,000+
Location: Uxbridge, Chertsey, Plymouth Devon, Dusseldorf, Surrey, Yokohama, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Fukuoka.

Core Services:

  • Quantum Key Distribution
  • Quantum devices
  • Printing and retail solutions
  • Semiconductor and storage solutions

Pricing: Contact for a quote

Website: Toshiba Quantum

#15) Intel [Santa Clara, California]


Intel is a semiconductor manufacturing company based in the United States. The company also does not primarily focus on quantum computing, but their involvement in the field of Harare processors led them into entering the world of quantum technology.

Intel Labs aims to bring about and achieve quantum practicality. As of now, the company has gained somewhat of some success in quantum technology.

In addition to developing quantum apps and working as a quantum app development company, the company also does extensive research and development in the field of quantum computing. The company has guide-through tutorials on their website, which will help you go about the process that has to be followed.

Founded in: 1968
Employees: 10,000+
Location: Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Linz, Brussels, Toronto, Beijing, Xian, Allen Town, Aloha, Atlanta, Irvine, Lehi,

Core Services:

  • Semiconductor design and manufacturing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Autonomous driving
  • Non-volatile memory solutions

Pricing: Contact for a quote

Website: Intel

#16) HP [Palo Alto, California]

HP - quantum app development companies

HP is an America-based IT company that has recently gotten into the field of quantum computing and app development. The company believes that with the correct amount of advancement, this could be the world’s next big tech revolution. They also aim at producing quantum computers, which are said to be significantly faster than your normal computers.

Quantum computers are to be made in such a way that they can do many things that our traditional computers won’t be able to do. The company not only focuses on being a Quantum app development company but also devotes a lot of time to the sector. Their quantum computers are designed to solve very complex problems.

Founded in: 1998
Employees: 10,001+
Locations: Palo Alto, Houston, Bucharest, Lillerod, Catalonia, Boise, Singapore, Prague, Sofia city.

Core Services:

  • IT services
  • Developing Quantum Computers
  • Quantum computing

Pricing: Contact for a quote

Website: HP


This article contained a list and in-depth analysis of the world’s topmost quantum app development companies. There are certain factors that need to be considered before you proceed with choosing the best developer for you and your enterprise.

In conclusion, all of these apps tend to excel in the field of quantum computing. So, with the help of all of these companies, we can develop the Quantum computing world beyond present expectations.

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