TOP 10 Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies in 2023

Compare and select among the list of top Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies. Also, understand the process and importance of developing a healthcare app:

Healthcare mobile development refers to designing and creating healthcare apps with adherence to compliance and value proposition for patients and physicians.

There are various kinds of healthcare apps that can be developed like health monitoring, medicine delivery, telehealth, billing apps, and many more.

There are some requirements for healthcare applications that must be taken into consideration: HIPAA standards, GDPR compliance, PIPEDA Act, Data Protection Act 1998, PCI SSC, and so on.

Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies – Review

Healthcare Mobile Development Companies

Importance of Healthcare Apps

Healthcare apps are of great benefit to healthcare providers as well as to patients. It not only provides a platform for them to communicate but is also enriched with various advanced features like healthcare data, excellent care, secure payments, appointment scheduling, telemedicine consultations, prescription refills, and more.

It increases efficiency for both patients and practitioners and reduces the cost of healthcare services.

It enables easy access to medical services and convenience for patients to connect with practitioners with services like appointment scheduling, telemedicine consultations, prescription refills, and more. It also helps in data collection and analysis of valuable health data.

In this article, we explained the meaning of healthcare mobile development along with the process and importance of developing the healthcare app. Certain factors are mentioned that you can go through briefly while selecting the best healthcare app development companies.

Market trends, expert advice, and some FAQs are included with a list of the best healthcare mobile development companies near Houston, TX, and near Dallas, TX. A comparison of the top five companies is made along with complete reviews of each company.

Market Trends: According to research by Grand View Research, the market size of healthcare mobile applications is expected to rise with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 45% between the forecast period of 2020-2027. It was valued at $17.92 billion in 2019.

market size of healthcare mobile applications

Expert Advice: To select the perfect company for your healthcare mobile app development, you should check for certain features that must be provided in applications like profiles or doctors and patients, integrations of healthcare apps, notifications, reminders, options for telemedicine, knowing your target audience, user-friendly design, HIPAA compliance, app functionality testing and more.

Healthcare Applications: Selection Criteria

There are certain factors that you should consider when selecting the best healthcare mobile app development companies. They are as follows:

  1. Understanding the Healthcare Sector: The company must have expertise in the healthcare industry and its medical terminologies, workflows, and processes.
  2. Proficiency in the latest Technologies and Advanced Features: It must be proficient in the latest technologies and advanced features like Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, and more.
  3. Strong Portfolio: It must have a strong portfolio, positive client testimonials, and reviews that ensure the company’s reliability and ability to deliver results.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: It must adhere to healthcare regulations and robust security measures like HIPAA, GDPR, data encryption, secure authentication, etc.
  5. Ability to develop Customized and Scalable Apps: It must be able to design and develop customized and scalable apps suitable for the requirements of the clients that can grow with the client’s business.

Process of Healthcare App Development

Here are some steps that can be followed step by step to develop a healthcare mobile application:

  1. Analyzing and identifying problems or challenges.
  2. Know your target audience and identify the platform for the application.
  3. Know the prerequisites and choose a location for the app launch.
  4. Hire an app development company to assist you with the same.
  5. Now create engaging and attractive UI/UX.
  6. Choose a monetization model like in-app ads, premium features, or subscriptions.
  7. Create MVP and get it validated.
  8. Test the application and launch it.
  9. Track performance.

FAQs on Companies for Healthcare Mobile Development

Q #1) What is healthcare app development?

Answer: Healthcare application development refers to designing and creating healthcare apps with adherence to compliance and value proposition for patients and physicians. There are various kinds of healthcare apps that can be developed like health monitoring, medicine delivery, telehealth, billing apps, and many more.

Q #2) What is the use of mobile app development services in the healthcare industry?

Answer: There are many great uses of mobile app development services in the healthcare industry as it eases the whole process for patients as well as for practitioners in a great way. It helps medical professionals in taking quick decisions, precise diagnosis, better communication, and reduced cost.

For general users, this includes benefits like on-hand healthcare data, excellent care, secure payments, and more.

Q #3) What are the top healthcare app development?

Answer: The top healthcare app development companies are:

  1. Vention
  2. Designveloper
  3. Flutter Agency
  4. Codiant Software Technologies
  5. OpenXcell

Q #5) What is the future of AI in healthcare?

Answer: Currently AI is benefitting the healthcare industry in many ways like improving the accuracy of diagnosis, identifying new treatments, showing different diagnostic methods, etc.

It can be further evolved and anticipated that with the help of machine learning algorithms, it would predict how a disease will progress, improving the accuracy of diagnosis and its treatment, guidance to self-care and diet, and many more.

Q #5) How much does it cost to develop a Healthcare mobile app?

Answer: There are many factors that affect the cost of developing a healthcare mobile app like what all technologies are needed, with which designs or user experience etc. On average, it costs somewhere between $50,000- $100,000 for a simple app.

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List of the Best Healthcare App Development Companies

Here is a popular list of Healthcare Mobile Development Companies:

  1. Vention
  2. Designveloper
  3. Flutter Agency
  4. Codiant Software Technologies
  5. OpenXcell
  6. Appinventiv
  7. Chetu, Inc.
  8. Launchpad App Development
  9. Visvero In
  10. ScienceSoft

Comparison of Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

CompanyBest for Founded InHeadquarterPortfolio
VentionDeveloping mobile health apps that deliver personalised, connected, and informed care.2002New YorkDialogue, Thirty Madison, Healthera, Doctors Without Borders, ClassPass, and many more. 
DesignveloperA vast experience in developing high-quality software products that match international standards2013Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Bonux, CV Simply, Song Nhi, ODC, LuminPDF, Swell and Switchboard, Walrus Education and many more.
Flutter AgencyAbility to deliver large projects in time within your budget. 2018FL, United StatesHipSmile, HipMeal, Medication Management by UME, Torva Code, Frive and many more.
Codiant Software TechnologiesBuilding world class customer led, insights driven and innovative digital solutions. 2010Illinois, United StatesPfizer, TATA, CEAT, Standard Chartered, Nikon, DBS Bank, Deutsche Bank and many more.
OpenXcellBoosting business with innovative designs and development processes. 2009Nevada, United States. Kotak Mahindra Bank, Reliance Industries Limited, Ajman Bank, Orderhive, Cin7 and many more.

Detailed reviews:

#1) Vention

Best for developing mobile health apps that deliver personalized, connected, and informed care.


Vention is a custom healthcare mobile app development company that can assist you with the development of telemedicine apps, health and wellness apps, patient and hospital apps, fitness apps, and medical device software with technologies like Big Data, AI, cyber security, IoT, AR/VR and more. It helps with web development in both frontend and backend.

It includes QA and testing services that provide test automation and mobile testing. Its healthcare app development services help improve health outcomes, facilitate effective communication, prevent diseases, and reduce paperwork to a great extent.

How it works: It works simply in six steps starting from analyzing the business requirement and designing the interface accordingly. It then develops the app and makes all necessary integrations. QA testing is done to ensure stable performance. After that, app performance is optimized by collecting user feedback.

Founded in: 2002
Revenue: $45 Million annually
Portfolio: Dialogue, Thirty Madison, Healthera, Doctors Without Borders, ClassPass, and many more.
Headquarters: New York
No. of Employees: 1001-5000
Deployment: Android and iOS
Technologies Included: IoT and IoMT, AR/VR, AI, Chatbots powered by NLP, and machine learning.


  • Develops different types of medical apps including EHR, telemedicine, and m-Health solutions.
  • Follows industry-specific compliance standards like HL7, HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS with transparent workflow.
  • Adhere to HIPAA regulations and facilitate confidentiality.
  • Helps in creating Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) to help the practitioners.
  • With patient apps, users can track their health records easily and can have knowledge about their symptoms.
  • Helps doctors with efficient appointment scheduling and remote diagnostics.


  • 350+ experienced healthcare app developers.
  • Partnerships with aspiring healthcare startups and unicorns alike.
  • 100 projects successfully finished.
  • Responsive design solutions and cross-platform application development.
  • 10+ years in mobile application development.
  • Their health tech expertise empowers them to deliver high-quality, fully HIPAA-compliant services that improve both patient outcomes and your business performance.


  • Prices are not disclosed.
  • Looks expensive as per some user reviews.

Verdict: Vention provides you with top-tier talent with 20 years of expertise in web, mobile, and cloud development. It has a proven track record that shows that it has a partnership with aspiring healthcare startups and its healthcare clients have raised funding of approx $1 billion.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

#2) Designveloper

Best for vast experience in developing high-quality software products that match international standards.


Designveloper is a leading software development company that aims at providing the most cost-effective software services with cutting-edge technology and a highly qualified team of designers and developers.

It offers solutions related to software development, web development, mobile app development, and more. Under mobile development solutions, it provides powerful services including design, development, integration, testing, maintenance, and management.

How it works: It works in six clear steps to execute the specific plan of action in order to ensure the success of the project. It starts with setting the milestones and then reviewing and re-estimating the milestones set earlier.

It takes the feedback in reference to the milestones and update them accordingly. Then it releases the milestones of the project and goes for the maintenance phase.

Designveloper project execution

Founded in: 2013
Revenue: $6 Million annually
Portfolio: Bonux, CV Simply, Song Nhi, ODC, LuminPDF, Swell and Switchboard, Walrus Education, etc.
Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
No. of Employees: 51-100
Deployment: Android and iOS
Integrations: Skype, Gmail, Slack, Github, Bitbucket, HubStaff, Jita, Trello, and so on.


  • Builds feature-rich native iOS and Android cross-platform mobile apps.
  • Designs the interfaces more practical, straightforward, and understandable with great UX design.
  • Under mobile development services, it provides hybrid app development, iOS app development, and Android app development services.
  • Uses agile methodology for project management.
  • Provides good support through professionals from AWS SAA and DOP.
  • Includes highly qualified and talented designers and developers.


  • Good customer support.
  • Professionals from AWS SAA and DOP.
  • Scalable and secure solutions.
  • Assistance is provided at every stage of development.
  • Transparent work process.


  • Prices are not disclosed.
  • Need to pay for consultation and project estimation.

Verdict: Designveloper has been recognized under many reputable publications like Topdevelopers, Clutch, etc, and is among the top 30 web development companies in the world.

It is best to use an agile methodology for project management that ensures efficiency and relevancy. This includes a team of 3-10, a weekly target review, a monthly feature review, and a monthly demo.

Pricing: Pricing plans for consultation are as:

  • First meet: Free
  • Business: $500

Website: Designveloper

#3) Flutter Agency

Best for the ability to deliver large projects on time within your budget.

Flutter Agency

Flutter Agency is a leading flutter development company that produces apps for startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises. It offers a bundle of related services including UI/UX design, web app development, cloud backend development, mobile app development, and many more.

It follows four kinds of partnership models: fixed price model, part-time hiring, full-time hiring, and on-site development model. It delivers various types of healthcare apps including patient-facing apps, provider-facing apps, and telemedicine apps.

How it works: It works in four simple steps starting from planning by gathering the requirements and understanding the business problem. Then it designs catchy and charming designs with the latest tools. Then it develops the app with all the features and functionality required.

At the end comes the testing and deployment process where the aspects of the project are tested and then deployed to the customers.


  • Creates easy-to-use, rich-in features, and pixel-perfect designs for apps.
  • Manages health data, patient data, appointments, and remote consultations.
  • Ensures on-time delivery of projects by measuring any delays in advance through bi-weekly sprint delivery plans.
  • Ensures privacy and security of patient data by following regulatory compliance including HIPAA and GDPR.
  • Helps businesses in managing their digital infrastructure with ease with their cloud backend development services.
  • Ensure the quality of healthcare apps by doing proper testing and validation processes.

Founded in: 2018
Portfolio: HipSmile, HipMeal, Medication Management by UME, Torva Code, Frive, and many more.
Headquarters: FL, United States
No. of Employees: 10-49
Deployment: iOS, Android, and Desktop
Technologies: React Native, Flutter, Node.js, Django, AWS, and Google Cloud


  • Ensure timely and quality delivery.
  • Complete transparency.
  • Post-deployment support.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Functional testing, security testing, and usability testing are included.


  • Large application size.
  • Know how the Dart programming language is required.

Verdict: Flutter Agency is best for developing top rates and enterprise-level mobile apps. It can write complex algorithms with a simplified approach and has delivered over 15 large projects.

It offers its services at reasonable prices which would definitely fall within your budget. It has a 98% client retention rate and has delivered 70 successful projects till now in its 5 years of experience.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Flutter Agency

#4) Codiant Software Technologies

Best for building world-class customer-led, insights-driven, and innovative digital solutions.


Codiant Software Technologies is a mobile app development company that provides very effective related services like app store optimization, SEO, digital research and strategy, endpoint management, and so on.

It serves industries including healthcare and fitness, social networking, food & restaurant, banking, financing & insurance, and many more. Under Healthcare Solutions, it covers a vast area including medical data sharing, video conferencing, virtual office, telemedicine applications, etc.


  • Helps in setting up a virtual clinic app that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.
  • The telemedicine app offers features like online scheduling, store & forward, real-time messaging, integrated billing, and more.
  • Other related services include EHR & EMR software, health insurance apps, fitness apps, and many more.
  • Uses the latest technologies including Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Blockchain, and Big Data Analytics.
  • Provides a team of focused and passionate top programmers to meet your specific business and technology needs.
  • Follows a four-pronged process to collaborate with its clients: interaction, consolidation, development, and deliverables.

Founded in: 2010
Revenue: $1 million to $2.5 million
Portfolio: Pfizer, TATA, CEAT, Standard Chartered, Nikon, DBS Bank, Deutsche Bank, etc
Headquarters: East Moline, IL, United States
No. of Employees: 250-999
Technologies: AI, ML, Big data, Native iOS – Swift, Objective C; Native Android – Kotlin, Java; Hybrid Mobile App – React Native, Flutter, and so on


  • On-time delivery
  • 24/7 support and maintenance
  • Well-rounded digital capabilities
  • High degree of collaboration and transparency
  • Regulatory compliant


  • Prices are not disclosed.
  • Have to request a quote for estimation.

Verdict: Codiant Software Technologies is recommended for its comprehensive healthcare and clinical continuum solutions that help doctors and related people in online appointments, health monitoring, scheduling, etc. It has been trusted by more than 500 companies including some Fortune 500 companies.

Pricing: According to some reviews the minimum project cost is $10,000.

Website: Codiant Software Technologies

#5) OpenXcell

Best for boosting businesses with innovative design and development processes.


OpenXcell is a 100% confidential and secure software development company that has produced successful products of brands like Byju’s, Kotak, Orderhive, Sin7, and many more. It offers solutions related to custom software development, mobile application development, product engineering, user experience research & design, and so on.

It works in three simple steps, starting from building & understanding a team of experts, then running a full-service operation, and finally transferring the charge of the team to you when you are ready.


  • Provides professionals that are experts in their specific domains like hybrid app development, iPhone app development, etc.
  • Assists you in establishing processes and your company registration.
  • It provides thoroughly vetted resources and an extensive list of mobile app development technologies.
  • Offers three engagement models to develop mobile apps: Build-Operate-Transfer, Time & material, and fixed cost.
  • Provides clients control over the source code and lets them make decisions for their business.
  • Guarantee 100% client satisfaction by doing quality checks multiple times.

Openxcell Figures and facts

Founded in: 2009
Portfolios: Kotak Mahindra Bank, Reliance Industries Limited, Ajman Bank, Orderhive, Cin7, and many more.
Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
No. of Employees: 201-500.
Technologies: ReactJS, .Net, Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, C++, etc.


  • 24/7 IT Staff Support
  • Best-in-class talent
  • Competitive costs
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • 500+ Qualified Resources
  • Transparent cost


  • Generally, the team leader connects with the client, not the other team members.

Verdict: OpenXcell has designed, developed, and deployed more than 1000 software till now in its 12+ years of experience. It is best for building innovative and robust digital solutions. It ensures confidentiality and transparency in all its processes. It develops quality solutions that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Pricing: A mobile app development app can cost between $15,000 to $240,000+ for one stage.

Website: OpenXcell

#6) Appinventiv

Best for bringing a digital revolution to the healthcare ecosystem.

Appinventiv - Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies

Appinventiv is a mobile app and web development platform. It redefines the mobile experience by designing, developing, and delivering innovative digital solutions and unparalleled results

It offers services and solutions related to blockchain application development, data science analytics services, AI software development services, and many more. Under mobile app services, it offers features like in-app payments, analytics, social media integration, instant alerts, geo IP location, and so on.


  • Develops a variety of healthcare apps, including apps for patients, medical professionals, and healthcare providers.
  • Deploys innovative technologies and designs compliance-friendly interfaces.
  • Apps developed by them are enriched with services like diagnostic data tracking, appointment scheduling, managing prescriptions, and many more.
  • Provides flexible engagement models with transparent and agile processes.
  • Offers superior code quality and locally designed architecture.
  • Ensures optimized administrative processes, improved efficiency, and reduced operating costs.

Founded in: 2015
Portfolios: KFC, IKEA, Adidas, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Bajaj Finserv, Hukoomi, and many more.
Headquarters: Noida, India.
No. of Employees: 501-1000
Technologies: AI/ML, Kotlin, Swift, Blockchain, Flutter, React Native, TensorFlow, and many more.


  • Unmatched transparency.
  • DMCA protected.
  • 1000+ tech experts on board.
  • HITECH, SaMD, HL7, and GDPR compliant.


  • Pricing is not disclosed.

Verdict: Appinventiv is best at developing scalable and flexible applications. It is the fastest-growing digital product agency in APAC and has been awarded and recognized in many publications including Clutch, The Manifest, Business of Apps, App Futura, and many more.

It has successfully delivered over 1000 projects and is trusted by many popular brands like Google, IKEA, KPMG, Domino’s, and more.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Appinventiv

#7) Chetu, Inc.

Best for improving efficiency and patient care at reduced cost and assisting in healthcare management decisions.

Chetu - Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies

Chetu, Inc is a software development company that serves industries agriculture, banking, construction, finance, healthcare, hospitality, and many more with its services like application development, application maintenance, custom software services, infrastructure support, and so on.

It helps in designing and developing applications for mobile, desktop, and tablet. It uses deep learning and ANNs to develop custom healthcare software.


  • Designs the best application experience across multiple channels for different devices, including mobile, desktop, and tablet.
  • Under healthcare software, it offers a bundle of solutions including e-prescribing, health information exchange, and more.
  • Adhere to all regulatory standards and compliance including HIPAA, HITECH, HL7, and so on.
  • Provides industry-specific technical teams to bridge any skill set gap effectively.
  • Facilitates real-time collaboration and accountability with full-time dedicated developers.
  • Other services include no cookie-cutter solutions, diverse coding experience, content management systems, and more.

Chetu price

Founded in: 2000
Portfolios: Foot Locker, Brookstone, IGT, harvest trends, Johnson n Johnson, etc.
Headquarters: Florida, United States.
No. of Employees: 1001-5000.
Technologies: IoT, M2M, Oracle, POS, SAP, Kiosk, GIS, and many more.


  • On-demand developers
  • Full product support
  • 2,800+ developers
  • Secure messaging and encrypted file transfer
  • No overtime or hidden fees


  • According to some reviews, it is comparatively expensive
  • Pricing not disclosed

Verdict: Chetu, Inc. has served over 7000 happy customers. It provides proper maintenance, monitoring, and support to ensure optimal performance of the system. It is recommended for providing on-demand industry-experienced developers and providing good product support.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Chetu, Inc.

#8) Launchpad App Development

Best for providing experts that can help to unlock the full potential of the business opportunity.

Launchpad - Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies

Launchpad App Development is a platform for designing and developing award-winning tech products with a simple process starting from doing research & strategy, ideation & design, development & testing, and finally growth and updates.

It is suitable for those startups and brands that want a user-friendly and amazing interface for their digital products. It provides services like UX-focused processes, proprietary development frameworks, and so on.


  • Won various awards, including Google Play’s Best Apps of 2021 “Best Hidden Gem” – Laughscape and many more.
  • Featured in Forbes,, Channel 7, Today Show and more
  • Uses a UX-focused approach in the process of identifying the problem of clients.
  • Employs the world’s leading development methodologies for planning and developing the product.
  • Uses various data-driven strategies to make informed decisions.
  • Provides a focused team to assist clients in the right direction.

Founded in: 2015
Portfolio: Liminal Wellbeing, Stir Crazy Kids, Mrs Edgar Planner, Memory Machine, and many more.
Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia.
No. of Employees: 50-249.


  • Drives commercial outcomes
  • Data-driven strategies
  • Adaptive planning and rapid delivery


  • The user interface is cumbersome
  • Pricing details were not provided

Verdict: Launchpad App Development has designed and developed various multi-award-winning products. It is among the top health app developers around the world. It has produced 49 successful products and won 17 awards in its 7 years of business experience.

It is recommended for using innovative strategies to identify the key drivers for successful commercialization.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Launchpad App Development

#9) Visvero In

Best for consultation services on all aspects of data management, big data, data visualization, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning (AI/ML) applications.

Visvero - Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies

Visvero In is a technology services company that serves industries like banking, insurance, oil & gas, manufacturing, retail, and federal & local government to solve data and process challenges. It includes solutions related to analytics, data engineering, digital transformation, and project support.

It helps in analyzing data to inform and anticipate upcoming events and to react accordingly. Its analytics solutions include automating manual processes, self-serve analytics, and more.


  • Helps in building data visualization platforms.
  • Develops and maintains big data of companies.
  • Develops innovative applications using machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Utilizes information and enhances operational efficiency by leveraging on-prem and cloud data.
  • Maintains a high-quality, customer-focused engagement model.

Founded in: 2003
Portfolios: CISCO, Canadian Health, Bayer, Target, PNC, United Way, and many more.
Headquarters: Washington, United States.
No. of Employees: 51-200


  • SBA 8a Certified
  • World-class data analytics and experts
  • Disciplined approach
  • Emphasis on extensive training and practice development
  • Expertise in 30 different BI tools
  • Robotic process automation


  • Pricing is not disclosed

Verdict: Visvero In has delivered more than 200 successful projects. It is recommended for providing experts with cross-industry expertise in all stages of analytics and automation. It has more than 75 consultants with different expertise.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Visvero In

#10) ScienceSoft

Best for service tailored to your needs with smooth collaboration.

Sciencesoft - Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies

ScienceSoft is a software development company that designs and develops reliable, scalable, and secure software solutions for any device. Under software development, it provides various other related services like software consulting, software development outsourcing, legacy software modernization, and so on.

It covers various industries including healthcare, banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, and more.


  • Facilitates tech-enabled healthcare with services like care delivery digitalization, IT modernization, cloud migration, etc.
  • Compliant with regulations including HIPAA, HITECH, FDA, MDR, IVDR, GDPR, NCPDP, ONC regulatory requirements.
  • Ensures quality services and follows a quality management system backed by ISO 13485 certification.
  • Different types of healthcare software can be developed including care-related, patient-centered healthcare solutions; SaMD, medical imaging, lab, or medical device software.
  • Can be integrated with other applications related to EHR, medical imaging software, practice management software, etc.).
  • Other services include cyber security, UI/UX design, testing and Q/A, and many more.

Founded in: 1989
Portfolios: Deloitte, eBay, IBM, NASA, Nestle, Rakuten Viber, etc.
Headquarters: McKinney, Texas, United States.
No. of Employees: 501-1000
Technologies: Adobe Commerce, Elastic Stack, Grafana, Docker, and many more.


  • No need for large upfront investments.
  • Smooth collaboration.
  • Engaging video appointments.


  • Prices are not disclosed.

Verdict: ScienceSoft has been featured as a leading healthcare IT service provider under the 2022 Spark matrix. It has won many awards and recognitions including the Best Healthcare Technology Solution Award 2022 by Health Tech Digital and Excellence in Remote Patient Monitoring category by HTN Now Awards 2023 and so on. It is one of the best Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: ScienceSoft


Through this research, we found out how essential healthcare mobile app development companies are. They not only help in storing patient data but also provide many other benefits like e-prescribing, appointment scheduling, e-prescribing, remote diagnostics, health tracking, and so on.

We included the best healthcare mobile app development companies operating in the United States and other parts of the world.

Every company has its own set of features and offers different pricing plans, and are best in its own way. For example, if you want to deliver more personalized care through the healthcare app, select Vention. If you have a big project and want it to be delivered on time, Flutter Agency would be good.

In this way, you can choose from the best healthcare mobile app development companies as provided above to make your healthcare app more attractive and effective.

Our Review Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: We spent 26 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarised list of Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies with a comparison of each.
  • Total Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies Researched Online: 31
  • Top Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies Shortlisted for Review: 10
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