TOP 9 Fintech Consulting Companies & Startups In 2023

Review and compare the Top Fintech Consulting Companies to pick the right Fintech Consulting Firm of your choice based on your requirements:

Financial Technology, or simply Fintech, refers to the use of modern, innovative techniques, for making financial processes more productive and profitable. The use of mobile applications for payments processing, peer-to-peer lending, investment purposes, and more, comes under Financial Technology.

For the purpose of growth in the business, one must adhere to the latest techniques of production and come up with the most demanding final products.

Consulting companies can offer great assistance for that purpose. There are a number of firms in this field, which are very popular all around the world and have been in operation for decades.

Fintech Consulting Companies & Startups – Review

Fintech Consulting Companies

Top services offered by Fintech consulting companies:

  1. They make you aware of the latest market trends as well as the consumers’ tastes and preferences.
  2. They will help you in creating a vision for your business.
  3. Advise you regarding the selection of technology as per your business model.
  4. Software development and upgradation services.
  5. Advising companies on how to meet all compliance requirements and industry-specific regulatory requirements.
  6. Risk assessment services, conducting ‘what-if’ scenarios.

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Through this article, you will get to know about the best FinTech consulting companies in 2023. Their detailed reviews, along with their comparison will help you choose the best one for your business.

Market Trends: As per a report by Mordor Intelligence, the total revenue of the global FinTech market currently is $194 Billion, which is expected to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.97% over the years from 2023 to 2028.

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Expert Advice: A reputed company that offers full life-cycle services would be a good option to go for. If a company offers you a trial of their services, it would be of great help in analyzing their expertise.

FAQs on FinTech Consulting Services

Q #1) What is a fintech consultant?

Answer: A Fintech consultant will guide you on different prospects of operations including planning, budgeting, forecasting, streamlining financial closing, training, strategy making, market trends, etc. You can hire a freelance FinTech consultant, but going for a renowned FinTech consulting service-providing company would be a more reliable option.

Q #2) Is Deloitte a fintech company?

Answer: Deloitte is a widely popular financial consulting company. With the help of data analytics, they offer you strategic advisory services, so as to improve efficiency in operations.

Q #3) How many employees does Vention have?

Answer: Vention is a software and technical consulting company that provides access to 3,000+ engineers all across the globe. It is one of the best FinTech consulting companies out there that offers smooth growth solutions for complex business models.

Q #4) What are 2 examples of FinTech?

Answer: Online payment apps and Investment apps are 2 prominent examples of Financial Technology. They have made the financial processes extremely easy, smooth, and more productive.

Q #5) Does Accenture have financial services?

Answer: Accenture offers highly reliable FinTech consulting services. They help businesses in the digital transformation process, as well as in risk assessment, technical strategy making, and more.

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List of Top Fintech Consulting Companies

Here is a popular list of FinTech Consulting Firms:

  1. Vention
  2. Accenture
  3. Itexus
  4. Boston Consulting Group
  5. Capgemini
  6. Northfield Information Services
  7. Deloitte
  8. Asamby Consulting Firm
  9. Mindstream Analytics

Comparing the Best FinTech Consulting Startups

CompanyBest forFounded inAverage hourly rateMost suitable for
Vention A highly professional team that delivers top quality products, on time. 2002$50 - $99Mid to large sized businesses
AccentureStrategic, futuristic planning for growth. 1998Contact directly to get a price quote. Large businesses
ItexusFull cycle application development at affordable costs2013$25 - $60Small businesses
The Boston Consulting GroupAn all-in-one platform to help businesses in attaining sustainable practices of operation. 1963Contact directly to know the prices. Large businesses
CapgeminiOffers sustainable growth solutions for complex business environments. 1967Contact directly to get a price quote. Large businesses

Detailed Reviews:

#1) Vention

Best for having a highly professional team that delivers top-quality products, on time.


Vention is a popular name in the software development industry. The company works with the values of inclusion and always looks up to participating in charity and animal care programs.

Vention is the most trusted Fintech consulting company. It has a team of highly skilled personnel in the field of consulting, strategy, engineering, and operations, coming from all over the world, who have delivered more than 200 successful Fintech projects to date.

This Fintech consulting company has experience across plenty of domains, including Digital payments, Financial management, Personal finance, Capital Markets and Wealth Management, Fintech Analytics, Lending, Blockchain, and NFT.

Founded in: 2002
Projects Delivered till date: 200+
Clients: PayPal, Brex, StoneX, PWC, EY, Zilch
Number of Developers: 3k
Estimated Annual Revenue: $45 Million
Average Per-Hour Rate: $50 – $99

Latest technology used by Vention:



Features/Services Offered:

  • Technology selection and advisory services.
  • Development of a Minimum Viable Product that can be updated as per changes in requirements in the future.
  • Quality Assurance services.
  • Designing an agile, easy-to-use IT system.
  • Implementation of APIs and integrations to expand the digital capabilities of the product and diversify the customer experience.
  • Software upgradation and modernization services.


  • Simplified digital payment solutions.
  • Get personalized, world-class products.
  • Their solutions meet all Fintech compliance requirements and industry-specific regulatory requirements.
  • Develop deep consumer engagement interfaces.
  • Meticulous identity and access management, penetration testing tools, and SIEM.
  • You can have your development team scaled up or down, quickly, as per the requirements.


  • A bit costly

Verdict: Vention is known to deliver top-quality solutions to the complex requirements of its clients. They leverage the latest technologies to build smooth and easy solutions.

The company has a low attrition rate. They offer you dedicated project members that can perfectly suit your requirements. Their services are a bit expensive, but the value that you get is worth it.

#2) Accenture

Best for large enterprises that need strategic, futuristic planning for growth.


Accenture is a highly trusted, award-winning company that delivers its Fintech consulting services across the globe. Many of the leading companies of the world rely on Accenture to create value while adopting sustainable methods of operation.

They deliver their services with the help of new technologies including blockchain, robotics, 5G, edge computing, metaverse, and quantum computing.

The company is currently delivering its services to plenty of industries including Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Banking, Capital Markets, Chemicals, Communications and Media, Consumer Goods and Services, Energy, Health, High Tech, Insurance, Life Sciences, Retail, Software and Platforms and more.

Technical Partners of Accenture:

Accenture Technical Partners

Founded in: 1998
Clients: AWS, Atlassian
Number of Developers: 1,000+
Estimated Annual Revenue: $61,594 million
Average Per Hour Rate: Contact directly to get a price quote.

Features/Services Offered:

  • Helps in the future-ready transformation of businesses.
  • Gives you visibility across various risks to your enterprise so that you can stay prepared for vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Designing and implementing an operating model that brings up agility, resilience, and growth.
  • Technology strategy and advisory practices.


  • Aims at adopting sustainable strategies to help with solutions to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Their experience helps companies in 360° growth.
  • Innovative technologies to help you with your digital transformation and growth.


  • Less likely to be recommended for small businesses.

Verdict: Accenture is no doubt a popular one on the list of the best Fintech consulting companies. It was a partner in building Minna, which is Japan’s first-ever digital bank, and the list goes on. The platform is highly reliable. Their approach toward sustainable methods of operation is commendable.

Website: Accenture

#3) Itexus

Best for offering full cycle app development at affordable costs.


Itexus is a full-cycle app development company that specializes in developing complex software solutions for a number of industries including FinTech, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Education, and more.

They make use of the world’s best technologies like programming languages, frameworks, databases, AI, RPA, IoT, Blockchain, etc., so as to deliver quality products to their clients. Among their different services are Custom software development, MVP Development, UI/UX Design, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Project Audit, and Rescue.

It is an award-winning company with outstanding customer reviews, which makes it highly recommended.

Founded in: 2013
Projects Delivered Till Date: 300+ successful Fintech projects delivered to date.
Number of Employees: 100+
Estimated Annual Revenue: $16.7 million
Average Per Hour Rate: $25 – $60

How they work:

iTexus working

Features/Services Offered:

  • Development of mobile and online banking solutions, mobile lending and loan management apps, mobile trading apps, etc.
  • Implementation of security and fraud detection tools.
  • Market monitoring & market news tracking software.
  • AI-based robo advisors.


  • 24/7 support
  • Comparatively affordable prices
  • Ensures full compliance with industry regulations
  • Threat analysis and fraud prevention tools
  • Comparatively affordable prices.

Verdict: The customer reviews about Itexus suggest that the platform is reliable for startups, SMEs, and enterprises. The company claims to have an 87% client retention rate.

You can contact them for the development of Web applications, Mobile applications, Enterprise solutions, IoT applications, and Machine Learning solutions, or go for hiring a team of developers so that they can work with you as a team and deliver the product just the way you have envisioned it to be.

Website: Itexus

#4) Boston Consulting Group

Best for top-quality consulting services, delivered by a highly professional team of experts.

The Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is a decades-old global consulting firm.

It has a team of skilled personnel for Payments and Fintech consulting who have deep expertise in payment and transaction services, global transaction banking, transaction banking operations, and transaction banking strategy. They help their clients in transforming their businesses to become future-ready.

They can assist you in various other aspects of financial sector services, which include Asset Management, Wealth Management, Retail Banking, and Wholesale Banking.

Another plus point about the platform is that they help their clients in adopting sustainable, environmentally friendly methods of operation.

Founded in: 1963
Clients: Generali Italia, Malakoff Médéric, Commonwealth Bank and more.
Number of Employees: 30,000+
Estimated Annual Revenue: $11.7 Billion
Average Per Hour Rate: Contact directly to know about the prices.

Features/Services Offered:

  • Helps in building cutting-edge strategies for financial institutions and driving fintech innovation in payments.
  • Assists in investment management, marketing, and sales.
  • Helps in business transformation, thus leading to growth and competitive advantage.
  • Advisory services for M&A and Post-Merger Integration, Acquirer Revenue Enhancement, Digital Wallets, and more.


  • Helps its clients in realizing climate change and sustainability agendas.
  • Fraud detection tools.
  • An all-in-one platform to help businesses in making better business strategies.


  • Prices are a bit high.

Verdict: Many of the world’s largest companies trust The Boston Consulting Group for their business’s growth aspects. The company claims that its clients have realized a reduction in costs and an improvement in sales productivity.

Their team of consultants is highly professional. The years of experience that they have, plus their knowledge about market conditions and their expertise in the new technology makes them stand apart.

Website: Boston Consulting Group

#5) Capgemini

Best for large businesses with diverse, complex consultancy requirements.


Capgemini is a leading Fintech consulting company. It is a team of experienced personnel coming from 50+ countries. They have deep industry knowledge about plenty of sectors. An independent professional services research firm, ‘Source Global Research’, has ranked Capgemini Research Institute as #1, for their thought leadership.

Adobe, AWS, Dassault Systems, Duck Creek, Google Cloud, Guidewire, IBM, Intel, Majesco, Microsoft, MuleSoft, Oracle, Pega, Red Hat, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, Temenos and VMware are their technology partners.

Their works are guided by the values of honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, fun, modesty, and team spirit. They have committed to be 100% on renewable electricity by the year 2025.

Founded in: 1967
Number of Employees: 3,25,000
Estimated Annual Revenue: $23.3 Billion
Average Per Hour Rate: Contact directly to know the prices.

Features/Services Offered:

  • Assists in strategy making and business transformation with the help of technology expertise, data science, and creative design.
  • Development, modernization, extension, and security of IT and digital environments.
  • Engineering intelligent products, operations, and services at scale.
  • Business process outsourcing services that help in achieving more efficiency and operational excellence.


  • They focus on sustainability.
  • IT, Cloud, OT, IoT Security, EndPoint Protection, Threat Intelligence, and Threat Hunting tools.


  • Some of the clients have stated that they faced issues at the beginning of their project.

Verdict: Capgemini gets 4.2/5 stars for client satisfaction. 85% of the 200 largest public companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list are their clients. I found their services to be most suitable for large enterprises. Small businesses may find their costs to be a bit high.

Website: Capgemini

#6) Northfield Information Services

Best for advanced analytical risk assessment and wealth management tools.

Northfield - Fintech Consulting Companies

Northfield is a globally acclaimed platform that provides risk management analytics to be used by Institutional Asset Managers, Plan Sponsors, and Asset Owners. Their services are also available for purposes like Wealth Management, Family Office, Banking, and Insurance.

Northfield has recently launched its online platform with the name NEXUS, which offers you the complete functionalities of its analytical software. The software is powerful enough to handle thousands of portfolios at a time to streamline wealth management organizations.

Founded in: 1985
Clients: 200+
Number of Developers: 30+
Estimated Annual Revenue: $6 million
Average Per Hour Rate: Contact directly to get a price quote.

Features/Services Offered:

  • Institutional asset management services, including identification, measurement, and control of risks for return strategies.
  • Hosted consulting services and risk systems to help plan sponsors and asset owners in conducting “What if” scenario analysis.
  • Asset allocation and tax optimization analytics tools to help portfolio managers in wealth management.
  • Their Risk Management System can be used by Banking and Insurance company portfolio managers for monitoring and controlling risk.


  • Helps financial organizations in making better business decisions.

Verdict: The company has raised $214k of funding to date. The user-friendly analytical tools that they offer prove to be highly useful for financial managers in managing the risks and returns of investments, conducting ‘what-if’ scenarios, and much more.

I would recommend Northfield Information Services to startups as well as large businesses.

Website: Northfield Information Services

#7) Deloitte

Best for offering world-class, experienced service providers.

Deloitte - Fintech Consulting Companies

Deloitte is a popular, over 175 years old company. Their experience and expertise in their field make them stand apart. This Canadian company works by consolidating the data in order to improve efficiency for financial institutions.

Their industry-leading practices assist organizations in configuration rollout, system testing, and change management for the organization’s employees and in automating and improving the year-end process.

Their Fintech solutions include Financial and accounting maturity, Internal Controls, Technology resiliency and security, Regulatory compliance and risk, Partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, Global market expansion, and more.

Founded in: 1845
Clients: Boeing, Metlife, Microsoft, GM, and more.
Number of employees: 415,000
Estimated Annual Revenue: $50.2 billion
Average Per Hour Rate: Contact directly to get a price quote.

How they work:


Features/Services Offered:

  • Offers insights and a multidimensional approach for advising Fintechs.
  • Their solutions include a wide range of sectors and domains including Insurtech, Proptech, lending, payments, Wealthtech, challenger banks, trading tech, digital currency/exchanges, and Regtech.
  • Helps in automating the tax process.
  • Audit and assurance services.
  • Risk and financial advisory services.
  • Regulatory and consulting services.


  • Lets you adapt to the sustainable methods of operation.
  • Artificial intelligence and analytics services for helping you achieve your desired business results.
  • Gives full life cycle fintech solutions.

Verdict: Deloitte is trusted by many of the most influential companies in the world. It owns 60 percent of the companies listed in the 2020 Forbes Fintech 50 as its clients. The platform is currently delivering its services to startups, technology companies, retail/e-commerce companies, and financial institutions.

Website: Deloitte

#8) Asamby Consulting Firm

Best for all-inclusive consulting services for small businesses.

Asamby - Fintech Consulting Companies

Asamby Consulting Firm is a trusted company that provides advisory services for growing businesses. They assist small companies and start-ups in their scaling process. Their services are suitable for businesses from all industries.

Their projects last for about 1 to 18 months. Their signature consulting program Streamline8 is five months long.

Per-hour Rate: Contact directly to get a price quote

Features/Services Offered:

  • Operations development services to help you attain an 8-figure revenue.
  • Process designing, improvement, and documentation.
  • Tech stack reviews, tool implementation, and automation.
  • Strategy, execution, and leadership development services.

Verdict: Companies from all over the world, including WAC Travel, Merak. Capital and other trusted Asamby Consulting Firms, for adopting best practices and gaining great outcomes. The company has delivered 51 successful projects to date and has been awarded as ‘The top business consultant’ by Clutch in 2021.

I would recommend the platform to small businesses.

Website: Asamby Consulting Firm

#9) MindStream Analytics

Best for offering consulting solutions for a wide range of domains and for financial organizations.

MindStream - Fintech Consulting Companies

MindStream Analytics is a leading Fintech consulting firm. It helps organizations during different tasks like planning, budgeting, forecasting, streamlining financial closing, training, strategy making, EPM/CPM solutions, and more.

I found the customer reviews of the platform to be quite impressive. They help businesses in making fact-based, better decisions for growth.

Features/Services Offered:

  • Helps companies in acquiring, implementing, hosting, and managing strategic finance solutions.
  • Helps in making better analysis and insight into your data.
  • Their Andragogy Methodology for Adult Learning helps in targeting all users with the most appropriate content.
  • Their advisory and consulting team helps companies in making a vision and transforming it into reality.

Verdict: MindStream Analytics offers its customers world-class consulting services for business intelligence and analytic tool selection, predictive modeling development, real-time streaming analytics, profitability costing models, and much more.

Website: MindStream Analytics


In this era of technical innovation and extreme competition among businesses of almost every industry, one must adopt the best, sustainable practices of operations, so as to retain in the market.

For that purpose, consulting services have come into being. These service providers, using their own experiences and technical expertise, advise and assist the growing companies in making wise business decisions.

As per our research, Vention, Accenture, Itexus, The Boston Consulting Group, Capgemini, Northfield Information Services, Deloitte, Asamby Consulting Firm, and MindStream Analytics are the top Fintech consulting services providers.

I would suggest Itexus, Asamby Consulting Firm, Northfield Information Services, and MindStream Analytics for small businesses with growth potential. Vention, Accenture, The Boston Consulting Group, Capgemini, and Deloitte are highly recommended platforms for large businesses with complex working models.

Research Process:

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  • Total Fintech Consulting Companies Researched Online: 32
  • Top Fintech Consulting Companies Shortlisted for Review: 9
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