11 BEST Hadoop Consulting, Development & Support Companies

Are you looking for a good Hadoop consulting and development service provider company to manage your big bulk of data? Read this review of top Hadoop Consulting, Development and support Companies: 

You can find a list of the best Hadoop consulting and development companies in this article.

Hadoop is an open-source software framework that allows the storage and processing of big data sets. It is highly useful for businesses that want to get insights from their huge loads of complex data so that they can make better, more strategic decisions.

The Hadoop framework is written in Java language.

Hadoop Consulting & Development Services

Hadoop Consulting & Development Companies

Hadoop allows the making of a cluster of computers, which helps in the analysis of massive datasets in parallel. This makes data storage and processing significantly less expensive.

Several companies offer Hadoop consulting and development services. They usually offer the following solutions:

  • Designing, planning, and developing Hadoop-based solutions
  • Data storage, ingestion, data modeling, data wrangling, and more
  • AI-based data analytics and helpful insights
  • Complete checkup and counseling services


In this article, we have come up with a well-researched list of top Hadoop consulting and development service providers, along with detailed reviews about each one of them. Find the most suitable Hadoop Vendors for your business with the help of the abstract given below.

Market Trends: According to a report by Coherent Market Insights, the global Hadoop market is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 37.9% over the years from 2021 to 2028 and account for $404.4 billion in value, by the year 2028.

global Hadoop market

Expert Advice: Working on Hadoop is not child’s play, so you must do good research before choosing a Hadoop consulting and development company. It must be a popular and trusted name, with good customer support, so that they can understand your needs well, and deliver the most appropriate product.

Hadoop Consulting Companies FAQs

Q #1) Is Hadoop software or language?

Answer: Hadoop is an open-source software framework, written in Java language. It helps businesses in handling large sets of data, and analyzing them, to get actionable insights.

Q #2) What does a Hadoop developer do?

Answer: A Hadoop developer builds a custom Hadoop application by undertaking the coding and programming processes while taking into consideration the need to tackle big data problems.

Q #3) Is Hadoop good for your career?

Answer: Yes. Hadoop is emerging as a leader in the application development market, due to increasing competition among businesses and the increasing need to adopt more strategic, data-driven practices. Thus, the number of opportunities is also going to expand at a fast rate.

Q #4) What is big data consulting?

Answer: Big data consulting refers to the services offered for handling and processing the large and complex data of businesses including customers’ behavior, market trends, etc., to get actionable insights, which can eventually help in making better business decisions.

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List of Top Hadoop Consulting & Development Companies

Some popular Hadoop Solutions:

  1. ScienceSoft (Recommended)
  2. Aegis
  3. Guavus
  4. Sixth Sense IT
  5. ThirdEye Data Inc.
  6. AppStudio
  7. Cignex
  8. Intellias
  9. Iflexion
  10. Dev.Pro
  11. Cloudera

Comparing the Best Hadoop Development Companies

CompanyBest forAverage per hour rateMost suitable for
ScienceSoftDesign, development, support, and evolution of big data solutions based on any technologies of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.$50 - $99Mid to large sized businesses.
AegisAn all-inclusive Hadoop development services provider. $25Businesses of all sizes.
GuavusData analyticsContact directly to know the fees. Startups and businesses of all sizes
Sixth Sense ITAffordable Hadoop development services. $25 - $49Small to mid sized businesses
ThirdEye Data Inc. End-to-end AI based data management services$25 - $49Startups as well as businesses of all sizes.

Detailed reviews:

#1) ScienceSoft (Recommended)

Best for the design, development, support, and evolution of big data solutions based on Apache Hadoop and related technologies.


ScienceSoft is a trusted technology partner that helps enterprises and software product companies plan and build robust Hadoop-based solutions. The company has 34 years of experience in software development, data analytics, and data science, and 10 years in end-to-end big data solution development.

ScienceSoft’s team of 700+ professionals is ready to design and deliver operational and analytical big data solutions of any complexity. They can ensure 1.5–2x faster development and reduce project costs by 20–50% due to high productivity, outstanding proficiency in big data and AI/ML technologies, mature processes, and strong Agile and DevOps cultures.

In support services, they promise to resolve serious incidents in less than 8 hours and roll out comprehensive patches and hotfixes in less than 24h.

The company is widely known for its data science expertise, transparent contracts and pricing, and motivation to bring value. 62% of ScienceSoft’s revenue comes from its long-term customers that stay with the company for 2+ years.

For the 2nd year in a row, the company gets recognized by The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) – ScienceSoft is on its 2023 Global Outsourcing 100 List.

Founded In: 1989
Headquarters: McKinney, TX, US
Number of Employees: 700+
Estimated Annual Revenue: $32 million
Tech Stack: Java, .NET, Python, R, Amazon EMR, Azure HDInsight, HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Apache Spark, Apache Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Apache Flume, Hive, HBase, Mahout, Matlab, Amazon Machine Learning, Azure Machine Learning, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins.
Average per-hour rate: $50–$99
Clients: IBM, Deloitte, eBay, Walmart, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Leo Burnett, Lixar, and Viber.

Services Offered:

  • Auditing and improving existing Hadoop-based solutions.
  • Designing and implementing new Hadoop-based solutions.
  • Big data QA and testing.
  • Migration of Hadoop-based solutions to the cloud/to vanilla Hadoop.
  • Hadoop-based solution monitoring, proactive and reactive support.
  • Evolution


  • 700+ experts on board, including IT consultants, big data architects, Hadoop developers, Java, .NET, Python developers, DataOps engineers, and more.
  • AI/ML expertise.
  • Hands-on experience in 30+ industries, including BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecoms.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified to ensure the quality of the services provided and the security of the customers’ data.
  • Microsoft Solution Partner.
  • AWS Select Tier Services Partner.
  • Ready to conduct a feasibility study before the project starts and promptly deliver a PoC.
  • Compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST SF, ISO 13485, GDPR, and more.

Verdict: With its quality-first approach, transparency, and predictable performance, we see ScienceSoft as the best partner for large, business-critical Hadoop-related projects.

#2) Aegis

Best for offering all-inclusive Hadoop development services.


Aegis is a leading Hadoop consulting and development services provider. Solutions offered by the company include Hadoop development and deployment, data transformation, ETL, real-time data processing, data modeling, cloud deployments, and performance tuning.

Their services are available for several industries including Aerospace & Defence, Agriculture, Automotive, Communication Services, Consumer Packaged Goods, Education, Financial Services, Healthcare IT, High Technology, Industrial Manufacturing, Digital Publishing, Insurance, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Digital Mining, and Logistics & Distribution.

Founded In: 2005
Headquarters: Mississauga, Canada
Number of Employees: 10 – 49
Estimated Annual Revenue: $8.9 million
Tech Stack: Java, Python, Hadoop, Cloudera, Databricks BI, .Net Development, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, Tableau BI, Snowflake, Magento, AI, Machine Learning, Apache Spark, Node.js.
Average per-hour rate: $25 per hour
Clients: Zydus, Xtreme Productivity, Efacec, Sunzinet, Gemoro, PointRF, Arise, and more.

Services Offered:

  • Hadoop Architecture Design
  • Development of a customized platform for your business
  • Complete checkup and consultation services
  • Hadoop optimization services, including customizing the platform as per the current trends and business requirements.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Offers regular monitoring services to check the health status of the platform.
  • Quick data analysis tools
  • Reduces cost of big data deployment

Verdict: Aegis is one of the popular Hadoop Consulting services with a team of experts in Hadoop and data analytics. They offer cost-effective, secure, scalable, customized solutions to businesses. The customer reviews the company to be very nice. The app maintenance services that they offer are praiseworthy.

Website: Aegis

#3) Guavus

Best for data analytics, suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Guavus - Hadoop Consulting & Development

Guavus helps businesses in driving more value from their data, using the advanced AI/ML-based analytical tools that they offer.

It is an Analytics Leader & Innovator which has grabbed plenty of prestigious awards. The real-time analytics offered by Guavus helps businesses in making better strategies and safeguarding operations from threats. Their analytical tools adhere to industry standards and are vendor agnostic.

Founded In: 2006
Headquarters: San Jose, CA, USA
Number of Employees: 201 – 500
Estimated Annual Revenue: $18.3 million
Tech Stack: Oracle, Snowflake, Apache Spark, Hive, SQL Stream, Kafka, XML, Amazon Kinesis
Average per hour rate: Contact directly to find out the fees.
Clients: Cisco, Amazon, Verizon, Walmart, and more.

Features/Services Offered:

  • Application development and consultation
  • Real-time threat detection and analytics
  • Data discovery and data wrangling
  • AI-driven big data analytics


  • Real-time response to complex queries
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes

Verdict: Guavus claims to reduce the MTTR & poor QoE for VoLTE subscribers by up to 50% and has predicted 40% hardware failures up to 12 hours before it has a customer impact. They deliver real-time responses to complex queries and reduce the amount of data stored by up to 90%.

Website: Guavus

#4) Sixth Sense IT

Best for offering affordable Hadoop development services.

Sixth sense IT

Sixth Sense IT is a secure, Hadoop consulting and development services provider.

The company has delivered its services to more than 3,000 global clients to date. The industries served by Sixth Sense IT include Automotive, Banking, Consumer Goods, Engineering & Construction, Government, Healthcare, Hi-Tech, Insurance, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, Professional Services, Retail, Media, and more.

Founded In: 2009
Headquarters: Indore, India
Number of Employees: 10 – 49
Estimated Annual Revenue: $49.1 million
Average per hour rate: $25 – $49
Clients: Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Lootel Smart Cafe, Army Air Defense College, Australian Academy of Trades, and more.

Services Offered:

  • Custom Software Development Services
  • Mobile and web solutions
  • Technology Consulting Services
  • IoT automation solutions
  • Client Relationship Management solutions


  • ISO 9001:2015 certified platform
  • Affordable services

Verdict: Sixth Sense IT is a reliable platform for Hadoop software development and consulting services. We recommend Sixth Sense IT for small to midsize businesses. Their support services are good. The company is known to deliver affordable software development solutions.

Website: Sixth Sense IT

#5) ThirdEye Data Inc.

Best for end-to-end data and AI services.

ThirdEye Data - Hadoop Consulting & Development

ThirdEye Data Inc. is a global end-to-end data and AI services provider. Their advanced data and AI technologies help businesses in making better decisions. They are currently delivering services to IT, Retail, Energy, Oil & Natural Gas, Manufacturing, AdTech, Healthcare, NGOs, and more industries.

Founded In: 2010
Headquarters: San Jose, CA, USA
Number of Employees: 50 – 249
Estimated Annual Revenue: $5 million
Tech Stack: Apache Storm, Apache Spark, MongoDB, TensorFlow, Hive, Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra, Qlik, and more.
Average per hour rate: $25 – $49
Clients: Microsoft, Walmart, Southern California Edison, Nokia, FreedomPop, and more.

Services Offered:

  • Data engineering services that provide insights to make well-informed and timely business decisions
  • Data analytics to help businesses in increasing revenues, improving operational efficiency, and respond to market trends
  • AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning technologies that provide end-to-end Data & AI services & solutions
  • Consulting and Hadoop Development Services


  • Reasonable prices
  • Quality services
  • Out-of-the-box IoT Solutions

Verdict: ThirdEye Data Inc. delivers its services to businesses of all sizes. The customer reviews of the platform are quite impressive. Several Fortune 100 companies trust ThirdEye Data Inc. for app development, consulting, and data analytics.

Website: ThirdEye Data Inc.

#6) AppStudio

Best for quick and in-budget app development as we as product management services.


AppStudio is a leading Canadian app development firm. The platform delivers its services to government, healthcare, education, and many other industries.

AppStudio has a 70% client retention rate and adopts agile processes and the latest technologies, to deliver its products.

Founded In: 2009
Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
Number of Employees: 10 – 49
Estimated Annual Revenue: $5.2 million
Tech Stack: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, WordPress, and more.
Average per-hour rate: $50 – $99
Clients: SirenMD, Mississauga, Alpha Match, Roku, Settlyt, Braze, AWS, and more.

Services Offered:

  • Mobile App Development Services
  • Product management services include proper communication with customers, media, analysts, and partners, analyzing the product, defining product strategy, and more
  • Strategy and Consulting Services
  • Analytics using AI and NLP


  • Expertise in developing scalable, feature-rich, scalable web and mobile apps
  • On-time, within-budget delivery of products
  • Excellent customer support

Verdict: AppStudio is a trusted web and mobile app development company. They claim to have a 94% customer satisfaction rate and have been nominated in 2018, 2019, and 2020 as the Best App Agency of the Year.

Their product management services can be highly beneficial for startups. We highly recommend AppStudio to startups, as well as businesses of all sizes.

Website: AppStudio

#7) Cignex

Best for custom software development at affordable prices.

Cignex - Hadoop Consulting & Development

Cignex is an over 22-year-old global Hadoop consulting company. It offers solutions and services in Open Source, Cloud, and Automation technologies. Daiichi-Sankyo, Cisco, Hershey’s, Fresenius Medical Care, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and DXC.technology are some of its clients.

Average Hourly Rate: Contact directly to find out the fees.

Services Offered:

  • Application development that helps in the digital transformation of the businesses
  • UX/UI services including conceptualization, design, development, theme integration, site optimization, and more
  • Identity and access management solutions include multi-factor authentication, user lifecycle management, and more.
  • Risk Assessment and Prevention Solutions

Verdict: Cignex has delivered over 900 enterprise solutions to more than 500 customers globally. Their services are suitable for startups as well as established, big enterprises.

They claim to reduce your total cost of ownership and provide you with technical advantage through their products. The customer reviews of the platform are quite impressive.

Website: Cignex

#8) Intellias

Best for cost-effective digital transformation services.


Intellias is a global technology platform that is a team of more than 1,000 professionals that are experts in Platform Development, Cloud Services, DevOps, Cyber security, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning & AI, Data Engineering, RPA, Blockchain, and Experience Design.

Siemens, Deloitte, LG, Tomtom, Nokia, and KIA are some of its clients.

Average Hourly Rate: $50 – $99

Features/Services Offered:

  • Digital consulting services for businesses of different sizes
  • Product Engineering Services
  • Expertise in modern as well as emerging technologies including AI/ML, IoT, data engineering, computer vision, RPA, and digital twins
  • Operations services include Cloud adoption, making migration strategies, and more.

Verdict: Intellias is a global, sustainable digital transformation services provider. Their customer support team is praiseworthy. Their services are cost-effective and of good quality. Their ability to quickly scale up or down resources, as per their needs, makes them stand out.

Website: Intellias

#9) Iflexion

Best for highly affordable and reliable custom software development services.

Iflexion - Hadoop Consulting & Development

Iflexion is a 24-year-old software development and related IT services provider. It has more than 500 customers including startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. We are a team of more than 850 engineers who work with the philosophy of understanding the client’s needs, delivering maximum value, and partnering with the clients.

Average Hourly Rate: $25 – $49

Services Offered:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Web and mobile application development
  • Application Integration
  • QA and testing services

Verdict: 94% of the customers of Ifkexion have reportedly recommended Ifkexion to their business partners, 98% of the clients have reported exceptional quality of delivered solutions and 92% of the clients say that they have received added value.

We recommend Ifkexion to startups as well as businesses of all sizes.

Website: Iflexion

#10) Dev.Pro

Best for innovative software solutions.

Dev Pro

Dev.Pro is a reliable software development platform, founded in 2011. The company is a team of over 800 skilled professionals from more than 50 countries. They deliver their services to businesses of all sizes and types.

They deliver several benefits to their clients, including agility, efficiency, fault tolerance, and scalability.

Average Hourly Rate: $25 – $49

Services Offered:

  • Cloud development services including consultancy, cost optimization, and more.
  • DevOps services
  • Software testing and QA services
  • Reporting and analytics solutions that help businesses in decision making
  • System Integration Services

Verdict: Dev.Pro is trusted by startups as well as Fortune 500 companies including Xenial, Heartland, Salesloft, Securrency, Popmenu, and more. They offer 24/7 IT support and have an over 90% of client satisfaction rate.

Website: Dev.Pro

#11) Cloudera

Best for easy-to-use, auto-scaling data services.

Cloudera - Hadoop Consulting & Development

Cloudera is a hybrid, multi-cloud data platform that helps businesses by modernizing their data stack, optimizing cloud investments, managing data movement with ultimate flexibility, and providing businesses with unified security.

The industries covered by Cloudera include Financial services, Telecommunications, Public Sector, Retail & Consumer Goods, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Health & Life Sciences.

Average Hourly Rate: Contact directly to find out the fees.

Services Offered:

  • Helps businesses in transforming their complex data into actionable insights
  • Data Engineering, Visibility, and Security Solutions
  • Data Warehouse and Machine Learning Data Services
  • SCP-certified support anywhere in the world

Verdict: Cloudera is a highly trusted and reputed platform for data management. Companies like Vodafone, Morgan Stanley, LG, PWC, and M&S are some of its clients. The customer reviews for Cloudera are impressive.

Website: Cloudera


Our study of Hadoop consulting and development companies suggests that the top players in the market are ScienceSoft, Aegis, Guavus, Sixth Sense IT, ThirdEye Data Inc., AppStudio, Cignex, Intellias, Iflexion, Dev.Pro and Cloudera.

The Hadoop market is reportedly expanding at an expeditious rate, due to the reason that it makes the processing of big data a lot more affordable. The use of Hadoop makes the deep study of market trends easier and more efficient.

Thus, given the numerous benefits of Hadoop, businesses are looking forward to grabbing the benefits of it. But since it is not easy to find good service providers from the big lot, one must look for the customer ratings of the service provider, before opting for one.

Research Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: We spent 16 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarised list of companies with a comparison of the top 5 for your quick review.
  • Total Companies Researched Online: 34
  • Top Companies Shortlisted for Review: 11
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