Wondershare PixCut Review: AI-Aided Photo Editing Application

Explore the features of Wondershare PixCut – a web-based image background remover tool in this hands-on review:

Everybody today carries a smartphone that can easily click high-definition pictures. This, combined with the popularity of platforms like Instagram, has turned photography into a global obsession of sorts.

That being said, people aren’t simply satisfied by clicking photos anymore. They want those images to be suitably enhanced and tweaked before they are uploaded online for everyone to see.

This is where photo editing applications come into play. Although they have become more user-friendly as of late, using an editor, especially to only erase an image’s background, can seem like a frustratingly tedious endeavor.

Wondershare PixCut

What if you don’t want to download a separate software simply to remove an image’s background? What if there was a considerably convenient alternative to traditional photo editors that allowed you to automatically remove background or watermark from images within seconds?

This article will focus on one such web-based tool that best exemplifies the convenience we are talking about.

So without much further ado, let’s look into one of the most inventive and highly intuitive AI-Aided background Removers we’ve ever encountered – Wondershare PixCut.

Introduction To Wondershare PixCut

PixCut is a web-based image background remover tool. Powered by the latest AI technology, it can automatically remove the background from any type of image, irrespective of what format that image is in.

Aside from removing image background, the tool also helps you remove watermarks, enhance an image, clear blurry backgrounds, and add a custom background to your images in just a few simple steps.

PixCut is basically free-to-use with a flexible pricing plan who wants to enjoy all of its features without limitations. It is user-friendly as well. You don’t need to read lengthy instruction manuals or follow tutorials to operate this tool.

Although the tool comes with a desktop app, you’ll find its web-based version more than sufficient to get the job done. Simply open the site, upload the image that needs editing, and let the application do the rest.

Most recently, PixCut launched a desktop software that can remove background from images in bulk on both Windows and macOS. To make things even more convenient, it also comes with its own Android mobile application, which facilitates background removal on the move.

With this review, we would like to take a deeper look at all major aspects of PixCut. So after a hands-on approach with the tool, we will share our thoughts about its UI, features, and pricing, and ultimately conclude whether it is indeed the best image background remover out there or not.

Known Specifications

Browser SupportSupports all modern browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer
Desktop SupportWindows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10, MacOS 10.11 and above (64 bit OS)
Mobile App SupportAndroid 9.0 and above (API Level 28)
PriceFlexible pricing plan - Starts at $4.99 for 5 credits, Free Version Available

User Interface

User Interface

Right off the bat, Wondershare PixCut impresses you with a minimalistic design that forgoes fancy visuals for a plain and simple look. It still looks gorgeous, of course. You can tell the effort invested into making the UI as user-friendly as possible by how everything is positioned on the tool’s home page itself. Everything is spaced appropriately to be visible and easily accessible.

You are instantly greeted with a large ‘Upload Image’ tab, wherein you have to add an image for automatic background removal. Alternatively, you can drag and drop an image in this section as well. Just below the giant blue tab, you will see a few sample images that you can use to test the tool’s various functions.

Scrolling below will lead you to a small 3-step tutorial that explains how PixCut’s AI-assisted background remover works. You will be introduced to the rest of its features, which include bulk background removal, watermark removal, and image enhancer. You can start with any of these functions by simply clicking on ‘Try it now’ mentioned below in each of these sections.

Initiating any of the functions will redirect you to a workstation wherein you can perform further editing or enhancement tasks on the image. We will look into this aspect later as we review all of its different features separately.


#1) AI-Powered Background Remover

AI-Powered Background Remover

This feature is undoubtedly Wondershare PixCut’s USP. No other tool leverages the power of modern AI like it does in a bid to automatically remove a background from any type of image. The process itself is very simple.

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All you have to do is follow the below 3 simple steps:

  1. Upload or drop the image on the section of the site, which clearly displays a giant blue ‘Upload Image’ tab. You can also choose to copy-paste or paste the URL of an image here.
  2. The application will automatically detect and remove the background of the uploaded image.
  3. You can download the image with a transparent background of high 2000*1502 quality if you are using a paid version of the tool. Free users can still download the processed image in standard 576*433 quality. You will be also able to download the high-quality image with an added watermark for free.

choose to add a custom background

Aside from background removal, you can choose to add a custom background to the image before downloading the processed file. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click on ‘change background’ mentioned on top of the edited image.
  2. It will redirect you to a dashboard, wherein you will have a giant preview of your edited image on the right and a section with background samples to choose from on the left. You can change the color of your background, add a new image from PixCut’s library or upload your own image from the system to add as a background.
  3. Once ready, simply click on the download button you can easily spot on the top-right corner of your screen. It will download your edited image in PNG format.

The process is very simple and incredibly fast. The tool removed the background of the image we fed it within seconds.

#2) Bulk Background Removal

2 – Bulk Background Removal

If you want to edit multiple images simultaneously, then this tool is for you as it supports bulk image background removal. This tool allows you to remove backgrounds from up to 30 images at a time. To initiate bulk removal, you have to do the following:

  1. Select the ‘Bulk Background Remove’ feature, which will redirect you to a page that instructs you to upload images.
  2. You can upload, drop, or paste multiple images here, up to 30 max.
  3. After uploading images, you will be redirected to a final page wherein you can adjust the number of images that need processing simultaneously. You can add more images or delete files from the bunch.
  4. Once done, simply click on ‘Start to Remove’ to remove the background from all uploaded images.

To test this feature, we uploaded 5 images and were pleasantly surprised by how fast and accurate the tool was in detecting and removing the background of all 5 images. The tool was done with the removal in a matter of seconds.

#3) Watermark Removal

Watermark Removal

The ability to easily remove watermark from images is another one of its features that makes the tool really competitive. Removing watermarks or any unwanted object from your image with PixCut is as simple as a walk in the park.

To initiate this process, select ‘Remove Watermark’ and do the following:

  1. Upload, drag and drop, or paste the image you want to edit.
  2. After uploading, you will be redirected to a page with a preview of your image at display and a brushstroke to highlight the parts of the image you want to remove.
  3. Proceed to brush the watermark or any other unwanted object on the image and click ‘Remove Objects’
  4. Download the end result.

The brush you are acquainted with comes in a default size of 10px. You can adjust the brushstroke size as per your preference. To download the image with the watermark removed, you will, of course, have to buy credits from either the tool’s personal or business plan.

#4) Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image

This tool offers a simple image enlargement feature wherein you can enlarge your uploaded image by 4 times without any noticeable loss in quality.

To enlarge images, go to the ‘Enlarge’ section and do the following:

  1. Upload, drop, or paste the image you want to enlarge.
  2. The tool will automatically enlarge the photo within seconds as soon as it is uploaded.
  3. The image is zoomed to 400% and can now be downloaded in high definition.

Additional Solutions

#5) Desktop Software

#5) Desktop Software

PixCut’s desktop software expertly replicates its web-based counterpart’s AI-powered background removal function. To test the desktop version, we uploaded 3 HQ JPG images and remove their background. Once we hit the ‘Start to remove’ button, the tool was finished processing all 3 images in just under a minute.

The edited images are saved automatically in a folder created by PixCut on your desktop. You can also select a different destination path to save the images. The software is compatible with both 64-bit Windows and Mac OS systems. There are future plans that entail both versions being equipped with a customized background editor.

We’ll have to exercise patience to try that feature out once it has been integrated with the software.

#6) Android Mobile Application

The Mobile Application is still a work in progress. However, Wondershare is still offering an early access version of the tool to Android users. This version allows you to remove background from images while on the move. We can anticipate this app to have more of the core features soon.

#7) Figma Plugin

A PixCut Plugin for Figma considerably simplifies the process of UI designing on the Figma platform. The plugin allows you to remove background from up to 60 images without charging a dime. Once the plugin has been installed, simply right-click any image on Figma and run ‘background removal’ to instantly erase its background.

#8) Shopify

If you run an online store in Shopify, then you might benefit immensely from PixCut’s Shopify exclusive plugin. The plugin can remove or change the background of your product image. Developers are also planning to launch a customized background editor for Shopify pretty soon.

#9) API Integration

The tool also offers API keys that allow developers to integrate the tool into their application with just a few lines of code. You can get your API key by purchasing credits through PixCut’s personal or business plan. A successful API call will cost you 1 credit.



PixCut is a free-to-use tool if you want to remove background from images and download them in standard quality. The free version also allows you to enlarge images but with added watermark. Buy credits via its personal or business plans to download HQ background removed images, enlarge photos without watermarks, remove a watermark and get a PixCut API.

The Personal plan can be availed with a monthly subscription plan that starts at 6.99USD for 50 credits. There is also a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ plan that starts at 4.99USD for 5 credits.

The Business plan can be availed with a monthly subscription plan that starts at 169.99 USD for 2000 credits. This plan also comes with a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ model that starts at 269.99 USD for 2000 credits.

Pros And Cons

Merits Demerits
One-Click AI-Powered Image Background RemovalFree service with limited functionality.
Minimalistic Design and User-Friendly Interface
Add Custom Background
Zoom image by 400% without loss in quality
Easy watermark removal
Remove background from up to 30 images simultaneously
Dedicated macOS and Windows software
User-Friendly Mobile Application
Flexible Pricing Model

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Wondershare PixCut is an easy-to-use image background remover that utilizes the power of the most modern AI to accurately detect and erase backgrounds from almost all types of images. The tool possesses a simplistic UI, which adds to the convenience of using this tool for your photo editing endeavors.

The tool facilitates a broad range of applications for a variety of different purposes. Photographers and graphic designers can use the tool to quickly remove background from their images. The tool is a godsend for eCommerce entrepreneurs who can use this tool to erase or change the background of their product images with just a single click.

We recommend this tool as a robust alternative to traditional photo-editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, which makes the process of editing unwanted objects from photos needlessly complicated. For personal reasons or commercial purposes, PixCut is a tool we have no qualms recommending for quick and easy image background removal.

You can visit Wondershare PixCut’s official site to learn more.