Top 11 BEST Text To Speech Software [2021 Review]

An extensive list of popular Text to Speech Software with features, pricing, and comparison. Select the best text-to-speech software from here:

Text to speech is a specialized speech synthesis application that reads digital and written aloud. The application has several use cases and is used by everyone, right from professionals and students to small children and adults.

Text to speech tools is extremely helpful for the visually impaired and people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. The software also assists people in learning to speak a new language and helps them overcome language barriers.

Top Text to Speech Software

In this tutorial, we will list down the best text to speech software out there. We’ve rounded up the best free text-to-speech tools, as well as, the paid version to help you choose the ideal solution for your needs.
Fact Check: Experts project the global text-to-speech market to grow by USD 1.76 billion between 2018-2022, according to Technavio.

Technavio Survey

Pro-Tips: If you have limited use of text-to-speech software, then it’s best to go for free tools; there are plenty of them available. However, if you seek advanced features and don’t like restrictions on usage, then paid versions are ideal.

Amongst paid text-to-speech tools, you should look for text to speech software with natural voices enabled. A top-rated solution should offer real-time speech features and have a simple & usable interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is Text-to-Speech software?

Answer: Text-to-speech (TTS) is an assistive technology meant to read text aloud. The sound we listen to through TTS solutions is computer-generated, and we can control the reading speed by speeding it up or slowing it down.

Q #2) Is voice quality the same in every text-to-speech tool?

Answer: Voice quality can vary depending on which solution you use, but some solutions use human voices, with premium solutions using voices of acclaimed narrators such as David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman.

You can even make the sound similar to the sound of how children speak. Many tools also highlight the text they are reading, especially in online web page readers and even in audiobooks.

Q #3) How can we use Text to Speech software?

Answer: There are several ways to use this technology. Some tools extract words from a digital document or an online web page and read it for users. Other tools can even transform the hand-written text into speech using advanced technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Text-to-speech software is available on a range of devices and works on most personal digital devices, such as laptops, computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Q #4) How does text to speech work?

Answer: A majority of text to speech solutions work similarly. Users upload either a text file or type in the text they must convert to voice. After that, they select from the voices available and see which sound is perfect for the voiceover.

Many TTS solutions rely on some variant of OCR technology. OCR helps us to recognize written and digital text and extract it from documents and images. For instance, if you click a picture of a street sign, the tool will read the words written on it.

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List of Top Text to Speech Software

Here is a list of popular text to speech tools:

  1. Murf
  2. iSpring Suite
  3. Speechelo
  4. Notevibes
  5. NaturalReader
  6. Linguatec Voice Reader
  7. Capti Voice
  8. VoiceDream
  9. Wideo
  10. From Text to Speech
  11. NextUp Technologies
  12. Azure Text to Speech
  13. Google Cloud Text-to-Speech
  14. Amazon Polly

Comparison of Best Text to Speech Solutions

Text to Speech SoftwareFeaturesPriceBest ForRatings
MurfCustomizing voice-over, adding pause, editing voice-over, etc. Free,
Basic: $13/month,
Pro: $26/month, & Enterprise: $69/month onwards.
Providing the powerful features to create voice-over videos. 5/5
iSpring Suite· Intuitive interface
· Lifelike voice generator
· 145 Natural and 159 Standard voices
· 52 languages
· 4,000 characters
· Voice-over editing
· 30-day free trial
· iSpring Suite: $770 per author/year
· iSpring Suite Max (premium edition): $970 per author/year
Create eLearning courses, video tutorials, and PPT presentations with voice-overs.4.7/5
Speechelo23 languages, change speed & pitch, voice tones, breathing & pauses. One-time payment $47. Cloud-based solution to create voiceover. 4.8/5
Notevibes · Realistic voice generator
· Read Text Aloud
· Save Your Audio As MP3
· 47 Natural Voices
· 200 – 1,000,000 Characters
Limited Free Online Usage
Personal Pack: $9/month | $84/ year ($7/month)
Commercial Pack: $90/month | $840/year ($70/month)
Commercial use, as well as personal usage and learning 5/5
Natural Reader· Built-in OCR
· Choice of interfaces
· Built-in browser
· Dyslexic-friendly font

7-day free trial
Single plan: $49
Team Plan (4 users): $79
Personal use and learning, especially for dyslexic learners4.8/5
Linguatec Voice Reader· Fast conversion of text to audio
· Dynamic changing between male and female voices
· Customized voices through control of pitch, volume and speaking speed
· Simple pronunciation correction through user dictionaries
· High data throughput for fast response times
Open-source – free version available
Personal (available only online): $29.99/sensor
Business (available via Credit Card or Purchase Order): $399/sensor
People learning to speak a foreign language4.7/5
Capti Voice· Speech tracking word by word
· Cross-device sync
· Screen-reader accessibility
· Advanced text navigation
· Offline use
1 Week Free Trial
1 Month: $ 1.99
6 Months: $9.99
12 Months: $19.99
Personal learning and improving productivity4.6/5
Voicedream · Reading Modes
· Audio Controls
· Visual Controls
· Library Management
Free version
iOS app: $14.99
Android: $9.99
Best text-to-speech mobile app for iOS users4.4/5

Let us review these tools in detail:

#1) Murf

Murf – Best for providing powerful features to create voice-overs for eLearning, videos & presentations.

Murf Dashboard

Murf is a text-based voice-over maker. You can type your script or upload your voice recording and the tool converts it into hyper-realistic AI voices. Murf provides the voices that are trained on professional voice-over artists. It checks the voices for multiple parameters. Murf can be used for representing the brand, product, business, presentation, etc.


  • Murf will let you generate voice-overs from the text. It also lets you convert your voice into editable text and then you can edit it like a word document or convert it into AI voice.
  • Murf Studio has the capabilities of syncing the time of your voice-over with the visuals.
  • Murf offers more than 100 realistic voices across 19 languages.
  • It also offers the features of adding pauses, changing the speed of narration, emphasis, etc.
  • It contains many more capabilities like checking the script with grammar assistant, adding free background music, trimming video & music, and many more.
  • If you are an enterprise looking to create voiceovers at scale, Murf provides advanced team collaboration features, access control, pronunciation library, and SLA.

Verdict: Murf is a platform for creating and adding voice-overs to your media quickly. It is easy to use and super-friendly for beginners. It offers a lot of features that include editing of the voice-overs.

Price: Murf offers the solution with four pricing plans i.e. Free, Basic ($13/month), Pro ($26/month), and Enterprise ($69/month onwards).

Murf Pricing

#2) iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite – Best For creating eLearning courses, video tutorials, and PowerPoint presentations with voice-overs, and localizing content fast.

iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is a robust solution for creating online courses that features a built-in text-to-speech tool. With iSpring, you don’t have to look for a narrator to record a voice-over for a course or a video tutorial. It can convert text into natural-sounding speech in a couple of clicks.

You just need to paste the text into the editor, select the language, and choose the voice that has the right feel for your project. And your voice-over is ready to go.

Plus, for slide-based courses and video tutorials, iSpring Suite allows you to create interactive quizzes, dialogue simulations, and interactions. What’s also great is that it works right in PowerPoint.


  • iSpring Suite offers 300+ natural-sounding voices.
  • It supports 52 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • You can edit a narration easily: remove unnecessary fragments or insert additional text.
  • It has many more capabilities like building courses, quizzes, and role-plays and recording screencasts and webcam videos.
  • It works in the familiar PowerPoint interface.

Verdict: iSpring Suite is not just a voice-over tool, but an entire toolkit for creating eLearning content with high-quality voice-overs. The software is very intuitive, so it’s even perfectly suited for newbies.


iSpring Suite Pricing

  • iSpring Suite: $770 per author/year
  • iSpring Suite Max: $970 per author/year. It also includes an online space for teamwork and a built-in content library with eLearning assets.
  • Free 30-day trial

#3) Speechelo

Speechelo – Best for a cloud-based solution to create a voiceover.


Speechelo provides the real voice sound and with all the expressions. This makes voiceovers more engaging for people. Speechelo is useful for sales videos, training videos, educational videos, etc. It offers various facilities like breathing & pauses and voice tones, changing speed & pitch, support for 23 languages, etc.


  • Speechelo’s text-to-speech engine can add inflection to the voice.
  • It has over 30 human-sounding voices.
  • It has male as well as female voices.
  • It is compatible with almost all the video creation software such as Camatasia, Adobe, Premier, iMovie, etc.
  • It has three tones to read the text, normal tone, joyful tone, and serious tone.

Verdict: Speechelo can be used with any video creation software. It is easy to use, just create the voiceover, download the mp3, and import it into the video editor.

It will let you convert any text into a human-sounding voiceover in just 3-clicks. You will get a 100% human-sounding voiceover. It supports English as well as other languages.

Price: There will not be monthly fees or subscriptions. Speechelo is available as a one-time payment solution. It offers a 60-days money-back guarantee. Now it is available at $47 (Discount price).

#4) Notevibes

Best For personal usage and learning, as well as for commercial Youtube, broadcasts, TV, IVR voiceover, and other businesses.


Notevibes is an amazing text-to-speech software that offers a free version, as well as a feature-rich paid version. It gives users over 500 characters of translation; at the same time, it allows users to customize the pronunciation too.

As a result, users have all the tools they need to understand a new language and vastly improve their reading comprehension. What’s more, is that Notevibes offers 177 unique voices that speak in 18 different languages.

Users love the natural-sounding voices that help them with their pronunciation. As the tool offers a wide variety of features, users across the spectrum can benefit from it.


  • Realistic voice generator
  • Read Text Aloud
  • Save Your Audio As MP3
  • 47 Natural Voices
  • 200 – 1,000,000 Characters

Verdict: Ranging from personal use for small projects to commercial applications like voiceovers for TV, YouTube, and broadcast, the tool provides everything, thereby making it the perfect text to speech tool for you.


  • Limited Free Online Usage
  • Personal Pack: $9/month | $84/ year ($7/month)
  • Commercial Pack: $90/month | $840/year ($70/month)

Notevibe Pricing

Website: Notevibes

#5) Natural Reader

Best For personal use and learning, especially for dyslexic readers and foreign language learners.

NaturalReader 1

Natural Reader is one of the few text-to-speech tools that offer exciting features despite being completely free. It’s really simple to use and you can get started by loading documents directly into its library.

What’s more, is that the tool allows you to manage multiple files across several formats. Lastly, the in-built OCR enables you to upload photos or scans of text and have it read aloud.


  • Built-in OCR
  • Choice of interfaces
  • Built-in browser
  • Dyslexic-friendly font

Verdict: A free text to speech solution that offers OCR as well as an in-built web browser; ideal for personal usage.


  • 7-day free trial
  • Single plan $49
  • Team Plan (4 users) $79

Natural Readers Pricing

Website: Natural Readers

#6) Linguatec Voice Reader

Best For people learning to speak a foreign language.

Linguatec Voice Reader

Linguatec Voice Reader offers everything you need to convert texts into high-quality voice recordings automatically. The tool is specifically designed to support the needs of private users. It offers a rich collection of improvised and natural-sounding voices.

Linguatec has increased voice and language selection extensively to offer the users a wide variety of accents and pronunciations. You can convert all your text documents, ebooks, emails, as well as PDFs into audio and then hear them directly on your phone or computer.


  • Fast conversion of text to audio.
  • Dynamic changing between male and female voices.
  • Customized voices through control of pitch, volume, and speaking speed.
  • Simple pronunciation correction through user dictionaries.
  • High data throughput for fast response times.

Verdict: Optimized for personal use, the Linguatec Voice Reader Home gives you a complete set of tools to master the language you want.


  • Free Demo
  • Voice Reader Home 15: $57.34
  • Voice Reader Studio 15: $573.4

Website: Linguatec

#7) Capti Voice

Best For personal learning and improving productivity.

Capti Voice

Capti is a specialized education and productivity app designed to help people (both adults and children) to listen to documents, web pages, and e-books. It is perfect for those who want to learn English and other languages and study lengthy reading assignments on the go.

Moreover, the tool offers assistive features for people suffering from dyslexia, vision impairments, and as well as other print disabilities. The tool also enables users to play a wide range of digital formats such as PDF, Word, Epub, Daisy, and HTML.

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Unsurprisingly, many people use Capti Voice to improve their productivity at school and at work.


  • Speech tracking word by word
  • Cross-device sync
  • Screen-reader accessibility
  • Advanced text navigation
  • Offline use

Verdict: Designed and optimized for education, Capti Voice is easily one of the best text-to-speech e-learning tools for people of all ages and groups.


  • 1 Week Trial: Free
  • 1 Month: $ 1.99
  • 6 Months: $ 9.99
  • 12 Months: $ 19.99

Capti Voice Pricing

Website: Capti Voice

#8) Voicedream

Best For text-to-speech mobile app for iOS users.

Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader is a mobile text-to-speech app that offers a premium Acapela Heather voice for its users. The app is ideally designed for Apple users, as some of its best features are reserved for iOS. It offers users over 30 languages and 200 voices to choose from.

Even the free version of the application offers a rich collection of features. Aside from text-to-speech conversion, the users can benefit from features like text highlighting, full-screen reading mode, dictionary lookups, and creating & pinning notes.


  • Reading Modes
  • Audio Controls
  • Visual Controls
  • Library Management
  • OCR

Verdict: With a clean and optimized interface and advanced features, Voice Dream Reader gives a premium mobile text-to-speech solution.


  • Free version
  • iOS app: $14.99
  • Android: $9.99

Website: Voice Dream

#9) Wideo

Best For video editors and content creators looking to leverage text-to-speech features for free.


Primarily, Wideo is an online video maker hosting more than 2.5 million registered users across the world. However, the developers of his exciting tool decided to offer a free text-to-speech tool for their users.

Now, the users can easily convert text to voice and download it in an mp3 file format for further use, which helps them to create high-quality professional voiceover.


  • Exceptional Video editing features
  • Read Text Aloud
  • Free Text to Speech Features
  • Downloadable MP3 files

Verdict: Wideo’s free text-to-speech feature gives video editors an extra perk and helps them create catchy and inclusive voiceovers.


  • Free
  • Basic: $19/month
  • Pro: $39/month
  • Pro +: $79/month

Wideo Pricing

Website: Wideo

#10) From Text to Speech

Best For users who want a free online text-to-speech converter.

From Text toSpeech 11111

From Text to Speech is as simple and intuitive as its name suggests. It offers a fast online platform for converting text to speech without any difficulty.

Although there are several text speech solutions offering fancy features, some users prefer simple tools that allow them to convert text to speech online. You can convert text into an MP3 audio file and replay it on your favorite device.


  • Simple Pastebin for text
  • No download required
  • Free application
  • 50,000 Character word limit

Verdict: In a world full of expensive tools, From Text to Speech offers a free and intuitive option that gets the job done.

Price: Free

Website: From Text to Speech

#11) Nextup

Best For saving your time.


Nextup Read Aloud is similar to most standard text-to-speech solutions, by offering features like document conversion into speech. However, what makes it unique is that it offers this feature at a really low price cap. Moreover, the tool can be integrated with MS Word.

At the same time, the tool gives you a natural-sounding experience by adding pauses to sentences, between words in a sentence, commas, and similar punctuations. It can even read certain types of text such as text in parentheses and quotes differently.


  • Voice generation
  • Follow along with text
  • English dictionary lookup
  • Pronunciation editor
  • Proofreading enhancements

Verdict: Nextup Read Aloud is a nice and affordable text-to-speech tool that offers neat features along with accurate voice generation.


  • Purchase from $34.95
  • Download a FREE trial.

Website: Nextup

#12) Azure Text To Speech

Best For developers who want to augment text-to-speech and other cognitive features in their applications.

Microsoft Azure

AI is increasingly becoming ubiquitous and thus is transforming into a permanent part of application development. Azure Text to Speech gives you a chance to include intelligent text to speech features in your application. The tool offers highly advanced audio controls to help you create realistic voiceovers of text.


  • Lifelike speech
  • Customizable voices
  • Fine-grained audio controls
  • Flexible deployment
  • 110 voices and over 45 languages available.

Verdict: Azure Text to Speech is one of the best tools in the market to build apps and services that speak naturally in your preferred programming language.


  • Free version
  • Stand version – Pay per use

Azure Text to Speech Pricing

Website:  Microsoft Azure Text To Speech

#13) Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

Best For app builders.

GoogleText to Speech

Similar to Microsoft Azure’s text-to-speech API, Google Text-to-Speech is a reliable way to enhance your apps by including advanced text to speech features.

The tool gives developers a free tool to integrate with Google’s other apps and creates a comprehensive and intelligent app. Augmenting it with Google Translate gives developers a deadly combination of features.


  • Custom Voice (beta)
  • WaveNet voices
  • Voice tuning
  • Text and SSML support

Verdict: Google Cloud Text-to-Speech allows you to synthesize natural-sounding speech with over 100+ voices and augment it with Google’s vast treasure of tools.


  • Free 90 days trial with usage limit.
  • Standard after free quota: $4.00/1 million characters (0 to 4 million characters)
  • WaveNet after free quota: $16.00/1 million (0 to 1 million characters)

Google Text to Speech Pricing

Website: Google Text To Speech

#14) Amazon Polly

Best For developers who want to leverage machine learning and AI to create unbelievably natural voices from text.

Amazon Polly

While augmenting text to speech features in your application is neat, generating lifelike sounds artificially through high-level AI is something unique. Amazon Polly offers you just that.

You can create applications that speak and build unexplored types of speech-enabled products. Backed by deep learning and advanced AI, you can deliver an unmatched natural-sounding speech.


  • Natural sounding voices
  • Store & redistribute speech
  • Real-time streaming
  • Customize & control speech output
  • Low cost

Verdict: Amazon Polly allows you to leverage deep learning to create apps that turn text into lifelike speech.


  • Free 5 million characters per month for 12 months.
  • $4.00 per 1 million characters for speech or Speech Marks requests after free tier consumed.

Amazon Polly Pricing

Website: Amazon Polly


While searching for the best text-to-speech software, you must consider what you need. The list above recounts the top text-to-speech tools in the market. However, each tool is ideal for a certain group of users.

Overall, Notevibes offers the best of every feature in a text to speech software. Depending on your needs, you can choose a different option for yourself. Affordable tools like Natural Reader are great if your use is limited, and you can always leverage simple tools From Text to Speech too.

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Similarly, developers looking to augment TTS features in their app can use either Microsoft Azure, Google, or Amazon for their product. Ultimately, what you choose should fulfill your needs without costing you too much.

Research process:

  • Time Taken To Research And Write This Article: 10 Hours
  • Total Tools Researched Online: 20
  • Top Tools Shortlisted For Review: 11
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