WiFi Keeps Disconnecting In Windows 10 [Top 12 Ways To Fix]

Here we learn reasons why laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi and explore multiple ways to Fix WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Error:

The Internet has turned out to be a useful technology for almost every user. It has brought all the people close to each other by reducing thousands of miles of distance between them.

WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

But what if suddenly someday your Internet stops working and keeps disconnecting, then what you will do?

In such cases, the major fear of the user is that he/she won’t be able to complete the important task. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of the Internet, the reason behind Internet disconnection, and we will also discuss the multiple ways to fix the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting error.

Let’s begin!

Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting_ Fixed

Why Does My WiFi Keep Disconnecting

My WiFi keeps disconnecting error is quite common and there are various reasons which are responsible for it. If you have ever asked yourself that why does my Wi-Fi keep disconnecting, then the answer to it may be the reason mentioned below:

  1. Too many users connected to one modem
  2. Out of Wi-Fi range of communication
  3. Wireless miscommunication
  4. Outdated drivers
  5. Physical damage to the Wi-Fi Modem and the connection cables
  6. Outdated modem firmware

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Ways To Fix Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi Error

There are numerous ways to fix Computer keeps disconnecting from wifi errors on your system and some of them are mentioned below.

#1) Set Your Home Network As Private In Windows 10

It is important to keep the Wi-Fi settings correct for a good network connection. Poor Wi-Fi settings create frequent issues with respect to the Internet connection. Some users set their home network as public instead of private, which slower downs the speed of the Internet and creates connection issues. It can be fixed by setting your Home Network as Private.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to set Wi-Fi networks to private:

#1) Go to the start menu, and click on the ‘’Settings’’ icon.

Settings - WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

#2) Now click on the “Network & Internet” icon.

Network & Internet- WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

#3) Now, click on ‘’Wi-Fi’’ as shown in the image below.

network - WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

#4) Click on the “Manage known networks” button.

Manage known networks

#5) Next, click on your connected network, then click on the “Forget” password option.

Forget password option - WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

#6) In the system tray, click on the “Network & Internet icon”. If somehow the icon is not visible in the system tray, then you can see the hidden items by clicking on the arrow pointing upwards.

Network & Internet icon - WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

#7) Now click on the network you want to connect to and write the password in the “Enter the network security key” section and click on ‘’Next’’.

Enter the network security key

#8) At this point, the system will ask whether you want to make Your PC discoverable or not. Now click on the “Yes” button to go “Private”.


You can now check whether your connection has become private or not by going through Settings< Network and Internet< Network and Sharing center < Change advance sharing settings. You will see Private will become the current profile.

#2) Update Drivers

Drivers are the most important features of the system as they facilitate the working and also manage the compatibility with the hardware devices. So if there is any problem or malfunctioning in the system, updating your system will actually fix the issue.

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#3) Update System

Windows provide its users with the most advanced technical patches to the bugs in the system. Therefore, by updating your system to the latest version of Windows, users will be able to fix the errors and install patches on the system.

Follow the steps mentioned below to update your system:

#1) Click on the “Settings button”. The Settings window will open, as shown in the image below. Now, click on the “Update & security” option.

Update & security - WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

#2) The Update & security window will open. The system will check for updates, and updates will start downloading, as shown in the image below.

downloading status - WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

#4) Restart Router

Sometimes there might be too much data traffic at the router’s end, which might create the malfunctions like laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. Power off the router and restart it again or take a pin and place it inside the reset option as shown in the image below.

restart router' - WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

[image source]

#5) Restart Computer

The system might behave abnormally and show errors like Wi-Fi disconnecting randomly due to the collection of too much cache memory and therefore slow down the functioning of the system. It is best advised to restart your system in such situations to fix the computer that keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi error.

#1) Click on the “Start” button, as shown in the image below. Now click on the “Power off” button, and a drop-down list will appear.

click on the "Power off" button

#2) Click on “Restart”.


#6) Scan Computer

The laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi error may occur because of the presence of malware in your system. To fix this error, it is crucial to remove the malware from the system. Therefore, the user is recommended to run a full system scan to fix your system.

smart scan

[image source]

#7) Check Connections

Make sure that the system is connected to the Internet provider. Now check for any error dialog box to be displayed or compatibility error displayed on the screen.

check connections

#8) Change Cables

Besides having a problem in the system, there are chances of a problem in the medium of connection too. So, it is recommended to perform a line test by checking the wires connecting the sender’s end to the modem.

There can be many faults like:

  • Broken connectors
  • Leakage in the wires
  • Cut in the wires with connections
  • Short circuit in the wires

#9) Run Network Troubleshooter

Windows provides its users with the troubleshooter to diagnose all the network errors present in the system. All you need to do is run the troubleshooter and it will find the errors in the system and provide solutions to fix my Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting error.

network trouble shooter

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#10) Update Router Firmware

There is a possibility that there might be no error in the system but rather a glitch in the firmware. So, it is advised to keep your router firmware to the latest version.

Follow the steps mentioned below to update your router firmware and fix Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting Windows 10 error:

Note: We have depicted updating the router firmware for the NETGEAR router, similarly the different router firmware can be updated.

#1) Open any web browser, and in the search column, type the IP Address of the router and press the Return key. Now enter your credentials to log in as admin.

log in as admin

[image source]

#2) A NETGEAR admin router settings screen will be visible on your screen. Now, click on the ADVANCED section visible on the screen.


[image source]

#3) Click on “Administration” and then click on “Router Update” as shown in the image below.


#4) Wait for some time, then a screen would be visible with the firmware update version details as shown in the image below. Click on “Yes” and downloading will begin.

firmware update assistant

The router will reboot, and the firmware will be updated.

#11) Change Power Management Settings

Windows provide the system with special permission to turn off network connection in the situation of low-power mode. Users can easily disable this setting by following the steps mentioned below and fixing Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting errors.

#1) Right-click on the Wi-Fi icon and click on “Open Network and Sharing Center” as shown in the image below.

Open Network and Sharing Center

#2) Now, click on “Change adapter settings” as shown in the image below.

Change adapter settings

#3) A window will open. Right-click on the Wi-Fi option and click on “Properties” as shown in the image below.

properties - WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

#4) Click on “Configure” as shown below.

configure - WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

#5) Click on “Power Management” and uncheck the checkbox titled “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” as shown in the image below. Then click on “OK”.

Power Management

#12) Reset Wi-Fi Autoconfig Service

On Windows, the system sometimes cannot set up the connection, so the user needs to set it up manually. To avoid such situations, it is best suited to set the WLAN setup to automatic.

Follow the steps mentioned below to do the same:

#1) Press “Windows + R” on the keyboard and a dialog box will open as shown in the image below. Now search for “services.msc” and click “OK”.

search for “services.msc” - WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

#2) Locate “WLAN AutoConfig Properties” as shown in the image below and double click on it.

WLAN AutoConfig Properties - WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

#3) Click on “Startup type” and set it to “Automatic” as shown in the image below. Click on “Apply” and then click on “OK”.

Startup type

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do I stabilize the Internet connection?

Answer: There are a few methods and precautions that can be taken to stabilize the Internet connection.

The methods are as follows:

  • Position your router and computer to reduce physical obstructions.
  • Use a wireless repeater to extend your router’s range.
  • Upgrade your wireless adapter card’s drivers.
  • Remove possible sources of wireless interference.
  • Set a new wireless channel.

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Q #2) How long do routers last?

Answer: The routers can last long if they are kept in proper condition. They can last up to 5 years if used properly.

Q #3) How do I know if my Wi-Fi is overloaded?

Answer: The symptoms of Wi-Fi being overloaded are quite visible, like slower browsing speed. The download speed almost reaches around 1kbps or even lower.

Q #4) How do I know my router needs an update?

Answer: The solution to this is simple, why wait until your system shows some malfunction. Therefore, it is best preferred to keep checking for regular updates using the credentials provided by the company. Check for regular firmware updates and when they are available install them.

Q #5) How do multiple devices affect Wi-Fi?

Answer: The Internet isn’t provided by the device itself and is shared among various users through the modem. So connecting multiple devices from a modem may not affect its speed, but could have a negative impact on the bandwidth.

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In this article, we discussed the various ways to fix WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Windows 10 errors. The Internet is the necessity of the era, so it is very important that we must learn how to fix it in any case it goes wrong.

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