Solved: 15 Ways to Fix Your Connection is Not Private Error

Explore and understand different methods to fix Your Connection is Not Private Chrome Error through this tutorial: 

Compromised privacy is the most common threat that users are facing in this digital era as the digital identity of a person is accessible from any device. This can also lead to various threats, like privacy and data theft.

When users surf the Internet, they need to be sure that they are using a secure network; they are not being watched, and their activities aren’t being recorded.

In this article, we will discuss a privacy error in Chrome called your connection is not private, and we will also learn various ways to fix it.

What Is Your Connection Is Not Private Chrome Error

Fix Your Connection is Not Private Chrome Error

Websites are equipped with SSL certificates which symbolize that the particular website is safe for the user to access. Also, the small ‘lock’ icon, which appears in the URL bar when the website loads, signifies that the website is secure.

Your Connection is Not Private

The websites which do not possess such certificate are termed as “Not Secure” and can be a threat to your system. But this error could also occur due to some issues in your system. Hence sometimes you can fix your connection, not private Chrome error by making changes in the system.

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Your Connection Not Private: Other Browsers

There are various other browsers that experience the same error, and some of them are mentioned below:


Your Connection is Not Private opera

Your connection is not private Opera error is similar to the error on the Chrome browser, but it notifies the user that the website does not possess a security certificate or SSL certificate. Also, it provides the user with the ‘Help me understand’ column that informs the user about the threat.

The various error codes in Opera are as follows:

  2. SSL certificate error

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

‘Your connection isn’t private’ error in Microsoft Edge is quite similar to the one on the Chrome browser, but the message displayed on the Edge states that.

“Attackers might be trying to steal your information.”

There are various codes of the errors which match to ones on Chrome:

  2. Error Code: 0

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Methods To Fix Your Connection Are Not Private Errors

Attention: Access Internet Securely and Privately using a Good VPN

The key reason for this error is that the browser is unable to verify the safety of the website. Another major reason for the occurrence of this error is that you are using public Wi-Fi that either doesn’t support HTTPS or is configured incorrectly. Hence, if you are using public Wi-Fi, you should use the VPN services line Nord VPN and IPVanish.

#1) NordVPN

NordVPN provides private and secure access to the internet. With the use of this solution, your online traffic will flow through the encrypted tunnel. It has a strict no-logs policy and provides features like dedicated IP and split tunneling support. The price of NordVPN starts at $3.30 per month for a 2-year plan.

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#2) IPVanish

IPVanish establishes an encrypted connection through tunneling protocol. It protects the information that is leaving your devices as well as the contents of your internet traffic. It has more than 1900 VPN servers in 75+ locations. The solution offers features such as security on the go, bypassing censorship, VPN encryption, etc. Its price starts at $4.00 per month.

There are various ways to fix the ‘your connection to this site is not private’ error. Some of them are mentioned below:

Method 1: Reload Page

Sometimes, when a user tries to open a webpage on the browser and the browser is unable to load the data packets, then it might cause a problem in loading the data. Therefore, it is best suited to re-establish the connection by clicking on the refresh button.

Reload Page

Method 2: Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is a network that allows the various systems to connect to a network without any password verification. Sometimes, these networks are open to threats and various infiltrations, so the browser warns the user before connecting to these public networks. To fix this problem, the user must avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

[image source]

Method 3: Clear Browsing Data

The browser provides users with limited memory to store and track the websites visited by them. But when the memory allocated by the browser fills up, then there might be an error in establishing the connection. Therefore, the user must try to clear the browsing data and re-launch the browser.

By following the steps to Clear Cookies In Chrome, you can clear browsing data.

Method 4: Avoid Incognito Mode

The user must avoid Incognito mode as it might create a connection breach between the server and the user. It is best advised to avoid Incognito mode until and unless it becomes a necessity.

Avoid Incognito Mode

Method 5: Check Computer Date and Time

The computer’s date and time also play a vital role because when a browser requests a website to access the data, then it stores the log and info of the request. And if the time of the website and the system do not match, then the browser is unable to establish the connection. To fix this error, follow the steps to Set Date and Time Automatic.

Method 6: Check Antivirus

Antivirus is the software that looks for the bugs and infected files in the system. It also allows the user to locate and remove such infected files. So, users must perform an antivirus scan on the system and remove infected files, which might interrupt the working and efficiency of the system.

You can locate infected files by running an antivirus scan.

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Method 7: Disable VPN

VPN masks the user’s IP and allows them to access websites without being watched, but there are some websites that do not provide the access to the unregistered IPs. The server always checks for the IP, which requests the data packets, and if the system requesting the access determines any sort of threat, then the website does not grant access to the user. Therefore, it is recommended to disable the VPN.

Method 8: Restart Router

The router stores the information of the websites accessed by the user. Therefore, if the browser is unable to establish a connection, the user must restart the router as it fixes any normal bugs or errors within the router.

Click here to learn more on Restart Router

Method 9: Change DNS Servers

Changing the DNS server allows the user to set up a much more stable and secure connection and fix this error. Follow the steps listed here to change DNS servers.

Method 10: Flush DNS Cache

The DNS cache present on the system might become the reason for an error while establishing a connection. So, the user must try to flush the DNS cache and re-launch the browser to fix this error.

Click here for the steps to flush DNS Cache On Windows 10 OS

Method 11: Run SSL Server Test

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which ensures security on any website, and it also symbolizes the credibility of the website. The SSL certificates are allotted to the website based on the privacy and encryption it provides to the user’s data. So, make sure that the domain name has an SSL certificate.

Follow the steps mentioned below to run the SSL Server Test:

#1) Click here to open the SSL Server Test portal, and a window will open, as shown in the image below. Enter the URL or hostname in the search bar and click on “Submit.”

SSL Server Test portal

#2) A list of various servers of the website will appear and click on any server to check for its SSL certificate as shown in the image below.

servers of the website

#3) The SSL certificate of the website will open as shown below. Readout all the details on the certificate.

SSL certificate

Method 12: Clear SSL State On Your Device

Whenever a user visits a website, the system stores its SSL state, and when the next time user tries to access the same website, it loads the previous SSL state. Therefore, it is best suggested to clear the SSL state on your device by following the steps mentioned below:

#1) Open Settings and search for the “Internet Options”.

Internet Options

#2) A dialog box will open, as shown in the image below. Now, click on “Content” and further click on “Clear SSL state.”

Clear SSL state

The SSL State of the websites will be cleared on your system. Reconnect to the website to load the SSL state on the system.

Method 13: Reset TCP/IP

Resetting the TCP/IP of the system is an effective solution to fix various networking issues faced by the user. It sets the gateway value to the default address. To fix the error, follow the steps to Reset TCP/IP.

Method 14: Re-Install Browser

There is a possibility that the browser files might get corrupted or infected, which might result in this error. So, the user must try to reinstall the browser on the system and then access the website.

Method 15: Run Network Troubleshooter

Windows provides its users with the feature called Network Troubleshooter, which allows them to locate and fix network errors present in the system.

Click here to learn more about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Why does Chrome keep saying your connection is not private?

Answer: Chrome browser shows the warning message because it cannot verify whether a website is safe to visit due to your connection is not private error. Also, the browser prevents the user from visiting an unsafe or insecure site, as such sites may harm the personal information of the users.

Q #2) How do you fix your connection is not private?

Answer: By using the following methods, you can fix your connection is not private error:

  • Reload page
  • Clear Browsing Data
  • Restart Router
  • Avoid Incognito Mode
  • Check Computer Date and Time
  • Disable VPN

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Q #3) How to fix SSL certificate errors in Chrome for users?

Answer: Follow the steps below:

  • Open Google Chrome and click on the menu.
  • Now, click on Settings in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Advanced located at the end of the page.
  • In the “Privacy and security” box, select “Clear browsing data”.

Q #4) How to get past privacy errors?

Answer: There are various ways to fix privacy errors in the system, and some of them are listed below:

  • Reload the page
  • Use VPN
  • Clear Browser cookies
  • Change Date and Time
  • Manually proceed by agreeing to caution

Q #5) Why is my Internet not secure?

Answer: There can be various possibilities for your Internet not being secure.

These include:

  • A website not providing an encrypted connection to the user.
  • Trackers or cookies on the website.
  • Phishing attacks or user is connected to a public network.

Q #6) How do I go incognito in Chrome?

Answer: There are two ways of going in Incognito mode in Chrome.

 These are mentioned below:

  • Click on the menu button and click on “New Incognito window” from the list of options.
  • Shortcut: Press “Ctrl + Shift + N” from the keyboard.

Q #7) What happens if Wi-Fi is not secure?

Answer: Wi-Fi is a medium that allows users to connect to a network and acts as a mediator for transferring the data packets. If the Wi-Fi is not secure, then the hackers can monitor user’s activity on the network, and also, it would act as an open gateway for them.

Q #8) How do I disable safe search?

Answer The user can easily disable safe search in the settings by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Google.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Search for the safe search option and toggle to off position.


Internet is one of the best platforms to access and share data, but the major concern is that whether it is secure enough to access and share information and data. Also, the confidentiality of the user’s identity remains another concern while accessing the information on such a huge network.

In this article, we discussed a common error which is known as your connection is not private Chrome browser error. Also, we discussed the privacy and security of the network and various ways to fix this error.

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