What Is Compattelrunner.exe and How To Disable It?

Learn about Compattelrunner.exe – a system program that provides servers with performance reports. Also explore methods to disable it:

Each operating system focuses on providing the best user experience, and therefore developers ask the users to fill feedback forms and also monitor the performance reports. The main servers of the operating system do not ask for any personal data but ask for system reports to improve the performance in the future.

Even in an operating system like Linux, users can recommend the changes on the forum, and if the developers find it suitable, then those changes will be part of the next updates. So each operating system has a different method of obtaining such reports from the users.

In Windows, the reports are fetched by a program file called compattelrunner.exe Microsoft compatibility telemetry. In this article, we will discuss this program and will learn various ways to disable it.


What Is Compattelrunner.exe

Compattelrunner.exe is part of the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry program, which focuses on advancing the user experience and ensuring that users can attain the best services. This goal is attained by watching the user usage logs and then using the data to improve the programs.

Such a task is performed by compattelrunner.exe as it sends the performance reports to the Microsoft system server, and there these files and analyzed. After the process is completed, the updates are created for the system. So this is a program that focuses on enhancing the user’s experience by using the diagnostic data from the system, which makes it easier to locate bugs.

What Is Windows Telemetry Service

Windows has a feature in which it collects data from the user’s system and then uses it to enhance the software.

Windows never steal your personal data nor does it spy on your system, and therefore privacy remains uninterrupted Windows Telemetry is not a secret feature or a data-stealing technique of Microsoft but is rather a genuine program installed on the system which collects only application reports.

Whenever an application crashes, there are very few people who click on “send feedback to Microsoft”. Therefore, the servers cannot identify the issues faced by users while using the application.

In such scenarios, the Telemetry service creates the logbooks of all applications. These log books are like a block box and it contains all application performance details and even the application failure status.

There is a hidden folder in C: Drive, which can be invoked by admin permission, and all the data is stored in that folder and is later sent to the main servers.

Users have the complete choice to select what sectors of data they want to send to the servers. Based on data sectors to be shared, there are four levels of Telemetry services:

  1. Security
  2. Basic (Security + Basic Health & Quality)
  3. Enhanced (Security + Basic Health & Quality+ Enhanced Insights)
  4. Full (Security + Basic Health & Quality+ Enhanced Insights+ Diagnostics data)

Is Compattelrunner.exe Safe

Compattelrunner.exe is a system program that focuses on providing the server with performance reports, making it easier for the system to create updates for the users. It is safe to use, but you have a choice to disable it when you want. This program does not send any of your data, but just the performance reports to fix the issues on your system.

This program has a setback in that it takes an ample amount of CPU memory, which slows down the system. So users can disable this program if it occupies a lot of system space.

Disable Compattelrunner.exe High CPU Usage

There are various ways to disable and some of them are discussed below:

Method 1: Disable Application Experience Tasks In Task Scheduler

The working routine of this program is specified in the Windows Task Scheduler. The Task Scheduler is a platform where Windows users can easily manage the tasks mentioned by them. Also, the task scheduler allows users to select the tasks they want and can disable the ones they do not want not to work on.

Follow the steps listed below to disable application Experience Tasks using Task Scheduler:

  • Press Windows + R from your keyboard, and the Run dialog box will appear as displayed in the image below. Once the box appears, type “taskschd.msc” and press Enter.

Disable Application Experience Tasks in Task Scheduler

  • Once the task Scheduler window opens, click on “Task Scheduler Library” then click on “Microsoft” and then further click on “Windows“. Now, click on “Application Experience” shift to the nearby pane, and right-click on “Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser”. Finally, click on Disable to disable the service.

Task Scheduler Library

Once the service is disabled, you can restart the system. This will resolve the issue.

Method 2: Disable Telemetry Using Registry

Windows also allow its users to access the registry, making it easier to set the working of the system. The registry contains all the active files on the system, and users can manipulate these active registries.

Besides this, users can even manage all the processes in the system. These registries work on certain binary input values (0,1), so all users need to do is change the binary digit and halt the process.

Follow the steps listed below to Disable Telemetry using Registry.

  • Press Windows + R button from your keyboard, and the run dialog box will appear. Now, type “Regedit” and press Enter as displayed in the image below.

Disable Telemetry Using Registry

  • The Registry Editor window will open, enter: “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DataCollection” in the address column, and double click on the the “Default” file. A dialog box will open, type “0” in the Value Data column and click on “OK” as displayed in the image below.

Registry Editor window

Now you can restart your system, and this will fix your Registry issue.

Method 3: Run SFC

Windows provides its users with various services that can easily manage the process and other services in the system. System File Scan is one such feature of Windows that users can activate from Command Prompt. The System File Scan makes it easier for the users to scan and fix various bugs and issues on the system.

Follow the steps listed below to run a system file scan on your system:

  • Type Command Prompt in the start menu and click on “Run as Administrator” as displayed in the image below.

Command Prompt

  • When Command Prompt opens, type” SFC/scan now” and press Enter. The system will start running the process.

type" SFC/scan now"

Once the system File Scan is completed, you can restart the system and see if your issue is resolved. Usually, it can take up to 10-15 minutes.

Method 4: Clean Boot PC

Clean boot is a special feature of Windows, which allows users to start with only basic and important files required to start the system. Therefore, users can easily fix various crashing issues with the applications and can disable these applications and programs in clean boot mode.

Follow the steps listed below to clean boot your PC:

  • Press the “Windows+R” button from your keyboard and type “msconfig” as shown in the image below.


  • A window will open, click on “Selective startup” and uncheck “Load startup items”.

Selective startup

  • Click on “Services”, and then click on “Hide all Microsoft services”. Click on “Disable all” to disable all services at the time of boot.

Disable all

  • Now, click on “Startup” and “Open Task Manager” as shown in the image below.

Open Task Manager

  • Right-click on all the applications one after another and click on the “Disable” option or click on the “Disable” button at the bottom.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is compattelrunner.exe?

Answer: It is a part of a system program that focuses on providing users with a better system experience by sharing your performance reports with the main server.

Q #2) Can I disable compattelrunner.exe?

Answer: Yes, Windows allows its users to choose the services and data to be accessed, allowing users to disable compattelrunner.exe on their system.

Q #3) Is compattelrunner.exe a virus?

Answer: No, it is not a virus but a system file that allows Microsoft servers to fetch performance reports to enhance updates and fixes.

Q #4) Can I turn off Microsoft compatibility Telemetry?

Answer: Yes, users have the complete choice to turn off any service in the system so they can also turn off Microsoft compatibility telemetry.

Q #5) How do I stop Windows 10 from spying?

Answer: Windows 10 does not spy on the users, rather it takes the performance reports and other system usage reports. But if the users are not comfortable with it, they can disable this option.


Nowadays, a fast-running CPU is one of the major requirements of almost all users. Fast processors allow systems to perform activities less than the usual or expected time. But if your system lags while doing an important task, it isn’t pleasant at all.

Therefore, you must take all the measures to keep your system in the best possible shape. So, in this article, we have discussed what is compattelrunner.exe Microsoft compatibility Telemetry, and have discussed various ways to fix this issue.