How to Upgrade to Windows 11 [3 Ways to Update]

This guide will give you a detailed explanation of the features of Windows 11. Learn different useful methods to Upgrade to Windows 11:

Windows 11 has been making quite a hype in the market due to its excellent design and icon packs.

Post the preview of Windows 11 was leaked, it led to an even higher demand for the new version of the operating system. With the recent release of Windows 11, users can experience amazing features that can help them work efficiently on their system.

So, in this article, we will discuss some elements of Windows 11. Also, we will discuss various ways to install the Microsoft Windows 11 upgrade, along with the pros and cons of Windows 11.

How to Upgrade to Windows 11

How to Upgrade to Windows 11

Windows 11 Features

It won’t be a rush to conclude that Windows 11 is the best product from Microsoft until now because this version of Windows has better security measures and the most user-friendly designs as compared to the earlier versions.

Windows 11 created a massive hype in the market long before it was released due to its preview and designs. But now, when it’s officially available to use, it has proved its worth.

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Various impeccable features of Windows 11 will make you choose it all over again from the list of operating systems, and those features are listed and discussed below:

#1) New and Adjusted Taskbar

Windows is known for its classic taskbar, which can be relocated to any border of the screen, and this taskbar remained unchanged in all previous versions.

In contrast, the icons are now placed in the center of the taskbar, which provides an appealing view altogether. Earlier, this pattern of icon placement at the bottom of the taskbar was visible in MacOS only, but now Windows 11 comes embedded with it.

#2) User Friendly

A remarkable rise in the interactive design of this operating system can be observed, as users can get adapted to these new designs and icons pretty easily. The UI (User Interface) of the Windows 11 upgrade is far better than any other known product from Microsoft, which is its most remarkable feature.

#3) Notification Interface

Earlier, the notifications section was the least engaging section as it contains notifications piled one over the other, which was not an appealing view. But, now in Windows 11, the notifications are available in a much simplified and engaging manner.

#4) Enhanced Accessibility

Well said that Windows lacks in providing its users with accessibility as other operating systems such as Linux and Mac provide. Still, now users can find various minimalistic features which will allow them to work efficiently and enhance their work speed.

#5) Widgets

Windows 11 comes in with new packs of widgets, making your system screen much more presentable and affectionate as users can place weather reports, calendars, CPU usage, and many more widgets and can make the perfect use of their desktop screen.

#6) Layout Management

Many users do not know about Windows’s layout feature, which you could manage by pressing “Windows + arrow keys” to use two screens simultaneously. So, Microsoft has made the layout feature visible, which can be seen by hovering the cursor over maximize button, and various layout designs will be visible.

#7) Better Icon Pack and Emoticons

Users can experience the new icon pack demonstrated in Windows 11, which contains lighter colors and shadow effects, providing icons with a better view. The emoticons are much more expressive with excellent design effects, allowing users to be definitive.

#8) Screenshot

The screenshot tool of Windows 11 is far better than Windows 10 and previous versions because it allows users to snip and sketch on the screenshots quickly. Also, the quality of screenshots is enhanced in Windows 11 update.

#9) Settings

The tool most influenced in Windows 11 update is the settings menu, as users can notice that Windows 11 settings contain the listed details of various settings categorized. The UI has been enhanced in such a manner that has allowed users to personalize the system as per their requirements.

#10) System Requirements of Windows 11

The system requirement of Windows 11 is high and needs an advanced CPU to work with the OS.

The basic requirements for Windows 11 upgrade are:

  • Processor: 1GHz
  • Core numbers: 2 with a 64-bit system
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 64 GB
  • Graphics card: DirectX 12 compatible with WDDM 2.0 driver
  • Display: 720p HD

The issue that most of the users face is that they have only one processor in their system, but Windows 11 requires two processors. Still, users can download the ISO file and run Windows 11, but it will not perform as expected or to its full potential.

Upgrade to Windows 11: Methods

Users can perform Windows 11 upgrades by various methods listed below.

Method 1: By Settings

The Settings is the most helpful tool of Windows, allowing users to update their system to Windows 11. Microsoft provides its users with a significant update feature that makes it easier to check required files and download files on their system.

Follow the steps listed below:

  • Press ‘’Windows + I’’ from your system or open Settings. Then click on “Update & Security”, as displayed in the image below.

Update & Security

  • The update dialogue box will open, click on “Windows Update” and click on “View optional updates“, as displayed in the image below.

Windows Update

Then, look for Windows 11 updates, download all the necessary updates, and install them in your system. Now your system will ask for Restart, and your Windows 10 will upgrade to Windows 11.

Method 2: By Windows 11 Installation Media

Installation Media is a tool provided by Windows that allows users to download and install ISO on a flash drive. This tool can be easily downloaded from Microsoft’s official website and then used in your system.

Follow the steps listed here to download installation media in your system and copy the ISO file to your flash drive.


  • The flash drive should be completely formatted.
  • The flash drive should be of at least 8GB of memory.
  • The flash drive should be virus-free and support the FAT32 filesystem.

#1) Visit the website and then click on “Download Now” under the label Create Windows 11 installation media. Specify the directory for download, and this will download the installation media.

Download Now

#2) Run the downloaded file, select the language along with Windows Edition, and click on “Next“.


  • Place the USB drive in the USB socket, select the USB flash drive, and click on “Next“, as displayed in the image below.

USB flash drive

  • The installation media will start downloading and burning the ISO file to a flash drive, and the process will be visible as displayed in the image below.

The installation media

  • Open the Windows & Update dialogue box in Settings and click on “Recovery” when the process is completed. Under Advanced startup, click on “restart now“, as displayed in the image below.

restart now

  • The system will restart, and the Advanced Startup menu will appear, click on “Use a device”.

Use a device

  • Select the USB drive as displayed in the image below.

USB drive

  • The Windows setup will open, select the language, time format, and Input method and then click on “Next” as displayed below.

The Windows setup

  • Now click on “Install now“.

Install now

  • Tick the checkbox ahead license agreement and click on “Next” as displayed in the image below.

Tick the checkbox

  • Click on “Custom: Install Windows only“option.

Install Windows only

  • Select the primary drive (C: Drive) and click on “Next“.

Select the primary drive

  • The Windows file installation process will begin, as displayed in the image below.

Windows file installation process

Then select the language and keyboard layout for Windows 11 and initialize system credentials. After some time, your system will restart and Windows 11 will be installed.

Method 3: By ISO file

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization: a file or archive containing all the required files of an operating system. The users can easily download these ISO files, burn them to their flash drives, and turn them into bootable drives.

Website: Download by ISO file

Follow the steps listed below to upgrade to Windows 11 using the ISO file:

  • Visit the website and scroll down to the label titled “Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO)”. Select the edition version, and click on “Download” as displayed in the image below.

Download Windows 11 Disk Image

Specify the directory and download the ISO file in your system, then download Rufus, which allows you to convert the flash drive to bootable media.

Is Windows 11 a Better Choice?

Windows has always been the top choice for professional purposes as they provide an efficient environment that allows users to manage their workplace and work on documents efficiently. Windows 11 has a far better design and interface, which has made it easier to navigate through a series of features.

Some points will help you make a better choice whether you want to switch to a better version.


  1. Windows 11 is equipped with the best designs and interactive interface, allowing users to easily navigate through a series of features and an appealing view.
  2. It has an advanced user entertainment column that allows them to manage games, movies, and other entertainment-related sections.
  3. It has a layout view feature that allows you to check out two screens simultaneously on a screen.
  4. It has a better icon pack with advanced taskbar management, which enhances the UI design of the OS.
  5. With the increase in the design, there is also tremendous growth in the performance and working of the operating system.
  6. Windows 11 provides support for Android-based applications.


  1. System requirements are high.
  2. Users might need time to adapt to the advanced environment.
  3. Cortana, the virtual assistant, isn’t pre-installed.

Windows Health Performance Checker

There are various instances where users are unaware of their system’s hardware specifications and are unsure whether their system will support Windows 11. So, Microsoft provides its users with a Windows Health Performance checker, which allows users to check if their system meets the requirements quickly.

This health performance checker has some serious benefits too, which allow users to check system performance along with diagnostic tools. Users can also check their junk files, system speed, and various other tasks.

Follow the steps listed below to download this tool to your system:

  • Visit the website, scroll to the bottom, and click on Windows Insider Programme displayed in the image below.

Windows Insider Programme

  • The users will be redirected to another page, click on Register, and enter the required credentials to log in as Insider program users.


  • Then click on the link listed below and click on the system architecture supported by your system, and the PC health checkup will download to your system.

PC health checkup

The image displayed below depicts the preview screen of a Windows health performance checkup, and users can quickly check if their system will be compatible with Windows 11.

Windows health performance checkup

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is Windows 11 a free upgrade?

Answer: Yes, there is also a free upgrade for users, but premium features accompany the paid version.

Q #2) Can I download Windows 11 now?

Answer: Yes, you can download Windows 11 from Microsoft’s official website by using Windows installation media.

Q #3) Can I upgrade my Windows 10 to Windows 11?

Answer: Yes, you can upgrade your Windows 10 to Windows 11 if your system meets the minimum system requirements by downloading updates in Windows Updates.

Q #4) Is Windows 10 better than Windows 11?

Answer: No, Windows 11 is better than Windows 10 in aspects of design and performance. No glitches or issues with Windows 11 have been observed until now.

Q #5) How much time will it take to install Windows 11?

Answer: The entire Windows installation process will take nearly 20 minutes.


Windows has always provided its users with the most efficient features and functionalities, making it easier to streamline their work and enjoy the most efficient designs.

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So, in this article, we have discussed Windows 11 and also talked about how to get Windows 11, along with the pros and cons of Windows 11.