[Fixed] APC Index Mismatch Windows BSOD Error: 8 Methods

Here we will explain a BSoD error: APC Index Mismatch. Explore the top effective methods to fix the Blue Screen APC Index Mismatch error:

While working on the system, users come across various types of errors, ranging from simple connection issues to BSoD errors.

Blue Screen of Death is considered as the most harmful error as if not handled properly, it can harm the working of the system and can even corrupt the Windows.

So one needs to take care of these BSoD errors because they are caused due to various core issues, which need to be resolved instantaneously. So in this article, we will discuss one such BSoD error known as Blue Screen APC Index Mismatch.

Let us begin!!

What Causes APC Index Mismatch

Fix Blue Screen APC index Mismatch

APC is known as Asynchronous Procedure Call, and this error occurs when the sync between the software and the hardware is interrupted. This means that this error is caused mainly because of the abnormal working of the drivers.

Drivers make it easier for the devices to work efficiently, but when machines cannot complete the command without harming the system. In such cases, the system crashes. The APC_Index_Mismatch is faced by users while accessing webcam or while using printers.

But there are various fixes for the users, making it easier for them to fix these errors and retain normal working.

Various Ways To Fix APCindex Mismatch Windows 10

There are numerous ways to fix APC _index _Mismatch on Windows 10, and some of them are discussed below:

Method 1: Update Windows

Windows users face various issues and bugs in their system, and the reports of these bugs are sent to the developers who work on fixing these bugs. Developers focus on all feedbacks of the users and work efficiently to make the system bug-free and easier to operate.

Once bugs are fixed, the new updates of Windows are sent to the users, which they can easily download on their system and fix the bugs and errors.

So follow the steps listed below to update your system:

  • Open ‘’Settings’’ or press the ‘’Windows + I’’ button from your system. A window will open as displayed in the image below. Click on “Update & Security“.

update and security

  • A window will open as displayed below, then click on Windows Update, and if there are any updates, then update your system.

windows update

Downloads will begin, and once all the updates are downloaded, the system will restart.

Method 2: Disable Realtek High Definition Latest Version

Many users have reported that this error was first initiated on their system due to the Realtek High Definition driver, so it is most suitable to disable Realtek Audio Driver. If the issue is resolved, then you can uninstall this driver.

Follow the steps listed below to disable the Realtek Audio driver:

  • Right-click on your taskbar and a list of options will appear. Click on “Task Manager”.


  • A window will open as displayed below and then locate Realtek HD Audio. Right-click on it, and click on “End Task“.


Method 3: Run System Scan

Windows provides its users with a feature known as system scan, which allows them to locate and fix various issues on the system.

So follow the steps listed below to run a system scan:

  • Press the ‘’Windows’’ button, search for Command Prompt, and then click on “Run as Administrator,” as displayed below.

Command Prompt

  • Type “SFC/scan now,” and press Enter.


Method 4: Check Drivers

Drivers play a crucial role in syncing devices with the system. They work as the connection between the hardware and the software. These drivers allow the printing of the alphabet on the screen when you press a key on your keyboard. So you must make sure that drivers on your system are updated to the latest version.

Follow the steps listed below to update your drivers on the system:

  • Right-click on your Windows icon and a list of options will appear as displayed in the image below. Click on “Device Manager“.

device manager

  • The list of various drivers and hardware devices will be visible on the screen. Click on each option, right-click on it, and then click on “Update“.

update driver

Likewise, update all drivers and once all drivers are updated, restart your system and see if the error is fixed.

Method 5: Perform Windows Reset

If you are unable to fix the issue even after updating drivers and following other methods listed above, you must reset your Windows.

You can change the current state of the Windows and can switch to the one when you first used it by resetting your Windows, and all settings are reversed to the defaults. So with the reset feature from Windows, you can quickly fix this issue.

Follow the steps listed below to perform Windows Reset on your system:

  • Open Settings or press the Windows + I button from your system. A window will open as displayed below. Click on “Update & Security“.


  • A window will open. Click on “Recovery” and under the title “Reset this PC“, click on “Get started“.

get started

  • As depicted in the image below, a dialogue box will open. Click on “Keep my files.”

keep my files

  • Then click on “Local reinstall“.

local reinstall

  • Click on “Next” as displayed in the image below.


  • Click on “Reset” to reset Windows 10.


Now Windows reset will begin, and this will wipe out all data with settings changed back to defaults. Also, when the system restarts, you will log in to a new version of Windows.

Method 6: Change RAM Frequency

Sometimes, to enhance the working and the gaming experience, users change the frequencies of RAM and processors, which results in various crashing errors on the system. Therefore, it would be best if you do not change the frequencies of the system until you have complete knowledge of the niche.

So you must change the frequencies to default.

Method 7: Uninstall Abnormal Functioning Software

Sometimes these issues are caused due to abnormal working of some software, which happens when the system fails to sync with the particular software. So in such cases, you must uninstall the eccentric functioning program and then read about its requirements, and download the stable version of the software for your system.

Note: This is a process to display how to remove unstable software and does not show the software mentioned in the process as one with issues.

Follow the steps listed below to uninstall unstable software.

  • Search for Control Panel and then click on “Open” as displayed below.

open control panel

  • The Control Panel window will open, then click on “Uninstall a program“.


  • Select the abnormal working software and then click on “Uninstall” as displayed in the image below.

abnormal working software

Method 8: Use BSOD Troubleshooter

Windows provides its users with various fixes and troubleshooters, which allow them to deal with multiple issues and errors. So Windows also provides users with a BSoD troubleshooter, which will enable them to fix BSoD errors.

Follow the steps listed below to enable a BSoD troubleshooter:

  • Open Settings or press the Windows + I button from your system. A window will open, click on “Update & Security“.


  • Click on “Troubleshoot” and click on “Additional troubleshooters” as displayed in the image below.


From the list of options, you can select BSoD troubleshooter, and it will search for BSoD errors and will suggest fixes for the same.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do I fix the APC index mismatch error?

Answer: There are various ways to fix APC index Mismatch Windows 10 errors, like using a BSoD troubleshooter, Reset Windows, and updating all drivers.

Q #2) What does stop code APC index mismatch mean?

Answer: This means that there is some sync issue with hardware and software, and if the process is completed, it will harm the system, and the system will crash.

Q #3) How do I fix the APC index mismatch in Win32kfull?

Answer: Follow any of the methods listed below to fix the APC index in Win32kfull.

  1. Uninstall KB5000802 Update from Windows 10.
  2. Install the KB5001649 Update.
  3. Uninstall the Latest Update from the WinRE environment.
  4. Perform a System Restore from the WinRE environment.

Q #4) How do I fix Ntkrnlmp EXE?

Answer: Ntkrnlmp EXE is an NT kernel multitask version that allows the system to maintain the tasks in order and complete them based on preference.

Follow any of the methods listed below to fix NtkrnlmpEXE.

  1. Use a different power adapter
  2. Check system hardware
  3. Scan the system for malware
  4. Disconnect all peripherals
  5. Update Windows drivers
  6. Use System Restore.

Q #5) What is a Kernel Mode Trap error?

Answer: This error is mostly caused due to hardware faults or memory mismatch from the Kernel.

Q #6) How do I use the Blue Screen troubleshooter?

Answer: Blue Screen Troubleshooter is present in the Update & Security section in Settings. You can easily access it from there and run it to locate and fix BSOD issues.


BSOD errors are one of the most crucial errors that users face in the system, and they need to tackle such errors with complete knowledge. There are various types of BSoD errors that can occur in the system depending on the issue.

In this article, we have discussed one such BSoD error known as the APC Index Mismatch error.