How To Change Mouse DPI In Windows 10: Solution

In this tutorial, we will understand what is Mouse DPI and learn methods to check and change Mouse DPI in Windows 10:

A computer is a collection of various devices that are bind together to perform specific tasks. These devices include a keyboard for providing textual commands, a monitor to display the information, etc.

Among all these devices, the least talked about the device is a mouse. For gamers, a mouse is an essential tool as it helps them aim for a headshot and add a kill to the team.

The performance of the mouse depends on the DPI it works on. If the mouse has a higher DPI, then it means that the mouse can cross a larger number of pixels on an inch movement. DPI is also referred to as the sensitivity of the mouse.

We know that a mouse is a pointing device and is useful while gaming and clicking on icons to access applications. The gaming mouse has comparatively high DPI, thereby making it easier for users to react or aim during a game.

Methods To Change Mouse DPI In Windows 10

How to Change Mouse DPI in Windows 10

What Is DPI

DPI stands for dots per inch, and as the full form suggests it is the ratio of several pixels on the screen to an inch movement by the mouse.

Reasons To Change The DPI On Mouse

DPI is directly linked to the performance of the mouse. The more will be the DPI of the mouse, the more quickly it will provide the screen movement. Changing the DPI of the mouse is most beneficial for the gamers as it allows them to easily set aims in the game and also have better control of it.

The reasons to change DPI mouse are as follows:

  • Increase mouse performance
  • Provide the user with precision
  • Makes shooting in games easier
  • Enhances mouse sensitivity

Advantages Of Changing The DPI On Mouse

Users can experience various features post-changing the DPI on the mouse. By changing the DPI, the user will be able to cover more pixels on a unit movement by the device.

The various advantages of changing DPI on the mouse are as follows:

  • Enhanced gameplay
  • Easier control in the game.
  • Precise shots and movements in the game.
  • Quick reflexes and actions in the game.
  • Best required for software which needs moving of cursor all across the screen.
  • Precise movement in graphic designing and headshots in the game.

How To Check Mouse DPI

There are various ways to check your DPI mouse and make changes to it later. Some of the methods are listed below. By following these methods, the user can easily find out his/her DPI.

Method 1: Check The Manufacturer’s Specifications

The manufacturers provide their users with the complete details of the product on their website.

The user can visit the manufacturer’s website and search for the development and read the specifications as shown in the below image.

Check the Manufacturer’s Specifications

[image source]

Method 2: Install The Correct Mouse Drivers

The manufacturers provide users with the feature to change DPI using the driver software, which can be done by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit the manufacturer’s website and download the driver, as shown in the image below.

Install the Correct Mouse Drivers

[image source]

  • Install the software on your system and make changes in the DPI, as shown below.

Install the software on your system

[image source]

Method 3: Use Microsoft Paint

The DPI can be found using paint as the paint’s pointer indicates the pixel movement on the screen. Follow the steps mentioned below to find the DPI of a mouse using paint.

  • Click on the ‘’Start’’ button and search for paint, as shown below.

Search for Paint

  • The Paint window will open, as shown in the image below.

The paint window

  • Move the pointer to the left side of the screen where the windows’ footer shows ‘’0’’, as shown in the image below.

footer shows ‘’0’’

  • From this ‘’0’’ pointer position, make three lines of around 2-3 inches and note down the footer’s first value as shown in the image below.

‘’0’’ pointer position

  • Find the average of three values, and that will be the DPI of your mouse.

Precaution: Make sure to keep the zoom screen to 100%.

How To Change DPI On Mouse

When a user wishes to make changes in the DPI mouse, he can do it accordingly to increase the device performance. This can be done by following any of the methods mentioned below.

#1) Using Settings

The user can make changes in the DPI mouse using the mouse settings provided in the settings option. Follow the steps mentioned below to change DPI settings.

  • Click on the ‘’Start’’ button and click on the ‘’Settings’’ option as shown in the image below.

Using Settings

  • The settings window will open, as shown in the image below.

windows settings

  • Click on the “Devices” option, as shown below.

devices option

  • From the list of devices, click on “Mouse” as shown in the image below.

select mouse

  • Click on “Additional mouse options” as shown in the image below.

Additional Mouse Options

  • Click on ‘’Pointer Options’’ from the window as shown in the image below.

pointer options

  • A window will appear, as shown in the image below.

mouse properties

  • Adjust the slider with the heading motion and click on ‘’Apply’’ and then ‘’OK’’, as shown below.

Select Pointer Speed

#2) Using The DPI Changer Button

Using the DPI Changer Button

[image source]

The manufacturers provide their users with the shortcut feature to alter the DPI using the mouse button. The DPI altering button is present under the rotation wheel, and the user can easily change the DPI by pressing the button.

What DPI Should I Use for Gaming

The DPI movement used by regular users ranges to around 2000 DPI, whereas when it comes to gaming, it requires quick reflexes and more comfortable aiming options.

A gamer focuses on the entire screen and looks for more effortless mouse movement to aim at various enemies, therefore, he/she requires a comparatively higher DPI around 6000. In contrast, there can be a mouse that is capable of offering a DPI of more than 9000. Thus, the user can choose DPI based on the game he/she is playing.

We can say that for gamers, the DPI values of the mouse differ according to the games they play.

  • For shooting and aiming games, 400 to 1000 DPI is the most suited DPI by gamers.
  • For RPG games, 1000 to 1600 DPI is a suitable DPI value.

Methods To Improve Mouse Performance

All the hardware devices in the system need to be taken care of and must be updated to work in the best possible condition. Here are some methods that can make it easier for a user to improve mouse performance.

#1) Change Mouse Sensitivity Settings

There are various options provided in the games that allow users to make changes in the mouse settings. The user can locate the mouse settings in the controller’s menu in the game. By making changes in various settings like sensitivity and control, the user can alter mouse sensitivity settings.

#2) Update Mouse Drivers

The manufacturers keep providing driver updates for the mouse, that can be downloaded and installed easily. The user can visit the manufacturer’s website and search for the product in the search bar and download the driver’s update and install them in the system.

Update Mouse Drivers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is higher DPI better?

Answer: The DPI value which suits the user entirely depends on the task for which it is used by the user. If the user needs to have quick reflexes in a game, then a higher DPI is a better choice, whereas if the user wishes to have a precise aim and slow movement of the cursor in a game then a low DPI is a more suitable choice.

Q #2) Does anyone use 16000 DPI?

Answer: The 16000 DPI is used by gamers who specialize in quick reflexes games. These gamers focus on quickly responding to the game’s situation more than precise aiming.

Q #3) What is a normal  DPI on the mouse?

Answer: The average value of DPI lies between 800 to 1200 DPI as they are quick enough for movement but not fit for quick reflexes.

Q #4) How do I change DPI in Windows 10?

Answer: The DPI mouse can be changed in Windows 10 using the steps mentioned below.

  • Click on the ‘’Settings’’ button.
  • Click on the ‘’Devices’’ option in the settings menu.
  • Click on the ‘’Mouse’’ option and click on “Additional mouse” options.
  • A window will open. Now, click on the ‘’Pointer’’ option and move the slider to make changes in the DPI.

Q #5) How do I change DPI on the corsair mouse?

Answer: The DPI adjustments can be made easily on the corsair mouse using the below steps.

  • Visit the manufacturer’s website and download driver software.
  • Install driver software and click on ‘’DPI settings’’ in the list.
  • Make adjustments in the DPI settings available.

Q #6) Why do CS GO pro players use 400 DPI?

Answer: The lower DPI means that the cursor will move slowly across the screen, and as we know that CS GO is a shooting game in which the player needs to have a clear headshot to avoid chances of being discovered and shot, therefore, pro players use low DPI to have a precise aim.

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In this tutorial, we talked about DPI on mouse and came around with various ways on how to change DPI on mouse. For gamers, the mouse is a significant device that enables them to aim and manage movements. Therefore the mouse drivers must be kept updated.

We discussed the various ways to adjust DPI settings along with the ways to enhance mouse performance.