Windows 11: Release Date, Features, Download, and Price

Complete guide to the release of the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, Windows 11, including its features, pricing, etc:

Windows 11 is the latest Microsoft Windows operating system.

Windows 11 beta was leaked online on June 15, 2021. The first preview and SDK were released to the open software testing program – Windows Insider on June 28.

The official Microsoft Windows 11 release date was set at Holiday 2021.

Here we will talk about the release date, features, download, and price of the latest iteration of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Windows 11 Release Information

Windows 11 (1)

Market Trends: Windows 11 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system that was released on October 5, 2021. The below graph shows the market share of top operating systems as of 2020.

Share of Top Operating Systems [2020]:

Share of Top Operating Systems

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Expert Advice: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Secure Boot features are necessary for Windows 11. You can check whether your motherboard supports these features from the BIOS menu.

System Requirements

You should have a system that meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 (see table below). You can also download the PC Health Check App to check if your system can run Windows 11.

Minimum System Requirements specifications:

ProcessorMemoryStorage spaceGraphics cardDisplay screenBIOS
1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores
64-bit 7th-generation Intel Core | AMD Ryzen 2nd generation processor
4 GB64 GBDirect X 12 compatible card with WDDM 2.0 driver9-inch | 720p resolution (1280x720)Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support and
Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) or Secure Boot capable.

Release Date

Windows 11 was released on October 5, 2021. The Windows was available on the official Microsoft Windows download page as a free upgrade. Some people could also install the latest version of Windows a day earlier on October 4.

Features: An Overview

#1) Multiple Layouts

Windows 11 allows you to arrange apps in different layouts. The operating system will save the layout based on your specification.

You will see a square button on the top right corner of the windows. The button is located between the X button and the minimize button. Hover over this button to view different layout options. You can select a layout and a position that seems appropriate to you.

With the snap layout option, you can bring together different apps. It will allow you to easily maximize and minimize all the apps.

Windows Multiple Layout

#2) Separate Visual Desktops

Windows 11 allows you to create virtual desktops. You can customize Windows 11 wallpaper and create a desktop for different use such as school, work, and gaming.

To use the feature, click on the desktop button. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to create a new virtual desktop. You can switch between the desktops by clicking on the desktop button. Clicking on the X button will close the desktop.

Virtual Desktops

#3) Redesigned Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Manager has also been improved in Windows 11. The design of the clipboard manager is more rounded. You can now copy and paste GIFs and emojis using the Clipboard Manager.

#4) Microsoft Team

Microsoft allows you to more easily chat with team members using the built-in video chat app called Microsoft Team. The app is built directly into the operating system. You won’t have to install the app separately.

You can send voice, video, or picture messages using Teams. Click on Chat or Meet and then select the contacts you want to contact.

#5) New Widgets

Windows 11 contains an AI-powered customizable feed widget. The feed widget shows information such as recent photos, news, weather, to-do, and calendar list. The feature is present in the newly designed Windows 11 taskbar button.


Widgets in Windows 11 are similar to the news and interests app in the latest Windows 10 update. A panel slides out when you click on the widgets on the taskbar. You can also expand the widgets to display full screen.

#6) Improved Security

Windows 11 offers more security due to its requirement for the TPM 2.0 feature. The feature protects a system from known and unknown hackers. It offers an added level of protection against online threats. Both consumers and businesses can benefit from these added security requirements.

#7) Updated Visuals

Microsoft has updated the design of the Windows 11 operating system. The new theme is softer and more rounded as compared to the previous Windows.

The new design puts everything at the center of the screen. The Start button is located at the center of the taskbar, which is a radical departure from the traditional placement of the start button at the left of the taskbar.

In addition, pinned apps are also at the center of the screen for the first time. The placements make it easier to switch apps as compared to the previous version of Windows.

Start Menu

Start button in Windows 11 changes dynamically based on the specific time of the day. You can also customize the Start menu by changing the icon sizes or restoring the left position of the Start button.

Windows 11 File Explorer design has also been updated. The interface now suits keyboard, mouse, and touch devices. The rounded corners and new icons are visually appealing. Instead of a ribbon toolbar, the File Explorer now features a command bar that lets you easily rename and delete files.

The right-click context menu has been updated. It now uses acrylic material design. The improved feature allows a see-through effect that looks great.

Last, the Blue Screen of Death has been redesigned. It now has a more classy look with Black color.

#8) Windows Terminal

Microsoft is known for pushing its products to users. It now includes not just Windows Team but also Windows Terminal. You won’t have to install the app manually.

#9) Improved Microsoft Store

Windows 11 brings a new Microsoft Store that is faster and simpler. There are more apps that you can buy and download, such as Adobe Reader, Disney+, and other apps. The security of the store has also been improved so that you can safely make purchases on Microsoft Store.

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#10) Windows Search Feature

Windows Search feature has been improved with a newly designed interface. The sear bar is on top with suggested apps below the search bar. The search window also displays quick search suggestions such as Weather, Top News, Today in history, and coronavirus trends.

The new Search app allows you to view files, apps, settings, and information from one place.

Windows Search

[image source]

#11) New Windows 11 Wallpaper and Themes

Windows 11 brings five additional wallpapers for customizing the desktop background and lock screen. The old themes have been replaced with 6 new themes with varying color options.

#12) Enhanced Gaming Performance

It provides a much better gaming experience as compared to previous versions of Windows.

DirectX 12 Ultimate offers enhanced gaming. DirectStorage technology for M.2 SSDs allows faster load times and improves the overall gaming experience. The load times of games are similar to Xbox Series X.

Auto HDR feature converts Direct X 11 compatible SDR games to HDR games. You don’t have to toggle HDR on and off for individual games. HDR offers wider color ranges resulting in a vastly enhanced visual gaming experience.

Games that work on Windows 10 will also work on Windows 11. Game Pass is also built into Windows 11. You can get access to 100+ Xbox games.

#13) Dynamic Refresh Rates

It supports Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR). The feature allows monitors to refresh at 60 Hz or 120+Hz depending on display requirements. Dynamic refresh rate results in improved user experience and reduced power usage.

#14) Windows 11 Health Check

It has an improved health check app you can access from the Settings menu. The app will recommend you to enable power saving, turn down the brightness, or more to optimize system performance.

#15) Windows Store

Windows Store has been redesigned in the latest version of Windows.

Windows Store

The new Windows Store has better content. You can download popular social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram apps through the Amazon App Store. The new store also allows the possibility of downloading Apple apps such as Safari, iTunes, and iMessage.

Microsoft Store allows developers to keep 100 percent of revenues from apps sold. Windows has improved options to manage the purchased apps. You can mirror the app purchases of your smart TV on your PC and laptop.

#16) Multi-Monitor Support

Windows 11 boasts improved multi-monitor support. The operating system will now remember the positions of Windows when you reconnect an external monitor.

#17) Android App Support

Android app support has been improved in Windows 11. You can now download popular Android apps from Microsoft Store. Microsoft has collaborated with Amazon to bring new apps to its official online store.

#18) Detailed Battery Usage Report

Another noteworthy improvement is a detailed battery usage report. You can know about battery usage over the past week. It allows you to know what apps take a lot of battery resources so that you can optimize PC performance.

#19) Designer App Tool

It also comes with a designer app tool known as WinUI3. The new feature allows app developers to design the interface with improved typography, color palette, and rounded corners. The app design will sync with the design of the operating system, resulting in a streamlined appearance.

#20) Less Frequent Updates

Microsoft has announced that it will release fixes and updates just once a year similar to macOS. This will allow the company to test new features before rollout. Annual updates are more convenient for users as well. Less frequent updates translate to increased productivity for users.


While Windows 11 comes with a slew of new and improved features, experts have noticed certain flaws with the operating system.

These include:

#1) Performance Issues with AMD Processors

AMD has issued a notice about performance issues with Windows 11. The company reported a drop of 15 percent in-app performance, with Ryzen processors having 8 or more cores. A fix is coming soon, but no release date has been announced for the patch.

#2) Windows File Explorer Memory Leak

One of the criticisms regarding the new operating system is that it has not fixed the Windows File Explorer memory leak problem present in Windows 10.

A memory leak happens when an app does not release RAM after it is closed. Each time you open and close Windows File explorer, the memory will deplete. At the moment, the only fix to the File explorer memory leak is to use a third-party file explorer app.

#3) Limited System Compatibility

The biggest complaint is that it supports limited hardware specifications. Your system must have AMD Ryzen 2000 series or Intel 7th generation or newer 64-bit processor.

The operating system does not work on 32-bit processors and the system must have TPM 2.0 and Support Boot features. The strict system requirements make many existing systems ineligible for upgrades.

But Microsoft offers a workaround for installing Windows 11 on incompatible PCs. The installation involves tweaking the registry values to bypass the system check for TPM 2.0 and CPU model and family.

#4) Fewer Customization Options

Another criticism is that it has fewer customization options as compared to Windows 10. You can no longer drag and move the Taskbar around the screen. The taskbar remains locked in position at the bottom of the screen.

In addition, it is also not possible to drag files to the taskbar for creating a shortcut. You can also not pin folders to Start Menu. A fix to limited functionalities is using a third-party program such as Start11. The complete suite to customize the interface costs $29.99.


Windows 11 is available as a free upgrade to Windows 10. The update is offered for free to users of the licensed Windows 10 operating system. New PCs preloaded with Windows 11 are also available.


The upgrade option is available from the Microsoft Windows 11 download website. But before you select windows 11 free download, you should check whether your system is compatible by downloading the PC Health Check app.

Upgrade Process For Existing Windows Users

You have three options to download and install Windows 11 you can download Windows installation assistant, create a bootable USB or DVD, or download Windows 11 ISO virtual image. You should have a Microsoft account to activate Windows after installing.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) support is required for upgrading to Windows 11. But you can upgrade even if your PC doesn’t support this feature. To install the latest Windows on a system without TPM 2.0, press Win+R keys and then type regedit.

Next, search for the following string:


Create a new key by right-clicking and selecting New and then Key. You should name the key as LabConfig.

Next, right-click LabConfig and select New and then DWORD (32-bit) value. Name the new key as BypassTPMCheck and set the value to 1. You should also create keys BypassSecureBootCheck and BypassRamCheck and set the values of the respective keys to 1.

You should close the registry editor and install Windows 11. Note that this trick will only work if you are upgrading from an existing version of Windows.

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Clean Install

You can also make a clean install of Windows 11 instead of upgrading your existing Windows. A new install will take more time than an upgrade. You will also have to reinstall all your existing apps.

A clean install will result in a much better PC performance. It is recommended to clean install Windows 11 if you can’t upgrade because of some issues with Windows 10. A clean install will delete unwanted files. It will result in a slimmer registry that will cause faster performance.


It is available at the moment as free for all. The latest version of Windows also comes pre-installed with newer PCs and laptops.

Microsoft may probably require new product keys for Windows 11 by 2022. The price of the Windows 10 Home version is $139 and Windows 10 Pro version is $199.99. Windows 11 price will probably be similar to the price of Windows 10.


Microsoft has announced that it will release yearly updates to Windows 11 operating system. This is a change from the updates for earlier versions of Windows that were released more frequently. The update frequency is now similar to Apple’s policy for macOS.


Microsoft has introduced new features and improved the design by introducing Windows 11. Gaming enthusiasts can marvel at improved performance with Auto HDR technology and DirectX 12 Ultimate support.

The interface of Windows is not highly customizable. Certain flaws such as the memory hog File Explorer app continue from Windows 10. But overall Window is a great upgrade that will satisfy most users.

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