Sample Test Plan Document (Test Plan Example with Details of Each Field)

Do you wish to learn and download a Sample Test Plan? This tutorial is in response to those who have requested for a test plan example.

In my previous tutorial, I have outlined the Test Plan Index. In this tutorial, I will elaborate that index with more details.

A Test plan reflects your entire test schedule and approach. 

This includes the purpose of a test plan i.e scope, approach, resources, and schedule of the testing activities. In order to identify the items being tested, the features to be tested, the testing tasks to be performed, the personnel responsible for each task, the risks associated with this plan etc.


I have included the link to download a PDF format of this test plan example at the end of this post.

Sample Test Plan

(Name of the Product)

Prepared by: 
(Names of those who Prepared)



2.1 Objectives
2.2 Tasks


4.0 Testing Strategy
4.1 Alpha Testing (Unit Testing)
4.2 System and Integration Testing
4.3 Performance and Stress Testing
4.4 User Acceptance Testing
4.5 Batch Testing
4.6 Automated Regression Testing
4.7 Beta Testing

5.0 Hardware Requirements

6.0 Environment Requirements
6.1 Main Frame
6.2 Workstation

7.0 Test Schedule

8.0 Control Procedures

9.0 Features to Be Tested

10.0 Features Not to Be Tested

11.0 Resources/Roles & Responsibilities

12.0 Schedules

13.0 Significantly Impacted Departments (SIDs)

14.0 Dependencies

15.0 Risks/Assumptions

16.0 Tools

17.0 Approvals


Let’s explore each field in detail!!


It is a brief summary of the product that is being tested. Outline all the functions at a high level.


2.1 Objectives
Describe the objectives supported by the Master Test Plan, E.g., defining tasks and responsibilities, a vehicle for communication, a document to be used as a service level agreement, etc.

2.2 Tasks
List all the tasks identified by this Test Plan, i.e., testing, post-testing, problem reporting, etc.


This section describes about what is being tested, which is new to all the functions of a specific product, its existing interfaces, integration of all functions etc.

List here about how you will accomplish the items that you have listed in the “Scope” section.

For Example, if you have mentioned that you will be testing the existing interfaces, what would be the procedures that you would follow to notify the key people to represent their respective areas, as well as allotting time in their schedule for assisting you in accomplishing your activity?


Describe the overall approach to testing. For each major group of features or feature combinations, specify the approach which will ensure that these feature groups are adequately tested. Specify the major activities, techniques, and tools which are used to test the designated groups of features.

The approach should be described with sufficient details to permit identification of the major testing tasks and estimation of the time required to do each one.

4.1 Unit Testing

Specify the minimum degree of comprehensiveness desired. Identify the techniques which will be used to judge the comprehensiveness of the testing effort (For Example, determining which statements have been executed at least once). Specify any additional completion criteria (For Example, error frequency).

The techniques to be used to trace requirements should be specified.

List the names of the individuals/departments who would be responsible for Unit Testing.

Describe how unit testing will be conducted. Who will write the test scripts for unit testing, what would be the sequence of events of Unit Testing and how will the testing activity take place?

4.2 System and Integration Testing

List what is your understanding of System Testing and Integration Testing for your project.

Who will be conducting System and Integration Testing on your project? List the individuals who will be responsible for this activity.

Describe how System & Integration testing will be conducted. Who will write the test scripts for unit testing, what would be the sequence of events of System & Integration Testing, and how will the testing activity take place?

4.3 Performance and Stress Testing

List what is your understanding of Stress Testing for your project.

Who will be conducting Stress Testing on your project? List the individuals who will be responsible for this activity.

Describe how Performance & Stress testing will be conducted. Who will write the test scripts for testing, what would be the sequence of events for Performance & Stress Testing, and how will the testing activity take place?

4.4 User Acceptance Testing

The purpose of acceptance test is to confirm that the system is ready for operational use. During acceptance test, end-users (customers) of the system compare the system to its initial requirements.

Who will be responsible for User Acceptance Testing? List the name of the individuals and their responsibility.

Describe how User Acceptance testing will be conducted. Who will write the test scripts for testing, what would be the sequence of events of User Acceptance Testing, and how will the testing activity take place?

4.5 Batch Testing

4.6 Automated Regression Testing

Regression testing is the selective retesting of a system or a component to verify that the modifications have not caused unintended effects and that system or component still works as specified in the requirements.

4.7 Beta Testing



6.1 Main Frame:
Specify both the necessary and desired properties of the test environment. The specification should contain the physical characteristics of the facilities, including the hardware, the communications, and system software, the mode of usage (For Example, stand-alone), and any other software or supplies that are required to support the test.

Also, specify the level of security that must be provided for the test facility, system software, and proprietary components such as software, data, and hardware.

Identify the special test tools that are required. Identify any other testing needs (for example, publications or office space). Identify the source of all needs which are not currently available to your group.

6.2 Workstation


Include all test milestones identified in the Software Project Schedule as well as all item transmittal events.

Define any additional test milestones required. Estimate the time required to do each testing task. Specify the schedule for each testing task and test milestone. For each testing resource (that is, facilities, tools, and staff), specify its periods of use.


Problem Reporting:
Document the procedures to be followed when an incident is encountered during the testing process. If a standard form is going to be used, attach a blank copy as an “Appendix” to the Test Plan. In the event that you are using an automated incident logging system, write those procedures.

Change Requests:
Document the process of modifications to the software. Identify who will sign off on the changes and what would be the criteria for including the changes to the current product. If the changes will affect the existing programs, then these modules need to be identified.


Identify all the software features and combinations of the software features that will be tested.


Identify all the features and significant combinations of features which will not be tested along with the reasons.


Specify the staff members who are involved in the test project and what are their roles going to be (For Example, Mary Brown (User) compile Test Cases for Acceptance Testing). Identify the groups responsible for managing, designing, preparing, executing, and resolving the test activities as well as the related issues.

Also, identify the groups responsible for providing the test environment. These groups may include developers, testers, operations staff, testing services, etc.


Major Deliverables:
Identify the deliverable documents. You can list the following documents:

  • Test Plan
  • Test Cases
  • Test Incident Reports
  • Test Summary Reports


Department/Business Area Bus. Manager Tester(s)


Identify significant constraints on testing, such as test-item availability, testing-resource availability, and deadlines.


Identify the high-risk assumptions of the test plan. Specify contingency plans for each (For Example, delay in delivery of test items might require increased night shift scheduling to meet the delivery date).

16.0 TOOLS
List the Automation tools that you are going to use. Also, list the Bug tracking tool here.


Specify the names and titles of all the persons who must approve this plan. Provide space for the signatures and dates.

Name (In Capital Letters) Signature Date:



Download: You can also Download this Sample Test Plan Template here.

We have also prepared a real live project test plan from this sample.

You can check and download it on the following tutorials:

  1. Simple Test Plan Template
  2. Test Plan Document (Download)


#1 Sameer Mandve

I was in one of group those demanded sample Test Plan. so thanks a lot for agin.

#2 manjunath

I gain idea about the basic test plan requirements. can you please provide me any basic application or system test plan example which is implemented in software companies, so that we get clear idea about the test plan ?

#3 Dhananjay

I found this site very useful, You are doing a great job for new commerce.

#4 manjunath

i found the test plan which is very easy and understandable…
can you please provide me bug tracking report format , so that i get how to submit bug to developer

#5 anjana

i am planning to do software testing course from long back.but i am still in confusion which institute will be the best in bangalore. and which institute is giving placement assistance? can i do both manual and automation? what is the difference? pls let me know which will not involve programming. i dont want to get into programming.pls let me know which will suit me. or shall i concentrate only in one course.either manual or automation. thanks.

#6 sricharan

what is test strategy,test methodology, automation test plan?

#7 reddy

what is tracesability matrix?Give me template for this?

#8 Ahmed Mahmood

i need some traing abt automated testing

#9 Vijay

@ manjunath – Thanks for making me to write article on Bug life cycle ( This is actually base for my next article “Writing a good bug report”. I will write it soon.

@ anjana – If you don’t want to go for Programming language then its useless to think about Automation testing. So you have only one option of Manual testing which may restrict your career.

@ sricharan – Diff. In short- Test strategy describes the overall testing approach i.e how to test? Test strategy comes under test plan.
Test plan defines Scope, approach and what to test?

@ reddy – traceability matrix is used to map the user requirements with the deliverables. We can use traceability matrix for mapping user level requirements to functional requirements and also for verifying system specifications. You can use a simple excel sheet having two columns of requirement and traceability to maintain traceability matrix.

#10 Ahmed Mahmood

Kindly gimme some help documents through whichi start automation testing, as i have good backgroung of programming languages

#11 kavitha

can anyone please explain me about the traceability matrix template. .i want the format of ttm template

#12 kavitha

what is static testing and dynamic testing?exp with example

#13 Yasoda

Still this is more usefull than the other ones but it’s great if you all can provide us template in dco or excel format.

Thank you

#14 Srinivas Paraasaram

Can any one forward sample test plans and test reports for Safety critical project

Thanks in advance

#15 Jaskaran

*If my earlier message was posted please disregards this*
Above template of the test plan was very useful.
I am required to create an automation test plan.It would be very helpful if i can get a template of this automated test plan.
Thanks in advance.

#16 jagadeeshan

Can any one explain me the contents of Traceability matrix and its Templates?

#17 Deepesh

Is there a specific format of Traceability Matrix. Should tester made it by Use Cases or SRS?

#18 Pavani


I am pavani and have recently joined as tester. Presently I am testing a web based application where in I am assigned to do Funcional testing., I have some questions like

1)is there any format we need to follow to prepare TRM
2) how do we create Test beds for automating test cases?

#19 Venky

Hi Kavitha,

Static Testing: Testing the application without running the application. Nothing but testing the Documents like Business Requirement Specification, Functional Specifications and other testing documents whether the mentioned requirements and functionalities are complete or not. Ex: Testing the documents Test Case document for checking whether it covers the full functional flow of the applications or not.

Dynamic Testing: Testing the application by running it currently. Ex: Testing the applications whether it meets all the functionalities mentioned in the Functional Specifications by running the Test Cases which are generated against the Requirements of the client.

#20 kavitha

Hi Venky,
thank you for your reply. . .
may i know the differnce between test strategy and test plan. . does test strategy comes within test plan?

#21 vani


i want to know the real time test case model plz send any one

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how to get job in testing

#23 ch krupakarreddy

i have completed my msc in 2003 i am learning testingtools

#24 ch krupakarreddy

i want to know the real time test case model plz send any one

#25 tulasiram

what is trm . could u plese define this . how it should use in test plan?

#26 Shibani

I am not from s/w dev background; i am basically from quality assurance; can i get involved in software testing? what are the pre requisites .

#27 Shibani

what is the pre requisite for software testing ?.

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If any experience people can teach me qtp tools and how to write a testplan in realtime project(i will pay you 4000rs)for you guys contact mobile 9840295153

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#32 hansal

#33 Sujatha

Hi,Can anybody pls let me know “what is the actual need for test strategy when there is test Plan?”Why is test plan needed?

#34 sethuraman

hi i am sethuraman, presently i am doing a software testing courses in STC. I like to do some projects related in automation tools of Winrunner and QTP. thereby i am in need of some sample SRS. if u have any relevant SRS, send to me, thereby its useful to do some projects.

Same time, can u give a weblink to take a model online exams in software testing.

#35 Ashish

Thanks Vijay,
It was a lot of help in the Test plan topic.
Good work, keep it up.


#36 Nagesh

Hi Vijay,
I like the web-site very much. It is very useful.
What I understand is that different interpretations are given by different professional :
E.g :
Test Strategy & Test Plan

Test Strategy may be a higher level document where in it may contain various Test Plans (Strategy may include plans for integration testing, system testing, user acceptance testing, etc)

E.g : Static Testing

When I go through articles under static testing the entire life cycle activities such as various reviews, audits, etc are covered.

I get confused. Is there any standard where in specific definitions are given so as remove ambiguity.

Can you please define a role of QA in a Software Testing Service Orgn?

Thank you for your immence service. Like to interact more.


#37 garima

Can anyone help me regarding switching the software comapny.I want to know if anyone has experince in Junit and manual testing after 2 yrs of experience in software industry,is his knowledge enough to switch or need to gain more and then switch.

#38 Tapan

Can anyone help me out with the templates for load testing, capacity planning and volume testing…??

I need to knw the difference between them also..

#39 santosh


Test Plan : It contains all (like Introduction, scope, s/w req. h/w req, ,…etc…).
But it is not necessary that all should be followed in TEST STRATEGY for any of the new project, where we can modify according to the Client or Project requirements.

TESTPLAN: It is the set of rules made for the company
TEST STRATEGY:By Modifying the testplan according to the Client, TEST STRATEGY comes into picture, here we may not follow all the rules. If you have still any doubts oe related to Manual testing., you can contact me

Hope so, it cleared ur doubt..

#40 Harpreet Kalra


Anyone can send me the template to do estimation (Test Point ANalysis).

I will appreciate the reply.

#41 george

@Harpreet Kalra,
Please Provide your Email id i will send you the template and i’m in need of an appreciation.

#42 v.srinivasarao

please send template

#43 Harpreet Kalra

Hi, My email Id is

Please send me different type of template to do TPA if you have different. Or If you can also send me the templates to have the High Level Estimations of Tsting…

I really Appreciate.


#44 kiran

Testing metrics templates and description for all types of metrics collected

#45 santosh

Hi Sujatha,

Test Plan : It contains all (like Introduction, scope, s/w req. h/w req, ,…etc…).
But it is not necessary that all should be followed in TEST STRATEGY for any of the new project, where we can modify according to the Client or Project requirements.

TESTPLAN: It is the set of rules made for the company
TEST STRATEGY:By Modifying the testplan according to the Client, TEST STRATEGY comes into picture, here we may not follow all the rules. If you have still any doubts oe related to Manual testing., you can contact me

Hope so, it cleared ur doubt..

#46 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi Sujatha,

This is suresh working as a Test Engineer i think better you visit following Sites these are most helpful for you,,,

Suresh Balakrishnan.

#47 sh

I don’t know how to write scope for integration testing Besides, I somehow mix the objectives with acceptance criteria. Could anyone clear me about those please?

Thanks in Advance

#48 Prajakta

I have done my B.Sc.(Chemistry). & also done my software testing diploma in SQTL. I am fresher & wants jobs in testing.
But please request to my all friends dont join SQTL.
Because they dont have any placement. Don’t join SQTL.
Don’t join SQTL.

#49 durai

can any help me how to start my career in software testing

#50 Arun Vijayaraghavan

Test Plan and Test strategy documents are extremely important in any project. Both documents are usually frozen at the beginning of the test engagement, but do under constant changes and revisions. We can call both documents to be live documents.

The basic difference between the two is as below:

Test plan is a document that contains list of activities that would be a part of testing the application (AUT). A test plan contains the following details:

1.Details on the Environment
2.Details on the application and Scope of Testing
3.Different phases of testing involved in the test project:
i. Unit Testing – Responsibility & Exit criteria
ii. System Testing – Responsibility & Exit criteria
iii. Integration testing – Responsibility & Exit criteria
iv. UAT / Business User Testing – Responsibility & Exit criteria
4. Environment Cycle plan & Batch calendar plan
5. Resource Requirement across each phases of testing
6. Test Deliverables
7. Test team skills, requirements, roles & responsibilities.
8. Details on resource ramp up and ramp down
9. Details of the availability of hardware and support software requirement.
10. Details on training needs
11. Risks and mitigation
12. Contingency plan

Test Strategy – Test Strategy is a document that talks about how the testing is to be carried out across each phase. Take for example, in Unit testing phase test strategy would define entry and exit criteria along with ways and means of how the module would be unit tested. Test Strategy would vary from phases to phase since same strategy cannot be followed for two phases keeping in mind no two phases of testing are similar.

So, eventually Test Plan is a parent document the contain test strategy as a child document.

The perception of test plan and test strategy would vary from organization to organization and even project to project.


#51 Nagaraju

Can any one explain about QTP Frame work?

#52 CharlieW

Hi Deepesh
At my company we have worked with various customers, some of whom use traceability matrices, and I don’t think there is any standard format. Some populate tables by hand in MS Word specifications containing requirement tags for example.
We prefer to auto-generate a requirements traceability matrix using an in-house tool (, and there are other tools on the market. Our tool trawls through the specification and implementation files searching for requirement tags, and automatically lists which match and which do not.

#53 Karthik


Does anybody have a Project Classification documents… i.e. project falls on which category, it’s small or medium project…. etc.

Please send the documents to –

Thanks in advance!

#54 Vaiju

What are the Eliverables? Explain with examples.

#55 Vaiju

The above question is spelled wrong
What are the Deliverables?Explain with examples.

#56 Rama Subramanian


I wish to know about Master Test Plan (Strategic Test Plan) and how is it different from the normal test-plan that is made for each level 1) unit testing 2) Integration Testing 3) System Testing and 4) Acceptance Testing?
Is Strategic/ Master Test Plan ever made in Practical Testing Environment? Why is Master Test Plan necessary? How is it different from Actual Test Plan? What are the different Criteria that go into the making of Master Test Plan? Who is involved in Making a Master Test Plan? How many Years of work-expereince in required before a Test-Engineer starts designing a Master Test Plan? Kindly email me the reply to

email id :

#57 Rama Subramanian


Can anybody in the forum tell the difference between Strategic Test Plan and ordinary test Plan? Kindly explain what is the Master or Strategic Test Plan means?

email id:

#58 Anuradha

Can any one provide me a real time sample of a test plan? Thanks In advance

#59 Mani

Anyone tell a test case for registration page to createa user for

#60 santosh

Hi Anuradha,

Wht you see is what the testplan contains. Still if you feel that you are not satisfied with that , then i would def provide you the real time testplan.

Santosh Palvai
anybody can reach me @

#61 sivakumar kakarla

Plz provide sample validation reports for software products ASAP.

#62 saurabh

Can any one provide me a real time sample of a test plan? Thanks

#63 Memory Leeuw

Can somebody please recommend a site where I can get a sample of a test case or send me a sample of at test case. Thanks Memory

#64 Vitboy

I don’t know if copying chunks of text out of a well known standard is plaigarism, but at least citing it as a reference may make you look a little more legit.

Best of luck.

#65 Vitboy

Oh that standard, if anyone is interested, is:
IEEE Std 829-1998
“also known as the 829 Standard for Software Test Documentation”
Reference: (Date: 05/04/2009)

#66 leena

Thank you very much for sample test plan.
It is very helpful.

#67 sundar

Hi friends,
I am doing manual testing and performing load test by using jmeter test tool. can u tell me how to prepare the performance- load test report..

with regards

#68 Prabhakaran

can anyone explain what is test design doc & test plan.
how it differs.

#69 ramu


#70 Sam

3 Principal Test Documents
1. Test Policy (Organisation Level)

– Very High Level Document
– What “Testing” means for organisation
– How organisation measures test success
– Relatively static document (Changes when organisation’s focus changes)
– Developed by IT department

2. Test Strategy (Programme Level)

– Applicable for a Programme/System which covers multiple projects
– Objective/Scope of Testing
– Inscope/Out of scope Items for testing
– Test Levels (Unit/Module/System/Integration)
– Test Types ( Functional/Non-Functional)
– Entry/Exit/Stop/Resumption Criteria for testing (for different Levels/Phases)
– Risks to be addressed
– Test Environment
– Test case design methodology (Specification driven/BVA/EQ Parttition)
– Test methodology ( Top-down/bottom-up/risk based)
– Test Automation Approach
– Test Tools to be used
– Defect Management approach
– Defect classification
– Retesting & regression approach

3. Test Plan (Project Level)

– All above points specific for this project
– Test Estimation & Test schedule
– Test Organisation/roles/responsibilities
– Test deliverables
– Test reporting

#71 keerthi

hi..this site is very useful..

#72 Sinde sugatri

This is good site about testplan and testing stratergy.

#73 Vishal

I want to know the following things regarding Test Plan.

1. When preparation of test plan start?
2. How the resource, deadline gets estimated? Is there any sceintific approach or any technique used for estimation of all this things?

Plaes reply on this as I want to understand the testplan in detail.

Thanks in advance.


#74 siva

hi vishal

Here are the answers for your questions

1)Test plan should be started immediately after the requirements are available. It should be flexible enough so that if the requirements gets changed, then the plan should also be changed accordingly
2)a)Scheduling is based on the project deadlines.
b)Resource estimation is based on the project size. In general QA resources are half the development team size. Also you need to prepare Staffing matrix which can give you idea of how many resources are required for a particular module. For example, if there are 3 modules in a project then you can hire 3 persons, one for each module. Similarly you can also categorize by type of testing.

#75 selvan


Can you please send me the template to do estimation using Test Point ANalysis. Harpeet or George, I see you both discussing on this as well.


#76 selvan


Can you please send me the template to do estimation using Test Point ANalysis to Harpeet or George, I see you both discussing on this as well.


#77 anandhan

any one tell me.

1) What is diff b/n unit testing and white box testing(WBT) and it have any related link and WB tester can test the unit testing and voice versa?.

2)how can test acceptance testing without alpha and beta testing(that is end user)

#78 Viswa

Hi Anadhan,

1. Unit testing is usually done by developers where they will be testing every function point/unit which they are developing before it is being integrated to other application. White box testing can be conducted by a developer or a tester, white box testing is conducted with the motive of identifying/pointing a defect/bug exactly where inside the code.

2. Alpha testing is usually called first phase of testing, where it will be tested within the project team like unit testing, FVT (functional verification testing), system testing. Beta testing is the one executed along with the end user, usually called User Acceptance Testing or Certification testing. It cannot be executed without the end user.

#79 harshad

plz anyone send me a some example of test cases ,so i can get what the exact idea of it?

#80 Jaipal Reddy

Hi all i am looking for Agile Testing Process and Agile Test Plan Templates.

#81 Nisha

i am planning to do software testing course from long back.but i am still in confusion which institute will be the best in bangalore. and which institute is giving placement assistance? can i do both manual and automation? what is the difference? pls let me know which will not involve programming. i dont want to get into programming.pls let me know which will suit me. or shall i concentrate only in one course.either manual or automation. thanks.

#82 renuka


am doing final mca project for testing managment so i need for test plan fields formats .

#83 Rachna


I wants to know about the Certification in software testing for beginners??

Its duration,fees,how to apply,which website provide online training for the same.

#84 Siva

Hi Rachna

Beginner certificate in Testing would be ISTQB. Once you finish this, you can try for CSTE or CSQA


#85 soumen pandit

i an mca 2ng years student
I want to know that Test planning for project name Medicine stock system

#86 Rupali

Please explain me the diff. between Function testing & Functinality testing


#87 Somu

Hi friends,

I advised to freshers like me… this is pretty site for learning Testing…
I thank to who establish this site.

Somanthan R.

#88 Somu

@ Rupali,

There is no difference between Functional and functionality testing. They are having same meaning To Test the functionality of the system.

#89 divya

hi guys
can any one tel how to report a defect in qc wen there is no test case id…..


hi divya,

just indicate as not available (NA).

#91 divya

hi venket,
thanx 4 ur reply , but how vil the defect be fix….. tis was asked in interview……

#92 Decent

It is really very useful. Please keep the things like that up!

#93 Ritu

Hi..Am testing a web application.In tat application OS has been upgraded.So i need TEST STRATEGY & TEST Plan for OS upgrade.kindly send me yaar.
My id is

#94 satya

hi how to plan write the test cases in iam workig on mannual testing how can i start the test process iam new in testing please

#95 ethi

i am planning to do software testing course from long back.but i am still confusion to see lots of test…what will be the best for me.just i want get a job any how , can i do both manual and automation? what is the difference? or shall i concentrate testing course.plz szst me what will ve to do to find the testing job.

#96 Viswanathan D

Hi Satya, Go through requirements and understand the changes in the application. Download a simple test plan template and put your scope and test strategy in that test plan. For preparing test cases, understand the flow of the application and bring in to your imagination for different kind scenarios how application works, and start your test cases putting those scenarios in to as test cases. Let us know any one of here if you need any clarification. Writing test case is an art, build that skill within you and I am sure you will enjoy writing test cases.
Viswanathan D

#97 Viswanathan D

Hi Divya,

When you come across a defect and if it does not have a test case, then you need to update your test case accordingly through following change test case process. A defect need to have test cases, please tell this answer in your next interview.

Viswanathan D

#98 breisa

Wow! Thank you so much, this will be very helpful for my very first thesis. :3

#99 Viswanathan D

What is your thesis all about?

Viswanathan D

#100 balasubramanian

Why we should prepare system & integration test plan

#101 balasubramanian

Can anyone just guide me on the above comment

#102 Viswanathan D

“why we should prepare system & integration test plan?”

First, System test plan is prepared to make our self ready to prepare the entire system which is being developed from the scratch. System test plan is prepared only if the application or product is completely new. And the application or product need to undergo all type of testing like Functional, Performance, Load, Certification, UAT etc.
Second, Integration test plan is prepared if a product or application being developed by several team or several developers and if one complete module output is going to be as a input for another module, then this Integration Test Plan will be useful to plan accordingly. So when two systems being integrated the possibilities of issues are like software compatibility, input variable map etc. So these needs to be tested completed when its integrated. Hope its clear now.

D. Viswanathan

#103 balasubramanian.k

Thanks for guiding me. My another query is under which circumstances do we prepare unit ,integration & system test plan

#104 balasubramanian

Any views on the above comment ?

#105 D. Viswanathan

“Unit Testing”

Unit Testing is usually done by developers, they don’t prepare exact test plan for Unit Testing. They will write high level test cases where the scope of the testing will be limited to within their module or functionality undergone changes. Unit Testing/White Box Testing is also done by experienced Test Engineers who has knowledge on coding in the respective platform. Unit Testing executed by testers are mostly to show the defect where exactly in the code it is affected.

#106 Bhushan

Please send me some real time example of test cases
on my email

#107 sivakumarbabu.kakarla

please provide the details of testing jobs in GIS product based commpanies

#108 sivakumarbabu.kakarla

Please provide the details of Product support jobs in ESRI India Ltd ASAP.

#109 Chandan

Please send me some real time example of test cases & test data on my email.

#110 Yuvarani

Please send me some real time example of functionality test cases for field level testcases

#111 thiyagarajan

can anyone send me the User guide document for testing.
send me the same asap.

#112 Mahesh

I need sample test case examples. Please send

#113 Gemson

Hi…. This website is cool! :D

#114 Sam

I need the entire details about this QA test specially fees and certificate details also qualifications!

mail me to:
(Reply me here)

#115 Hanna

Plz send me the fees structure! :)
Thank u! :)

#116 Peniel

Its a very useful website :) :P

#117 Jeni


I want to know how to get a job in s/w testing. I have 5+ years of s/w deveopment experience and after that I took a 6 year break from IT to handle family responsibilities. Now I want to comeback in IT field but not in the development. I feel testing/quality area would be little less consuming than mainstream development. Correct me if I am wrong.
Can anybody send me details about testing job, some reading material and courses which can help getting a job in today’s demanding job mkt.

#118 sharuk

I want to know how important is domai knowledge in testing

#119 Hareesh Kumar

Thanks a lot for the detailed test plan template.
I would like to know the test strategy how to apply.
And test estimation techniques.

#120 negar

hi,would you please suggest me some basic techniques for preparing an idea of test plan for car manufacturing?
thanks alot


#121 preethi

I am complted mca 2010 fresher.I am complted course to get a job..plz tel me

#122 naresh QA

preethi just put 6 month live project Experience in Testing recognized Training center or take One year fake Experience
No problem ……….

#123 Any body doubt ask me

If you want Answer ?
any body any doubt in testing only
just write quation get satifaction answer

#124 Sharuz


First of all thanks…:), i found this site is very useful… Please send me some real time example of test cases & test data on my email..

#125 rinku

can any one told me about the testing methodology.??

#126 pallavi patil

can any one told me about the severity & priority?

#127 Janki

@ Pallavi

Both severity and priority are related with bug.
Severity shows “How sever Bug is” (i.e. if there is any bug found in any functionality then how it is impacting on system)
Priority shows “Urgency of fixing the bug” (i.e. Seeting the priority for solving the bug, if any bug is more sever then it should be fix first.)
There are levels of severity and Priority.
Severity: Catastrophic, Sever, Medium, Low
Priority: Blocker, High, Medium, Low

#128 kiran

I got the test plan ,how to create test plan and who are resposible for it
Thanks a lot for your information

#129 anju

am new to an organisation as test a beginner what should i learn or do in these days.plz reply

#130 wushaa

hey this is great :) the guide is clear and well explained thanks for this, this could help amateurs like me

#131 soulami

Is it possible to have unit,integration and system all the three in the same document?

#132 soulami

What do you think are the advantages/disadvantages of having separate unit,
integration, and system test plans as opposed to an inclusive test plan that contains
all three in the same document?

#133 Aman Kr. Verma


This is really help for the everyone.

#134 Saket

Thank you for such a nice post very helpful.

But what I want to know who work on Test Plan means Who make it. I am sure this is a work of QA Lead so my question is that WHETHER THE TEST PLAN CONTAINS THE NAME OF QC EXECUTIVE MEANS WHICH SOFTWARE TESTER WILL DO WHAT?

#135 Saket

Oh I got my answer I am sorry for query

#136 rida

what is the format of writting the test plan for conversion/migration testing?


#137 Aman Agrawal

Sir i am new in this field, so i just want to know from where should i start learning software testing.
Please help me.

Best Regards,
Aman Agrawal

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Plz Remove this advertisement in to the study material it some time irritating me

#139 dara prameela

hi…please can u explain the diff btn module testplan and system testplan

#140 dara prameela

can u give introduction about
1.requirement stream lining
2.general ledger
3. ALM


Hi every one
it is very importent for me….
can plz tell me QA process and provide me QA templates.

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Hey there! I simply would like to give you a huge thumbs up for your excellent info you’ve got right here on this post. I am coming back to your web site for more soon.

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Hi Vijay, if possible, can you send me a sample test plan( written on an existing website/application)?

#144 praca w szkocji

I constantly spent my half an hour to read this website’s content
everyday along with a mug of coffee.

#145 subramanikrishnan

Hi am i interesting in s/w testing field doing now manual testing and future which testing useful and weather information sharing for me..

#146 Priya

Please can any one of u tel how to apply for ISTQB certification? Is there any course given for that?Where is it?
Please give me details about ISTQB because i dont ve any idea. Please.


#147 jazzy

Thanks for this

#148 Joed S. Myname

Hey guys, anyone can help me? i’m struggling with my system documentation :( please send me an realtime testing documentation of a sales and inventory system :(
i will look after to that please help me :(

#149 Manikandan

Thanks, Very useful for Testers.

#150 Ashok

Hi Guys,

Anyone can help me? i need E Commerce based test plan document. If any one having please send me. this is my email id “”

#151 Ashok

Anyone can help me? i need E Commerce based test plan document. If any one having please send me. this is my email id “”

#152 vishal

im completed my mca in 2010 after that i have join teaching field due to some family problem ,but now days im interested in software testing what will be i do?

#153 Amirul

Hi. anyone can help me? i don’t understand about SIGNIFICANTLY IMPACTED DEPARTMENTS (SIDs). Can anyone explain to me about it?

#154 vibha gupta

Hi VIjay,

i want to know i have 1.6 year experience in testing.But due to some reason i currently i am not working since last.
6 months .Now i am again searching job in manual and automation testing .Is it possible can i get job again in testing field after 6 to 7 month gap .

#155 praveena

Hi I want know what are the possible ways of testing Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis since i am a fresher i dont have any idea regarding this please help me out .

#156 Mya The Phyu

Hi,anyone can help me? I need core banking based functional test case plan document.
What is the format of writting the test plan for UAT test cycle 1?
If any one having please send me, this is my email id

#157 mamatha

can anyone tell me , which is the best Document Management Software in Tetsing means how we can maintain Release Note ,Testcases,traceability Template in One Software .its an Urgent Need .

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