12 Best Email Autoresponders In 2023 [Review And Comparison]

This article elaborates on the important features of the Best Email Autoresponders so you can choose the best free autoresponder for your business:

In modern times, advertising is done mainly through digital channels. It saves much of your costs and time.

An email autoresponder is one of the very convenient and useful ways of digital marketing. It helps in gaining your customer’s trust and building strong and long-lasting relationships at very low costs, by sending automated emails or SMS messages to your customers.

Let us begin by understanding the basic features of email autoresponders.

Email Autoresponders Review

Top Email Autoresponders

An email autoresponder offers you the following key features:

  • Automatically send welcome messages to new customers.
  • Reminds them about the items they have left in the shopping cart.
  • Sends notifications about the upcoming discounts to the customers.
  • Automatically responds based on the customer’s behavior.
  • Helps you analyze the customers’ tastes and preferences.
  • Gives you a report, analyzing the performance of your emails.
  • Provide tools to build attractive, engaging emails and landing pages.

All these features are of immense benefit and have the potential to uplift your sales by a considerable amount. You will never regret spending your money on a good autoresponder.

In this article, we will discuss the top Email Autoresponders with the comparison of the best ones to help you decide which one can bring maximum profits for your business, based on your requirements.

Pro Tip: Email building and automation features can be of enormous benefit in pushing the sales up. Many of the email autoresponders offer a free price plan with basic features, which can prove highly advantageous for small businesses.

Fact Check: According to Statista.com, in the year 2017, 269 billion emails were sent and received in total. This figure is continuously increasing and is estimated to reach 376.4 billion by the year 2025.

Hence, email is a growing source of sending and receiving information. Also, the scope of marketing through emails will not decrease in the near future.

fact check-Statista.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is the purpose of an email autoresponder?

Answer: An email autoresponder takes control of sending automated emails to your customers in order to build strong relationships with the customers and eventually increase sales.

Q #2) Why do we need an autoresponder?

Answer: An autoresponder is a need for the hour for any business; whether it is big or small. An autoresponder offers you the following main features:

  • Automatically send welcome messages to your new customers.
  • Reminds them about the items they have left in the shopping cart.
  • Sends discounts/coupons to loyal customers.
  • Automatically responds based on the customer’s behavior.
  • Helps you analyze the customers’ tastes and preferences.
  • Gives you reports, analyzing the performance of your emails.
  • Tools to build attractive, engaging emails and landing pages.

All these features are essential in saving time and increasing sales at the same time.

Q #3) What does autoresponder mean?

Answer: An autoresponder is a service that automatically sends messages or responds to your customers. You can set rules about when and whom to send messages and the autoresponder will act accordingly.

Q #4) Is there an autoresponder for texts?

Answer: Yes, there are autoresponders like Brevo, SendPulse, and Omnisend which can even send automated SMS messages to your customers if you want.

Q #5) What should I write in the autoresponder email?

Answer: An autoresponder should have engaging content. For example, if you send a welcome email to a new customer, it should be beautiful and should have attractive content, like discount coupons for the first 3 purchases. Or you can advertise your best-selling products so that the customer becomes reluctant to look at the product range you offer.

You should also write thanking notes to your customers after the order fulfillment process.

Q #6) What is the best email autoresponder?

Answer: Brevo, GetResponse, Moosend, Hubspot, Mailchimp, AWeber, and SendPulse are some of the best email autoresponders. They offer you powerful email marketing features, including sending automated emails, building beautiful emails and landing pages, and much more.

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List of Top Email Autoresponders

Here is the list of popular email autoresponders:

  1. Campaigner
  2. Brevo
  3. ActiveCampaign
  4. HubSpot
  5. Constant Contact
  6. InboxPro
  7. GetResponse
  8. Moosend
  9. Mailchimp
  10. ConvertKit
  11. AWeber
  12. SendPulse
  13. MailerLite
  14. Omnisend
  15. Benchmark

Comparing the Best Autoresponders

Tool NameBest forPriceLanguages supported
CampaignerEmail marketing automationStarter: $59/month, Essential: $179/month, Premium: $649/monthMulti-Lingual support
BrevoAutomation featuresThere is a free version. Paid plans start at $25 per monthEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
ActiveCampaignDrag-and-drop email designer and sending triggered messages.Starts at $9/monthEnglish, Czech, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Slovenian, etc.
HubSpotAn all-in-one solution for marketing and CRM requirements$0 to $3200 per monthEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese
Constant ContactA very efficient marketing solution. Starts at $20 per monthEnglish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, German
InboxProAI-driven email assistantPro: $24/month
Advanced: $ 49/month
Growth: $ 99/month
GetResponseEasy-to-use tools for marketing and automation. Starts at $15 per monthGerman, English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
MoosendAdvanced automation featuresStarts from $0 per month. English, French, Greek, Arabic, Italian, Spanish

Detailed Reviews:

#1) Campaigner

Best for Email marketing automation.


Campaigner comes with a ton of automation features that make it more than just a simple email marketing tool. The platform can be used to send emails that are automatically triggered based on user engagement.

You can use the platform to send timed emails based on the action or inaction of a customer. You can also schedule emails so they are sent automatically at a time and date of your choosing.


  • Email Personalization
  • Contact List Segmentation
  • HTML Editor
  • Email Auto-Scheduler.

Verdict: Easy to use and affordable, Campaigner is an email marketing tool you can use for more than just its auto-responder feature. It offers some impressive features and is capable of bolstering your email marketing strategy with powerful automation.


  • Starter: $59/month
  • Essential: $179/month
  • Premium: $ 649/month

#2) Brevo

Best for automation features.


Brevo is a free email autoresponder. You can send up to 300 emails per day, with the free plan. The automation features offered by Brevo can save much of your time and increase your sales by engaging your potential customers.


  • Design beautiful and attractive emails for marketing purposes.
  • Send SMSs for notifying your customers about upcoming discounts or other urgent messages.
  • Automated email sequences.
  • Advanced analytics to check the performance of your sent emails.
  • Segmentation of contacts list to ensure that you send just the right email to the right person.

Verdict: Brevo can be a great option for sending bulk emails at affordable costs. The automation features offered are commendable.

Price: Brevo offers the following price plans:

  • Free: $0 per month
  • Lite: Starts at $25 per month
  • Premium: Starts at $65 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact directly to get a price quote.

#3) ActiveCampaign

Best for Drag-and-drop email designers and sending triggered messages.

ActiveCampaign Logo

ActiveCampaign is an amazing email marketing tool with phenomenal auto-responding capabilities.

The tool helps you easily set up email automation, with the help of which you can send welcome emails or start a series of introductory messages that are triggered upon actions like visitor website sign-ups. The software can also be used to deliver lead magnets automatically.


  • Email campaign split testing
  • Email Contact Segmentation
  • Drag-and-drop email designer
  • Email funnels
  • Schedule emails to be sent at a specified date and time.

Verdict: ActiveCampaign is not just a great email autoresponder. In fact, it serves as an all-in-one solution that automates the processes of CRM, Sales, and marketing as well. This is precisely why the software makes it to our list of the best email autoresponders you can get your hands on today.


  • Lite: $9 per month
  • Plus: $49 per month
  • Professional: $149 per month

A custom enterprise plan can be availed by contacting the ActiveCampaign team directly. You can use the software for 14 days free of charge.

#4) HubSpot

Best for being an all-in-one solution for your marketing and CRM requirements.


HubSpot is a complete solution for marketing, sales, and CRM requirements. There is a free version and three paid plans. The range of features offered by HubSpot is really nice, which includes, A/B testing features, contact list segmentation, scheduled posting, and much more.


  • A/B testing feature.
  • List segmentation tools that help you in sending emails customized for a targeted audience.
  • The free version includes sending 2000 emails per month, live chat, email health reporting, and much more.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Let’s schedule posting on social media as long as 3 years in advance.

Verdict: HubSpot is a costly product, but is extremely powerful and easy to use. A free version is also there for small businesses.


  • Starter: $50 per month
  • Professional: $890 per month
  • Enterprise: $3200 per month

#5) Constant Contact

Best for being an efficient marketing solution.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing services provider, built mainly for small businesses in 1995. Features offered by them include website and email building, creating ads for Facebook and Instagram, and much more.


  • Tools to build your website and landing page.
  • Email building tools that help in creating beautiful emails.
  • A/B testing feature for the subject line.
  • Automated email sending.
  • Get expert advice on marketing strategies.

Verdict: Constant Contact is an easy-to-use email autoresponder that is highly recommended for small businesses. According to some users, the automation features offered are limited, as compared to those offered by its alternatives.


  • Website Builder: $10 per month
  • Email: Starts at $20 per month
  • Email Plus: Starts at $45 per month
  • Ecommerce Pro: Starts at $195 per month

#6) InboxPro

Best for AI-driven email assistant.


InboxPro is a platform that leverages advanced AI and automation to create a seamless customer acquisition system. Simply put, InboxPro is a great solution for automating certail aspects of your email marketing strategy. You can count on InboxPro’s AI to write professional emails and summarize them in no time.

Besides composing emails, you can also use InboxPro to build automated follow-up sequences with multiple steps and conditions. InboxPro also works great as a real-time email tracker. The tool lets you monitor when an email is opened and read as soon as you hit the send button.


  • AI-Assisted Automated Email Composition
  • Automated Follow Up Sequences
  • Email Tracking
  • Email Reports and Analytics

Verdict: InboxPro boosts the efficiency of your email marketing campaign by automating tasks like generating emails and building an automated follow-up sequence. If you want to generate the process of generating leads via email, then this tool is for you.


  • Pro: $24/month
  • Advanced: $ 49/month
  • Growth: $ 99/month
  • Custom and free plan also available

#7) GetResponse

Best for easy-to-use tools for marketing and automation.


GetResponse is a platform that is built to boost your online business through its website-building tools. It also helps in strengthening your marketing strategies through some very beneficial automation features.


  • Website building tools.
  • Efficient automation features which send emails to your customers, recommending them to buy products they love.
  • Contacts list segmentation feature lets you send emails targeted at a specific audience.
  • Sends welcome emails to new customers automatically.
  • Learn about the users’ activities on your page to send them tailored emails.

Verdict: GetResponse offers you easy-to-use tools, with some nice automation features. As per few user reviews, customer service is not up to the mark.


  • Basic: Starts at $15 per month
  • Plus: Starts at $49 per month
  • Professional: Starts at $99 per month
  • Max: Custom pricing based on your needs.

Website: GetResponse

#8) Moosend

Best for advanced automation features.


Moosend is an email autoresponder, which takes control of the marketing of your products through email campaigns and auto-responding features that work according to your needs.


  • Allows you to send unlimited emails.
  • Gives reports based on the customers’ response to your emails.
  • Build beautiful emails and undertake marketing campaigns.
  • A/B testing feature: Through this feature, you can check which email works better in increasing sales
  • Advanced automation features that can automatically send emails, the way you want.

Verdict: Moosend offers you everything you want from an email autoresponder, all at no or minimal costs. Their service is highly recommended.

Price: There is a free autoresponder version. The paid plans are as follows:

  • Pro: $8 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact directly for a price quote.

Website: Moosend

#9) Mailchimp

Best for all-inclusive tools for boosting your online business.


Mailchimp autoresponder has some really nice automation features that can boost your sales. Apart from this, you get features for performance analysis, website building tools, and much more.


  • Know the performance of your emails through data of opened, clicked, and bounced emails.
  • Automation features for sending emails at the best time.
  • A behavior-based automation feature sends relevant messages to your contacts.
  • Sends emails to your customers reminding them to come back to buy the stuff they love.
  • Build your website with built-in marketing tools, like appointment scheduling, etc.

Verdict: You can get Mailchimp autoresponder free or you can opt for the paid plans if you need additional features. The wide range of features offered by Mailchimp makes it a highly recommended free autoresponder.

Price: There is a free price plan. Paid plans start at $10.29 per month.

Mailchimp pricing

Website: Mailchimp

#10) ConvertKit

Best for promotion of new products.


ConvertKit is one of the best autoresponders in the industry. It gives features for building emails and landing pages and offers some powerful automation features that work according to your commands.


  • Build landing pages and sign-up forms that can help in growing your audience.
  • Powerful automation features that work according to your rules.
  • List segmentation features to send tailored messages to the targeted audience.
  • Create beautiful emails and schedule the sending date and time.

Verdict: ConvertKit guarantees a 97% delivery rate. The users are of the view that ConvertKit is costly as compared to its alternatives, which offer the same range of features at lower prices.

Price: There is a free price plan, and the paid plans start at $29 per month.

Website: ConvertKit

#11) AWeber

Best for easy to use, powerful tools.


AWeber is one of the best email autoresponders out there. The platform helps you expand your sales through website-building tools, features to create landing pages, email automation features, and much more.


  • Build professional-looking, beautiful emails
  • Use email automation features for sending welcome emails to new customers, discounts, coupons to regular customers, and much more.
  • Create landing pages that can boost sales.
  • Web push notifications feature lets you reach your customers exactly when they come online.

Verdict: AWeber has a lot to offer at affordable prices. The free plan can be highly beneficial for small businesses.


  • Free: $0 per month
  • Pro: $19.99 per month
  • High Volume: Contact directly for a price quote.

Website: AWeber

#12) SendPulse

Best for sending SMS or push notifications.


SendPulse is a marketing platform for sending emails, SMS, web push notifications, etc. to boost your sales. This autoresponder sends messages automatically, based on your customer’s behavior, and has many more other features to offer.


  • Send messages through SMS or emails or through web push notifications.
  • Provides 130+ beautiful templates to create emails.
  • Automation features to send messages based on your customer’s behavior.
  • Automatically reminds customers about the item they left in the cart, asks them about their experience with the products, and much more.

Verdict: The users of SendPulse have repeatedly said that the software is easy to use and offers really pleasant features that have the potential to increase sales. The customer service, though, is reported to be not good at times.


  • There is a free version that allows sending 15,000 emails per month.
  • Paid plans for emails start at $8 per month.

Website: SendPulse

#13) MailerLite

Best for advanced tools for email marketing.


MailerLite is an email marketing platform having advanced features for building beautiful emails, websites, or landing pages, and some cool automation features to grow your business.


  • Can build beautiful, engaging, and interactive emails and newsletters in minutes.
  • Have tools to build your website, landing pages, pop-ups, sign-up forms, and more.
  • Auto responds to new subscribers with a welcome email, reminds customers about the stuff they abandoned from the cart, etc.
  • Gives reports about audience engagement so that you can make your emails even better.

Verdict: MailerLite autoresponder is recommendable for small to medium-sized businesses. The reporting and automation features are reported to be nice.

Price: There is a free version. A 14-day free trial for premium features is available. Premium features start at $10 per month.

MailerLite pricing

Website: MailerLite

#14) Omnisend

Best for automation features.


Omnisend helps you in increasing your sales with the help of automation features like welcome emails, reminders sent to customers about the products they abandoned from their carts, etc.

Contacts list segmentation and SMS marketing are some of the other features offered by Omnisend, that can be very beneficial in uplifting the sales.

Price: There is a free version that allows sending 15,000 emails per month. Other price plans are as follows:

  • Standard: $16 per month
  • Pro: $99 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

Website: Omnisend

#15) Benchmark

Best for email automation features.


Benchmark offers you email marketing features, including building emails and landing pages, sending automated emails, email analysis and reporting, lead generation, and much more.

Price: Price plans are as follows:

  • Free: $0 per month (250 emails per month)
  • Pro: $15 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

Website: Benchmark


The methods of marketing have shifted from traditional flyers and billboards to digital marketing. The need for digital marketing has increased in modern times. You can avail of the services of an email autoresponder for marketing through emails. This software can automatically respond to your customers, as per the rules set by you.

In this article, we reviewed the top paid and free email autoresponders, which are efficient enough to save much of your time and boost your sales by making strong relationships with your precious customers.

We can now conclude that Brevo, GetResponse, Moosend, Hubspot, Mailchimp, AWeber, and SendPulse are some of the best email autoresponders.

Research Process:

  • Time taken to research this article: We spent 10 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarized list of tools with a comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total tools researched online: 18
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 12
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