How to Automatically Put signature on Outlook Emails

This complete guide will answer your concern: How do I Make My Signature Automatic in Outlook so that all your emails have your contact information: 

I find it annoying when company emails don’t have signatures and phone numbers, which makes it hard for anyone who wants to get in touch with them to contact them. I have also seen people typing their name and email address every time they send out an email.

But there is a better way to do that and save your time as well. I am here to tell you all about it.

Many of my readers have asked me how can I make my signature automatic in Outlook. In this article, you will learn how to automatically add a signature in Outlook so that all your emails have your contact information.

A signature will also make your email more reliable to the readers. You can also create an auto signature in Outlook for different emails. I am going to tell you how to add a signature in Outlook web, Desktop app, Android app, macOS, and iOS.

Automatic Signature Outlook

How Do I Make My Signature Automatic In Outlook

How to Put Signature on Outlook Web

The web version of Outlook only allows one signature per account. You can add an auto signature in Outlook to all your emails – new, forwarded, and replies.

Here’s how to set up an auto signature in Outlook web:

  • Launch Outlook Web.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select View All Outlook Settings.


  • Go to the Email Settings.
  • Click on Compose and Reply.

Compose and reply

  • Under Email signature, type in your signature and pick the formatting option.
  • Select Automatically include my signature on the new messages I compose check box and Automatically include my signature on messages I forward or reply to check box.


  • Click on Save

If you haven’t opted to add it automatically, you can choose that option later.

  • Go to your mailbox.
  • Select New Message.
  • Type your email.
  • Click on More Options.
  • Select Insert Signature.


How to Make Signature Automatic in Outlook, Change It, and Edit It

You can create multiple signatures in the Outlook app and assign them to different email accounts.

Here’s how to create an automatic signature Outlook in the Android Outlook App:

  • Launch Outlook App.
  • Click on the Home Menu.
  • Click on Settings from the menu.

  • Click on Signature.


  • Turn on the slider beside Per Account Signature.
  • Add a Signature for Each Account.


If you want to create an Outlook auto signature on the Desktop App, here’s how you can do it:

  • Launch the Desktop App.
  • Select New Email.

new mail1

  • From the Toolbar, select Signature.
  • Click on Signatures from the Dropdown menu.

Select Signature

  • Click on New
  • Add your Signature.
  • Select the email account you want to automatically add it to.
  • Click on Save.


That’s how I make my signature automatic in Outlook.

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How to Put Signature on Outlook Mac and iOS

If you are using Outlook for Mac, adding a signature will be a bit different. Here’s how to add a signature on Outlook Mac:

  • Launch Outlook on Mac.
  • Click on Outlook.
  • Select Preferences.


[image source]

  • From the Email menu, select Signatures.


[image source]

  • Add Signature.

Add the Signature2

[image source]

If you are using Outlook on iOS, here’s how you can add your signature:

  • Launch Outlook on iOS.
  • Click on your profile icon.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Go to Mail.
  • Click on Signature.


[image source]

  • Add Your Signature

You can also pick one from the numerous Outlook email signature templates available online.

How to Change Signature in Outlook 365

To change the signature in Outlook 365, go to settings and select all Outlook settings, then go to compose and reply. Go to the email signature, delete the old one, or select it and edit it. Save it when you are done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do you add a picture to your Outlook email signature?

Answer: Here’s how you can add an image to your Outlook signature:

  • Launch Outlook
  • Click on Signature then select Signatures
  • To add a picture, click on the picture icon
  • Find the image you want to add
  • Click on Insert
  • Right-click on the image
  • Select Picture
  • Click on Size to resize it
  • Click on the lock icon to keep the image proportions
  • Click OK

Q #2) Can I create a signature template in Outlook?

Answer: Yes, you can, and here’s how:

  • Find and download the signature template you want to use
  • Open it in Words
  • Customize and copy the signature
  • Launch Outlook
  • Choose New Email
  • Paste the signature in the email body
  • To change the image, right-click on the image
  • Click on Change-picture
  • Select the image
  • Click on Insert
  • Resize it
  • Click Ok

Q #3) Can I use my handwritten signature in Outlook?

Answer: Yes, you can. Here’s how to use your handwritten signature in Outlook:

  • Sign on white paper
  • Scan it or take its picture
  • Save it in .gif, .png, .jpg, or .bmp file format
  • Open the image on your computer
  • Open it in the Picture tool and crop it
  • Right-click on it and select Save as
  • Save it as a separate file
  • In your Outlook email, click Insert
  • Select a separate file
  • Pick your saved image
  • Click on Insert

Q #4) Why is my signature not showing up in Outlook automatically?

Answer: You may not have enabled it in your email settings. To enable it,

  • Go to your Outlook Settings
  • Click on View all Outlook Settings
  • Go to Compose and Reply
  • Select Automatically include my signature on the new messages I compose check box and Automatically include my signature on messages I forward or reply to check box.

Q #5) What is an auto signature?

Answer: Auto signature is when you don’t have to add your name, contact details, and other details manually every time you send out an email. It will be added automatically to your every email.


Now that you know how to automatically add signatures to Outlook emails, make sure you use them wisely. You can make it easy for readers to get in touch with you via various social media sites and assure them that the emails are reliable by including your brand logo and name in your signature.

You can also use your signature to promote your brand and if you are in an influential position in your company, mentioning that in your signature will emphasize your email. Your signature says a lot about you. It is much more than just your name. So use it wisely.

Also, the Outlook app allows you to add different signatures for different accounts. If you use multiple accounts, using the app will be better. Your signature creates an impression, so be careful about its font and formatting.

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