20 Most Secure Email Providers in 2023 [Private & Encrypted]

Review the list of the Most Secure Email Providers. Compare the prices and features offered to choose the best free encrypted email service:

It is a widely known fact that most cyber-attacks take place through email. The mischief mongers can even spread malware or spyware through emails. Once you open a malware-infected email, you can get the malware inside your device.

Thus, it is very important for you to take suitable precautionary steps so that you remain protected from such threats.

Or, just opt for a Secure Email Provider, and just stay free of any worries of being attacked by any kind of cyber threats.

Best Secure Email Providers Review

Best Secure Email Providers

The best secure email providers offer you the following top features:

  1. End-to-end email encryption.
  2. Spam/virus detection and filter.
  3. Secure cloud storage.
  4. Compatibility with your mobile phone as well as desktop.
  5. Ad-free services imply that your activities are not being tracked for any purpose.
  6. Safe collaboration tools.

Many of the secure email providers give you additional features like VPN services, e-signature tools, etc.

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In this article, we will discuss the top best and other notable secure email providers. Go through the comparison table, pro-tips, top features, prices, verdicts, and the best-for section to decide which one is best for you.

Expert Advice: You should always opt for an ad-free secure email service provider when you buy the services. This is because ads can track your activities.
Market Trends: According to a report by Markets and Markets, the Global Email Encryption market was valued at $3,406 million in 2020, and is now expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23.1% from 2020 to 2026 and reach a net worth of $11,880 million by the year 2026.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is the best free email service for privacy?

Answer: ProtonMail, Tutanota, Mailfence, Posteo, and Zoho Mail are some of the best free private email service providers in the industry.

ProtonMail is known for its security features, Tutanota is easy to use, Mailfence offers a wide range of useful features, Posteo adopts environmentally friendly techniques for operation and Zoho Mail is known for its affordable price plans.

Q #2) Does ProtonMail cost money?

Answer: ProtonMail offers a free version as well as three paid plans. Its free version is highly useful and recommended.

The paid versions are loaded with features including a custom domain, end-to-end email encryption and privacy under the strict Swiss privacy laws, and much more.

Q #3) Which free email service is most secure?

Answer: If you want a secure email service provider, which is available for free, then you should look for the features offered by ProtonMail, Zoho Mail, Mailfence, Tutanota, Librem Mail, and Kolab Now. These are some of the most secure free email services providers.

Q #4) Which is better Tutanota or ProtonMail?

Answer: Tutanota and ProtonMail are the best secure email service providers in the industry.

ProtonMail provides 256-bit encryption to your emails, as compared to the 128-bit encryption offered by Tutanota. ProtonMail is known to offer the best-in-class email privacy to its users.

Tutanota encrypts emails as well as your calendars, address books, and more, whereas ProtonMail encrypts your emails only. Both of them are good at some point. Choose the one according to your needs.

Q #5) What does Hushmail cost?

Answer: Price plans offered by Hushmail are as follows:

  • Hushmail for Healthcare: Starts at $9.99 per month
  • Hushmail for Small Business: Starts at $5.99 per month
  • Hushmail for Law: Starts at $9.99 per month
  • Hushmail for Personal Use: Starts at $49.98 per year
  • Custom Solutions: Contact directly for pricing.
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List of Most Secure Email Providers

Listed below are some of the best-encrypted email services:

  1. Neo
  2. Protonmail
  3. StartMail
  4. Librem One
  5. Thexyz
  6. SecureMyEmail
  7. Tutanota
  8. Mailfence
  9. CounterMail
  10. Hushmail
  11. Posteo
  12. Zoho Mail
  13. Mailbox.org
  14. Runbox
  15. Kolab Now
  16. Soverin
  17. PrivateMail

Comparing the Best Encrypted Email Services

Tool NameBest forPriceFree versionRating
NeoBusiness email service providerBusiness pro at $2 per month & Business premium at $2.45 per month.Available5/5 stars
ProtonmailA highly useful free version, which is suitable for individual useStarts at $5 per monthAvailable5/5 stars
StartMailPGP email encryptionPersonal: $5 per month
Custom Domain: $5.85 per month
Available for 7 days5/5 stars
Librem OneEncryption for communication through chats, voice calls, and video calling.Basic Bundle: $1.99/month
Complete Bundle: $7.99/month
Family Pack: $14.99/month
Available5/5 stars
ThexyzOffering a wide range of useful features.Premium Webmail: $2.95/month
Mobile Sync + Cloud Drive: $4.95/month
Unlimited Email Archiving: $9.95/month
Available5/5 stars
SecureMyEmailFree email encryption.$3.99 per month.Available5/5 stars
TutanotaEasy to use secure email serviceStarts at $14.10 per yearAvailable5/5 stars
MailfenceWide range of features. Starts at $2.50 per monthAvailable4.8/5 stars
CounterMailOpenPGP encryptionPrices start at $3.29 per month.Not available4.6/5 stars
HushmailEasy to useStarts at $5.99 per month. Not available4.6/5 stars

Detailed reviews:

#1) Neo

Best for being an excellent business email service provider.

Neo Dashboard

Neo’s secured business email solution is specifically tailored to meet the needs of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers seeking a professional email address. The platform boasts a range of powerful features, with enterprise-grade security ensuring the safety of all user accounts against cyber attacks.

The advanced anti-spam functionality and two-factor authentication drastically minimizes the influx of junk mail and vulnerability to viruses.

In addition, users can take advantage of Neo’s business email services, even if they don’t own a domain, as it offers a free domain with a co.site extension. Moreover, Neo offers a complimentary one-page website to help users build their brand identity and boost their credibility.


  • Professional email account with a co.site extension.
  • A free one-page website that is tailored to the user’s domain and includes contact forms and social media integration.
  • Read Receipts alerts users when their emails have been viewed.
  • Email templates enable you to store commonly sent emails as templates for future use.
  • The Priority Inbox segregates your most significant emails into a distinct tab, giving them precedence.
  • Follow-up reminders can give you a gentle nudge to follow up if you haven’t received a response.
  • Send Later allows users to compose an email and schedule it to be sent at an optimal time.

#2) Protonmail

Best for being a useful free version, which is suitable for individual use.


Protonmail is the best free secure email service provider in the industry, which is based in Switzerland.

They offer mobile applications for Android as well as iOS users and a web application that can be used to get security for your personal emails and other information.


  • Keeps your data secure, under Swiss Privacy Laws.
  • Your emails are end-to-end encrypted and even people at Protonmail can not access them.
  • Get custom domains with the paid plans.
  • Integration with Proton Calendar and Proton Drive, with full encryption, gives safety to your events and documents.

Verdict: Protonmail is a highly recommended secure email provider. The free version is commendable. The paid versions even give you email auto-responding tools and custom domains. The storage, though is limited.

Price: There is a free version. Paid plans are as follows:

  • Plus: $5 per month
  • Professional: $8 per month per user
  • Visionary: $30 per month.

#3) StartMail

Best for PGP email encryption.


Built by the founders of Startpage, StartMail is a highly trusted platform when it comes to the privacy of your emails. They offer you unlimited email aliases, prevent spam, let you send encrypted messages to your friends, and much more.

If the recipient of your encrypted emails does not use encryption, he can open the email through a password set by you.


  • Get a StartMail email address.
  • Get up to 10 GB of storage for your emails.
  • Access your emails from any device.
  • No ads.
  • PGP Email encryption.

Verdict: The customer services offered by StartMail are praiseworthy. Plus, they do not track your email activities by forcing ads on your page. Your emails are protected under Dutch privacy laws. But there is no free version, as offered by many alternatives.

Price: There is a free trial for 7 days. Price plans are as follows:

  • Personal: $5 per month
  • Custom Domain: $5.85 per month

#4) Librem One

Best for encryption for communication through chats, voice calls, and video calling.

librem mail

Librem Mail is an American secure email service provider. They offer free encrypted email service, plus you get cloud storage, data backup, VPN services, and much more, at quite affordable prices.


  • Offers you end-to-end encrypted chatting, VoIP, and video conferencing tools.
  • Get secure VPN services.
  • Cloud backup of your precious data.
  • Unencrypted emails automatically get deleted after 30 days.

Verdict: Librem Mail offers a free secure email service to its users. They offer several features that are a need in today’s times, for security reasons and for the safety of your data. The Librem Mail mobile application is not yet available for iPhones.

Price: A free version is available. Price plans are:

  • Basic Bundle: $1.99 per month
  • Complete Bundle: $7.99 per month
  • Family Pack: $14.99 per month

#5) Thexyz

Best for offering a wide range of useful features.


Thexyz is one of the most secure email service providers. They provide you with an application to protect you from spam, viruses, spies, and any kind of tracking done by imposing unwanted ads.


  • Get custom domain names.
  • Export or import data easily.
  • Data synchronization across devices.
  • Mobile applications for iOS as well as Android users.
  • Offers up to 25 GB of storage space for emails.
  • Allows you to attach up to 50 MB of files with your emails.

20 Most Secure Email Providers in 2023 [Private & Encrypted]

Verdict: Trusted by more than 40,000 businesses from all over the world, Thexyz offers tools for communication and security. The range of features offered is impressive. The application is 100% ad-free. They also offer 30 GB of Cloud storage for backup.

Price: Price plans offered by Thexyz are as follows:

  • Premium Webmail: $2.95 per month
  • Mobile Sync + Cloud Drive: $4.95 per month
  • Unlimited Email Archiving: $9.95 per month

#6) SecureMyEmail

Best for Intelligent Email Encryption.

SecureMyEmail allows you to encrypt your Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft 365, iCloud and all sorts of personal and professional emails in just a few clicks. With a single account, you’ll be able to encrypt up to 8 email addresses. The recipients of this email don’t need a SecureMyEmail account or know the password to open the emails you send them. 

The software truly excels for its cross-platform compatibility. It works on Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows devices. As such, you can access and send emails from all types of devices anytime you need. 


  • End-to-end email encryption
  • Sign emails digitally
  • Can manage multiple email addresses from a single account
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliance

Verdict: SecureMyEmail is a modern and intuitive end-to-end email encryption software that works on all devices. It will encrypt all sorts of business and personal emails in just a matter of minutes.


  • 30-day free trial
  • $3.99 for monthly plan
  • $29.99 for yearly plan
  • $99.99 for lifetime plan

#7) Tutanota

Best for being an easy-to-use secure email service.


Tutanota is a big and trusted name in the industry of secure email providers. They provide end-to-end encryption and 2FA to your emails, give you an ad-free experience and applications that run on any device, and much more.


  • End-to-end encryption of your emails.
  • Open source email services.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and desktop devices.
  • No ads.
  • Easy integration with calendar and contacts.

Verdict: Tutanota is a cloud-based, open-source secure email provider. The application is reported to be easy to use and is compatible with all devices, which is a plus point.

A free version is also available, which gives 1 GB storage and a Tutanota domain. The price plans are designed in such a way that you would not have to pay more than what you use.

Price: A free version is available. Paid plans are as follows:

  • Premium: $14.10 per year
  • Teams: $56.40 per year

Website: Tutanota

#8) Mailfence

Best for a wide range of features.


Mailfence was founded in 1999. It offers modern features for the security of your emails. Their services are suitable for individual as well as business use.


  • No ads and absolutely no tracking of emails. Your privacy is secure under Belgian Protection Law.
  • End-to-end encryption of emails ensures that even people at Mailfence can not get access to your emails.
  • Let’s you sign your emails digitally, to ensure that it has been sent by you only.
  • Integration with Calendar, Contacts, and Messages.
  • Let’s store, edit, and share documents.

Verdict: The application is easy to use. They claim to donate 15% of the total revenue collected from the paid plans, to different foundations. The price plans are a bit costlier, as compared to its alternatives, but the feature range is comparatively broader. The customer service is very nice.

Price: Starts at $2.50 per month.

Website: Mailfence

#9) CounterMail

Best for OpenPGP encryption.


CounterMail is an easy-to-use secure email service provider. They provide OpenPGP encryption to your emails, so your data is 4096 bits encrypted.


  • Unique encryption for each of your emails.
  • OpenPGP method of data encryption: cryptographic or computational means can not break it.
  • Use your own domain name, at extra prices.
  • 4000 MB storage space is available with each plan. You need to pay more to get extra storage.

Verdict: CounterMail is a highly reputed and recommended secure email provider. One drawback is that there is no free plan, and the paid plans would seem to be a bit costlier than their counterparts. They allow you to receive only 16 MB in email attachments and send only 20 MB. But the services are reportedly easy to use.

Price: Prices start at $3.29 per month.

price countermail

Website: CounterMail

#10) Hushmail

Best for being easy to use.


Hushmail is a renowned name whose services are highly trusted. They offer services for Healthcare, Law, small businesses, and personal use.


  • Email encryption.
  • E-signature facility ensures more security to your conversations.
  • HIPAA compliant healthcare data security.
  • Form building tools, including templates and a drag-and-drop builder.

Verdict: Hushmail is an easy-to-use secure email services provider. The range of features offered is appealing. They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. A demerit of Hushmail is that they do not have a separate mobile application for Android users.

Price: Price plans are as follows:

  • Hushmail for Healthcare: Starts at $9.99 per month
  • Hushmail for Small Business: Starts at $5.99 per month
  • Hushmail for Law: Starts at $9.99 per month
  • Hushmail for Personal Use: Starts at $49.98 per year
  • Custom Solutions: Contact directly for pricing.

Website: Hushmail

#11) Posteo

Best for adopting environmentally friendly methods of operation.


Posteo is a German company, which was founded in 2009. They offer you ad-free email security services.

Along with protecting your personal data, they also aim at protecting the environment. They offer a nice range of features for email encryption, data storage and export, and much more.


  • No ads.
  • Automatic synchronization across devices.
  • Integrates with Calendar and Address Book, lets you set reminders.
  • 50 MB attachments allowed.
  • Uses 100% green electricity, plus adopts environmentally friendly methods of operation.

Verdict: The biggest plus point of opting for companies like Posteo is that they are environmentally friendly.

Apart from this, Posteo allows 50 MB attachments with emails, which is better than many of its alternatives. Automatic synchronization across devices is also a plus point.

Price: $1.13 per month.

Website: Posteo

#12) Zoho Mail

Best for a highly useful free plan.

zoho mail

Zoho is probably the most popular name on the list. Their affordable and reliable services are the reason that they are highly demanded. They offer S/MIME encryption to your messages, a powerful control panel, and much more at exceptionally low costs.

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  • Encrypted, fast, and secure email services.
  • Email backup and restoration tools.
  • Allows up to 1 GB attachments with the emails.
  • Get a professional email address.

Verdict: The free plan offered by Zoho Mail is probably the best. They claim to give you 99.9% uptime. The price plans are affordable and offer comparatively higher storage than the alternatives. Zoho Mail can be called the best free secure mail provider.

Price: There is a free version. Price plans are as follows:

  • Mail Lite: $1 per user per month
  • Premium: $4 per user per month

Website: Zoho Mail

#13) Mailbox.org

Best for email security and energy-saving methods of operation.


Mailbox.org is a Germany-based company that operates on 100% eco-friendly energy.

They offer affordable security services for your emails, text messages, voice calls, and video calls/conferences.


  • Secure video conferencing and chatting tools.
  • Ad-free emailing.
  • Custom domain names.
  • End-to-end encryption.

Verdict: Based on 100% Green Energy, Mailbox.org is a trusted and highly recommended, one of the most secure email providers in the industry. You get ad-free services and some highly useful tools like secure text messaging, video conferencing, custom domains, and more at affordable prices.

Price: There is a free trial for 30 days. Prices start at $1.10 per month.

Website: Mailbox.org

#14) Runbox

Best for some nice automation tools and being stored for your important files.


Runbox is a leading hydro-powered email service provider. This Norwegian company offers you tools for email sorting, forwarding, filtering, email hosting, data storage, and much more.


  • Filters spam messages from emails.
  • Automatic sorting and forwarding of emails, according to pre-set customization.
  • Email hosting, domain hosting, and web hosting services.
  • Get 15 GB of email storage space, 100 MB limit for messages’ size.
  • Environment-friendly methods of operation.

Verdict: Runbox is one of the best anonymous email account providers. They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Their AI-based software is highly appreciable. The features like spam filtering, email sorting and forwarding, data storage, and many more make their services highly recommended.

Price: There is a free trial for 30 days. Prices start at $19.95 per year.

price runbox

Website: Runbox

#15) Kolab Now

Best for tools for collaboration and security.


Kolab Now is a great platform for collaboration tools. Owned and operated in Switzerland, Kolab Now gives you world-class email privacy and security. It is open-source software that stores your data under Swiss jurisdiction laws, gives you 5 GB of storage space, and much more.


  • End-to-end email encryption.
  • Voice and video conferencing tools.
  • Your data is secure under GDPR, HIPPA, and PCI-compliant rules.
  • Integration and encryption to your Calendar, Files, Contacts, and more.

Verdict: Kolab now is one of the best free secure email services providers in the industry. It is open-source software that is based on the strict privacy laws of Switzerland. The collaboration tools are praiseworthy and the pricing is comparatively affordable.

Price: There is a free version. Paid plans start at $9.90 per month.

Website: Kolab Now

#16) Soverin

Best for offering affordable email security.


Soverin is known for the affordable security plans that it offers to its users. They allow you to use your personal domain and personal web page, give you 25 GB storage and allow you to send unlimited messages.


  • Use your own domain.
  • No ads mean no tracking of your emails.
  • Gives 25 GB of email storage.
  • Allows you to send and receive unlimited messages.

Verdict: You do not need to download a mobile application if you are opting for Soverin for the security of your emails.

The application is compatible with all web browsers and you do not need to shift from the existing emailing application you are using. This is an interesting feature of Soverin.

Price: Starts at $31 per year.

Website: Soverin

#17) PrivateMail

Best for OpenPGP encryption and scalable tools.


PrivateMail is known for its easy-to-use tools that are built to provide you with encryption for your emails and cloud storage. They also give a 3-month free VPN with their Pro plan and some other powerful and nice features including a custom domain, email alias, priority support, and much more.


  • Tools for doing e-signature.
  • Get up to 100 GB storage for emails, plus 100 GB for files.
  • Get your emails and files encrypted
  • An application that is compatible with iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web.
  • 100% ad-free platform.

Verdict: PrivateMail offers secure email solutions for businesses. They have solutions for small to large-scale businesses. If you want the best private email provider, then PrivateMail is a nice option.

The storage offered by them ranges from 10 GB to 100 GB for encrypted emails, plus 10 GB to 100 GB Cloud storage is also available.

Price: Price plans offered by PrivateMail are as follows:

  • Standard: $8.95 per month
  • PrivateMail Pro: $15.95 per month
  • Business Pro: $64.95 per month
  • Business GroupShare: $64.95 per month

Website: PrivateMail

Other Notable Providers

#18) CTemplar

Best for a highly useful free version and a wide range of features available with the paid plans.

CTemplar is a highly recommended tool for getting email security. If you want free encrypted email services, then CTemplar would be a good option. With the free version, they let you send 200 emails per day, attach up to 10 MB of files and get 1 GB of storage quota.

With the paid plans, you get an attachment limit of up to 50 MB and get 50 GB storage quota with the highest plan. There are many other alluring features like virus detection, 2FA authentication, delayed delivery of messages, and much more.

Price: A free version is available. Paid plans are as follows:

  • Prime: $7 per month
  • Knight: $11 per month
  • Marshal: $33 per month
  • Champion: $50 per month

Website: CTemplar

#19) FastMail

Best for offering a wide range of features at affordable prices.

FastMail has a lot to offer you when it comes to email privacy, data storage, and much more. You get ad-free services, integration with Calendar and Contacts, automatic blocking of spam messages, custom domain names, and much more in one single place.

Price: They offer a free trial for 30 days. Their price plans are as follows:

  • Basic: $3 per user per month
  • Standard: $5 per user per month
  • Professional: $9 per user per month

Website: FastMail

#20) Criptext

Best for offering some unusual yet useful features.

Criptext is an open-source email security services provider. They offer encryption to your emails, let you unsend messages (within an hour of being sent), allow you to track your emails, and much more.

They do not store any of your data in their clouds. All of your data is stored on your device only. One demerit of this feature is that you do not get the additional storage space, but, on the other hand, you would be assured that your personal data is not in someone else’s hands.

Price: Free.

Website: Criptext

#21) Disroot

Best for offering powerful tools at no cost.

Disroot is a free email security services provider, which aims at giving you the freedom and security that you deserve. They offer you tools for email encryption, cloud storage, collaboration, synchronization, decentralized messaging, document creation and collaboration, and much more.

Price: Free

Website: Disroot


A secure email service provider can play an important role in safeguarding the privacy and security of your personal chats, as well as important information.

In today’s times, with the emergence of the digital age, a vast number of cybercrimes are heard of, almost every day.

Thus, as an individual and as a business enterprise, you need to opt for secure email services, so that your emails get encrypted, you get protection from spam and viruses, and remain assured that no third party can access your personal chats other details.

In this article, we studied the top secure email services and based on our research, we can now say that ProtonMail, Tutanota, Mailfence, Posteo, and Zoho Mail are some of the most secure email service providers in the industry.

Research Process:

  • Time is taken to research this article: We spent 15 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarized list of tools with a comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total tools researched online: 27
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 20
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