12 Best Email Client For Windows 10 [Updated List for 2023]

Learn about the top Email Client for Windows 10 with features and comparison to identify the best email app:

Emails are most commonly used for professional communications, as they have made formal communications much more accessible and simplified.

Without using mails, communication inside and outside organizations will become quite challenging, as a secure medium for data transmission is required for such communications.

Various email clients allow users and enterprises to establish secure communication.

In this article, we will discuss some top email clients for Windows 10 and will even summarize their features.

Review Windows 10 Email Clients

Top Email Clients For Windows 10

Role Played by Email Client

Email clients play a major role in communication and certain features make them reliable and easy to use.

#1) Easy Organization and User Communication: The crucial part of any business is communication and email clients make it easier by providing a platform for the companies and users to interact. They also provide special features for internal communication inside the organization.

#2) Secure: These email clients use complex algorithms and strong encryption keys which make transmission safe and secure.

#3) Efficient: With various special features provided by different email clients, you can boost the productivity and efficiency of your work.

Market TrendsIn the past few years, the number of mobile phone users has increased gradually than any other device. So now email clients are rushing to develop email services for Android and iOS platforms too. And in the coming days, mobile phones will certainly become an easy and handy way for email management.

So the image shown below depicts the usage of mobile phones to access emails compared to other devices.

The below image displays how the ratio of emails has increased over time:

ratio of emails

[image source]

Expert Advice: Though the majority of the email clients provide a feature to format the email, some do not provide similar features, hence it is important to keep certain points in mind while choosing an email app.

  1. Choose an email client which provides cloud space, making it easier to save documents.
  2. Choose an email app that is compatible with all versions of Mac and Windows.
  3. Security is a serious concern, so choose an email client which can provide secure encryption.
  4. The email program must provide a customizable inbox that will make it easier for you to manage emails based on your priorities.

Thus, these premium features are essential for easier sending secure emails.

FAQs On Mail App For Windows 10

Q #1) Which is the safest email app?

Answer: Proton Mail is preferred as the world’s most secure and encrypted email client.

Q #2) Which is the best email app on Android?

Answer: Outlook and Gmail are the most preferred and used email applications on Android.

Q #3) Which is the best free email application?

Answer: There are various free email client applications like Thunderbird but you can choose one based on requirements.

Q #4) Which is the best email app for multiple accounts?

Answer: You can use Rambox to access various accounts in different applications.

Q #5) Is outlook safer than Gmail?

Answer: Both Outlook Gmail follows two-step authentication and has various other security parameters. It just depends on your usage, which you prefer more.

Q #6) Which email is best for personal use?

Answer: Gmail is the most preferred email for personal use.

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List of the Best Email Client for Windows 10

Here are some notable email programs for Windows 10:

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. eM Client
  3. Mailbird
  4. Thunderbird
  5. Inky
  6. Rambox
  7. Mailspring
  8. Kiwi for Gmail
  9. The Bat
  10. Claws Mail
  11. Hiri
  12. Front

Comparison of Some Top Email Apps

NameBest ForPricingRating (/5)
OutlookFor professional and enterprise level purposes$69.99/ year For one person
$99.99/ year for 6 Person
em ClientReliable and smooth working Pro (Individual) $49.95/ Year
Pro( Company) $188.95/year
Mail BirdFor communicating through various platforms.Personal Yearly ($27.3/year)
Business (Pay once) $99.75
Business Yearly $3.44/mo
Thunder BirdFor small scale business industries and low budget projects.FreeStar_rating_3_of_5
Front appTeam working environment$19/monthStar_rating_3_of_5

Detailed review:

#1) Microsoft Outlook

Best for being the most trusted and used email provider developed by Microsoft, so it is an excellent pick for the organizations.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlooks is the most reputable and commonly used software, as it has been developed by the most trusted software developer and comes equipped with various exciting features.

Outlook has features like built-in dictation, queue generation, and command execution, which makes working simplified for the users. It is fully integrated with various Microsoft applications, making things easy for Windows and Microsoft Office users.


  • It has been developed by Microsoft, which makes it the top pick.
  • It has integrated Microsoft Office, OneDrive, which makes working easier.
  • You can add a command option and can automate your work.

Verdict: This is the best pick for professional purposes.


  • $69.99/ year for one person
  • $99.99/ year for 6 Person

Website: Microsoft Outlook

#2) eM Client

Best for encrypted mails and has the most advanced interface.

em Client

eM client has an easy and comprehensive UI, that makes it easier for the users to understand its functions and work accordingly. Its layout is simpler with easily recognizable icons, making it easier to find and utilize various features.

It also provides various features like encryption, which makes communication simpler, secure and encrypted. It has a remarkable likeness among users, which forms its excellent user base.


  • Provides a Calendar to mark and manage mails.
  • Provides a chat feature that makes it easier to resolve more minor issues.
  • It has PGP encryption, and also it provides functionality as a live backup.
  • It has basic image editing features, so you don’t have to switch your screen.

Verdict: This email provider has a chat feature that makes it easier for a user to connect and fix various issues. Also, it has encryption mails which makes communication secure.


  • Pro (Individual) $49.95/ year
  • Pro (Company) $188.95/year

Website: eM Client

#3) Mailbird

Best for when you have to shift between various applications, as it has a bunch of synced in-built applications, which we can manage by using this simple application.

Mail Bird

One of the most common issues that people face nowadays is they forget about meetings, webinars, and various other essential events. This application has a snooze feature that allows you to set the alarm for the respective meetings and events.

Also, it has a bunch of synced applications which makes the working easier and integrated.


  • Integrates to Whatsapp, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Facebook, and many more.
  • It provides a smooth and streamlined workflow.
  • There are no rules to organize your inbox.

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Verdict: This email provider has decent features and can be easily used by clients as it falls in the affordable category. It has a customizable UI, which makes it easier to use.


  • Personal Yearly $2.73/mo ($27.3/year)
  • Business (Pay once) $99.75
  • Business Yearly $3.44/mo ($41.3/year)

Website: Mailbird

#4) Thunderbird

Best for trim-level businesses that do not wish to spend much on their email provider budget.

Thunder Bird

Thunderbird has been a great email service provider, and the reason that makes it the top pick is it’s free. Even after being free, it provides features and addons that allow you to customize and integrate plugins based on your choices.

It has security and privacy methods that keep your data secure and make it accessible only to the users. Also, it has features like Themes to personalize your inbox.


  • Free, and this makes the first and most important reason to be chosen.
  • It has privacy and secure plugins, which makes communication secure.
  • Entirely customizable and easy to use for users.

Verdict: Overall, this email provider is quite a good pick for a small-scale business, despite that, it is not better than the paid ones.

Price: Free

Website: Thunderbird

#5) Inky

Best for security concerns as it filters phishing mails and other ransomware sent through mails.


Inky is an email provider that focuses mainly on providing safety against various forms of threats, including phishing, malware infiltration, and many more. It has a unique feature known as Pinky Phish Fence, which makes malicious infiltration almost impossible and provides safe and effortless communication.

Developers have used AI, and Machine learning, which integrates and develops software each time it faces some failure. It has other options like analytics board, quarantine mail, targeted users, and many more.


  • Mainly focused on security, providing a secure environment for the users to work.
  • It looks for various phishing emails, which keep your system safe.
  • The pricing of this application depends on one mailbox per month basis.

Verdict: This is a good software that focuses more on the safety and security of the users, but as a matter of performance, it isn’t the best pick.

Price: Not provided yet (but is on a per-mailbox basis)

Website: Inky

#6) Rambox

Best cross-platform application, making it easier for you to manage mails on various applications and work with increased productivity.


This email client for Windows 10 is a cross-platform application that allows you to manage mails across various applications with intelligent features like Spell Check and master password to keep your mails secure.

This application also provides Do not Disturb Mode, which can help you focus on your productivity and provide efficient results.


  • This email client has Spell Check, which allows you to send emails like a Pro.
  • The Master Password features make your email more safe and secure.
  • The Hibernation features save system power.

Verdict: This email app is an affordable and accessible pick if you want to manage various mail applications on your system.


  • Pro $4/mo (Lifetime- $144)
  • Enterprise $10/user/month

Website: Rambox

#7) Mailspring

Best for customized use because it provides various user-friendly templates, making it much more straightforward and more accessible.


This email provider has various features that make it rich and easy to use. It includes immense template support and rich profiles, making it easier for users to set up a professional account.

Also, this email client has read receipts, which makes it easier for the users to know whether his/her email is acknowledged, along with features like Line tracks.


  • It has a sent later feature, which allows you to schedule your emails to get them delivered later.
  • Allows you to set up snooze messages and never miss any meeting or webinar.
  • It allows you to create a rich contact profile and communicate in a standard way.

Verdict: It is a user-friendly email provider and is useful for personalized use because it has excellent customizing features.

Price: $8/month

Website: Mailspring

#8) Kiwi for Gmail

Best for Windows and Gmail, as it easily integrates with the system and makes working easier and effortless.

Kiwi for gmail

Kiwi is a valid email provider which allows users to work and communicate easily on the platform. Also, on this platform, users can mirror and use their Gmail. Though it does not work entirely like Gmail, it provides various integrations like Grammarly, Zoom, and other tools.

The best thing is it syncs your Gmail account and makes it easily manageable.


  • Easily syncs with Gmail and various other integrated applications.
  • It has float features that make Windows easily accessible.
  • Syncs Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and various other applications.

Verdict: It is a good pick for Gmail users, but it is more helpful if you use Gmail rather than Kiwi because it’s exactly like a mirror service.


  • Basic Free
  • Premium $34.99/year
  • Business $58.99/year

Website: Kiwi for Gmail

#9) The Bat

Best for safe use as it has a sophisticated security algorithm along with a master password that makes your mail dashboard secure.


The Bat is an email client which focuses more on the client’s security, so it provides a unique feature like a master password, which keeps users’ mails and other important communication safe.

The UI and other features of the applications are pretty decent and helpful, ranging from filters, preferences, and other valuable features.


  • Focuses more on security with an open fly feature which makes your mails safe and secure.
  • The UI of this email client resembles that of Outlook and does have various standard features, too.

Verdict: This email client provides the best security features, so if security is your concern, then switch to bat.


  • Professional $59.99
  • Home $49.99

Website: The Bat

#10) Claws Mail

Best for professionals and small budget companies as it is easily accessible and has various customization options which make working easy.

Claws Mail

This email client’s interface resembles various other email clients, and we can easily access it from the keyboard. The messages follow standard MH format, which makes it a professional pick. It provides various plugins and extra features, which makes it user-friendly.


  • Quick response feature that allows you to reply instantly to urgent emails.
  • It has a sophisticated interface and services.
  • It is stable and secure for new users.

Verdict: This email client is sophisticated and complex for the new users, so it is mainly preferred for the long run rather than the rookies.

Price: Free

Website: Claws Mail

#11) Hiri

Best for quick and efficient working because it provides an intelligent productivity dashboard that makes working more straightforward and accessible.


Hiri is a Windows-focused email provider that allows its users to boost their productivity using the innovative dashboard, which lets them have a look at the unread messages and resolve issues regarding them.

The composing feature in Hiri allows you to load basic format for writing a mail or a reply to a client, making it easier for you to send mails.


  • It has a clever calendar, which makes it easier to mark and manage various meetings.
  • It has intelligent productivity tools which boost your working methods to a greater extent.
  • It is restricted to Windows users only.

Verdict: This email provider is beneficial because of its intelligent dashboard feature, which keeps it ahead of its competitor applications. But it only supports the Windows system.


  • $39/year
  • $119 lifetime

Website: Hiri

#12) Front

Best for team working and management as it provides various essential team features.


This is a handy email client which allows users to work effectively on an engaging interface along with a fantastic interface. It comes in with a good team feature that helps you connect with your team and work effectively.


  1. Quick responds feature which makes your working faster and reliable.
  2. It provides operational analytics, which allows you to keep an eye on productivity.
  3. This provides a Team feature to manage various teams.

Verdict: This email client allows users to manage teams and work most efficiently with a catchy User Interface.


  • Entry-level: $19/month

Website: Front


Based on the user requirements and usage criteria, various email clients provide services to the users. Users can pick these email apps based on Security, User Interface, Advanced features, and various other services.

And in this article, we made it easier for you by researching the top email programs for Windows 10 and discussing and comparing them here thoroughly.