10+ Best Email Validation API For Efficient Email Marketing

Here we will provide you the list of the top Email Validation API to verify emails for accuracy and quality before sending:

If you wish to drive traffic to your website, boost customer engagement, or simply enhance your brand’s visibility, email marketing is arguably the greatest tool you have at your disposal.

Over the past few years, businesses have adopted this strategy to varying degrees of success. However, more often than not, email marketing doesn’t produce the results we desire because of issues that go unnoticed in the initial stages.

Several reasons can cause this issue, with incorrect email addresses and poor quality emails being major culprits. It is imperative to first verify your emails for accuracy and quality before they are sent to your prospects. This is where Email Verification APIs come into play. An email verification or validation tool ascertains whether an email is valid and deliverable.

The consequences of constantly sending emails to the wrong address can be dire, which is why we would like to recommend Email Validation APIs that are guaranteed to make your email marketing strategies more efficient.

Best Email Validation API

Email Validation API Review


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So without much further ado, let’s get started.


  • Go for email validation tools that are easy to use.
  • Make sure these tools can build a healthy email list.
  • High speed and peak accuracy should be non-negotiable.
  • Look for the features offered and use them as a criterion to compare one tool with another.
  • Find out whether a tool offers a free plan or a free trial.
  • Go for pricing plans that aren’t exceeding your budget.
Fact-Check: According to Statista, the number of email users, which stands at 4.1 billion in the year 2021, is expected to grow to almost 4.6 billion by the year 2025.

Statista report

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is the best Email Validation service?

Answer: When it comes to choosing email validation services that deliver on the promises they make, they are a dime a dozen. Fortunately, we’ve been in the industry long enough to choose only the best tools among a plethora of mediocre ones.

So, according to our research, we can confidently claim the following tools to be some of the best email validation services:

  • mailboxlayer API
  • ZeroBounce
  • DeBounce
  • Email Checker
  • Bouncer

Q #2) How do I validate the Email list?

Answer: Traditionally, you have to send a test email to validate or verify an email address. However, this process isn’t really feasible as it would be time-consuming to validate each email address in your list individually via this process.

Luckily, we have email validation tools today that automate the entire process. Such tools can verify an email address almost instantaneously, thus alerting you if they find a wrong or invalid email address.

Q #3) What is an email validation tool?

Answer: An Email validation tool employs a verification procedure wherein the deliverability and validity of each email address in your list are verified for errors and inaccuracies. Such tools can instantaneously detect typos, spelling errors, and other unintentional mistakes in your email so you have a chance of improving its quality before you send them. These tools can know if a given email address exists, notifying of the latter.

Q #4) What is real-time email validation?

Answer: It is a new and advanced feature found in most email validation tools today. This feature allows the tool to verify email addresses as they are entered in the sign-up form. So users are immediately made aware of wrong email addresses and typos, which are rectified in real-time.

Q #5) How can verify my emails in bulk?

Answer: Most established businesses have long email lists. Verifying all the addresses present in them can be excruciatingly time-consuming if you are not using an email validation tool. Fortunately, most tools we have today, some of which we’ve recommended below, facilitate verifying emails in bulk without any effort from the user.

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List of the Top Email Address Validation API

Listed below are noteworthy Email Verification APIs:

  1. mailboxlayer API (Recommended)
  2. Captain Verify
  3. ZeroBounce
  4. DeBounce
  5. Email Checker
  6. Bouncer
  7. Hunter
  8. NeverBounce
  9. SendGrid Validation API
  10. XVerify
  11. Mailgun

Comparing Some of the Best Email Verification APIs

NameBest ForPriceRatings
mailboxlayer APIEmail Validation JSON API Free plan for 100 API requests
Basic Plan: $14.99/month for 5000 API requests
Professional Plan: $74.99/month for 50000 API requests
Enterprise Plus Plan: $249.99/month for 250000 API requests
Captain VerifyVerifying entire email list quicklyStarts at $7 for the verification of 1000 mailsStar_rating_4.5_of_5
ZeroBounceAccurate and Fast Validation in Real-Time Free for up to 100 emails then pay as you go.Star_rating_5_of_5
DeBounceFast Email Verification in BulkStarting at $10 for verifying 5000 emails.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Email CheckerFully Integrated Email VerificationPricing starts at $14 for 1000 email creditsStar_rating_4_of_5
BouncerScalable Email Verification Tool for all types of businesses.$20 per month for 10000 email verification
$100-$300 per month for 50000 to 250000 email verifications
$500 per month for 500000 email verifications
Custom plan available

Detailed review:

#1) mailboxlayer API (Recommended)

mailboxlayer API is best for email validation JSON API.


mailboxlayer is one of the best email verification JSON API we’ve ever encountered. The API facilitates JSON formatting to increase the readability of emails. It is also lightweight and secure because of its usage of 256-bit HTTPS encryptions. With regards to features, mailboxlayer comes with advanced tools like typo check and syntax.

The tool also facilitates the validation of email quality and SMTP verification to present deliverability scores in a comprehensive manner. It performs typo checks and reflects ‘did-you-mean’ suggestions that explain an email’s content quality.

The API can separate disposable emails from those that are free, as it is integrated with multiple regularly updated databases that contain information on email providers.


  • Full email list verification.
  • Syntax and typo check.
  • SMTP verification.
  • Filter-free and disposable emails.


  • Track API usage on a daily or monthly basis.
  • Excellent tech support.


  • Nothing worth mentioning.


  • Free plan for 100 API requests
  • Basic Plan: $14.99/month for 5000 API requests
  • Professional Plan: $74.99/month for 50000 API requests
  • Enterprise Plus Plan: $249.99/month for 250000 API requests

#2) Captain Verify

Best for Verifying entire email list quickly.

captain verify

Captain Verify is a great platform if you wish to get rid of invalid emails ID’s in your list and improve your deliverability rate significantly. The platform can import your entire email list. The ID’s can be validated in real-time with the help of Captain Verify’s API. The API also integrates very well with other email-based applications, making the process of validation all the more simple.

We like that Captain Verify will not only check the syntax of an email but also verify the DNS records to prevent an email from bouncing. The solution also makes use of advanced machine learning algorithms to be more accurate in the verification of email addresses.


  • MTA Verification
  • SMTP Verification
  • MX Detection
  • Email List Verification API


  • GDPR Compliant data protection
  • Flexible pricing
  • Supports multiple languages


  • More documentation will greatly enhance the user experience.

Price: Starts at $7 for the verification of 1000 mails.

#3) ZeroBounce

Best for accurate and fast validation in real-time.


ZeroBounce integrates seamlessly with your registration and sign-up forms. As such, it makes sure every email address is validated in real-time. You can easily verify all your emails in bulk to ferret out invalid contacts and drastically reduce email bounce rates.

ZeroBounce particularly excels because of its AI-driven scoring system, thus allowing you to leverage only the best possible contacts.

It also comes equipped with a blacklist monitoring tool that keeps your IP and domains off online blacklists. The API also doesn’t charge for emails that they cannot validate. It simply marks such email addresses as ‘unknown.’ The intuitive email verifier can add missing info to your lists such as info on full name, gender, and location.


  • Email list enhancement.
  • AI-Based Scoring System to test email validity.
  • Military-grade protection.
  • Robust deliverability tools.
  • Blacklist monitoring.


  • ZeroBounce assures 98% accuracy in identifying invalid emails.
  • It also doesn’t charge you for contacts that are impossible to validate or to eliminate redundant info on your email list.


  • Nothing significant.

Price: Free for up to 100 emails then pay as you go.

Website: ZeroBounce

#4) DeBounce

Best for fast Email Verification in bulk.


DeBounce is basically a tool that allows you to instantaneously verify and clean your uploaded email list. The tool is capable of accurately identifying mailboxes that are spammy, invalid, or non-existent. It performs SMTP checks to ensure all invalid and hard-bounce email addresses are completely eliminated from your email list.

DeBounce also well uses its bulk email verifier to eliminate invalid syntaxes from your contact list. It is also proactive in identifying and later removing duplicate information from your mailing list. Also equipped with the intelligent spam-trap indicator, DeBounce can easily remove all records of spam in no time.


  • Anti-Greylisting technology.
  • MTA validation.
  • Email deduplication.
  • Disposable email checker.
  • Catch-all email checker.


  • Integrates seamlessly with your ESP account in order to keep your email list clean consistently.
  • All team members can log in and use a single DeBounce account, thus facilitating smooth collaboration.


  • Some users have reported an email bounce rate that exceeds 1%, way above the ideal 0.5%.

Price: Starting at $10, for verifying 5000 emails.

Website: DeBounce

#5) Email Checker

Best for fully integrated email verification.

Email Checker

Email Checker comes equipped with all the tools necessary to verify and send email in real-time. This email validation API can integrate seamlessly with all types of applications and websites. This includes online inquiry forms, eCommerce checkout page, and POS systems, among many others.

The dashboard comes with a drag-and-drop feature, thus allowing you to conveniently upload the email list you want to clean. This validation API is not only capable of verifying both domain and syntax but also finds out whether the user mailbox even exists in the first place.

Top Features:

  • The drag-and-drop interface.
  • Mailbox checking.
  • Syntax and domain checking.
  • Identifies and rectifies typos.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure.


  • Email Checker guarantees a feature-rich system that facilitates end-to-end email verification and validation.
  • The drag-and-drop dashboard makes email cleaning considerably simple
  • Flexible pricing plans


  • The UI is too simple and basic.

Price: Pricing starts at $14 for 1000 email credits

Website: Email Checker

#6) Bouncer

Best for scalable Email Verification platform.


Bouncer provides you with a highly scalable email verification API that is ultrafast and accurate in its functioning. It can instantly validate any email address and verify its deliverability so you can have a clean email list. It validates the information in real-time and is extremely easy to integrate with existing systems.

The tool can also prevent registrations with disposable email addresses. The tool is especially useful for B2B businesses who want to only store business email addresses. This tool will detect free email addresses and prompt users to only provide their business email addresses.


  • Detect and eliminate disposable email addresses.
  • Real-time email verification.
  • Bulk email validation.
  • GDPR compliant.


  • Bulk email validation verifies all emails in the list automatically before a mass send out.
  • Easy detection and removal of disposable and free email addresses.
  • 100% Secure.


  • High rates of ‘unknowns’ returned.


  • $20 per month for 10000 email verification
  • $100-$300 per month for 50000 to 250000 email verifications
  • $500 per month for 500000 email verifications
  • Custom plan available

Website: Bouncer

#7) Hunter

Best for confidence score to measure email validity and deliverability.


Hunter is another great email validation API that not only verifies an email address but also provides stats about its deliverability. The API exhibits multiple levels of validation, which include the mail server response, domain information, and the format. Its email checker is directly connected to an SMTP server in the validation process.

This facilitates pro-active validation of the contact before the email is sent to anyone. Hunter performs a wide range of verification operations, the most prominent of which include format checking, identifying disposable email addresses, SMTP checks, detecting ineligible content, and much more.


  • Domain search.
  • Email finder.
  • Create simple cold email marketing campaigns.
  • Integrate with your existing applications.
  • Browser extension is available.


  • Allows you to create and manage cold email campaigns.
  • Web-based quick email verification.


  • No alternative is suggested if the API cannot verify a contact or email address.
  • The data accuracy is sometimes off.


  • 50 verification per month for free
  • Starter – $49/month for 1000 verification.
  • Growth – $99/month for 2500 verification
  • Pro – $199/month for 10000 verification
  • Enterprise – $399/month for 30000 verification

Website: Hunter

#8) NeverBounce

Best for custom integrations.


NeverBounce makes it to our list because of its phenomenal bulk email cleaning feature. The API can clean long lists of email addresses in virtually no time. By connecting to the API, you can verify single emails at the point of their entry, thus verifying an address before it makes it to your mailing list.

NeverBounce also excels because of its visually impressive and comprehensive dashboard. You can leverage the dashboard to perform one-off email verifications, save the history of your verifications, and export results. The API also helps you create custom integrations, thus allowing you to add email verification to your own software and applications.


  • Bulk email list cleaning.
  • Real-time email verification.
  • Monitor API usage and other important stats with JavaScript integration.
  • Custom integrations are possible.


  • Its dashboard makes monitoring important stats on validation and verification possible
  • The custom integration is really helpful in adding the tool to almost all your apps and software.


  • The tool can be a little too complicated to use.

Price: Pay as you go rates

Website: NeverBounce

#9) SendGrid Email Validation API

Best for Machine Learning-based Email Validation.


SendGrid has some of the highest deliverability numbers we’ve seen from email validation tools. One of the reasons why SendGrid succeeds as a validation tool is because of its use of machine learning tactics that prove fruitful to mailbox providers. SendGrid can easily identify typos, non-operational emails, disposable contact, shared emails, and much more.

You can also connect this API to your lead capture form. This way, false entries can be detected right away. The tool can also prompt users to re-submit their forms.


  • Excellent email deliverability.
  • Purpose-built MTA.
  • Automated queue handling.
  • Throttle threat detection.
  • Create email templates in the UI.


  • Provides you with templates and a host of other tools necessary to create and manage email marketing campaigns.
  • Smooth integration with mailbox providers like Microsoft and Gmail.


  • Cleaning and unsubscribing from email lists are a bit tedious.
  • Inefficient email marketing scheduling.


  • Free plan available
  • Essential plan starts at $14.95
  • Pro plan starts at $89.95
  • Custom plan also available

Website: SendGrid

#10) XVerify

Best for auto-correction.


XVerify boasts of superior data intelligence, allowing it to separate safe emails from those that are unsafe in a matter of seconds. The tool comes with a drag and drops uploader, thus making it easier to upload and clean email lists in bulk. The tool exhibits great accuracy in verifying emails across all major domains such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

XVerify not only detects typos or flaws in the content of an email but also corrects it automatically almost instantly. You can expect the API to integrate seamlessly with our web form or applications. The API will verify every email at the point of entry.


  • Bulk email verifier.
  • Spam detection.
  • Find disposable email accounts.
  • Comprehensive reports.
  • Name verification.


  • Exceptionally high email verification accuracy.
  • Auto-correction.


  • Cleaning larger email lists can take a long time.

Price: Pay as you go rates

Website: XVerify

#11) Mailgun

Best for the 3-Step validation process.


Mailgun performs a 3-step validation process to really boost the deliverability rate of your emails. The tool checks the validity of all email contacts against their mailbox providers.

Mailgun also sets grammar checks in platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. to correct content flaws effortlessly. The tool can instantly detect bad email addresses and errors, thus boosting sender scores.

By removing disposable emails and typos, Mailgun also helps you reduce your email bounce rates. It is also great at mailbox verification, instantly notifying if a mailbox is non-existent. The reporting dashboard you get with the tool makes it easier to track validations according to hourly or daily basis pertaining to API call types and specific email address data.


  • Custom Grammar Integration with Mailbox providers.
  • Autocorrect typos.
  • Identifying disposable and non-existent email addresses.
  • Comprehensive email dashboard.


  • The 3 step validation process along with other deliverability tools really helps boost the email deliverability rate.


  • Not very easy to navigate panels, especially when users have multiple domains.


  • Free for first 5000 emails
  • $35/month for 50000 emails
  • $80/month for 100000 emails
  • $90/month for 100000 emails with 5000 email address validations.

Website: Mailgun

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Other Email Validation APIs

#12) Clearout

Best for full-featured email validation.

Clearout is a REST API measuring email deliverability tool that allows developers to add their own API to forms for real-time verifications. The tool accurately identifies key pieces of information from email addresses that are subscribed to your service.

This way, it helps you build a list of email addresses that can serve as good leads. The tool can verify over 1 million emails in bulk at a time.

Price: Pay as you go.

Website: Clearout

#13) myEmailVerifier

Best for good syntax checker.

myEmailVerifier will syntactically verify your email list with IETF support. The tool instantly removes an email address if syntax errors are detected.

The tool also detects parked, disposable, and invalid email addresses and removes them from your list to make sure your business has a cleaner email list. The system also detects inaccurate or non-existent email addresses for a domain and marks them as ‘catch-all’.

Price: Pay as you go rate

Website: myEmailVerifier

#14) Bulk Email Checker

Best for SMTP-based email testing.

Bulk Email Checker is a simple web-based email testing tool that can accurately identify if an email address is fake or not. This bulk verification tool also helps upload any plain CSV email list. The tool also performs 17 tests to verify and validate an email address. This is a REST API email quality measuring tool that integrates directly with your applications and software.

Price: Starts at $0.01 per verification

Website: Bulk Email Checker

#15) Email Hippo

Email Hippo can produce results in real-time by integrating with existing email-related products you are using. The tool can refresh email databases, filter online signups, and clean entire CRM systems.

The tool also identifies spam emails and blacklists them indefinitely. Email Hippo also helps you improve email deliverability and engagement by providing you with information pertaining to the concerned email system.

Price: Contact for quote

Website: Email Hippo

#16) Trumail

Best for professional-grade email verification.

Trumail utilizes JSON and XML format to help verify emails. Using Trumail’s API endpoint is very simple as all developers need to do is perform a GET request.

The tool was created for businesses and developers to verify emails in a bid to reduce bounce rates. In that regard, the tool succeeds. With Trumail, you get a real-time lookup API that can help you make the right decision regarding user validity.

Price: $0.014 price per verification.

Website: Trumail


Emails can prove to be a great marketing tool to generate qualified leads and boost customer engagement. That being said, a mailing list riddled with non-existent, disposable, or invalid email addresses can really harm your email marketing campaign, leading you to lose a lot of money for no results.

Therefore, you need email validation APIs like the one we’ve mentioned in the list above. All the above APIs will integrate seamlessly with your existing applications, websites, and other email-related software to verify emails and identify errors within them to boost your deliverability and reduce bounce rates simultaneously.

As for our recommendation, if you are looking for an easy-to-use, full-featured email validation API, look no further than mailboxlayer API or ZeroBounce.

Research Process:

  • We spent 14 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which email validation API will best suit you.
  • Total API researched – 25
  • Total API shortlisted – 15
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