How to Insert Emoji in Outlook Emails [4 Simple Methods]

This tutorial explains the various features of Outlook and also introduces some useful and impressive methods to Insert Emoji in Outlook Emails:

In order to send and receive emails stored on a Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook is the most popular choice. Outlook’s contacts, email, calendar, and task management functions are all easily accessible.

Along with its independent functionality, Microsoft Outlook is included in all Microsoft Office and Office 365 suites, alongside programs like Excel and PowerPoint.

In addition to its use in business settings, Outlook also functions well when used by individuals as a stand-alone email client. Users can connect it to Microsoft SharePoint in order to upload and share files, take notes during group projects, remind others of upcoming deadlines, and do much more.

How to Insert Emoji in Outlook

How To Add Emojis In Outlook

A stripped-down, web-based version of Outlook is available at no cost. Customers who don’t use the full capabilities of the app can save money by switching to the free version instead of purchasing a Microsoft 365 plan.

Once upon a time, emoticons were not allowed in professional emails sent using Outlook. However, this may be a thing of the past. Emailing an emoji may be your preference. And why shouldn’t you? Besides the fact that you don’t know how to, of course.

Use the many emoticons available in Microsoft Outlook to liven up your correspondence. These Outlook emojis in Outlook email are compatible with online, desktop, and mobile messaging.

Here in this article, you’ll learn several tips for using emoticons in Outlook and we will show you how to insert emojis in Outlook or how to add emojis in Outlook email, or how to insert emojis in Outlook.

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Expert Advice:

Do you have any favorite emojis that you like to rapidly throw into conversations?

  1. Click the AutoCorrect button in the dialog’s lower left corner.
  2. When the AutoCorrect dialogue loads, the colorful version of the emoji you choose will be displayed. Your own shortcode can be entered into the “Replace” column.
  3. Simply write your code and press SPACEBAR or ENTER to immediately convert it to an emoji and insert it into an email.

Features of Outlook

Some of Outlook’s features are:

  1. Cooperative Scheduling: Through calendar sharing, employees may check the availability of their coworkers before setting up a meeting time.
  2. @mention: If you start an email address with “@”, Outlook will automatically add the recipient to your contact list, bold the name you used, and alert you.
  3. To schedule by email: Emails can be composed in advance and sent at a time of the user’s choosing.
  4. Rapid Assembly: A user can simply copy the relevant section of an email and paste it into another. Users who need to send similar emails to different recipients may appreciate this capability.
  5. Notifications when new items become available: Notifications of fresh email messages appear as an overlay on the user’s screen.
  6. Ignore all communications: If a person chooses, they can have their entire chat sent directly to their trash instead of their inbox.
  7. Putting this in writing as a gentle reminder to attach files. Outlook will prompt the user to confirm whether or not they intended to add an attachment before sending the message if they refer to one but failed to attach it.
  8. Pick the Option to Tidy Up the Chat. With the click of a button, users can remove all previously read messages, leaving only new ones.
  9. Refreshes your schedule mechanically: If you use Outlook, your hotel, car rental, and flight arrangements will be added to your calendar automatically.

Methods to Add Emojis in Outlook Mail

The following are some methods on how to add emojis in Outlook or how to get emojis in Outlook or Outlook emoji shortcuts Windows 10:

Method #1: Using the Standard Menu

When composing an email, simply click the smiling face button in the toolbar from across the bottom of the screen to add emoji to Outlook email or insert emoji in Outlook or emojis in Outlook email.

The subject line is not affected by this setting, only the main body of content. This limitation can be overcome, however, by pasting an emoji from the main body text box into the subject line.


Method #2: Using Copy Paste Method

You may quickly copy and paste the desired emoji into your Outlook email from another application, such as WhatsApp.

Step #1: Launch the application that contains the desired emoji. Note that.

Input “Ctrl” and “c”

search emoji

Step #2: Publish the document into which you want to insert the symbol.

Input “Ctrl” and “v”.

Publish the document

Method #3: Using Names to Enter Emojis

If you already know the name of the emoji you want, you can start entering a word after a colon to bring up a drop-down choice of suggested emojis. You can see the alternatives produced by typing “:smile” in the screenshot below.

Using Names to Enter Emojis

Method #4: Using the Keyboard Shortcut or Using Symbol Command

Step #1: Open the document that contains the emojis first. Both Outlook and other applications like Word support this. Press the “Windows” and “.” keys.

Keyboard Shortcut

Step #2: Search the bar for the desired smiley’s name or browse the many categories to find it.

Method #4: Using Online Pictures

Step #1: Open the compose mail in Outlook. Click on the insert online pictures section at the bottom of the email.


Step #2: Select the picture or emoji from your computer that you want to add to the body of the mail.

Select the picture or emoji

How to Use Smileys in Outlook Mobile App

Mentioned below are some steps on how to use emojis in Outlook emails on mobile:

Step #1: Launch the Outlook app, then start a new message.

Step #2: Press the smiley-face keyboard symbol.


Step #3: Tap the desired emoji to insert it.

Step #4: The emojis you tap on will show up in the email’s body.

email's body

How to Enable Add-ins in Outlook Email

  1. If you are aware of the text code, enter it. For instance, enter – for a smiley face.
  2. Get Add-ins Home the Add-in icon. Look for Emojis, pick an add-in, and click Add. Learn how to use it according to any further instructions.

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FAQs on Outlook Emoji

Q #1) What distinguishes Gmail from Microsoft Outlook?

Answer: Gmail handles the sending and receiving of emails, whereas Microsoft Outlook mail serves as an email client and utilizes email service provider services.

Q #2) What keyboard shortcut is used in Outlook to restore a deleted message?

Answer: Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Z, you can erase a message from Outlook.

Q #3) Does Microsoft Outlook include a feature to schedule and maintain a timetable?

Answer: Yes, the calendar feature in Microsoft Outlook allows users to save dates, plan meetings, and have quick access to them.

Q #4) How can any email address be blocked on

Answer: To do so, you must add the email address of an unwelcome sender to your list.

  1. Select “Settings” from the toolbar at
  2. More email options can be chosen from the menu.
  3. Click the “preventing junk email” link under the “safe and blocked senders” section. Click on Blocked Senders.
  4. The undesired email address that needs to be blocked can now be entered here.

Q #5) What is the MS Outlook file extension?

Answer: A Microsoft Outlook file ends in “.pst”.

Q #6) What are the restrictions associated with using MS Outlook??

Answer: The following are restrictions when using Microsoft Outlook:

  • It is less elastic.
  • On the Microsoft server, information is saved.
  • The maximum number of emails that can be sent each day is limited.
  • Cost concerns

Q #7) What is the keyboard shortcut for emojis in Outlook??

Answer: Wherever you want the emoji, place your pointer. To use the Windows Emoji selector, press the Windows key +. (period).

Q #8) How do I get colored emojis in Outlook?

Answer: Colorful emojis can be added to the mail by pressing Windows +; key together.

Q #9) How to insert emojis into Outlook replies?

Answer: Follow these steps:

  • Press The Windows +. while selecting the email body to see the emoji review panel.
  • The smiley-face icon on your keyboard should be tapped.
  • The emoji you want to use is selected by tapping.
  • Your email’s body will display the emojis you tap on.

Q #10) How to add emojis in Outlook mac?

Answer: To edit something, select Edit > Emoji & Symbols. Select the desired symbol by clicking.

Q #11) How to insert Emoji in Outlook 365??


  • Wherever you want the emoji, place your pointer.
  • To use the Windows Emoji selector, press the Windows key +. (period).
  • To add a symbol to your email message, choose one.
  • Select to close the emoji picker when you’re finished.


Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail program that lets you send and receive e-mails from your computer. Both Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook are available.

Commercially, Microsoft Outlook can be purchased alone or as a component of Microsoft Office.

With the emoji keypad preinstalled on most smartphones and tablets, using emojis in text messages or emails is a breeze. But things are different when you’re working on a desktop computer with a conventional keyboard.

The default emoji selection in Outlook for Microsoft 365 is rather limited. To use an emoji, users simply need to write in the appropriate text code. When you type :-) for instance, a smiley face emoji will be added to your message.

Here in this guide, we have gone over some of the most common ways of using emojis in Outlook or Outlook emoji shortcuts and answered the worldwide query as to how you Insert Emoji in Outlook or emojis not showing in Outlook to spice up your correspondence and make it more fun to read.