9 BEST Wireless Gaming Mouse For Serious Gamers [2023 Rankings]

A Gaming Mouse is an Important Accessory to Consider while Buying a Gaming PC. This Article Offers a list of the BEST Gaming Mice along with Comparison & Pricing:

In this digital era, gaming has grown by leaps and bounds both as a hobby as well as a profession. People all over the world are hooked on to online gaming, gaming tournaments, and playing with friends like any other sport.

Professional gaming is an art, and there are lots of competitions held on an international level, and that indeed makes gaming a digital sport for serious players. For an enhanced gaming experience, you need proper software and hardware. A gaming mouse is one of the crucial hardware accessories to consider for serious gaming.

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse: A Complete Review

The real fun and power of gaming are experienced only when gamers have a complete setup of gaming accessories, and Gaming Mouse is one of those crucial parts. You can play games without a gaming mouse, but it cannot give you the same experience or performance as a gaming mouse can.

How To Select The Best Gaming Mouse?

There are several types of gaming mice available in the market. You need to be aware of every little aspect if you are looking to purchase a gaming mouse.

The Gaming mouse has different features and specifications than a regular mouse. Let’s talk about them and discuss what one should consider before buying a gaming mouse.

#1) Wired/ Wireless: At times, it was considered that a wireless mouse is slower than a wired mouse in terms of response rate, performance, and reaction. Today, with improved technology and sensors, you can enjoy the same performance of wired in the wireless. Instead, a wireless mouse is preferred nowadays.

#2) Weight of Mouse: It is the most crucial factor while buying a gaming mouse. Nobody likes to deal with a heavy mouse during long gaming sessions. So, a gaming mouse with a lesser weight is more optimized to enjoy extensive gameplay.

#3) Sensor: A gaming mouse includes a sensor that helps it to support the high amount of DPI and CPI. It helps the mouse to keep up with each movement during gameplay to improve the gaming experience.

Optical sensor tends to be more powerful as it gives the users real-time reactions and gaming experience. There is also a laser sensor that tends to lag, unlike in optical sensors.

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#4) Data Transmission Stability: The other major factor while playing high-end games is the rate of data transmissions. The transmission rate needs to be stable all the time for efficient and smooth gameplay. One needs to select the mouse with considerable data transmission speed.

#5) Dots Per Inch (DPI): DPI means the rate of pixels a screen cursor moves per inch of movements with the mouse. If the screen size is large, you need a mouse with a higher DPI. DPI also determines the mouse sensitivity.

Thus, a mouse should possess a wide range of sensitivity for the better gaming experience.

#6) Grip Comfort: If a mouse does not feel comfortable in longer sessions or if they have a slippery grip, then you must avoid such a mouse. Look for a mouse with an anti-slip grip, the one who feels great in hand, and provides comfort while playing.

Pro Tip: To find the ideal wireless gaming mouse, first identify what your needs are. Based on specifications and features required, you can find out the perfect match. But keep one thing in mind, don’t go overrated or underrated and look for the one that meets your requirements.
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List Of The Top Gaming Mouse

To help you choose the best wireless gaming mouse, we have come up with an exclusive list of gaming mice available in the market. Keep reading to find out your ideal match.

  1. SteelSeries Rival 650
  2. Razer Lancehead
  3. Logitech G903
  4. Razer Mamba Wireless
  5. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless
  6. Logitech G Pro Wireless
  7. ROCCAT Leadr Wireless Multi Button Gaming Mouse
  8. E-Blue Mazer II
  9. Habor Wireless Mouse

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Comparison Table Of The 5 Best Gaming Mouse

BasisBattery LifeSensorWeightDPIPolling RatePrice
SteelSeries Rival 650Up to 24 hoursTruemove3 optical sensor121 g120001,000 Hz$119.99
Razer LanceheadUp to 24 hours5G sensor103 g16000125 / 500 / 1000 Hz$139.99
Corsair Harpoon RGBUp to 60 hoursSlipstream Corsair99 g100001,000 Hz$49.99
Logitech G ProUp to 60 hoursHero 16k sensor80 g16000125 / 250 / 500 / 1000 Hz$149.99
ROCCAT LeadrUp to 20 hoursOwl-Eye optical sensor134 g120001,000 Hz$139.99

#1) SteelSeries Rival 650

Pricing: The pricing for Rival 650 on its official website is  $119.99, including the QcK vector worth $9.99.


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SteelSeries Rival 650 is the next level wireless precision and the first-ever actual performance wireless gaming mouse. It is the most iconic mouse with ergonomic design consolidating amazing features, thereby making it the most precise gaming sensor.

The Rival 650 is armed with a powerful 32-bit ARM processor for true performance. It showcases a comprehensive design with perfect weight and balance, including 256 weight configurations and a range of weight.


  • Quantum Wireless 1 ms lossless performance, TrueMove3 optical sensor for 1 to 1 tuning, and dedicated secondary depth sensor.
  • Lightning-fast charging with 24 hours of battery life, 32-bit ARM processor, and dynamic design to deliver comfort during gameplay sessions.
  • Depth sensor for high accuracy, more control, and faster movements.
  • The primary sensor that delivers accurate crosshair placements with no accelerations, no tracking errors, and no lag.
  • SteelSeries Engine software for customizing 8 zone RGB lighting and the Discord and GameSense Engine for chat notifications and game events.

Verdict: Rival 650 delivers excellent performance with 1 ms latency, high flexibility, accuracy, and customizations. It can operate wired or wirelessly and allows weight adjustments. However, the pricing is a bit high.

Website URL: SteelSeries Rival 650

#2) Razer Lancehead

Pricing: The official website of Razer concludes a price tag for ‘Lancehead’ at $139.99.


The Razer Lancehead wireless gaming mouse arms Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT) that seamlessly scans frequency channels each millisecond. This advanced wireless technology eliminates every form of interference by switching frequency to allow for lag-free data transmission.

The mouse enables 100% transmission stability with the most explicit gaming sensor for uncompromising precision delivering 16,000 DPI and 210 IPS. The mouse sensor also generates a 50 G acceleration for tracking each move correctly.


  • Razer Synapse 3 for hybrid on-board and cloud memory that allow access to the profiles with any internet connection.
  • Razer mechanical mouse switches for seamless switching of frequencies and data transmission.
  • Ergonomic design, 5G laser sensor, Adaptive Frequency Technology, and Chroma lighting with 16.8 million colors.
  • Flexibility to save settings on-cloud as well as in-premise for easy access to profiles.

Verdict: The Razer Lancehead wraps a genuine gaming sensor with advanced acceleration, no transmission dropouts, and high stability. It can use some improvements on side rubber grips and angle snapping. It bears a high price tag.

Website URL: Razer Lancehead wireless

#3) Logitech G903

Pricing: The official website of Logitech displays a price tag of $149.99 for ‘G903’ and $119.99 for ‘Powerplay Wireless Charging System.’ You have to purchase Power Play additionally if you need wireless charging.


[image source]

The Logitech G903 is the best lightspeed wireless gaming mouse as per the review by PCGAMER.com in November 2017. However, there are competitors to G903 available in the market.

It is a fully advanced gaming mouse delivering 1 ms speed for higher performance, response time, and accuracy. The mouse showcases an ambidextrous design with up to 11 buttons and solid build quality that is optimized to reduce the weight exalting the same strength.


  • 1 ms wireless speed, 110 g weight, and up to 11 buttons for competition-grade performance and accuracy.
  • Optical sensor for zero smoothings, filtering, and acceleration to deliver consistent accuracy as well as responsiveness.
  • Power-efficient technology for up to 32 hours of battery life and ultimate customizations for the whole mouse.
  • Mechanical Button Tensioning System, 12,000 DPI, LightSync RGB, Hybrid memory, and Powerplay wireless charging.

Verdict: Most of the users liked the unique wireless charging technology and customizable design of G903. While many users have faced twice button click problems. Keeping that apart, it comprises of excellent features and high-performance rate. Overall, it is great for gaming purposes.

Website URL: Logitech G903

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#4) Razer Mamba Wireless

Pricing: With increased battery, comfort, and features, the Razer Mamba Wireless holds an appropriate price tag of $99.99.


[image source]

Razer Mamba Wireless is specifically designed to deliver long-lasting performance with 150 percent more battery life and zero restrictions. It also offers advanced cutting-edge features and unhindered swipes for longer gaming sessions.

The superior wireless performance enhances a new standard of precision and speed with improved technology. It gives real comfort to the hand and is lightweight too with excellent battery life and an optical sensor.


  • Expandable 50 hours of battery life, Adaptive Frequency Technology for stability, and Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor.
  • 16,000 DPI, 99.4 percent resolution accuracy, Hybrid on-board, and cloud memory.
  • 7 programmable buttons, improved side grips, advanced ambidextrous design, and reliable build quality.
  • Razer Chroma for superior wireless and lag-free performance with zero restrictions.

Verdict: Keeping in mind the features and tech specs, Razer Mamba has an expandable battery life with high durability and comfort. This mouse is much lighter than its competitors and comes under a cost-effective price.

Website URL: Razer Mamba Wireless

#5) Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

Pricing: The pricing for ‘Corsair Harpoon RGB’ on its official website is $49.99, and this is considered cheap when compared with its competitors.


Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless gaming mouse lets you connect to your PC with hyper-fast 1 ms Slipstream Corsair wireless technology and even lets you choose how to play. It performs like a wired gaming mouse by giving wireless freedom for active gaming.

The lightweight construction of the mouse with countered shape and rubber side grips provides immense comfort without any fatigue. Moreover, vivid RGB lighting allows you to create custom lighting presets and effects.


  • Slipstream wireless technology with 1 ms connection speed, six fully programmable buttons, and dynamic RGB lighting.
  • 99 g weight, up to 60 hours of battery life, 10,000 DPI, and iCUE support.
  • Sophisticated programming, full-system lighting synchronization, and intelligent RGB control.
  • Ultra-durable Omron switches, lightweight construction, rubber side grips, powerful macros and remaps.

Verdict: The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is accessible for everyone because of its staggering low pricing. It offers real comfort for hands with its ergonomic design. The best part is that it has a decent battery life and seamless connectivity. For this price range, there are no cons to list here.

Website URL: Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

#6) Logitech G Pro Wireless

Pricing: The Logitech ‘G Pro Wireless’ has a price tag of $149.99 on its website.


Logitech G Pro Wireless is the ultimate gaming mouse specially designed for professional gamers with lightspeed wireless and hero 16k sensor technologies. The mouse delivers unrivaled performance with a perfect shape, weight, and feel for unmatched precision.

The G Pro wireless endures the ultra-lightweight design cutting the limitations of friction and distraction. It provides a consistent lag-free connection with the next-gen gaming sensor. Moreover, the hero 16k consumes 10 times less power and tracks at a speed of 400 IPS.


  • 1 ms wireless lightspeed, Hero 16k sensor, 80 g lightweight, 16,000 DPI, and 400 IPS tracking.
  • 4-8 programmable buttons, LightSync RGB with 16.8 million color customizations, and on-board memory.
  • Mechanical Button Tensioning System, coated surface, enduring performance, and powerplay compatible.
  • Up to 60 hours of battery life and zero smoothings, acceleration, or filtering.

Verdict: The G Pro Wireless has some great reviews for its look, feel, comfort, durability, battery life, customizations, and performance. The mouse is worth its lightweight construction, which is highly configurable and responsive. It is a bit pricey, otherwise, it is a great product.

Website URL: Logitech G Pro Wireless

#7) ROCCAT Leadr Wireless Multi Button Gaming Mouse

Pricing: The ‘ROCCAT Leadr Wireless’ Multi Button Gaming Mouse has a price tag of $139.99 on its official website.


The Roccat Leadr Wireless has been built with no compromises giving the freedom of wireless with the performance of wired. The Owl-Eye optical sensor with 1000 Hz polling and 2.4 GHz, data transmission speed, delivers zero lagging and virtually zero latency.

The next-gen button layout features 14 fully programmable buttons for the latest generation games. Moreover, the mouse comes with a charging dock displaying battery status and top-up cable to carry on gaming by making it wired.


  • ROCCAT Owl-Eye Optical Sensor with adjustable 12,000 DPI for lighting fast input.
  • Unrivaled wireless optics delivering lag-free performance and two-level RGB illumination for the customizable lighting system.
  • Next-gen button layout featuring X-Celerator analog paddle with fin switch.
  • Charging dock, top-up cable, 32-bit processor, button duplicator technology, and ROCCAT Swarm powered software suite.

Verdict: The ROCCAT Leadr delivers great wireless performance with the excellent build quality. It wraps a powerful Owl-Eye optical sensor and much-improved Swarm software. However, RGB lighting is not accurate, and it has a giant in size charging dock.

Website URL: Roccat Leadr Wireless

#8) E-Blue Mazer II

Pricing: The pricing for ‘E-Blue Mazer II’ on Amazon.com is $20.99 with free Amazon tech support.

8E-Blue-Mazer-II (2)

E-Blue Mazer II is an ergonomically designed right-handed gaming mouse with adjustable DPI and high frame rates. It comprises of Avago 5090 high-performance optical sensor with a maximum 20G acceleration.

The mouse fits well in hand, and the buttons are responsive. Moreover, the light effects are quite sound and are not as expected, but the DPI settings work very well.


  • LED illuminated rubberized Scroll Wheel and Adjustable DPI between 500 /1200 / 1800 / 2500.
  • 2.4G Wireless Transmission Technology and Avago 5090 High-performance Optical Gaming Chipset.
  • High 3000 frame rates per second, 250 Hz anti delay polling rate, and 20G maximum acceleration.
  • Omron micro switches, 6 programmable buttons, and 20 hours of battery life.

Verdict: The pricing for E-Blue Mazer II is cheap, according to the features and specs compromised. The mouse is not too bad, but it has a short battery life and fewer features for extensive gaming. Its buttons are highly durable, and it feels stable in hands.

Website URL: E-Blue Mazer II

#9) Habor Wireless Mouse

Pricing: The price for ‘ Habor Wireless Mouse’ is approximately $10 on Amazon.com.


Habor Wireless Mouse is a perfect optical wireless tool for various activities. Its ergonomic portable design provides real comfort to hands under long-time usage. It has excellent compatibility with all types of platforms.

There are no charging options with Habor; instead, it includes a one-time battery with 15 months of life. Hence, you don’t have to stop playing again and again for charging.


  • Advanced 2.4G wireless technology, 50Ft wireless distance, and more excellent compatibility.
  • Auto sleeping and energy-saving mode for longer battery life and effortless gaming.
  • Portable design, easy to carry, sweatproof, anti-slip, and a USB nano receiver.
  • 5 DPI switches, responsive buttons, symmetric design (for both hands), lightweight and compact in size.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, the Habor wireless mouse is perfect for both in-house and office work. It feels comfortable in the hand and works well with all types of platforms. However, it is not compatible with thorough gaming sessions but is a companion in its price range.

Website URL: Habor Wireless Mouse


A gaming mouse can either improve your gaming performance or may make it worse, depending on the mouse you have. We have discussed the factors to be considered before buying a gaming mouse and provided a list of the best gaming mice available.

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For higher performance and exclusive gaming, you need a gaming mouse with higher DPI, a powerful sensor, and data transmission speed. All these high-end features can be found in SteelSeries Rival 650, Razer Lancehead, Logitech G Pro Wireless, Roccat Leadr.

If your needs are moderate and if you play for not more than 5 hours a day, then a gaming mouse with no compromises and low prices like Razer Mamba Wireless and Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless could be the best options.

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For those who are looking for cheap options and are ready to make compromises in their gaming mouse, then E-Blue Mazer II and Habor Wireless mouse are good options.

Research Process

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  • Total Mouse researched: 20
  • Top Mouse shortlisted: 9

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