Practical Software Testing QA Process Flow (Requirements to Release)

A Complete Overview of End-to-End QA Software Testing Process Flow:

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The job of a software testing professional is not an easy one. It is filled with challenges, which is equally demanding as well.  Testers are supposed to be alert and enthusiastic in each and every phases of the application lifecycle.

Though there are challenges, there are several tremendous opportunities as well to learn and explore the various aspects of testing methodologies, processes and of course the software in detail.

The role of a test engineer begins very early. And right from the conceptualization of the project, testers are involved in discussions with the product owner, project manager and various stakeholders.

Requirements To Release

This tutorial on “Software Testing Process flow” gives you a complete overview of the various phases in STLC along with the challenges involved and the best practices to overcome those challenges in an easily understandable manner.

Requirement to Release – A Complete Overview

Software Testing Life Cycle

Right from Requirement to Release, each phase is explained clearly. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

#1) Requirement

A project cannot take off without having a clear requirement. This is the most crucial phase where ideas need to get written in a well understandable and formatted document. If you are a part of the project where you are participating in the requirement gathering phase, then consider yourself lucky.

Wondering Why? It is because you are witnessing a project in making from the scratch. Though there is pride in being since inception, it comes with some responsibilities and challenges too.


One cannot imagine all the requirements to gather in a single sitting. Be patient enough.

A lot of discussions will happen, some of which may be simply irrelevant to your project but even then they may contain some vital information for your project. Sometimes the speed of discussions may exceed your grasping capabilities or you would simply not pay attention to the product owner.

The below picture highlights the crucial steps involved in requirement gathering:

Requirements LifeCycle

Every piece of information that is missed has a huge impact on the overall understanding and testing of the project. To overcome this, here are some best practices which should be followed during this phase.

Best Practices

  • Keep your mind open and pay attention to every word of the product owner.
  • Don’t just listen, clear your doubt however small it seems to be.
  • Always use notebooks for fast note keeping. You should use a laptop, only if you can really type at a fair speed.
  • Repeat the sentences and get them clarified from the PO which you think is what you understood.
  • Draw block diagrams, link text etc. to make requirements more clear at a later period of time.
  • If the teams are in different locations, try hard making it a WebEx or similar recording. It will always help when you have a doubt after the discussions are over.

Though there is no separate wall as such for each and every phase, requirements do change even very late in developments. So, the idea is to grab the most of the requirement and document this properly.

Once it is been documented with all the necessary points, distribute and discuss this all the stakeholders so that any suggestions or changes are caught early and before moving on, everyone is on the same page.

#2) Test Strategy

Testers are supposed to come out with a test strategy which is not just sufficient to test the software better, but should also instill confidence in every stakeholder regarding the quality of the product.

Test Strategy


The most crucial aspect of this phase is to create a strategy which when worked upon should deliver a software product that is error free, sustainable and accepted by its end users.

Test strategies are something you will not change every other day.  In some cases, you need to discuss your test strategies with the customers also. So this part should be dealt with high importance.

Best practices

  • Here are some of the best practices, which when followed can provide you a great relief and result in a smooth testing.
  • Go through the requirement document once again. Highlight the import points with respect to the environment of the target software.
  • Make a list of environments where the software will actually be deployed.
  • Environments can be understood as a type of Operating Systems or Mobile Devices.
  • If Windows is the operating system, list down all the versions of the window where you will be testing your software. If the versions viz. Windows 7, Windows 10 or Windows Server(s) are still not defined in the requirement document, then it is the high time when these should be discussed.
  • On a similar note, get the target browsers with the versions discussed and documented if the AUT is a web-based system.
  • Make a list of all the third party software’s that the application will need (If required/supported). These may include Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, any add-ons etc.

Here the idea behind is to keep every necessary and required platform, devices, and software’s that our application will need to function before us so that a comprehensive strategy can be formulated.

Below figure will help you to understand the outline of test strategy if you are working on an agile project:

Testing Strategy

#3) Test Planning

After the testers are armed with all the information regarding AUT, the planning phase is where the Strategy is implemented.

Like test strategy, test planning is also a crucial phase.

Test Plan


Since the success (or failure) of the AUT depends largely on how the tests were carried out, this phase becomes an important aspect of the entire test life cycle. Why? Because a part of testing is defined in this phase.

In order to overcome some challenges, these best practices can really be helpful.

Best practices

  • Always keep in mind, not to leave any stone unturned when it comes to testing your application.
  • It’s time to formulate test strategy.
  • Create a matrix of the environment so that the software is tested on all platforms.
  • Like, Windows 10+Internet Explorer 11+ Windows Office 2010+ …
  • Like Android 4.2.2+ Chrome browser.
  • If your application works with multiple databases (If documented), keep the databases (MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer) in the test matrix in such a way that they are too integrated with some test.
  • Configure test machines accordingly and name them as SetUp1, SetUp2, etc.
  • SetUp1 will have Windows 7+ IE 10+ Office 2007+.
  • SetUp2 may have Windows 10+ IE Edge+ Office 2013+.
  • SetUp3 may have an Android phone with your .apk file installed.
  • Congratulations! Your test setup is ready and you have also included every possible combination of platforms that your application will work upon.

#4) Testing

Finding Bugs

Finally, your application build is out and you are ready to find bugs! Now it’s’ time to work on test planning and find as many bugs as possible. There will be some phases in between if you work in an agile environment, then simply follow those scrum methods.

Below diagram depicts the categorization of various testing types:

Types of Testing


Testing is a cumbersome process which itself is error prone! One finds many challenges while testing an application. Given below are some best practices to rescue.

Best Practices

Cheer up! You are trying to find defects in the code. You need to pay attention to the overall working of the software.

  • It’s always advisable to look at the application with a fresh look, WITHOUT GOING THROUGH TEST CASES.
  • Follow the navigation path of your software (AUT).
  • Get yourself familiar with the AUT.
  • Now read the test cases (All) of any particular module (Maybe of your choice).
  • Now go to the AUT and match the findings with those mentioned in the expected section of the test cases.
  • Idea behind is to test every mentioned feature on every supported platform.
  • Make a note of every deviation however trivial it seems to be.
  • Write down the steps how you reach any deviation, take screenshots, capture error logs, server logs, and any other supporting documentation which can prove the existence of defects.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask. Though you have the requirement document, there will be times when you will be in doubt.
  • Reach out to the developers (if they sit next to you or they are reachable) in doubt before you reach to the Product Owner. Understand the developer’s perspective on the working of the software. Understand them. If you feel this implementation is not according to the requirement, then inform the test manager.

#5) Before Release

Before we release any product to the market, the quality of the product has to be ensured. Software’s are developed once but they are actually been tested until they are replaced or removed.


A software has to be tested rigorously for many of its parameters.

The parameters may not be limited to:

  • Functionality /Behavioral.
  • Performance.
  • Scalability.
  • Compatible with the said platforms.

Challenge is also to predict the success rate of an application which depends on many iterations of the testing performed.

Best Practices

  • Make sure that all the features on all the platforms are tested.
  • Highlight the areas which are not tested or the one which needs more testing efforts.
  • Keep a matrix of all the test results before release. The test matrix will give an overall picture of the stability of the product. It will also help the management to a take a call on the release dates.
  • Provide your input/suggestions to the team about your experiences while testing the product.
  • Your input considering yourself as the end user will benefit the software by large.
  • Due to time crunch or any other such situation, we either miss out some testing or do not go deep into this. Don’t hesitate to tell the testing status to your manager.
  • Present the application health card to the stakeholders. Health card should have a number of all the logged, open, closed, intermittent defects with their severity and priority.
  • Draft a release document and share this across the team.
  • Work on the release document prepared.
  • Improve on the areas which are been suggested by the management/team.

The below picture shows the software release lifecycle map:

Before Release

#6) Release

Finally, the time comes when we have to deliver the product to its intended users. We all as a team have worked hard to sign off the product and let the software help its users.


 Software test engineers are primarily responsible for the release of any software. This activity requires process-oriented workflow. Here are some of the best practices that are involved in this phase.

Best Practices

  • Always remember, you are not working on the release document on the date of ACTUAL RELEASE.
  • Always plan the release activity prior to the actual release date.
  • Standardize the document as per the company policies.
  • Your release document should try to establish the positive expectations from the software.
  • Mention all the software and hardware requirements with specific to their versions clearly in the document.
  • Include all the open defects and their severity.
  • Do not hide major impacted areas due to open defects. Give them a place in the Release document.
  • Get the document reviewed and digitally signed [may differ as per company policy].
  • Be confident and ship the release document along with the software.


QA Testing Process on a Real Project – Waterfall Method

I got an interesting question from a reader, How is testing carried out in a company i.e in a practical environment?

Those who just pass out from college and start searching for jobs have this curiosity – how would be the actual working environment in a company?

Here I have focused on the actual working process of Software Testing in the companies.

Actual testing process in companies

Whenever we get any new project there is an initial project familiarity meeting. In this meeting, we basically discuss on who is the client? what is the project duration and when is its delivery? Who are all involved in the project i.e manager, Tech leads, QA leads, developers, testers etc.?

From the SRS (software requirement specification) project plan is developed. The responsibility of testers is to create a software test plan from this SRS and project plan. Developers start coding from the design. The project work is divided into different modules and these project modules are distributed among the developers.

In the meantime, the responsibility of a tester is to create test scenario and write test cases according to the assigned modules. We try to cover almost all the functional test cases from SRS.  The data can be maintained manually in some excel test case templates or bug tracking tools.

When developers finish the individual modules, those modules are assigned to the testers.  Smoke testing is performed on these modules and if they fail this test, modules are reassigned to the respective developers for a fix.

For passed modules, manual testing is carried out from the written test cases. If any bug is found that gets assigned to the module developer and get logged in bug tracking tool. On bug fix, a tester does bug verification and regression testing of all related modules. If bug passes the verification it is marked as verified and marked as closed. Otherwise, above-mentioned bug cycle gets repeated.(I will cover the bug life cycle in another post)

Different tests are performed on individual modules and integration testing on module integration. These tests include Compatibility testing i.e testing application on different hardware, OS versions, software platform, different browsers etc.

Load and stress testing is also carried out according to SRS. Finally, system testing is performed by creating virtual client environment. Once all the test cases are executed, a test report is prepared and the decision is taken to release the product!

Steps in Requirements to Release

Given below are the details of each testing step that is carried out in each software quality and testing life cycle specified by IEEE and ISO standards:

#1) SRS Review: Review of the software requirement specifications

#2) Objectives are set for Major releases

#3) Target Date planned for the Releases

#4) Detailed Project Plan is built. This includes the decision on Design Specifications

#5) Develop Test Plan based on Design Specifications

#6) Test Plan: This includes objectives, the methodology adopted while testing, features to be tested and not to be tested, risk criteria, testing schedule, multi-platform support and the resource allocation for testing.

#7) Test Specifications
This document includes technical details (Software requirements) required prior to testing.

#8) Writing of Test Cases

#9) Development – Modules are developed one by one

#10) Installers Binding: Installers are built around the individual product.

#11) Build procedure :
A build includes Installers of the available products – multiple platforms.

#12) Testing
Smoke Test (BVT): Basic application test to take decision on further testing

  • Testing of new features
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform testing
  • Stress testing and memory leakage testing.

#13) Test Summary Report

#14) Code freezing

  • No more new features are added at this point.

#15) Testing

  • Build and regression testing.

#16) Decision to release the product

#17) Post-release scenario for further objectives.

This was a summary of an actual testing process in a company environment.


The job of a software tester is full of challenges, yet an enjoyable one. This is for someone who is equally passionate, motivated and full of enthusiasm. Finding faults in someone is not always an easy job! This requires a lot of skills and a bull’s eye to the defects.

Besides all the qualities, a tester should be process-oriented as well. Like all the other industries, projects in IT are too worked in phases, where every phase has some well-defined goals.  And every goal has a well-defined acceptance criterion. A test engineer has to carry many loads of software quality on his/her shoulders.

While working in any phase of software, testers are supposed to follow the best practices and should align with the process involved in the respective phases.  Following the best practices and well-formulated process not just helps to ease testers work, it also helps in assuring the quality of the software.

Have you been a part of any of the above phases? Feel free to share your experiences below.


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#3 Vijay

@ Priya- I will definitely guide. Is it part of your curriculum? So that project selection decision will depend on your M.B.A assignments. Let me know your exact requirement.

@Jhenz- Smoke testing is nothing but verify most crucial functionality is working not bothering about the detailed in-depth one. This word came from electronics i.e to check the appliances by switching on the power. Smoke testing is generally performed to check whether further testing can be carried out or not. Much like Sanity Testing!

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@ Padmini – Smoke testing is generally performed on any new build to test whether that build is stable to do further testing.
Sanity Testing is a part of regression testing which is performed on already developed and tested build which is again for testing for some minor changes. Sanity testing performed to check if no more issues are introduced in previous stable build. Here some core tests are executed like UI functionality, DB connection etc..
Hope this will answer your question.

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Hi Folks,
All you guys have mis-conception that Smoke and Sanity Testing are different. As such there is no difference between these two. Neither QAI nor ISTQB has differentiated the terms. Both are one and the same.

Gopi Krishna
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How to write testcases for regression testing?

Usually we don’t write any test cases while performing regression testing but we just execute all the test cases.
Regression testing is done on cases like 1)Any changes in the module, 2)change in requirement, 3)Changes in code after a bug is found and resolved 4)Patchup in the build. It is done to ensure changes do not affect the application in any way

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I have created a sample of the testcase with some teststeps. This can help you to write the test steps with the necessary validations and steps mentioned in ur SRS.

Your test case can be as follows:

Test case ID Name Description Expected Result Actual Result
100A Log in Verify that the user is able to login the application Login successful
100B Account Id verification Verify that the user is able to enter the account number in the Account ID field The account ID is verified successfully
Verify that the user is able to enter HPIN (or any other verification code in the password like field) HPIN entered successfully
Account information displayed Verify that after entering the account number and HPIN, the user is able to go to the account information page. Account details page is displayed.

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I had created the testcase in the word document. But while posting the reply the message is all messed up in alignment. SO please read is as Testcase ID , Name, Description,Expected Result, Actual Result.

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Review of the software requirement specifications
Objectives is set for the Major releases
Target Date planned for the Releases
Detailed Project Plan is build. This includes the decision on Design Specifications
Develop Test Plan based on Design Specifications
Test Plan : This includes Objectives, Methodology adopted while testing, Features to
be tested and not to be tested, risk criteria, testing schedule, multi-
platform support and the resource allocation for testing.
Test Specifications
this document includes technical details (Software requirements)
required prior to the testing.
Writing of Test Cases
Smoke (BVT) test cases
Sanity Test cases
Regression Test Cases
Negative Test Cases
Extended Test Cases
Development – Modules developed one by one
Installers Binding: Installers are build around the individual product.
Build procedure:
A build includes Installers of the available products – multiple platforms.
Smoke Test (BVT) Basic application test to take decision on further testing
Testing of new features
Cross-platform testing
Stress testing and memory leakage testing.
Bug Reporting
Bug report is created
Development – Code freezing
No more new features are added at this point.
Builds and regression testing.
Decision to release the product
Post-release Scenario for further objectives.

#84 Neha

Hi Ramendra,

Thanks for the reply. Even i follow the same process but was a bit confused.Thanks for the clarification

#85 priya

hi everyone

#86 kris


#87 Ramendra Yadav

kris and priya
u have any confusion.ask 2 me without hesitation.

#88 bharghava

hello sir,
this is bharghava , i completed msc(computer science)in 2006 .i saw this is help full for every one and me also.recently i completed testing tools i am looking job.but one thing sir ,i want to join in real time is necessary or not.give me suggestions sir.i am in hyd .which instiute is best for project.if u know tell me sir.ok

#89 Neha

I would like to know what kind of issues can be treated as returned issue? Those issues which are not issues or those issues which the dev dosen’t fix as per clients requirement?if it is an issue but as per clients requirement the dev dosen’t fix it and mark the status as returned then do we directly close the issue?

#90 vimala

what i have to study for automatic testing for web applications?

#91 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi Priya,

This is Suresh Working as a Test Engineer i have mentioned difference between smoke and sanity as below:

I have gathered a few points about the difference between smoke and sanity testing from the responses of two software testing groups. I have added the points below.

However, my experience of executing the Smoke and Sanity testing has been the following:

Smoke Test:
When a build is received, a smoke test is run to ascertain if the build is stable and it can be considered for further testing.

Smoke testing can be done for testing the stability of any interim build.

Smoke testing can be executed for platform qualification tests.

Sanity testing:
Once a new build is obtained with minor revisions, instead of doing a through regression, a sanity is performed so as to ascertain the build has indeed rectified the issues and no further issue has been introduced by the fixes. Its generally a subset of regression testing and a group of test cases are executed that are related with the changes made to the app.

Generally, when multiple cycles of testing are executed, sanity testing may be done during the later cycles after through regression cycles.

Smoke Sanity

1 Smoke testing originated in the hardware testing practice of turning on a new piece of hardware for the first time and considering it a success if it does not catch fire and smoke. In software industry, smoke testing is a shallow and wide approach whereby all areas of the application without getting into too deep, is tested. A sanity test is a narrow regression test that focuses on one or a few areas of functionality. Sanity testing is usually narrow and deep.
2 A smoke test is scripted–either using a written set of tests or an automated test A sanity test is usually unscripted.
3 A Smoke test is designed to touch every part of the application in a cursory way. It’s is shallow and wide. A Sanity test is used to determine a small section of the application is still working after a minor change.
4 Smoke testing will be conducted to ensure whether the most crucial functions of a program work, but not bothering with finer details. (Such as build verification). Sanity testing is a cursory testing; it is performed whenever a cursory testing is sufficient to prove the application is functioning according to specifications. This level of testing is a subset of regression testing.
5 Smoke testing is normal health check up to a build of an application before taking it to testing in depth.
sanity testing is to verify whether requirements are met or not,
checking all features breadth-first.

Suresh Balakrishnan.

#92 Priyanka

hi, everyone…
I have completed MBA (IT)with B. tech (ECE) and want to build carrer in Testing. Can u suggest me which type of testing I should learn….and is this the right field for MBA’s (IT)…and what are more perspectives in testing..

#93 Vijay

I think Priyanka you are not in a right path, you are Btech with MBA, defanitly you have bright future in other isolated as well as main stream technologies, if you are that much interested in testing then only you can go for testing without any testing knowledge, that is better otherwise they will squeeze while interview and try to get opportunity in automation testing like Rational Robot, QTP, VSTS,etc
Best Wishes…

#94 priyanka

hi, Vijay
ok …i have no idea about testing tools…but i want to go for black box testing..can u tell me from which tool i should start? and which tools i have to cover????
i have read basics and methodology of testing…

#95 vishu

any one plz suggest me and mail me if u have study material in testing concepts ,sip,voip. would this help in getting me a good job is there good market for these, i am confused kindly help.

#96 beena


#97 Rajitha


Thanks for all the information regarding testing. It is indeed useful information.

#98 Suresh Mangalagiri

Hi all,

Thanks for all the information provided regarding testing.

#99 Suresh Mangalagiri

Hi all,

The information provided was very useful.

#100 Anshu

hi all
this websites is very gud for basic knowledge for testing as well as further more……

#101 Anshu

hii all
can any one tell me how we free download winrunner or qtp??????????………….

#102 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi Anshu,
This is Suresh Working as a Test Engineer. I have mentioned Software Testing related Links as below:,,,


#103 Shivanand G

Greate information about the testing concepts ,i liked very much that information u have given about the “Testing actual working process in the companies”………
can u provide me some sample smoke test cases and integration testing,and also some more information regarding campatability testing ………………..

#104 anshu

Suresh Balakrishnan
Suresh Balakrishnan can you help in create test cases.

#105 anshu

Suresh Balakrishnan

#106 anshu

Suresh Balakrishnan my next question is that can you tell me how we post mortem the term test bed
in testing.

#107 Happy Friend

hi, anshu

#108 selvam

Hi Friends,

Currently i am working in Non-IT field and planned to switch my career to testing.I had learned the basics of testing,and now i am very eager to learn testing practically with real time projects.
If any one interested to teach testing personally with real time projects , i will be more grateful, or else show me the right place in chennai.
Thanks & regards

#109 siri

Really Great work Vijay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ll appreciate ur Work!!! Also, can u update this Jobs section daily if possible?

#110 vishal

Can anybody tell me the model which our company is following as we do module wise testing and deliver each module as per our time line, almost if project is small than in each week one module is delivered to client and do changes as per his feedback, so my question is that what kind of model are we following and yes this model, is this an xp model or agile software devlopment, kindly comment on this

Vishal Sharma

#111 shridevi

Hi all,
I have done my masters in psychology, but wanted to get into IT so did a course in testing, now can anybody help me to get through testing, what questions and how much preparation needed for getting a job. I know manual testing, but no automation tool, how to learn that, and specially test management tools like test director and quality center……

#112 shridevi

hi all,
can anybody help me in understanding integration testing, and the difference between system and integration, system and functional testing……


#113 Happy Friend

Hi shridevi ,

Integration testing :- It is a test to check whether all the modules are combined together or not and working successfully as specified in the requirement document. (Just for your information: Each developer works on different modules. When they finish their code, the configuration management team puts them together and prepares a build. We, as testers, need to make sure that these modules, which are now combined, work as per requirement document)

System testing :- When testers complete testing (The testers test the application in the test environments, meaning they test with the test data only, NOT with the real data), the application (software) has to be tested in the real environment. What it means is, since the testers test it in the test environment with the test data, we have to make sure that the application works well in the real environment with the real data. In test environment, some of the things cannot be simulated or tested. Al though the test environment is very similar to the production (real) environment, we need to make sure that we get a smooth delivery in the real system as well (As servers are different and database is different, things may not work as expected when the application is moved from test environment to production environment)

Functional testing :- It is a test to check whether each and every function of that application is working as per the requirement (remember this work “as per requirement document”-you must say this in the interview). It is a major test where 80% of the tests are done. In this test, the Test Cases are executed (or run).

System testing is Black-box type of testing that is based on overall requirements specifications. It covers all combined parts of the system.

Integration testing is the testing of combined parts of an application to determine if they function together corretly.

functionality testing checks whether the application works according to clients requiremnet or not. its a part of system testing

Any more Info.. contact –>

#114 shridevi

Thanks happy friend, for the information, and help in understanding the testing………
how to learn quality center and QTP


#115 Narayanan

This is the first time I have visited your site and really good… By the way, i’m doing software testing course… now i’m working in bpo company.
i’m an MCA graduate passed in 2005. I want to work with IT side.
Please advise me, how much opportunity to work in IT side with help of this testing?



#116 vrushali

Hi All,
I have recently join in a small company as a Software Tester.Here I do manual testing but i dont have much idea about sanity & smoke testing so please guide me about that.
Tell me also that I write my bug report in simple Excel sheet but now i have to maintain some bug tracking tool,so any suggestion for which tool is good.

#117 vrushali

Can anyone tell me,what is this domain & is it necessary for testers to have domain knowledge as i do testing of online websites.

#118 zakir


Hi friend. Both Smoke and Sanity is done to ensure the stability of the build.

Smoke testing is done to check whether the build is done properly and Sanity testing is done to check whether the build is Functioning properly. Not clear right, let me put up with an example,

Take for example a simple login page which has ‘username’ and ‘password’ input box and ‘ok’ and ‘cancel’ butons. Now here, Smoke testing is done like this, we simply check whether we cud able to hit the username and password inputboxes, OK and Cancel buttons and whether it is enabled.

Sanity testing is we give some values for the usename, password and perform one functional cycle to test the application. Hope this is clear.

To ur second question check with Bugzilla


Sanity is testing the stability of the build

#119 Nikhil Just Nikhil

Hi Guys…

Where does the term “Boundary Value Analysis” is used in Testing?

#120 krishna

i have one doubt ,is there any different betwwen the sanity & smoke testing? we will do the testing once module will ready no need for waiting still projece get ready?please suggest me how to proceed both developement & testing at time is there any copy past appling are used like (testing server & development server) .please explain me how this process will going on.

#121 shridevi

hi friends
want to learn how to write test cases
can anybody help with some examples

#122 Happy Friend

Hi Shridevi mail me

#123 shilpa

Hi friends,


test case in software engineering is a set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine if a
requirement or use case upon an application is partially or fully satisfied.
It may take many test cases to determine that a requirement is fully satisfied..


Test case is a detailed procedure that fully tests a feature or an aspect of a feature.
Whereas the test plan describes what to test, a test case describes how to perform a particular test. You need to develop a test case for each test listed in the test plan.

Test case include:

purpose of the test.

Special hardware requirements, such as a modem.

Special software requirements, such as a tool.

Specific setup or configuration requirements.

A description of how to perform the test.

The expected results or success criteria for the test.

#124 Rina Mandlik

I want to ask about the difference between sanity & smoke testing ?

#125 namitha

i m in ireland,i would like to write software testing certification(ISEB&ISTQB).can anyone suggest me the book to be followed r any online material and can i write both certifications and what will be the procedure and do i need to have any prerequisites?

#126 Happy Friend

Hi shilpa how ru
do u have any format to write testcases

#127 kavita

I have a question on QTP?
how to count the no tabs in an screen on an application using QTP?

#128 elangovimal

which course in software testing have a very good scope either the manual or the automated…

#129 Nagaveni

hi friends,
i want know about test design.
plz help me

#130 Happy Friend

Hi Nagaveni,
Test Design refers to understanding the sources of test cases, test coverage, how to develop and document test cases, and how to build and maintain test data. There are 2 primary methods by which tests can be designed and they are:

ANY HELP CONTACT send mail to

#131 siddharth

can u give me some idea about the scope in this testing field? does it reqd. coding? And can u give me a good book to follow and i am already going for 1 month training from seed infotech

#132 rachana

well there is lots of scope in testing field. For manual testing no coding is required but for automation u require some knowledge of coding like VB script for QTP specially.
you can follow Ron Patton and Gopalswamy for manual testing. Ron Patton is a good book for beginners, where as Gopalswamy is also a good book to go in depth of testing.
For automation u can go for Dr. K.V.K.K. Prasad.

#133 ab.c

Hi all,
I would like to know about the different documents that are up for review meeting from the beginning of the STLC process.


#134 ab.c

Hi all,
What are the different meetings held during STLC and what are the key deliverables?


#135 sreedevi

I’m new to this testing field.
can anyone tel me which testing software is best to use.?

#136 rams

this site is very usefulto us .thanks to providing this site for us.

#137 sunita aggarwal

Respected Sir,
Recently in AUGUST i submitted my vith sem MCA project. I m doing MCA(Correspondance) from MD University Rohtak. I have no proficiency even on a single computer language,but i know about all the languages like c,c++,vb,vc++,java,javascript,html,c#,.net,windows programing,SQL,MS-office,RDBMS,Oracle ect. as per my syllabus in MCA taught by teachers.
So,thats why i also join and complete a WCT (webtek cerified tester) certificate course of software testing from the webtek school of software testing nariana,in which i learn about what is mannual and automated testing(IBM(rational tools) AND mercury (QTP),test director tools etc.) and how can they perform on the software by the tester.
kindly help me what i do to get a job in industry of software testing. and how can i improve myself and also tell me minimum language proficiency is required in testing field,because all the people says me no need of any language proficiency in any language for testing field.
i get totally frustrated and feel like a losser plz help me guide me plz

#138 Karthick Kumar


Am Searching in Testing Field.I want to know, if we do web testing,what type of testing will conduct…as well as tell me the real time procedure for doing the web testit eng ….if possible explain with an eg…….

Realy i need,pls help someone…..

Karthick Kumar

#139 Karthick Kumar


Am Searching in Testing Field.I want to know, if we do web testing,what type of testing will conduct…as well as tell me the real time procedure for doing the web testing….if possible explain with an eg…….

Really i need,pls help someone…..

Karthick Kumar

Pls send me the mail

#140 sneha

can any one help me to give answer…The question is wht is bidirectional tracebility??? & how it is implemented

#141 Swetha

HI all,

I am visiting this website for the first time. I am a computer science graduate. I have basic idea about testing. All the information provided here is very useful.

Keep up the good work.


#142 Hari.S

Hi all

maximum companies are talking about process,standard flow and methodologies.

how they are planning and scheduling the testing,
depending upon the standard levels and version releases?

#143 Rupa.Simhadri

Can anyone explain me how automation testing is carried out in companies?

#144 sunil

What is the xact difference between Product Testing and System Testing. Try with some example ???/

#145 priya.d

What is difference between Near-Site testing team, on site team, off shore testing team?

#146 G.Mallikarjun

Hello Sneha,

Bidirectional traceability is the ability to trace both forward and backward
i.e., from requirements to end products and from end product back to requirements.

#147 pravein(Software Test Engineer)

1. Testing is method to verify and validate that the system or application under test performs as per the requirements.
Manual Testing is the means by which the System is tested manually without the use of any Automation Tools.
The system can be tested for its Functionality and its Performance.

As per the SDLC the Testing starts after the Development. The simple Life cycle of Software is
Requirement –> Design –> Coding / Development –> Testing –> Implementation –> Maintenance.

The Testing activity will begin once after the Requirement is done.
The Testing starts of with the analysis of the Test requirement.
Once the analysis is done, the estimation and schedule is done for the duration of testing activity.
Then the Requirements are splitted into smaller parts as Test cases, which will reviewed by the senior members and business analysts.
The Test case is a template having the Description, The testing action, Expected result and the Actual Result column. Once the application is ready for testing the test cases are executed against the application and the actual results are recorded.
If the actual result varies from the expected one the test cases fail and the defects are logged. And after the defects are accepted it will fixed and then retested, if the defect is validated is closed.
This activity is carried till the defects are closed.
This is the approach that is carried out in manual testing. I hope you get some knowledge regarding manual testing.

Most of the companies using manual testing bcoz.,for automated testing License price is high.

when compare to manual testing money will be spend only for tester,but if they do automated testing means they have to buy the software and also they have to search for the testers who know the particular software.

I hope the details given above are true,if not dont mistake me.bye guys.

#148 pravein

hi sunita aggarwal,

dont worry,juz put fake as 1 year or 2 year experiance if you are confident in knowledge about testing.

Try it..

#149 Priya

Hi Sir,
I like to make a power point about testing. So can you suggest how can I categories different types of testing. Can you give an order how can I arrange all types of testing methods one by one.we know that there are lots of testing methods , unit testing integration white box black box………etc… so in each web site they given different categorizations. so please give a correct idea about this doubt.

#150 Rama Subramanian


I wish to know about Master Test Plan (Strategic Test Plan) and how is it different from the normal test-plan that is made for each level 1) unit testing 2) Integration Testing 3) System Testing and 4) Acceptance Testing?
Is Strategic/ Master Test Plan ever made in Practical Testing Environment? Why is Master Test Plan necessary? How is it different from Actual Test Plan? What are the different Criteria that go into the making of Master Test Plan? Who is involved in Making a Master Test Plan? How many Years of work-expereince in required before a Test-Engineer starts designing a Master Test Plan? Kindly email me the reply to

email id :

#151 satya

Hi Tiger \ Vijay…

If you have any documents which are releated to ‘Testing Estimations’,with the realtime examples please share the documents with me….
Mail the documents to :


#152 Aswini


Can anyone of you please help me in getting a template for test execution template? I am in need of it.

#153 Aswini

My email id is…..forgot to mention this in my prevoius post…:-)

#154 sunil

what is the main difference between project and product in software

#155 zakir


Difference between Project and Product software testing


Project is based on client requirements.
Product is based on market requirements.

The difference between project and product in software testing is the same type of difference which exists in any other project and product.
Project and product testing is done at different times; however, the intent of testing is the same. A project has its purpose to create a product. A product is the result of project. In reality a project is basically a plan for the design, architecture and development of software. Testing is part of a project and for those projects aimed at the creation of good software testing begins when the project begins and continues through the duration of the project. Projects are determined by the need or needs of others to possess a product, which will maximize the uses, for which it is intended.
Project managers and teams come together to design, and develop software. They ask questions and determine the answer through the use of applications, computer
Language, codes, etc. The act of designing, building and developing software is called a project. The end result of the project is the product, in this case software. The quality of the software continues to be tested, even after it is on the market and being used by those for whom it was intended.

The purpose of software testing beginning with the initiation of a project to build software is to produce a good product, which is the goal of a project. Testing begins and ends with good software, software that keeps it’s promise over a long duration. In users terms good software works and makes the users work easier. Good projects lead to good products and consistent testing is the key to good products.

For example, Product based companies like Telecommunication build their own product in tact with the market requirement and release for the sales targeting the customers. They in fact carry out a project to get the product done in accordance to quality and Industry standard and obviously the resultant is the product. This goes with Product testing. And when it comes to Project testing, companies like TCS, WIPRO etc who basically develop and do testing for their clients who may also be the Telecommunication companies as I mentioned above and get the requirements on what needs to be build and what needs to be tested and carry out operation to meet out the result. The resultant is the software which in turn is called a Product. This goes with the Project testing.

Hope this is clear



#156 Mythee


Requirement of a particular company in a specific Domain (Domain examples: Financial, Banking, Insurance, Contracts, Pensions etc…)

A Software/Application/Tool used by many users
e.g MS Office, Tally, CRM, Winamp, WinZip, Project Management Tools etc…

Hope it helps :-)

#157 Mythee


Mailed u the Template, pls check it…

#158 Karthik

Hi Friends,

I want to know “In Realtime how many TC’s Can able to Execute a day?”Ans me in App…Dont mention Depends Upon the Project or Modules…

Pls Send me the and in mail


Karthik Kumar

#159 Karthik

How to Execute the Manual TC’s to Automation Script?


Karthik Kumar

Pls Mail the ans in

#160 Vani R

What is the role of testing in SDLC?

#161 G.Mallikarjun

Hello Zakir.
what a nice explanation about Product Teating and Project Testing.
Thanx a lot.

#162 Kannan

Can u pls help me on preparaing KPA for my test team members. If u have any template pls share with me. Thanks,

Kannan R.

#163 Kannan

Can u pls help me on preparaing Performance monitoring and KPA tracking for my test team members. If u have any template pls share with me. Thanks,

Kannan R.

#164 Suresh Babu

Have you tried MPP [Microsoft project plan] with the help of that you can track the KPA which you were allotted to your team. Otherwise you can customize an excel sheet of your own containing Planned start of the task, Actual start of the task, Planned end actual end, resource name etc…

This is my opinion I’m open for others comment

#165 Sunil

hello Zakir,
sunil yadav here, from your explanation i am not cleard about Project Testing and Product Testing. can u please explain in breif with some good example.

Thanks in advance

#166 Prasad

@ Sunil.

Prodcut testing:
for example take Microsoft: microsoft never depends on clinets, they think a new concept, they analyse and collect requirements from the market, they develop there own product, they test it , and finally they release it by there own.

Project testing:
(most of the companies are project based companies)
for ex: a bank need a software for there dialy use.
the Bank itself can’t develop a software application right.
so they approch a Software compnay they will tell there requirements (called Business requirement).

then the S/w comp will prepare a doc. called SRS (s/w requirement specification)

then they develop the applicaiton and deliver it to client.

in simple way:
Prodcut based compnay is Mircrosoft (so many like this)
Project based compnay (most of the indian companies like satyam..etc)

the explanation given by zakir & Mythee are correct.

#167 Rahul

I am doing testing course. I am btech fresher and want to know about some compnaies who are indulge in testing and are contnuously hiring fresher.

I want to make my carre in testing. so please advice me from where i have to start

#168 Neha Sehgal

can u tell me the different between Sanity Testing and Regression Testing?

#169 Prasad


Sanity: Over all testing done to check the major(main) functionality is working fine to start system testing.
this will be done by Quality team (testing) to accept the build to start system testing.

Regression: test to ensure that the fixed bugs are not effecting any other/exsisting functionality.

#170 Sri Ram

Hi All

I am a Test lead with 6 years and I am planning to conduct Online/Classroom trainings in QTP and LoadRunner.

If anybody are interested, please mail me at


#171 Sabareesh

Do refer if you know anyone

Systel is an IT Solutions organization, which offers a variety of products and services to premium customers globally. With its relentless focus on customer satisfaction, acquisition of the best DNA and robust processes, the company has moved from strength to strength expanding its offerings and customer base. We offer full life cycle of solutions to our customers from conception to maintenance.
Systel today has skills professionals deputed across the globe around technologies like ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and IT Infrastructure Management.

Description: Senior Product Test Engineer to work on fortune 100 client assignment towards Developing , supporting and enhancing large Projects, based in Hyderabad

Mandatory Skills
** 4+ yrs experience in IT
** Good experience in Manual Testing & Product Testing is must.
** Excellent at writing Testcases
** Good experience in Database Testing and writing simple queries
** Understand the various Testing processes and terminologies.
** Perform various levels of testing (stress, Functional, system, regression, user acceptance, etc.)
** Log necessary, timely, critical Problem Reports into the defect tracking system.
** Projects are released in accordance with company definition of quality
** Exposure to .NET / J2EE based applications using IIS/ Weblogic/ Tomcat / Web Sphere
** Good to have certifications and knowledge in ISO or CMMI process
** Excellent Communication skills
** Willing to work from 3PM to 12Midnight

*High level of skill in oral and written communications.
*Strong commitment to quality and service.
*Outstanding time management skills.

Work Location : Hyderabad
Experience : 4+ yrs
Role : Senior Product Test Engineer

If the above opportunity excites you, please send us your updated resume in MS word format with the details mentioned below.
Total Experience:
Relevant Experience:
Current CTC:
Expected CTC:
Contact details:



#172 krupa

its a nice but can u tell me best institue for the testing in ahmedabad an mumbai with address or other institute for the testing.
and please also tell me the baroda testing intitute b’coz i m doing the job and only week end i join this testing class.
can u tell me how the test case write or all testing information which are relate about the testing jobs?

#173 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Mr.Krupa (#173),
Read out my comment number carrying 882 under

Hope its help you in some way before selecting an institute.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Admit mistakes, But learn from them”.

#174 Suresh

India is having various job opportunities. Don’t focus your mind into only software. Here in this IT industry you will get only Money but no peace of mind and job satisfaction.

Try to explore the various opportunities available. I’m not trying to demodulate any one. Hope the real IT colleagues will agree with my opinion. The perfect example is most of the IT professional are trying to change their profession into non IT sectors.

This is my personal opinion think twice before entering in to IT sector and discuss with the real IT people who is having above 7+ years experience in IT. Then you will come to know what are the problems that we are facing in this industry.

Again if you thought you can manage all the scenarios in IT, you are most welcome ?


#175 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Mr.Suresh (#175),
I totally agree with you.
But wherever you step (go), There will be risk in one way or the other way. Very simple.

Please don’t give direct suggestions. hahaha…
Because people may get scared reading your comment. But you may recommend.

But I’m sure, There is no risk free industry. Whether IT or NON – IT.

what say?

May be development is a challenging task (I mean very big task to handle and may be day to day challenge).


Dear All,
You are most welcome to IT Industry.
Please don’t get scared.
You may listen to Mr.Suresh or Mr.Govardhan Reddy M (Me).
But please don’t try to take final decision, just based on suresh or me.


My wishes for your future endeavours.

Just take a simple example.
Having (handling) a girl friend.
phone calls, sms, gifts, quarrels, love, arguements, compromises, fun, entertainment, walk, talk, laugh, shop, bla bla bla…etc.

I’m not blaming any one.

I just want to convey you is that, “risk will be there in all the fields”. But its we, whether we react (negative) or respond (positive) to the situation.


Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Do not follow where the path may lead, Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”.

“If we keep doing what we’re doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting”.

#176 Suresh

Dear Mr. Govardhan Reddy,

I agree risk is there in all other non IT sectors also but that risk level is more in IT industry. As I said earlier am not demodulating anyone, I’m just sharing the real scenarios that is happening in IT sector.

Testing is also not an easy job when compared to development. Testing is more challenging one. The testers are here to correct the developers if they are wrong and to improve the product quality.

One more thing I would like to highlight is that managing professional work not like how you manage a girl friend. Phone calls, quarrels, love, etc…Work is entirely different.

Anyhow Mr. Reddy had highlighted few more points. So people can take decisions based on their own mindset.

All the very best and welcome to IT


#177 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Mr.Suresh (#177),
Very nice inputs from your end.
Thanks for that. Yes, I agree with you. Professional work is different from managing a girl friend.

What I meant to convey is, “whatever task we do/carry, definitely risk will be there (may be less or more).”

Thanks again Suresh.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“However good or bad a situation is — it will change”.

#178 V SANSY

WOW…i must say..what a happy reading…but such a beautiful compiled information and nice debates…i really had a fun time reading the whole list of q’s and answers…there was someone from ireland..oh dear..i was there..wish i had helped u at that time..

I am a Project manager and have been in IT field for quite sometime now..and touchwood..i have been able to equip myself from all variety of tools in IT..starting from simple customer service to tech support to IT Training to generating reports, change requests, bug handling…and now Project management and UAT ..hence wanted to know more about Testing…

it was good to read all of your comments..not many actually comeback and reply again..


#179 bharath

hi, i want to give a documentation for my client about quality assurance to impress him .how we give the quality assurance for a product .. if anyone have please send it to my mail

#180 daisy

how important is for a tester to be ISTQB certified ? Wat is its weightage in industry?

#181 Ak

@Sanjay … If u got the document of QA Process (SRS to delivery of product.)then please tell me … i am in need too … plz reply…. ASAP……

#182 Govardhan Reddy M

Dear Daisy (#181),
For a fresher, To the best of my knowledge, ISTQB is not at all required. Instead what is what of testing is also not required. Because right from the beginning freshers will keep learning what is what and how the flow of testing and all.

Its up to your interest to go ahead and do the istqb.
Instead I suggest you to hunt a job first and then go for any certification at later point of time.

Because we have to make efficient use of the fresher period/time.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer,
“Do the right thing!”

#183 Rameshkumar

Hi all,
This is a general question.
Please guide me the difference between ‘Test Coverage’ and ‘Test Case Coverage’. Also the formula to derive both the metrics

#184 somusri

Hi all,
This is a general question.
Please guide me the difference between STLC &SDLC.

#185 vamsi

hi all,
nice to c u all with different views sdlc means software development life cycle in this v cn see
rewuiremnts gathering->analysis & planning->design->coding->tesing->release & maintance
here v can c single stage of tesing
when comming to software testing life cycle
test initiation->test planning->test design->test execution->test closure

#186 vamsi

hi all,
am working as bo doveloper bt past 4 months am on bench and iknow manual testing and now am going for qtp 10.0 sessions

#187 namrata

I want to know the real time experience of testing and what are the procedures need to be followed

#188 namrata

I want to know the real time experience of testing and what are the procedures need to be followed in real time

#189 munish


It ‘s good to see valuable inforamtion here. Thanks to vijay and all.
I want learn testing . can anybody help me how to start and which tools i need to learn to get a job in testing.

#190 Poorna

I learnt testing both manual and qtp.Anybody have any sample project for practice. and to know hw to test.And Would like to know how to write test cases and test plan and scripts…
Plz do help me,
Hope i get a gd solution thk u.

#191 venkat

hi Poorna,

Test case, Test Plan & scripts are depends which complany you work.


#192 Poorna

Hi venkat,
But after joined d concern if they ask 2 prepare plan n case & script how should v do it?i saw in some fourms they even ask 2 write d case n plan on very first day..This seems little scary for d learners n whose goin 2 enter as a QA.

help me,

#193 venkat


i agree on a first day they can ask to write the test case, in this case u can ask for the test case template they use based on tht u can start write. (its for fresher/ experienced).

but no one will ask to write to test plan, since its need a through knowledge of project/ product they do.


#194 Poorna

Thanks Venkat.

#195 Poorna

Any jobs available for freshers in new york?Im in new jersey?salary is not a constraint.

Plz help me

#196 Smith

Hi E’one,
I wish to know about Master Test Plan (Strategic Test Plan) and how is it different from the normal test-plan that is made for each level 1) unit testing 2) Integration Testing 3) System Testing and 4) Acceptance Testing?
Is Strategic/ Master Test Plan ever made in Practical Testing Environment? Why is Master Test Plan necessary? How is it different from Actual Test Plan? What are the different Criteria that go into the making of Master Test Plan? Who is involved in Making a Master Test Plan? Kindly email me the reply to


#197 venkat

Hi Narmata,

i think the answer for your question may be huge.

The real testing depends upon different companies functional & automation testing has different procedure.


#198 venkat

Hi Smith,

Test Strategy will be prepared by PL/TL
Test Plan will be prepared by TL

Test Plan contains about test prespective
Test Strategy contains about overall project prespective.

Strategy tells all testing like functional, automation business overview of the project, testing tools, past history etc. — this is the difference between test plan & strategy.


#199 Vijaya

I am working as a system Tester in Manual Testing. Which will be a most expected and valueable tool to learn for Automation testing.Guide me.


#200 venkat

hi vijay,

if u want to become functional teter using automation then do QTP,rational robort
if u want to become performance tester using automation then do loadnunner etc.


#201 karthika

hi ,

i’m a manual company informed to prepare QA process document, i’m only one tester in my company .. but i dont have clear idea about that..

any one can explain deeply ..

if u have idea pls suggest me


#202 sumana

Can any body explain difference between
1.Requirement and requirement specification?
2. Requirement specification and Functional specification?

Thanks in advance

#203 krishnamohan

practical examples for black box testing.How will the enviornment in the real world.

#204 karthika


what are all the documents should have QA team.. why they are preparing QA process document.. it depends upon individual project.. any one can send QA process document format …

can u explain clearly …

#205 Prema

Hi Vijay,

Can you explain the difference between “Testing methodologies”, “Testing techniques” and “Types of testing”. I goggled on this topic but got more confused. Please clear this confusion.


#206 gayathri

Hi, I have joined a company as software test engineer. They have asked me to do UAT. Please give me an idea how i should write test cases for UAT?


Hi gayathri,

we use to support the UAT, normally in UAT the tester will be the user who use the application. so we will get the biz scenario for writing the testcase and will provide them the testcase for any further clarifications.

#208 Muhammad Ramzan Chaudhary

I am doing job as Software Tester with 1 year experience. The main issue is that we are not following any process. Just Ad hock testing. I am very worried as I have 1 year experience but have no grip on any process. can any one please guide me. on my email
it will be great kindness.

#209 Anil

Hi Prema,
Testing methodologies means process of testing (V model, waterfall model, spiral etc.,).
Testing techniques means boundary value analysis, equalence class portion error guessing.
Testing types means different types of testing (unit, integrated, sanity, smoke, stress, load, functional, etc.,)

#210 Prema

Hi Anil,

Thanks for replying, then in which category does black box testing and white box testing comes into?

#211 Suresh

According to me Black and white box testing will come under types of testing.This is the trickey interview question which may confuse the people.

You can refer the following link also\

Hope you will get more confused :)


#212 Mayank Solanki

Great detail on actual software testing life cycle process…

#213 Dhanu


Anybody can answer me for this Question: “What is the Testing process follow in your company?”.

#214 Mayasen

Hi Dhanu,

I think vijay’s explanation in this article is more similar to the industry process. Kindly go through it again. If you need more, come with some specific query.

#215 Dhanu

Yea Thank u, u said is correct, i have gone through it. But still its not clear completely from my side. if possible U or VIJAY or ANYBODY from this post, plz reply to my question. My Question is, in a practical environment how the testing Process is(Only from the Testing Pint of view)? I dont want development activities to be included in this. Is it happens the same as the following steps? i.e. :-
1. Study/Review of the software requirement specifications(SRS)
2. Creation of Test Plan based on the Project Plan & SRS
3. Creation of Test Cases
4. Execution of Test Cases
5. Reporting Defects
6. Test Summary Results
and what are the post release scenarios?

#216 Mayasen

Hi Dhanu,

You are almost clear.

From URS (user requirement spec.), SRS/BRS will be prepared my the Project management peoples.

Study the BRS/SRS; based on that prepare Test plan/scenario

Then prepare Test case and execute test case

Report and track the bug

Retest and regression test based on requirement

Documentation (Test result, bug report, bug life etc..)

# Try to document at each and every stage
# Keep versioning in documents (possible with dates)

#217 Mayasen

Hi Dhanu,

Before release you should ensure your product should meet the client’s requirements i.e. you should perform UAT. In this stage itself the product is almost freezed.

After you release the product to the customer, they will run with the product and surely they will come up with some minor changes (Change request), cosmetic changes. During their run if they found any difficulties or functionality missing or not works, then the product comes back for fixes (next version).

During that time we are the person to ensure that the changes/errors specified by the customer is already mentioned there in the URS. If it is there and we missed out means surely we are in bad stage(but by proper UAT we can eliminate this chance) else if it not mentioned in the URS, then it’ll be consider as new requirement and we’ve to proceed with our regular process.

On this stage, you should make complete check (regression/retest) to ensure the product’s quality. (this will eliminate the induced errors)

Are you clear? If i’m wrong do inform.

#218 Dhanu


Thanks for your immediate response. You’re right. But you have mentioned that we should do UAT. But as far as i know, UAT does by client right? And if so do you know what is the real environment for that? – I mean what is the environment for UAT in your company?(Consider as an interview Qn.)

#219 Mayasen

Hi Dhanu,

You are right. Sorry i missed a sentence that UAT kind of test.

On your system testing (beta testing), you should perform the test similar to UAT.

My company is working with lot of domain and so we’ve number of peoples and teams. So that, before delivering every product we select people from different team (other than testers) and form them in to a group to perform testing.

We just handed over our product to their desk, they’ll play with the system. We (testing people) just watch and observe them. During that observation we can get some best suggestions, usability changes, even sometime it make us to change so functionality too.

I didn’t say this is the best way or this is the only way. But as per my observation this is one of the good way of doing UAT at our end.

Am i right..?

#220 Dhanu

Yes.. Right..I think this’s what the answer i was expecting.
And i want to know one more thing, is that the same process @ most of the Organization follows for UAT? Sorry if am digging you more with my question.. Am curious about it. Do anyone from customer side also appear for this UAT to conduct?

#221 Mayasen

Not exactly. But once we are near to deliver the product, we use to show a demo (may be in our office or thro’ webex). On that time the customers may express their feel, suggestion and comments. Based on that we’ll work with.

In some case people from customer side will come to our end and work with our testing team. But this is not very frequent.

#222 Dhanu

Yes.. Thats right..
Thank You so much for your immediate response to my questions and it helped me a lot..
Expecting the same from you again..
Have a nice Day..:-)

#223 Mayasen

You are most welcome.. :)

#224 Dhanu

Hi Mayasen,

Can you please tell me what are the Non-functional testing types a complete Manual tester Can do? There are some lists which we can say common like :-
1. Performance Testing in terms of Load, Stress & Volume
2. Compatibility & Migration Testing
3. Security Testing
4. Installation Testing etc..
But as a Manual Tester if you say this, they will ask how do you do Performance testing as a Manually? So how do you consider this question ?

#225 Mayasen

Hi Dhanu,

Reg: Performance testing – manually.

If your requirement is to test with small loads then you can do it with 25 or 50 manual testers by executing the planned scenario. So that you people can trace the response time, logs, throughput, and utilization of bandwidth.

In general it is not possible to check the performance in manual.

#226 Dhanu

But tell me what are the other Non-functional testing apart from “Performance” we can say plz?

#227 Mayasen

Hey Dhanu,

The titles wat you mentioned in your positing are the best examples of non-functional testing.

Few samples for Non-functional testing:

Performance Test
~Load Test
~Stress Test
Security Test
Compatibility Test
~Browser Compatibility
~OS compatibility
Installation Test
Usability Test
~Look and feel
Content Test (just like proof reading/depends)

#228 dhanu

Hi Mayasen,
can u plz tell me who’s certifying the product like its ready for shipment, once the testing team is done? is it based on the opinion of UAT team?

#229 Mayasen

Quality team i.e. the Testing team will be certify the product for delivery. I think i’m right.

Practically in most cases, once the testing team done with test; they’ll report to corresponding PM. So that he/she’ll make a walk on the product. After that only the product will move for delivery.

#230 Dhanu

Yes, Quality Team. I too agree that. But QC or QA? QC includes testing team. But QA -a separate Quality team – Do they certify the product? or other team from the QC itself? or some other team does this? I’m fully confused abt it.. I need a clear answer ..
If you feel not comfortable to answer in detail, can u please mail me in this id, As mine is a med-size company, i need to know more clear about the process. Pease help me..

#231 Dhanu

Anybody please help me for my above Question..

#232 Shrish

Hi Vijay,
Its nice to read your articles…Could you please clarify..

What exactly you mean the stability of the build / system in reference to smoke and sanity testing?
What exactly a test scenario in reference to a test plan or test cases? Mention some real time testing scenarios for more clarity.

Kindly reply at the earliest me at <>

#233 Dhanu


Hello, Why dint you reply to my Queston after that? :-(

#234 Mayasen

Hi Dhanu,

Already i was there in mail. I sent few mails reg. did u saw?

#235 Suresh

According to my experience QC team will test and give the reports to the PM about the software stability. After that the PM will assess the report and if he is OK with that, he will inform the release progress to QA team or concerned release and delivery people.

Then QA team will perform the release audit before the product/software is released. In release audit the QA team will randomly pick some test cases and execute in front of the concerned PM/PL. If the test cases are passed and the QA team satisfies with the software stability based on the reports, the concerned QA Manager will approve the release.

This is what most of the ISO/CMMI companies are following as a formal release procedure. Informally some other options may be there but during the External audits for CMMI/ISO certifications, the external auditors will look for the release audit records.

#236 jagruthi

hi i would like know doing a software testing course after 7 yrs of college completion with no experience would be useful for me to find a job

#237 Dhanu

@ Mayasen,

I have not received any mails yet.. :-( But please forward to my right id (if it was wrong)which i have mentioned above post.. Thanks in Advance..


Thank You for your answers..

#238 arundhati

Hi friends,
Actually i would like to know many people use to say in IT, development is good field than testing …… is is so?

#239 Suresh


This forum is full of testers, So we wont give-up our field. Its better you ask this question to some other forums. According to me all the fields are equal, so please concentrate which one you have more passion.

#240 arundhati


thanks for your suggestion….

#241 Nisha

Hi guys..,

Can you please tell me the process of planning and release of a software? I expect a general process a tester can say if asked..

#242 arundhati

would you like to tell me about testing certification.

#243 chandru

To prepare the test cases based on the SRS, how much clear should be the SRS. In my company they are providing very little informations and asking to prepare the Test cases and Understanding documents. For Eg. For the employee master, they are providing the information “This is the master used to store the employee details and Edit the employee details”. Based on this how to prepare the test cases. Please Help and save me.

#244 Harsha

Hi All,
Please tell me how the following process happens in a software company “while writing the test cases” – like when we start functional test case writing, regression test case writing, system test cases writing – or for each type separate testers will be there? or the same team itself does everything in a time span??
if so which will be the first- functional test cases?

#245 Happy

Hi arundhati,

See this link any thing mail me

#246 nirav bhatia

hi… I am novice to testing but i have enough knowledge of concepts of testing but how can i go for a project? can you send me some real time test cases of any website on my email id plz help me I expect a lot from you..some guys are helping to girls only…as i am not getting any help I posted many times.

#247 arundhati

thanks Happy….

#248 Shamza

Can anyone help me wd real time scenarios in testing

#249 Rahul


real time tsting scenario is very hard to explain here.
since it require a lot of set up and licences .But u need to focus on testing concepts..and how to apply them..
consult some working prof..that will reellly hlp u or ask here if any doubt..ppl will try to throw light on this from real undersanding..that will surely help u
u can mailme also

#250 harika

sir i am the starter of testing .how can plan n from where should i start ?give me suggetion in clerly manner

#251 Geela

Hi All,

Knowledge in Manual Testing. Writing Test cases, Documentation, types of testing, SDLC. Planning to apply for Entry level QA tester. Have 8 years of Admin Experience. Can i just do it or is it a risk? leaving a stable job….Advice Pls.

#252 hari

from where i can start

#253 sagar

HI,sir i dont have degree i m having nly 10+2 tht is(puc) just i wanted to knw that whether i can get job r nt in software testing field……… i m planing to do software testing course plz help me

#254 Rumaisa


I like the real working schedule in IT Companies. It is really very helpful and useful to. Thank you

#255 sher

Clearly sanity and smoke are different entities. Description with real life example is given below:

1. Smoke Test: This will be done after receiving the build. Just like browsing the application
Sanity Test: This will be done mostly after Retest (Retest will be done after fixing the bug).
2. Difference between Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing
Take an example:
Consider a hollow pipe and you have to check whether it is good for circulation process or can it be used for the supply process:
Smoke Testing:
First we have to check whether the pipe allows to flow from end to other end. Pass the smoke to the pipe and check whether the smoke will come out of other end. If the smoke comes out, the pipe can be used as Testable pipe. (Build is testable for further testing).
Sanity Testing:
Now allow water (liquid) to flow in the pipe, and check whether there is any leakage in the pipe. If the water comes out in between the pipe, so detect the leakage and assigned to developer for fixing it. So Smoke Test should be applied first, and then comes the Sanity Testing.

#256 hari

what is test flow and test performence

#257 satish

hi friends this is nice article and i want to tell one thing if u your resume is copies from others then edit ur cvs. click on icon of your cv doc and click properties and click on summary then check ur doc title as ur name and author of the doc as ur name

#258 Roopam

@ Vijay…
I would to know …given a real scenario a website .what are steps one will take for performance testing.reply back asap…
Reply to

#259 preeti joshi

Dear sir,
I am preeti. i understood the actual testing process in company. but i can’t understand until that, this BVT and Regression as well as sanity testing is required for manual testing process? or this bvt is only for automation testing.

#260 sheetha

i m a fresher and new to testing…i m tryng for a testing field.. ..but i m planning to keep 1 yr experince in my resume…wat all shud i go thru to prove the interviewer that i m an experienced person..

#261 Saravanan

@ Sheetha

Do you have exp certificate and project knowledge?

#262 mohammed

hi sheeta
if u have good knowledge in testing and project knowledge…. then forward your resume to my mail i will try to make reference and along with one year experience

#263 mohammed

if u have good knowledge in testing and project knowledge…. then forward your resume to my mail i will try to make reference and along with one year experience

#264 Harsh Talele

@ Sheeta dnt try to be like this dear frend
there r many opening for testing where r u from??
contact me will guide u

#265 divya

wat is the difference between retesting and regression testing?

#266 Paramesh

Hi i am new i had read diff between somke and sanity test. In that i understood that when build is released for the first time we go through all the pages roughly and check weather Main functionalities are present to conduct further testing, i.e sanity is Non- Detailed Testing and Smoke is Detailed Testing, i.e Basci + Optional functionalities

If this is wrong pelase correct me Thanks in Advance

#267 Manoj

anybody can answer me for this question..
how can we test world wide web is there any procedure for that please clarify me?

#268 manasa

hi there…

can any1 tel me small testing companies in bangalore to work…I hav learnt testing basics at home..I want to experience d job…watever may b d salary i dont bother..I just want to gain knowledge

thanx in advance…

#269 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi Divya,

This is Suresh Balakrishnan working as a Senior Test Engineer. i’ve mentioned answer as below:

Regression Testing:

When a new functionality is added to the software, we need to make sure that the added new functionality does not break the other parts of the application. Or when defects (bugs) are fixed, we need to make sure that the bug fix has not broken the other parts of the application. To test this, we perform a repetitive test, which is called regression test.


Verify the particular bug is fixed properly or not instead of test the entire application.

#270 Venkatesh

Hey Manoj

Web testing is the one you r asking

#271 Venkatesh

Hey Manasa

Give me some more details……….What you have completed? Do you know Automation?

#272 bhargavi

wat is difference b/w sanity testing and system testing

#273 rajamurali

how is testing field today?if there is a good future in testing field?

#274 vennelacnu

hi here i get more information comparing to inistution thanks :)

#275 vennelacnu

Hi Rajamurali,
I suggest you that remember one thing every technology have good calls in market if have better talent job is yours.
And the best thing is feeling coadind i mean programming is difficult for you, it is better to choose testing now a days testing have good calls more over you go thoroly on each and every concept of manual and learn test automation also it surly helps you :)

#276 ardhendu

I need clarification that what is the real difference between test strategy and test planing.

#277 sheetal

Can any one tell me when product is completed and test the product then how to start test the product means what steps should be flow…..

#278 G Rahul

Hi my name is rahul , i am 2007 pass out . I have never tried to enter in it field as i have done MCA . Now i joined testing course in delhi and want to know the proper way how could i enter the IT world. Pls tell me that companies will hire me as fresher or not or i will have to face problem regarding my four years gap. Kindly ans to my ques and guided me to right path.

#279 Ramani

Can anyone tell the works of tester trainee. please give the materials if u have..
Thanks in advance………

#280 Thirumalaisamy.T

Hi All,

basically i am a computer graduate. my mistake i am not able to join in IT industry. 7 yrs working as a office assistant. now planning to apply for software testing job Depth Knowledge in Manual Testing. Writing Test cases, Documentation, types of testing, SDLC. Can i just do it or is it a risk? leaving a stable job….Advice Pls.

plz send any opening in 0- 2+ yrs of manual testing

my ID ;

#281 yogesh thakur

hi…this is nice one topic…its really help those ..who have only therotical knowledge… testing performed in company environment…this is good one post..i like it.

#282 Sushant Shinde

Hi friends,
I do have more than 4 years experience in Software Manual Testing and in banking domain more than 8yrs.
Me looking job in software testing in Pune, Bangalore, Hyd

Please let me know if there is any opprotunity..

u can contact me on my mail id :


#283 Raj

I would like to know what all things to keep in mind while testing server migration ?

#284 shanmugam

very useful information. thanks a lot.

#285 preethi

i m a fresher and new to testing…i m tryng for a testing field.. .plz help me more details

#286 Monu

Details on Agile testing….

#287 nilisha

hi i m going for face to face interview for an investment company.I have shown more than 5 yrs of experience. I have taken som 30 hrs of training .
But so nervous can any body help me with the tips & suggestions. Will really appreciate.
Thanks in advance.

#288 Dhanraj

@Nilisha ,

1.Stick with you answers
2.Be confident
3.Go through company url and find out on which domain comapny works and study for it

And rest all you have to do is study and preparation.

#289 Mani

Hi, i am looking for a software tester position as a fresher. I have theoretical knowledge , but i want to know how practically to do manual testing a web application. can u please send me a practical example with test plans, test senario and test cases. i would really appreciate it, as i am not getting practical example on internet.

#290 Vishwajeet patil

awesome site..Like it.!!!!

#291 shubha

What to say..? No words except to say wow… Mind blowing quality guide for testers .. Appreciate your efforts in sharing your knowledge..

#292 sandeep

Smoke and sanity testing same no difference

#293 khader

Hi all,

The information provided was very useful.
i m a fresher and new to testing…i m trying for a testing field.. .pl =z help me more details

#294 dev

good article..

when the FRS(function req. sep.) comes in the picture in the software testing ..?
who creates it, project manager? or Testing Team lead?

#295 p shilpa

iam p shilpa how we test cases in manual testing plz help me i am the in testing feild and guide me what i learn first in testing

#296 srilatha

hi sir,
i completed my in the year of 2010, now i have done the s/w testing course. i don’t have any real time exp,so please tell me what are all the questions they will ask for 1 year exp people.

#297 Basu

I wants jobs on s/t, I do not want salary at all just experince enough

#298 Basu

I want job on testing


Hi Friends ,

All you guys have mis-conception that Smoke and Sanity Testing are same .

smoke and sanity testing are perform on different scenario .


This is the first test done by Tester on the new build .
Testing done on the new build to make sure whether the build is strong enough to accept the major testing or not. this is called smoke testing . smoke testing will perform on the all major functionalities of the application or product .we can say smoke testing is wide but shallow testing .

Example ::

As you may can see , the application or product may getting crashed for every particular span of time.
when a application is getting crashed for every 3 minutes , tester cant do the major testing .this is why Smoke testing is to be performed.

Sanity Testing

Sanity Testing is a subset of regression testing. Test the newly added or updated/enhancement functionalities alone with the deep attention on it to make sure that those functionalities are working correct as per the spec. The sanity testing is performed when time is less and tester feel that those functionalities wont affect the existing functionalities as per spec.

Sanity Testing is perform on the particular functionalities and deep attention.

Example ::

A new functionalities added with the existing which is not depends on the existing one and also there is insufficient time to test the whole functionalities as well . So in this scenario , testing team will decide to do the Sanity Testing .

#300 Mallika Poojary

I wroked as Technical Support Engineer earlier in CMS Company (Client Site : Oracle). I was having keen Intrest in Testing but due to some Personal issue was not able to do Testing. Now i Joined for the Testing Course & Completed manual Testing. Want to start serching jobs in Manual Testing but i don’t know how exactly do the testing Practically so i want to do one Live Project so that i can face the interview very confidently.

My 2nd Question s :- My earlier experience will it affect in seraching jobs for Testing.

Appreciate your Efforts in Advising me for my Questions & in my Project.

#301 Kumar

Hi sir,
what is the diff b/w .Net application Manual testing and Java application Manual testing.

#302 kumar

Hi Friends ,
Hi, i am looking for a software tester position . I have theoretical knowledge , but i want to know how practically to do manual testing a web application and window application. can u please send me a practical example with test plans, test senario and test cases. i would really appreciate it, as i am not getting practical example on internet. please mail me:

#303 Aman Agrawal

Sir please email me also those practicle examples as i also have theoretical knowledge but i am not able to get those examples on internet.
Please help me out sir,
My email id is :-
Thank you

Best Regards
Aman Agrawal

#304 mahantesh

how to testing in process?

#305 Rupa


Can anyone refer some materials for ISTQB ?

If anyone having latest diumbs also kindly send it to my mail id.

#306 sonika

how to write smoke test cases.

#307 shyam

i have shown 3+yrs experience in that 2yrs as qtp,
so what are questions we can expect from manual testing
if anyone knows please send to my mail. please help me. thanks in advance

#308 Jegadish


Your post is very helpful. Thank you very much for sharing testing process in realtime environment. I have created test case doc for Gmail login, but im bit confuse in preparing bug report. Will you please send me sample bug report. Thanks.

#309 aravind

I want to know the real time experience of testing and what are the procedures need to be followed in real time pls any one guide me na

#310 aravind

hi frnds any one send me na real time project

#311 Honey


I am currently working as a manual test lead with 5+ years of experience and have got saturated in performing manual testing. Interested in learning Load runner & performance concepts. But few people tell me that it is not a wise decision to learn loadrunner now and jump into that line and also it is very difficult to crack a Load runner interview with just institute training and no project experience.
Suggestions please ASAP.


#312 Swaraj behera

Sir can u explain what is agile testing and why it is so popular today

#313 naveen

agile testing is becoming more popular because of its process. It saves the customer money and time. process of agile is customer friendly.

#314 Srinivas

Hi all.

Could anyone pls explain to me the following?

What are Builds in Software testing and at what stage of STLC do the Testers receive them and what kind of testings are performed on them?

Thanks in advance.

#315 vinu

1.Can any one help me with basic VB scripting for QTP.!!
2.Recently asked interview questions[2013]

#316 Ankit patel

give me full information of testing

#317 venki


Can anyone send me a sample real time project in manual testing or automation testing ?Please anyone help me out? Thanks in advance .My email ID

#318 beny

hi friends pls help me regarding this question….
im 2012 passed out and i got recruited in an MNC as a software tester.
I want to get the info regarding software testing practically which is going on through software company.
And im having confusion regarding levels of testing, categories of testing,types of testing etc….:(
so I need a complete information regarding this.
Im very thankful to u friends for giving me information in advance …
Pls send info to my mail:

#319 Lakshmi

Hi all, i have two questions. though i kind of know the concept behind the questions but still want a clear answer from genius like you all…this is a discussion question and i need a clear answer, bcos the discussion might go on and i need to answer them sensibly…I want to know for developing a logical model of a registration system at a school which approach or strategy would be better, top down or bottom up? And also from system analyst point of view which could work better, start with decision table to decision tree or from tree to table?

#320 anchal

hiii….all.m a btec 2012 pass out from non it branch.i have knowladge on manual & automation testing.I just want to put 1 yr experience.i dont have any real time project to show .Can any one plz send me a real time project ….plzz i need help….

#321 sai

Hello Sir,
This site is very helpful.I worked for 3 yrs as a programmer in an MNC…but then again a gap of 2 years .Now i want to shift to Testing .For a testing career,can you suggest me what all i need to learn…manual,qtp,qc,loadrunner… to get real time testing knowledge and also there are different domains …etl…net related etc….i mean for all these domain will the basic testing course ll be sufficient…? .please help me in how to start my career again in Testing.

#322 sai

Also can anyone suggest any best training institute in hyderabad for Testing tools..


#323 sai

Nowadays am here lot about mobile testing…selenium ,sap testing….i mean which way i need to choose to start my testing career…what all i need to learn ?Please guide

#324 Hari

Hi all,
Would it be a wise decision in changing the field to testing.
I have done BE(civil)course completed (dont have a degree) after 2nd PUC, having experience in architecture and civil industry with an own firm as a properitor for 12 + yrs, now iam 35 :).

#325 Deepak

We have started collecting requirements from the client for Java based project, they are providing details verbally about flow and functionality. So, as being a part of requirement gathering team which documents should I prepare that can help to perform automation testing on it. I have total freedom to ask client about any documents I want. I have set of below questions.

How to start automation testing from scratch? what to documents to prepare for automation testing while doing requirement gathering. what tools and technology to be used to perform automation testing on Java project when ideally automation starts? How to build automation framework?

#326 sairam

i want what is the process of testing and i want testing person can enter into a company what he can do from the begining of testing domin what r the responsibilites of testing .how to write effective test cases.i want begining to ending of project life cycle.



#328 Roopa

Hi all,
I am looking for software tester job.I do not have any experience but i put 2+years.I Have some questions
1) What do you mean by model?
2) Will all the companies follow the same model?
3) All the companies will follow same model for all the projects? If no? Explain?
4) Tell me 1 major drawback of prototype model?
5) Explain verification, validation in your own words?
6) During validation also, verification will be conducted? Say yes or no?
7) Validation mainly focus on
8) Verification mainly focus on
9) What do you mean by port? Port Testing?
10) In how many ways software companies do business?
11) How service based companies do Business?
12) How Product Based companies do Business?
13) Is there any much difference for a Tester to Work in service Based and Product Based Companies?
14) How a Product will become Successful in the Market?
15) As a Tester what you will do in the Service Based and Product Based Companies?
16) How any Company can grow successfully?
17) Why we need to deliver a quality product?
18) What is the ultimate goal of any company and how to achieve it?
19) How can you say any software application is a quality application?
20) Who will find defects and who will rectify defects?
21) Explain what will happen after rectification of defect?
22) Why any company is there in this world?
23) Why customers need software?
24) In how many ways customer approach software companies?
25) How customers generally finalize and select Software Company?
26) Explain the bidding process in your own words?
27) How software companies get projects?
28) What is the importance of software now a days explain with some examples?
29) How much % of business now a days depending on software?
30) If existing software’s does not work what will happen?

Please any one can send me the answers.
my mail id is

#329 vamsi

Hi sir what is difference between the priority and severity
exactly. when we wil choose them.

#330 Vamsikrishna

good day sir,
this is vamsi krishna ,I have joind in one software company in a web testing domain , as iam fresher i dont know about testing Exactly ,i would like survive here as an expert in web testing …for that kind of PRACTICE I MUST DO………?

#331 sufiyan

can any1 plzz answer of this…

You are setting up a company that sells testing services to software houses. Make a strategic plan for your company taking into account the following issues:
a)What is the testing process that will be followed in the company?
b) What is the focus of the testing services ?
c)What kind of people are you going to hire as staff for the company?
d)How are you going to validate that a testing project carried out in the company has been benificial to the customer?
e)What kind of automated tools will the company use?

plzz answer of this questions…

#332 Nagaraju

Hi this is nagaraju , i read this article this is really super, tomorrow i have an interview it ll too help ful to me thank you very much

#333 madhu

plz any one can upload to my mailid, any of testing project. How exectily a project need to be tested?

#334 ranjitha

Hello sir, i am a 2013 passed out fresh graduate(ECE).and now i am doing a java course. actually i have a job offer,that company md have told me to learn this course,what is my question is how will be the starting days in the company like now i am understanding the concepts of this course, but after joining the company how will be the working environment? at the starting time they wii help me to do a projects or not please tell me soon sir

#335 Anamika

Can you please help me to understand the complete testing process in agile methodology?

#336 Hari shankar

hello sir ,
i have thoeritical knowlegde in manual and automation testing . i am working in a company which has no srs or requirements . so i am wondering how can implement wat ever i have studied am mostly testing desktop applications . i want to check memory leak, functions,ui
pls help

#337 Shivangi

I am looking for a job in Software testing,i am a fresher, i have learn from google & your posts and I have theoretical knowledge of manual testing, can anyone help me for getting the job…
Thanking you.
Shivangi Gupta

#338 sanmar

hi frnds,

i am working in a it company , i need for how to testing the s/w in real time ,test cases,bug reports and best and simple automation tool knowledge how to build….pls help me

#339 sanmar

hi frnds,

i am working in a it company , i need for how to testing the s/w in real time ,test cases,bug reports and best and simple automation tool knowledge how to build….pls help me

#340 Harsha

what is flow of testing…can any one explain from stating stage ….

#341 Harsha

I am a trainee in testing…how to do testing….where exact i can focus

#342 Garima Agarwal

I want to create test cases of any web as well as apps project .ho to do because i have no idea for this and i have no live project please give me suggestion

#343 Santhosh kumar.P

As Today is my first day of work as manual tester and this is a small organization with huge process.Here testing is started as I joined and I have to handle everything my self so I dont know anything practically so please help me out.Please let me know what is usecase,test case,documents,flow of project and how to write or prepare these..

#344 nirmala bai M

Hi , I am looking for a job in Software Testing field only,
im hardly looking for a job, I dint get job anywhere.

I dont no what topics should learn , what topics should’nt

Please Help me out ….



#345 Rahul jain

Hi , I am looking for a job in Software Testing field only,
i am hardly looking for a job, I dint get job anywhere.

I don’t no what topics should learn .

Please Help me.


Rahul Jain

#346 USHA

Hi,I Joined a new company there they testing a Mandatory field POPUP for a application through Manualy so it taking a long time so i want to know is there any method in QTP If it is there please inform me

Usha kunder

#347 Rachit

HI, I want to know that do testers write test scenarios or test cases to test an application in company?

#348 Devendra

I haven’t knowledge about testing process on live project and i never done testing on any project. plzzz any one can describe all the process which is require for testing and how manual testing performed on project and how to write test cases and how to execute sanity and smoke test and other testing method on project ????? b’coz i want to make my career in testing field.
reply me on mail id plzzz any one help me to provide knowledge

#349 lingam

One interviewer is asked me below question.

What test process following in your project?

can any one tell me exact answer for this

#350 swapnil

Can anyone explain me following topics or where i can find information about following topics..??

#Choice of Standards

#Test Infrastructure Management

#Test People Management

#Integrating with Product Release

#Collecting and Analyzing Test Metrics

#351 Suresh

In present working days NO NEED OF TESTERS develpers having the responsiblity to test. Waste of Salary to recruit Testers.

#352 sameer

hiii sir …..i did testing and having an exp of 10 months ….can you give your reference in your company …please mail me about job

#353 giri

hi frendz recently i have completed my testing tools cource now iam ready to do the testing job with free off cost(without salary) also bcz i want experience so can any bdy help me iam from hyderabad, telangana dist, india.

#354 Nelson

I would like to know about software testing and work bench.
Software’s used in project production. Thanks the lecture i appreciate

#355 bindumalini.k.n

i need some manual testing projects .plz can any one send me the projects .where i have trained on manual testing now looking out for job with two years of exp. plz help me out.

#356 bindumalini.k.n

hi , plz send some manual testing projects to this mailid

#357 Ashok burania


i m sheela working in a small concern as a tester. i m the only tester working in my company. recently i joined in this comapany as a fresher. i m into manual testing.
my problem is
1. here we have nearly 15 developers but i m only the tester. so we dont prepare test plan, etc.,
only i write test cases. will it be a problem for me when i try another job?

please give me clear idea to my problem,

thanks in advance,


#358 sumathi

Smoke testing and regression testing are same

#359 Prem

if a target of 450 test case is assigned to a test engineer how he can finish and execute within a given time

#360 Sammy

Hi I am attending an interview tomorrow and i heard that one of the question they always ask is “Tell me about a time when you came up with a breakthrough idea and saw other possibilities that were not obvious to others” can you help me write an answer to this as I have no practical experience.

Thank You!

#361 Mayur

What is actual testing process in MNC Company Organization please give me reply

#362 kushi

Hi all,

what is meant by postmortem testing? can anyone plz explain this with a simple example..


Now iam doing M.C.A final year project using angular js with node js. can you guide me how to test angular js and node js manually.

#364 Arun Kumar

Hi, I have a small doubt.
No.of people are saying no one can’t survey in the market without Automation testing, Is it mandatory?

#365 Arun Kumar

Please any one send the manual testing projects to this email id

I want to grow up with testing field

#366 jasmeet

hai i just started doing testing tell me how to test
im in a company wr they just start up i want to learn testing from scartch suggest me how can i do i dnt have help in company

#367 suresh

i am new to testing and the company asked me about assigments how can i start it

#368 tayba

plz tell me about
the way/procedure of how the software quality assurance is carried out?

under what conditions software quality it is more suitable?

#369 Jay

Are we use different test cases and test plan for different level of testing i.e. Unit , Integreation or system testing ?

whether we use test cases and scenario for smoke testing or is just an exploratory type of testing

#370 Sagar

@vijay-First of all Thank you and You are share lot of good knowledge about testing so,it very helpful…

#371 Aman Tanwar

Plz tell me about test case’s in details.

Can u plz explain the each test case like:
*smoke test case
*sanity test case
*regression test case
*negative test case
*extended test case.
how to create these case’s ?.

#372 R Mohan


My name is mohan i am completed my graduation in BSc computer science i want choose testing for my qulification can i get chance in testing side please let me know .

R Mohan

#373 raja

Can anyone help me to write testcases on weighing machine?

#374 Vinayak

Hi All,

I am a manual tester and want to take training on automation tool. Can anyone please suggest me which tool is better for better carrier ?
I asked some people whether to do SELENIUM or QTP ?
Almost, everyone said SELENIUM, but I am bad at JAVA.
Please suggest me that if I take up with QTP tool, will that be better carrier growth for me ? please help me guys…

#375 Piyush K

Informative !

#376 santhosh

Can Any One Explain me What are the entry and exit criteria in system Testing???

#377 anjani

hai im working in a small company here im only the one as tester im writing test cases and doing automation also and im not maintaning any bug reporting tools .here no one is there to guide me to follow the procedure ..can u tel me to improve myself as tester plz give suggestion and mail me

#378 Kavitha

I have done manual testing training and now looking for a job,I am a fresher,can you please help me if you have any projects which I can do?


#379 ashwini

i am fresher,plz help me for getting a job and please give me any job related guidelines.

#380 Pooja

can anyone get me the SOP for software testing?

#381 MJ

which process is this. Agile, V model, Waterfall ….

#382 Prakash

Hi Vijay,

I want to know the answer to question “What is the framework used for your project”.
Please reply soon

#383 bhargav

can any one help me out with y confusion over this
which one comes frst while implementation and what are this things who prepares this
test document
test plan
test case
test scenarios

i have a bog confusions on this topics plz help me out

#384 Suraj nagine

Sir I just want to know if I am working on BSS domain , then What is my actual work in bss domain for testing
Suppose I work in invoice ,billing generation
That means I get raw data and from that I need to make bills,is it true
I also need to make bills or just I need to check the functionality
If your answer is only functionality then how particular project is running for years for perticular application ?

So confused sir I just need to know actual work what I need to do in company?
I am just checking functionality of application or also generate perticular Cust invoice bill also.
What’s actual work happening in bss domain ,so confuse please need help

#385 Suraj

Sir I just want to know if I am working on BSS domain , then What is my actual work in bss domain for testing
Suppose I work in invoice ,billing generation


#386 Suraj

Please need to know
What is actually need to do in bss
I mean to say need to work on application or also generate customer telephone bill and all
Suppose I work on billing creation(invoice) then what is my actual role of work over there
One I know I need to check whether ,bill filters acc to discount rate and all or not
And doubt about ,
Can I also need to generate customers bills in bulk size or what?

#387 Vaidarbhi

Would u please send me the real time test plan n all require documents which tester has to prepare thanks

#388 Suraj

I don’t get any reply ?

#389 Azhar

Its good to see the whole documentation of real company environment? Its quite clearer when we see the Documentation with the real project.

#390 Chinmayee


What is the important thing we have to focus in software testing.Please give me reply.

#391 Chinmayee

Could you please clear me about smoke and sanity testing.
Is smoke testing is perform in every version of build or only in initial build.Then when to perform sanity testing.
Please give me reply.

#392 Robin Babu


Can you suggest me a book which guides the complete process of testing and development process in a company?
As I am working with a start up company, I mumble when interviewers ask me about the dealings with BA, categorizing negative and positive testcases, who is responsible for the rejected bugs? etc



What is manual testing?
Is it necessary to know about coding knowledge?

#394 mehant

i just passed through manual testing and i want to get a job in manual testing. I don’t know how to work on it practically. Please let me know if you help me out.

#395 brahmaiah


I am trying to L2/L3 protocol testing recently i attended 2-interviews they asked

1.Regression testbeds
2.Recently bugs
3.How to write test cases
4.Test Design test beds/topologies

please help me answers for all questions


#396 brahmaiah


please help me for above all questions
reply to me mail


#397 krishnamoorthy.k

what is the difference between the smoke and sanity testing?can you tell me in detail

#398 Pushpa

should sanity test case suite be maintained separately or can be picked from regression test suite?

#399 Priyanka Gupta

Nice details but want to know that it is important to perform automation testing on application can we only perform manual testing?

#400 Poonam Yashwant Patil

Is it difficult to work as tester for electronic engineer or persone from Non software background?

#401 Priya

Hi Vijay,

I am searching a job in testing with a 1.6 years experience in dev and i want to switch my profile to testing.Please suggest me how can i prepare to get software testing job and what are all the topics i need to concentrate.

#402 sai

halo frnds can u help me out iam a beginner to this platform can any one say how can i start testing …

#403 Rohit Pathak

Do we need multiple UAT’s for a project which consist of multiple milestones in long term project and while deliev

#404 Sagar Patole

i would like to know when a bug is found by tester and send for fixing , then what is the task the test engineer should perform till re receives the new build with fixed issue. (case he has completed writing all the test cases.)

#405 Yogita

Sir…plz give mi any project with explanations…. For testing

#406 Monica Paul

Nice information. The information you provide about Software Testing, QA Process it’s really useful. There are several tremendous opportunities as well to learn and explore the various aspects of testing methodologies, processes and of course the software in detail. Nice information you provided about the requirement to release and what are the test strategy and important.

#407 Ken

for the requirements picture – step #7 Confirm is spelled wrong (you have it as confurm)

#408 raviteja

what are usecases in testing explain in detail

#409 Masood

Above some one said there is no difference between Smoke and Sanity , but as per my understanding Smoke is to check whether the build we get is testable or not , Like Checking the major functionalities in application , Sanity is something a subset of regression testing and it is performed when we do not have enough time for doing complete testing. Sanity testing is the surface level testing where tester verifies that all the menus, functions, commands available in the product or project are working fine or not.

Thanks !!

#410 priyanka

i am beginner in software testing any one know how to get proper gaide for test cases practice any any other thing

#411 priyanka

my id is
i am living in london

#412 priyanka

sri ram
i try to mail you but error come might be you id is wrong

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